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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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from a war zone tonight we hear from a woman who landed safely in california today after fleeing ukraine with her four children. a lot of people were killed trying to leave, but i feel awful for people who are loved her. i feel awful because
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situation is getting worse. and there's more deaths and more bombing. just one of the millions of families fleeing ukraine as russia continues its attacks on that country. good evening, everyone i'm alex savage and i'm julie julie haener. after four days of travel, the woman and her children landed safely in los angeles early this morning. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live after speaking with her about her escape, amber. julie olena lived here in the bay area and worked as a waitress in san francisco. she returned to keep 11 years ago. her journey back to the u. s is a harrowing one. amount of people. that was unbelievable. how many people are trying to get on that train? olena ukrainian american fled ukraine with her children friday by train to poland. it was very, very difficult to get on. an armed unharmed of 15 hour ride on what she describes as a small inner city train not designed to go long distances crammed with people people were taking turns . people were standing in
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sitting on the floor standing everywhere. and a lot of people had come in and next station, so it got even worse. olena tells me an ordeal prolonged because the train was forced to change directions a few times to avoid bombings. it was very scary, especially as i told him he couldn't use their phones. we had to turn off. er location that nobody could find us. and there was no light. sometimes it was driving or riding the train in the darkness. she took these photos crossing the border is minus three minus four and the snow and standing. but she says the polish people opened up their homes and their hearts to refugees. she and her children stayed until tuesday before they flew to the us and arrived in southern california. wednesday around four am am eight years old, old grateful to have gotten her four children out. the american people are praying for you. oh, linda's friend carrie ciancia rouleau, here in the bay
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area has been in constant contact with polenta and coordinating with another friend to provide help. how could i not help my friend who's being bombed? it's just super frightening because. the world is watching. olena says her heart is heavy, having left behind her 84 year old mother and her husband feel awful for people who love their. i feel awful because situation is getting worse and they're very scared, uncertain and just afraid of tomorrow. olena says she's still figuring out what's next, but wants to return to ukraine. when it's safe. she's here with the help of friends. they say they now want to help others escaped to safety. julie yes. so good to see her be able to be here with her children, but so heartbreaking to have to leave her loved ones behind in ukraine. amber. thank you. well an airstrike on a maternity hospital in southern ukraine is being called a war crime.
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ukrainian officials say at least 17 people were wounded, including pregnant women, and they say two more hospitals were hit in western ukraine, including a children's hospital. fox news trading tells us this comes as efforts to try to evacuate vulnerable citizens have once again failed. intense search for survivors in the southern ports city of mariupol after a russian missile severely damages a children's hospital and maternity ward, local officials saying at least 17 reported wounded, including children. and expectant mothers. so according to you, it is a war crime without any justification . it's one of the most heartbreaking incidents yet for a city that has been under constant russian bombardment. for days, residents cut off from power, water and food. the world health organization has documented 18 attacks on health facilities and workers in ukraine. repeated efforts in recent days to bring in desperately needed supplies to marry opal and ferry residents
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out has failed every time. the most recent ceasefire shows some signs of success getting civilians out of the capital keep and scattered eastern cities, the latest of 2.1 million, the u. n has said, are fleeing so far to neighboring countries. today we will do everything to continue the functioning of humanitarian corridors, but if there is at least one shot fired, full responsibility lies with the invaders. it comes amid renewed fears over ukraine's nuclear power infrastructure after fighting cut power to the decommission. and chernobyl plant. the u. n nuclear watchdog agency, saying there is so far quote no critical impact on safety. after territorial gains in the south russia claims its forces are intensifying efforts in the north, placing military equipment around residential buildings in china give but ukraine's military and civilian volunteers are responding, ramping up defenses in many cities, including homemade metal barriers. the slow russian encirclement of kiev is raising fears the start offensive will soon take a more brutal and
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indiscriminate pivot. yes, yes, yes, i grew up here. i got married here. i think that most of us will stand until the end. amid sporadic shelling. residents on kiev's outskirts continue rushing toward transportation hubs seeking escape. but there are shows of resistance and patriotism, the key of classic orchestra playing the national anthem and 02 joy in maidan square. there is growing evidence the russians are committing war crimes in ukraine. people here are bracing for bloody days ahead in kiev trade angst, fox news oil prices fell 12% today after reports the united arab emirates will urge opec members to boost production . that drop is the biggest since november, and it comes after oil hit a nearly 13 year high in the previous session. buy crude oil is still up 45% so far this year that steady rise in gas and diesel prices has hit the trucking industry. especially hard. they're already reeling,
