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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 25, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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it's ground-breaking delicious, and definitely the only burger that's meant to be dipped into heinz secret sauce and potato chip crunchers. it's the heinz dip and crunch bacon cheeseburger. i'm gonna dip out and get one now! my heinz dip & crunch bacon cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. the capital tonight. video posted on social media shows explosion in the streets of kiev. ukrainian forces work to fend off russian invaders trying to take over the capital city. russian troops bearing down on the capital of ukraine tonight, but what meeting some resistance on the streets? good evening to you? i'm andre senior, and i'm greg lee. let's have a live look at kiev at this hour. it's just after eight o'clock in the morning sun rose just hours ago after a chaotic and violent night. hundreds are now reported dead. as a result of the
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conflict, but by some accounts, the russian assault on kiev appears to be behind schedule. let's go now to ktvu zach sauce , he's been monitoring all developments militarily and diplomatically and has the latest zack yeah. the us and europe slapping russian president vladimir putin and his foreign minister with new sanctions today directly targeting their assets. this is nato deploys forces to protect member nations to the east of ukraine. day two of russia's invasion in ukraine, the largest ground war in europe since world war two now targeting the ukrainian capital of kiev. video posted to social media capturing ongoing shelling friday, an apartment building bridges and schools destroyed ukrainian president vladimir zelensky, speaking with president biden friday, pleading for additional help. us defense officials say russian forces are encountering more resistance and moscow anticipated ukrainian forces shooting down a russian military
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transport plane with paratroopers aboard on friday. president zelinsky has been getting basically a levee in mass. he's been getting every able bodied person who can to build defenses to build barricades. meantime nato activating its response force for the first time amid the conflict and putting them on standby as russian forces move closer to the borders of nato member states. we are deploying elements of the nato response force. online. at sea and in the air. he was very clear that any attempt by russia to invade the territory of a nato member state would call forth the responsible nato members. president biden in europe so far standing firm on their decision not to send troops into ukraine, putin suggesting that he has nuclear weapons on hand if another country uses its military to stop his invasion, putin has been much more explicit about nuclear saber rattling in the past. than he is in the current
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moment, so i think we need to remain alert the united states, its nato allies, shots ringing out at a train station and keep as thousands of ukrainians continue to try to flee the country. men aged 18 to 60 temporarily required to stay behind i am safe with my daughter. from the other side. i suffer because of the separation , a very emotional time. we were crying. and this evening the washington post reporting that the us government is ready to help ukrainian president vladimir zelensky leave kiev to avoid being captured. but so far publicly, zelinsky has given no indication that he's ready to do that live in the studios access ktvu fox two news rapidly developing situation, zack. thank you. russia today vetoed a united nations security council resolution demanding that moscow immediately stop its attack on ukraine and withdraw its troops
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. 11 countries voted in favor china, india and united arab emirates abstained. only russia voted no despite its defeat, the vote showed strong opposition to the invasion. the united states is finding other ways to support ukraine bay area representative jackie speier told us today the u. s will provide assistance in the unfolding humanitarian crisis. we will certainly for those who are here in the united states be offering them what's called temporary protective status. we need to look at being able to provide refugee assistance as well. i also think we have to continue to do more to bring putin and his oligarchs and the economy to its knees. and that will be done over a period of weeks but slapping sanctions now for the first time ever on putin and lavrov, his foreign minister is significant. congresswoman said negotiations
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are ongoing about cutting russia off from the swift international banking system. social media companies are taking steps to guard against the spread of misinformation on their platforms. twitter said today it's proactively reviewing tweets and taking enforcement against quote, synthetic and manipulated media that presents a false or misleading the fiction of what's happening. the company also said it's pausing advertisements in ukraine and russia to make sure ads do not detract from critical public safety information. a similar message from facebook owner meta the company's labeling effect checking content posted on facebook by russian state owned media. it's also prohibiting state media from running ads or monetizing from the platform. the company says additional measures will roll out this weekend. the war in ukraine is causing division here at home when ukrainian restaurant in san francisco receiving threats on social media ktvu is emma gauss is live outside the ukrainian consulate in san francisco, with details emma. ain't ukrainian
