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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 28, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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story tonight a horrific shooting in a sacramento area church where a father tonight killed his three children and a chaperone during a supervised visit. before turning the gun on himself. domestic violence is all too common. this obviously rising to the level of killing innocent children is obviously beyond anyone's rational comprehension. those three young victims sisters, ages 9, 10 and 13. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. this happened around five o'clock tonight at a church called the church in the ardent arcade neighborhood of sacramento county. that's where we find ktvu elissa harrington live tonight with the latest on this developing story, alyssa.
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and as you just heard the victims three young girls. they're 39 year old father. the suspect and law enforcement says that this time they don't know the motive for this devastating crime. i want to show as you can see, there's very large police presence still here, the church eet, where those flashing lights are police are people who live here say that they could clearly hear the gunshots. this church is in a residential neighborhood and those who live nearby say they are devastated by what happened. i have two shots shots, and then i saw the people across. they're running. they're going shooting at the church unions church, sandy davis lives on. why'd away in sacramento arden arcade neighborhood across the street from a church where five people were killed and what law enforcement believes was a murder suicide. this happened just after five o'clock, davis heard the gunfire while taking her dogs on a walk. now i opened
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the door and i heard 5 to 6 shots and i immediately opened the door. let the dog go back in and hit i crouched to the ground . sheriff's deputies say the shooter was a man who shot his three children inside the church during what was supposed to be a supervised visit. he also killed this chaperone. then turned the gun on himself. the mother of the kids had a restraining order against the father. it's just horrific and unfortunately, it does happen and does happen in the county. domestic violence is all too common. this obviously rising to the level of killing innocent children is obviously beyond anyone's rational comprehension. the children were all under the age of 15. the shooting happened in the main sanctuary, apparently a church or worker upstairs in this building, they heard a shot and then more shots. they left that building. cold us investigators say they are unsure of the family's relationship to the church or how many others were
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inside at the time. several agencies were initially called to the scene, including swat and the fbi. the children's mother is okay. and earlier this evening, she was on her way to meet with investigators. at this time. no names have been released. but we know the family did live here in sacramento reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news and elissa. is it clear at this point why the mother of those children have that restraining order against the gunman? that's one thing that law enforcement said that they are going to look into they're going to look into why she took out this restraining order and how long that restraining order had been in place. alright elissa harrington live at the scene of this horrific shooting tonight in sacramento county. alyssa thank you. the governor tweeted in response to tonight's shooting and said this another senseless act of gun violence in america this time in our backyard in a church with kids inside, absolutely devastating. our hearts go out to the victims
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, their families and their communities. we are working closely with local law enforcement. now to the russian , you invasion of ukraine, and this is a live look now at the capital city of kiev tonight, where people were reportedly allowed out of their homes for the first time since saturday. a large convoy of russian tanks is still threatening the capital. but it appears that the finding has remained another eastern ukrainian cities. we're joined now by fox news, lauren blanchard. she's live for us in washington, d c with the latest developments. lauren hi, alex. heather well is the sun comes up in ukraine. it comes after another night of terror for the ukrainian people now 1/6 day of fighting with russians shelling ukraine's second largest city. still on monday, the two sides ukraine and russia did meet in person in hopes of coming up with some sort of ceasefire. devastating images out of
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ukraine showing powerful blasts hitting apartment buildings in kharkiv. the ukrainian military and its people have managed to put up a strong resistance to the russian invasion so far taking up arms, citizens even building molotov cocktails to defend their country. this is desperate fight. this is a david versus goliath situation. satellite images show a convoy of russian tanks and trucks near the country's capital city of kiev, the pentagon says. although russia has faced setbacks, they still have significant combat power and fear the fight will grow more deadly. it's clear the russians have not made the progress that they wanted to make by day five. but that doesn't mean ah, that they aren't going to adapt and try to overcome some of these challenges. there's also growing concern about russian president vladimir putin's state of mind and his decision to put russian nuclear forces on high alert. and we think provocative rhetoric like this regarding nuclear weapons is dangerous. in the middle of all the fighting.
