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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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raid sirens sounding for a second night in ukraine after new russian missiles. missile strikes will have the latest developments, including what united states and world leaders are doing. plus one person is killed three others recovering after a fire this morning in san francisco how firefighters rescued those inside, including a very young child. also historic nomination by president biden. what we're learning about his choice for the supreme court. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach. the russian military is inching closer to ukraine's capital, with gunfire and explosions resonating even closer to government buildings. meantime president biden and his nato counterparts agreed to send thousands of troops backed by air and naval support to protect allies. right near russia and ukraine. ktvu semantic quintana live for us in the newsroom. what these latest developments.
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amanda well, mike today we're seeing a lot of new video of the destruction in ukraine as keith prepares for attack and troops move closer and closer. air raid sirens have been going off in kiev today as russian troops approached the capital city. this video was taken by a fox news producer in the city. at the same time, russian troops say they seized an airport outside kiev and have cut off the city from the west. that gives russia the ability to fly in troops and land them directly outside the capital. there's growing concern the city could fall within days or even hours. new video also shows the aftermath of yesterday's violence, homes leveled reduced to just rubble. russian missiles have been striking very close to the capital. this destroyed bridges about 40 miles northwest of keep explosions were heard, president zelensky said.
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preliminary figures show at least 137 ukrainians have been killed since the attacks began. and more than 300 wounded. it's on the avenue. one lesson for much. according to our information, the enemy is listed me as target number one in my family is target number two. they want to destroy the country politically terminating the head of state. zielinski also posted part of his speech on instagram saying this morning we are defending our state alone. as we did yesterday, the world's most powerful forces are watching from afar. did yesterday. sanctions convinced russia we hear in our sky and we see on our earth that this is not enough coming up in our next half hour. we'll hear from some citizens in ukraine and take a look at the escape. many of them are trying to make but for others they are ready to fight. live in the newsroom. amanda king tana ktvu fox two news, amanda. thank you, protester taking place across the world in solidarity with ukraine. in los angeles, pro ukraine, demonstrators lit a russian flag on fire denouncing president
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putin. in new york city. dozens of protesters gathered in times square later marched to the permanent mission of the russian federation, where police put up barricades. it was a similar scene in chicago, where demonstrators held ukrainian flags and anti putin signs. ktvu is. amberleigh shows us the protest in san francisco's civic center. to isolate them on the international arena. speakers address a crowd of hundreds in front of san francisco city hall . they're asking the u. s government and americans for help to stop russia's attack on their home country of ukraine. there is anger, sadness and fear . just got believes this happening. valentina hall says she attended this rally to give and receive support. i talked to my family in ukraine. they're very scared. i have family love ukraine and everybody says they hear explosions here. please, thanks. being a doctor didn't please. the rally was attended
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largely by ukrainians but joined by other folks, including russians, many carried the flag of ukraine. they sported the blue and yellow of their country on their faces, spreading the message that this attack is not only against ukraine. it's a really dark day for ukraine, but i don't think only for ukraine, but the whole free democratic world. many say they've been in contact with family members in ukraine by phone or social media. and that their unsettled about the safety and future of their loved ones. the only thing that they currently half is just just stayed at home and just wait until something else happens. but nobody knows what exactly would happen. organizers are asking the us to impose more sanctions supply, more military weapons and humanitarian aid. this is against international law. this is not something that anyone would expect to happen in 21st century, sending prayers. i'm so sorry to be emotional, but it's cold. you feel it's many, many heartbreaking for valentina. the situation is
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especially painful because she has family in ukraine and russia . organizers are urging americans to contact their lawmakers and president joe biden to support ukraine. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. the u. s and nato allies are meeting today to discuss next steps in increasing security. i hope you were with us when earlier today we spoke with the former deputy secretary general for nato current lecturer at stanford rose gottemoeller about those efforts. it is a task force that trains together very capable. they will, as i've understood, be deployed in the baltic states and poland in areas that are particularly close to ukraine's borders and sadly also to possible spillover. from this invasion of ukraine, so i think it is very important at this point for nato to prevent the invasion of ukraine from becoming a general war in europe, and they do that by deterring and defending against russia. scotty miller adds that
