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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 3, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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they take oakland neighbors taking in the sight of a convenience store, badly damaged after being hit twice by thieves in just five days. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two's starts now. and good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage convenience store on piedmont avenue in oakland, targeted by thieves twice just days apart and appears that they were after an atm inside. ktvu zambelli live now for us in oakland after taking a look at the damage there. heather day, neighbors and a worker. tell me they're shocked by the two burglaries. the two incidents caused extensive damage to the store. i came by this morning for coffee about seven o'clock this morning when they usually open. and it was like this except lottery thing and the red box for out here in the parking lot. police say someone broke into the 7 11 on piedmont avenue in oakland,
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caused extensive damage to the front of the store and drove away with an atm machine attached to a vehicle. it happened just before 3 30 thursday morning. a cashier tells me it's the second burglary since saturday. he spoke on the condition we not identify him. we scared a lot of people going to scale like a whole neighborhood kind of scared. the cashier shares photos, he says are from the first break in which also happened in the early morning hours. he says thieves broke the large glass window was some type of object and took apart the atm machine. but were unable to remove the internal safe. it appears they came back to get it the second time. yeah, he's a good neighborhood, but in these days kind of kind of crazy time, the spectacle of the destruction attracted a lot of attention in the neighborhood something on this scale, but this amount of property damages. unusual and unnerving, especially though i live quite close by one customer is critical of a justice system, she says, is lenient on criminals, driver hope. vehicle
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to a store. it's crazy, and it's just more. it's so sad. like get exact job everybody's hiring nowadays. there are many surveillance cameras inside and outside the store, but workers tell me the owner is out of the area and unavailable to give us access to the videos showing the burglaries heather all right. amber lee reporting live for us tonight. there in oakland. amber. thank you. we have an update tonight on the situation that escalated the conflict in ukraine today, ukrainian authorities say a fire at the nuclear power plant in that country that was hit by a missile has now been extinguished. surveillance video shows missiles hitting that plant despite the strength, the international atomic energy agency says it's been informed by ukraine's nuclear regulator. there has been no change reported in radiation levels in that area. as the conflict escalates, ukrainian officials are increasing guerilla warfare
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tactics. foxes lucas tomlinson shows us how they're getting small groups of fighters involved. the russian navy massing a dozen warships off crimea u. s officials believe this armada will bring thousands of russian marines to assault the beaches of odessa, known as the pearl of the black sea. news of the pending invasion is sent locals scrambling traffic jams leaving town to the west and northwest picked up by image. shad international. before leaving the airport disabled by placing barriers on the runway to prevent russian transport planes from landing and bringing additional forces. it's not just odessa, where residents are fleeing russian forces now massing just outside kharkiv, ukraine's second largest city. they destroyed the school where i studied for 11 years, they also hit my house. all my friends are hiding in their basements after a call with vladimir putin, french president emmanuel macron warned the worst is yet to come in ukraine. he said. russian forces won't stop
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until the entire country is conquered. us officials say there's a clear willingness by the russians to hit civilian targets throughout ukraine. feel completely soft. i couldn't believe that something like this could happen here in la vive the red cross providing aid for some of the one million refugees fleeing the country. we're having them by giving them food. it gives them things that they need. we're happy helping them out to escape this terrible situation that baltimore putin have done. this city remains under curfew. all residents are indoors. many people fear this war will not end for years. in lviv, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, fox news president biden announced a new federal task force designed to track down and seized the assets of russia's wealthiest business leaders in the white house is also planning additional sanctions, including prohibiting oligarchs from traveling here to the u. s.
