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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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know is where? where can i go? where can all of us go to find this baby? hours after an amber alert hit phones across the bay area, the family of a child abducted from sunnyvale breathes a sigh of relief tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes. investigators found a little boy just four miles from where someone took him. authorities said they were working to reunite him with his mother tonight, and there are and they are still working to figure out exactly who took him. get with the exhaust joins us now live in sunnyvale, with the very latest on the outcome of terrifying day for the little boy and his family. yes certainly a terrifying ordeal for the family of that abducted toddler jacob jardine, missing for more than 12 hours before he was located
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safe and sound. i just want to see him. can i just see him? i'll be. i'll be happy. i'll be better when i see him shauna deal receiving the news she had been desperately waiting for all sunday long her grandson, jacob jardine, just a toddler, located by authorities and safe, authorities say the boy was abducted just before four a.m. on sunday as his mother was unloading groceries from your suv outside of a sunnyvale motel. someone stealing the 2000 and eight buick enclave with the child still inside the scv last seen speeding up mathilda avenue south bong in the wrong direction. he's the baby like he's not even two yet and someone took him from me. and i just want him home mother, melissa jardine, pleading for the public's help sunday morning her son's abduction, prompting an amber alert and a bay area wide search, including multiple agencies, chp area police and the fbi. all we want is him home, please bring him back. please please just bring her
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back feels plea for help answered sunday around six o'clock. california highway patrol officer searching for the boy discovering the stolen car in a sunnyvale parking lot, jacob inside less than four miles from where he was taken very big sense of relief. and we're told the boy was taken to a local hospital to be checked out. so no word on whether police have made any arrests in connection with his abduction. live in sunnyvale. zach sauce ktvu fox. two news. okay certainly glad, though, that the boy is safe in doing okay, zack. thank you. investigators though, still want to talk to a woman seen on surveillance camera visiting someone at the motel around the time of that abduction. she has been identified as 29 year old tammy went investigators believe she may have some information that will help with this case if you've seen her or spoken to her recently, please call the sunnyvale police in the east bay westbound 5 80 was temporarily shut down today in livermore
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after a freeway shooting. the gunfire was reported around 11 45 this morning west of north livermore avenue. witnesses reported seeing a white pickup truck with its windows blown out . woman was seen talking with officers on the shoulder of the freeway. there have been no reports of any injuries. the chp says westbound 5 80 was shut down for about a half hour as officers gathered evidence at that scene. hopefully it just doesn't happen anymore. you know , it's just really scary because i myself exactly where every day just to go to work and have my kids and my wife in the car with me as well. so it's just really, really scary. in addition to searching on the freeway itself , officers also looked for evidence at a nearby field. the chp has not announced any arrests. it has already monday in ukraine, where more blasts have been heard in several cities their days after russia began its invasion of the country. these are live pictures now from the capital of kiev for fighting continues here. and
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russia may be on the verge of getting some help. a senior u. s. intelligence official says belarus is expected to send troops into ukraine as soon as today to fight alongside russian forces. belarus has been providing support for russia's war effort, but so far has not taken a direct part in the conflict. the american official who has to recognize knowledge of u. s intelligence assessment , says the decision by belarus's leadership on whether to bring belarus further into the war depends on talks between russia and ukraine. those talks are expected to happen this week. now this development surfaces the same day that russian president vladimir putin escalated the conflict. by putting his military's nuclear forces on high alert. he made the move signing what he calls aggressive statements by nato and tough financial sanctions. fox news lucas tomlinson is in ukraine forests and has the very latest on the developments in this conflict. new satellite
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images released sunday show a large deployment of russian forces near kiev, a convoy stretching more than three miles long made up of tanks, infantry and artillery advancing on the capital. frustrated by early setbacks during its invasion of ukraine, the kremlin could be shifting into a strategy of siege warfare. us intelligence believes russia has fired more than 350 missiles at targets in ukraine, some of them heading apartment buildings. russians are not going to give up. putin has been consistent over 20 years that he wants to take over this country and destroy it after an intention of fighting kiev on sunday stood largely abandoned. more than 350,000. ukrainians have fled the country since fighting began. so far, the campaign has not yielded any major victories for russia, and that's fueling the resolve of ukrainian forces defending their homeland. this brewery and levin ditching beer for the time being choosing to make molotov cocktails. instead everyone is doing what they can and what they know how to, unfortunately
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or maybe, fortunately, ukrainians over the past few years found themselves in a situation when they had to fight for their freedom. western leaders have slapped sanctions on russian bolstered their support for ukraine, the eu agreeing to send more weapons to ukraine and close off its airspace to russian airliners. despite putin's threats, u. s officials say they have no intention to stop shipments of weapons to ukraine in lviv, ukraine. lucas tomlinson fox news for more perspective tonight on what is unfolding in ukraine. we're joined now by dr stephen zunes, professor of politics and international studies at the university of san francisco. professor always appreciate your time. thanks for coming on tonight. so we see president vladimir putin has ordered russian nuclear forces to be put on high alert. can you explain to everybody what that means in practical terms and what this move signals to the west? it doesn't mean that he's preparing an attack on the west . i don't think we have to fear
