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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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to be prepared before we can get the train on the move. caltrain service still disrupted following that fiery crash in san bruno that injured 13 people. we have the latest on the investigation by the ntsb plus president biden tightens the squeeze on russia's economy as the russian military moves closer to the ukrainian capital of kiev. i'm lauren blanchard in poland near the border. i'll have the latest coming up. also, gas prices continued to soar here in california with bay area drivers are now paying as the soaring cost of gas sets off a new wave of crimes here in the state. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach this afternoon. caltrain service still disrupted following that fiery crash in san bruno that injured 13 people. ntsb investigators now on scene looking into why this collision
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occurred. ktvu reporter james tourists as the latest developments. sky fox pictures from this morning show the scene . no movement on the count. train tracks. a train sits at the same spot where it crashed into a maintenance truck thursday morning. it's kind of annoying, but it is what it is. i guess people who rely on countering to commute from the south bank to san francisco now need to take a bus bridge. the busses connecting from south san francisco to millbrae did not know until i got on the train. but they told me that like i have to go for like a bus and then we came here. but like it was kind of long journey, though, like it took me a long time. the journey to learn how this crash happened will also take a long time count. train says crews were working on an electrification project on the train tracks. they were supposed to be cleared. by the time the train rolled through. there has been some track damage in the affected area. so that yeah, that's going to need to be prepared before we get the train on the move after that thing should you know after that things should get back to
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normal, but it's but like i said, that's hopefully we can get that out this afternoon. we're you know, working with everyone to make sure that happens sooner rather than later, but it's not a little too early to make promises. today only 69 out of 104 trains are running, causing delays for every stop the ntsb sending in six investigators and it's board's vice chair to determine what led up to the crash. it's likely that answer won't come for months. we want to make sure everyone gets where they're going as easily and painlessly as possible. in total 13 people were hurt in the crash, five taken to the hospital. one count train engineer needed to be treated at a local burn center. the agency says. everyone is expected to be okay and they'll work to clear the scene as soon as the ntsb finishes. it's investigation. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news today, president biden announced new actions against russia revoking the most favored nation trade status banning imports of russian seafood, alcohol and diamonds. florin blanchard
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reports on these latest developments. russia has widened its airstrikes around ukraine as president biden announced new economic sanctions, saying russia will not win this war. putin is an aggressor. he's the aggressor. and putin must pay the price in an effort to put more pressure on russia's economy. president biden calling to have russia's most favored nation trade status revoked, clearing the way to increase tariffs on all russian imports. the economic escalation coming as russian president vladimir putin's army started targeting western ukraine for the first time, striking airfields less than 100 miles from the vive, where hundreds of thousands have fled. russian troops also tightening their military offensive around ukraine's capital, the stalled 40, mile long russian convoy breaking apart encircling kiev, kiev. that is sort of looming large and the question is more how far russia is willing to press and go in terms of urban warfare
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operations and see usual fare. to capture here. civilians caught up in the fighting, desperate to move to safer parts of the country or across the border, joining the more than 2.5 million refugees station is very bad. there are no light, no water and the cities under attack under attack. old day long russian president vladimir putin claimed there has been progress with the diplomatic talks, but he gave no details. near the ukrainian border in poland. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news, the head of the california national guard, says that troops have been helping train ukrainian forces for years to perform to exactly prepare for this sort of thing. a russian invasion. fact right now the guard headquarters in sacramento, working to facilitate the needs of ukraine and help streamline communications with washington, major general david baldwin says while russian aggression is not new, he is shocked russia went through with the invasion. i couldn't believe that putin had actually done it, even though that we knew that he intended to
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and then, of course, profound sadness because all of this time that we had spent working with ukrainians to prepare for them. the moment had come. but now we feel immense pride. to see how brave and resilient the ukrainian armed forces have been in resilience in the ukrainian people. baldwin says the partnership between ukraine and the california national guard has been in place for nearly 30 years now, he says the cooperation has intensified since russia's takeover of crimea in 2014 congressman john garamendi is calling for investigations and public hearings into allegations of price gouging by oil companies. right now. fuel prices are at record highs. garamendi who has district offices in fairfield, and davis, is leading a group of 32 congressional members demanding more action, he says lawmakers have already started taking a closer look at the revenues of big oil. well there's legislation already introduced in congress that is an excess profits tax and that whatever that revenue would be would be returned to the people at the pump. the national
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average for a gallon of regular is $4.33. that's two cents higher compared to yesterday and a dollar 50 higher from one year ago. gas prices continue to rise right here in california, according to triple a the average price today. is $5.72 a gallon the most expensive gas in the bay area can be found in marin county, where drivers are paying an average of 5 93 most bay area counties, though, are around that 5 80 mark. the soaring cost of gas has set off a new kind of crime wave. law enforcement agencies say more thieves are now targeting gas stations across the country. the cell phone video here shows one such crime in progress in l. a county this week. thieves posing as a construction crew or stealing gas and storing the fuel in big tanks hidden in their truck. now the thieves apparently used a master key to get inside the gas bomb and start pumping that gas for free. the gas station owner says these crimes have increased dramatically along with gas prices. diesel fuel has become an especially attractive target.
