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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  February 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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, and students will soon be able to take their masks off the new masking guidance announced by the state today, not just for schools, mind you, but also for those that aren't vaccinated against covid-19 coming up. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth welcome to four everyone. i'm frank malika and i'm claudine wang. we start with the russian invasion of ukraine. delegations from both countries ended peace talks today with no deal, but the two sides did agree to continue talks. also today, the us expelled a dozen russian diplomats at the u. n for allegedly engaging in espionage. all of this is happening as russian troops continue to close in on the capital kiev. and ukrainian civilians increasingly take up arms to defend their country. foxes lucas thomason has more from lviv. he spends the whole night in metro station underground. i live here in the city center. ah we're stuck in
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our flat was a dog stories like these are becoming more common across parts of ukraine as russian forces push further into the country even as delegations from both sides meet for peace talks. residents in cheever now taking matters into their own hands, and some have decided to join members of the military to fight on the front lines. today we're trying to find this guy's local defense unit. and they want to join and not really afraid. i believe. as the world is on our side, and you know we were attacked. it's not our aggressions. meanwhile neighboring countries across europe faced a dilemma over the refugee crisis. ukrainians looking to enter romania say they had to wait for hours in some cases several days to flee their homeland. the u. n estimates more than half a million people have already fled since the war began. five days. we will wait for about three days to get to the border from kiev, and that's about eight hours drive. so we are free days was really crowded with people
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like a mess, but i can understand because everybody is stressed as the weekend curfew lifts in kiev residents now lining up to get food and essential goods in supermarkets. there are reports store shelves in the ukrainian capital are already completely empty, making an already bad situation much worse for residents. russian and ukrainian delegations met for peace talks monday they walked away without a deal. in lviv, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, fox news. the russian ruble crumbled this morning, plummeting to record lows when the markets opened, signaling a looming economic crisis for the country. this as the western nations unite hitting moscow with a series of sanctions, the russian central bank has already doubled . interest rates to 20% and russian citizens are waiting in long lines at atms to withdraw cash over concerns that the banks might limit withdrawals or stop functioning altogether. since thursday. everyone has
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been running from atm to atm to get cash. some are lucky. others not so much. over the weekend, the us the uk, canada and the european union band some russian banks from the global messaging system known as swift and today , the white house announced additional sanctions on russia's central bank, which will effectively prohibit americans from doing business with the bank. and freezes all of its assets within the united states . the international olympic committee has made a sweeping moved to isolate and condemned russia as well because of the ongoing invasion. in ukraine. the ioc is urging sports organizations to exclude of athletes from russia and belarus from international events. ioc says the ban is needed to quote protect the integrity of global sports competitions. and for the safety of all the participants. russian teams have also been suspended from international soccer. that decision came from the world soccer body fifa and the european authorities, saying russia's national teams and
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clubs were suspended until further notice. and san francisco based airbnb announced today that it's non profit arm airbnb dot org will offer free and temporary housing for up to 100,000 refugees fleeing ukraine. top executives with airbnb sent letters to leaders of poland, romania, germany and hungary offering help to house those refugees. countries all share a border with ukraine. the stays will be funded by airbnb donors to its refugee fund and hosts of airbnb .org and stocks makes today on wall street as investors continue to keep a watchful eye on the ongoing conflict. in ukraine. the dow dropped 166 points, the nasdaq actually gained some ground climbing some 56 plus and the s and p closed about 10 points lower. and now we turn to a big change to california's masking guidelines. schoolchildren can soon ditch their masks while indoors. this announcement from the california department of
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health after a trio of western states amended their covid policies today, let's go to ktvu southgate reporter jesse gary, who is live in san jose. with more on that announcement and reaction, jesse claudine. the change takes effect at the end of next week. san jose unified school district officials say they will fall in line with the state's updated policy. we will be aligning to the states updated guidance that masks will be strongly recommended for schools instead of required the policy change in california, oregon and washington state comes as covid case rates, hospitalizations and positivity rates have shown substantial declines by zoom public health secretary dr marc galle. ah jurisdictions, local health jurisdictions in the case, schools and school districts may decide that keep or add additional requirements beyond what the state is outlining today. santa clara county health officials have said they will
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also follow the states lead the california teachers association released a statement which says in part, while some students are ready to immediately remove their masks, others remain very afraid. education expert dr heather lad emir says the impact can be poor academic performance due to a split attention span. if your focus is not on the book or the math problem, but is instead on concern over the possibility that you may catch something from somebody's sitting nearby. hi it's going to be really hard to focus on the information and the ideas that you're expected to learn. at that time san jose unified will offer covid protective equipment to teachers as masking becomes a recommendation, not a requirement. for students. i think we'll have to see what the , um wet with the demand is for that we enter this next phase. we know that the next phase the future may bring future surges, new variants and california will