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first strike, but the problem by putting missiles on alert is that on high alert is that the risk of some kind of a mistake. that is, uh, a flock of geese i putting in a test tape or something like that. it could make it appear that russia is under attack instead of going through the normal procedures to make sure it's real. they could indeed end up responding. and so it's particularly important, well, obviously, the united states and other western nations need to remain firm in their support for ukraine against soviet aggression. that we go to some some links to avoid any kind of provocative moves that could be misinterpreted or use an excuse for this ultimate horror to take place. let's talk about what might happen. next professor in ukraine has agreed to meet with russian officials there at the border of belarus
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without preconditions. we also know that the belarusian government has agreed to make sure that there are no planes, helicopters or anything like that up in the air when the ukrainian delegation makes its way. what do you make of these potential talks, especially as we're learning that belarus may actually send in troops to help the russians? but what's most striking to me is that the russian advance has been slowed . i mean, i think they were just ready to bring it circled the tanks around government buildings and key then to bend negotiations, which would essentially amount to a surrender and the installation of some kind of puppet regime. but instead that russian forces are having a hard time penetrating, uh, ukrainian cities, most of them are still in control of the government. indeed kharkiv, the second largest city, it appeared that russia had conquered much of it, but they've been driven out. and
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so you know, the ukrainians are coming to these talks with a surprising degree of strength. and so i again. i'm not. i'm not optimistic they're going to get very far. but the fact that the russians were indeed willing to talk without preconditions, i think is a demonstration that things are not going as smoothly as they might have expected initially. yeah, certainly over the weekend, we saw you the u. s and european allies again stepping up these economic sanctions on russia with plans to target several russian russian central bank foreign reserves and block russian banks from the swift messaging system for international transactions. i want to ask you about the significance of that, and whether you think these new measures are harsh enough and what other sanctions might be put in place here in the near future? we're not having access to swift is going to have a crippling effect on on russian banks. they're specifically targeting the banks that are
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closest to the kremlin and to the various oligarchs. they're actually reports that putin met with some of the leading russian oligarchs, the super wealthy business people that have had this kind of crony capitalist relationship with the with the government. and they had their reports are that they expressed some concerns about how things are going, questioning whether it was worth it. collusion, getting getting very angry and threatening them forbidding them to leave the country. i mean, yeah, this is starting to hurt already. and so, uh, i you know, i'm not an expert on international finance and some of them the mechanics of international banking. but the combination of sanctions and how widespread they are, but the near universal support even from ah, pro russia and eastern european leaders, you know, like
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in countries like uh um. check the czech republic and hungary are indicative that russia is increasingly isolated and that the sanctions may end up having a impact sooner than even the more optimistic of, uh, projections. yes, we are definitely seeing that pressure mount and build against russia. thank you so much. professor soon is always a pleasure to see you. my pleasure. thank you. what can we do? 1000 plus miles away, and that's just phoned yesterday. backlash against russia comes in many forms across the us tonight from boycotts in bars to protest. we'll show you how americans are taking a stand against russia's invasion of ukraine coming up. and we've got some unsettled weather this week. in the forecast you'll see in the five day we might need some umbrellas who snow in the mountains as
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well. i'll see you back here with that in just a minute, boy. wouldn't that be great if we got some rain? alright the bay area is a very fun place for sports fans coming up. we'll take a look at some of the individuals who have helped unite us and fandom. coming up a little later fandom. coming up a little later in the when subway opened, they changed the fast food game. but sometimes, you gotta refresh, to be fresh. welcome to the eat fresh refresh we got the - wait, that's new. because we're refreshing the refresh. what? there's the new honey mustard chicken, the subway club, and the new baja turkey avocado with- new baja chipotle sauce? yep they're constantly refreshing with better ingredients, better footlongs, and better spokespeople. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway and they're gonna keep refreshing and re- it's the eat fresh refresh at subway (sound of rain)
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♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. are renaming the drink and also clearing their shelves of russian vodka to show solidarity with ukraine. ktvu elissa harrington joins us live
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tonight with more on this movement to boycott russian products, alyssa that's right. you know, some liquor stores around here are urging customers to avoid buying russian brands. and we were in san francisco earlier today, where some bar owners are trying to educate their customers by offering drinks with us some certain twists on the menu. russian alcohol and russian theme drinks are the latest targets and growing backlash against the country for invading ukraine at bond bar in san francisco's mission district owner andrea manu just changed the menu this weekend. we decided that the very famous and popular drink the moscow mule should no longer be called the moscow mule. man, you said the drink is now being called the kiev mule. she shared these pictures she took saturday night when the change was announced. you know, a nice gesture on our part. it's small, but it's you know, it's about raising awareness. i think. for the most part, moscow mules are also off the menu at madrone art bar along to visit aero street.
