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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 9, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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vaccination. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. bars restaurants and gyms will no longer have to make sure customers are fully vaccinated. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage. the city says hi vaccination rates and low case rates led to this decision. but his ktvu elissa harrington reports, businesses can still keep those requirements in place if they choose. at soda pop pinsky's bar in nob hill signs are posted on the front window and door, reminding customers to show proof of vaccination before entering. but starting friday, patrons will only need to show they're of legal drinking age to sit at the bar. they become really accustomed to sharing a ride. our vaccine cards never go in places. we haven't favorited on our phones on apps bars, restaurants and gyms in the city will no longer be required by a health order to check vaccination status or proof of a
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negative covid test at the door . we're ready to rock. let's party ben blind man is the founder of the san francisco bar owners alliance. he said many business owners are excited and ready to embrace these changes. this is ceremonial in some ways , but it's a big deal, and it feels like a huge load off of our shoulders and we're so ready to get back to business as usual. mayor london breed and the city's public health department made the announcement in a series of tweets, saying case rates continue to fall. about 83% of eligible san franciscans are vaccinated, dr. peter chin hong, an infectious disease expert at ucsf, said business owners should be ready to be flexible. if numbers rise again. i think we're in a good truck. i think there's a combination of natural immunity from people being exposed to recent crown surge. there is a high rate of vaccination and boosting in general. the vaccine mandate first went into effect in august during the delta surge. san francisco became the first major city in the united states to check vaccine status
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at the door. now, despite the change in the health order, some businesses may still require proof of vaccination. and if you are going to make a event of 1000 people are more you will still need to show those vaccination cards at the door in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. los angeles is also moving towards ending requirements that certain businesses require patrons to show proof of vaccination. the shift comes as new covid cases and hospitalizations fall. the l. a city council ordered the city attorney today to craft an ordinance that makes vaccine verification voluntary for indoor locations like bars, restaurants and gyms. it would also eliminate proof of vaccination for large outdoor events. a final note will be required when that ordinance is ready. a developing story. we're following three lanes of north bong interstate 8 80 are blocked in fremont. where the chp says a pedestrian was killed tonight. it happened just before 10
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o'clock this evening south of warren avenue. the chp says the pedestrian was hit by a car. at this time. just one lane is open to traffic as authorities investigate. ukraine's president is calling a russian attack on a ukrainian maternity hospital and atrocity. at least 17 people were hurt when an airstrike devastated the mariupol hospital . some of the injured are women very close to giving birth. this attack trapped women and children in the rubble for hours. president zelinsky is calling for nato intervention, including a no fly zone, saying millions of people will die if that doesn't happen. but we know exactly that now is very bad. and in future it will be too late. and believe me, believe me , if it's prolonged this way, yes, you will see they will close the sky. but we'll lose millions of people. as more
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people join thousands more people joined the two million who have already fled ukraine. another threat may be looming. the biden administration warned today that russia may seek to use chemical or biological weapons in ukraine. and maybe laying the groundwork for false flag accusations against ukraine in washington tonight, the house approved more than $13 billion in emergency aid to ukraine and its allies. speaker nancy pelosi spoke with ukraine's president earlier today about what she called crimes against humanity. we talked about that maternity hospital. we talked about weapons that putin is using weapons, too. prohibited in the geneva conventions, including cluster bombs and vacuum bombs, which caused severe suffering. pelosi said the us is offering unwavering support, providing humanitarian help as well as weaponry. our ukrainian mother
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and her four children are safe tonight in california morning. u san burly, joining us now live from the newsroom with more. i hope her ordeal amber. alex olena tells me it was scary getting to the train station there. kiev amidst gunfire and bombings. she's relieved to make it here to the us safely with her children, but says our hardest heavy for those who are still in ukraine, including family members. amount of people. that was unbelievable. how many people are trying to get on that train? olena ukrainian american fled ukraine with her children friday by train to poland. it was very, very difficult to get on. an arms and harmed a 15 hour ride on what she describes as a small inner city train not designed to go long distances cramped with people. people were taking turns . people were standing in sitting on the floor standing everywhere. and a lot of people
