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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 21, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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russian and ukrainian communities are on edge tonight . we understand that after russian president vladimir putin sent troops to two separatist parts of ukraine. this is a new phase, i would say much more dangerous face. we don't know if that's the end of it. it could be just the beginning. and so it could escalate any time so this is a very bad situation. mr putin says the troops are peacekeepers. but the u. s ambassador to the united nations says that claim is nonsense. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm alex savage. the u. n held an emergency meeting on ukraine tonight. hours after president biden signed an executive order
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sanctioning russia for recognizing the independence of two breakaway territories in eastern ukraine as foxes caroline shively reports of full scale invasion of ukraine appears imminent. if not already underway. russian president vladimir putin took the world one step closer to war on monday , recognizing the independence of two separatist regions in ukraine were in a brand new game going forward. putin has made his first move. this is the first of many moves he's going to make, and i think we're gonna have to respond accordingly. the immediate response from the u. s and european union new sanctions with the white house, calling putin's move a blatant violation of russia's international commitments. they are trying to blackmail us again and again with threats of sanctions. putin's declaration of independence for the two regions within ukraine fuels fears he will use it as a pretext for invasion under the guise of protecting the ethnic russian population in those areas. i
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think what we're seeing is the next phase of the strangulation of ukraine, the direct their economy caused the collapse of the government. putin has ordered around 190,000 russian troops near ukraine's border, but it's unclear if he will give the final order for war. he has certainly positioned all of his forces to invade ukraine to provide a russian example of shock and awe, among other demands. putin wants a guarantee that ukraine and other former soviet countries won't be allowed into nato. nato members say that is a decision that is not up to vladimir putin. in washington, carolina shively fox news, stephen zunes, professor of politics and international studies at usf, said the crisis is one of the most serious since world war two. even at the height of the cold war. i mean, certainly there was soviet aggression when they invaded czechoslovakia and hungary, too, and when they try to have more
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reformist kinds of governments and that kind of thing that you know, within the sphere of it that was within the scared influence of the worse off packed and no, that was certainly of terrible accident. grecian they aren't quote quite be the level. this would be both in terms of size of ukraine. and the fact that ukraine is very, very clear. they want to be part of europe. they want to be part of the west. they want to be an independent country and the fact that putin is even talking about that. that his speech today where he was talking about them historically being part of russia and that kind of thing this this is actually a lot more serious. zona said it's still possible that diplomacy and sanctions could pull putin back from the brink of war. bay area . families with ties to russia and ukraine are anxious about what comes next and fearful for loved ones overseas. ktvu demagogues picks up that part of our team coverage. she's live outside the ukrainian consulate in san francisco without both communities are responding. emmn
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community here is looking for moral support right now, and the events that are unfolding tonight in ukraine are also concerning silicon valley. but this is a new phase, i would say much more dangerous face. rockman grew up in kiev and has called san francisco home for more than three decades. she worries friends and colleagues in ukraine are in danger of a violent russian invasion. have a lot of people that i'm worried about. she was among the several 100 people who rallied outside the ferry building in san francisco sunday, raising awareness about the escalating crisis between russia and ukraine. a lot of people work in the silicon valley. a lot of people come here as students to places like berkeley like stanford, uh, teach there so we have a very diverse in that sense community here. ukraine is a hub for outsourced labor that silicon valley companies rely on , she said. russia is putting
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ukraine's economy and ability to do business with the us in jeopardy. with regards to how russians are treated in the u. s this could lead to harassment. that is actually a concern of mine. sabrina pinel is an expert in post soviet politics at san jose state. she's also concerned about the price of oil, which rose monday to nearly $100 a barrel amid the international standoff. all eyes are on how the u. s response to russia's encroachment into ukraine. experts say imposing sanctions is unlikely to make russia flinch at sama, var and eastern european market. in mountain view, politics is off limits, the owner says. russians and ukrainians come in daily craving peace of mind and a bit of home. in the window or customers who know what they want, how they feel. and we're trying to support them not only with the food but mental as well. ukrainian activists are also encouraging local bay area residents to get educated