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patrons can order ukraine mule or ivanka mule. instead we will look for a ukrainian vodka in which to feature rather than a russian vodka owner, michael spike kraus said he pulled all the bottles of russian vodka off the shelves. he posted this video on madrid's instagram. it shows him pouring a bottle of solely down the drain. and last night i just decided in solidarity with some of the other bars around the country that we're dumping. we dumped the blueberry. that's garbage anyway. and then i just put this the regular still. i took it off the shelf and put it into my liquor cabinet. stoli has been taking the brunt of many russian boycotts here in the united states. bottles have been smashed on video people have been seen dumping the vodka out or refusing to buy it at stores , but stoli is actually made in latvia. the owner lives in luxembourg after being exiled from russia nearly two decades ago on stole his website. this message pops up. stoli group stands for peace in europe and
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in solidarity with the ukrainian people. back in the drone. crowds told us he decided to hold on to the rest of his bottles after finding out stoli has no operations in russia. it's like who owns what? and it's hard to. it's hard to really figure out, but it was more of a symbolic gesture than anything else. and those bar owners tell me that their customers were a little bit confused about the new names for the moscow mules that they stand with ukraine as well reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu , fox two news. alright, alyssa. thank you. thank you. a new intent tonight. hundreds of people made their way to the state capital today to offer their support for ukraine and also express their frustrations over the russian invasion. the large group made a call for peace there on the capitol steps. some dressed in blue and yellow, the colors of the ukrainian flag, while others held signs in support of the country. this rally was one of many across the nation today to protest russia's military operation. the governor's office, declaring california support for ukraine and for
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democracy, china and russia's no limits partnership to help each other strategic interests. russia in ukraine and china in taiwan is troubling for many diplomats. deeply concerned about the risk of cascading crises. boxes gillian turner will have more coming up tonight at 10 30 on how russia's invasion could impact china's plans for taiwan. already we've still got some large surf along the coast. i know some of the restrictions have come down from the weather service. but i'm here to tell you it's going to be big again tomorrow not quite as big as today. but still very large and very dangerous. 8 15 ft tomorrow, probably through wednesday. even thursday. i'll have some good size swell as well. high interval swell, so that just means big. big breaks between the big waves. and so you could get a 20 minute break sometimes and all of a sudden settle, come. this was mavericks today is actually a friend of mine. this is matty lopez, who grew up in san francisco group served with his dad. remember
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when maddie was born, but that's mavericks today. that's a solid 15 ft. that's mattie making the drop and you can just see how big it is right. and it's is gonna be darn near that big again tomorrow. so the swell is very large, very dangerous. be careful, especially along the ocean beach area where those rip currents can really get flying, especially with those outgoing tide's coming out the golden gate bridge. it's like a giant river mouse. so about as dangerous as it gets at the beach right now, so don't mess with it. even if you're a surfer, don't there's only a few surfers that can manage ocean beach at 15 ft. so and you're not one of them. probably there's not that many of them. um these are the highest from today. 70 and napa 73 fairfield 72 anti actually pretty warm. temperatures tomorrow are going to be similar, maybe degree cooler cloud cover. not that cold when you wake up, but the upshot is we're getting into a pattern this week, especially into wednesday and thursday. we could see some showers. these clouds have the potential. to be fairly moist. i mean, we've got a lower latitude system. remember last week how cold it
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was kind of dry systems that went through lake tahoe did okay , but we didn't do much for rain . we're going to get see more rain, especially in northern california. lake tall. they're going to get some more snow, especially on wednesday and thursday. so we'll look into that. tomorrow is gonna be a nice day, though. a lot like today. more clouds, though not that cold in the morning. i'll see you back here in a few minutes, all right. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. we have an update now on the deadly shooting of a salinas police officer during a traffic stop. governor, newsom has ordered flags at the state capitol be flown at half staff in honor of officer jorge david alvarado. he was killed during a shootout that started after he pulled over a car. late friday. the salinas police chief says alvarado's actions during the confrontation helped other officers arrest the suspect. officials have offered no other details on the suspect or what led up to that exchange of gunfire. officer alvarado had been with the salinas police department for five years. abortion rights activists gathered at st mary's cathedral in san francisco today and briefly interrupted service. that small group chanted and