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we're adding dozens of names that will list including one of russia's wealthiest billionaires, and i'm banning travel to america by by more than 50 russian oligarchs, their families and their close associates. authorities in france and germany have already seized the odds of two people consider close to russian president vladimir putin. well the images from ukraine of russian attacks and ukrainian civilians suffering are prompting some foreign fighters to volunteer their skills and join ukraine side. get these jana katsuyama picks up that part of our team coverage tonight. and janet, you spoke with one veteran who says he would like to help. heather i went to half moon bay and talked with the veteran who says he would be willing to go to ukraine. he loves the population , the culture, but there are concerns and the law expert says going to ukraine comes with big, personal and policy risks. on thursday, ukrainian president
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vladimir zelensky announced that 16,000 foreign fighters have arrived in ukraine from other countries, according to cnn. some americans say they are considering lending their support to considering going erin diesel is a u s. coast guard veteran. i have a lot of search and rescue experience and i was seeing pictures of them trying to search through people through rubble. and i thought that, um i thought they could use a hand. diesel says a friend sent him a text message with a link to a news article and an application for joining the fight. but the application raised some suspicion. the email address was a gmail. um it wants pictures of my passport and some other personal information, so i just wanted to make sure that i'm sending that personal information somewhere. safe the desire to help ukrainians is deep for many in nato countries who want to do something, but the us has not formally entered the war and law experts say that
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means americans going to ukraine aren't guaranteed protection as us citizens if you are a combatant, which means you're a uniform member of an armed force. then that means you actually have certain right? i mean, you can shoot at the other side under international law. and then if you're captured, you're treated as a pow allen winer, director of the stanford program in international and comparative law, says americans not in uniform could be prosecuted by russia for crimes . civilians don't have the right to wage war. in it means if they do take up arms, they can be captured and they could basically be prosecuted for attempted murder and americans could jeopardize u. s policy. what would really cause a problem would be if there were organized efforts to. i think the language of the statute is to launch an expedition from the united states. and although the u. s is sending assistance to ukraine, it remains formally at peace with russia as for that
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online application for foreign fighters, it's important to be cautious. diesel says he sent a message to that gmail account. i did, too, but so far there's been no response. heather alright, janet. thank you. i made the crisis in ukraine and the impact on energy markets. gas prices are soaring, ktvu camera spotted prices well above $5 a gallon tonight in mill valley, with one station selling regular for $5.49 a gallon. marine counties average is now $5.07. san francisco's is $5.06 a gallon analysts with gasbuddy say this is the first time a u. s city has hit an average that high today. house speaker nancy pelosi said she supports banning russian oil, which currently makes up about 10% of the oil imported here to the us. her comments appear to reflect the sentiment in the u. s senate, where a group of lawmakers introduced a bill that would ban
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all energy imports from russia. the white house says such a move would cause gas prices to spike even further. i knew at 11 tonight california is preparing for an influx of women seeking abortions if the u. s. supreme court overturns legal protections this summer, a new bill in the state legislature would let some nurse practitioners perform abortions without a doctor's supervision. democratic leaders say the goal is to increase the number of california healthcare workers who can perform abortions. nurse practitioners have advanced degrees and can provide a number of treatments. now to oakland, where another grieving family has lost a child to gun violence, police say 14 year old shamari martin was apparently shot near 98 macarthur in east oakland around 10 15 last night. then minutes later, authorities say a car riddled with bullets stopped at mountain boulevard near keller avenue in the east oakland hills and someone inside
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waved down an ambulance. individuals within that vehicle flagged down a falk ambulance that was in the area. the occupants of that vehicle pulled a male juvenile from the vehicle and then drove off. family members say they don't know what led up to the shootings. so far, there's no description being given to the public about the suspects or the vehicle involved here. coming up tonight at 11 large boulders keeping highway 50 block tonight coming up what caused this dramatic scene today ? also a car crashes right through a daycare in northern california with
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highway 50 and echo summit, and that road is closed throughout the night. driver discovered this at about six o'clock tonight. and alerted authorities . quite a scene here on the highway. the chp says that rock is blocking both the east and westbound directions of the highway. right now, there is no estimated time to get the road reopened, so travelers are going to need to find an alternate route. caltrans is telling us this slide may be a result of the cow door fire because there's no vegetation in that area to hold the rocks in place. 19 young children were rushed to hospitals after a car slammed right into the side of a preschool near reading. it happened this afternoon in anderson, just south of writing
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19 kids, and at least two staff members were inside the building at the time. police say no fake tallit ease were expected, but hospital officials say two children were taken to the pediatric intensive care unit at u. c. davis medical center there in sacramento. police say the driver was cooperative and it was determined that she was not impaired at the time of that crash. governor newsom says that he wants to take a new approach to the challenges of homelessness and mental health here in the bay area. he's proposing a path to get more people into court ordered treatment. well, there's no compassion, stepping over people in the streets and sidewalks, compassionate reading about some one losing their life under 2 80. in an encampment. under the governor's proposal, people suffering from psychosis could face a judge if they are suspected of a crime if an involuntary psychiatric hold is expiring, or if a family member or outreach worker thinks they