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of course from labor shortages due to the pandemic. the national price of diesel fuel is up about 75 cents a gallon to 4 85 a gallon for ocean shippers. the price of fuel by the ton is up 84% from a year ago. and all of this could add up to even higher prices down the road for consumers and businesses. lot of the supply change or so fragile right now. any other impact and , you know potential fuel shock . um just adds to the woes of anything that has to do with moving the goods. air freight will also cost more fedex ups and dhl have had fuel surcharges pre programmed into their rates for years, fedex has now added war surcharges to international shipments, depending on the destination. on wall street today, stocks rallied as oil prices fell, with the market snapping a four day losing streak. the dow was up 653
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points. the nasdaq was up 459 points. and the s and p jumped 107 points. amazon is the latest company to pull out of russia and belarus. amazon web services says it is not allowing new sign ups in either country. the cloud computing platform, said quote given the current events and the uncertainty and lack of credit available in russia right now, we are not accepting new russian aws customers at this moment. the company says it has no data centers, infrastructure or offices in russia. amazon has also stopped shipping products to russia and suspended its streaming service. a large humanitarian effort is underway in the bay area to support people in ukraine at 10 30 how one man is working to raise money for his family and others 6000 miles away. now to another sign. we are emerging from this pandemic two bay area cities or dropping their indoor vaccine mandates starting on friday. san francisco and berkeley will no
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longer require proof of vaccination to go inside a bar restaurant or jim. ktvu elissa harrington joining us live tonight from soda pop pinsky's bar in san francisco with more on why officials are making these changes. alyssa. alex both san francisco and berkeley have extremely high vaccination rates and covid case numbers have dropped. now here is sort of a pinsky's people tell me that they are ready to make these changes in. this comes just a few weeks after the mask mandate was also lifted. at soda pop pinsky's bar in nob hill signs are posted on the front window and door, reminding customers to show proof of vaccination before entering. but starting friday, patrons will only need to show they're of legal drinking age to sit at the bar. they become really accustomed to sharing a ride. our vaccine cards never go in places. we have it favorited on our phones on apps and now to get to this level of safety and insurance that our science has
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worked our city as safe as a really great step and moving in the right direction for san francisco and hopefully the country as a whole bars, restaurants and gyms in the city will no longer be required by a health order to check vaccination status or proof. of a negative covid test at the door. we're ready to rock. let's party ben blind man is the founder of the san francisco bar owners alliance. he said many business owners are excited and ready to embrace these changes. this is ceremonial in some ways , but it's a big deal. it feels like a huge load off of our shoulders, and we're so ready to get back to business as usual. mayor london breed and the city's public health department made the announcement in a series of tweets. saying case rates continue to fall about 83% of eligible san franciscans are vaccinated. dr. peter chin hong , an infectious disease expert at ucsf, said business owners should be ready to be flexible. if numbers rise again. i think we're in a good truck. i think there's a combination of natural immunity from people being exposed to recent crown surge.
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there is a high rate of vaccination and boosting in general. the vaccine mandate first went into effect in august during the delta surge. san francisco became the first major city in the united states to check vaccine status at the door, lyman said it was hard for some bar owners to enforce, especially in tourist heavy areas. the problems that we had enforcing it were greatly diminished or dwarfed by the benefits to our staff into our customers. most of our customers were already vaccinated and they felt safer. our staff certainly felt safer. businesses do have the right to continue requiring proof of vaccination and masking despite the changes in the health order. indexing cards will still be checked at mega events of 1000. people are more reporting live in san francisco . i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news certainly feels like a big step in the right direction. alyssa. thank you. in berkeley. dropping the vaccine mandate will affect restaurants, gyms and other events. but some high
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risk settings will still require up to date vaccinations, including childcare facilities, dental offices and pharmacies. berkeley's health officer still strongly recommends that businesses encourage vaccination of employees and customers. the oakland unified school district will keep its indoor mask mandate at a school board meeting tonight, the superintendent said. the mandate will remain in place through april. 15th students are also still required to wear a mask while outdoors, but the district says they will share a decision on whether that mandate will change in two weeks. new attend murder charge has been dismissed against the san jose mother who claimed self defense in a shootout that killed a 13 year old boy. a judge dismissed the charge today against 39 year old margarita centeon at the end of a preliminary hearing, santayana argued that she exchanged gunfire with a group of teenagers outside her home last august to protect her family. she said. moments before the
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shootout, the teens had smashed her truck with a baseball bat while one of them was holding a gun. santillan's $100,000 bail has been lifted, and she is no longer on supervised release. teachers in the east bay fighting back against potential layoffs. why some say cutting staff should not be the solution to a budget shortfall. and a wind advisory goes into effect for parts of the bay area tonight, plus some rain in the five days. hopefully, i'll see you back here with that. also ahead, the 49ers ban beaten at the nfc championship game is now out of his coma coming up after the break his long road to recovery as prosecutors filed charges in the attack.