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both sides met for peace talks, however, their first sit down did not lead to any significant breakthrough. the reason why we have awards because diplomacy broke down and i don't think it's going to get patched up here anytime soon. and that was fox news. lauren blanchard reporting for us the u. s. is expelling 12. russian diplomats at the united nations for taking part in what they call espionage activities. all the white house today announced additional sanctions against russia aimed at crippling that country's economy. this latest round targets russia's central bank and effectively prohibits americans from doing business with the bank, and it freezes all of its assets within the united states. all this comes after the us joined other western nations in banning some russian banks from swift and international messaging system for financial transactions that connects institutions around the world. it's much bigger actually than the swift action because it means there's going to be an
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enormous scramble for dollars in russia. two of the world's largest energy companies also distancing themselves today, british petroleum pulled out of a $25 billion energy development deal and shell oil announced that it will exit all of its russian oil operations. the value of bitcoin jumped 10% today amid the new sanctions against russia's central bank. analysts say russia may try to evade those sanctions by using cryptocurrencies transactions on centralized bitcoin exchanges in both the russian ruble and the ukrainian currency have surged to their highest point. and we learned today by finance, the largest crypto exchange said it's refusing a request from ukraine to block all russian user accounts. spokesperson did say they do plan to block any addresses included in the sanctions. stocks finished mixed today as investors continue to keep a close eye on the ongoing conflict in ukraine. the dow dropped 166 points, the nasdaq
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gained some ground climbing 56 points and the s and p closed about 10 points. lower mata, the parent company of facebook, and instagram, announced that is restricting access to russian state controlled media outlets in europe. the company says. the move comes amid concerns that russia's rt and sputnik are being used to spread disinformation as well as propaganda. over the weekend, meta said it was banning ads from russian state media and had removed a network of 40 fake accounts, pages and groups. that published pro russian talking points. elon musk is confirming that spacex starlink satellites are now active over ukraine, giving a digital lifeline to residents and businesses there. the announcement after ukraine's vice prime minister personally asked busk to help provide internet service to the country . musk answering the call on twitter writing starling service is now active in ukraine. more terminals in ralph. internet
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service has been disrupted in several ukrainian cities since russia invaded last week. south san francisco schoolteacher is trying to help a friend in kiev. who's in hiding right now with her family, she says she just can't sit still watching her friend andther ukrainians suffer. ktvu us live tonight in amber, you spoke to the longtime friends. about their message. that's right. alex were just outside of south san francisco's city hall . it's lit up in yellow and blue , the colors of ukraine. earlier tonight, i spoke with the school teacher who tells me she wants to give her friend in ukraine. a voice. we do here is explosions in the distance, but it's regular. unfortunately alina and ukrainian american is speaking with me from her home just outside of kiev, reconnected with the help of her friend carrie chanchu, rouleau here in south san francisco. rieti. i mean, dread terror anger. that's
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for the most part, described pretty much child feel, alina says this is video of her for children ages. 5 to 12 hiding in the basement of their house. they're going occasional shooting some of the busses and trains, train attacks and like car car shootings, and basically just it's dangerous to leave right now. alina and carrie, tell me they've been friends for more than two decades. they met in their twenties working as waitresses at a san francisco restaurant. olena returned to kiev 11 years ago and owns a private school. kerry is a first grade teacher in south san francisco. their problem is our problem and as brothers and sisters the united into micro c c. i'm so sorry. we have to stand together, alina says. at this point, she and her children have food and water, but that stores are running out of basics such as bread, eggs and butter. still she is optimistic because of the ukrainian people's unity
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, courage and resilience. it's amazing that they would just go bare hands and against the people with arms. and just not be afraid to protect themselves and protect their land. and to see people around us. just organizing everywhere. we can't just stand and sit silently and watch this happen. and i wanted to give her a voice that she's not just hiding in her basement with her four children. kerry says he hopes the war will be over soon so she can go to ukraine to help her friend she's urging americans to donate to charitable organizations offering humanitarian relief to the people. of ukraine. alex alright, amberleigh live for us tonight in south san francisco. amber. thank you. the california legislature introduced a bil ths russian investmentsd casters. tt from russian based assets. lawmakers say the state could
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help the people of ukraine by putting additional financial pressure on the already beaten up russian economy. lawmakers say it's believed california has russian investments exceeding over $1 billion, primarily in its pension funds. the delegation will also ask private companies based here in california to divest their investments in the russian economy. and our coverage of russia's attack on ukraine, and the fallout continues at ktvu dot com. that's where you can find the latest developments right there on the homepage. new information about a teenager hidden killed while riding his bike home from school in the east bay. the desperate plea from his family to help get his body back to his home country. a little salvador. pretty warm one again today tomorrow be warm with some clouds, but then showers in that five days. i'll see you back here with the forecast. also coming up tonight , senator dianne feinstein announces her husband has died