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while putin is now reportedly willing to send a delegation to belarus to speak with ukrainian officials, russia has quote shattered confidence its ability to contribute in a positive way to the global economy. let's run over to wall street where there's some relief today, despite the continuing situation between russia and ukraine, almost exactly opposite of what we had this time yesterday, the dow jones is up by more than two full percentage points s and p is gaining one and three quarters of a percent. nasdaq is up by almost one full percentage point. just a few minutes ago, president biden announced a historic selection as his supreme court nominee. my nominee for the united states. supreme court judge catania jackson. if confirmed, judge could tangie brown jackson would become the first black woman selected to serve on the u. s supreme court. the 51 year old jackson was confirmed last year by the senate to the u. s appeals court. she would succeed retiring justice stephen breyer. who she clerked for on the high court. justice breyer in
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particular. not only gave me the greatest job that any young lawyer could ever hope to have, but he also exemplified every day in every way. that a supreme court justice can perform at the highest level of skill and integrity while also being guided by civility. grace pragmatism and generosity of spirit. jackson's nomination comes exactly two years after president biden made his promise during the 2020 presidential campaign to nominateck woman to the supreme court earlier on mornings onto the nine today we did speak with uc berkeley law professor amanda tyler, and she clerked with judge jackson back in 1999 at the supreme court. judge jackson was then as she is now. brilliant she was careful. she was thoughtful. she was a person of unimpeachable character. and a person of great integrity and great wisdom and
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judgment. thank you again. senate majority leader chuck schumer says jackson will receive a prompt hearing in the coming weeks. confirmation vote could come as early as april 8th before the senate leaves for the spring recess. the san francisco fire department rescued four people, including a young boy today from a burning home in the city's western edition. one man who was taken to the hospital later died from his injuries. ktvu james taurus has this story. a cold morning of san francisco's western edition neighborhood where firefighters had to physically pull people out of burning units. and now they say three of those units are now evacuated just after seven this morning, firefighters reported flames and smoke coming out from this second floor apartment. in order to get in. they had a breakdown this fence in order to get all of our ladders and our gear through here. we quickly dismantle this gate. it takes us about 30. seconds of this. this is something we trained for in san francisco because of all the security gates. in fencing is that we do see once in crews
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pulled out four people from burning units, two adults and a child with minor smoke inhalation. one man died at the hospital. a scary thought for neighbors. it was scary and the fact that it happens close. um. i'm still processing that firefighters pulled out charge furniture from what was left over in the apartments. a total of three units were damaged and investigation is now underway. this fire did extend to the exposure buildings, the buildings of the left and to the right of it. causing minor damage to both of those units at this time. this is a supportive housing facility, so it's under the understanding of this facility that we will be able to re populate these individuals within this facility reporting in san francisco i'm james torrez ktvu. fox two news. the caltrain struck a vehicle in san bruno this morning, killing t. t a.m. on scott street, just blocks away from the train station. the same tale county sheriff's department says that
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man, the driver tried to go around the crossing guards to cross the tracks. officers say that 31 passengers were on board the train at the time. no one was hurt on the train. this does mark the third fatality of the year involving a caltrain new at noon. a person has been charged with murder in connection with a freeway shooting in oakland, chp , says 27 year old larry coney of oakland was in custody at the santa rita jail for an unrelated incident. it now faces charges of murder, attempted murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle . the charges stem from a shooting that happened on the freeway on october 27th shortly before five at night in the area of 98th avenue and 5 80. the family identified the victim as money price, a musician from oakland the cdc may soon loosen up its guidelines on when and where americans should wear a mask. the agency is expected here today to say most people should be allowed to go without a mask. in public in indoor spaces, the guidelines will place less emphasis on covid case counts and give more weight
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to hospitalizations still to come at noon, investing millions help solve california's housing crisis. the new bill that will not only tackle the lack of affordable housing, but help with those who are living on the streets. plus, we continue to follow the latest developments surrounding russia's invasion of ukraine the concerns surrounding possible cyber attacks here at home. i'm tracking a warming trend in time for your baby area weekend. better details on the current conditions and what you current conditions and what you can expect coming u and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire!