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get started with internet and voice for $64.99 a month. and ask how to add securityedge™. or, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. well, girl we told you about last night whose tablet and school laptops were stolen. in oakland. a good samaritan named mike gave a mac book air computer and a new backpack to jazz hard wrecked after seeing our story. the donor owns a computer company and is the father of three including a 12 year old girl. jazz is still at oakland children's hospital preparing for bone marrow transplant surgery next week. to combat sickle cell disease. the 40 niners fan who was beaten
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while at the nfc championship game back in january at sofi stadium near los angeles, is now out of a coma and back on his feet. and his ktvu is jesse gary reports, the l. a county district attorney today charged a suspect in connection with that attack. he is not steph curry. but this could be one of the most inspiring basketball feats barria fans have seen in decades. this is a real christmas miracle and march. it's a wonderful story that daniel's survive using a non regulation sized ball and with the aid of braces and therapists. daniel luna shoots two during rehab in southern california. it's a huge, all bit unsteady step towards normalcy following a horrific and life altering incident, there was a belief that he might not ever walk again or be able to function. so his friends, his family are incredibly relieved by by what's going on. luna owner of oakland's mr a
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restaurant, was punched and fell to the ground outside sofi stadium. january 30th. he hit the back of his head, suffering a severe brain injury and was in a medically induced coma for weeks. he's now obviously out of coma and on the long road to physical recovery. it is wonderful when we see early improvements meeting within, you know, weeks after an injury has occurred, and that's always a great prognostic indicator. but we do see that people still have a lot of recovery to do. englewood police arrested 33 year old brian cifuentes for assault late wednesday, the county district attorney's office charged him with one count of battery with serious bodily injurallenging case for s . wh to this altercation. if ths was mutual combat, which was initiated by mr luna, then the da's office may not file charges even though mr luna was so severely injured friends hope
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there is resolution in the courts. it's so great to know that he's still with us on this planet, and the people will hopefully be able to enjoy his company again as he improves. luna is hopeful he'll continue recovering with a goal of reopening his shuttered peruvian restaurant as soon as next week in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news new attend tonight teachers in the qatari rohnert park school district are going on strike tomorrow. teachers say the district has refused their calls for a pay increase. the press democrat reports. some schools are making plans for shorter schedules, with at least one elementary school closing. due to the strike. teachers are asking for a 6% pay increase this year and another 5% next year. the district says the raises, which under district policy must be matched for its other unions, would leave it with a $2 million deficit. teachers in richmond, along with parents and supporters all spoke out tonight at the west contra costa board of education
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meeting against potential layoffs for the next school year . are you going to cut teachers when we already do not have enough educators? are you going to cut other support stuff when we don't have enough support stuff? we've had classes all year without permanent teachers not being fully cleaned. or will you make your budget work by not spending 20 million on outside contracts that do not directly impact students. are you here for the students of this district or not? the school district says it must cut nearly $35 million from its budget to meet financial obligations for the 2022 23 school year. included in the plan $12.5 million in labor cuts something educators say will only hurt students. we don't have the teachers that we need right now to do the job. we should be able to recruiting new teachers. more teachers apparent told me that her daughter cried in the multipurpose room at the beginning of the year this school year because she didn't
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have teachers. united teachers of richmond says it's not convinced the district's finances are in such dire shape that laying off essential school staff is the only solution. we did reach out to the district but have not heard back. alright pretty nice day out there today it's going to get a little windy tonight. a wind advisory goes into effect in these areas, mostly in the hills and out towards solano county. that wind advisory goes into effect after midnight in the north bay hills. it'll still be breezy down at sea level, but most most wind gusts at the upper level elevations above 1000 ft are going to be over 35 miles an hour. well, we see down at sea level in san francisco and hayward and san jose. more like 22 23 miles an hour, there could be more, but that's the plan. the wind advisory will get dropped tomorrow morning in the north bay hills, but hangs on pretty much all day in the central valley out towards vacaville and fairfield, which is pretty typical for this time of year. current winds sfo's
