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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  March 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at a seemingly unending stream of russian shelling destroys entire neighborhoods and add bay area based netflix to the long list of u. s companies that say they are suspending service in russia. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener , and i'm alex savage. we want to begin with the latest developments from ukraine today . russian forces continue to bombard the capital of kiev and other major cities as they advanced deeper into that country. ukraine's president is once again calling for nato to get involved in the conflict to help put an end to what's been a
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catastrophic number of civilian casualties. boxes mike tobin has more now from ukraine. russia's invasion of ukraine, entering its 11th day on sunday, has so far been met with fierce resistance, but russian president vladimir putin says everything is going according to plan and the fighting will not stop until the people of kiev laid down their arms and surrender. if they continue to do what they're doing, they're calling into question the future of ukrainian statehood and if this happens, it will be entirely on their conscience. second push to get citizens out of the port city of mariupol fell apart after russian attacks interrupted efforts to create a humanitarian corridor agreed upon. as part of a temporary ceasefire. people still trapped there have been sleeping in bomb shelters for nearly a week amid a constant barrage of russian shelling. hundreds of thousands now face food and water shortages and a lack of heat and hot water in freezing temperatures. we don't have food supplies, people are taking everything. shops are empty. ukraine's president on sunday
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said russian rockets destroyed a civilian airport in the city vignettes, and he repeated his request for nato to impose a no fly zone over ukraine. to stop the attacks. we repeat every day closed the sky over ukraine to every russian missile to russian combat aviation to all these terrorists, we are people and this is your humanitarian duty to protect us and to protect people. nato leaders have thus far ruled out the possibility of a no fly zone out of fears they could escalate this war. into a world war. it would be of ukraine. mike tobin fox news secretary of state anthony blinken said today. nato members have the go ahead send fighter jets to ukraine as part of their military aid. poland has soviet era jets that ukrainian pilots know how to fly. and there is a proposal that would have poland send those aircraft to ukraine. the u. s. may backfill the polish planes with us fighters. so far, poland has not agreed to this plan and outpouring of support for ukraine was on display all around the world
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today, and bay area had several events for people to attend. ktvu greg liggins, joining us now live with the look at a few of those demonstrations. greg yeah. alex, a coalition of groups organized what they called a global day of action. there were demonstrations around the world and northern california had its fair share. in lafayette, san francisco, san jose and beyond. the goal was the same. we want to come and stand with the ukrainian people . there were other events in sacramento, santa rosa, oakland , palo alto, santa cruz and monterey. everyone united in their opposition to the russian invasion of ukraine. and the heartbreaking images of lives being lost and torn apart. every image you folks have brought to the public shows the insanity of it all and lafayette. they gathered below the hillside memorial created in 2000 and six for us soldiers dying in the war in iraq. a visual reminder of the human toll war takes now
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they're seeing more lives lost this time in ukraine. we didn't believe it would happen. so it's a it's a real shock. and of course, it's a shock that has happened, but it's even more of a shock that people have to suffer again. in san jose, a sidewalk vigil. they called it a gathering at the corner of winchester boulevard and stevens creek. hunks of approval filled the air as hopeful signs such as negotiate don't escalate were on display. some here, hoping a peaceful path can be honored to allow ukrainians to safely escaped war zones, and my main concern is for the refugees is for the humanitarian crisis. absolutely in san francisco, they rallied outside the ferry building. while some held signs to express themselves others used art. this group was re creating a painting from famous ukrainian artist maria prima cheng co. many of her pieces now destroyed in a fire at a museum outside kiev, a casualty of the war. organizers of this event have a long list of demands, but only one is urgent. what we're
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out here for is to say we need an immediate ceasefire in ukraine. we'd like to see the russians withdraw their troops stop firing missiles. a diversity of northern california events showing support for people half a world away. each had its nuances, but together they shared one desire. putin get out of ukraine. fell one positive of this war. some say many americans with political differences are finding something they can actually agree on. that is the war needs to end. alex yes. so many people of voicing their support for ukraine right now, greg liggins. thank you. secretary of state anthony blinken also said today the u. s and its allies are discussing whether to ban oil and natural gas from russia. secretary blinken said president biden had already talked about a possible ban with his national security council the day before. until now western allies had been reluctant to ban oil and natural gas imports from russia out of concern that such a move
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would negatively affect their own economies. russian oil currently makes up less than 10% of the oil imported to the u. s as russia's attacks in ukraine continue to intensify charities now say they cannot send humanitarian aid through normal channels. because of the danger that comes with it. organizations like the international committee of the red cross say they're worried attacks in densely populated areas are putting children and the elderly at risk. ports are blocked and roads that have been bombed or making it difficult for charities to send humanitarian aid. the u. n says aid is getting to refugees in countries such as romania, poland and hungary. and in a highly unusual move, the vatican says pope francis has dispatched two cardinals to ukraine. he did not say exactly where the cardinals were headed, but said they were taking along humanitarian aid. one of the cardinals is head of the papal office that deals with migration, charity, justice and peace, the pontiff said today. quote the holy see is willing to