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continue to be ready and build on what we've learned so that we can keep californians safe. mask will still be required inside high transmission areas. healthcare facilities, jails mass transit, santa clara county officials say the metrics in this county have moved in such a positive or a good direction. that positive is such a good direction that tomorrow they'll be able to announce that they will make indoor masking optional. not just for people who are vaccinated, but for people who are also unvaccinated . so for everyone they believe by tomorrow metrical show they can change or update their policy where indoor masks will be optional not required. we're live in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you certainly really interesting to see how people respond. i know in places now where masks are not required. i still see a lot of people wearing them will be interesting to see how children and families react. yeah i still
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wear mine. so yeah, a lot. a lot of people are saying whether they you know whether they take it off or not. they're going to keep it on because it just makes them feel safer. and they're used to it now, and we're so used to it now. yes, exactly. all right, jesse. gary. thank you so much for that update. and the san francisco unified school district, said today. there are no plans to lift its mask rules. despite today's announcement, the district says universal indoor masking is part of a layered approach to reducing the spread of covid 19 oakland schools told us a decision will be made in the coming days. let's get some reaction now from ucsf infectious disease expert dr peter chin hung. good afternoon, doctor. hi, frank. good to have you with us. so dr hong, in your opinion, are are we ready? is it is it time? is it safe? well in terms of school masking. i think it's definitely, uh hard to see. because we're on this train. the train is moving to that destination. we're probably just have a few meters left again. it
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really depends on how safe people feel i can tell you the science and we can talk about the science. till there's no tomorrow but at the end of the day depends on values and help people feel. you know, every family comes from their own situation, and every district is going to look at the same science. the same numbers very differently. i think they're all going to end up at the same place. whether or not it's march 11th or very soon after, but, uh, pretty much. in a few weeks . this will not be a debate anymore because it will be at ground zero. boy that sounds good. well, the governor also lifted the mask requirement for unvaccinated students and adults as well but strongly recommends that they wear a mask. if they're indoors, do you think people will comply? it's a little bit of gray area there. i think the people who have been wearing masks will continue to do so. and frankly speaking, there wasn't really, uh, mechanism to make sure that
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someone was vaccinated if they weren't wearing a mass in the last few days, so the positives are think if you want to be protected, and i'm still you know, like many people wearing my mosque and a crowded indoor setting, uh, because we know what better quality master where that is probably less of an issue that in those cloth mask days and you know as a vaccine boosted person. i'm not going to go to the hospital or not going to be admitted. but it's still inconvenience to get even an infection. so that's why i'm really going to be careful and as well as not wanting to transmit it to somebody else. of course, you know, in terms of where we are. we're kind of like the beginning of december, but not quite where we were at thanksgiving time in terms of numbers in the community. well, i'm on your team, too. i think forced to have it. i'm just used to wearing it if you go into a restaurant or whatnot, so no mass as of march 12, but the
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governor did say that local jurisdictions may set up their own guidelines. lot of parents out there. if cdc says my kid doesn't need to wear a mask, and the school district says otherwise. that could be an issue as well, don't you think? yes definitely. i mean, i think where you're going to see a lot of strife is in the misalignment and having different groups see different things. so cdc, the county, the state, but again, i think it's just a matter of adjustment before everybody becomes a line. i thought it was interesting that u c. berkeley and l a times service. sure that just 3 61% of folks in california parents still want their kids to be mass. of course, that means that 37% of them are posted. so you're seeing this this agreement right now, before you get to the alignment, regardless of what happens, i think everybody wants. those students to be in their seats because they have been so many disruptions in
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california schools in the last two years. absolutely well, the first covid death in the berry it was two years ago on this very day, so we are making making a lot of progress. so some good news today and let's hope we keep heading in a good direction. dr peter chin hung from ucsf. always a pleasure. thank you for your time. thanks so much, frank. thank you. doctor. california's announcement to lift mask requirements in schools follows the cdcs lead. last week, the federal health agency released an updated guidance, saying that the majority of americans don't need to wear face coverings in school and many other indoor public places. the new recommendations now focus on hospitalization, rates and capacity unless on transmission figures show. more than 70% of americans live in places where the coronavirus poses a low or medium threat to hospitals. this is the way we need to go. i think this is taking us forward with a new direction go onto the pandemic, but we're still
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focusing on safety. the new guidelines recommend mass still be worn in schools in areas considered high risk for the virus. for now, all americans will still be required to wear a face covering on public transportation. and for the very latest updates on the state and local covid-19 guidelines can always go to our website ktvu .com. well, four people shot right outside of dave and buster's in concord up next what police are saying about the argument that happened inside that led to that violence also had an magazine an agonizing hour for sonny bill mother whose two year old son was abducted over the weekend woman. under arrest. more of that coming up. february fizzled, so we're hoping for a miracle march the day it will rain, the full forecast coming up on the floor forecast coming up on the floor right here on fox two. forecast coming up on the floor right herat jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours.
