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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  March 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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happened. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth good afternoon, everyone. welcome to the four. i'm frank malik and i'm heather holmes emergency and repair crews remained at the scene of that crash site in san bruno. it happened near the intersection of san felipe and huntington's avenue along el camino real just after 10 30 this morning, we get the latest now from ktvu, jesse gary. she's he's live for us now at the scene, and jesse any word on how exactly this happened. that will be the focus of the investigation, which is in this infancy right now, as a matter of fact, the san bruno fire chief says the ntsb on its way here to investigate this accident. move out of the way so you can see the records that is beyond this fire department. fire engine is firefighters are still here, making sure that the flames that are out do not rekindled. caltrain crews must remove or separate the damaged
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train engine, which you can see that is literally mangled into a heap that is one of the cranes that was on the track, officials say. it's going to take about 24 hours. witnesses say the impact that was caused by this was deafening. it felt like an earthquake. it felt like there was. disorder in my world, the result of the deafening sound was wreckage and fire on the couch train tracks in san bruno around 10 30 southbound train number 56 slams into at least three pieces of equipment on the tracks there. there is part of doing construction for the electrification project, ultimately, why they should not have been following the tracks at this time. so what? you know , it's not clear what specifically happened. caltrain officials say the four car train was traveling at a maximum speed of 70 mph hit two crane vehicles and a third vehicle which caused the fire. i heard the express train whistle blowing long. um and then. thud. it wasn't like a
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big bang, but it was like a thud because it was in the distance, a bit hearing that whistle and then that thud like okay, something just happened because i know these guys are working out here all the time. 75 people on board were forced to escape through the emergency exits, windows on both levels and the doors. first responders say one person suffered serious burns and was taken to st francis hospital in san francisco for treatment. there were 12 other non life threatening injuries. this includes a private contractor who was working on the crane at the time of the impact. caltrain officials say construction work has been ongoing since 2017 train schedules are provided to cruise on the tracks, and engineers were aware of the work that's being done. additionally lookout person is in place to notify workers of approaching trains. this was a surprise and we're investigating to determine what exactly went wrong. and part of that investigation will deal
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with the onboard cameras that are inside the trains. however as you can see, because of the damage those cameras suffered because of the impact those cameras suffered a lot of damage , so we'll have to see what kind of images come from that. as for the commute this evening, caltrain officials say that trains are running once per hour . at least that's the word right now once per hour, so if you use caltrain to get home and you're looking at the schedule schedule is not going to be accurate. you want to go and go to our website and we can link you or go to their website and get the latest on when you were trained is coming, but there will be significant delays. as this wreckage is going to be here, at least for the next 25 24 hours, we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour live in san bruno this evening, jesse gary ktvu fox news head back to you over in oakland, jesse. obviously, the investigation is just one part of this, but appears as though there was damage done to those tracks, and that will, of course, take some time. that's going to say charm,
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but fortunately, i mean, they have a north beyond track and southbound track, and this was what was called a baby express. baby bullet is what they call it. what's an express train? so you haven't expressed track as well. so there are ways around this, so it's not as um has cumbersome as if, for example, you have an accident inside a part tube and his only one track so there are other tracks they can use. and also remember that bart does have tracks right next to this, so that's also limiting how much can be done because those bark tracks are electrified to have the third rails have to be very careful when doing any kind of work near a third rail. heather all right , we'll be following up on that investigation, jesse. thank you. well this just in this afternoon in battles, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith announcing today that she will not run for re election after 24 years in office and will retire at the end of her term in january of 2023. smith is facing seven counts of corruption and misconduct filed against her by grand jury that could lead to
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her removal from office. the state department of justice has also launched a separate investigation of the santa clara county sheriff's office. now smith called the allegations spurious, saying that she is proud of what she has accomplished. in a strongly worded statement, smith added quote. i am confident history will show the first elected woman sheriff to serve in california. was not only honorable, but her accomplishments will speak far louder and be remembered longer than the false stories that will be repudiated by truth. construction crew makes a disturbing discovery inside the old kaiser convention center in oakland, a body basically mummified inside a wall. investigators believe that man's body has been there for years. ktvu is christina brandon joins us. in the newsroom. now with more christina frank police say they believe this was a man who was found behind the wall in a space only 15 inches wide. think about that. and they say that he thinks he was there in that building. maybe 3 to 5 years. somehow he fell into that narrow