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owned restaurant located near the consulate has been getting a lot more business from locals who want to show their support for ukraine. but the co owner says that the only backlash has come from social media. at pushkin and san francisco restaurant, serving up dumplings and other russian and ukrainian favorites. the owner put up this q r code for customers interested in sending money to help ukraine from the eastern part of ukraine's sergey shook. hailo has been on the phone nightly with his parents and siblings who still live in donetsk, the region of eastern ukraine, where pro russian separatists clash with ukrainian government forces. grim images today show homes they're damaged by missiles. chicago close family and friends are praying for peace and for ukrainian sovereignty. it's different situations. somebody staying in shelters. somebody who's staying at home. yes, and somewhere here. just decided to move after posting and ukrainian flag on the restaurant's instagram. on friday. he posted a plea. no
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need to threaten our business. it says. definitely not what we appreciate to have some hateful speech. against this situation like this or against, you know our business or people who work in here thursday, representative eric swalwell spoke to cnn strongly condemning the russian invasion and calling for the us to impose tougher consequences. frankly i think closing their embassy in the united states, kicking every russian student out of the united states. those should all be on the table, kylo says supporting ukraine means supporting everyone who lives there. russian civilians included is not only ukrainian people live in our country, it's russian. think citizenship also live in ukraine, customers looking for an escape from their news feeds came to pushkin friday to feed a desire to help. this is the food that i grew up with, and just listening to the news all day and all night. um just thinking about the people
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and just wanted the food and to be closer to the ukrainians. representative swalwell told the san francisco chronicle. removing russian students from the u. s was just one of several ideas to destabilize putin. he also supports closing the russian embassy in the us, among other actions the us could take greg yes. swallows comments getting bipartisan criticism tonight cause in the city for us. thank you. berkeley will show support for ukraine next week in a tweet mayor jesse erdogan said the city of berkley will fly the ukrainian flags starting this monday at nine a.m. all are invited to head to the civic center at that time so the city can show its solidarity. and the monuments around the world are lighting up for ukraine. tonight the empire state building was aluminum. it'd in blue and yellow, the colors of the ukrainian flag and san francisco mayor london breed announced today. city hall will be illuminated in ukraine's colors tomorrow and sunday night. another big story
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domestically. at least. washington reacting tonight to president biden supreme court nomination of judge catania, brown jackson, if confirmed, she would be the first black woman ever to serve on the high court. as caroline shabbily explains. now, the attention turns to the senate confirmation process. judge catania brown. jackson knew she was on the short list but got the final word. she was the nominee and a phone call from president biden. you deserve. you deserve so grateful . thank you, mr president, a historic nomination to the supreme court president biden posting this video to twitter, revealing the call he made to judge catania, brown jackson, choosing her to fill the seat of retiring justice stephen breyer to my dear family. those who are here with me now and those who are watching from home i am forever indebted to you for your love and support. jackson a harvard law school graduate currently serves on the u. s court of appeals for the district of columbia. democratic
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lawmakers are praising her qualifications. she has published over 500 opinions as a judge, so her record as well known and well established with the senate split evenly at 50 50. jackson can be confirmed without gop support. as news of the nomination rolled in, republicans voiced their willingness to meet with her minority leader, mitch mcconnell wrote in a statement saying quote judge jackson was the favorite choice of far left dark money groups that have spent years attacking the legitimacy and structure of the court itself. even if she is confirmed , i don't think there's going to be a big ideological shift on the supreme court if you swapped justice jackson for justice breyer you still have a 6 to 3 conservative majority. jackson is expected to begin meeting with senators next week in the hopes of getting a confirmation vote in early april in washington, carolina shively fox news, the nomination of a black woman is reverberating across the nation, including here in the bay area. i never dreamed
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that there would be anyone who looked like me on the supreme court and to see now an african american woman on the supreme court. and just the words are indescribable, retired alameda superior court judge brenda harbin grew up in the fifties and sixties in drum curl mississippi. she along with other black women in the law community or celebrating the historic nomination. i just want to take this moment and enjoy that. it's historic. it's a first. and um i'm just so extremely hopeful that we have more first to come. well there is much to celebrate. they all know there will be a partisan fight over this well qualified nominee, and house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement tonight on the nomination, saying quote president biden has chosen to widely respected jurists who will bring to the court one of the sharpest legal
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minds in a generation and unyielding commitment to justice and a strong voice for american values. this is a moment of great pride and patriotism for our nation. governor gavin newsom moving on to the next stage of the pandemic still ahead, how he's rolling back 95% of the state's covid health orders february will end on a dry note. but will there be a miracle march forecast coming up? but oakland woman fires two warning shots into the air as you see there after seeing someone trying to break into her home while she's defending her action after the break. i hear the voice says that are saying we're going to take it all. and we're going to take it all. and they're in my house now. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now.