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left four people wounded. police say they believe an argument between two groups started inside that family entertainment venue, which then led to the shooting. outside ktvu zuniga says live in concord, with the latest from police in a statement from david buster in s were fired just before 11 o'clock last night. today this david busters is temporarily closed, finds taped to the front doors say it will reopen at five this evening. a sunday night trip to dave and buster's and conquered, ended with a frenzy of panicked guests and employees exiting the restaurant and video arcade spot after hearing gunshots ring out people outside hugged loved ones. as concord police took down witness statements. the shooting happened just before 11 pm when officers arrived, they found a man and woman with gunshot wounds. two other men struck by gunfire drove 18 miles east to a
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hospital in antiochus. the investigation is in its early stages in the condition and identities of the four who were shot have not been released. david busters corporate office sent a statement to ktvu, noting that guest and team members safety is a top priority stating in part, we particularly want to thank our team members and security officers who quickly mobilized to help. the company did not respond to questions about how the company handles weapons brought into its venues . it's alarming. david busters opened its doors at the veranda shopping center in concord in the summer of 2019 closed during much of the pandemic. visitors to the shopping center monday say it's a family destination that is always felt safe. now there are less sure my kids are 15 11 and six and we were literally just talking about going there. so does this change here? thoughts about going in the future? you might think so, at least right now. i don't know if we would come again. i think it's a little scary to think. if people are able to get into a david busters with a gun, god
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forbid, or in the parking lot of , you know, public place. um it's pretty scary. the presence of security guards roving around the shopping center gives some customers peace of mind their safety while shopping. there is in good hands, this man said vigilance is key at all public places. anywhere you go. you always just have to look over your shoulder because you know, people start arguing the next thing you know they're pulling guns on. the doors open here in less than an hour. concord police is not planning to release any new information today, but they are taking witness statements and urge anyone who saw last night's shooting to call the concord police tip line. frank. the biggest live for us there in concord. thank you so much. 29 year old woman was arrested in connection with the kidnapping of toddler. this was in the south based sunnyvale police arresting this woman. to me, hon at her home in san jose last night, police say she stole an suv from a motel parking lot. early yesterday morning. the toddler was in a car seat in the back boy's mother had left him
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inside that suv while she took groceries. from the vehicle into the motel. police found the vehicle for miles away, and the boy was taken to the hospital for observation on was booked on charges of kidnapping, child endangerment. vehicle theft. she was booked in to the senate clara county jail. the supreme court is considering a case that could limit the epa's authority to regulate emissions from the nation's power plants. the justices heard two hours of oral arguments this morning in a case brought by a group of republicans, attorney general and coal companies. they contend the epa has only a narrow authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from electric utilities. the clean air act gives the epa authority to regulate air pollution. some conservative justices appeared skeptical of the epa's broad authority. a decision is expected by late june. did you feel the difference today? it was definitely warmer than yesterday. what a spring like day we had here in the bay area for this last day of february.