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did going diesel because i think that this all they have them. they're easier to sell. to them because. most of the truck or whatever they're buying this or doesn't care what kind of these owner but the gas is a little picky and that gas actually is dangerous to move that big. sheriff angeles county say they will be stepping up their patrols at gas stations this coming weekend today. some more covid restrictions are being lifted here in california and in the bay area. ktvu amanda came down alive in the newsroom with the changes. we all need to know about amanda garcia. there are two big changes involving vaccine and mask mandates. if you're going out and san francisco or berkeley this weekend, you won't have to show your proof of vaccination and your child might not have to wear a mask to school on monday. it was a normal morning at 24 hour fitness in san francisco, except for one thing, these gym goers didn't have to show their vaccine cards at the door. for some that didn't affect how safe
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they feel working out. i felt safe for a while. now, to be honest with you. it is nice to kind of have this, you know, showing proof of vaccination come off, but i think the biggest day that felt safe is like what everyone kind of started taking off their backs and they start getting comfortable. i think that was the big opening moment. and now this is just more symbolic than anything. these mandates have been going back and forth for two years, but now cases are down and vaccination rates are high. that has 24 hour fitness, even getting back to actually being open for 24 hours. we've gone through lots of changes, but everyone's kept a positive attitude. and it reallyl been t. rules are cha and restaurants to both in san francisco and berkeley, which has business owners excited. this is ceremonial in some ways, but it's a big deal, and it feels like a huge load off of our shoulders and we're so ready to get back to business as usual. another big changes happening inside the classroom.
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the mask mandate in california schools is ending. so come monday, some schools will only recommend masks. most of my friends say that they're going to wear a mask, lincoln high school freshman mauricio cannolis says he'll still bring his i'm not really sure yet from aware or not. because i feel like more people are going to get sick and everything and it's going to get worse. individual districts are allowed to make their own rules in san francisco . younger students will have to wait three more weeks, only middle and high schoolers will get to remove their masks on monday. no one in my eyes can see like other people's faces until late normal. that'd be great and loving. the oakland unified school district is extending their indoor mask mandate for at least another five weeks, but their outdoor mask mandate could end sooner. and in san jose, all students can remove their masks on monday. now, keep in mind that businesses can still make their own stricter restrictions like requiring a mask or proof of
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vaccination. and if you're going to a large event with more than 1000 people inside, you will still have to be ready to show proof of vaccine, then live in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu fox two news, amanda, thank you still to come here at noon settlement in a deadly police shooting what? we're learning about how much contra costa county will be paying after a danville police officer shot and killed a man last year plus dusting off the cleats and getting ready to play a little baseball. now that the major league baseball lockout his india we take a closer look at what it means for bay area baseball fans and when both the a's and giants are expected to play their first games and seasonably mild weather continuing over the bay area for your friday that begins to change, though, with cooler weather in the forecast, and a slight chance for showers. slight chance for showers. better details coming up i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens
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a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. new nature's bounty jelly beans. live bountifully. and losses. a lot of uncertainty still about the war in ukraine, persistently high inflation, knocking markets around the dow jones at this point is under sea level, just by about a quarter of a percentage point. after spending almost all the sessions so far on the plus side of things as and be done as well. about three quarters of 1% nasdaq losing almost 1.5% right now. knew it knew in the san francisco unified school district's newly appointed board members will soon be getting to work on the district's most pressing issues. the three new school board members were sworn in about an hour ago, galileo academy of science and
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technology there, mayor london breeds choices to fill the seats of three board members recalled last month by voters. the new board members are and sue lady modem eddie and lisa weissman ward. they're all parents of current students in the district. i'm so happy. and i'm so proud. that we have three amazing women. who all have kids in our public school system. who all had a common theme. of service. who all care deeply about seeing a change. who all want better for our children and who also care about supporting our educators. the new board members could have an impact on some big issues and just the coming months, including the future of local high schools, admissions, electing a new superintendent and closing the district $25 million deficit. embattled santa clara county sheriff laurie smith will not run for re election he served 24 years of sheriff smith says that