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do everything to put itself in service for peace. american express is the latest financial company to cut ties with russia over the invasion of ukraine, the company's ceo said today. it is suspending operations in russia and belarus in light of quote russia's ongoing unjustified attack on the people of ukraine. that means globally issued american express cards will no longer work at merchants or atms in russia, visa and mastercard made a similar announcement yesterday and paypal said today it is suspending its services inside russia. the company said it felt it was necessary due to the ongoing war against ukraine. it's other money transfer service. zoom is also halting operations there. according to papal paypal will continue, though some customers disbursements for a period of time to comply with local laws. moscato space netflix sent today it's also suspending its service in russia. a statement from the company cited circumstances on the ground for its decision to suspend service. this
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announcement comes after tiktok's said users on its platform in russia have been blocked by the government from posting and viewing videos shared from elsewhere in the world. and samsung is suspending all product shipments to russia over the invasion of ukraine. but this is not just smartphones . the suspension includes products ranging from chips to other electronic the decision comes after ukraine's vice prime minister urged the tech company to suspend services and products to russian and you can track the latest developments in the ukraine russia crisis by using our app and by logging onto ktvu dot com. our online coverage includes a look at the cyber war being fought in the midst of this conflict. the elevator county sheriff's office is investigating a fatal shooting outside a hayward area liquor store. it happened last night at about 10 40. pm on a street about two blocks from cherry land elementary school. deputies say they found a man who had been shot several times. emergency crews responded, but
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were unable to save the victim's life. he was pronounced dead at the scene. deputies are looking for two people who they say fled the scene before deputies arrived. the chp says the body was found today on the bay bridge off ramp in san francisco . it was discovered at about nine a.m. right along the harrison street exit. so far, authorities have not released any other information on that discovery. an investigation underway tonight in oakland, following a deadly hit and run. this crash happened about 2 15 saturday morning on international boulevard near 98th avenue. police say the woman was crossing the street outside of the crosswalk when she was hit by a vehicle that left the scene. police have not identified the victim but did say she's a 61 year old woman from pittsburgh, oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the suspect. the annual march to commemorate bloody sunday took on new significance today, coming up
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details on vice president kamala harris's visit to the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama . do figures show a robust job market here in the us coming up tonight. the one group of job seekers who are actually seeing a rise in unemployment. got a little bit of coastal fog out there. now we're waiting on some changes that could bring rain. by the end of the week. we'll by the end of the week. we'll take if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg.
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tornado swept through central iowa. two of those victims were young children. this was video taken last night about 70 miles east of des moines. there are also reports of dozens of people being injured, with at least four people listed in critical condition tonight. vice president kamala harris visited selma, alabama, today the vice president was joined by her husband to commemorate 57 years since bloody sunday, defining moment in the fight for the right to vote. vice president harris spoke at the edmund pettus bridge, where white state troopers attacked black voting rights marchers in 1965. those are the crowds said having a black female vice president was unimaginable 57 years ago. the latest figures released by the labor department show the us
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added almost 700,000 jobs last month. ktvu tom baker looks at the numbers and tells us what experts say they mean for a real return to so called normalcy. after a 10 week closure for all macron, the monks kettle, a relatively new san rafael restaurant that specializes in craft brews, reopened friday, returning jobs to employees enjoyed a customer's. it's one of countless examples of a job rebound. 80 piece forecast of 475,000 new jobs in february, released last wednesday was blown away by the labor department's hard count of 678,000 new jobs released on friday. that is a 30% extra gain over predictions, says labor lawyer and former director mike bernick past three months december, january, february we've gained nationally and for 1.7 million jobs means that the underlying u. s economy is strong. terry conley's of former
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wall street investment banker and dean of the golden gate university business school, were really catching up quite quite effectively. this great ah, great year and we're still going strong job gains were across the board gains in the travel, leisure, restaurant and bar sectors suggests a return to prepare endemic normalcy in public places, but returned to office work is quite another matter altogether with urban core business districts not even close to pre pandemic levels. attorney bernick sees it every day in san francisco's financial district, which is the nation's leading non back to work location. it's still completely completely empty, and it really hasn't changed much in the past year. that's even true as some employers demand full time back to work workers are making it very clear. that they'd like this to established remote work , and the proof is in the small numbers of people returning to the five day in office work week