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space and die. construction crews working on the kaiser convention center made the discovery wednesday afternoon, oakland police say based on the decomposition of the body, as we mentioned they believe he had been dead for about 3 to 5 years. you'll recall. this building has been closed for several years now, but authorities think that the man somehow got inside and was in the ceiling. then they say he fell into that cavity. somehow they don't know how. but it was only 15 inches wide. he got stuck and died, then over time. they believe the body made its way down the cavity 12 ft. based off scratch marks found behind the drywall where that person was found, and now the process begins to identify the body. we're hoping that we can maybe rehydrate some of the skin around the fingers and get some partial fingerprints, and then we can run those fingerprints against our database. and possibly identify the person. if that does not work, investigators say they're going to turn to dna and dental
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records. at this point, they say the body had no signs of trauma. no signs of any cracks or fractures in the skeletal remains basically no signs of foul play at all. they simply believe. this person made it their way into the building and was not able to escape and may have suffered positional asphyxiation. so at this point, it's likely going to be several months before authorities have any answers as to the dna records or whether or not there's a match on the missing persons database, and right now the case is being classified as an unexplained death, but anyone with information is asked to call oakland police cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. alright cristina. thank you. we want to bring now you some updated information in regards to a large fire that is really going to mess up the afternoon commute. you're looking at live pictures of the mcarthur maze here in oakland and for folks who are driving into san francisco. you will see a large plume of smoke as you start to approach the bay bridge. we understand that there
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was some sort of vehicle fire traffic in the area has been stopped as crews respond to this scene again. this is at the mcarthur maze in oakland, a large plume of smoke being picked up by our traffic camera again, not exactly certain where this car is located, but as you can see, it is slow going in just about every direction as people either stop and take a look at this smoke or affected by the response. again a large fire happening on the mcarthur maze affecting traffic at this hour. well now to the very latest on the russian invasion of ukraine. it has now entered its third week. the us saying today that russia clearly misjudged the ability and drive of the ukrainian people to defend themselves against the russian military showing its drive toward the cap of slowing . excuse me its drive toward the capital of keith. the u. n says at least 549 civilians have died, but the true number is likely in the thousands. ukraine says at least 1200 people have died in the city of mary paul,
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where maternity hospital was bombed just yesterday, and heavy shelling continues there today. and more civilians are joining the 2.5 million others who have now fled the country. fox's lauren blanchard picks up our coverage now from poland. vice president kamala harris, renewing america's commitment to protect nato allies. during a visit to poland thursday, harris met with the polish president, vowing to further assist ukraine as russia continues to bombard the war torn nation. we also fully appreciate we must be swift. in terms of providing assistance where we can be helpful. lawmakers also pushed the same message after the house approved a massive spending bill wednesday, providing $13.6 billion in u. s aid to ukraine and our european allies. we must rapidly fund or urgent assistance that ukraine and our allies along with the position plank. need right now. in recent days, ukrainian president
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vladimir zelensky has slammed nato for their failure to establish a no fly zone that criticism ramping up after russian forces bombed a maternity hospital in the besieged town of mary a. paul harris condemned the attack but reiterated a no fly zone is off the table at this time. health care professionals throughout the u. s are now packing up their bags and heading to poland to help refugees fleeing the war. one nurse who traveled from arizona described the massive influx of refugees arriving at a makeshift camp here in poland. there's busses arriving every day yesterday and the day before , there was almost 7000 people arriving here at this refugee center that we are at the ukrainian and russian foreign ministers met thursday for the highest level talks since the war began. but these peace talks so far have stalled in poland. lauren blanchard, fox news gas prices in california went up another 12 cents just from yesterday. up. next we're going
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to hear from a northern california lawmaker who wants congress to investigate potential price gouging at the pump. also play ball. the major league baseball reaches a tentative agreement with its players today coming up at 4 31 of the very latest on this deal, and when the season will start and whether another sunny but breezy day, especially up in the hills throughout the afternoon hours as the winds back off cold temperatures move in, and we have a frost advisory to talk about. we'll have more your forecast coming up. with the qatk
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unified school district went on strike today and for months of failed negotiations, the main sticking point of the labor dispute centers on wages, teachers are asking for pay increases, equating to roughly 14.5. over three years. a state appointed fact finding report determined that teachers in this district make 20% less than the
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state average. people have been fighting for improved wages in this in this district for a long, long time for 20, plus years without much improvement, and i've been here for five of them and i'm so glad we're finally taking action. we have limited revenue. we do not have the income and state districts are founded inequitably, so it's really hard. you know, we'd love to have that average teacher salary were not funded. we're not funded the same. district officials maintain that the unions wage demands would send the district into fiscal insolvency. they say all schools except for monte vista elementary are open during the strike, with most operating on a minimum day schedule. new numbers out today show inflation reached a new 40 year high for the month of february. the consumer price index rose 7.9% this is compared to last year. nearly every category of goods and services is now costing more flour, milk, eggs and coffee.