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possible cyber attacks. officials say the attacks would be retaliation to the economic sanctions imposed on russia by president biden, ktvu elissa harrington reports. the world has watched in horror at images of the conflict in ukraine, but cybersecurity experts warned the next attack could be much less visible. why'd spread cyber attack once you unleash it? you have no control on where it can go. that's the problem. it can just go through the whole world because we're connected professor ahmad bin alpha at san jose state university, said ands important for the government and businesses to protect sensitive information for us here in the united states. the worry is about the infrastructure but half a pointed out the colonial
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pipeline ransomware attack as an example when russia linked hackers, affectively took down the largest fuel pipeline in the country. so far, there have been reports of cyber attacks on ukrainian government websites and banks been office said misinformation on social media is also a cyber threat. you can go and spread the information right to left and create panic. so we have to be careful about this from all the social media. i think it's just an ongoing threat. rick smith is a retired fbi agent. for 20 years he was the supervisor of the russian counterintelligence squad in san francisco. he believes russia's focus remains on ukraine at the moment, but security forces are always thinking ahead. and looking for vulnerabilities. they're so aggressive and they're so their intelligence services so important to the way they operate. you know, there they're they're always looking for opportunities. during a press briefing thursday, white house press secretary jen psaki was asked if a cyber attack on a nato ally would invoke article five. article five would commit
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members to take action. seeing this as an attack on all of them is cyber attack that constitute an attack us. so that would certainly be a point of discussion among the nato members. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. after quite a few days of really cold weather rosemary oroczo. i mean, it's still chilly out there, but it feels pretty good. yes, it feels a lot better thawing out nicely this afternoon high. garcia hi, mike. happy friday to all of you. we are looking at a minor warm before today and the warming trend that will continue into your day area weekend in and around the bay area at this time. blue skies light winds here's a look over san francisco little bit of haze out their air quality. today is good to moderate getting into the numbers. still quite cool 53 over san francisco, we have 60 right now reported in our 50 in oakland. love fifties and napa, 54 livermore and san jose. hello to you at 56 1 of the warmer spots right now, 60 degrees reported in fremont. here's a look. the 24 hour temperature change nevada up by four degrees conquered up by three sfl up by
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two. so though it's not dramatic , most of us are a tad bit warmer than we were yesterday at this time, and will continue to see that as we get into the afternoon. the winds are generally lighter. napa reporting a southwest breeze at five. mph. oakland reporting six, but we have that north and northeast flow that continues to bring us the dry weather and helped to get things going earlier today, in the way of bringing up the temperatures, just some by pull back a little bit more. we do have some action out over the pacific northwest. we may see just a slight chance at maybe a few sprinkles on saturday. four areas of the north bay and further north, the rest of us going to remain dry and drive for the weekend. here's a look at the future cast . you can see mostly clearer tonight into tomorrow morning. we start out tomorrow morning. we're just a little bit of cloud cover. perhapsds out there may be a little bit of patchy fog and then as we get into the second part of the afternoon evening hours notice mostly cloudy one out there, and if you look to the north, you see just a little bit of blue. they're popping up. over areas of lake county, perhaps areas over the north bay, and that's going to be about it. so perhaps
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a few sprinkles again over the north paper tomorrow outside of that will call for dry weather through the weekend temperatures coming up today just by a few degrees or so. 57 yes, redwood city yesterday. today it's going to be 60 san jose today you're going to 62. here's a better look at some of those afternoon highs. 54 for pacifica. upper fifties san francisco 60 degrees red with city 60 degrees in concord, low sixties in napa, which is still a little below average will continue to climb getting into the weekend. and of course, we're looking for any possibility of rain more on this coming up in the extended forecast, rosemary thank you still to come at noon, remembering the life of oscar grant? sunday has been declared today in his honor next events taking place this weekend and how his mother continues to fight for justice.
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event will be held tomorrow at oscar grant plaza in oakland city hall to honor his life. the oscar round foundation and communities united for restorative justice or hosting the event. it will include a resource fair music activities for children today, on mornings onto the nine we spoke with oscar grant's mother, reverend wanda jackson, who says she is pardon me, reverend wanted johnson. she said she is overjoyed that she has the chance to give back to the community. the oscar grant foundation is working to just bring a day of peace. a day of, you know, coming together, encouraging each other, you know
12:22 pm
, pushing each other ford are students who are tomorrow who are suffering so hard in the school system in oakland right now, we want to encourage them. you know that you can still be that that president that you desire to be sunday. the 27th oscar grant day is honoring years since her son was killed by bart police, senator alex padilla announced the new housing bill in sacramento. the bill is called the housing for all active 2022. legislation would increase the amounts of federal investments it will invest more than $530 billion over the next 10 years to address the homelessness crisis , as well as find solutions to deal with the affordable housing crisis. record families struggling to make the rent. or falling behind on their mortgages, people experiencing homelessness are also facing heightened risks of sickness and violence. and a problem of this