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after a long battle with cancer . how richard bloom is being remembered as a giving and loyal ♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. hall this afternoon and says she will spend tonight sleeping outside. karina dominguez, along
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with other homeless advocates say they want to shine a light on the plight of house people in their city. what many people don't realize is that we have on house members that actually spend the night and behind this building. this is their home, and so it's important for us to lift their voices. make sure that we present. solutions that are going to work for our business community and our entire community and our in house community. last night, amega spent the night in a car at the homeless camp near city hall. she says she plans to speak out against plans to clear that camp and cut homeless services at the city council meeting tomorrow night. richard bloom, husband of senator dianne feinstein, has died. in a statement, the senator announced that he died yesterday after battling cancer. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live from san francisco tonight with how the finance here and political donor is being remembered. heather were at temple emanuel in san
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francisco's presidio heights neighborhood, and senator feinstein staff tells me that this is where they're planning to hold a public memorial for richard bloom on friday. today there was just an outpouring of love and grief, showing just how much he touched people around the world. senator dianne feinstein and richard bloom together since their marriage in 1980 in a statement monday, she said he was her best friend for more than 40 years. i'm going to miss him terribly. we have a hole in her heart that will never be filled. bluhm was at their home in san francisco's pacific heights when he lost his battle with cancer. sunday night . he was chairman of blum capital partners, an investment firm he founded in san francisco in 1975. staff members in shock monday, said he treated his employees kindly like family. the white house released a statement from president biden saying jill and i were saddened to learn of the passing of #### blum, a successful businessman,
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humanitarian and proud son of california, #### was a man of personal decency and generosity , a champion of human rights driven by genuine care and compassion to make a difference in the world. from his home state to halfway around the globe. his legacy will live on in the families and communities . his goodness touched. bloom touched many people through his philanthropy and volunteer work . he was a former president of the u. c board of regions and was a strong, loyal supporter of his alma mater, uc berkeley, where he established the first bloom center for developing economies. to fight poverty around the world. the bluhm centers work was praised by former president jimmy carter and the dalai lama, two of his longtime friends who both served as honorary trustees. his love for the beauty of the himalayas and the people who live there prompted him to launch the american himalayan foundation in 1981. the mission to protect and uplift the people and culture building bridges across the world and the lasting legacy of
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friendship. richard bloom was 86 years old, and he is also survived by a brother, his three daughters, his stepdaughter and seven grandchildren. temple emanuel is planning to hold his public memorial service at 11 o'clock on friday morning, and then that will be followed by a private service for the family. quite jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight in san francisco, johnathan q we have learned the identity of a teenager killed in concord while riding his bike. jose castillo was a student at mount diablo high school. he was riding his bike home from school friday afternoon. when he was hit by a car at the intersection of clayton street and galindo road video shows a crumpled by as well as a tree trimming truck. a third vehicle was involved as well. there's a small memorial now at the intersection with candles and flowers. the principal of the high school said the castillo moved to the bay area from el salvador just a
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few months ago and started at the school in january. he was starting to learn english. castillo was living with his aunt, uncle and cousin. the school has a counseling center and school psychologist for students who are grieving. this is a time. we're still you know, coming out of covid coming out of this pandemic, and it's already been a lot of loss for our students for our community. and so this is just another reminder. and so i think for some kind of his home. a go fund me page has now been set up to raise enough money to return casio's body to his family in el salvador, a tearful video of castro's mother mourning the loss of her son was posted on youtube. police arrested one driver for vehicular manslaughter. new figures show the sierra snowpack dropped sharply over the last month tomorrow, the california department of water resources is set to do its monthly snow survey right now, sensors put
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the snowpack at 67% of normal in the central sierra. that's down from 92% of normal just a month ago, state water officials warned with such a dramatic loss , it's almost certain we're in for a third year of water shortages. almost a third of california's water comes from snowmelt. loop here. we've got whether that looks like it could be potentially productive in terms of some rainfall here. so this is the trough right here. kind of pencil in and the ridges now moves out over towards buildings and over the intermountain region, so this low is going to hang offshore pretty much for the next few days and bring us an opportunity of showers. wednesday night into thursday snow in the mountains and then maybe something after that, nothing really powerful. but the pattern has shifted. so that's what we're looking for, as opposed to what we had last year or last month. pardon me.