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more expensive used cars. gasoline electricity also price here since russia ukraine produce produced rather nearly 30% of the world's wheat supply food costs. could rise even more. we have seen the energy the increase. uh you know, happen as a result of russia's invasion of ukraine. there are so many things key things that affect the global economy that have been impacted by this war in ukraine like corn. the price of corn, the price of grains because if corns expensive, you switched to eat. all lives are now on the federal reserve. the fed is expected to raise its key short term rate by a quarter of a percent after its meeting next week on wall street. today, stocks were lower for the fifth session, and six day the dow was down 112 points. nasdaq slid 1 25 and the s and p was lowered by 18 points. price of oil jumped more than 5% early before ending the day down. 2.5. well, gas prices rose another 12 cents
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here in california just since yesterday, breaking yet another record. a gallon of regular is now 5 69 compared to the national average. a 4 31 here in the bay area in oakland. the average price of a gallon of regular is now 5 76 in san francisco. it's 5 82 and in san jose. it's 5 72. today more than 30, members of congress signed a letter asking for an investigation into alleged price gouging within the oil and gas industry, northern california congressman john garamendi is lead author of this letter. that will be presented to leaders of both houses. and congressman garamendi joins us now live. the president warned oil and gas companies to not exploit this moment, are they i think they most definitely are you take a look at the quarterly reports, which were just issued maybe a about a month ago. those quarterly reports indicate that the oil industry is making out like bandits and the people that robbing are those at the pumps.
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just take one company. for example, before this ukraine thing even started they were going to double their stock buyback from five billion to $10 billion, and that was based on oil at $60 a barrel now it's $100 a barrel. so where did all this come from? is that russia? no. this was going on long before there was russia. part of it was the increased demand as we got away from the pandemic. but i think the oil industry, including the retailers are really taking advantage of the situation and making extraordinary excessive profits . okay, and i know you want to get to the bottom of it in this letter. you're calling for an investigation. as i mentioned, saying, quote as american families work to make ends meet . congress must take action to investigate reports of illegal profiteering, anticompetitive business practices. and price gouging within the oil and gas industry. are you in fact, congressman getting reports of this type of activity? and what evidence do you have? well the evidence are the quarterly
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statements of their oil industry itself. just take a look at over the last year every quarter. did you see what's happening? take a look at the new reports that will be coming up with this coming quarter. and it's right there. it's right there. now. are the costs going up? well, is there a shortage of oil around the world? we have to find out about that. it's certainly the russia situation will only add to this. but if in fact these oil industry if the oil industry is doing what is apparent from their own reports then there is clearly price gouging going on. and it's not the only industry to take a look at the media industry. there are three meatpackers in the united states, they often work in concert. if you're a producer of live animals you've known over the many years the way in which it has been they've been short changed, but also now we're seeing the consumers on that side of it, so there's a real serious issue here about these major industries and particularly now talking about
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the oil industry, taking advantage of the unsettled economic situation and the war in ukraine. okay so, congressman , what would an investigation look like? and how might it help consumers? i think most of us are familiar least those of us they haven't a little bit of we don't have. well most of us have been around. we can take a look at what was going on with the tobacco industry. we've done these kinds of investigations on oil periodically over the years. this is not the first time that this issue has come up. i'd love to hear it from the oil industry trying to defend itself. can they? are they willing to put the numbers out there? are they willing to tell the world exactly what is going on? we do know that the united states is producing more oil now than it ever has before. so it's not that there's a shortage of oil production in the united states , but it's not and similarly around the world. the supply of oil that is coming out of the ground has actually increased year to year. we are coming out of the shut down and demand is