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. knowing very well, they can readily find other jobs that allow remote work. people aren't coming back, or at least they're not coming back for most days of the week or in any form that they were prior to the pandemic. we had a very slight downward tick to 3.8% unemployment nationwide once considered better than full employment by economists, but african american women saw their unemployment rate ticked up. to 6.1% tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. folio city hall will reopen to the public tomorrow after a two month closure. that building closed on january 10th because of a spike in covid cases and was originally scheduled to reopen february 28, but it was delayed by one week. with the opening the public is welcome down to attend city council meetings in person. masks are not mandatory, but they are strongly recommended, regardless of vaccination status. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez kicked off her run for
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the san jose mayor seat today, chavez held a pancake breakfast at her new willow glen campaign office and then took to the streets to campaign in that area. chavez is currently in her third term on the board of supervisors and previously served on the san jose city council, including in the seat of vice mayor. she says she's running for mayor because the collective action that san jose took with other cities and santa clara county to fight covid-19. can also be used to address other pressing issues. chavez says she's committed to fighting homelessness, increasing affordable housing and bolstering public safety. the reason that i chose to run is that one of the things that i have learned is that kind of collective action we took to fight. covid-19 is collective action between the city of san jose and all the other cities in the county of santa clara that we can use to address homelessness, affordable housing and public safety and making our neighborhoods clean and safe. chavez led the board of supervisors during the first year of the pandemic when the
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county was one of the first in the nation to recognize the danger of covid-19 swift response resulted in some of the lowest case rates and deaths nationwide among large counties. one of san francisco's favorite runs wrapped up the chinese new year celebrations. today it is the 44th year of the chinatown y m c, a lunar new year run and festival ktvu is amanda quintana tells us runners were happy to be back at the event in person this year. festive start to this year's lunar new year. five k and 10-k, lion dancers and firecrackers wrapping up celebrations to kick off the year of the tiger runners in general. have that spirit of the tiger and them and so coming out and celebrating at this year, it seems appropriate after doing an all virtual race last year, the chinatown william cia is happy to see people filling the streets again. just so great to be back. we did a hybrid. we did virtual and in person, but we ended up having like 1300 folks sign up, which is, um we ran out
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of t shirts. we ran our medals, so we're just really great to have everybody back and in the community. it's one of the last runs in the city that's still on city streets. for some, this was an opportunity to come back home. you know, this is my old neighborhood. i mean, i love in millbrae now, so it's a it's nice to see that there's a running event in chinatown. it's going to bring back some memories, especially running through our streets here for this couple who moved from italy just before the pandemic. this is rounding out their first big lunar new year celebration in san francisco. greece spend a couple of nights also here for the parade for the chinese parade and everything, so we like it, so we decided to run. they were the race. let's say it's good for the network because it's maybe the most one that it was eaten by covid. so i think it's a good way to celebrate with everyone. money
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raised is staying right here in the neighborhood supporting the chinatown. williams is community and youth services. many of the young kids and families even participating in the race. i think what's great about races like this is that there's people of all skill levels that can enjoy it, and so there'll be people out here, just for exercise will be people that are out here that are more competitive and everybody in the middle in chinatown amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. but we're in what's usually the homestretch for ski and snowboard season in the sierra and there's good news. and there's bad news as well. there's been an average of just 300 inches of natural snow since october at most of the resorts. that's way down from this time two years ago, when we had nearly 400 inches of snow, and it's a huge drop from 10 years ago, when 700 inches of snow was considered an acceptable level for this time of year. kevin coop, cooper says. that's the downside of this season. but there's also been an upside. the
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roads have been open and clear. so the ski resorts such as north star has been doing really well . people are able to drive up this year over i 80 highway 50 state route 80 yet to get up here and ski and ride, so we're seeing a lot of influx for down from the bay area, the sacramento valley it has been relatively easy getting to and from the mountains today, ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin , joining us now with a look at the forecast what we can expect throughout the rest of this week. hey, bill. yeah hey, alex . not a rain. really for the next few days, we had a little bit of obviously a few days ago. just a little bit. that was about it. and then we get into the end of this week early in the next week. we have a shot at something, so it's not a terribly optimistic precipitation. snow forecast. it's more steady as she goes, which means kind of more spring like weather showing up or not in spring now, but we are in march and it it's you know, appropriate. i guess these are the highest from today warmer than yesterday. certainly we've been kind of warming up out for