12:23 pm
size. and the problem of this importance. calls for all hands on deck approach. the bill would increase money for housing vouchers and provide rental assistance. there will also be a commission focused on racial equality. another bay area school district dealing with a massive budget shortfall. the mount diablo unified school district made some difficult cuts, including eliminating some music classes. the district is also locked in tense contract talks. with the teachers union andre senior as the story. but we've been having declining enrolment. we are hearing from mount diablo unified school district superintendent dr adam clark. it comes one day after the school board voted to cut $10 million from its budget when we have to reduce our budget we have to reduce people and services. and so, although that is a painful process for us, it is necessary. among the most
12:24 pm
painful, say some fourth grade music. students with instruments tried unsuccessfully to convince the board wednesday night not to cut music classes for the fourth grade. but they will continue in other grades. anita johnson with the mount diablo education association, says the elective is instrumental for students, especially in these pandemic times. students have really found that the um, playing an instrument helps them with coping with the stress and social, emotional learning. in addition, some vacant full time positions will be eliminated for full time behavior, health specialist positions and librarians from middle and high schools. dozens of items are on the elimination list as a possibility of a teacher strike looms the district and teachers locked in a battle over money. currently we have a 10% raise on the table for the next three years, but the union says the district isn't in a financial bind and points to an $89 million surplus from last year. the union wants a 12.5% increase
12:25 pm
that would take effect after the current contract expires in 2024 . we are proposing 12.5% over that six year period to deal with the loss of competitive competitiveness. that the district is experience because they haven't increased the salary schedule and so on. the district will says, despite what they have now they must balance their budget for the years ahead while factoring in declining enrollment. there's uncertainty we're losing students. we're losing students for at a higher rate. now that covid has come in , so we lost a great deal of students because our schools were closed. so what's next in negotiations? there is a process to help the district and teachers union reached an agreement. both sides will present arguments to affect fighting panel which will make a recommendation. a strike will depend on that outcome, and all of this could happen by the end of march, a strike something both sides will likely try to avoid in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. not
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to new data that showed the university of california system received a record number of applicants for the first excuse me for the fall semester. you see, officials say they received more than 7000 additional freshman applications compared to last year. the school with the most applicants. u c l a. the university also saw an increase in the diversity in its applicant pool for fall system wide. the proportion of california freshmen applicants and california community college transfer applications suits. from low income families jumped 10% still to come here at noon, hayward neighborhood a bit on edge after a mountain lion was spotted overnight. why neighbors say it's very unusual for this type of sighting in their area. plus the search continues for missing woman from oakley, where volunteers from the class kids foundation are focusing their search efforts today. as troops r
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to overtaking its capital city. this video was caught by cctv cameras. they saw ground forces and tanks moving into ukraine. russian forces have entered several cities. and today taking
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aim at the capitol. there's growing concern keith could fall within days or even hours. ukrainian authorities say they've distributed about 18,000 guns to reservists as they prepare to defend the region. nearly three dozen civilians sites have been bombed around kiev. most of the residents in this bombed out building our families of soviet army servicemen and border guards. residents said they were thrown out of their beds by the blast, and they sang the ukrainian national anthem as they cleaned up the break. shots were fired as people tried to board trains out of the country. many ukrainians are fleeing by any means necessary. some refugees are arriving in poland to volunteers were there at the border to help them, and many locals even offered free transportation around poland. hungary is also welcoming refugees providing food, shelter and legal protection, while
12:31 pm
thousands are fleeing. others are staying in ukraine preparing to fight there is a bombing everywhere, and people are afraid and scared can stand against russian aggression become stand against russian occupation. we are united together with the whole world. reports say that the state border guard service has banned all ukrainian men ages 18 to 60 from leaving the country, imploring them to stay and fight. live in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu fox two news, amanda. thank you for that. south bay congressman ro khanna just came back from germany. he was at the munich security conference where he and other members of congress met with their nato counterparts. just before the russian invasion of ukraine. and i'm confident that our nato allies are going to stand firm with the president to condemn putin's aggression, his violation of international law. the president has announced crippling economic sanctions.