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close enough! was hit and killed this afternoon near galindo street in clayton road. police say several vehicles were involved in the crash, including a bicycle. the crash happened at around 3 30 lead to a street closure that lasted for hours. police arrested one driver for vehicular manslaughter. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. an oakland woman is defending her decision to fire her gun into the air to scare off an intruder to attend.
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ktvu elissa harrington is live with her story and how people are responding to it, alyssa. that's right. you know, firing your gun into the air is extremely dangerous and illegal . but this oakland woman i talked to calls herself a mama bear. she said she was defending her family from an intruder and decided to fire off warning shots instead of shooting. that burglar. video from mahogany. gilliam's ring doorbell camera shows the moment an intruder enters her oakland home and minutes later. guillem walks outside and fires her nine millimeter handgun into the air call upon this happened thursday morning. in the predawn hours, i discharge my firearm. with the warning for this person. two leaf. they don't do it. gillam sat down with us to show us the footage and explain what
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happened. she argues she was protecting her home and her five kids who were asleep inside. gillum said she had no way of knowing the intruders, intentions and petrified and still not knowing. i didn't know that they had retrieved my keys from inside on top of my entry table, gillum said she grabbed her gun from a locked safe when she heard someone inside her house and then found a woman rummaging through her vehicle parked near the street. columns daughter woke up and called police. once officers arrived, gillum said she was treated more like a criminal than a victim. she said things turned sour when she would not give police her registered firearm. i told them well, um i could bring the firearm to you because it's not here. and i wouldn't be comfortable giving you the firearm after your guys delay and you guys being so short handed gillum was put in handcuffs, had her phone taken away and was served a search warrant. she said. police were inside for hours looking for
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weapons and ammunition. i have two extended family members on the right and the left of me. both are white. i could not imagine they're beautiful children being held in their living room in the same way that my children were. so did these officers make an attempt to find the intruder? never they had a four description i reached out to the oakland police department , a spokesperson said. firing a gun into the air is illegal and reckless. somebody could get hurt or killed. he would not comment on the search warrant, but said officers are still investigating. gillum said she's planning to write a letter to the chief of police and is speaking with a lawyer. of course i would been definitely devastated if it hits someone. why not take a chance? i've taken a chip off a roof. then putting somebody in the ground. luckily nobody was hurt to gillam said that an officer did give her her cellphone back reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. we'll see what happens
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next in the story. listen, thank you. concord. police want to know whether the public has had any run ins with the man they arrested earlier this week who was apparently posing as law enforcement. so a caller spotted this car driving erratically. officers responded to find this white hyundai accent equipped with emergency lights and sirens and inside the car. concord police say they found a fake gun along with the radio badge holder and handcuffs. the driver was arrested and the vehicle impounded. concord police want you to call them if you were pulled over by this vehicle. nearly 13,000 people reside in half moon bay a and every single wanted their woke up this morning to a new record. low temperature. good evening, everybody check that out. half moon bay 29 degrees. do you know how rare that is to have that kind of a cold temperature next to the ocean? it shattered the old record set back in 1955 with
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the temperature at 36 degrees. now we rebounded nicely today. this seasonal high temperatures . everybody made it into the sixties except for pacifica. fremont and also in livermore. we now have the clear skies as we're getting to go to bed tonight, and we currently have the temperatures that are falling off very quickly. 39 degrees in santa rosa. otherwise we're in the forties and san francisco conquered. san carlos and also in san jose. now we do have some changes. this is the area of low pressure that pulled down all that cold arctic air and now it's traversing to the east, so we have warmer weekend on tap. it will remain dry, even though we have a series of storms working its way to the north of us. the bottom line is mainly clear skies tonight not as frigid, but it will be cold. partly cloudy skies for your saturday but a tad warmer but not as warm as it's going to be on sunday now. meanwhile tomorrow your daytime highs again a couple degrees warmer than today from 16 pacifica. to