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that little cool spell we had and then temperatures tomorrow i'll be warmer. still so that's the plan of warmer day tomorrow. beautiful outside. there's some coastal fog that kept coastal areas today in the upper fifties like pacific and half moon bay. temperatures tomorrow are going to be warmer, but at the coastal still be in the upper fifties, low sixties long range model big ridge of high pressure look at that tuesday wednesday. everything going over the top thursday friday, saturday and then see saturday, right here sunday. she had dropping down. that's our next opportunity for something. so hopefully it is something and nothing, not nothing. that's again not until the end of this week or early next week. hazy skies dry conditions this week. for the most part, temperatures will be generally in the sixties, but we will see some low seventies. certainly as we get towards the middle part of the week towards tuesday wednesday overnight lows, staying above freezing but still cool and cold enough in this case, i can fairfield napa. santa rosa, you're old enough to get to get frost. so for
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whatever that's worth, there's that ridge of high pressure. that first thing i showed you is the computer model. this is the actual satellite. so you're seeing the ridge of high pressure, everything just going up. and over the top everything so and then we're missing out again with a very strong ridge that is resilient origin's i've ever seen ever seen ever seen in this time of year? sunrise tomorrow. 6 33. that's uh, 48 degrees out in no evaluate tomorrow in san francisco about 59 degrees down on market street and then a little warmer and then as we get into the afternoon, we're going to see temperatures generally in the mid sixties to san francisco forecast highs, then throughout the bay area. warmer than today , and these temperatures can just push right through this week. for the most part, hope something changes. i mean, i'd be nice if something tweak through here, but i showed you that ridge of high pressure that thing's not going anywhere. not this week. not until three you'll see here when it poppin saturday. increasing clouds saturday sunday. that's our
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opportunity for something that could turn into something, but right now, it's not all that promising for wet stuff. on real weather. if you like spring weather birds are nesting. there's lots of lots of flowers blossoming and blooming. so it's going to notice a lot more of that. this week, tree pollens will be noticeable. i'll see you back here tonight at 11 or 10 or 11. we'll see you then. bill. thank you coming up next in sports. the best hoops team in the bay area goes for back to back pack 12 championships, joe fonzi. we'll have the highlights from the stanford cardinal coming up next and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news. see how gunfire leaves behind a lot of damage to leaves behind a lot of damage to businesses in oakland. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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and keep the public safe.
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at here's what's happening tonight in sports. the stanford women were probably going to be a number one seed no matter what happened in the finals of the pac 12 tournament today, but they sure strengthen their resume the number two team in the nation facing severe underdog utah today's championship game, the cardinals already in control in the second quarter and moving the ball around to a wide open. haley jones jones. go for 19 points, but the youth narrowed the gap to just two at the half thai game here in the third quarter. this time, it's jones with an
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assist to a cutting cameron break. the game was never tied again. stanford outscored the huge 21 to 5 in the fourth quarter. jones with an assist once again. picking the ball outside to lexi hull for a three hall toughed it out for 15 points despite getting a smack in the nose. now it's lacey hall waiting for the cuttings, friend . believe me for an easy to inside stanford wins 73 48 15th tournament championship for coach tara vanderveer. now it's simply about waiting to see where the cardinal will be playing. as a number one seed in the tournament. high profile nba matchup this afternoon between the nets and celtics at the garden. kevin durant pulls up for that impossible to defend shot and knocks down two of his 37 points. this was just durant second game since mid january, he became the 23rd player in nba history to reach 25,000 points. that was pretty good line. all jason tatum did was pouring 54 for boston. when tatum hit that shot. the celtics were up by three with a minute 28 to play
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less than a minute left. now the celtics moved the ball then after the fly by jalen brown hits the three the celtics win 1 26 1 20 their fifth in the east . right now, the nets are eighth . tatum tops 50 points for the fourth time in his career. which ties him with larry bird for the celtics all time lead in that category and final round of arnold palmer's bay hill tournament today in orlando, scottie scheffler is in another area code putting for birdie on the 18th hole. watch out closely comes he has to settle for a tap in for par that concluded around of 72 that had him 500 par for the tournament. and now it's billy horse show with a much shorter birdie attempt to force a playoff. this one stays up high. scheffler has one stroke win over horse shal, tyrrell hatton and victor hobbling. the wind is the second for scheffler in a month, and it moves him into the number five spot. in the world rankings. playing some good golf. they're absolutely lots more coming up tonight. exciting always watching the
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stanford women's basketball team. they're pretty amazing. they are pretty good. alright, joe. thank you. thanks everybody for joining us tonight we will be back for the 10 and 11 be back for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. i hope to be back for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. i hope to we just published a few months ago. how did you have time to design an experiment? this whole thing is actually a gigantic accident. you weren't even thinking about super-asymmetry? thinking about it? (chuckles) we don't even understand it. (both laugh) uh, can you believe this? doctors pemberton and campbell have been doing a press tour trying to take credit for super-asymmetry. so what? i mean, no one's gonna give them credit for accidentally discovering something. wolowitz: yeah, who remembers the guy who was trying to find india and discovered america instead? what was his name again? (chuckles) now stop trying to steal our nobel prize. you come up with your own idea. yeah, that's not gonna happen. ellen (over tv): have a seat, thanks for being here. i feel the same way about you. this is nice. all my friends hanging out, watching ellen. it's like, what am i gonna do with my other two wishes?


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