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if you want to compare today to yesterday, we're averaging about five degrees warmer than we were just 24 hours ago. it's equal in the half moon bay area at 61 degrees, and that's pretty much because of windows picked up at 16 guests at 23. however five degrees warmer and san carlos four degrees warmer at this hour in concord, all the way through the tri valley notable numbers, okay. nevado isn't checking in with us because they're out playing right now, but in the sunshine, but i took a look at one of our other stations, and they are sporting 73 degrees high sixties right now in oakland through emeryville. into el cerrito and alameda seventies are pretty common up and down the peninsula at this hour. these temperatures are above average, and look at this view out towards the golden gate bridge splashes sunshine, pristine conditions and again those temperatures well above average. as we wrap up this last day of february, we are ending in a severe drought. we've only
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had one day this entire month with measurable precipitation, so let's see what's on track. clear skies tonight. a lovely evening. if you're going out and about by tomorrow morning's commute, we will see a veil of high think clouds all the way throughout the day, so some sun some clouds, but nevertheless we still have that high pressure the dominant feature, and we have some warming right now. you see this? it's an atmospheric river condition and it has its eyes. it's bull's eye right there in the pacific northwest, the tail end of it wants to trail into the bay area. by thursday with some notable precipitation of the computer models are all correct, so the bottom line is we do have rain and this week's forecast but one day at a time march madness to kick off the first day of march view clouds lots of sunshine. temperature span 68. 2 81 degrees pinpoint where we will experience that temperature in the low eighties, and frank and claudine that's still coming up later on on the four. it was a
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gorgeous day. okay, thank you, roberta. oakland celebrated its first annual oscar grant day over the weekend. up next we're going to hear from oscar's mother about what the day meant to her and her ongoing work to bridge the gap between young black men. and law enforcement stay right.
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oakland city council recently voted to create the day which honors the memory of oscar grant and celebrates his legacy. grant was killed on new year's day in 2000 and nine he was on his way home from new year's celebrations and was unarmed. when he was shot and killed by then bart police officer johannes mehserle e measure early was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter. oscar grant's mother joins us now live to talk about oscar grant day, and the oscar grant foundation wanted johnson. thanks for joining us. it's good to see you, wanda. good to see you too. coloring thank you for having me on this news today. we appreciate you being here. oscar
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would have been 36 yesterday. tell me what it was like to stand there as oscar grant day finally became a reality. oh it was just amazing. we were so excited about it. um yet with feelings of, you know, oscar not being here didn't ooh, see? ah! a day being recognized for him. so you know, we were grateful. um we had an opportunity to, uh , go to the cemetery as well and spend some time there with family and just laugh and talk about some of the things oscar did as he was growing up. yes certainly. i mean, 2000 and nine. i think back to that time and how much has changed and you have said with the oscar grant foundation that instead of turning to anger and despair, we have chosen love and transformation. certainly this was a long awaited day, but in terms of turning your focus to change and bringing an end as you got to do the systemic racism and problems that we see
4:26 pm
. where do you think we stand? and what are your goals as we move forward? as we move forward, we still will be working with our youth. doing some know your rights training. um we really want to work with our youth and know your rights, training and education training . um, you know, we're looking at the school closures and the attempted school closures in oakland taking place knowing that are youth are suffering already because of the pandemic now, um another suffering on top of that is going to be some of the school closures and having to go to different schools, so we'll be working closely with our years holding different seminars and holding different training sessions. and even looking forward to our scholarship give away this year. now it's all yesterday. there were also giveaway art, music, speakers and communities. so much of what we've been through and what we've seen requires healing. how much of this was
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coming together? i saw steve is talking about you know, oscar and uncle talking about what it meant to celebrate with the community that has traveled this road with you guys since 2000 and nine in terms of the healing process and just bringing people together. how has that been? and how does oscar rants day help in that cars? so it reminds us that you know it takes a community of people to come together to change the city, the country and the nation and being able to look back at 2000 and nine when oscar was killed and all the people that came together to work to get justice for my son. um we wanted them to know that we often often think about it. and for us to be granted, oscar grant day would be a day where we can pour back into the community. by providing resource is by providing, uh, emotional support but providing prayer by