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had come in and next station, so it got even worse. olena tells me an ordeal prolonged because the train was forced to change directions a few times to avoid bombings. it was very scary, especially as i told him you couldn't use our phones. we had to turn off. er location that nobody could find us. and there was no light. sometimes it was driving or riding the train in the darkness. she took these photos crossing the border minus three minus four and the snow and standing, but she says the polish people opened up their homes and their hearts to refugees. she and her children stayed until tuesday before they flew to the us and arrived in southern california. wednesday around four am am eight years old, old grateful to have gotten her four children out. the american people are praying for you. oh, linda's friend carrie ciancia rouleau, here in the bay area has been in constant contact with polenta and coordinating with another friend
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to provide help. how could i not help my friend who's being bombed? it's just super frightening because. the world is watching. olena says her heart is heavy having left behind her 84 year old mother and her husband feel awful for people who are left there. i feel awful because situation is getting worse and they're very scared, uncertain and just afraid of tomorrow. olena says she's still figuring out what's next, but wants to return to ukraine. when it's safe. she's here with the help of friends. they say they now want to help others escape to safety alex julie such a terrifying journey very thankful that she and her kids are safe tonight, amber. thank you. according to unicef, more than one million children have fled ukraine since russia began attacking the country nearly two weeks ago. children represent about half of the two million people who have fled this war. the u. n refugee
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agency says this is the largest refugee crisis in europe since the end of world war two. poland has received more refugees than anywhere else. the polish border guard agency estimates more than 1.3 million ukrainians have crossed since the invasion started. twitter has launched a privacy protected version of its site. it aims to bypass surveillance and censorship in russia. that country restricted the site and blocked facebook entirely as it tries to restrict the flow of information about its war in ukraine, users can access the protected version of twitter if they download the tour browser. facebook is available there as well. east bay congressman eric swalwell today welcomed to european ambassadors to capitol hill. congressman swalwell announced on twitter. his meetings with the hungarian and slovakian ambassadors. he says he wanted to thank them for their country's leadership in welcoming ukrainian refugees
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hungary has taken in more than 200,000 refugees from ukraine, while slovakia has welcomed roughly 150,000 people who fled that country. there have been four deaths in the past year at stanford university. how the school says it will provide more mental health services next and still ahead tonight at 11 how a misunderstanding at a bank led to oakland native and black panther director ryan coogler being put into handcuffs. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires.
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plan to provide more mental health services on campus. this announcement was posted on social media one week after the suicide death of katie meyer. a resident assistant and captain of the women's soccer team. three other stanford students have died over the last year, two of them by suicide in this statement, stanford encourage students to reach out to the university's counseling services and promised to hire additional permanent counselors and therapists for the department of athletic and the entire campus. people said to be displaced from people's park in berkeley will be housed in a converted motel thanks to a partnership between the city of berkeley, the university and local nonprofits . in addition to a private room, residents will have access to daily meal service. clinical healthcare and counseling and transportation. they will also be matched with the housing navigator who will help them
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find permanent housing. the city of berkley has secured a lease with the roadway into provide 42 rooms that will house those currently living at people's park. and this is thanks to a 4.7 million encampment resolution grant from the state of california, the city of berkeley's received construction of much needed housing for 1100 , uc berkeley students on the people's park site is set to begin this summer. i do report revealed today that oakland native and the director of black panther, ryan coogler, was wrongly detained at a bank in atlanta two months ago. the teller mistakenly thought he was robbing the bank. reporter eric perry shows us the body camera video. you can really see the confusion on ryan coogler face when he notices the officers had guns drawn at him. he says he was simply getting money out of his own accounts everywhere from this way. mike mibach change. no better got it. it sounds like
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something out of a movie. these are the sights and sounds of when famed director ryan coogler with handcuffed inside a bank of america on west paces ferry in early january. this all happened after police say the black panther director handed the teller withdrawal slip with writing on the back, asking her to be discreet when handing him the more than $10,000. he withdrew from his account because he didn't want to attract attention. note as like you have your debit card and said his identify it went through becoming a member. the teller admits that the director had his bank card matching id and put in the correct pin for the account, i want your job 1000 history after being handcuffed and detained. kugler is heard on camera trying to explain what happened and even told the officers to google him if they didn't believe them stated to obviously regiment. i