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gusting to 23 miles an hour, you may notice the winds are coming from a more northerly northwesterly trajectory, not a straight offshore event, so that's why temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler, 24 or 21 mile an hour gusts in novato, 10 and conquered, so winds are not there yet, but they'll pick up the forecast for tomorrow. temperatures generally into the sixties a little cooler , certainly because of the breezy conditions. you're looking at temperatures tomorrow for most of us in the hotspots. just in the mid and upper sixties, there might be a low 70 down towards evergreen or more gun hill. but for the most part, it's all about the sixties. small, breezy day a nice day. temperatures begin to increase after that, and then we get into a kind of unsettled weather period, which could mean rainforest. towards the beginning of next week, so we'll look into all that when i see you back here in a few minutes, we'll see then, bill thank you. and you study shows how much fires and floods are impacting the shoreline at big sur. the chronicle detailed a new report from the usgs that found beaches
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are getting wider because of climate change. the study says a 2016 fire in the wet winter that followed caused thousands of tons of sand pour out of the mouth of the big sur river and then collect on the shore. the authors say the findings show what could happen in other regions as the warming planet sees more fires and floods. a new survey shows. the majority of tahoe residents are not happy with the way things are going in that region. the survey conducted by the tahoe prosperity center, says nearly two thirds of residents believe tahoe is on the wrong track. 73% say lack of stable housing options for workers is the most significant threat to quality of life in that area. other concerns included traffic, wild fires and smoke and too many vacation rentals and second homes. coming up. construction workers find a decaying body behind a wall in oakland. also ahead, a market owner shot and killed during a robbery in
10:23 pm
venetia by those who knew him say his death is a big loss for the community and the north bay showing support for ukraine, the event, county officials are planning to show solidarity. an a
10:24 pm
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decaying body was found inside the kaiser convention center. construction workers discovered the body in a wall today around one o'clock this afternoon. police say the body appears to have been a man and it was in the late stages of decay. the oakland police homicide section is investigating. the owner of a well known market in venetia was shot and killed late last night during a robbery. people who knew him say his death is a huge loss for that community. and as our crime reporter henry lee tells us police are hoping surveillance video will help them to find the killer. a woman left flowers outside rose market in venetia, a day after the 60
10:26 pm
year old store owner by endorsing was shot and killed during a robbery. ready nice person never bothered nobody. ben sandu said his friend was behind the counter like most days and was the one who activated an alarm before he died. it's sad, you know, they lost a very good man. it's very, very lost to the community. very lost. of course, it's a very big loss for the family. it happened just after 10 tuesday night at the store at columbus parkway in rows, dr vanessa police say they got an alarm call from the store. our officers responded two minutes later and when they got there they found the clerk inside. unresponsive suffering from a gunshot wound. surveillance videos from nearby businesses show the apparent gunman running away. police are reviewing these videos in canvassing the neighborhood in hopes of identifying the shooter. a woman could be heard crying at the crime scene and unusual sight in normally quiet , venetia. this is a relative very safe community. um this type of robberies and crimes are not common. indonesia saying was a familiar face to many in the
10:27 pm
city. we do take it personal. many of us knew the clerk and so all our resources are being used to solve this crime and bring this person to justice. helped out the community. a lot helped me a lot. um used to give me bags of food and sweets and stuff to pass out to the children. chris guerrera runs nepali pizza next door he's known sing for at least 20 years . he's here before me in the morning and he's here after me. the guy just worked all day all night for his family. he's a good dude. good dude. to me good due to the community, you know, he helps everybody. the victim's family did not want to talk. his store is closed until further notice. anyone with information is asked to call the venetia police department. indonesia henry lee ktvu, fox two news a man from ukraine mobilizing donations to send his family from here in the bay area coming up how the bay area is now rallying to send aid to the war torn country and an american photojournalist on the ground in
10:28 pm
ukraine. a look at the photos he's taking on the ground there , showing the dramatic reality of war. and another deadline for baseball comes and goes later tonight in sports are sports director marco banderas will have more developments from mlb's lockout as fans can expect to lose more regular season games. also family members. report an eight year old girl missing after not seeing her since december, where they say she could be coming up lat