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through local nonprofits like nova ukraine .org. and if you have a ukrainian neighbor check in on them this week. christina reporting live for us tonight in san francisco, and we thank you . well signs are pointing to another volatile day when the stock markets reopen tomorrow after the holiday. the dow futures are down more than 1% about 440 points that as dak futures down more than 2% on friday, we saw another wall street selloff with all three indexes in the red last week. our coverage of the conflict in ukraine continues online just visit ktvu dot com. for the latest developments, there were 10 call for help tonight from the family of a bay area man who's been missing now for 10 days, they say the 21 year old left his home in newark. and hasn't been seen since ktvu zambelli joins us live tonight from the newark police department and amber. you spoke tonight to the man's mother. that's right. alex do work. police say they've checked
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hospitals and notified other law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout. the man's mother tells me he suffers from mental health issues. family members of gabriel galvan have put up flyers in newark, where he lives and other bay area cities where he has friends and relatives in hopes of finding him. his mother tells me she last saw him a few hours before he went missing after leaving the home where he lives with his father, smiling and, you know give me a hug, and i love you. mom irene prieto says her son left his home on foot between 11 pm and midnight on february 11th and the family hasn't heard from the 21 year old since, she said. it's not like him to be gone for more than a few days without letting his family know his whereabouts . a struggle with depression ums when he was younger. it was, you know, trying to commit suicide, so that's a big concern. because he doesn't take off like that at
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all. at this point, it's a needle in the haystack of where he could have gone. police say they're treating this case as a missing person at risk because his family says his disappearance is out of character. investigators and relatives say there was activity on gabriel checking account last week, but that the bank has not released details. they say his phone was broken. we are looking into what kind of activity the phone has had. ah at least in the past, but he's not known to have a working phone right now. family members say gabriel loves to cook and completed a culinary program. he wants to be a chef and is in between jobs pretty goofy. he's definitely a fun kid , but he's real easy going kind of a free spirit. um but it's a great kid the family gathered in you work on this day, anxious to spread the word of his disappearance. i love you, son. just come home. please your family misses you. gabriel
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galvan has black hair and brown eyes. he's five ft five and weighs £130. he was last seen wearing blue or gray jeans, a black hollister windbreaker jacket and white air force one nike shoes. anyone with information should contact police. alex all right, let's hope someone comes forward with information to bring him home safe. amber. thank you. woman who was missing for nearly a week has been found 29 year old kamani mcalpin was found in west oakland after someone recognized her from a missing person flyer. mcalpin was said to be disoriented and dehydrated but is now with family and doing okay. mcalpin is from los angeles but was visiting family in el sereno last monday when she went for a walk and never returned. today. her father expressed his appreciation for her safe return saying, quote. there are angels among us, and it takes a village. new details tonight about a man recovering
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from surgery after he was shot while driving in napa county. robert a. brew was headed to work when he was shot in the head friday morning on highway 29 in napa county. he was able to call 911 after being shot. and he underwent surgery on saturday. a brew is a father of three daughters and a grandfather of six a go fund me page to help support his family and pay medical expenses has already attracted more than $45,000 in donations. he's still in recovery, trying to be strong and fight for all of his daughters. he was on his way to work and just was shot through his back passenger window. um at a perfect things. well, thank god where he's still alive. the suspect, 42 year old twang win was arrested after authorities say he another driver in downtown napa. just minutes after the shooting. they described him as a transient, and so far there is no word of any possible motive in that highway shooting. boss test
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results and mishandling test kits coming up new at 10 30 tonight this serious accusations against covid testing company with locations here in the bay area. and finally, parts of the bay area, see a little bit of rain tonight and there's more on the way snow in the mountains. i'll have that when our return a new trend in san francisco alcohol free drinks after the break. the bar owner who says he's not alcoholic bar will be the next hit in the city. this is a full on non alcoholic movement. it comes from the wellness industry is people just care about how many calories they put
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or try them bacon loaded for $4.50. get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. city's first nonalcoholic speakeasy. this will include more than 100 mixers and drinks all without alcohol. as ktvu elissa harrington tells us, the bar owner says there's a huge demand for bootless beverages, and he calls his speakeasy the bar of the future. let's see what the jack joshua james shakes up a miss kalman madre, a signature drink at ocean beach cafe in san francisco. but this drink and all beer, wine and spirits here are completely 100% non alcoholic. everybody's