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swells are still pretty big, not quite as big as yesterday. but still pretty big. some guys spoke about surfing mavericks today. another picture from today. swell will be a little smart tomorrow, but it's still dangerous offshore. and it will stay big, probably through wednesday, especially up north up around san francisco. so as you look at the current temperatures, you can see 70 from the high today and now in santa rosa 74 napa, so temperatures well above the average for february. michael back. we're going to take a look at the rain chances. we'll get that computer model in time out . the opportunity for showers wednesday night into thursday was snow in the mountains. all right, we'll see it a bit. bill thank you coming up tonight at 10 30 what we could expect at president biden's first state of the union address tomorrow, plus the latest american companies to cut ties with russia. first, though, in two minutes masks will no longer be required in california schools. but not everybody area school district
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state will no longer require kids in schools to wear mask indoors beginning march 11th, but it's ktvu jesse gary reports tonight local health departments and school districts can still choose to keep the mandate in place. we will be aligning to the states updated guidance that masks will be strongly recommended for schools instead of required the policy change in california, oregon and washington state comes as covid case rates, hospitalizations and positivity rates have shown substantial declines by zoom public health secretary dr marc galle. ah jurisdictions, local health jurisdictions in the case , schools and school districts may decide that keep or add additional requirements beyond what the state is outlining today. santa clara county health officials have said they will also follow the states lead the california teachers association released a statement which says in part, while some students are
10:25 pm
ready to immediately remove their masks, others remain very afraid. education expert dr heather lad emir says the impact can be poor academic performance due to a split attention span. if your focus is not on the book or the math problem, but is instead on concern over the possibility that you may catch something from somebody's sitting nearby. it's gonna be really hard to focus on the information and the ideas that you're expected to learn. at that time. san jose unified will offer covid protective equipment to teachers as masking becomes a recommendation, not a requirement. for students. i think we'll have to see what the , um wet with the demand is for that we enter this next phase. we know, uh, that the next phase the future may bring future surges, new variants and california will continue to be ready and build on what we've learned so that we can keep californians safe masks will
10:26 pm
still be required indoors in healthcare settings, jails and mass transit. tuesday santa clara county health officials plan to announce the metrics here indicate they can drop requirements for masks indoors, not just for vaccinated people, but also for those who are unvaccinated. make the announcement tuesday, but it will take effect wednesday in san jose. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news san francisco's health department says it will align with the state and not require mask at schools and childcare centers in the city. however the san francisco unified school district says it will require mask at its public schools in oakland. the school district says it is awaiting guidance from the county. and that mask will be required until further notice, and the livermore unified school district says it's still strongly recommends masks but will not require them. new data shows the low dose covid vaccine for young children doesn't provide much protection against infection. new york
10:27 pm
state health officials studied almost a million vaccinated kids during the omicron surge. and they found the fighters shots offered virtually no protection against infection in kids that age 5 to 11, even just a month after vaccination, the vaccine still offered strong protection, though against serious illness. researchers say these findings may be attributed to the dosage , which is one third what older children receive. i think he's world unhinged. i really do. questions about the mental health of russia's president. what people in past administrations are saying about putin's behavior and president biden's first state of the union address is coming up tomorrow night. after the break. we hear from the political expert about what we can expect. and after 15 hours of negotiations, major league baseball and the players union are still meeting at this hour. joe fonzi is up later in sports to tell us how close they are to getting a deal done. also
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fencing around the u. s capitol in preparation for tomorrow's state of the union address. officials say there are no credible threats and that additional officers will be in the area. president biden's speech will reportedly cumbre cover a number of issues, including russia's invasion of ukraine, as well as inflation concerns here at home, joining us tonight to discuss the president's first state of the union address is ktvu political analyst brian sobel. brian always appreciate your time, obviously before russia invaded ukraine. the president was hoping to use this speech to really focus in on his economic agenda. now much of his attention shifts to the crisis