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outpouring of donations here in the bay area. ktvu is jana katsuyama is in the newsroom now, with several new fundraising efforts and how one ukrainian man is working to connect california donors with ukrainians in need, janna. julie
10:31 pm
that man who lives in berkeley, and his from ukraine has been working both on his own, and he also says he's helping with the ukrainian relief fundraiser this sunday in san francisco's herbs theater. other groups have planned a fundraiser on saturday in golden gate park. grassroots efforts to make a difference in this war. more than 6000 miles from his hometown of kiev, igor trade group is taking small steps to help i am working person to person in berkeley for weeks. now he's been running a one man fundraising drive, collecting donations here and making trips to the bank to wire money directly to family, friends and aid workers in ukraine every year dollar and cent count. and every hour every minute every second counts as well. he's barely sleeping, the stress exhausting waiting for texts every morning when his family emerges from bomb shelters at five am, when i get up for my regular check in there
10:32 pm
is a part of me that my heart. skips a beat when. i send a message and i don't hear back. clay lyle. the red cross and other large humanitarian relief groups are mobilizing convoys of supplies, medicine, food and water into ukraine betray group and many other ukrainian expats say those deliveries can be too slow when the devastation and suffering is immediate. this is the difference between life and death, literally family and friends in ukraine or telling him what's needed on the ground. and he rallies, donors to supply help and hope i'm now working through some corporate donors to see if we can get some part of the whole solar panels and fighters on the ground in the bay area. many organizations are rallying collecting funds for ukrainian relief and on saturday at the golden gate park bandshell, san francisco's recreation and parks department
10:33 pm
is partnering with non profit organizations and the ukrainian american coordinating council for a fundraising concert for ukraine. organizers will be handing out 500 sunflowers, ukraine's national flower. the people in ukraine are hurting, but the people of ukraine who live all around the world and in the bay area, or hurting too, as are russians, i mean, this is a terrible moment of human conflict. and tonight, once again, the skyline of san francisco is lit up in the colors of the ukrainian flag, blue and gold quite tower as well as the salesforce tower. beacons of light and hope and support for ukrainians overseas . julie yes, signs of solidarity , jenna. thank you. well communities in the north bay are also joining together in support of ukraine. three bridges over the russian river in sonoma county are being lit in the ukrainian colors of yellow and blue, including the healdsburg memorial bridge. the mono rio
10:34 pm
bridge and the gerbil pedestrian bridge. and on friday evening march, 11th people are invited to attend a rally at the granville pedestrian bridge at 6:30 p.m. sonoma county officials say they stand in support of the innocent people of ukraine. some american families who have been trying to adopt ukrainian children are worried they'll never be able to bring them here to the u. s they say it's been difficult to keep in touch with the orphanages since the invasion. adoption services agency in colorado is working right now with 45 american families who are trying to adopt ukrainian children. many already met with the children face to face before the invasion. but the process is now on hold. my dream about it, and they are overrun by russia. obviously it's going to be very sad. it would be like losing a child. though, this be gut wrenching pain. the adoption services agency says offices that process adoptions in ukraine are not open because of the fighting. many of the
10:35 pm
children that were in the process of being adopted appear to be safe for now in western ukraine. journalists in ukraine are risking their lives to keep people informed and updated. ktvu brooks jarocz shows us powerful pictures taken by a photojournalist on the ground in ukraine. one week before russian troops invaded ukraine. 22 year old photojournalist from auburn , alabama, arrived to capture history. little did he know he'd be living it. get woken up in the middle of the night and told we had to go down to the basement. we could hear artillery from our room. sometimes it would shake the hotel. those were some very vary sleepless nights. journalist colin mayfield has crisscrossed ukraine relying on google translate and at times an interpreter to get up close and personal. these are his photos. the ukrainian people have been doing drive by molotov throwing
10:36 pm