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sword is the industry unable to meet that demand? well the evidence is that they are able to meet the demand, even with the russia situation. whether russia may very well have a significant amount of oil off the market. now the biden administration has been working feverishly around the world. to backfill the loss of russian oil and for the united states, russia abounded to maybe 2% of the total oil that was available for the american refineries. okay so if there is proof of price gouging, what exactly can be done about it? i mean, can they be forced to lower prices at the pump? well there's legislation already introduced in congress that is an excess profits tax and that whatever that revenue would be would be returned to the people at the pump in some methodists. now we do have a piece of legislation that is in the senate passed the
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house. it's called the build back better legislation, and that is an extension of the largest middle class and lower income tax cut ever in america's history. right now. it is held up in the senate, but i would expect that that would in the next month or to get out of the senate and provide relief, continuing relief not only when people file the taxes but also a refundable tax credit. as we had in 2021 i, hopefully that will get out of the senate house has passed it along with a child care. money for child care and early childhood education. all of this is work that the democrats in the house have done. we are right the senate. hopefully they'll get their self and gear and get it done so that there can be relieved even with these high prices at the pump so that families can afford to continue to do what they must do to go to work. do what they must
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do to care for their children. so childcare no more than 7% of your income for childcare. the rest will be paid for and as well as a program for early childhood education right up to kindergarten. all of those things are there in legislation that has passed the house. we call that to build back better legislation. all right, congressman garamendi really appreciate your time today, a lot of people suffering when they when they go to fill up the tank. thank you so much. indeed. they are. a lot to clear skies today in the bay area full round of sunshine, you may have noticed the winds picking up especially earlier today wasn't a widespread, strong wind event, but especially for the berry hill's as winds. really ramping up. in fact, some of these gusts that might surprise you, and it may be common your neighborhood but take a look at some of these reports for the higher elevations. mountain mount st helene about six o'clock this morning up in the north based 73 miles an hour about the album 56 miles an hour. these numbers
4:23 pm
coming down a bit down toward mount tam fairfield, even half moon bay 30 miles an hour, so the winds there's still a bit of a breeze right now, but they are backing off right now. you can see fairfield gusting to over 20 miles an hour oakland more of a westerly breeze at about 13 miles an hour. as we check out some more reports for us fo remember yesterday at this time sfl with dustin, at least approaching 40 miles an hour right now, a sustained wind of about 18 miles an hour satellite showing you clear skies up and down our coastline. no fog to speak of. we're looking for the rainfall is way up here as you can see, approaching the pacific northwest. that's just about it. so we have clear skies for tonight but a cooling pattern at least for the overnight hours with this pattern setting up so we have some frost to talk about first thing tomorrow morning. it's hard to believe when you take a look at some of the current numbers out there for the four o'clock hours sixties. to the lower 70 santa rosa right now. 71 san jose 68 submit sixties out toward livermore. here's a beautiful camera, looking out above san francisco
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toward the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands. nothing but sunshine will hold onto the clear skies overnight and as the winds back off with the clear skies temperatures drop off quite a bit cold enough that we have a frost advisory friday morning for the north bay and the santa clara valley, not including san jose. temperatures could be in the low to mid thirties. so chilly start for your friday morning. you can see santa rosa could be sub freezing at 30. san francisco, 44 san jose in the upper thirties. so we have that chilly start friday morning with the afternoon hours will be beautiful. another round of sunshine lots of sixties and the warmest locations in the lower seventies. now into the weekend, we're still talking about at least the chance of a few sprinkles for one part of your weekend. we'll talk more about that, and we'll update your five day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. sounds great. thank you. mark coming up. next san francisco's homeless death rate has doubled in the first year of the pandemic. we will hear from a ucsf doctor who conducted a recent study. about all of that.