12:32 pm
this is not going to turn out well for putin. he's violating human rights violating international law and the ukrainians are going to stand up for their country and i stand with ukraine. congressman conyers says he supports president biden's expanded sanctions against russia. already soaring gas prices in the united states are likely to get even worse after russia's invasion of ukraine, the national average for a gallon of regular gas today. is that $3.57 here in california? it's up to 4 79, with parts of the bay area already seeing prices near $5 a gallon if the president decides to place sanctions on russian oil prices at the pump could possibly increase. even more. relief though, did flow through wall street this morning into the afternoon hours, even as deadly attacks continued in ukraine stocks as you can see are up. investors turning away from gold and other traditional havens as they start to favor when they fear out. there is high the dow jones as you can see up more than 2.5% the same can be said for the nasdaq. the s and p. 500 is up more than 2%
12:33 pm
the nasdaq is up more than 1% across the country. covid restrictions are being lifted, and in most big cities, they're ending their mask mandates. just yesterday, we learned santa clara county is on track to lift its indoor mask mandate next week. that's only though, if the number of covid cases doesn't rise. jonathan siri has this national look. there's growing evidence the a micron surges finally behind us the us now averaging just 65,000 new cases per day, down from almost one million at the peak in early january, and that's prompting more cities and states to lift covid restrictions, including los angeles, where an indoor mask mandate in effect for much of the past two years comes to an end. today i feel great. i think it's been needed for a while. i'm skeptical. i think people are jumping the gun a little bit and l a is not alone . officials in baltimore, minneapolis, st paul and oregon , all announcing an end to mask mandates as well. and in florida governor ron desantis announcing a new covid strategy called buck
12:34 pm
, the cdc, claiming the agency is no longer following the science simply relying on outdated cdc guidance when the experience has completely undercut, that is not really a reasonable thing to do. there are dozens of papers out there that say that asks, make a huge difference. in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. san jose mayor assembly card is now proposing lifting the city's booster requirement. currently anyone entering a city owned facility must show proof they have been boosted, but the mayor says the requirement is no longer necessary because the city is now past the omicron surge. san jose city council is expected to consider the mayor's proposal soon. happening now in new search is underway for a young woman from the bay area who disappeared a month ago. volunteers from the class kids foundation are splitting up into two teams to look for 24 year old alexis gave her car was found abandoned with the keys still in the ignition on trenton and carrington drivin oakley on
12:35 pm
january 26th right now, people are searching in several different locations throughout eastern contra costa county, including in brentwood. i feel like obligated to do something. because if it was me, i would want my community to help out too. like i think everyone who can should be helping out volunteers say they will continue to look for her throughout the weekend. we'll have more on the search efforts coming up on our newscast today at four o'clock, a man driving a tesla chased after a suspected car thief in san francisco, and it was all recorded by his car, and he said he did not even think twice when his co worker asked for help. ktvu crime reporter henry lee shows us what happened when he went after the alleged thief himself. hot pursuit through the streets of san francisco. u turns running red lights. i just wanted to get her car back by the way, coffee shop owner richly found himself chasing a woman who had hopped into his coworkers. honda cr v, a girl had run over there, closed the trunk and then jumped
12:36 pm
into her car and just took off. it all began at about 6 30 monday morning, angelica rubino was dropping off pastries at leas spro coffee shop in the mission bay neighborhood. when a woman stole her suv in my mind, i was thinking like that can't be my car. this can't be happening right now. roberto frantically told lee what had happened. he jumped into his tesla model y, which comes with video cameras, he caught up to her near seventh and bread in the south of market. he kept his distance at first not wanting to spook her. but soon she realized he was following her started driving erratically. she ended up doing a lot of you turns. she took a few u turns and i had to take the same u turns. and obviously that made her drive. you can faster and if you look closely, you can see a cop car right in front of her. she quickly made another turn. lee had already called 911 dispatchers, warning that it might not be safe for him to follow. but he said he was okay . honestly i was too deep in the game. i didn't you know there is already chasing for you know, after her for about 78 minutes, probably at that time they passed the caltrain yard. and
12:37 pm