that russian armored vehicles they've been taking them out with javelins, just taking out armored vehicles left and right and ukrainians have put up much greater fight than a lot of people expected they would anti tank obstacles, barriers and bottles beyond the photos are the stories behind them like these foreign fighters. dragons from washington state, victor from spain, both on a mission to protect alongside the determined ukrainians. i've met old militia men in their sixties with hunting guns prepared to serve a checkpoints. and then i've also met teenagers who are in converted art centers, making camouflage netting out of old t shirts and such i met elementary school teachers that are now militia and they're devoting their time to making molotov cocktails. to the people of ukraine have really come together to fight this invasion that fight looking through his lens is harsh, brutal and
10:37 pm
graphic. many scenes too gruesome to even show on tv, one of the most eye opening things i saw was just seeing the corpse of a russian on the side of the road on the northern outskirts of car keys. he was mutilated with parts of his hand blown off. he was also in love eve. ukrainians are heading west to the polish border by law. men age 18 through 60 must stay. but first they're helping their families flee. it is a humanitarian disaster. it's quite sad, still may feel describes those he's met as admirable. thousands of ukrainians are are doing all they can to help the wounded people are gathering medical supplies. people are in mass donating blood for wounded people, whether they be you know, militia soldiers or just innocent bystanders that were hurt strength found by helping and leaning on one another. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. mr. come his way back
10:38 pm
coming up tonight at 11 new video of oakland native and black panther director ryan coogler being wrongly detained at a bank in atlanta. why the teller thought he was trying to rob the bank and how the director is responding. we are tracking that wind advisory that goes into effect in the next hour or so. we'll have the details on how much wind you can expect. and when, in the five day we might see some rings. at first the federal government now getting involved in crypto currency, the executive order currency, the executive order president biden issued today. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs.
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after being hit by a car on north bong. eight etienne free fremont. it happened just before 10 o'clock tonight south of warren avenue in fremont. at this time, three lanes of traffic are blocked as authorities investigate. new attend after mounting pressure. the walt disney company is now publicly opposing florida's controversial don't say gay bill. disney ceo bob peck said today the company's original approach of lobbying against the bill behind the scenes was not enough. he says he's now planning to meet with florida governor ron dissent is to discuss the bill. if it's signed by the governor, primary school teachers at public schools would be banned from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom. cryptocurrency is getting a lot of attention these days, including from the white house. president biden signed an executive order today ordering the government to research the digital currency and questions about regulating it. the federal government will look into the risks and benefits of crypto protecting investors
10:42 pm
and any economic and national security implications. the federal reserve has been charged with exploring the possibility of issuing its own digital coins. that our economy would would consider also adding a digital dollar, i think is a huge endorsement to the technology. the white house involvement comes as lawmakers voiced concern that russia might be using crypto to escape the slew of economic sanctions imposed on russian banks and oligarchs. leading economists say inflation for the month of february will likely hit a 40 year high. the data from the bureau of labor statistics will be released tomorrow, a poll shows economists are predicting that february's consumer price index jumped 7.8% compared to last year. that exceeds the 5.1% increase in hourly earnings during the same time period. white house officials say they expect a cpi number in part due to rising gas prices. since
10:43 pm
president putin began his military build up on ukrainian borders. the price of gas at the pump in america has gone up 75 cents. the federal reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates by a quarter point next week. it will likely be the first in a series of expected rate hikes still to come tonight, the search for a missing eight year old in the east bay plus concern in san francisco after a campaign to find a missing transgender woman goes viral. what friends suggest might have happened to her? and an overnight wind advisory takes effect in a little over an hour . chief meteorologist bill bill martin will be
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girl. authorities say sofia mason was last seen by some of her family back in december, but was just reported missing yesterday. she may be in the care of a parent or guardian, but other family members have not had contact with them. since december, sofia sometimes stays at different locations between hayward and southern california . if you have any information you're asked to call hayward police. tonight. san francisco police are searching for a 20 year old transgender woman and friends are growing more and more worried by the minute and now they're reaching out for help. ktvu is christian captain tells us those friends believe
10:47 pm