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carrying signs they were met by those who oppose abortion of the standoff comes as more states look to restrict abortions. last year, the supreme court heard arguments on a mississippi law that challenges roe versus wade and bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. a decision in that case is expected by summer activists are gearing up for nationwide protests coming up on march 8th international women's day. i am a woman. i'm a feminist. i'm an atheist. i'm a leftist and i'm here to say now my liberation will never come in the expense of another human beings like five of the supreme court justices are right wing catholics and they are bound in determined to end women's right to abortion through decimating roe v. wade. anti abortion activists say they are optimistic about how close the supreme court seems to overturning roe. meantime abortion rights supporters are
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hoping those large protests planned next month. will help to convince the justices not to roll back a woman's right to choose. there's no doubt they area sports fans love their teams coming up tonight. here on the 10 o'clock news, we will break down the list of legends who make this a sports town to be proud of. and that list is long. alright coming up a little bit later in sports as well. the sharks continue to try to right the ship after the recent seven game losing streak and coming up tonight, we'll show you how oakland celebrated a comeback of the black joy parade. woo! whoa! what the heck?
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oh, it's all that nacho cheese flavor packed into my nacho tiny tacos. (coughing) i love it. i love it. it's good. get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. or try them bacon loaded for $4.50.
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if you thought my tiny tacos were tasty before... you're right! and now that they have nacho cheese flavor in every bite, you're even get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. or try them bacon loaded for $4.50. get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. parade made its way through downtown oakland today marked the parades live return after having to go virtual last year due to the pandemic. the event featured black fraternities,
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sororities, horse riding clubs and grassroots organizations from around the bay area. the celebration continued with the festival featuring black artists, musicians as well as food vendors. well. healthcare workers were already in short supply two years ago, and the pandemic has only made matters worse, with severe staffing shortages reported nationwide boxes. christina coleman looks at new technologies that are helping to solve some of those problems. it's no secret health care workers are burned out after two years of the covid pandemic. now providers are turning to technology to help with everything from filling shifts to automating paperwork, hoping to transform the industry by digitizing services, the number of administrative tasks that take up our time and it's just skyrocketed. these days positions are the highest paid data collectors in the world. notable as a software developer specializing in what it calls intelligent automation technology. it's helping to cut hundreds of hours of administrative work by digitizing workflows like patient scheduling, electronic
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medical records and even billing using software robots for all that clerical work, which gives doctors more time to spend on patient care. we believe much of that administrative repetitive work can be done through automation. so this may be, you know, collecting a outstanding balance from the patients. it could be reminding a patient when they're due for a particular type of care, and it's already working. notable says it's received reports of increased patient volume and a significant reduction in medical claim denials, all while reducing the burden on healthcare providers. meanwhile connecticut based semaphore is using artificial intelligence to process hundreds of billions of megabytes of data. from genome tests and medical records. that's roughly equivalent to data from 20 million patients and another company until he care is focusing on the nationwide nursing shortage using a digital platform matching some 30,000 nurses with healthcare facilities and need making sure providers can fill shifts while also empowering nurses to be in full control of their own schedule. the labor
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department says there are more than 190,000 nursing jobs available nationwide in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. some people are already calling for russian president vladimir putin to face a war crimes trial coming up tonight what some people think drives putin's behavior during this conflict. and we are following the gas prices spike just how high will costs continue to climb as the russia as russia battles for ukraine's cities, and we'll have details on fire today, they claimed the life of a man in oakland. and ukraine, wn
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forces tried to take control of the capital city of kiev. at the same time, a senior u. s
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intelligence official says that belarus is expected to send troops into ukraine as soon as today to fight alongside russian forces. ukrainian and russian leaders have agreed to sit down for talks near the belarus border this week. the upcoming meeting comes as russian president vladimir putin said he was putting nuclear forces on high alert after aggressive action from the west. under the order, the country's nuclear weapons are ready to launch on short notice. some people want to see russian president vladimir putin face a war crimes trial over this invasion. fox's jennifer griffin bisects putin's new military posture from the pentagon. president zelensky sent a letter to the international criminal court in the hague, which would be the arbiter as to whether vladimir putin and his generals ultimately are tried for war crimes. world leaders who have met putin in the past say he seems to have changed while i met with him many times, and this is a different putin. he