10:31 pm
in ukraine. how does the president handle the situation in ukraine in this address? and what do you think his message will be? to the american people about the role the u. s is playing here. alex. i think he has to speak to the american people about the role and standing of the united states in the world. given this crisis, and this speech will be watched more closely. then most state of the union speech is mainly by people around the world wanted to hear what the president has to say vladimir putin in moscow . he's actually not in moscow, but in russia will be watching. keeping in beijing and leaders around the world and see what the president has to say about the invasion of ukraine by the by the russians and what his intentions are. obviously any enormously important speech coming up tomorrow. brian the war in ukraine obviously assume a very large role, but the president will also use this opportunity to tout his
10:32 pm
accomplishments in moving forward, for example, moving beyond the pandemic. absolutely heather. it's a case of trying to contrast what's going on in the world and that terrible situation in ukraine with what he wants to put forward as the american agenda, and he wants to talk about covid being partially defeated or at least receding in the united states. he wants to talk about an energetic economy , and he wants to talk about his plans on a range of issues from infrastructure to other things. that he thinks the american people want to hear about and in fact the american people do. obviously the president facing mounting pressure to help americans who are struggling right now because of rising inflation in this country there, everyone is paying more for everything from food to fuel in this address tomorrow night. how does the president convinced the average person in this country that he understands their pain? and has a plan to try to bring
10:33 pm
down those costs. it has to be the plan. i think he's got to spend some time talking about the fuel prices in the united states, gasoline prices and how he's going to solve that. how the congress will solve it with his leadership. this is an important issue for americans. everybody who goes to the pump now realizes we have a major crisis on our hands, and of course, it's exacerbated. what's going on around the world. so he has to judge the post that is the president juxtaposed what's going on internationally with what he can do in the united states to help with things like fuel prices, alex a lot of economic concerns. and on that economic front, brian, we expect the president to announce two new specific initiatives aimed at helping the ocean shipping sector as well as nursing homes , obviously to industries hit really hard by the pandemic. what we're seeing everything from shipping shortages to delays at ports and that sort of thing, and i think the president
10:34 pm
has finally decided to really take this issue on people should know that the world's cargo carriers are really among just a few companies and they can do things to keep driving up prices they can delay shipping they can delay the way that they deal reports. there's a whole range of things that these companies who are foreign owned almost in its entirety can really affect the american economy. and i think he wants to put a brake on that. with respect to the nursing homes. he wants more inspections. he wants to not have a repeat of what we saw during the early stages of the covid crisis. heather, where nursing homes felt like they were unregulated people died and he wants to really invest in the oversight of nursing homes rob the united states. yes, certainly pivotal moment in president biden's time in office here an important address coming
10:35 pm
tomorrow. i appreciate you coming on tonight to talk about it. political analyst brian sobol. my pleasure and i'll leave you with this. i believe this is going to be the most consequential speech. in joe biden career. yeah. all right, brian. thanks thank you. and you can watch the president's address tomorrow night live right here on ktvu. fox to our coverage begins at six o'clock. more american companies announced today they are cutting ties with russia, disney and warner brothers said they will stop all theatrical film releases in russia that includes the latest pixar movie turning red and the batman from warner brothers. bay area based band green day has canceled an upcoming concert in moscow and general motors says it would stop all exports of vehicles in russia in light of russian president vladimir putin's actions, including his latest nuclear saber rattling, there are new questions about his mental state. as fox news, gillian turner reports. people who have observed the leader for years are noting a major change
10:36 pm
in both this attitude and behavior. i met with him many times, and this is a different putin world leaders who have been dealing with vladimir putin for decades or questioning his mental state, some calling him a madman. unhinged and paranoid. he seems erratic. there is an. ever deepening, delusional rendering of history. he's descending into something that i personally haven't seen before. it's not just bush administration officials, obama's intel chief and trump's national security adviser, are alarmed. i think he's a little unhinged. i really do. i don't think he's irrational actor because he's fearful, one former ambassador to russia says. when dictators rule for decades they become disconnected from reality. this is exactly what's happened to putin. lawmakers on capitol hill or calling him delusional. i'm really starting to question the competency mental fitness the last two years. he's even been more isolated. she was very covid phobic the perception among some