ended up on king street, running a red light right near oracle park and along the embarcadero, the woman suddenly stopped got out of the crv and kind of nonchalantly walks away. lee kept dispatchers updated. assume the takedown. police arrested 26 year old jonah marie george lee and the officers exchanged fist bumps, but he doesn't see himself as a hero. it makes me a hero. it's a little sad because i feel like everyone's you should be doing that right. everyone should be trying to stop this. it turns out lee recognizes those officers because they're regulars at his coffee shop, by the way. the officers also arrested that suspect on an outstanding warrant for auto theft. henry lee ktvu fox studios. trials now under way in redwood city to determine whether convicted killer scott peterson should get a new trial. it centers on a juror in peterson's original murder trial 20 years ago, a judge is expected to rule if the juror was biased and whether she deliberately concealed that she was a victim of domestic abuse so she could get on the jury and convicted peterson. the former
12:38 pm
juror michel nice took the witness stand this morning. she said she was never a victim of domestic violence. now she is very well prepared to say, well , i really didn't understand the jury question there. i know i gave wrong information, but i didn't understand that. what happened in my past? with the mastic violence really applied here. the hearing is expected to last a week. it may include testimony from other jurors who co authored a book about the peterson case with nice new at noon, the city of oakland is stepping up its effort to catch illegal dumpers and then hold them accountable. a new illegal dumping surveillance camera pilot program was launched just this morning. the city has installed 10 cameras in areas it considers illegal dumping hotspots. mayor libby schaaf says the mountains of debris on city streets will no longer be tolerated. the increase in trash on our streets, and i'm not talking about gum wrappers. i am talking about mountains of
12:39 pm
illegally dumped debris. this is something we are not tolerating the community has been clear. it is an issue of dignity. it is an issue of equity. under the new program, video footage will be used to build cases against those illegal dumpers with fines up to $1000 a day santa clara city council members have voted to fire the city manager amid public disputes with the 49ers over levi stadium. according to the chronicle here. the closed door session vote was 42 in favor of one resolution to remove deanna santana from office and another to suspend her. the mayor lisa gilmore, says the council's putting private interests above the public interest in this decision. santana's lawyer called the council's actions reckless, retaliatory and unlawful. some people are a little bit on edge after a mountain lion has been spotted in the city of hayward video was recorded around one o'clock this morning by a woman who lives near to hill lane near linden street and b street. it is a
12:40 pm
neighborhood that does back up to the san lorenzo creek. the woman and her husband say. they've been living in this neighborhood for 24 years and have seen several types of wildlife but never a mountain lion. they're coming up the creek. and looking for food. and like i said, this hasn't happened in 24 years, so something's going on. neighbors say they're going to be using some extra caution and also be more aware of their surroundings on they're out looking for that cad. we have reached out to the hayward police department about this incident and are still waiting to hear back still to come. at noon. a strong earthquake rocks indonesia will take a look at the damage. been around the bay area this afternoon temperature slightly warmer than yesterday with a warming trend that will continue for the days ahead. i'll have a look at what you can expect for look at what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up.
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my heinz dip & crunch bacon cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. earthquake killed at least seven people injured dozens more. dozens of homes and buildings collapsed, the earthquakes and people running to safety and forced evacuations in malaysia. some 250 miles away. people in singapore also reported feeling the earthquake. we are nearing the end of a major winter storm that's dumped snow and sleet from the central united states all the way to the northeast. farther south states are recovering from heavy flooding, katie byrne reports. and i see
12:44 pm
mix of sleet and freezing rain hitting the northeast this morning. it's the last we'll see of a winter storm that's impacted much of the country. heavy snow was falling over parts of new york up through new england while isis coated roads further south. forecasters say cold temperatures could cause additional freezing throughout the day. connecticut and massachusetts have both issued travel advisories. massachusetts governor charlie baker urged people to stay off the roads unless necessary. this winter. and generally speaking, this kind of storm is nothing new for massachusetts because we've been through this before. but that said, it's important that we take this one seriously. conditions are also delaying travel in the sky. more than 1200. flights throughout the country have been canceled. my first flight was canceled. then they read book beyond a second flight, and it was canceled. 4.5 hour wait to talk to american airlines to figure it out. but she went through expedia. got it
12:45 pm