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she will retire at the end of her term in january of next year. sheriff smith is facing seven counts of corruption and misconduct filed against her by a grand jury that could lead to her removal from office. the state department of justice is also launched a separate investigation of the santa clara county sheriff's office, smith said that she is proud of what she's accomplished in office. in a statement, smith added quote. i am confident history will show the first elected woman sheriff to serve in california was not only honorable, but her accomplishments will speak far louder. and be remembered longer than the false stories that will be repudiated by truth. the major league baseball lockout. it's over spring training starts on sunday yesterday, team owners and the players association reached a deal that will allow a full 162 game season. the agreement includes higher pay for younger players. along with several other changes. baseball commissioner rob manfred had this message for the fans. i do want to start by apologizing to our fans. i know that the last
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few months have been difficult. there was a lot of uncertainty. the 99 day lockout forced the cancelation of two weeks of spring training opening day for both the giants and the a's is set for april 8th. that's actually the giants home opener , the a's home opener. as of now scheduled for april, 18th. let's play some ball. absolutely let's also get outside. and this gorgeous noontime sunshine are rosemary oroczo is here to also peak ahead just a bit into the weekend. yes and as you both know, it is that time of year when we spring forward, so it definitely feeling yes, a little bit more like spring. don't forget. to move your clocks forward to saturday night into sunday morning. meanwhile outsider door at this hour that spring like weather continuing for one more day before we begin to cool things down. here is a look over san francisco where we do have mostly sunny skies after a very chilly start, even an advisory for some patchy frost out there. temperatures are warming nicely. here's a view of the we
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were 24 hours ago, little cooler over oakland. four. so it feels very similar out there to yesterday with light winds in place for today half moon bay right now, 55 degrees for you there. 66 in san francisco 66 berkeley for our inner east based 67 over your your area, walnut creek and into the northwest 66 santa rosa san jose 68. temperatures will continue to climb some of our inland cities and some of our north bay locations will get into the low seventies for today. the winds are light we do have napa reporting areas of southwest breeze had about nine mph, oakland southwest breeze at six. but notice that flow still coming in from the north and northeast, so we continue with the dry weather and the high pressure that remains off the coastline. that clockwise motion . you see right in there. finally going to be breaking down. the system here is going to increase our cloud cover. bring a slight chance for scattered showers. right now. it looks like late saturday into
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sunday. so perhaps while we sleep here's a look at the future cast of for tomorrow morning, we start out with more fog and cloud cover along the coastline, so that's going to be a fairly dramatic change for the coast. and then, as we get into the afternoon, we begin to see the clouds move in. and then saturday night into sunday, you notice the bits of blue that kind of just sweep right acrossf california. it's not going to last that we may wake up with a few scattered showers on sunday, and by the time stamp here at 11 a.m. notice, we're already clearing out. not going to see a whole lot in the way of accumulation, either. we're looking at just a few 107 inch. maybe 10th of an inch for some of our hills and some of our weather locations. so for today, we'll call for mostly sunny, dry , mild conditions. and then as we get into saturday night into sunday morning, that's when that system could bring us a slight chance of scattered showers. afternoon highs for today will go into the upper sixties to low seventies here's a better look at some of these numbers. 70 degrees for san mateo today. 70 in concord. 72 expected in napa
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. now, in addition to that chance for some rain, we're going to cool things down. temperatures will be falling back into the low to mid sixties. better details on what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and the extended forecast coming up. rosemary thank you still to come in in a major fixed drug sesame street has died, how the entertainment world and fans are remembering the life of the men we knew as lewis but was david emilio delgado. plus if you're planning on traveling soon, you're going to have to keep those masks on for a little w