10:37 pm
foreign leaders like president emmanuel macron of france is that even when one on one putin is keeping his distance after that encounter, macron described the russian leader as quote more rigid and more isolated. but the world took notice when putin publicly berated his close, crony and intelligence director. some former officials claimed putin's behavior is consistent with the past, even as he continues to ratchet up the stakes and the rhetoric the so called western community as i called it in my speech, an empire of lies. an intelligence source said putin doesn't use a personal cellphone or the internet. if true, he really is cut off from the world beyond his compound walls, another source tells fox news. the kremlin sometimes stages made for tv clips. in which putin appears to have a cell phone to give the impression he's plugged in in washington, gillian turner fox news. coming up at 11 tonight. a bay area city is sister cities with a large city in russia. the effort now to end
10:38 pm
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ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. disappointing revenue forecast. the san jose companies projecting revenue that's below what analysts were expecting for the first quarter and full fiscal year that sent the company's shares down about 1% in after hours trading. all of this comes as more employees returned to the office and decrease use of the videoconferencing platform. well the last marie callender's restaurant in san jose is now
10:41 pm
closed for good. the restaurant there on blossom hill road. was one of the last two. marie callender's here in the bay area of the franchise owner told the mercury news that sales were down due to the pandemic, and he could no longer afford the rent. many customers were surprised to see the lights out and the closed sign right there on the door. had it said of, um. it's been decades and i've been getting my pies from marie callender's and just that it's just one more institution that's gone by the wayside. of the last remaining marie callender's in the bay area is in sunnyvale, the company that owns the restaurant chain for bankruptcy back in 2000 and 19 and shut down 19 locations in the u. s. including seven here in the bay area outdoor park. let's could become a permanent feature in oakland. the city council is set to vote on a proposal tomorrow that would extend the program that streamlines and expedites the permitting process for outdoor spaces. before 2020
10:42 pm
businesses had to go through a long and complicated application and permitting process if the city council does not take up the issue. the program will expire at the end of march. san mateo county leaders today shows support and appreciation for healthcare workers for their ongoing efforts during this pandemic. an event was held this morning at the san mateo medical center during shift change. representatives jackie spear and an s u, along with san mateo police led the effort to say thank you at the event, which was called healthcare workers have hard saying that those employees saved hundreds of lives in the county. the first covid-19 death here in the u. s happened two years ago today. february 28th. the death occurred in washington state and was a man in his late fifties who had underlying health conditions. over the past two years, more than 78 million positive cases have been reported here in the us and nearly one million people with the coronavirus have died.
10:43 pm
coming up tonight. a woman arrested after police find nearly $20,000 worth of stolen goods in her car. plus i was just so like, scared and nobody knew where it came from. and so we were just like running four people shot outside in east bay , dave and buster's tonight we hear from a witness about that frightening scene are dry. february is coming to an end. our chief meteorologist bill martin, tells us wha in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at ♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive"
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say the latest case happened last saturday around 4 30 in the afternoon at the victoria's secret store at stanford shopping center. police say they watched 20 year old vilela cherie blair taylor put more than $1600 with the merchandise right into her bag, and when she left the store, she was arrested. officers say that blakely's car had a stolen license plate and inside the vehicle. police say it was more than $19,000 worth of stolen merchandise from other victoria's secret stores in fairfield and san jose. now to concord, where four people were shot last night, just outside of a dave and buster's police say they believe the shooting stem from an argument between two groups inside that venue. ktvu sonoma. goss spoke to someone who was there during the shooting. a sunday night trip to dave and buster's and conquered
10:47 pm