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was always as senator rubio said. this was an ex kgb man. kgb man, he once said. you're always essentially key gop man if you are, so he had that tough veneer. he was always calculating and cold. but this is different. he seems erratic. he's descending into something that i personally haven't seen before. meanwhile the pentagon is not publicly reacting to putin's declaration today that he is putting his nuclear weapons on high alert. russian nuclear doctrine, according to experts includes using tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield. at key times or places to break a stalled offensive or create an operational or tactical advantage. the russians believe in practicing escalation, including chemical warfare. to secure their objectives. at the same time, intelligence analysts think putin is attempting to escalate to deescalate. that is why he is putting his nuclear
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weapons on high alert while also offering to negotiate with president zelinsky. he may be trying to scare the west into pressuring selenski to step aside, which appears unlikely us intelligence assesses putin has committed about two thirds of russian combat power arrayed against ukraine into the country . president zelinsky is sending a delegation to the belarus border on monday. he says. however he has little belief that the talks with the russian delegation will bear fruit at the pentagon. jennifer griffin, fox news people gathered outside san francisco city hall today to show their support for ukraine. stop wouldn't save ukraine didn't save ukraine. this rally called save ukraine stop war brought out hundreds of people to civic center plaza today. ukrainian americans we spoke with talked about how proud they are their friends and family in their homeland. they say they're showing tremendous bravery in
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the face of russian troops. putin miscalculated one thing. he miscalculated that ukrainian people are freedom loving people , and they would rather die that live under his dictatorship, and he didn't calculate on that. people at today's rally, say three things can stop the bloodshed. now a no fly zone, increased military and financial aid to ukraine and security guarantees for ukraine's territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders. spacex founder elon musk says the company's starlink internet satellites are now active in ukraine as the country suffered power outages due to russia's inpatient. all this comes after a public appeal from ukraine's vice prime minister asking musk for help. the satellites helped carry large amounts of information rapidly to any point on earth. avoiding the need for fiber optic cables . musk says more internet satellites are on the way. china
10:33 pm
is the lone major holdout among the global community in condemning russia's invasion of ukraine, and some people wonder how this conflict will affect china's plans for taiwan. fox news, gillian turner picks up our team coverage now from the state department. president putin is a pariah on the world stage. friends are no. putin does have a key ally in chinese president xi jinping, the two joining forces to form a new axis of authoritarianism. the two governments now so tight chinese leaders refused to condemn russia's assault on ukraine. and refused in recent weeks to help the biden administration ward off an invasion, reportedly sharing us intelligence with the kremlin. the state department confirms they lobbied multiple countries to pressure putin behind the scenes, a senior state department official told fox news quote. just as we started ringing the alarm bells publicly in november. we did this privately late last year to every responsible country should have used that influence to indicate to putin that this kind
10:34 pm
of aggression will be met with a swift and severe response, china's foreign ministry took a bold step, further blaming the invasion on the u. s. those who follow the us lead in fanning up flames and then shifting the blame onto others are truly irresponsible as the culprit. the person who started the fire should think about how to put it out as soon as possible. earlier this month, china and russia announced a no limits partnership focused on helping each other's strategic interests . russia and ukraine and china in taiwan, raising hackles among diplomats deeply concerned about the risk of cascading crises. yesterday taiwan scrambled its air force in response to nine chinese aircraft entering its air defense zone. another development here at the state department officials have been ordered to seize all contacts with russian officials, except without explicit approval, focusing on the current crisis in ukraine in washington, gillian turner fox news. and be sure to use our website and app to stay up to date on the latest developments in ukraine. some of
10:35 pm
what you'll find online includes a breakdown of sanctions against russia. firefighters in oakland found an elderly man dead inside a burning home today that fire was reported on lyndon street, near west grand avenue. at around 10 50 this morning, the fire department says. when crews got there, they found an elderly man dead in his bed. his cause of death has not been determined . roughly 30 firefighters took about 45 minutes to put this fire out, and the cause is under investigation. oakland firefighters also responded to a fire today at an encampment at 16th avenue in east 12th street near vantage point park that fire department says to makeshift wooden structures and in abandoned car caught fire here. it took crews about 40 minutes to put the fire out. the cause wasn't immediately available. and there were no reports of any injuries. the fire department says this encampment has experienced several fires recently hearing is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning to determine if convicted killer scott peterson