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worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. asking for help in finding a missing 15 year old boy. brandon abbott went missing between the hours of 10 pm sunday, january 16th at nine am monday, january 17th. he's not been seen or heard from since his disappearance. anyone with information is asked to call the fbi or pleasant hill police fans of sesame street remembering one of its original and most beloved actors, generations of people knew emilio delgado as louise, the fix it shop owner. he appeared on sesame street for more than 50 years, the longest running role for a mexican american in a television series . delgado also performed on stage he was diagnosed with cancer in 2020. he was 81 years old in chicago, actor jesse smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail for lying to police in 2019 about a racist and homophobic attack that the actors staged himself. 39 year old was defiant and shouting as
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he was taken away into custody. i am not suicidal. i am not suicidal, and i'm innocent. i could have said that i was guilty a long time. before his sentencing, his family members made statements urging the judge to spare small let from serving time in jail. but the judge told the actor his hoax, robbed chicago police of their resources and hurt real victims of hate crimes. in addition to the jail time small it was sentenced to 30 months probation in order to pay $120,000 restitution and a $25,000 fine. bart has removed board member latif assignment, saying she cannot serve because her new home in oakland is outside her electric district. simon says she's deeply disappointed by the decision. she said she moved from richmond to oakland because of threats and harassment. simon also says she was assured that her new apartment right across from the bart station was within district seven, which also includes berkley's. ashby station and in response, berkeley's mayor said on twitter . this is so wrong. we elected
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latifah to represent us in berkeley, and the loss of her voice is a huge setback for equitable transportation policies. thank you, latifah. simon for your courageous, effective and progressive leadership on the bark board, federal mask mandates on public transportation or being extended , but we should see pretty big changes next month, as the cdc says it's looking for ways to relax and taylor those rules. alexandria, half has more from washington. the feds say it's not time to ditch those masks just yet the t s a extending its nationwide mask mandate for public transportation for another month. it's now set to expire on april 18th giving the cdc time to consider more targeted policies instead of one side fits all approach. i'm glad that they took that it's going to make everyone feel i don't safer and better about not being in close contact with germs and other people's germs. but there's plenty of opposition to the extension on capitol hill. republicans are nearly unanimous and their criticism, saying the decision doesn't follow the
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science and some travelers are questioning why the feds would allow the mass to come off and movie theaters and restaurants but not public transportation. i think it's trains and busses and just letting people sit around and restaurants without it on his point. this is not don't know what's going on here. the white house is defending the decision, claiming the cdc's will be using new metrics to make its recommendation, including the number of cases in local communities and the risk of new variants, underscoring the difficulty of setting policy that maximizes public safety, while also allowing the hard hit travel industry to recover if you're moving from one zone to another, and you're picking people up from one zone to another it's a little bit different, and that requires some consultation and the federal mandate also applies to ride shares like uber and lift, leading to confusion and some clashes in states where mask mandates have been lifted. in washington alexandria hop ktvu fox two news. today san mateo county officials hosted top law enforcement and legal experts, including california's attorney general, rob bonta, to discuss ways to reduce gun violence and
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enforce gun laws. today's event was in redwood city, it was called getting prohibited guns off the street. speakers focused on challenges posed by ghost guns and how to maximize the use of restraining orders. and the states armed and prohibited persons system, also known as aps. let's comes less than two weeks after sacramento man whose wife had a restraining order against him. killed his three daughters with a ghost gun. this incident is horrific. it's heartbreaking so many i know all in this room as well as many throughout the state and nation. it's also asylum reminder that the importance of gun violence prevention and that we must do more. mm attorney general banter said he hopes to improve apps with $10 million in recent state funding to modernize the database and get more personnel into communities since apps was established in 2000 and six more than 20,000 guns have been taken out of the hands of potentially dangerous gun owners still to come in noon celebrating women's history month how the san francisco fire department is
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breaking barriers when it comes to female firefighters, plus i gave my dna in. it was supposed to help the case in you know, lock that person up and um. i went to the police for trust. like i trusted them a sexual assault survivor now speaking out what she's saying after her rape kit dna was later used to identify her. as a suspect in an unrelated crime.