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66 degrees in san jose back into cupertino, campbell and willow glen low sixties and napa and in sonoma, i tell you what, we're going to talk about those warmer temperatures coming in for your sunday and that's still coming up a little bit later on in this 10 o'clock newscast. alright, excited about the warmup, roberto. thank you. governor newsom is set to announce the state's updated school masking policy on monday. he said today that the state is lifting 95% of its covid related state of emergency powers he is keeping in place provisions that make it easier to provide testing, deliver vaccines and protect the health care system. the ceo of the state hospital association, said that capacity is still strange. new guidance from the cdc will allow people in most of the us to stop wearing masks indoors in public. health officials say it's new mask recommendations are based on communities rate of hospitalizations, along with the case rate more than 70% of americans live in communities where wearing masks is no longer recommended under the new
10:22 pm
guidance one. health experts says the change could help later if there is another surge. after thanksgiving of 2022, you know, it's very likely that we'll need to ask people to put their masks back on and if it's just more likely to happen. if people get some summer months off, then if we just say mask all the time. the city says says this includes children at schools except in areas where the risk of contracting covid is high. people will still have to wear masks on planes, trains and busses at an airport in transit stations as well. coming up. two suspects slamming on oakland police cruiser trying to avoid arrest, plus a deadly freeway shooting in oakland now solved how it's connected to a battle between two local rappers. also had two advantages coming to homeowners who takes suspects ine
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rammed into a marked oakland police cruiser and emergency
10:25 pm
rescue suv trying to escape police. it happened last night in the 2700 block of san pablo avenue. the two were taken into custody and are believed to be connected to several violent crimes. officers also recovered two loaded firearms you can see there. this comes just one day after the arrest of four known gang members believed to be connected to multiple violent crimes, including shootings throughout oakland. five firearms of high capacity magazines were recovered in wednesday's investigation, so tens of dozens of bay area freeway shootings have gone on salt. but tonight, police say they were arrested a man connected to one of them. he's accused of shooting and killing a former friend on interstate 5 80 as our crime reporter henry lee tells us, the suspect and victim were fellow rappers who had a falling out. ramon price jr. known as mony was shot and killed as he was driving on 5 80 in oakland. now 27 year old larry kony has been arrested by the chp and charged with murder as a result of a friendship gone sour. thought it was a bunch of kids stuff. i never knew it would lead to this. the reverend
10:26 pm
ramon prices, the victim's father, he said his son and the suspect we're rappers who used to hang out together, but they had a falling out. the victim was known as little mony 23. they're both put our songs about each other. so one of my sons rap songs is about larry and he's talking about him and larry is going. they went back and forth. the ill will spilled out onto the freeway. the chp says kony had been planning to kill price for weeks because of an ongoing feud over what they called quote. notoriety october 27th. the victim was driving a chevy malibu near the 98th avenue on ramp to westbound 5 80 in oakland. the chp, says kony in a gold mercedes chase price and opened fire with a 2 23 caliber rifle. the victim continued to drive on the freeway but came to a stop. he died at the scene. the investigation brought traffic on the busy freeway to a standstill . just callous disregard for life, not just my sun life, but many of other people that could have been affected or shot and killed at that time. news of the
10:27 pm
arrest is bittersweet. it shocked me at first. i mean, i thought i would feel better, but it didn't make me feel no better. kony was arrested while already at santa rita jail, charged with having a loaded ak 47 style assault pistol in a car in hayward. if everything goes the way it should, he will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. so not only did he end my sun life, he ended his own life. the reverend loss. another son, 17, year old lamont price to gun violence back in 2012. it tells me after sun money was killed on the freeway. has already broken heart was shattered. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. many of them spend the nights at home here in the bombs here in the ah, the shots that woman ukrainian visiting the bay area, fearing for her family overseas, with her homeland under attack, one woman shares her thoughts about what is happening. they're next. and the markets had a strong finish today, despite all that, finding up next the russian invasion on ukraine could impact interest rates here. progress being made