10:36 pm
should get a new trial proceedings began friday in a courtroom in redwood city. it all centers on one juror who helped send peterson to prison in 2000 and four for the murders of his pregnant wife, lacey and the couple's unborn son. peterson's attorneys say that juror rachelle nice committed misconduct when she failed to disclose that she was the victim of domestic violence. but you think you're hurting now give it a week. some energy analysts think you'll be doing double takes the next time you pull into a gas station to fill up coming up tonight how high they expect prices to get because of russia's invasion of ukraine. and we've got some potential wet weather coming up this week. i think you'll like the news. the five day forecast is next. and we'll also show you how they area athletes break records. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673, already are seeing gas prices soaring the nation's average price for a gallon of regular is up to $3.64 a gallon. prices here in the bay area or even higher as you can imagine. in san francisco, a gallon of regular is about $4.95 right now . that's up more than a nickel in the past week. prices are a little lower in the east bay. but there's still up more than a nickel compared to just last week. president biden says more barrels of oil may be released to help keep gas prices from skyrocketing. fox's news is heather sullivan spoke to a leading oil analysts who thinks it's possible that we'll see prices climb more than a dime within a week. while russia is unleashing its wrath on ukraine , consumers could feel more pain at the pump. addressing the
10:40 pm
nation, president biden warned oil and gas companies not to exploit the invasion to raise gas prices on consumers were actively working with countries around the world to elevate collective release from the strategic petroleum reserves of major energy consuming countries. and the united states will release additional barrels of oil as conditions warrant. andy lippo, head of oil consulting firm lip out, oil associates says gas prices could still jump 20 cents higher as the market anticipates a possible supply disruption from russia should we see an impact to oil supplies? whether the west bands russia from selling or russia decides to cut off those supplies? prices are going to go up even more points out. a number of options could alleviate that. more strategic reserves could be released. saudi arabia the and kuwait could be pressured to release more or congress could suspend the 18th cent federal gas tax. meantime russian president putin
10:41 pm
says he will not cut off global supplies of natural gas, but if he does right now, natural gas is nearing $5 per million btus. that could possibly rise to $6 million bps bottom line. potentially higher fuel prices could mean harder times. this is bad news for the economy as a whole, the energy price rises going to ripple through the economy for all those goods and services that are delivered, as well as through all the agricultural prices. and that was heather's, uh, livan reporting, leppo points out that prices always come back down, saying in 2000 and eight oil rose to more than $145 a barrel and then dropped to $35 just six months later. we all know bay area athletes are known for setting records coming up tonight. we take a look at the legends who helped to make this such a great sports town. also our two, peter all just bill martin will get us ready for a
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championship that doesn't always happen. but as ktvu joe fonzi shows us new at 10 o'clock tonight, if you're a fan of bay area teams, there has been plenty to cheer for over the years. even when the teams aren't winning at all. train champion as a sports market. the bay area has been a wealth of riches when it comes to championships. tisco 49ers the team of the decade, 49ers won five super bowls in 14 years. i'll tell him stories. giants won three world series in. five days have four world series since they moved to oakland, the a's the world champs. the
10:45 pm
warriors won three nba championships in five years. but when you dig a little deeper, the bay area is home to an unprecedented number of all time . individual record holders. here's curry for the record. is stephanie. earlier this season, steph curry became the nba's all time three point shooter with the meter's still very much running for 50 years, bruce jenkins has been on the staff of the san francisco chronicle most of that time as a columnist. he certainly has the perspective to know greatness when he sees it, kevin garnett once said. that step is like a whole other thing , which is kind of a great way of putting it. he compared to michael jordan that way so invented he just kills you in a million ways, and we've never really seen anybody like that. steph curry played one season for don nelson. it was in april of curries rookie year in 2010 that nelson became the winningest coach in nba history
10:46 pm
. nelson stands alone. he was so great and explaining what he wanted to do. he really enjoyed the by play with the media. and then on the road after the games , you'd find him in the hotel bar. you don't want to try to out drink him. that's not going to happen. but you sit there have a couple with him, and he was incredibly honest and forthcoming and funny areas all time basketball dominance doesn't stop with what happened with the warriors. passing pet summit win number 1000 anytime the stanford women win, the number gets larger for tara vanderveer, the winningest women's coach and ncaa basketball history. director. he did it. how about football? candlestick park was the site in 1994. when the 49ers jerry rice broke jim brown's record for all time nfl touchdowns. the bay area also witnessed the age