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its wake. a recent ucsf report found that san francisco's homeless death rate more than doubled during the first year of the coronavirus outbreak. 312 died in march of 2022 march, 2021 in 2019. that number was 1 47 overdoses where the number one cause of death. joining us to shed some light on the report is one of the authors ucsf's chief of emergency medicine. dr maria raven. good to have you with us doctor. thanks for having me well, the pandemic was tough on all of us. we know that. but more than double the homeless death break. did that surprise you? it did surprise me. i think in some ways we anticipated that it would be higher just because there was a lot of concern about morbidity and mortality in the homeless population due to covid 19, but i think the fact that we didn't see any deaths as a result of
4:28 pm
covid-19 was quite surprising and that they still doubled. do you think this sudden surge may have partly been fueled to buy the massive quantities of fentanyl that are now in the city streets and i would imagine more in the last couple of years to 100% so we've been looking at deaths in this population. um as a collaborative effort i should mention with the san francisco department of public health and we've been tracking data since 2016 and the proportion of deaths due to drug overdose have been increasing every year and the role of fentanyl has continued to increased year after year as well, so that definitely is playing a huge part in this. how about gender age and race? what did you find there in this study? yeah, well , we found in terms of the demographics of the population among people experiencing homelessness that died. it really mirrors. um pretty closely the population of people experiencing homelessness in san francisco in general. so that population is disproportionately
4:29 pm
identifies as black or african american, um, is disproportionately male. um and you know, a big segment of that population is in the age range from 40 to 60. and that same thing was true among the folks who died. and i guess the big question as we move out of the pandemic now, what can san francisco and for that matter, every city here in the bay area due to try to bring that number down? yeah it's a it's a great question as part of the reason that we want to do this research is to see what can we do to intervene here? because we know people experiencing homelessness really are at increased risk for risk for premature death and i think you know, based on these results. we really have to do more to make sure that we have very low barrier. substance use treatment available for folks where they are physically. uh we have to make sure that the treatment services are available reversal agents like naloxone that can save people's lives in an instant, are very readily available, and we have to think about harm reduction. services
4:30 pm
including safe injection centers , given the, um the amount of fentanyl that isn't our drug supply here, you know, we really can't take any options off the table. i would say this is something that's become relatively politicized, but the bottom line is too many people are dying. we don't need that to be happening, and we have to do more to reach people where they are. that is, for sure. the numbers are pretty frightening for a problem that will probably take a lot of time and a lot of effort to conquer ucs. ucsf's doctor maria raven, rather thank you so much for your time and all your insight as well. thanks for having me. thank you. okay. well can you believe it, frank? they have finally finally figured it out, and they'll be and its players finally reaching a deal after that very long, three month long lockout, so what it all means for the season. and warehouse full of supplies. i'll collect it for the people of ukraine, but why getting those supplies to award zone is proving to be quite the zone is proving to be quite the challenge
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. . the lockout is over. owners and players reaching an agreement today, which will include a full 162 game season. and jason is here now to explain more of this and boy they reached an agreement and they're like full steam ahead. let's go . it's on guys. here's the deal. the billionaires the millionaires, they finally figured out how to divvy up the fans. money. pot of gold listen , that is indeed great news for baseball fans everywhere because after a long, arduous and i would say, quite frankly,
4:34 pm
annoying process. let's get ready to play ball. thank you. michael buffer, couldn't have said it better. within the last hour. baseball owners voted 32 nothing to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement. both sides making concessions over the past few days to get it done. the biggest gap was that was bridge was with the luxury tax threshold. we're not going to bore you with the details, except to say that neither side got exactly what they wanted, which is, in fact how negotiations are supposed to work bottom line after canceling the first week of the season, those games are back on. as frank said a moment ago, they will play a full 162 game scheduled by adding a few days on the back end of the season, as well as some doubleheaders opening day. is now april 7th 28 days from now, mark your calendars, everything going to kick into high gear, with teams reporting to spring training as
4:35 pm
early as tomorrow, the giants of scottsdale and the a's to phoenix cactus league games in eight days and we'll hear from rob manfred, hopefully one last time that i have to say i am genuinely thrilled. to be able to say that major league baseball's back and we're going to play 162 games. i do want to start by apologizing to our fans. i know that the last few months have been difficult. there was a lot of uncertainty, um, at a point in time when there's a lot of uncertainty in the world. um sort of the way the process of collective bargaining works sometimes, but i do apologize for it. yeah and i think once they hit the field, most folks are going to forget all about that. and as i said, hopefully, that's the last time we hear from rob manfred from for a while. let's hear from the players. let's hear from the managers to big changes. we got to tell you about the national league will adopt the designated
4:36 pm