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for james wiseman sports director mark avancez will have the move by the warriors today that makes the big man's return seems sooner rather than later and pink tribute to san francisco's first black firefighter. the mural unveiled in his honor and how his in his honor and how his daughter describesrn about covi9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. say an attack on the capital overnight was largely rebuffed. there were clashes on the streets in kiev and fighting it several landmark sites what ukrainians were told putting up a fight. we understand their street fights, breaking up the country, secretary of security and defense council saying we are stopping the horse so far as we can. the conflict in ukraine is impacting local ukrainian citizens here in the bay area,
10:31 pm
left worrying about their friends and family overseas. ktvu jesse gary spoke to a scholar visiting san jose state who says she hopes speaking out, will lead to change. the sights and sounds of war are more terrifying. when it's personal. i'm very worried about my family about my friends about the situation that is happening there. valeria karnak ova is a ukrainian citizen who is also a visiting scholar at san jose state university. she spent the past two days and nights trying to keep tabs on loved ones. while her homeland is under attack. i'm very worried about about them right now because they're in the capital. many of them spend the nights at home here in the bombs here in the ah , the shots, valeria says she speaking out because she believes it will influence policy here, which hopefully impacts russian aggression in europe. reviewing please masters student studying international relations she participated in
10:32 pm
thursday afternoons. san francisco rally calling for an end to the invasion of ukraine. experts say such expressions can come with risks. there's a number of dissidents who have been killed a number of defectors who have been killed. professor kenneth gray is a national security expert and former fbi special agent. he believes the us ratcheting up of sanctions, maybe putting the world on an even more dangerous path. we've seen the sleepwalking towards war like we did in world war one. uh you know this, this constantly ratcheting up of tensions, but at the same time we're still buying oil from russia. professor gray says severing russia's oil spigot would be a defining move, ending or escalating the conflict. for her part, valeria is imploring america and her allies to stay the course and choke off russia's tentacles. one sanction at a time. i hear it, uh, i hear it from everywhere from all of my friends, european and
10:33 pm
american friends. and continue to do it, please, because maybe in this way we can stop it. experts say sanctions will have an impact eventually, in months , not days and each day and night more of ukraine falls to an invading enemy. in downtown san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, eastern europe is bracing for a refugee crisis stemming from the invasion of ukraine, the u. n refugee agency says as many as four million people may try to flee if this situation continues to deteriorate. that's in a country of 44 million just over the population of california. the united nations estimates that more than 50,000 ukrainians have already been displaced, many heading to poland just to the west. the u. n says it is ramping up its operations in the region. we stand ready to support efforts by all to respond to any situation of forced displacement, the humanitarian consequences. on
10:34 pm
civilian populations will be devastating. there are no winners in war. neighboring countries, including poland, hungary and romania, have extended a hand to those looking to flee. the conflict. volunteers were seen today giving out hot food, beverages, water and supplies the ukrainians crossing the border in poland. and on wall street. the stock market finished the week with a rally. despite the russian onslaught on ukraine, the dow gained 834 points, the nasdaq up 221 points and the s and p added 95 points, traders doing some bargain hunting today . the federal reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates next month that try and cool inflation. but george no, teddy told us earlier the situation in ukraine could have an impact on that. we're going to see a number of races that could be small. that could be large. but the this crisis now we're seeing in the ukraine kind of throws a little monkey wrench into it, so we'll see what messages are getting from the federal reserve to help control these prices.