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providing songs and laughter, um, food and just different resources to let the community know that we care and we will continue as a family to work to make a change. and not only the city of oakland, but in our communities and in our state. what do you see for the next oscar? grant day? what's your hope? so i see it even being a bigger amplified we didn't have as much planning, uh, that we wouldn't have loved to have. but i see more vendors coming out, giving away free resources. um, i see. more people coming out to support, uh, to sing to dance to laugh to strategize on what we asked. the community of people need to do. to insure that our laws are changed that the
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education system is where it should be that our incarceration rates are going down. and so we want to. you know our community to know that we will continue to fight to work to get lost and um , community laws changed for the betterment of our people. well, wanda johnson, you have seen you through the years a tireless advocate for changes, tireless advocate for the legacy of your son. on oscar and day we remember that you lost your son and a little girl lost her father that day, and so we appreciate you so much joining us. thank you so much. i definitely appreciate it and definitely, you know, we look forward to hosting more events like this, um and involving the community working to make a change in our society, and i just have to thank everyone who has been apart and participated and who helps, uh, to support the oscar grant day. and so it's
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so many supporters bart showed up to support so many oakland libraries showed up so many different, uh, communities of people showed up to help support this day, a good reminder that change happens when we come together. thank you so much, wanda. alright. and if you do want to find out more about the oscar and foundation, we have posted a link on our website under the web links section at ktvu .com. up next our coverage to the russian invasion of ukraine continues my mom and my dad. they have missiles flying over their homes. we're going to hear from loved ones still in the war zone. we're also going to look at a big hit russia's economy how big that's taking charge and the potential global impact as well. and the master coming off, but san jose mayor sam liccardo wants to go one step further proof of vaccination requirement that he wants to get rid of. crane. the y
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announced that additional sanctions on russia's central bank, which will effectively prohibit americans from doing business with the bank and freezes all of its assets within the united states. also today, the us expelled a dozen russian diplomats at the u. n for allegedly engaging in espionage. this all comes on a day delegations from ukraine and russia met for peace talks. it did not end with a deal, but the two sides did agree to continue those talks across the globe. people are protesting in the streets, calling for an end to
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the russian invasion of ukraine and in the us americans from coast to coast are showing their solidarity. with the ukrainian people foxes unless alexis mcadams has more now from new york. stand with your brain stand with your great americans across the country rallying in support of ukraine from new york to los angeles, massive crowds gathering over the weekend as the russian invasion of ukraine continues those with family and friends back in ukraine, expressing concern for their loved ones safety, my mom and my dad. they have missiles flying over their homes. my cousin and their kids and his wife are making molotov cocktails to stop the tanks. i'm in pain. i'm in pain. my heart is broken to pieces, some of the largest crowd scene in new york, where more than 150,000 ukrainians call home cardinal timothy dolan holding a special mass at st george's ukrainian catholic church. discussing his respect for the ukrainian people. the
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stories that we're hearing of the brave independent people of honor and faith that are the citizens of ukraine that we've come to love and so respect. are very inspirational to us. as protesters called for the support of ukraine, some also calling on the united states to take more action. we are desperate to ask people to help ukraine to fight. meanwhile some businesses taking a stand polling russian products like vodka right off the shelf. we're not carrying it because i don't want to look at it. and who? we don't want to look at it because we stand with ukraine. more protests expected here in new york tonight and across the globe in the coming days in new york, alexis mcadams fox news matter. the parent company of facebook, and instagram says it is restricting access to russian state controlled media outlets in europe. the company says the move comes mid concerns russia rt and sputnik are being used to spread disinformation. that propaganda over the weekend medicine it was banning ads from
4:36 pm
russian state media and had removed a network of 40 fake accounts, pages and groups that published pro russian talking points. and here to talk more about what is happening in ukraine and the sanctions that are being put into place. let's welcome in stephen fisher, the show he is a professor of political science at uc berkeley. thanks so much for joining us my pleasure. so we have these new sanctions today that are focusing focusing on the russian bank. you've described sanctions in the past of having some teeth. how big is this bite when you add these it's really big. the russian economy is in a free fall right now. the rubles in a free fall the stock market his lost an enormous portion of its value just in the last week or so. in fact, putin's oligarchs, these billionaires who these people we makes billionaires in exchange for their loyalty are hemorrhaging billions of dollars in fortunes. their yachts are racing to little island countries where they might not be seized right now all over the world. that you know the sanctions have been very