10:47 pm
ricky henderson become baseball's all time base stealers bag from its moorings and holds it aloft, representing number 939 0 60. i don't recall anybody faster ricky koza pitch ticket. he's going to have it. ricky's acceleration was really pretty frightening this the athleticism of the guy, you know, the guy was built, like like he was just a rock. you know, he never looked like he was beat up or he needed to take a break. he was this right back the next day, ready to kill you ? 56 bombs stands at home, and it was as the san francisco giant that barry bonds commanded the stage and his run to become baseball's all time leader in home runs that since babe ruth has somebody completely dominated. the scene and stood so far above his contemporary
10:48 pm
ruth was ridiculously above the rest and really bonds. to area players and teams also hold all time records in pro soccer chris wondolowski, the all time goalscorer in the mls history made here and the sharks patrick marleau has played in more games than anyone else in national hockey league history. patrick marleau and this incredible milestone bay area sports scene doesn't have as many years and its history has say, new york or chicago, but it can't be matched when it comes to alzheimer's joe fonzi ktvu, fox two news. oh okay. let's take a look at the weather out there and debt story joe did or that expose. joe just is great. right? you forget how many really amazing athletes and teams we've had in the bay area, and it continues. here is the temperature from today. the
10:49 pm
temperatures from today you can see 73 more, you know, i think highs tomorrow follow suit. it'll be very similar. there's gonna be a few clouds tomorrow. there's some clouds out there now, and those clouds in factoring to keep it just a little bit warmer outside, so it's not going to be as cold these overnight lows manageable compared to last week. remember that we had mid twenties. upper twenties, freezing freeze warnings. frost advisories. so a different weather system. a different uh, um, direction. we're basically seeing these systems coming from a lower latitude. they're all still going to move to the north in the early part of the week the next two days. but then, as we get into wednesday and thursday , it looks like these clouds will pick it up and bring the potential for some rain our way snow for the mountains and more. particularly for the pacific, northwest and northern california and northeast california. so we have some big reservoirs shasta and orville are going to get a fair amount of rain. we're not going to see that much. based on early early looks. here's the systems now i'm just going to roll right through. so this is sunday. it's
10:50 pm
going to right through next week. and you'll see all the systems go to the north and then on wednesday, drop in and thursday and then it breaks off. but you see a very progressive pattern of north here to past sunday, so this wednesday thursday thing looks like light rain for us. maybe some showers. maybe 10, maybe a quarter of an inch. but bigger than that is the idea that the flow has changed the logjam that has been the jet stream is beginning to break up. it was pretty stuck for the last month and a half. now it's starting to flex a little bit and bring us the potential for some rain. so let's hope that's how it goes. there's this system. now that's an atmospheric river long one all the way out to the pacific all the way up to the portland, seattle up into the british columbia areas you've been seeing, and we've been seeing pretty much all the last month and a half. that's why everything's been going. so the forecast highs tomorrow back where we were today, upper sixties low seventies yellows are seventies. so kind of a nice warm day. and then as we get into wednesday, clouds really thicken up and as we get into wednesday night into thursday, i
10:51 pm
think that's when we have our best shot for a few showers. thursday morning commute might be a little wet and in the mountains, they're going to get a foot of snow, maybe a foot and a half of snow. so it's something it's not what we need . we want that atmospheric river. be nice if that thing was pointed at us, but it's not. but in the meantime, we'll take what we can get a pop in the rest of the weekend, so you can see where we are. and you can see that. yeah there's some more clouds continuing through sunday . so maybe something lines up after that, i'll see you back here at 11. all right, bill. thank you. all new at 10 tonight. the state bar of california is investigating a data breach that put hundreds of thousands of confidential attorney discipline cases online. a public website that aggregates nationwide court case records was able to access and display roughly 260,000 nonpublic state bar attorney discipline case records along with about 60,000 public court case records. state bar officials said that they have taken several steps since the discovery, including notifying law enforcement and hiring a
10:52 pm
team of forensic experts to help investigate. coming up tonight in sports how the golden state warriors blue 21 point lead to the mavericks tonight joe fonzi will be here with the highlights and reaction from the team up next and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news. find out how faith leaders plan to get in on the battle over plans to close some public schools in oakland. s
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
happening tonight in sports fretting about the warriors has become a popular topic these days, and tonight's game provided some fresh material. the dallas mavericks in town is the warriors were trying to avoid consecutive home losses. for the first time all season. the warriors up 16 here in the third quarter and adding on cuban loony, taking the assist from steph curry for the jam.