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getting in the game like lagunitas. these are the top guys in the space. james is the owner of the cafe and quit drinking two years ago. he carries roughly 100 different types of zero proof drinks, including craft beers. there's even some big brand names like budweiser. the non drinker didn't have a lot of options and like they were okay with seltzer water or diet coke or whatever. and um all of a sudden, all of these products came out, so that was a huge part of it. but there was another part. and that was covid happened. james believes the pandemic got people to start prioritizing their health. he's noticing a huge demand for booze list drinks whether customers are looking to cut back, quit drinking or are sober, curious. james now plans to open the city's first nonalcoholic speakeasy. it will be invite only with events as well. there is a shift in culture itself. there's a shift in drinking culture, which is a subset of that. and there. the leaders of
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this industry and food and beverage professionals and all the movers and shakers in the non alcoholic beverage industry are going to be invited here to talk about those things. the speakeasy is named temperance bar after the temperance movement to limit drinking across town in the mission. there's a nonalcoholic vending machine at hawker fare called a nano bar. use scanning qr code. you walk through the prompts and allows you to open the door and you grab a can of your choice, general manager dolly valdez bautista says they are constantly restocking. she says , even though dry january is over, the trend is sticking around alcoholic drinks right now are about 10% of our total beverage cells. nielsen data predicts buzz list beverages will be one of the biggest trends of 2022. last year alone, consumers spent $3.3 billion on no and low alcohol products. italian bubbly. i'm
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elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. there are signs at san francisco's economy may be turning around after taking a hit during the height of the pandemic. the hotel formerly known as the sir francis strike is preparing for a grand reopening, but it will be rebranded as the beacon grand major retailers are also making a move is planning to open on market street and just three blocks away. whole foods is putting the finishing touches on its newest location set to open in just a matter of weeks. this is an exciting time. we think these are little barometers little indicators of what's happening in san francisco. yes you need those formula retail sort of anchor tenants. and that then stimulates smaller businesses around it. one major san francisco neighborhood that's still struggling is the financial district. but with the omicron search fading, several big employers say they plan on bringing workers back in person within the next two weeks or so. all right, turning now to our
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weather, and here is something we have not seen in quite a while. rain ktvu photographer captured this video tonight in san rafael, and you can see it was coming down for a while. some drivers even had to turn on the windshield wipers. obviously this is a very welcome sight after several dry weeks, and you could expect colder temperatures this week. freeze watch takes effect for parts of the bay area starting tomorrow night. that watch covers parts of napa, sonoma, alameda and contra costa counties. we talked to employees at one sloat garden center location in mill valley, and they say they're ready to protect plants in this cold weather. we prepare the days ahead of time by watering carefully. a dry plant can suffer from cold damage easier than a wet plant can so you always want to make sure everything's watered. and um and then if again if things small enough, you can just bring it inside or bring it under the eaves. that's that's the easiest way to do it. and that frees
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watches in effect from tomorrow night through friday, chief meteorologist bill martin joining us now with more on our chilly weather, and just how cold it's going to get a bill. hey alex. yeah, that you hit it on the head. chilly weather. that's one of the reasons. i mean, we're getting some showers, but there's not a lot of it. 207 inch 1/100 of an inch pretty light stuff as we go into tonight and tomorrow there's more on the way. but it's just because it's a cold air mass. it's not really cooking with with a lot of moisture, so here's the jet stream. it troughs out right here and that syria it's basically is drawn everything from here, so that's cold coming off the continent there, the canadian continent so very dry cold. there are relatively dry when they come from here, right? much moisture . higher stole of snow levels are going to be pretty darn low with this system. there's a winter whether advisory for the foothills and then there'll be a winter storm warning in the foothills through tonight and tomorrow night as well about enough of the $4 for a higher
10:19 pm
elevations in the mountains. scattered showers. let's back it up, and i'll show you what it looks like. this is the last couple of hours or six o'clock into seven o'clock seemed coming down. very widely scared. this is how tomorrow goes to see sam matteo fremont. this is at 10 o'clock. and that's where we are right now. so this widely scattered showers. sure we could see a little snow and bay area peaks for certainly mount hamilton's or mount diablo. certainly, but it be really light because again there's not a ton of moisture with this in the mountains. you're going to be chained up on 50 and 80 tonight for sure, a winter storm warning there and snow levels are going to get down to probably 2200 ft, if not lower. and for us a freeze watches alex mentioned earlier that will be in effect through to probably three thursday morning, at least and then we've got a that winter storm warning that will go in or stay in effect at the higher elevations of lake tahoe for the next day or two. so it's going to be kind of a little bit of a winter storm a brush with winter. we haven't seen that in a while. there's something behind it to not right away, but something down the road so that