she was abducted. friends of s a diesel in, say the abduction story starts here in san francisco's fisherman's warf area late monday night and into tuesday morning, those friends have launched a social media campaign that's going viral hashtag find esa they say this aligns. a 20 year old trans woman had been through several recent traumas and went to the area around fisherman's warf to see the bay and they say they were on the phone with her when they heard what sounded like an abduction while a group of friends were on the phone with her. they heard. a struggle. they heard her say, i don't want to go. i guess i have to get in the car now. um with pain in her voice, lizza says. those friends received a series of disturbing phone calls, and we're able to track her phone as it traveled along the freeway in oakland. then they say they received a call from her saying she just jumped out of a moving vehicle. we heard the sound of bush in cars. it was very clear that she might have been just stumbling
10:48 pm
in the middle of the freeway. friends say her phone eventually turned up in front of the planned parenthood office in east oakland. they found her phone. uh covered in blood with a pool of what they called concerning lee large amount of blood. i learned this from oakland pd around eight pm yesterday here, the story takes a twist wednesday. oakland police say they searched the area but never recovered a phone and did not see any blood. for their part, san francisco police confirmed they were called to beat street at two a.m. monday for report of a possible kidnapping but didn't find any evidence or witnesses. still friends say they're worried. i am a concerned friend. we are all concerned friends, police in oakland and san francisco say at this time. this is still very much an active investigation. sfpd special victims unit is leading that investigation in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. already this picture of the green flash was sent to me by mark rosen a
10:49 pm
couple days with this actually happened last week, but that's the best screen flash picture i've seen in the bay area, i think just cause you got the transamerica pyramid in there. this all happens right before the sun sets if you don't know what a green flashes and the atmospherics are just right clear to the horizon, with some, particularly in the air. the sun's rays get bent into the color spectrum of green. it lasts for a brief lesson. the second oftentimes so to see one is pretty unique. you do see him, though you can see him mostly southern california and turns the equator. but we do see him up here as that one. as you look outside. you see the long range models show and dry all the way through friday, and then here comes saturday. some clouds on the afternoon sunday, not a bad day, and then monday. that's our shot our shots. for some showers are shot for something to happen. so that's the sort of the headline is. we've got a chance of some rain. sunday monday into tuesday. it's a long ways off, but it's a chance of rain. so we're broadcasting it. there is the live camera shot. beautiful night. not going to be
10:50 pm
that cold tonight that wind advisory will be in effect here in the next hour. mon lee for the higher elevations of the north bay and i think, vacaville fairfield. you guys will notice that wind as well, just because it's going to be blown through the corridor there 39 in santa rosa, tomorrow morning nine or 42 fairfield, so above freezing for most locations. severe weather in the southeast down by florida just south of atlanta. by savannah. now still some nocturnal thunderstorms going off down there those yellows and oranges, so they're having quite the weather spite down there, spit down there in the southeast , northern florida and for us, we're just seeing the high pressure completely own. the area so tomorrow besides the breezy conditions, which will be mostly done with by 10 o'clock in the morning, temperatures will be on the cooler side and that has to do where the mild their side that has to do with the wind and a little bit of cloud cover so highs tomorrow instead of being in the low seventies, as we saw today, in some places generally is going to be are generally going to be
10:51 pm
in the sixties, mid sixties upper sixties some low seventies so your forecast highs to about 67 morgue until 67 in santa rosa. 65 in san francisco. these temperatures are pretty warm, pretty mild. for this time. you're not way above the average, but certainly not in the mid seventies as we've been seeing so, beth, definitely a cooler. pattern the five day forecast that is really one that includes increasing clouds on saturday, sunday and monday, and hopefully we're really hoping something happens here because that period there's plenty of moisture around. there's plenty of dynamics around when we get to monday and tuesday that we could see something of some significance, some of them all models earlier in the week, we're suggesting we might get half inch of rain or something like that in san francisco that's been removed, but that could easily pop back in. so fingers crossed on that i will see you back here at 11 o'clock, and we'll update that forecast. okay bill. see you, then. thank you. coming up tonight in sports . the incredible comeback by the stanford cardinal in the first
10:52 pm
round of the pac 12 tournament sports director mark devine is will be here with all the highlights then on the 11 o'clock news, twitter pushing back against russia had the social media companies working to get its website back up and running so people in russia can get information about the war ♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids.