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led to the fiery caltrain crash yesterday that injured 13 people . the wreckage from the crash is still on the tracks. that part of the track is closed sam trans, providing a bus bridge around the crash site until at least four o'clock this afternoon. the train hit of maintenance truck and crane working on the caltrain electrification project. five of the injured were taken to the hospital, including a caltrain engineer who's being treated at the burn center at st francis hospital in san francisco. caltrain says work will be done to clear the crash site as soon as the ntsb finishes examining it. there has been some track damage in the affected area. so that yeah, that's going to need to be prepared before we get the train on the move after that thing should you know after that things should get back that
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out this afternoon. we're you know, working with everyone to make sure that happens sooner rather than later, but it's a little too early to make promises. the ntsb is six investigators at the crash side working to determine what led to the collision. investigations expected to take months now did the war in ukraine, where russia is intensifying its attacks today, ukrainian officials say the russian offensive hit two airfields in the western part of the country and a major industrial city. in the east and the long armored column that had been stalled for more than a week outside the capital city of kiev was on the move today spread it out into force in towns near the capital city. meantime president biden announcing that the united states and its nato allies or revoking russia's most favored trading status, and to further increase economic pressure, the us has also banning the import of more russian products like vodka. and seafood president biden announcing these new actions to target the russian economy. griff jenkins reports from washington on how a
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bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling on the president to take further action. the united states and our allies and partners continue to work in lockstep. to ramp up the economic pressures on putin. the u. s and its allies continue to crack down on russian president vladimir putin today. president biden announcing the us along with the g seven and european union, will call for revoking russia's most favored nation trade status that allows the u. s and others to impose tariffs on russian imports and further isolate russia's economy. many issues divided some washing. but standing for democracy in ukraine, pushing russia's aggression should not be one of those issues. each country will follow its own process to make that happen here in the u. s congress will have to pass legislation before the move takes effect. but in recent days there's been bipartisan support for revoking normal trade relations with russia. we have a bill sanctions bill banning imports of russian oil and taking other steps to isolate
12:33 pm
russia and the world, including a review of their participation in the wto's the world trade organization. president biden's announcement comes as the white house continues to place blame on putin for issues here at home, among them high inflation. in skyrocketing gas prices, but critics say the president's policies are largely to blame. putin is absolutely evil, but and he is engaged in unjust war against ukraine. that's absolutely wrong of him to do, but you can't blame it on him. president biden heads to philadelphia today where he'll discuss his american rescue plan with house democrats. at the white house. griff jenkins, ktvu, fox two news. vice president. kamala harris is now in romania as part of her trip to reassure nato allies of the us commitment to their security . the vice president is meeting with romania's president to discuss, among other issues, concerns over the large number of refugees fleeing ukraine into bordering countries and including romania. vice president's trip to romania
12:34 pm
follows her visit yesterday to poland, which has already welcomed 1.5 million refugees. since the invasion began. area colleagues are remembering a woman killed while trying to scrape the war in ukraine alongside her two children. tatiana perebiynis worked for sc ranking a company with offices in palo alto and around the world. ktvu is amberleigh spoke with one of her coworkers who says she is heartbroken. there is just this is video of tatiana perebiynis paragliding on a corporate retreat with her coworkers from s e ranking a tech company in palo alto about two weeks before she was killed by a russian mortar attack. happy she was smiling. we were all talking about. you know our plans for future speaking to me from dubai coworkers senior here, vanina says she was with tatiana on this adventure enjoying life. we were partying in georgia drinking wine and doing some paragliding together , never imagining that this trip
12:35 pm
would be their last together. sonoma tells me tatiana was the company's chief accountant, and much more. she was like a big sister to all of us to all of my colleagues who helped us out in any situation. but on march 5th a bomb struck the apartment building were tatiana lived in aarp in a small town next to kiev. she and her children went into hiding in the basement while her husband was away, caring for his sick mother. the next morning, tatiana, her 18, year old son, makita and nine year old daughter, alyssa, try to evacuate by dashing to a bus. cynthia says the mortar killed the son and daughter instantly tatiana was taken to the hospital where she died. the brutality of a family killed captured by new york times photographer lyndsey addario. grabbing the world's attention. it was just a hole in my heart pain that you can can't explain with words and you know it feels like it was just yesterday. and
12:36 pm