hitter and the playoffs are going to expand from 10. 2 12 teams, guys. i like those rules were for weeks away. yeah, we're getting close. the other thing is those those doubleheaders they're going to be not are those nine inning games, right, and they're not going to start with that runner on second base anymore, and i know for the baseball purists out there. in fact, pretty much everybody extra and you know we were talking about it. they're doing away with that, which is a good thing. that's good progress. okay? yep. thank you. thanks, jason. well, the t s a is extending its mask required. it is another month now until april 18th previously the mask mandate on planes, trains and other forms of public transportation was set to expire on march. 18th the cdc, though now working on revising new guidelines that would ease the nationwide mask mandate on transit, and that would happen next month. so with the war in ukraine raging on the country is in a critical need of medical supplies. one nonprofit right here in the u. s. is trying to fill that void. but the journey to get the supplies
4:37 pm
to the war zone. certainly has not been an easy chore. foxes medicine. scarpino joins us live from project cures international headquarters right outside of a very chilly denver good evening. yes good evening. so project your has 30,000 volunteers for seven locations nationwide, and they've been working nonstop since russia invaded ukraine and every single piece of supplies or equipment in their warehouses are a donation. as far as the logistics and shipping of this medical supplies to ukrainians and need the timing couldn't be worse. volunteers have been hard at work at the project cure warehouse in colorado. the goal to get as much medical supplies as possible over to ukraine every little bit counts. and even though i'm not there, i still feel like i'm helping a lot. but it hasn't been easy right now. it's difficult to get a container or an airplane to go anywhere anyway, and we have
4:38 pm
been postponed two or three months on the on the loads that we're doing. and now there's a crisis and we need to get going on shipping once medical supplies do leave colorado they have a long journey to eventually get to ukraine project. you're partnered up with ukrainians of colorado, who are helping coordinate requests for specific trauma and medical supplies directly from ukraine, and i'm really happy to find that we're addressing the right need at the right time. a doctor currently in ukraine, who spoke to us says the main equipment needed are things like tourniquets to stop major bleeding, which he says is the number one preventable cause of death. priority number one is our like treatment of our soldiers saving day lives. ah, but also we will. we don't say we will appreciate for any kind of medical, relevant medical equipment or relevant drugs which come to ukraine. the organization says. they're giving all that they can right now. but once the supplies gets close to ukraine, things could change at a moments notice every
4:39 pm
day that green zone is changing. the route in is changing. you got bombings and all kinds of missiles and everything else. so what was a safe passage yesterday might not be a safe passage tomorrow. so that's part of the trick with this one. once once a medical supplies do make it over to europe project here is going to work with organizations. they're connected to out there in order to truck it into ukraine. i'm told it's all going to come down to an element of trust in centennial, colorado, madison, scarpino ktvu . fox two news. alright madison . thank you for that empowering girls through science and math as we celebrate women's history month. we're going to hear from a group whose mission is to close the ginger gender gap. and step. stay right there. add a burial, whether another sunny day out there look forward some cold temperatures tomorrow morning then eventually we could be talking about some rainfall making a comeback.
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sentenced in chicago more than three years after telling police he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack. he was facing several years in prison. but we have now learned that he will be sentenced to 150 days in county jail foxes any l a cop. ellis has more now on this case that a lot of people were following former empire actor jesse smollett, learning his fate in a chicago courtroom thursday for lying to police about being the victim of a hate crime. there have been a series of legal errors. if the core is not convinced that any one of them warrants a new trial would ask that the court considered the totality and granted mr small that a new track none of those alleged supposed heirs remotely would rise to the level of one requiring overturning the jurors unanimous verdict nor too the issuance of a new trial back
4:43 pm
in january 2019 smell it told chicago police. two men attacked him, wrapped a noose around his neck and yelled racist and homophobic slurs. he maintained his innocence during trial, but a jury convicted him in december on five counts of felony disorderly conduct. more than 80 letters were sent on small. let's behalf asking for an alternative to prison time, among them one from every major black civil rights organization in the us, but we've asked the judge to take that into consideration. and perhaps come up with a resolve to this that doesn't further persecute or punish jesse small. it's nearly three year long case has taken plenty of turns. initial charges were brought in february, 2019, accusing him of faking the assault, but they were soon tossed. a year later, a special prosecutor looked into the case and a new six count indictment was filed. the city of chicago filed a $130,000 lawsuit against
4:44 pm
millet for the cost of police overtime and iliopoulos fox news. well i kind of feel like we're repeating the same old weather story. lots of sunshine . once again. that's what we have. for today. it will be nice to have some rain drops as well. and that could be a possibility as we head into a next week, but still tomorrow we'll rerack that sunny forecast. for your friday and also mild the forecast as well. each thursday. we get the drought updates, maps, and unfortunately there is no major change would be nice to have no colors on this map, because that would be no drought at all. but we are still dealing with this severe drought up to an extreme drought across portions of the north bay moving into a northwest california. so there is a chance of some rainfall next week. nothing major, but still be nice to welcome that change, especially as we head into looks like maybe monday night and institutes day. now in the short term, it will be cold enough. we have a frost advisory in place for the north bay
4:45 pm
valleys and the santa clara value, excluding san jose. this is for friday morning, so cold temperatures will be the coolest locations back down into the low to mid thirties to start out your friday morning. satellite we're checking out this clear skies up and down our coastline from los angeles to santa barbara to san francisco, even toward the north coast, right around eureka. just some cloud cover moving into the pacific northwest this afternoon, and it's a mild afternoon. take a look at the four o'clock reading san francisco right now 60 san jose in the upper sixties and some lower seventies for nevado and up in the north bay up in sonoma county for santa rose up. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge bridge from sutro tower. you see the hillsides there, the marin headlands. those hillsides have been seems like they have been drying up, of course, would not much in the way of significant rainfall here in the bay area, so unfortunately, be nice to really add a good soaking, but nothing and no major storm showing up for us just yet clear and cold. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the thirties and the forties once