4:37 pm
effective and what's been just as effective as the whole world standing behind ukraine. moral support right now is absolutely crucial. you know, it is interesting because sanctions in general have been especially when they are first talked about before we kind of headed even into this week whether or not they were affected was being debated, but is the big difference is that the unity of the sanctions coming from the rest of the world? all these western nations, making them more effective than we've ever seen? sanctions seemingly have been yes, the union is really important and the substance of the sanctions. it's really important, in fact that the world has essentially delivered on eliminating or excluding russia from the swift system of international payments that just paralyzes the russian economy. what's more, we're taking measures to see to it that putin cannot even spend a large portion of the war chest. he's accumulated over the years for this purpose for this war. got over $600 billion in in war chest, but a lot of that is held
4:38 pm
in the west and western banks and we actually have access to those funds. you can prevent him from using them to finances. war offered. these sanctions are actually biting very hard, the military support that ukraine is getting from the west also is very important. even finland now is sending is standing anti tank weapons to ukraine. there's a flood of weapons they need more , but the fact is the support for the ukrainian resistance has been very strong and we see the russian the russian military struggling as well, and they need money to change. turn that around, and they don't have it. you know, in terms of where they go from here. i remember hearing president biden say we'll give it a month and see how these sanctions go. but it seems to be on a much faster timeline to see at that rain that they are being effective. absolutely and the fact is, is that the russian military just failing miserably . you couldn't have designed a less effective way to invade ukraine. they're invading from five different points. they're not focused on kiev, which is the main city that they want their being blown back. by ukrainian armed forces as well
4:39 pm
as volunteers. this is going very, very badly for putin and frankly, i would not be surprised to see some of us oligarchs, some of his top government officials, some of his military officials and large portions of his people. simply turn against him. only think and so in terms of what's next timeline was and really what? what is the message for the rest of the world? if this can be done to russia, it can be done if the world unites against you know something else that they that you know, there is universal, you know? resistance against i should say, what is the message? big picture? and then how long does this last until you know it doesn't look like vladimir putin could hold out any longer. that's a great question. and the answer is this is discrediting. this whole wild , ridiculous imperial venture, which couldn't possibly work. 150,000 troops are going to occupy a nation of 40 million people, including civilians under arms who don't want the russian troops there. it was a mad idea to begin with. putin's imperialism is recklessness, his
4:40 pm
whole regime of lies and disinformation. his economic model. is just, you know, it's all being challenged. now all his lies are being are being cared for the world to see. he's been telling russian troops and the russian people. they're going into d. knox. if i ukraine his troops got there. they don't know why they're there. they've been told they're they're not if i ukraine but doesn't say the swastikas. they see the people rising up against them. they had and these people are their neighbors. they don't want. they don't want to kill these people. i would be very surprised to find the military military officers not willing to engage in the kind of carpet bombing of cities that putin might have in mind next. honestly i think putin is toast. all right, well , steven fish thank you so much for your insight, and your thoughts on this is it's a situation that we continue to watch very, very closely. thanks for joining us and stay with us for updates on the crisis in ukraine will have the latest information throughout our newscast as well as on our
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website ktvu .com. san jose mayor sam liccardo is proposing an into the booster shot mandate for city owned facilities right now, have you go to the facilities that includes the s, a peace center and the convention center in san jose, you have to show proof that you've had a covid booster shot. well today, i'm mornings on two. we talk live with mayor liccardo about why he thinks it's time for a change. everything is tied to the reasoning why we impose it to begin with back in december. when i announced this , of course, we were facing the beginning of a very significant surge of macron. as we've learned, of course, we've now moved beyond that. we also know . like all vaccinations. a booster doesn't lose efficacy after four or five months and so continuing to impose the same requirements, some five or six months after the booster was first made available. is obviously less than optimal. san jose city council is expected, though, to debate the mayor's proposal very soon. well, today is the deadline for the major league baseball to reach a deal
4:42 pm
with its players. a look at how those talks are going and what is going to happen if they do not get an agreement by tonight. spring has definitely sprung and i'll show you which city will top off in the eighties tomorrow as the news continues on the floor on fox two