10:55 pm
and it felt like everything was going fine here. curry shot is blocked, but gary payton keeps the ball alive. then it's curry with the three and eventually 27 points for curry and 21 point. golden state lead by but everything changed in the fourth quarter. this is part of a 26 to 1 run by dallas and more than 8.5 minutes stretch. luca dr dorian finney smith misses but follows his shot. maps had their first lead less than three minutes to play. now don cheech falls away, just beating the shot clock. dallas in front by three dodges had 34 points and 11 rebounds, and here's another nail again. the shot clock winding down. john six hits spencer dinwiddie, who knocks down three of his 24 points to map close it out. 1711 it's the first time in 62 games the warriors had led by 20 or more and then lost. so how's everybody on the team taking it? the everybody just #### off. and
10:56 pm
uh it ain't much that need to be said everybody know, kinda looking at herself in the mirror and looking at what they could have done better hold already each other accountable. obviously that's two home games in a row where it's been a rough fourth quarter for us, so we got to figure out maintain our energy, even if shots to follow because that's where it might be like in a playoff game where you gotta grind out a win and no, it seemed on the other side to have a little bit of likely take advantage of it. so ah, like the say it's a good lesson to learn, even though sucks to have to go through it. philadelphia and new york, where the new look six years get a steal from james harden, who runs the floor drops a beauty but pastor joel embiid and beat scored 37 points 23 on free throws. hard addition to beat again here. one of 16 assists for harden. he also had 29 points and 10 rebounds for triple double. philly wins 1 25 1 on nine the sixers and the number three spot right now in
10:57 pm
the east. it's about preparing for the future and having a little fun in the process for the sharks. these days, the fans , at least in on the fun part tonight is the sharks hosted this seattle cracking scoreless game in the first period. logan couture with a nice feed to ryan. he's single. the single finds the seattle net that is the first goal for single as a shark first goal as a sandals. hr sharks, maybe 13th in the west, but they still have some fight in them. just ask jacob middleton, who mixes it up with jeremy lasagne both received major penalties. not you who got the better of the fight. the sharks go in front of the second period. scott reedy off the face off, gets the first goal of his nhl career. jonah gajevic also hit the net for the first time in his career, and the sharks were 321 winners. pakistan's in fontana for nascar's second race of the season and the first race at that track in two years.
10:58 pm
problems on lap 1 58 1 bubba wallace gets into the back of brad keselowski, kozlowski spin sideways pole sitter austin cindric gets involved. so does harrison burton, who ended up on the hook. and he was finished for the day. we're on board with leader daniel suarez with three laps to go. kyle larson makes his move down low and takes the lead. larson was able to hold on for the win. cindric last week's daytona 500 winner was 12 today , and he has the overall lead after two races. and the gulf tour swung to florida this weekend for the honda tournament , where dylan for telly made this shot of the day for until he's buried in a greenside bunker. it's the perfect shot, especially considering the water surrounding the green. that's a nice walk off eagle for kelly finished 10 strokes off the lead . heavy rains made its appearance before the round was over. coal leader seth struck to putting for eagle to finish his rounds. stay patient. we'll see the ball here in a moment, straka had to settle for birdie and around 400 parts. 66 straka
10:59 pm
then had to wait. shane lowry can force a playoff of his birdie putt at 18 goes when it doesn't straka has his first pga win and earns his way into this year's masters. he's also the first austrian to win on the gulf tour. not about you guys. but when i think of pro golfers, i think austrians, right? absolutely good friends. yeah absolutely tough loss for the warriors today. obviously blowing that lead, but big picture. you know, they're looking like they're getting healthier for that stretch, right? they didn't have clay thompson tonight, and they're hoping to get james wiseman back soon, you know, and draymond of courses. yeah, i need all the way. certainly. do. we need a back up? all right. thank you, joe. coming up next here at 11. all i want to know is where can i go? where can all of us go to find this baby? the family of the child abducted from sunny ville resting much easier tonight. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and
11:00 pm
hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we want to get you updated on that story. investigators tonight have found jacob jardine, just four miles away from where someone took the toddler hours earlier. that boy was inside an suv that was stolen from a motel. authorities said that they were working to reunite the boy with his mother as they continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding today's abduction. ktvu zac's a shows us how his family reacted to news that he was saying, certainly a terrifying ordeal for the family of that abducted toddler jacob jardine. missing for more than 12 hours before being found safe and sound. i just want to see him. can i just see him? i'll be. i'll be happy. i'll be better when i see him. shauna deal receiving the news she had been desperately waiting for all sunday long her grandson , jacob jardine, just a toddler , located by authorities and safe, authorities say the boy was abducted just before four a.m. on sunday. as his mother was unloading groceries from your suv outside


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