4:46 pm
again the frost advisory for the north bay valleys. and the santa clara valley, not including san jose. so here's what's happening in the pacific and also inland. you see that big h offshore that area of low pressure has been settling in. that part sets up our cold start tomorrow morning with some frost and then a mild afternoon sixties to the lower seventies for your friday there's a weak front that's kind of flirting with northern california this weekend. by saturday night will bring in more cloud cover and the slight chance of some showers that shower chance could linger. the shower chance could linger into a sunday morning, mainly the form of some drizzle, but deficit more cloud cover that could be moving in with the main rainfall up to our north. here's the updated forecast models. we put this into motion as we take this into your weekend. there's your saturday night. maybe if you sprinkles out there and then into a sunday morning still maybe some drizzle or a light shower but still lots of cloud cover for your sunday and this is what we're kind of getting excited about it the next week. you can see it tuesday. the forecast models bump up those
4:47 pm
rainfall, chances and accumulations that could be by tuesday temperatures for tomorrow, though lots of sunshine sixties and some lower seventies for your friday afternoon tomorrow. we have. it doesn't feel like it has been cooler, but most areas a little bit cooler over the past couple days, but then tomorrow should be a warm one into your saturday . partly sunny skies more clouds by saturday night into early sunday morning. don't forget to change the clocks as we spring forward early sunday morning. and then maybe some more real range chances, especially by monday night into tuesday, so that would be a great addition to the forecast and hopefully that can happen next week. we certainly need to mark. thank you, sir. coming up at five o'clock sexual assault survivor breaking her silence. why she says she now feels revictimized by the san francisco police. i didn't know that it will be used to gives me i never no, that that could happen. i didn't know that was even possible that happening, so it's just i just feel violated again. coming up new at five. now the how the dna
4:48 pm
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month. we're looking at efforts to improve equality in stem in school, a california organization is working to bridge the gender gap in joining me now is sherrice charles well , executive director of the nonprofit boundless brilliance. thank you so much for being here. what are some of the things that dampened girls' interest in science and math? sure it's a lot of, um different gender norms that we don't really think about. um we started organization based on a study that we've seen that as young as the age of six years old. um girls are really start developing ideas about men jobs , jobs that men do and jobs that women do and also about broken. so it comes in very early at that time, and that's something that we try to work direct. if i so those things could be as easy
4:51 pm
as poised that we assigned to girls. there's a lot of talk around even clothing ideas that we say that our gender drives, clothing and all these things that you know the guys called tough air. there are different ways and girls are not strong enough or smart enough. so those are really the stereotypical and gender norms that we try to combat and we do this if you notice. by having a co ed environment again because it really not just about things that we want to change them for girls, but we recognized it do that. we need to also have young boys changed their attitudes, attitudes that impact both of both groups. yeah, it really is important for everyone to be involved here. yes, completely. do it. go ahead. talk about some of the solutions that you offer. yeah some of our solutions are being very intentional about being in the classroom and accessible. one of the other gaps that we found. is that a lot of supplemented stem programming equality, stem education. it's not always accessible to families because they're usually these after school programs you have to worry about. how the logistics of getting there. if you're a
4:52 pm
parent, even a single parent, it's difficult, especially if you have more than one child and the other thing is that a lot of them are tuition based wilbanksfiance were in the classroom during classroom hours , and it had no cost of the schools that are participating students. to go through any of our programming. well so how do you make this work? how do you do this? um actually, by a lot of passion and volunteers, we are in your organization next month. this yeah. next month. we're actually gonna be celebrating our fifth year of operation and how did that operation time is during during a pandemic, but we have over 100 volunteers and people who bring this together and the supporters that we have. that's how we're able to do this work. well, it really is remarkable what you're able to do increase. what is the feedback like? what do you hearing from young girls and young boys? it's great because we have these two targeted groups that we work with. it's not just the elementary students where we get great feedback from them and their teachers and their parents, actually, every classroom that we visited 100. have access to come back, so that's really a hard strong
4:53 pm
metric for us, knowing that they see the value of what we offer and what we bring to their schools. are you looking to expand your services? absolutely we actually have just launched our first chapter outside of california at arizona state university, and we also have plans to expand within the state of california as well. oh that's really great again. thank you so much for what you do. i love the idea of courage. ng young girls in science and math really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you all and for more on boundless brilliance. just log onto our website at ktvu dot com. you can find out more about the programs that they offer and how you can help. just look under the web link section. coming right up. the city is recommended keeping san francisco's jfk drive closed to cars. why group of seniors, though, is telling officials to though, is telling officials to reconsider. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great.