all figured out, so we got put on a flight tonight. the ice and snow come as part of a winter storm that impacted the central us earlier this week, causing dozens of accidents in texas and oklahoma. the storm, also dropping several inches of rain over tennessee, causing heavy flooding in neighborhoods and on roads. parts of the south could see another round of rain this weekend in areas already flooded . this storm system is expected to exit off the atlantic coast early saturday. in boston. katie byrne, ktvu fox two news. alright last week in the month, knocking on the door rosemary oroczo march because it's been it's been dry. yes absolutely. we've got march and we are really hopeful. we do have a possibility of some rain as we get into next week on that coming up in just a moment outside our doors at this time. it's all about the cold and thankfully we are beginning to see a rebound and a warming trend in time for the weekend. here's a look over san francisco a little bit of haze out there. the air quality is good at the
12:46 pm
moment. will remain good, too moderate for your weekend as well, checking in on the other north based central bay down through the south bay. we're all looking green at the moment. here's a look at storm tracker, too. watching this system here. this is expected to bring us a little bit more cloud cover as we get into your bay area saturday and calling for just a very slight chance and a few scattered showers over the north bay as well as lake county and farther north. here's a look at the future cast for you. there's a look at the rain line still well off the coastline. as we get into saturday, we start out with mostly clear skies in the morning and then by the afternoon, we turned partly to mostly cloudy as this moves in and then as we get into the evening hours, really tough to see, but that's when we'll have an opportunity. that may be a few scattered showers there. then we go through most of the week with dry weather. partly cloudy skies and increasing cloud cover by wednesday night, and here's a look at early thursday morning. and our next real possibility at some rain. unfortunately it's so far out that we can't bank on it just yet, but we'll continue to watch
12:47 pm
it and again, we'll be looking forward to that. here's a look at what we're seeing outsider doors at this hour. still a bit of a cool one out there, but better than yesterday by at least a few degrees in most areas. 53 right now in san francisco, we have 50 in oakland in the north bay, 52 reported and napa and upper fifties for areas near walnut creek and conquered brentwood. look at what we're expecting for the afternoon and where we should be for this time of year. so even though we're going to be slightly warmer, you can see most of us, if not all of us still below average. for this time of year. here's a better look at some of the afternoon highs expected for today. low sixties in napa will go 58 for san mateo along the peninsula and for ourself based 60 degrees for more gun hill. if you're going to tahoe, it is going to be a cool one, but a mainly dry one. we do have 32 degrees right now. south lake tahoe. so here we are in the lunch hour. and it's still freezing, getting into the overnight hours, dipping below freezing in the afternoon highs today in the low thirties by tomorrow, right about 40 degrees and then low forties expected for sunday.
12:48 pm
meanwhile, for us here at home, notice, the temperatures keep ticking up. we'll see a nice little notable jump for your bay area saturday, slightly warmer on sunday. perhaps even a tad warmer on monday and a tuesday upper sixties to about 70 degrees in the forecast for our a area communities are overnight lows will be coming up as well. and that possibilities from rain hopefully coming our way wednesday night into thursday back to you, rosemary oroczo force has postponed a vote that would decide who would be eligible for res of the panel say they need more time to decide if eligibility requirement should be based on lineage or race. lineage based eligibility would include black, california, too, can trace their ancestors directly back to descendants of enslaved people. critics said that could be too difficult to prove and would exclude many black people. in california. legal experts have said that race based eligibility could be too broad and might be struck down in court. california's providing $50 million in grants to community
12:49 pm
statewide to provide housing to people living in homeless encampments. governor newsom announced that grants on twitter yesterday he says the money will help some 1400 people currently living in homeless camps across our state. happening today, bart is reopening another bathroom at one of its underground stations. bark closed those bathrooms at 10 of its stations in 2000 and one after the 9 11 attacks this morning, the restroom at bart's 19th street station in downtown oakland opened up that comes after the powell street station in san francisco reopened earlier this month. more bathrooms at those underground stations will reopen in the months ahead. today p genie is launching its multibillion dollar plan to bury 10,000 miles of power lines in areas with high wildfire risk. the first wave of the project will place nearly 3600 miles of lines underground. the estimated cost is nearly $4rt of a wildfire mitigation plan. pg and e is submitting to the cpuc today after the utilities wires were blamed for starting several wildfires around the state.
12:50 pm
still to come at noon after being opened for just two weeks, and he's a roller rink suddenly closes its doors. it was just amazing to see people with the smiles on their faces, giving me a chance to enjoy a skating rink, something that oakland hasn't had and 27 years. concern from the community parents and a bay area of rap artists. also fox bet super six has given away over $6.2 million in cash prizes . there are three chances to win every week. this week. fans have a chance to win. $10,000 download the free to play fox bet super six app enter your picks and the stage to nascar picks and the stage to nascar contest and you could win big. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing.