now have to face this reality where you're close, close wants are dying in this war, sena described her beloved colleague. as a bright light she made made everyone laugh around her with her jokes and so on. so yes, she was a great woman. mother daughter. why. senior tells me tatiana have been looking forward to more trips, whether colleagues and vacations with her family instead, her husband is now preparing for her funeral and that of their two children. amber lee ktvu, fox two news. contra costa county has agreed to a settlement in a deadly police shooting. the county will pay the family of tyra wilson $4.5 million wilson was shot and killed by officer andrew hall last march. he was holding a knife. police say he ignored commands to put it down. family members say wilson was experiencing a mental health emergency. contra costa counties
12:37 pm
now made payouts in two deadly shootings by hall. he also shot and killed vladimir arboleda in 2018 former officer has been sentenced to six years in prison for that shooting. the d a, is not yet decided if he'll be charged in the shooting of wilson. we are now hearing from a woman whose rape kit was later used to identify her as a suspect in a crime. the criminal charges sparked national outrage . ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has this story. i feel betrayed. i feel hurt. six years ago, this woman submitted to a forensic exam after she was sexually assaulted , but investigators turned around and used her dna from that rape kit. to identify her as a suspect in a recent unrelated property crime. i gave my d n a in it was supposed to help the case in you know, lock that person up and um. i went to the police for trust. like i
12:38 pm
trusted them. the case has sparked national outrage from sexual assault survivor advocates, who say such a practice could have a chilling effect on victims coming forward . you put a lot of trust in the peop. do you feel like they lived up to their into their bargain? absolutely not. absolutely not the opposite. they betrayed my trust even more, and it just made me relive the whole situation. district attorney chase a boudin brought the situation to light last month after receiving the woman's criminal case. he sense dropped the charges against her. this is big brother. incarnate civil rights attorney at dante pointer is representing the woman and filed a legal claim against the city on thursday. i don't see how sfpd recovers from this. unless they take not only serious steps to safeguard the information but to destroy
12:39 pm
whatever is in that database. the city attorney's office issued this statement quote the city is committed to supporting and protecting victims of crime . we will assess the claim and respond appropriately. you may be asking. how is it that a rape survivors dna could ever be used to identify her? is a suspect in a crime. will it happen through a number of decisions at san francisco's crime lab that no one thought to second guess, but had major consequences. here's how it happened. back in 2015, the crime lab created a quality assurance database filled with thousands of dna profiles of workers, visitors and any other samples they analyzed in the lab like rape kits. they used it to make sure dna from unknown criminal suspects wasn't contaminated inside the lab technicians then ran the suspects clean sample on the national criminal database known
12:40 pm
as codis, but lab workers occasionally still got hits in the quality assurance database. that weren't recently enough to be from contamination, and they still reported those two investigators chief bill scott said he's discovered 17 profiles that were matched in that database. 11 of them were from rape kits. he said at last week's police commission meeting that he doesn't believe any of those cases lead to an arrest. we own this era. we own it. um and we will make sure that this doesn't happen again with guardrails that have been put in place this week, boudin sponsored statewide legislation that would bar any california crime lab from keeping rape kit dna in a database that's unrelated to the sexual assault. but even with all that's changed , the woman at the center of this case said she will still have trouble trusting law enforcement. now that she's filed a legal claim. the next step is a lawsuit. the woman said she's going to continue pushing to hold the police department accountable.
12:41 pm
evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. we're learning a little bit more about a mummified body found inside the wall at the old henry j. kaiser convention center near downtown oakland. construction crews found the body stuck inside a wall 15 inches wide. in 12 ft. deep while doing demo work on wednesday. now police say the body believed to be a man may have been there for 3 to 5 years . they say they believe the man was maybe in the ceiling of the auditorium went somehow fell into the narrow space and died. it's possible that the person could suffer from positional association and also because of the narrow confines. it will be very hard to self rescue. the only positive that will come out of this story is being able to identify this person and bring closure to a family. that's probably wondering where this person has been for many years. police hope to recover fingerprints or use dna or dental records to identify the body would say it will be likely months before they do have some answers still to come at noon, a
12:42 pm
reminder to switch those clocks this weekend. what you need to know when daylight saving time arrives on early sunday morning, and the continued calls for making daylight saving here around here in our state. enjoying one more day of sixties and seventies before temperatures begin to cool into the bay area weekend as well as introduced the possibility of some wet weather. better details e
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12:44 pm
session, some ups and downs and
12:45 pm
unfortunately are still down by about one half of 1% point on the dow s and be done by a full percentage point, nasdaq losing almost two full points. new at noon. state lawmakers have unveiled new legislation in an attempt to help u c. berkeley avoid enrollment cuts after a ruling by the state supreme court last week, the california supreme court ruled. u c. berkeley had to cut enrollment next year until it conducts an environmental impact study on proposed housing project. new legislation unveiled today would give the state's public colleges and universities 18 months to complete. any court ordered environmental review before being subject to a mandatory reduction or freeze to campus population. los angeles times reports have approved and signed by the governor. it would take effect immediately, thus allowing u. c. berkeley to proceed with his plan to enroll 5000 students after weeks of consideration, the san jose city council has decided not to cut ties with its sister city in russia. this week, the council unanimously voted to send a letter of peace and support to the sister city ekaterinburg, encouraging its residents to