10:20 pm
high pressure is weakened enough to let this happen so hopefully more can get in. i'll see you back here with those details. looking forward to a bill. thank you. the snowy conditions in the sierra are causing problems for drivers heading home to the valley and the area from a long holiday weekend in tahoe. some people say this drive is taking about three hours longer than expected. snow is expected to continue tomorrow, and forecasters say whiteout conditions are possible, especially in sierra passes. it's just so nice to see whether start to come back. temperatures have dropped 25 degrees. it was 17 degrees this morning as south lake tahoe at lake level, so this is just really welcome to see mother nature come back and start bringing that snow back to the sierra. skiers and snowboarders are excited about the storm, which should soften the slopes after 43 days of firm conditions. you want to hold folks accountable for doing this? it's disgusting. it's despicable. bay area neighborhoods hit with anti semitic flyers, where this is
10:21 pm
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with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. gunpoint in broad daylight. it happened in oakland's eastlake neighborhood and is the latest attack on members of the asian community in a wave that began at the start of the pandemic two years ago. at least that's when reporting started picking up. this robbery happened outside a laundromat near ninth and international at about 12 30 wednesday afternoon, the male victim was punched in the head and then tripped by the suspects before they ran off with the couple's possessions. coral chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, says the unfortunate reality is that asian victims across the city are seen as easy targets happening over and we must work together and we must also working with the police departments. and working as a
10:24 pm
community to stop this kind of crimes happening. police say some victims are afraid to come forward, either unsure of the process or concerned about retaliation. community advocates say it is always best to report crimes if only to prevent the same criminals from striking again. bay area community, the target of hate. people in palo alto have recently found anti semitic flyers around their neighborhood and as ktvu is jesse gary reports, similar flyers are popping up around the state and country. this is driven by hatred of jews, and it's an opportunity to use covid to blame jews for covid, investigators say sunday. dozens of flyers almost identical to these were found in ziploc bags weighted down with rice. the messages of hate were placed in several palo alto neighborhoods , including baron park. very surprising to me to learn about that the people still can think that way like centuries ago, by
10:25 pm
the way, want to blame someone for something that is happening in the world. the anti semitic propaganda falsely blames jews for the national response to the covid pandemic and names more than a dozen people claiming they control or influence covid policy. it's typical behavior for this group who are fringe extremists trying to project their um, hate filled messaging , um, and try to give an error and appearance that they are larger and more widespread than they actually are. just last month, flyers espousing the same hatred were left in san francisco, pasadena and miami two years ago in palo alto. vandals spray painted racist messages on the university am zion church. the oldest african american house of worship in the city, desecrated the place for what it was supposed to be for which was worshiped. reverend coloma smith wrote a report detailing nine additional incidents since the 2020 crime as proof things have worsened. santa clara county district
10:26 pm
attorney jeff rosen says two pronged approach to combat growing incidents of hate is needed. one of the answers to this is prosecution. we want to hold folks accountable for doing this. it's disgusting. it's despicable. and then we also want to try to change them. try to help them grow, so they don't do this anymore, jeff rosen says . that can be done through educational classes and volunteerism in the affected communities. how well to police and radio believed the same group is responsible for these incidents. if you had information, call the police or the idea in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news similar hateful messages were left at the doorsteps of hundreds of neighbors in the north berkeley hills area, the berkeley city council said in a statement. quote to our jewish neighbors be assured that as a community, berkeley will stand up together to reject anti semitic messages and all forms of hate speech. the berkeley city council stands united in our zero tolerance
10:27 pm
position against all forms of hate speech in our city. anyone who has information or camera footage of what happened is asked to put in a call to berkeley police. up next former covid testing center employees speak out, accusing the sites of mishandling tests and test results. i was horrified because we're sending out basically. results that are going to be accurate for people new at 10 30 . we take a look at the investigation now underway after ex employees blow the whistle on some suspicious practices and punishment levied against a big name college basketball coach for his role in a postgame malay joe fonzi has all the details coming up later tonight in sports. also coming up later tonight. new attention being brought to san francisco's drug crisis after a 16 year old dies from a possible overdose, the resources city
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it's the eat fresh refresh at subway the country, including here in the bay area, the company that runs them is under investigation in several states accused or it's accused of sending false results delayed results or sometimes no results at all. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz is here now and brooks. you spoke with some former employees who say that sometimes these tests were sitting in trash bags for over a week. we have some pictures. they're really hard to believe the name of the company. is called center for covid control and ex employees. tell me they were forced to fake dates, lie or send out inaccurate results. those accusations are laid out in several lawsuits now, and the california attorney general is now investigating customer complaints about missing test results and concerns about their accuracy. they came in like