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heard that blocks all the money on my own time understand? police also questioned and detained a driver and another person with the film mogul but did not place them into handcuffs, according to the report. once police realized what happened and who he was. officers let kugler go. bank of america sent the statement saying, quote. we deeply regret that this incident happened. it never should have happened and we have apologized to mr kugler . the report shows he requested the names and badge numbers for all officers on scene. kugler released this statement saying, quote that situation should have never happened. however bank of america worked with me and addressed it to my satisfaction and we have moved on. atlanta police also released the 911 recordings where the teller says that he followed all the procedures. she just felt uncomfortable. in northwest atlanta. i'm eric parry, fox five news. joining the effort against russia coming up after the break. we will introduce you to the man from minnesota preparing to fight in ukraine,
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also showing support for ukraine how bay area groups are mobilizing to raise money for the war torn country. and we are tracking that we'd advisory that goes in effect soon and the chances for rain in the five day i'll see you back here with that. donations from ukraine from
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people and organizations in the bay area. ktvu jana katsuyama tells us about new fundraisers and the grassroots efforts to make a difference. more than 6000 miles from his home town of kiev, igor trade group is taking small steps to help i am working person to person in berkeley for weeks. now he's been running a one man fundraising drive, collecting donations here and
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making trips to the bank to wire money directly to family, friends and aid workers in ukraine every year dollar and cent count. and every hour every minute every second counts as well. he's barely sleeping, the stress exhausting waiting for texts every morning when his family emerges from bomb shelters at five am, when i get up for my regular check in there is a part of me that my heart. skips a beat when. i send a message and i don't hear back. point wild the red cross and other large humanitarian relief groups are mobilizing convoys of supplies, medicine, food and water into ukraine, but trade group and many other ukrainian expats say those deliveries can be too slow. christine family and friends in ukraine are telling him what's needed on the ground, and he rallies donors to supply help and hope. i'm now
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working through some corporate donors to see if we can get some part of those solar panels and the fighters on the ground in the bay area. many organizations are rallying collecting funds for ukrainian relief and on saturday at the golden gate park bandshell, sa and parks departmt is partnering with non profit organizations and the ukrainian american coordinating council for a fundraising concert for ukraine. the people in ukraine are hurting, but the people of ukraine who live all around the world and in the bay area, or hurting too, as are russians, i mean, this is a terrible moment of human conflict in san francisco, the skyline was once again lit up in the blue and gold colors of the ukrainian flag. beacons of light and hope for ukrainians overseas in san francisco, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. a man from minnesota is among those joining the fight against the russians. eric krekar is in poland right
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now preparing to head east and fighting ukraine. he said. no formal weapons training, but he says he felt compelled to volunteer in an effort to defend freedom. everybody likes to talk about freedom, but freedom only really goes to people who are willing to show up and fight for it, whether it be at the ballot box or at war. krieger is heading to ukraine with a friend from norway, who fears that russia will eventually invade finland and sweden as well. those two countries are not nato members and are close to norway. the keep classic symphony orchestra today performed a concert for peace in ukraine. in a show of resilience and hope about 20 musicians played the ukrainian and european union anthems and other pieces in kiev's maidan square, residents held ukrainian flags as they listen to the open air concert, which was also broadcast live on ukrainian tv channels. the conductor called the concert to
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quote action of peace. okay taking a look at the wind advisory goes into effect after midnight tonight. we're going to see wind gusts and the higher elevations, especially in the north bay. up over 30 35 40 miles an hour down low. it will be breezy, but not as windy, so the real event is up here. solano county as well out there towards vacaville and fairfield winters. the winds really had come howling down through the valley as you're pretty much used to the city right now. kind of light winds. not that strong yet, but the winds will pick up and we will see a cooler day tomorrow because of the wind. overnight lows will be a little cooler, but the wind is going to keep it from getting below freezing, and it's going to stay above freezing even in santa rosa. maybe 35 or 34. healdsburg you will be seeing some frost and some of those areas as well. but overall, it's just kind of a mild evening. for this time of year, there's the gesture. look at that. it's just all that goal. that's a lot of weather