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usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
10:54 pm
are we still exclusive? absolutely. tonight in the vine aroma probably speak for a whole lot of baseball fans to think at this point. wake me up when it's over. don't really want to hear the details of your labor problems at all. but on the flip side, maybe it's the darkest hour before the dawn right because negotiations apparently went sideways again today word this morning. was the two sides met deep into the night made
10:55 pm
some progress and no games would be canceled today. however more bleak talks break down. the owners also besides, they're going to retaliate a little bit and announced they're going to cancel things into the second week of the regular season. little frustration on the giant side, the third baseman evan longoria tweets out today. we played baseball this year or what? yeah that's what a lot of us would like to know. at this point. like i say, wake me up later. hey stanford cardinal men basketball team think they have a little inferiority complex about the women being better than them on that campus? well, they picked a great time to turn things around play probably their best game of the year. pac 12. opener jared has one in five of his previous ventures into the pac 12 sq leading precisely by 16 is combining lawrence stuffs it down. they had the game in control. but the
10:56 pm
cardinal on a 16 1 run under a minute, stanford down four. spencer jones knocks down a three from the corner. suddenly they're down only one and they've got one last crack at harrison ingram spinning igra stripped picked up keep. stay with wyatt. buzzer yeah, that is fantastic. james keith plays the role of hero with that buzzer beater first round victory for stanford. james dad, of course, adam played for the cardinal 1988 through 92 family. they're loving it up 71 70 as they close out this game on that 16 1 run against sq next step for stanford. little tougher arizona down in vegas. a first round happening for mark fox and the cal bears trying to pull a minor upset. 10 seat against seven cws
10:57 pm
. you bears down seven, but jordan's shepherd playing some bully ball, two of his 19 there within five under nine minutes left sacramento native tyrell roberts nifty drive and finished his fouled counseling over 14. cougars do prevail. 66 59 1st round exit for the cow bears their overall record that's here. 12 and 20 talk some nba the golden state warriors who pulled out of their funk last night with a convincing victory over the clippers. they had lost nine of 11 going in and sometimes, you know, cut with the pep talks, and all of the talk is a matter of fact. you just need to light in the mood and that they did last night. eleventy prevails. comedian actor will ferrell on campus on the court prior to the game, recreating his jackie moon character from the movie semipro . he's a big fan, clay thompson's and whatever he did
10:58 pm
it worked. and, you know, steve curry is kind of the master thie long 82 game schedule. they pushed the right button last night. he's a huge clay thompson fan and he you know, he knows how much clay loves dressing up as jackie moon. and so it was just kind of a natural fit, and it felt like a good time to do it just to make everybody laugh and a tough stretch of the season and he was great. you know, he came into our locker room made the guys laugh and, you know, just have something different to do. definitely a the quarterback. musical chairs , things continues in the nfl. how does commander carson sounds here? it will bring to it. carson wentz goes to the washington commanders the cold to trade him get to third round picks, one of them conditional. it could turn into a second, and i'll tell you something. colds need a quarterback. jimmy garoppolo may fit. the bill. usually about this time of year.
10:59 pm
we're talking about spring training. we don't have it on the major league level. of course, as you know by now, but i'm gonna show you a team that could use some spring training. this is old miss and their base runner peyton to tag me versus alcorn state he got picked off made it safely into second alertly notices. the third baseman's to close two. second goes in the catcher is covering , which means nobody. is holding down home plate. he steals three bases on one play. like i say, alcorn state can use a little more spring trade. that's the sporting life about 25 minutes, guys. all right, mark. thank you. next at 11. you don't know what's in front of us, but we can say definitively that omicron has done for now, and we get to go back to business as normal for hopefully forever. san francisco bar owners ready to put covid in the rear view mirror as the city announces some indoor places no longer
11:00 pm
have to require proof of vaccination. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. bars restaurants and gyms will no longer have to make sure customers are fully vaccinated. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage. the city says hi vaccination rates and low case rates led to this decision. but his ktvu elissa harrington reports, businesses can still keep those requirements in place if they choose. at soda pop pinsky's bar in nob hill signs are posted on the front window and door, reminding customers to show proof of vaccination before entering. but starting friday, patrons will only need to show they're of legal drinking age to sit at the bar. they become really accustomed to sharing a ride. our vaccine cards never go in places. we haven't favorited on our phones on apps bars, restaurants and gyms in the city will no longer be required by a health order to check vaccination status or proof


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