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cannot care for themselves. ktvu christian captain has reaction tonight from san francisco. yes. seeing people roaming the streets of san francisco, clearly in mental crisis is sadly all too familiar now. the governor's court plan aims to get those people the treatment they need. carotene the managing attorney for the san francisco public defender's offices. mental health unit, says wanting people to get the help they need is an admirable goal. but forcing them into treatment is the wrong way to go about it. it's better to use a holistic approach to engage to do active , listening to do outreach to help them to embrace treatment in the long term. chan says. the governor's efforts are redundant , she says. san francisco already has several civil and criminal justice tools in place to determine if people need mental health care. the key, she says, is making sure patients get that help quickly once they say they need care. and what i think the way we should do is to
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aggressively fund programs and build up the capacity. so when somebody say i want help, or we can say can we help you offer your help? we have somewhere to send them for help. but on the streets of san francisco, many feel that something has to be done. daniel mena has struggled with mental health issues himself and says sometimes people cannot make their own decisions. about what's in their best interest. yeah do come down that side because i myself have had issues in the past. and now that i'm taking better care of myself, i think others should think others should do the same thing. others who live and work in the tenderloin say it's not compassionate to leave people languishing in the streets, and my heart goes out to them because they're out here. walking around and they get themselves into trouble. you know, sometimes they can harm others and not even realize it. and i don't think this plan is just really good to help clean that up. mental health advocates say the effectiveness of the governor's plan is just one of the major flaws. they say that
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the care court plan also poses serious civil liberties implications if the state can hold and treat people against their will in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. coronavirus restrictions affected a lot of travel plans for so many people over the last two years, and tourism officials in san francisco worry about it. slow recovery. also, scientists lay out what they believe will happen if there's a magnitude seven earthquake. along one of the bay area's major fault lines. scattered showers linger along the peninsula and parts of san francisco. what's that mean ? for the weekend and for the ? for the weekend and for the moun if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out tourism has improved in the city
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, but the recovery could be better. organization says visitors spending has fallen well below expectations, a new report says visitors spent $3.1 billion last year. that is short of last year's forecast of $3.5 billion, and it is way below the $10.3 billion in 2019. that was the last full year before the covid lockdowns. corporate travel just has not come back. it's going to require companies do back in their offices on a regular basis for that corporate travel and finally meetings and conventions, although those are starting to come back, there's still that typically at the size that they were before the pandemic. as of travel, says the city's economy lost 86,000 tourism related jobs due to the pandemic, and only about 6400 of those jobs came back last year. a new court ruling caps enrollment at u. c. berkeley ktvu elissa harrington explains how this is a huge blow for the school and thousands of potential undergraduate and transfer students. well you see
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, berkley is one of the world's top colleges and the dream school for many high schoolers hoping to one day walk on this campus, but thousands of would be undergraduates and transfer students will be getting a rejection letter instead. the california supreme court ruled to keep intact a lower court order that would reduce and pause enrollment at uc berkeley until it doesn't environmental impact. study the ruling of victory for the group save berkeley's neighborhoods, which filed the lawsuit back in 2020. this increase in students has had a really substantial of fact on displacing low income tenants. from particularly rent controlled housing. the group's president, phil bach, avoid blamed the university for failing to address needs for student housing, which hasn't turned impacted homelessness. noise traffic and created a housing shortage in the city. we're going to end up being a city of homeowners and students , and nobody else is going to be able to live here. berkeley's mayor, jesse era gene called
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students of valuable part of the community and said he's disappointed so many will be denied a berkeley education very disappointed. you know, it's tragic. imagine being one of those students who worked hard. and dreamed of going to uc berkeley like myself. it's a find out that your hopes hummus have been, um, ruined by the fact that some neighbors think that you don't belong here in berkeley. in a statement, university officials said they were disheartened by the ruling. part of the statement reads. this is devastating news for the thousands of students who have worked so hard for and have earned a seat in our fall. 2022 class. our fight on behalf of everyone of these students continues in a tweet, the governor's office said. the ruling is against everything they stand for. the university is still trying to find space for students by possibly offering online enrollment. or by asking incoming students to delay enrollment until 2023 in berkeley. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. earthquake scientists are taking a comprehensive look at the risks