10:35 pm
and let's say it's possible the crisis could lead the fed and other central banks to slow down the pace of interest rate hike interest rate hikes, rather to keep from adding more stress to their economies. new at 10 insurance providers in california could have to give property owners credit for taking steps to lower the risk of wildfire. the state commissioner announced the new proposal today. it's aimed at lowering premiums for people who improve their property to resist wildfires, such as installing fire resistant roofs, clearing vegetation and creating defensible space. the new rules could take effect this summer. california says we are leading the nation in zero emission electric vehicles. more than one million electric vehicles have been sold in the state. a quarter million were sold. just last year on twitter. the governor's office posted a video of the governor, meeting with a stocked and ive driver who was the one millionth electric vehicle purchaser. he says he received over $20,000 in rebates and tax credits for his volkswagen. i wanted to make
10:36 pm
sure that the way that i used my money and my purchasing power matched my theological principles and values as well. governor newsom proposing a $10 billion fund to make electric cars more affordable and convenient, including more rebates for low income families . california will receive over $2 billion in a settlement with pharmaceutical companies. attorney general rob bonta today announced the approval of the $26 billion opioid deal with three big drug distributors and johnson and johnson. this marks the end of three years of negotiations to resolve more than 4000 claims by state and local governments across the country. it is the second largest multistate agreement in u. s history, second only to the tobacco settlement in 1998 attorney general rob bonta said too many lives have been lost to opioid addiction and the epidemic continues to plague our communities. this settlement will not only bring resources to our state cities and counties to
10:37 pm
help fund treatment and recovery . it will help prevent these companies from ever again engaging in the improper business practices that led to the ongoing crisis. coming up at 11 a hearing to decide if scott peterson will get a new trial for the murder of his wife and onboard son. today's testimony from the juror at the center of it all. how low will they go again tonight, aunt seventies. back in the forecast, we'll tell you which days to expect it. up first volunteers are spreading out across the east bay to search now underway and contra ca
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
county for alexis, gabe and oakley woman who has been missing for a month. ktvu reporter rob ross shows us now the search is being led by the well known organization, the
10:40 pm
class kids foundation. look down in the gully while you're down there. teams of volunteers fanned across eastern contra costa county friday, this one on the sand creek trail in brentwood, looking for any trace of 24 year old alexis gabe of oakley, who has been missing for a month. i just lived nearby, and i'm like about like a little older than alexis is so it? i don't know. that could be me. you know, so i don't feel like obligated to do something. the search is being run by an organization that knows about searching for missing people. the class kids foundation. her family asked us to come in and help. and we've decided that the best way we can do that is to conduct these communities searches. gabe has not been seen since january. 25th she was reported missing the next day. her family later found her car with the keys in the ignition abandoned on a dead end street in oakley. they said gabe has no connection to that street. police searched gabes
10:41 pm
boyfriend's house, her family said. she was last seen there, but so far no arrests. and police are saying little about the investigation of well organized volunteer effort is able to is able to back lawn force mint up and hopefully work with law enforcement as we're doing here. to be able to search the appropriate places and hopefully find a resolution. the class kids foundation is named for public class and then 12 year old girl abducted from her petaluma home in 1993 and later found murdered. the foundation has since helped and hundreds of cases nationwide. the group is training local volunteers, so additional searches can continue as long as needed. these guys are like family now they're looking for alexis like they're they're on. so it means a lot to my family. the search is scheduled to continue on saturday and sunday. organizers are expecting at least 200 volunteers. but they're encouraging anyone who wants to help to join them in the search
10:42 pm
for alexis, gabe. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. beloved event is returning to oakland after two years. details of the black joy parade that's expected to draw tens of thousands of people next . here's a look at tonight's beautiful sunset over san francisco. there you go. meteorologist gonzalez is back after the break with a look at your weekend forecast.