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out in the pacific. there's a lot of weather. look at that. and it's just going right up over the top as it has been for the last month and a half. so san francisco tomorrow it's going to be marked by breezy conditions. you'll notice the wind, you'll notice a cool start as well. 46 degrees is pretty chilly for san francisco. lunchtime you're in the low sixties at the end of the day in san francisco, you're mostly sunny, breezy conditions have died down at this point. the wind advisory will be dropped probably tomorrow morning by lunchtime. in the bay area proper. it'll stay up in solano county in upton towards the sacramento but mostly sunny mid sixties, so school core tomorrow and then we warm up a little bit after that. here's the model. and we're looking for rain. so here we go into sunday. you see the clouds increase. so monday into tuesday, right here, and that's our best chance right in there, and that looks pretty good. i mean, that's a good looking moisture plume. if it lines up that way, we might be in good shape. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow cooler than they were today
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clearly and then, the five day forecast shows pretty much what you're what you're expecting more of the same, more plenty more sunshine. less wind beyond friday and cooler temperatures on sunday and monday as those clouds begin to move in, and that chance of showers actually looks pretty good on monday, so we actually put in a chance of a shower. so that's some good news, so we'll keep our fingers crossed. we really need the rain. we're in a rough situation with a couple three years of drought coming up here, so any rain is going to help? looks like we might get something early next week. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right. thanks, bill. in san francisco. getting a campsite in the presidio is rob hill campground is about to get more convenient. starting on monday, campers will be able to reserve a campsite online, rob hill campground. one of two campgrounds in the city is nestled in a secluded four acre forest with views of the pacific ocean. and it's just a short walk from the golden gate bridge . reservations can be made on the recreation dot gov website
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or mobile app. coming up next, an incredible comeback by the stanford cardinal sports director. market bond is will show us the buzzer beating shot that kept stanford season alive . but first a tortoise is back home in alameda after escaping an animal control officer rescued pokey and got it back home shortly after the animal got out and believe it or not, it's not the first time she's rescued a tortoise. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu.
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jp morgan wealth management. here's your latest news on the baseball lockout. yari yari, ara , blah, blah, blah. wake me up. when it's over. the only people i care about the vendors, the
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guys in the parking lot. the restaurants bar keeps outside ballpark. the rest of them just ridiculous that it's gone on baseball owners clueless. basically locking the players out and they say they're going to cancel the first two weeks of the season deal seemed probable yesterday. today it seems pretty distant talks broke up and again no progress to report. blah blah , blah. same story much better news to report with regard to stanford basketball. that usually means we're going to talk about the women's team at 1 20 in a row on their way to hopefully another national title , but the men steal the show in their pac 12 opener today against arizona state three minutes left in this game assumed control, breaking kimani lawrence, with the throw down slam dunk. they are up by 14 on
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stanford, but the cardinals on a 16 1 run, closed the gap under a minute. stanford down four spencer jones corner pocket three, and suddenly there within one. he had 26 to lead everybody . one last gasp for stanford spinning spinning. negro stripped picked up keep quiet, buzzer. beautiful thing. james keith plays the hero. buzzer beater first round win for stanford. james dad, adam, of course, you may remember played for the cardinal back in 1988 through 92 great player, family affairs 71 70. closing out on that 16 1 run little tougher tomorrow, cardinal asked to play arizona and round two first round happening also for the cal bears taken on ws you that's a 10 seed bears against the number seven bears down seven in the second half. jordan's shepherd
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bully ball to the hoop. two of us 19 calle within 509 minutes left sacramento native tyrell roberts. nice drive. making it happen at the bucket. plus he's fouled. it counts cougars prevails. 66 59 1st round exit for cal over a record now, 12 and 20. alright we got a little more football activity to show you but it takes place in the hallway of a high school. you need to check this out. this is a young man very serious about what he intends to do in the future. mark love from yorkville high school. he wants to be a defensive back is impressed coverage. in the hallway right here the fans. students don't know he's got some serious focus that, yeah. that's how you get to what you want to do. right working every angle. i have to
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say, i mean questions. good nobody's gotten past it. you know, i mean, single completed pass against him. that's writes the sporting life. can you guys tell? i'm frustrated about the tell? i'm frustrated about the baseball now mnh! how can my babies be early?! i've never been early to anything! maybe they're not mine! i've always been faithful to you! (groaning) push, damn it! i'm not losing another baby today. -(flatline) -(groaning) cardiac arrest. crash cart! the shock could kill the baby! (paddles whine) that's something i'll just have to live with. maybe we could turn off the tv? -clear! -(tv shuts off) well, folks, i'm afraid i have some bad news. oh, my god. no. n-no, not that bad. i'm sorry. i did not think that through. no, you're not giving birth today. you've had false contractions, known as braxton hicks. it's very common. uh, so what does that mean timing-wise? it's no indication. it could be five weeks from now, could be five hours from now. i suggest you and your husband go home, get some sleep while you still can. oh, we're not married. we're just lovers.


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