10:31 pm
garbage bags just filled with tests, and we would count them on the floor. there'd be no organization to it. check out these photos taken by employees with center for covid control, who described bags of bio waste boxes, a pcr tests and a processing mess. they estimate nearly 10,000 samples coming in each day, all piling up inside the company's headquarters in rolling meadows, illinois. everything was sent to us from across the country, so i you know, we would receive thousands of tests from out of state. former workers, shane alang says she became concerned when bosses would tell her to change collection, testing dates and process on refrigerated sometimes weeks old tests. i was horrified because we're sending out basically, results that aren't going to be accurate for people and you know, i take it personally. customer complaints came amid the holidays with
10:32 pm
unprecedented demand and climbing cases center for covid control was rapidly expanding its testing sites. by last year advertising hundreds of locations, including at least eight in california, and we found half of those right here in the bay area were opened up new locations all the time. so it got to a point where it got chaotic and we could no longer even we had a room of her own have room to come protest. there were bags and bags of tests everywhere, whether they were stored correctly or not. they were too many of them. ex employee michael pino says the companies partnering lab doctors , clinical laboratory is nothing more than a front side by side swabs came to these joint offices where he says proper handling wasn't happening. we didn't have enough supplies to do our job. we didn't have enough mass or gloves, and nobody seemed to care. the company's owners did not respond to our repeated emails and calls for comment. california's
10:33 pm
attorney general just sent a letter demanding they provide evidence the company is in compliance with the state's lab licensing and testing requirements. last month, the washington state attorney general sued, claiming deceptive or unlawful practices, including allegations employees were told to lie to customers about results and instructed to mark them as uninsured, even if they weren't while building the federal government for their tests. they would get money back from that from the pcr tests. and they took advantage of that by expanding and expanding, even though they knew we were already drowning and already, you know, overworking our employees, records show doctors clinical laboratory has received more than $140 million in testing reimbursements, while the lab does have federal certification , california's department of public health says it doesn't have a state lab license or registration. and says neither does center for covid control,
10:34 pm
which is required of any place that test specimens originating in california cd ph, confirming it's investigating both businesses. many customers say they were surprised to find pop up centers across the country closed in early january, including amos jenkins, who visited this sacramento site was the jail. the company, calling it a pause to train additional staff on sample collection and handling customer service and communications, best practices as well as compliance with regulatory guidelines. late last year, federal inspectors found failures surrounding samples and storage, the same problems, the former workers told us about they were completely not cold. there were not stored properly. they were not even labeled properly. since then, we've learned the fbi has served. a search warrant at the main office is minnesota's attorney general has also filed a lawsuit for failing to report results, including to the state. but as workers told us even they don't
10:35 pm
know what's what and admit many customers received false negatives. cold comfort for customers like jenkins just said negative and i thought it was okay. so i don't know what to think. not i thought that we were just, you know, for our heads, and there was no coming back at this point. center for covid control now says all locations are closed indefinitely. the washington state aid called the sites sham testing centers that couldn't keep up with demand. california's egg says, if any testing sites or making false claims or failed to meet turnaround times or even steal personal information the company will be held accountable. of course, time will tell with that investigation. absolutely eye opening stuff. thank you. thank you. three major cruise lines will allow passengers to go masculine in the coming days. usa today is reporting that royal caribbean plans to drop its indoor mask requirement for
10:36 pm
fully vaccinated passengers starting on friday. and both carnival cruise line and norwegian cruise line will allow people to ditch their mass onboard starting next tuesday. the cdc says cruise lines can lift masking requirements if 95% of passengers and crew members are fully vaccinated. great britain lifted its last covid restrictions. today people who live in england no longer have to self isolate if they test positive and routine contract tracing will end prime minister boris johnson says his plan will let people in britain protect themselves without restricting their freedoms. the news comes the same day that buckingham palace announced that 95 year old queen elizabeth has tested positive for covid. paul farmer and american doctor who championed global health and sought to bring modern medicine to those most in need around the world, has died. his nonprofit group partners in health announced that farmer died today in rwanda from an acute cardiac event while he was sleeping.