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save major league baseball's opening day. well, the league is set the deadline of today and let's check in with joe fonzi and see how did go? yes so far. not so good. so good. there's really only one thing we know for sure at this point about the major league baseball lockout representatives for both players and owners arrived three hours earlier than usual for today's negotiations, the eighth straight day of talks. the owners designated today as the drop dead date for an agreement
4:45 pm
to avoid cancelation of the scheduled march. 31st started this season and a full 162 game regular season schedule. the major issues in dispute would still appear to be the amount of team salary that triggers a luxury tax and the years of service that determined the player's ability to go to arbitration to become a free agent, while owners have designated today as a deadline, san francisco chronicle baseball writer susan slusser isn't so sure. mlb has been saying that that's the drop dead date for playing all regular season games . i'm not sure i think there's probably always some wiggle room there. they completely doubleheaders. they're not going to get it settled in the next week, for sure, we're probably looking at a slightly shortened season. i hope not too shortened, but yeah, they're pretty far apart on some things. if the owners hold true to their cancelation plans. we're talking about opening day and the first week of the season so far, it's approaching eight o'clock in florida, so some serious midnight oil will be required to avoid. that deadline. at last
4:46 pm
word, they are still talking. they're going to get their money owners are going to get their money. but you've got to feel for what florida and arizona. well, you always figured that it wouldn't get serious until owners and players start losing money themselves. that doesn't happen until regular season games started getting watched out. but as you mentioned, the people are hurting right now. mesa arizona, scottsdale, arizona. chandler jupiter, florida, florida those places that depend on and they got washed out last year because of covid, right, so they're hoping for a bounce back this year and those municipalities because all those snowbirds who come from chicago and whatever else not there this year. those are the ones that are hurting right now. we'll watch it closely. thanks, joe. you bet. and temperatures in all those places in arizona today that beyonce was mentioning. we're in the eighties just gorgeous weather for baseball, gorgeous weather for whatever you have planned. taking a look out right now. isn't this a glorious shot looking out towards the skyline of san francisco temperatures today averaged anywhere between
4:47 pm
seven and eight degrees warmer and many locations than yesterday. right now it's 73 santa rosa. same in concord seventies incentives a and also in san carlos and san francisco . adds 68 degrees again other notable numbers low seventies and redwood city 73 3 month. it's going to be a gorgeous evening to go out and about when it picked up in nevada, now at 13, but generally the winds throughout the evening hours and overnight westerly up to about 10 mph. half moon bay picked up the wind gusts up to 23 now is sustained winds at 70 mph, but what this breeze is doing its usher in the pollen around and if you suffer from allergies, you can blame it on the alder, the juniper and also the ash trees. that continue to blossom . so high pressure is the key component. this is going to be the culprit to produce some temperatures in the seventies and even eighties tomorrow, diverting that storm track while to the north of us, but undercutting that area of high
4:48 pm
pressure. a few high thing clouds to kick start your morning commute tomorrow. so there we are. at 70 m as the day progresses, sun clouds mixed, but still, i'm forecasting a warmer day for your tuesday for the first day of march. let's take a look at this right here. this is a beautiful atmospheric river set up here, but the bulls eye, not the bay area. it's to the north of us because of that ridge of high pressure. but watches the days tick. come by here hour by hour, and narrow ribbon of precipitation works its way into our forecast north bay late wednesday. everyone else on thursday doesn't look like a huge rainmaker. but nevertheless, we will get wet. in fact, language computer models. this is our future cats, too. it does suggest about 3/10 of an inch of rain in san francisco. mind you these numbers will change day to day, but we'll keep you posted. it does look like a snow maker about half a foot of snow on the south shore of the greater lake tahoe area. nearly a foot at
4:49 pm
kirkwood. yes, we'll take it right now. we're still in the high fifties of blue canyon. it looks like by thursday and fridays when we had the snow event, so if you do have any skiing or boarding plans makes you get on the road by early wednesday, and then you'll have yourself a great weekend of fresh powder temperatures tonight. very mild in the forties across the board, no more twenties, not even thirties insight there. tomorrow's daytime, high temperature 68 degrees of pacifica to 70 and san francisco notice. everybody's just about in the mid seventies morgen hill today so far as topped off that 77 going with 79 there, but computer models do lean towards 81 degrees and gilroy tomorrow. then we began to drop off on wednesday significant cooling trend on thursday, then leading into your weekend should be pretty bluster as well. on thursday, enjoy all right. thanks for better. well, the doors locked and the lights off the sudden closure of one of the bears last marie callender's
4:50 pm
restaurants that took many people by surprise.