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and the fire chief janine nicholson were at station 35 this morning celebrate its opening its state of the art floating fire station appeared 22 a half it will replace the 105 year old fire station 35 on the embarcadero officials say it was undersized and it meets seismic safety standards. the floating fire station is also expected to be less susceptible to sea level rise. we built that station in 1915, and it served its purpose well, but now as our city begins to grow there's a need for some something new. it cost about $40 million to build this station. it was funded by a voter approved earthquake safety bond run by that station almost every day. it was really cool to see it being built. yeah, alright. the san francisco reckon parks commission is hearing from the public right now about plans to ban vehicles in an area of golden gate park ktvu sally rasmus has been
4:57 pm
following the debate and take takes a look at why senior citizens staged a protest today. colleague for jfk to reopen. pruett open right out seniors, disability, and several neighborhood groups say keeping cars off jfk drive in san francisco will make it more difficult for people who don't live nearby to get to some of the attractions at the park. they're asking the rec and park commission to reconsider. we respectfully ask them to vote down really interest of health, safety and sanity of san francisco residents, not some of them. not just the folks close to the park. not just the folks who are strong enough and physically hitting up to bike, shake and roll to the park. all of us on the opposite side of the debate, the san francisco
4:58 pm
bicycle coalition pedestrian groups and regular park goers say they've enjoyed it. so far. this is amazing. we need more public space. supporters of the car ban say limiting vehicle traffic on jfk drive ends up making the park safer for everyone. it's really safe and like on the weekends, you see a ton of kids out here, and it's kind of like giving. people who live in a really urban area like a true park, so i think it's great. the reckon parks commission says they've spent the last eight months speaking with more than 10,000 people about this, they plan to build dozens more disabled parking spots and add extra shuttle service to address concerns about accessibility. opponents at the rally today. say those compromises though don't go far enough. it is the city's responsibility to provide equal access to all city institutions . road closure is a blatant violation of 80 a law ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now. whistle
4:59 pm
and then that thud. okay, something just happened. now at five account train slams into a crane working on the tracks in san bruno today and the trains, cars burst into flames. more than a dozen people were injured in this accident and investigation into the cause is now under way. good evening, everyone i'm alex savage and i'm julie julie haener. we want to show you live pictures at the area where that crash happened this morning. emergency repair crews remain on the scene right now in san bruno, it happened near the intersection of san felipe and huntington's avenue along el camino real just after 10 30 we get the latest now from ktvu is jesse gary. he's live on the scene, jesse any word on how this accident happened? that is a topic of great debate. julie at a afternoon news conference, the fire chief of san bruno said the ntsb headed here to try and investigate exactly what happened. caltrain officials say
5:00 pm
it's going to be some time before they get the wreckage off the rails and out of the way. i'm going to move out of the way so you can see that the engine of the train is still there, but you can still see the fire damage on the engine and the car right behind the engine. witnesses say the impact that causes fire was deafening experience. we went to work initially attacking the fire, and that was our primary. uh our primary concern is attacking the fire in evacuating all the occupants from the train. the result of the deafening sound was wreckage and fire on the caltrain tracks in san bruno. it felt like an earthquake. it felt like there was with that disorder in my world around 10 30 southbound train number 56 slams into at least three pieces of equipment on the tracks there . there is part of doing construction for the electrification project, ultimately why they should not have been following the tracks at this time. so what? you know, it's not clear what specifically happened. caltrain officials say


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