10:37 pm
farmers work on providing healthcare solutions to poorer countries brought him wide acclaim, a book about him titled mountains beyond mountains called him the man who would cure the world. they area congresswoman barbara lee said he was a caring, loving human being whose work wasn't just a job, but a mission. paul farmer was 62 years old. coming up at 11. this £500 black bear is wreaking havoc around lake tahoe , the effort to find that bear that authorities are calling hank the tank. i don't love it. a little bit of rain on the lens. we've got some showers out there right now. rain back in the forecast snow in the mountains. i'll have the full details when i return. up first , though about a year after former president trump was banned from twitter, he releases his own social media app the issue users were facing
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get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. bringing renewed attention to the city's drug crisis. today people stopped to pay their respects at a small memorial of flowers on the 600 block of ministry. that's where 16 year old girl was found dead from a possible overdose friday morning , city supervisor matt haney said san francisco needs more resources, including help from state and federal authorities to tackle the overdose crisis. this is a young girl who had her whole life in front of her, and she should not have been in a position where she was using drugs on our streets. authorities have not said a lot about what happened only that police responded to a call about an overdose and a suspicious death investigation is now underway. the girl's name has not been released. los angeles
10:41 pm
district attorney george gascon is responding to a furor over sentencing in a sexual assault case. dna tubs to the sexual assault of a 10 year old girl in palmdale at the time. tubbs was a 17 year old known as james tubbs. prosecutors say tubs began identifying as female once taken into custody tubs pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in a juvenile detention facility. before sentencing tubs boasted about a plea deal in a tape obtained by fox news. don't worry about it at the strike, but they're going to plead and plead out to him and plead guilty. they're gonna see me on probation and it's gonna be dropped. it can be done done. i won't have to register wants nothing for offender. you don't have to register. i will have to do none of that. so what they're gonna do to you that you know? gaskell and says he was unaware of those statements and
10:42 pm
would have handled this case differently if he had heard them . he also said he is now changing policy and will consider prosecuting some juveniles as adults in extreme circumstances. the former president. trump's media app. truth social was released today . the app is available for download on the apple store about a year after trump was banned from twitter, facebook and youtube following the u. s capitol riot. subscribers have reported technical glitches and thousands have been placed on a wait list. former congressman devin nunes, a ceo of trump media, says the site is expected to be fully operational. by the end of march coming up tonight. here on the 10 o'clock news. sewage spill closes the beach in southern california. plus every dollar counts. nowadays inflation is crazy, no relief in sight to the higher than ever gas prices. but one gas station in the east bay is trying to help. and could are dry spell finally be over. chief meteorologist bill martin is
10:43 pm
back forced the closure of ocean
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
waters off the coast of newport beach. today people in that area are being told to stay out of the water near the west end of newport's bay. local health officials say approximately 35 to 50,000 gallons of sewage
10:46 pm
linked leaked into that area because of a blocked sewer line at a restaurant in newport's bay. the entire area will remain closed to swimming, surfing and diving until the results of follow up water quality monitoring meet acceptable standards. gas prices are continuing to hit new heights with no relief inside. but when east bay gas station is drawing a crowd, thanks to its low prices, ktvu tom vacar takes a look. there's a steady mass of cars that mashes gas and food in orinda, taking advantage of the lowest prices in the immediate area. by far we try to keep you less margin and, you know, getting more, you know. customers and providing basically cheaper gas as much as we can, you know, for our customer. every time i come here , it's not a long line, but as a result, but there's a line. but if you go to costco, where it's cheap, too the line is around the block. every dollar counts. nowadays inflation is crazy, and the fact that they keep such a beautiful gas station and the
10:47 pm
helped it i mean, they're helping the community. today's pain at the pump throughout california is 4 74 for a gallon of regular and they always were expensive. bay area is 4 83. these are the highest dollar amounts we've ever seen. nationally the average is just 3 53. that's a buck 30 less than the bay area in california in the last year, the average price for a gallon of regular has gone up 33% here in the bay area, it's 34. no matter how you slice that that is almost five times the inflation rate, gasbuddy .com says, and it changes literally by the hour. the bear is lowest prices are 3 99 at national gas and polio. 405 platinum gas in santa clara 407 at grand gas and pinole 409 at smart stop in pinole. skyrocketing crude oil prices is the biggest culprit of huge prices here. and california is a