, ended with a frenzy of panicked guests and employees exiting the restaurant and video arcade spot after hearing gunshots ring out we were walking like towards the games, and one shot went off first, and it was there was a slight pause. and then a bunch more came after and everybody just kind of like started running. i was just so like, scared and nobody knew where it came from. and so we were just like running. we didn't know who. what where the shooting happened just before 11 pm when officers arrived, they found a man and woman with gunshot wounds to other men struck by gunfire drove 18 miles east to a hospital in antiochus . the investigation is in its early stages in the condition and identities of the four who were shot have not been released. many people dropped everything as they ran for safety. this woman came back monday to find none of her belongings had been recovered. house keys, car keys, wallet, phone everything. david busters corporate office sent a statement to ktvu, noting that
10:48 pm
guest and team members safety is a top priority stating in part, we particularly want to thank our team members and security officers who quickly mobilized to help. the company did not respond to questions about how the company handles weapons brought into its venues. alarming david busters opened his doors at the veranda shopping center in concord in the fall of 2019 closed during much of the pandemic. visitors to the shopping center monday say it's a family destination that is always felt safe. now there are less sure. i don't know if we would come again. i think it's a little scary to think if people are able to get into a david busters with a gun , god forbid, or in the parking lot of a public place. it's pretty scary. the presence of security guards roving around the shopping center gives some customers peace of mind their safety while shopping there is in good hands. concord police are not releasing any new information today. but they do encourage any witnesses to come forward and call the concord police tip line reporting and conquered. emma goss, ktvu fox two news. another beautiful day
10:49 pm
felt like spring out there. even though we're coming to the end of february here we had temperatures in the mid seventies fairfield with 75. we had this 74 napa 75 in san jose. highs tomorrow are going to be pretty similar. not quite as warm in some places, maybe a little warmer than others receive more clouds tomorrow clouds out there now. partly cloudy and mild night because of that cloud cover, so that kind of keeps temperatures on the mild side. so no freezing temperatures tonight even in the coldest spots. so here's the model the long range where to go into tomorrow. there's all the clouds for tuesday more clouds for wednesday and then wednesday night. this guy shows up looks pretty good. some rain. some showers. snow in the mountains thursday morning into thursday afternoon. thursday evening. so wednesday night into thursday, some scattered showers and then a little something else kind of tweaks through on saturday, so we'll see how that goes. i mean , the bottom line is that the takeaway is that we've got a
10:50 pm
pattern that's very different than the pattern that we've been seeing. so rain probability. i don't know how much not expecting a time. but hopefully this will open the door and open a path. for more opportunities for more rain because we have just been dry as all get out, and we need the rain, as you know, so overnight lows tonight because of all the clouds out there are going to be on the mild side. so even in santa rosa, it's not going to be 38. it's going to be about 42 degrees. it's mild. it's 56 right now. in brentwood, it's 47 , santa rosa and 55 in san francisco. there's that swath of moisture it stays out of here, for the most part, continues to run the pacific northwest. but those clouds will visit us tomorrow and then again as we head into, um thursday, wednesday and thursday, and by wednesday night into thursday. we're looking for an opportunity for some scattered showers. snow in the mountains. heaviest rain will end up being up around northern part of california, northeast california. so that's
10:51 pm
lake shasta. i think like orbital get maybe an inch of rain if we're lucky. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow . lots of mid seventies again. so you know if you're going to march here, temperatures feeling like spring not spring. yet the five day forecast, though, is a good one ended that jet stream has budged position, and now we have an opportunity for clouds. clouds are always a good sign. and so with those claws, we have an opportunity for showers wednesday and thursday and then again, maybe something on saturday and hopefully something after that. i'll see you back here at 11. okay bill. we'll see you then. thank you coming up a night to remember for what is the premier young players in the nba. joe fonzi is next with sports. coming up tonight on the 11 o'clock news from healdsburg to berkeley to san jose. cities in every corner of the bay area are showing their support again s
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
happening tonight in sports. it's tuesday in florida, which means the deadline for the start of the major league baseball season has passed, but representatives for the owners and players are still meeting and seemed to be intent on getting an agreement before anybody goes home. with the lockout in its 89th day, the two sides resumed their eighth straight day of negotiations beginning at 10 this morning. they've had multiple sessions today and at last word were in their 12th. the owners designated today as the deadline for a collective bargaining agreement to avoid cancelation of the scheduled march. 31st started the season and a full 162 game schedule. we know they have agreed on the expansion of playoffs from 10 to 12 teams. the fact that there's still meeting would seem to indicate both sides are serious about staying at it until the deal is done. san francisco chronicle baseball writer susan slusser on why the players were able to come at things this time around