12:46 pm
stand up against president vladimir putin and the invasion of ukraine. mayor sam liccardo supports the move, saying san jose should forge stronger bonds with the city and support their descent. do it do and representative jackie speier was on the peninsula today, highlighting infrastructure funding for electric ferry service, which is coming to the bay area. congresswoman spear in state assembly member kevin mullin were at the south san francisco ferry terminal. they talked about the $2.5 billion in funding earmarked for ferry service. in the $1 trillion federal infrastructure investment in jobs act. this money includes about $50 million each year for five years for what are called electric and low emitting fairies. the bay area has an excellent chance to win millions of additional dollars. assembly member. mullen also announced that he has secured $5 million in state funding for ferry service extension to redwood city. redwood city mayor
12:47 pm
giselle hale says the money that will go towards the construction of a new ferry terminal. daylight saving time begins this weekend clock spring forward one hour from two am to three a.m. sunday meeting. we're all going to lose an hour of sleep here in california. back in 2018 voters actually passed proposition seven, which calls for market making daylight saving year round in california. but making that change permanent would require a change in federal law and state lawmakers have yet to pass a bill formally asking the federal government to do just that. one nice thing is that our evenings will be a little bit longer rosemary oroczo and when it starts to warm up a little bit, it's really nice between six and eight. p.m. yes, i agree . we are looking at that. but coming this weekend is going to be a little bit of getting used to, as we roll into. that change in the clocks. i know firsthand . i will be here sunday morning, so it's going to be a little bit more painful for me outside of that. we've got some nice weather coming our way. we're going to cool things down a little bit. we've got temperatures in the sixties for
12:48 pm
your baby area weekend, and we even have the opportunity. it may be some brain. here's a look at what's happening outside our doors at this time. san francisco. we've got mostly sunny skies temperatures around the bay area back into the sixties and low seventies for the afternoon. and as i showed you in the last half hour, most of us are very similar to how we were within just a few degrees or so of yesterday at this time. the air quality around the region is good to moderate that is going to continue for today as we get into tomorrow and into sunday, we'll call for a mix of sun and clouds, chance for showers will arrive. it looks like saturday night into sunday . here's a look at storm tracker. two very quiet. the winds are generally light not only for our urban areas, but in our hills this afternoon as well. high pressure will begin to break down and we are looking at a system upstream that will begin to increase the cloud cover for us tomorrow. we'll start tomorrow morning with a little bit more fog than what we have seen along the coastline. and then as we get into the afternoon, do expect to mix of sun and clouds before the rain
12:49 pm
moves through. it looks like saturday night into sunday. here's a look at saturday morning. you can see it's still offshore. as we get into the evening hours, though, we begin to cloud up looks like it could be an overnight event and you can tell it's not going to be a big deal. we're looking at just a little bit of drizzle. scattered showers saturday night into sunday. and then it begins to move out. so sunday is going to be a dry day. monday is a dry day. but take a look at what's happening tuesday morning. we have another opportunity at some rain, so unsettled weather in the forecast when it comes to the system for the weekend. notice areas of the north based central bay a little bit of drizzle. few scattered showers. most areas expected to get just a few 107 inch, maybe 1/10 for some of our hills but areas into the south bay. you may not even get any scattered shower activity or whether at all temperatures in and around the bay area right now, mid to upper sixties in the north based 66, santa rosa for the south based 68 san jose and mid sixties in livermore, your afternoon highs for today. quite nice 70 for concord today. 68 in oakland, 66 expected for san francisco. if
12:50 pm
you're going to tahoe this weekend, going to be dry right now in the mid forties over tahoe as we get into the afternoon for tomorrow, 50 degrees and then a little bit cooler getting into sunday. partly cloudy skies dry conditions so you don't have to worry about the snow on those roadways. if you are going to be traveling meanwhile, for us, the extended forecast shows you a notable drop in temperatures coming on saturday, even a little bit cooler on sunday chance for a little bit of wet weather. sunday into monday, another opportunity will come on tuesday. back to you. rosemary thank you still to come here noon? it's the first step for a group of kindergartners to help save for college, the program in oakland designed to help children succeed through their school years with a f
12:51 pm
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we mark women's history month, ktvu christian captain tells us how san francisco is working to
12:54 pm