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from the hayward fault, which is overdue for a major earthquake. the scenario looks at what would happen if there was some magnitude seven quake along that fault that runs from fremont up into richmond. it predicts losses totalling $82 billion 800 deaths and more than 400,000. people displace, scientists say governments, businesses and people all need to be prepared. already we're checking the scattered showers that are out there now showing up a little bit as you look in san jose, we've got some light sprinkles. it's been really light all over the place. and as i show you the radar. you're going to figure you can see why? because it's just a kind of a real diffuse weather systems. look at that. i mean, that's current. you see the yellows now and that was wrapping around earlier this evening that was throwing down some pretty good rain rates. along the peninsula, but now it's kind of died down. we do have showers as far south as monterey and down towards big sur in that whole system. the
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whole complex is working its way down towards southern california where they're going to end up with good half inch of rain. maybe more. cemetery right now you're getting some light. scattered showers out by fremont . i don't know if that's hitting the ground, but it's very light. we've had some places up to a quarter of an inch of rain. other places. zero most places under 1/10 of an inch. in the mountains. this will work into something because we're gonna have a secondary system come down on saturday that will really blossom, especially on the west slope this year, nevada so they're going to get a foot and a half of snow over the next two or three days. but for us we're stuck with a wind advisory for tomorrow along the coast and around the bay. these winds will be it's not gonna be horrible, but it's going to be breezy, and it's going to be down at sea level, so it's more noticeable. this is the kind of event that really hits the great highway ocean beach really hard because that sand starts blowing around to kind of deal tomorrow. of course, the highway is going to be closed for the weekend was going to have to plow the sand
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off it probably on monday to get it open. that's tomorrow. wind advise you right along the coast. and then here's the system. you can see the model right there. that's tomorrow morning. this is tomorrow afternoon, and you see that system to the north? watch it right there. so she's all over the place. it's not well organized. it will organize itself nicely up in the mountains, and they'll get that's where the snow is going to come from. so if you're traveling to lake tahoe, snow advisor winter weather advisory, in effect, it'll probably turn to snow advisory or something like that. it's friday night, saturday night, saturday morning , but just be aware of your traveling up because it's not going to be a cakewalk at all. i'll see you back here tomorrow or i'll know i'll see you back here on sunday. that's right. alright, alright. thanks bill. enjoy your time off. all right, coming up next in sports forgettable, completely forgettable fourth quarter for the warriors tonight and for particularly for stephan curry, who had a career first not a good one. sports director mark the
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i'll tell you what draymond green has got a weight on his shoulders because everybody just figures when this guy comes back , all these warrior woes are going to disappear. in the meantime, he's not coming back, and the warriors have now lost seven out of nine. clay thompson did return a couple of days out with a upset stomach apparently didn't matter. as the warriors rely on jordan's pool look good. he's been inconsistent of late, but man, he went to the bucket real hard. there draws the foul. he had 23 points tonight. but look at dance. it had himself a game. look at the handles here on this play. there's just no stopping him. where's had nobody to contend with that he has an
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and one right there. wound up with 41 points. 10 rebounds, nine assists. steph says anything you can do i can do at least as well right. he goes to the bucket 21 points, but none of them in the fourth quarter. stefan clay pig catch step hits the assist, played just six of 17 shooting. moses moody, the rookie actually kept the warriors in this game in the fourth quarter. they came from 17 down, actually tied it. right there with 6.5 left, but it's all dallas from there. spencer dinwiddie 17 points and the warriors fade again out on the road. second straight time. the mavs are beating the warriors won 22 1 13 the final and like i said, seven out of nine in the last calm as far as local basketball, cal bears and the stanford men all lost on the courts tonight. their pac 12 tournament starts next week. in the meantime, the women of stanford best team in the bay
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right now women's history month and, of course, the stanford women honoring the passing of soccer goalie katie meyer on the stanford campus by wearing soccer shirts and the wrist bands their first quarter. stanford begins to put it together against oregon state that is young anna wilson go to the bucket, and that is a big time. three from oregon state, ellie mac, but cardinals still up by nine at halftime against the bieber's third quarter, it'll be haley jones taken at the distance, finishing with a knife banker on the move. she had 20 points. 14 rebounds, stanford by 10, same quarter watch cameron brink from the corner. it's a good bet, and she scores 10, stanford's winner, 57. 40 ford. open it up. hey let us check this out more of the warriors. bad luck. jordan's pool looks like he's hit a sensational 60 ft shot, but not
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so fast replay missed it. by what attempt of the second they're emblematic of what's going on. yeah, i think you're right, right? appreciate it right, right? appreciate it marks 40 line. what the hell? oh, my god. he brought mom's old car? jay: you know, that thing was perfect for dede -- loud, pulled way to the left, and constantly broke down in public. my ex-wife, dede, died two months ago, and her husband, jerry, drove down with a bunch of junk she wanted us to have. i always liked jerry. then why did you always look at him funny? 'cause i knew what he was in for. same way i look at the footage of those people boarding the titanic. jay, this is for you. oh, god. is that her? no, no, no. apparently this is a jar of sand from your honeymoon in miami beach. oh, yeah. we stayed at the fontainebleau. claire: hmm. guess who we took an elevator with? jackie gleason. i told him we were the honeymooners, and, as a joke, he threatened to punch dede to the moon. (laughs) why is that funny? well, that's my point. it wasn't right.


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