10:48 pm
gas island. that means if a refinery goes down, there's no out of state refineries close by too quickly brew the california special clean air blend. a program called cap and trade also adds about 19 cents a gallon to clean up the air and at 51 cents for gasoline taxes. all of it contributes to overall inflation. it's hurting people. it's hurting people to put food on their table. send kids to extracurricular activities and you have to pick and choose where your money goes. so an average drivers 15 gallon tankful that cost $53.50 a year ago. today. costs 72 50 almost $20 more. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. travel at oakland international airport is picking up once again, the airport reports. it is on track to see more than 53,000 passengers over the long holiday weekend. that's about three times the number during the same time period last year, when the airport logged about 18,000 travelers, and it's
10:49 pm
a trend that we're seeing nationwide. t s a data shows twice as many people flew this holiday weekend compared to last year. a winter storm in the midwest. it cause some travel problems today about 7000 flights were delayed and another 1600 were canceled. okay, we're on the golden gate bridge. now you see live traffic cars, some wet on the roadways for sure, delivered on the lens as well. the slickness on that road hasn't rained in over a month, so the roads are very slick. and they'll be very slick again tomorrow morning here where the scattered showers are. we see the golden gate bridge right there. so that's where the light scattered showers are out in daly city, sunset out in the sunset. out in the richmond out of long, 19th avenue. you've got showers out towards hayward, union city, pleasant and livermore, fremont, widely scattered milpitas. ah san jose and then the santa cruz mountains. just how it's going to be again tomorrow. more
10:50 pm
scattered showers. cold showers that will continue throughout the day. maybe some snow on bay area peaks. it's breezy out there gusta 28 miles an hour. and conquered, so pretty breezy there. so with this scattered showers, we've got some breezy conditions, cool temperatures or low temperatures if you will cooler than we've seen recently because your system again is coming from the north, and as the northerly system it is carrying a lot of cold. they're not as much moisture were it lake tahoe now up on the west slope this year in nevada. it's cold up there. the snow levels are pretty darn low, and that will be very low by tomorrow morning down around 2200 ft winter storm warnings on 50 and 80 changed most likely required as soon as you get, you know. certainly after midnight for most of the roads up there, the major roads as this thing drops significant snow for them 1 to 2 ft. this is a really the type of weather system that favors lake tahoe in the higher elevations in terms of precipitation doesn't really favor us. it's the cold air just doesn't
10:51 pm
produce for us. and so we're seeing 507 inch of 10th of an inch at the most current temperatures are cool. you'll see overnight lows tonight when you wake up partly sunny and you'll see temperatures easily into the low thirties, so we'll be just above freezing freezing. they'll be frost. there'll be a little bit of probably a little bit of maybe a little bit of ice up in some places up in the far north bay and then the model does this. here we are. tomorrow morning. some scattered showers . this is the day here we are. tomorrow afternoon around lunchtime. more scattered showers this time east. and then the afternoon hours towards the evening afternoon commute more scattered showers. so you get the idea just kind of all over the place in the mountains, so it's going to keep going so without with a mountain activity you're going to see you know again. 1 to 2 ft of snow possible. the forecast highs for tomorrow. lots of fifties mid fifties. the five day forecast looks like a good one. we got some more hopeful shower activity coming our way sunday night into monday and
10:52 pm
temperatures warm a little bit for your weekend. i'll see you back here a little bit. all right. we'll see you then. bill. thank you coming up tonight from booze to cheers. how? stephan curry. one, the crowd and the mvp award at last night's nba all star game. then on the 11 o'clock news in oakland firefighter heard on the job is still hospitalized evening everys
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
happening tonight in sports. this is the time of year when college basketball teams on the bubble are doing their best to look like they belong in the ncaa tournament. you can put usf in that category. the dons in stockton tonight to play utopia with the locals were ready for a good time out to tigers didn't put up much of a fight, though usf already in front by 20 here in the first half, tamari bowyer
10:55 pm