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for most americans when it comes to masks, the new system changes the look of the cdc's risk map and puts more than 70% of the us
12:54 pm
population in locations were coronavirus is posing a low or medium threat to hospitals. the cdc recommends that people can stop wearing masks in those areas. the agency is still advising that people, including school children, where masks where the risk of covid is high. the new recommendations do not change the requirement to wear masks on public transportation and indoors at airports, train stations and bus stations. also new at noon. house speaker nancy pelosi is in the bay area today, highlighting the recently house passed america competes act. speaker pelosi was joined by representatives barbara liza lofgren indoors. matsui this morning at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory. the america competes act as a bipartisan package to help fix supply chain issues. the senate is still debating the bill. speaker pelosi says it will also strengthen america's global innovation and technology competitiveness. this is a piece of legislation that will enable our president i have government
12:55 pm
, whatever it is, but at this time our president to declare us independent self sufficient in terms of how we address the factors of production needed for us to prevails. the speaker says the bill would provide more than $50 billion in funding for semiconductor production and research. and also authorized more than $200 billion in future efforts to develop key technology areas around the world. supporters of ukraine are using the country's national anthem in a show of solidarity. this lava. hold on double in london, the ukrainian offer. singer performed the anthem outside prime minister boris johnson's home and office yesterday during a protest calling for the uk support of ukraine. in warsaw, poland, protesters saying the anthem during a rally as a sign of solidarity, and in kiev's central square, the anthem was played from loudspeakers as the
12:56 pm
invasion began. the anthems native title loosely translates to ukraine is not lost yet, nor its glory and freedom. the sports world is recognizing the invasion of ukraine, the sacramento kings and the denver nuggets locked arms before last night's game to show solidarity with the people of ukraine. king center alex len is one of two players in the nba. born in ukraine. the teams did release a joint statement condemning the russian attacks, saying ukraine is a peaceful sovereign state inhabited by people who want to decide. their own destiny. one of the biggest sporting events in the world is going to be moved from st petersburg, russia to paris union of european soccer associations held an emergency meeting today and move the champions league final. set for may. 28th of france. the soccer committee also decided that all international matches involving russia and ukrainian teams will be played at neutral venues until further notice. so far, the soccer union is resisting calls to ban russia from upcoming matters and formula one auto racing
12:57 pm
announced it will not hold the russian grand prix this year. racing organization says it visits countries all over the world with a positive vision to unite people. several formula one drivers had already said that they would boycott the russian grand prix if it were to be held popular pop up roller skating rink in emeryville has suddenly closed and the community was caught off guard. some tell ktvu cristina rendon why they are so sad that rink shut down. video from aloha fund shows how popular the skating rink was in the east bay. it was meant to be a pop up through march. but on wednesday, aloha often closed its doors at bay street, emeryville a little more than two weeks after opening course that is a family because we wanted to skate wanted to teach. my kids had escaped and this is local. we don't have anything that would be good for the kids, and it's sad. i had to take a picture from my friend because she was planning dates here, too. and she was like, are you sure? 16 year old me a palm or never got the chance to skate here but says her friend was
12:58 pm
skating sunday night when a fight broke out between a large group of teams outside these little kids must have been fighting video posted on twitter shows a large police presence outside aloha fund with police officers from neighboring agencies called in to help disperse the crowd. emeryville police say sunday's brought was one of five incidents for either cause of service or extra patrols. in the past few weeks at a low have fun had been opened. we are the new generation. we have to learn how to communicate effectively and fist. fighting is not the way to do that. so it's really sad because it affects everybody. mister fab says spaces like the skating rink are so important for youth, even though it happened at a place like that. it's important that we go out and we become more impactful with protecting our spaces. it's unclear what exactly led to aloha funds closure, part of the statement from the management team of bay street, emeryville reads in part center. calle expects all tenants to follow the city of emeryville occupancy requirements and wants to see all base street. emeryville businesses remain open and safely operational. the owner of
12:59 pm
aloha roller rink responded by saying, in part, a lot of love and hard work went into building this project for the east bay community. we are devastated to be closing our doors so soon she went on to say their san jose location remains open, and they're looking for another building in the east bay. mister fab hopes a reopening happens soon. it was a beautiful space like i saw the adult night and it was just amazing to see people with the smiles on their faces, giving me a chance to enjoy skating ring something that oakland hasn't had and 27 years in emeryville, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. the santa rosa city council is set to meet next week to consider expanding its park lit program. santa rosa joined san francisco and the bay area cities and allowing restaurants to provide more outdoor dining space during the pandemic. now many bay area restaurant owners want to keep park let's open on a permanent basis because they're so popular with diners and, of course, great for those restaurants. bottom line, especially on a nice day afternoon to eat outside, or even an evening as we head into the spring and summer months, you know more tables, more
1:00 pm
people, more money for everyone. some restaurants needed. thanks watching everybody have a great weekend out there. enjoy this beautiful way. go. ready for some good fish on the good dish? >> we are kicking things off under the sea. >> i have never seen shrimp cooked in then of. >> an easy and delicious recipe that will have your family begging for me. >> you don't have to be a great chef to cook a tuna sandwich. >> the two ingreed yens he wants us all to use more of. that's next. >> everything you find in the ocean can seem a little intimidating at first. you never know what's going to swim by. but today, you can call the good dish the good fish because we're taking you under water to show you there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to cooking seafood. let's go swimming. oh, yeah.


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