change that trend. san francisco's fire department stands ready to protect the city, just as it has for more than 170 years. but like the city, the department has evolved current chief jenny nicholson, the department's second woman chief, says she stands on the shoulders of giants. there were almost 50 45, or 50 women that came into the san francisco fire department before i did. so they were the real trailblazers and they came in when there were no separate changing areas in any of the stations, no separate bathrooms. none of that, nicholson says. san francisco's fire department has among the highest number of women, firefighters. data from the national fire protection association from 2018 shows that only about 4% of career firefighters are women. san francisco boasts more than three times that number. we've had women in the department for well over 30 years now, um and we have approximately 15% of our department is women women who
12:55 pm
have had to meet the same rigorous standards of their male counterparts. yes we all have to meet the same standards to enter the fire department and we have to meet the same standards when we come through the fire academy. the department says. not only are women in the firehouses there also climbing the ranks. casey cardinal is the new acting captain on fireboat. three very exciting. yes it's a beautiful station. it's a fabulous apparatus, and it's a wonderful group of people here. credit allah has served the city of san francisco 31 years and says in that time she's seen the department change. she was just one of two women in her class. now she says, she sees a lot more women in the station houses. when i came in a lot of times, i was the only one woman working at a station. so it's nice to have other women around just to kind of ask questions to you and be able to share my knowledge of what i've learned over the years with people who you know when you're struggling, and just because you're new chelsea nelson is two years into
12:56 pm
the job of firefighter emt based out of station 21. her job includes everything from driving the engine and rushing into burning buildings right down to dealing with routine injuries like this cyclist who walked to the station after being hit by a car and you've got to be very defensive here. nelson says there were a handful of women in her class who bonded and continue to support one another . she says she's benefited from the experience of women before her. and understands the duty to mentor those who follow. that's something that i take a lot of pride in is, you know, not just receiving the mentor ship but also paying it forward and being a mentor for you know the folks coming behind me to chief nicholson says the diversity in san francisco's fire department is core to its strength. as for the future, she says, there are plenty of strong women in the department. we will continue to rise through the ranks in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. and during this women's history month we'd like to hear from you about the women in your life who deserve recognition, share their stories
12:57 pm
and photos and video at ktvu .com/ women's history. golden state warriors star stephen curry made last night's game in denver one game a young woman will never forget. one day, right? so here's the backstory. the warriors were actually in denver for a game earlier this week on monday night, and cameras captured a 10 year old warriors fan pj crying, and she found out that stefan currie was not going to play in that game on monday night. so what? the warriors back in town. just three days later, her idol gave her the surprise of her life. stephan curry heard the story and came right there to the sidelines to talk. get p. j. a big hug before tip off. i could watch that story for an hour straight. that is being a champ is all about thousands of kindergarten students in oakland now have a $100 down payment on their college education. that makes me feel amazing feeling
12:58 pm
happy. the money comes from oakland promise some 5000 kindergarten students in usd and oakland charter schools received that money. the newest pixar movie, turning red debuts on disney plus today and at the grand lake theater in oakland. malin leak and ever since i turned 13. i've been doing my own thing making my own lose 24 73 65. actually fremont native rosalie chang voices may lead the spunky teen who is confident about life until she wakes up one morning, feeling a little bit off. no. this isn't happening. this isn't happening. may li suddenly starts turning into a red panda whenever stress gets in the way of her life. pixar animators had some bay area inspiration for this panda . they actually spent time out at the san francisco zoo to
12:59 pm
sketch the red pandas as reference for the movie and today the zoo is naming one of the red pandas. they're mainly this morning we spoke to rosalie chang and the director of the film domi. she about the importance of telling this coming of age story. i know, like for me like as a tween. i would have loved to have a movie that kind of like that, like guided me through that time and just was like told her like it's okay. all these changes are going through. it's messy, but it's totally normal fighting with your mom every day. that's totally normal to like. it's okay and we all go through it. she was saying how it's kind of a guide for 13 year olds and don't do all those changes. it was literally a guide for me as i was going through it, i would be recording as seen and they're like, wait. i experienced this last week. wait a minute, and i was like, use it. use it, girl turning red now streaming on disney plus and you can again catch special screenings at oakland's grand lake theater up until march, 17th. so i have a 13 year old and that you're in
1:00 pm
the mix. it is spot on. i am telling you some other yet, but it's coming. just you wait, you wait. thank you so much for joining us. have a marvelous afternoon. meet us back here for next newscast at four. of course news is always on >> this isn't easy. >> that's right. "the good dish" is here. and what's for dinner is about to get way easier. >> it is so good. >> it's your go-to and how-to for every day meals. >> and today it's all about juicy, crispy bacon. >> we've got to die for recipes from bacon wrapped dinners your family will love. >> let's dish. that's next. ♪ >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television. but also, i'm just a mom trying to get dinner on the table. from hollywood to


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