hangs in the air gets a high archer to go down off the glass. despite the foul, bouvier finished with 15 points 11 assists usf led by 24 at the half second half here, booky makes one of his four steals. he then passes ahead to khalil shabbas, who knocks down a three shabbas led usf with 21. don is able to empty the bench on the way to a 104 71 route. usf now 19 5 in the wcc. importantly 22 7 overall. the commissioner of the big 10 last night promised swift punishment for the incident that happened after the michigan wisconsin game. and today he was true to his word. michigan's juwan howard took issue with the late time out called by wisconsin, which led by 15 points. howard and wisconsin coach gary guard had words and then it got a lot worse when howard took a swipe at assistant coach joe craven, oft the whole thing, then escalated as players from both teams got involved. today howard was fined $40,000 and suspended for michigan's remaining five
10:56 pm
regular season games guard was fined $10,000 for violating the conferences, sportsmanship policy, but he was not suspended. to michigan players and one from wisconsin, received one game suspensions for fighting. the warriors will hit the stretch run of the regular season when they resume play on thursday night in portland. right now, though, there's still a nice little glow about steph curry's performance in last night's nba all star game. he's a two time league mvp. three time nba champion time all star but the golden state warriors steph curry. curry has plenty of experience in cleveland, where the warriors played in four straight final series winning three of them last night turned into the curry shows he hit a record 16 3 pointers on the way to a 50 point game. at third quarter was an especially eye opening experience for the cleveland fans who initially food curry before their booze
10:57 pm
turned to cheers, and even the broadcast enjoying the show of shots curry newer going in before they did. he made seven threes. in the third quarter alone, curry was playing for lebron james team, which beat kevin durant's team won 63 to 1 60 curry was named the game's most valuable player receiving that honor. in a place where james is regarded as the greatest of all time. so were they cheering or booing? i didn't hear the cheers. nah it's uh, obviously have a lot of history in this building and you're one lot of games lost a lot of games everywhere in between. take some energy to boot. so you gotta carry a lot to do that. so i try to channel that into try to put on a little bit of a show and the joy started to come out, and hopefully everybody appreciated it. with this year's kentucky derby coming up in just a little more than two months. we found out today the official winner of last year's derby last may.
10:58 pm
medina spirit just edged out mandaluyong at the wire to win the 147th version of the race. but after the race, the horse that guides suddenly in december tested positive for a banned drug after a series of appeals, medina spirit was officially disqualified today. and the horse's trainer, bob baffert, has been suspended and fined. baffert had held the record for most kentucky derby wins with seven before today's action. mandaluyong the horse with jockey florent guerrero and the green and pink silk says now been declared the winner. he'll be appropriately honored, and so will his owners who received the $1.8 million winner's check. controversial beijing winter olympics came to a close last night the olympic flame was snuffed out in china and will be relit four years from now. in italy games turned out to be one of the least watched in history. down 42% from four years ago. across all of nbc's various platforms, covid restrictions, positive drug tests and china's politics all contributed to this deep decline. the final medal
10:59 pm
count should norway at the top with a total of 37 medals, 16 of them gold russian committee. those are russian athletes who don't officially represent russia was next with 32. germany canada and the us all close with us taking some 25 total medals, eight of them gold, sweden, then rounds out the top six and time for a little check this out action on a monday night couple of longtime nhl rivals meeting tonight. toronto montreal josh anderson takes his shot at point black range for the canadians. and this is what you call quick reflexes by the leafs goalie peter razik, raising blocks the puck with his legs, then snatches it out of the air for glove save when it reflects was one of 19 states from razik on the night in a 5 to 2. montreal went pretty good. let's save their yeah, alright. yep. thank you so much next at 11. history tells us that looking the other way in the face of such hostility will be far more
11:00 pm
costly path. the u. n security council holding an emergency meeting in new york tonight following russian president vladimir putin's order to send russian troops into separatist regions of eastern ukraine. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. the russian president said the troops are being called in to keep the peace. but the u. s and others believe that kremlin is looking for an excuse to invade the former soviet territory. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage, and i'm cristina rendon . the announcement of those troops came just hours after president vladimir putin signed an order. recognizing independence of two pro moscow provinces in eastern ukraine. russian backed separatists have been fighting ukrainian forces there since 2014 and the shelling has increased dramatically in recent days. putin blasted the u. s for ignoring russia's security concerns about nato. the speech , which is which stressed ties


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