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limited availability. parade in oakland is back as an in person event. the parade is celebrating its fifth anniversary and will include black vendors, art and music organizers are expecting sundays free, family friendly event to draw between 20,000 to 30,000 people. the parade begins on 14th and broadway in downtown oakland at 12 30 in the afternoon. the event celebrates the black experience and the communities, contributions to history and culture. a new mural was unveiled in san francisco today honoring the city's first black firefighter, earl gates jr . as ktvu christien kafton reports gates daughter was at today's event, and she says her father paved the way for her to for diversity in the fire department. on a bright, sunny
10:46 pm
day at rosa parks elementary school, another civil rights icon, was honored. a mural featuring earl gauge jr. san francisco's first black firefighter, was officially unveiled. fire captain sherman tillman was instrumental in getting the mural and a nearby street named in honor of the trailblazing man. we all black latino. asian women, lgbtq all stand on his shoulders because before old gauge junior there wasn't any minorities in the fire department engages started in the department in 1955. the same year, rosa parks refused to move to the back of the bus. he too struggled with racial prejudice, with his fellow firefighters, threatening to throw him off a roof and threatening his family. he spent years having to bring his own mattress to station houses because none of the other firefighters would share with a black man. his daughter was on hand for the dedication and says for 12 years her father stood as
10:47 pm
the only black firefighter on the job and carried the burden of paving the way for those who would follow. accepted the challenge behind it, but at the same time he shared that. yes, he struggled. he struggled with continuing forward and continuing with the pressures of being the only black firefighter for so long. among those who followed gauge was san francisco's first black fire chief, robert de mons, who was on hand to reflect on the path gauge had cleared for him. and so many others. it took me a long time to really realize how much courage and strength it really required for url to stay in there in spite of all of the things that he was being subjected to now, this mural and a nearby street, named for earl gauge junior will stand as reminders for the students here at rosa parks elementary and for the city. that bravery doesn't always look like running into burning buildings. sometimes it looks like having the courage to stand for your convictions and
10:48 pm
stand for equality in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. who says california does not have seasons we've been experiencing them since last week when we had record warm weather to this week record cold weather and then today it was pretty close to seasonal temperatures across the bay area, spam for the fifties and pacifica and throughout the tri valley and fremont, otherwise and the sixties across the board. outside number was 64. morgan hill and that was quite a recovery, especially considering we started off for the third morning with record low temperatures check out happening bay 29 degrees, shattering the old record of 36 degrees. the savage back in 1955 record, also a timed event with city and also in napa clear skies as we take a bird's eye view out towards the bay bridge , heading from oakland and san francisco, we're currently it is 50 degrees there. east at the
10:49 pm
bay 44 in oakland high thirties in santa rosa, mid forties and palo alto 39. degrees throughout the tri valley. this is the low pressure system that generated out of the gulf of alaska is kicking out to the east and as it does so high pressure builds in and we do have a warmer weekend on tap starting with tomorrow. 60 to san francisco. in fact, everybody is going to be in the low in mid sixties are outside number 66 throughout neighborhoods of san jose 60 degrees of pacifica, but see these raindrops right here. those raindrops are all associated with that right there . it's an area of low pressure. it's a cold front again looks pretty impressive future cast to places that out over the pacific ocean by sunday, two am and also scraping across trinity county and also humbled trying to nick mendocino county and then by monday, we have another impulse after another impulse, but that high pressure is keeping that storm track to the north, so we will end february on a dry note
10:50 pm
. but perhaps we will have a miracle march our future cats and this is going to change day to day. but right now, it does illustrate that by friday, we could see a little smattering of raindrops across the bay area. hopefully it'll bring some snow to the highest sierra right now . teens on the south shore after beginning the morning in the single digits over the weekend, grab this sunblock temperatures climbing to the mid and high forties. by monday. now the weekend it is here and with it a cold start tomorrow morning, not as cold as it has been, but still cool. some patchy fog. it'll be warmer from 60 to about 66 degrees, and then look at those seventies were basking in partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, but some warmer conditions due tuesday. make it a great weekend. everyone a nice week ahead, roberta. thank you. all right now to my favorite story wrongly accused. it turns out hank the tank, the massive black bear that's been blamed
10:51 pm
for breaking into dozens of properties around tahoe was not responsible for all of the break ins. dna evidence shows the break ins were actually done by three different pairs, and this discovery will spare his life, state wildlife officials say. they will not euthanize hague, but they will soon begin trapping bears in the south like tahoe area to tag them and collect dna for analysis. the bears will be released into a suitable habitat. and the agency says that no trapped animals will be euthanized. good news there alright. amount line was spotted early this morning in the east bay. this video captured around one o'clock this morning by a woman who lives on a hill lane near lindon street, b street, hebert. it's a neighborhood that backs up to the san lorenzo creek. the woman and her husband had been living in the neighborhood for 24 years , and i've seen several types of wildlife but never a mountain lion. neighbors say they are going to use extra caution. and be more aware of their surroundings. coming up in sports big test tomorrow night