4:51 pm
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good. the restaurant on blossom hill road was one of the last two. marie callender's here in the bay area, the franchise owner telling the mercury news that sales are down due to the pandemic, and he could no longer afford the rent. many customers were surprised to see the lights out and the closed sign on that door. dad it's said of, um. it's been decades and i've been getting my pies from marie callender's and just that it's just one more institution that's gone by the wayside. the last remaining marie callender's here in the bay area is in sunnyvale , the company that owns the restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and shutdown . 19 locations in the u. s, including seven here in the bay area. oakland's faith leaders gathered today to issue a plea
4:53 pm
to the oakland unified school district to reconsider its decision to close and merge nearly a dozen schools. faith leaders say the plan will have a negative impact on black and brown students in that district. they would like the district to put that plan on hold and conduct an equity analysis centered on black and brown children before the schools are shut down. our children are so important at this time, and this day and time we have to take care of our children and moving our kids to other schools and moving them around. we just don't believe that that's going to work for them. and so we want to do everything that we can, and we're talking to the old oakland unified school district , please. we come out pleading that you would not make this move right now. the school district says the mergers and closures are needed due to its roughly $40 million budget deficit and declining enrollment. three african american women are doing what they can to elevate other business owners like them what they say that keeps them going to support and promote other bay area black owned businesses coming
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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be in your moment. american women who have been using their professional skills to help their community for decades, and you may not know their names, but you will likely see the impact of their work. ktvu zambelli tucks to the ladies about why they always focus on giving back. three black women of oakland walking on parallel paths for three decades, forging a bond that's professional and personal, using their skills in public relations , promotions and event planning to make a difference. what are you going to do to impact the lives of others? cathie adams is president of the oakland african american chamber of commerce. but no. your street wide lounge and kitchen one of our grant
4:57 pm
recipients, she says she has helped 250 black owned businesses receive a grant to help survive the pandemic. adams tells me she's driven by her love for the community. what would people say about you when the journey ends, and every time i think about it? they would say i helped people i'm so happy to see you all here today is jones is involved in political organizing, including emceeing the women's march as the statewide executive director for black women organized for political action. she held a fundraiser for vice president kamala harris. when she ran for the u. s senate. take out your temporary crown material as executive director of peralta colleges foundation, she helps students. we are really working to empower you know the students so that they can see their future and in and be able to graduate and become great. sandra varner is a publicist with clients, including health clinics. black winemakers and
4:58 pm
the african american sports and entertainment group negotiating with the city of oakland to buy released 50% of the coliseum site with plans to bring in a black owned nfl team. they want to develop that whole area around the coliseum with affordable housing and retail. i guess it worked up about it. i get so excited about the work. i have to tell the story. the story behind these women is there behind the scenes work, their friendship and professional alliance. they've collaborated on various projects here in oakland. and beyond. if there is something we cannot handle, and we know is in the wheelhouse of the other. we refer to each other. we all respect each other. we admire each other. we support each other. we want each other to be successful. each woman runs her own company planning, organizing and promoting businesses. individuals and events. it is important that we always have, um, champions and advocates and
4:59 pm
ambassadors to make sure that we're doing this great work. you're doing the work, but none of us we don't do this by ourselves. if you don't have any sisters value side, you better get your sound. these women say empowering each other is the foundation of their friendship, and they want to pay it forward by helping the next generation of women. in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. from northern ukraine shows the aftermath of shelling at a supermarket tonight, russian forces have intensified their show of force as they close in on the capital. yeah war is all over the place and whoever can get out needs to get out. for the first time since russia invaded ukraine. last thursday, delegates from both countries
5:00 pm
met for talks that are aimed at stopping the fighting. good evening, everyone thanks for joining us here at five o'clock tonight. i'm alex savage. and i'm heather holmes those talks taking place against the backdrop of war bombing, which ukrainian president zelinsky says was an effort to get his side. to make concessions. ktvu is claudine wong begins our team coverage tonight with details on the hours long get together, claudine. well, alex and heather the meeting aimed at stopping the fighting. you would only an agreement to keep talking. the two sides met this morning in neighboring belarus. ukrainian president valdimir zelinski had demanded a ceasefire and while that did not materialize, the two sides did agree to conduct more talks while those talks went on fighting continued with russian troops closing in on the capital of kiev, moscow has run into unexpectedly fierce resistance from the ground, with many ukrainian civilians taking up arms to defend their country. david trying to find this guy's local defense uni


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