10:55 pm
from a strong position. the players are so much more aware in taking into consideration franchise valuations. you look at the bay area in 2000 and five john fisher bought the ace for 180 million. they are now valued at over a billion dollars. these are very good investments, much as mlb likes to argue otherwise , and i think the players are starting to make note of that. when teams talked about how poor they are and how little money they have. they all traditionally make quite a lot of money. the warriors picked things up again tomorrow night on the road and minneapolis steve current company have to be concerned about the second straight home game in which the warriors dominated for three quarters before falling well short in the fourth, even when they were ahead last night against dallas. the warriors missed countless easy shots that contributed to the mavericks ability to come back from a 21 point deficit. steph curry and how both ends of the court affect the overall outcome. as a
10:56 pm
point where we start missing shots, and that started affect our defense because we played great defense for 36 minutes and gave ourselves a huge lead and really felt like we had a game under control. and for whatever reason or energy switch when miss a couple of shots, empty possessions for so we got to figure out maintain our energy even if shots aren't following because that's what it might be like in a playoff game where you gotta grind out a win. the spurs . gregg popovich needed one win tonight to tie don nelson for the nba's all time coaching record. memphis had a guy by the name of john miranda had other ideas. first off your basic poster is addiction of spurs seven footer pirtle. that's one the grizzlies have been talking about for a while. if you wondered, just take a look at the guys on the grizzlies bench. unseated one of two end of the first half. not much time for 10th of a second. what do you do in bound for the grizzlies? adams the length of the floor to who else? but moran, who catches
10:57 pm
the ball and gets off this shot in one motion to beat the clock, moran comes off of 46 point night with a career high 52 tonight. memphis beats the spurs denies popovich 1 18 1 of five for the second time this season , st mary's guard logan johnson has been named the west coast conference player of the week. and that's for good reason. johnson was a big part of the bay area feel good story of the weekend, the gaels knocked off the number one team in the country on saturday night for just the second time in school history. both times that team was gonzaga. the wind assured st mary's of birth in the upcoming ncaa tournament and the number two seed in the conference tournament. it also vaulted the gaels into the number 19 spot in the national rankings. it was a bit of a surprise in 2000 and 17 1 eventual hall of famer derek jeter was part of a group that bought the miami marlins. jeter owned 4% of the team and was named its ceo. today jeter resigned and sold his share of the team. jeter presided over mostly unsuccessful 4.5 seasons
10:58 pm
in which the marlins had the fourth worst record in baseball reportedly became frustrated with the teams unwillingness to sign and maintain high profile players. giancarlo stanton, christian yelich and marcell ozuna were among those who left under his watch. that leaves kim ng, the marlins general manager, is the highest woman executive in all of baseball is expected to at least temporarily take over jeter's responsibilities along with her own. the international outcry against russia's invasion of ukraine continued today in sports, fifa, soccer's international governing body has banned the russian team from this summer's world cup. the sports world is always reflective of what's going on and greater society is evidence when ukrainian forward roman, um check entered a portuguese league game last night in lisbon. wow really? nothing
10:59 pm
words at the moment to those pictures takes your breath away . just thinking of all of the emotion there. you can see how moved he was by the reaction from the crowd. just an incredible moment, joe. thank you. thank you. coming up next here at 11. i said shot shots and then i saw the people across . they're running. they're going shooting at the church unions church. a tragic shooting at a church in sacramento county tonight, authorities say a father shot and killed his three children and a chaperone during a supervised visit. the 11
11:00 pm
o'clock news on ktvu. fox two's starts now. the sacramento county sheriff's office says the gunman took his own life. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage . and i'm heather holmes. that shooting happened around five o'clock this evening at a house of worship called the church in the ardent arcade area of sacramento county. ktvu elissa harrington joins us now live from the scene. and alyssa, all of those children. were under the age of 14. that's right. we know their ages now, 9 10 and 13 3 sisters killed by their father. i want to show you where this happened. this happened at the church in sacramento. this is eaten nondenominational church. right across the street from us near those flashing lights. there's a very large police presence still here now. initially several agencies were called, including swat and the fbi. you can see this church is in a residential neighborhood. people who live here say they could clearly hear the gunshots and are devastated by what happened. i have said


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