10:52 pm
for the st mary gales as they host the number one team in the nation sports director market baniyas. we'll have a preview coming up next on the 11 o'clock news right here helping the people of ukraine during russia's attacks. how organizations around the world oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. you tonight. hope you're having a great friday night here in the vinyl room. we are and with health comes a whole lot of happiness for the golden state warriors. they're getting their draymond still on the men, but big guy in the middle. somebody they're going to need a seven footer talking about james wiseman appears to be getting closer to being able to contribute for the first time this year. course you have the knee injury that's kept him out all this season, but a step towards getting back on the
10:55 pm
floor with the big guys. they've set him to santa cruz in the g league. and he'll get some good game action down there around further into shape and, of course, steph curry has high expectations for the young fellow rookie season cut short he was having jing 11. he's a beast when you look at him on the floor, especially with the rest of our team, huh? good on the size you are. he does stand out and can do some amazing things just matter. i'm getting comfortable and again, just getting those reps so good step , and in terms of his his comeback. yeah they're going to need them. eventually a lot of big teams will have to face down the stretch. the meantime, spotlight game in the nba tonight. finally they philly debut of the bearded one. that would be of course yesterday, james harden after the big trade with brooklyn, he's been nursing a hammy, it's finally healthy. and he goes with the patented left hand move from the left hand side plus these foul that
10:56 pm
counts and dave winfield remember him hall of famer on hand to check it out. philly up and breaking harden has the courage joel embiid big guy late in mvp and waiting. 34 points for him. 76 years cozy 20 point lead in the fourth harden stepping back for a tray felled on that one with 27 points, 12 assists hardened. get this five threes tonight, which matches the guy who was traded for ben simmons. career three point total in four years with philly six years to cruise won 33 to 1 . oh, two might be a good duo there and philly. alright clippers. of course, i always seem to take the back seat to lakers in l a. not tonight less than men left clips down one marcus morris jumper right. there is get the clips into one point lead under 10 seconds. carmelo anthony way outside and
10:57 pm
way short. that's a no go lakers up to foul the free throws and sue lakers down. 3.7 left lebron with a prayer for the corner won't go. one oh 5102. clippers and the lakers just continue to plummet on the college courts around here. we've got a great one lined up for tomorrow night. the number one team in the country is intel talking about gonzaga, they polished up usf on the hilltop last night, expecting maybe a bigger challenge from st marys tomorrow night because the gaels after all, they are 15 and oh, on their home floor. gonzaga, though. 13 and no in the wcc, so it's going to be tough and make no mistake. saint mary's coach randy bennett knows full well what is up against numbers. listen we'll be ready to play tomorrow, but we know what we're
10:58 pm
dealing with. i like there's a reason this theme. doesn't lose much like they are hard to guard in their super well coached. they've got the whole whole deal. all right, well, with the baseball lockout, continuing no progress. there it is. wall 12 basketball had nba got college and now to the high school courts. and the celebration this evening for camper lindo morada . they beat daily sal 1 50 going crazy out there great gave in the final seconds. it is camp elinda, winning the ncs open championship. cougar fans go bunkers and well, they should. that was a tough one, man. one point win over day lasalle. hey, check this out. right here. look at this. this is rome, italy. again nothing too shy to show
10:59 pm
you. these highlights little soccer as they rounded shape for the world cup at the vatican of god, that's right. good call, greg. i like that beautiful. hey, let's check this out. alright? oh jesus. speaking earlier, uh, frank called this scoop. this is a cat happy eating food with his pa. i think he's been imitating his master's a little too often right there, but he's having the way of the house, right? you want to have a nightmare tonight? all worth checking out on me back in about 25 minutes, guys seeing that mark, thank you so much. appreciate it next at 11. around. cranes. ukraine fends off russia's attacks on the capital city of kiev for now president vladimir zelensky posting a video on twitter within the last hour saying quote i'm here we won't lay down
11:00 pm
our arms. we will defend our state. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. that video showing a ukrainian landmarks still standing after a night of active fighting on the streets of keith. hello again. i'm greg lee and i'm andre senior. let's take a live look now in kiev, where it is nine o'clock in the morning. the night brought it attacks and clashes from russia's military, but it appears ukraine is putting up a strong fight. ukraine's ambassador to austria tweeted this. it's sunrise painting a picture of the morning mood, he says. son is up in keith. the shooting in my neighborhood stopped. i can hear birds feels like an end of a vampire movie. something tells me this night was important in the enemy will remember this night to. still hundreds of people have died over the past few days. ktvu zach sauce joins us now live with the latest developments. zack yes. u s defense officials reporting that moscow did not expect ukrainian forces


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