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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 12, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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yesterday, at 8:37 a.m., you asked if i got your care package and said, "don't tell jay i gave you a sausage," then you accidentally hit voice memo and i heard you tell stella to go in the yard and die. i'm sorry. i just miss you. i guess it's not so terrible if you stop on by every now and then. loving girl despite everything she'd been through, i remember her smile was so bright heartbreak tonight for the family of an eight year old girl whose mom has been arrested for murder. good evening. and thanks for joining us. i'm christina weird on the hayward mom was arrested after the discovery of
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a body and her boyfriend's home . and while the mom is in custody, the boyfriend is on the run. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the family today. she joins us from the newsroom with reaction to all of this new attend alyssa christina. family members are devastated. they tell me they reported sofia missing after getting a strange phone call from her mother, saying she couldn't handle the girl anymore and had to give her away. the mother was already in custody at the santa rita jail for a warrant linked to child abuse. when she was arrested this morning for murder. video shows sofia mason in happier times, having fun at the park and playing her guitar. i am a money now. family members believe eight year old sofia was killed. the hayward girl has not been seen in weeks and a body of a child was found at her mother's boyfriend's home in merced. authorities have not released an identity. but sofia's mom, 30 year old samantha johnson, was arrested on suspicion of murder. her boyfriend, dante jackson, is on
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the run mostly shock and disappointment and anger. because this could have been totally avoided. melanie verlaat de is sofia's cousin. she said there were signs of trouble for years we knew and had reported to cps and two police officers multiple times over the past several years that when sophia was in custody with her mom, she was in danger that something could happen and nothing was ever done. she kind of fell through the cracks of the system for lady said samantha had a pattern of coming in and out of her daughter's life, taking her out of school, then moving her around to different hotels. they say she also engaged in illegal activity like prostitution. sophia's aunt and grandmother helped raise sofia and say they would have been happy to take care of her full time. her life with her mom wasn't a good one. her life with her grandmother. my aunt, however, was really good. she was happy. she was loving. she was joyful. she loved going to school. just being a little kid. family members are heartbroken and are trying to piece together. what happened to sofia. berlusconi
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said the last time they saw her was around the holidays, then three or four weeks ago, she said, samantha called her mom to say she had to give sophia away . two weeks ago, the little girl managed to call her aunt. my aunt received a phone call from sophia and she said sophia like, where are you? because she hadn't seen her. we had she's been missing. and she said, i'm with my daddy. i'm at the house with my daddy. there is a warrant out for the arrest of the boyfriend, dante jackson. here's another look at his photo if you see him contact merced police, johnson will be transferred from santa rita jail to the merced county jail. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news is so heartbreaking. you know, the family had tried and saw that there were things wrong and yet nothing was done to prevent this, elissa. thank you for that report. thank you. i'm also new at 10, a high price to bottle of liquor stolen from behind the bar of a steakhouse in san jose. take a look at this
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surveillance video from mount hamilton's grand view where authorities say a woman is seen walking behind the bar and stealing a bottle of louis 13 cognac. the bottle of brandy is worth $4000. authorities say they believe the woman was part of a large group that paid $1600 in cash for dinner. and as you can see, a few of them in the party acted as lookouts as they walked out of the bar for the evening. there's a $1500 reward being offered here. anyone with information should call the santa clara county sheriff's office. what do you compare new satellite images captured today in ukraine city of mirapaul to older images, you get a sense of how russia's invasion has changed the city's landscape. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky trust his country today , saying he believes russia is working to create new pseudo republics. that will eventually break apart the country. he's calling on ukrainians to continue to show resistance and to not repeat the experience of
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regions on the eastern edge of the country or pseudo republicans have formed the leaders of france and germany say they spoke with russian president vladimir putin but failed to broker a ceasefire, they say putin insists ukraine must be militarized and give up territory to the west to end the war. fox's trading stirs in kiev , where shelling on the outskirts of ukraine's capital is ongoing. over the past 24 hours. we've heard the loudest shelling to take place so far around the ukrainian capital of keith explosions in the distance , and every few hours those air raid sirens going off. this city is bracing for what could be very bloody days ahead. we spoke to one american who traveled here from california. his name is dwight crow, and we met him in the besieged town of your pin that is partially controlled by russian forces. his words give you a sense of how everyone is pitching in to help evacuate those most vulnerable ukrainians . just doing medic work, not even you know that i'm mostly carrying stretchers, helping civilian and wounded evacuation from urban. there's a lot of
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really incredible ukrainian volunteers that are leading the charge and putting themselves in harm's way for their countrymen. and, you know, i'm just trying to help out the evacuations around keith come as the southern cities of mariupol and mel atop oh continued to be targeted by russian forces as they look to occupy more land. cctv footage shows the mayor of military people being abducted ukrainian president below dimier zelinsky reacting to this event today, saying this topol the invaders kidnapped the city mayor event the role a mayor who has bravely defended ukraine and the people in his community. the russian forces have switched to a new stage of terror when they are trying to physically eliminate representatives of the legitimate local ukrainian authorities. protests erupted in that southern ukrainian city the citizens they're looking to send a message to russian soldiers. they're not welcome in this country and keep treating fox news the u. n now says nearly 2.6 million ukrainians have fled the country and the humanitarian crisis grows worse by the day.
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some 1.5 million of the refugees have escaped to neighboring poland and now the mayors of poland's two largest cities. warsaw and krakow, say they can no longer handle the influx. they're asking the other european nations for help. train stations and bus depots in poland are overwhelmed with families sleeping on the floor. many still stunned by what's happening in their homeland. look at 1.8 russians were our brothers. but now we see that our real brothers or the polish and the german. the crisis has inspired volunteers to come out and help clean and cook for the masses. those helping out say they may not speak the language , but compassion and kindness is universally understood, well organizers of a new concert series playing at golden gate park hope to raise thousands of dollars for relief efforts in ukraine. ktvu is greg liggins shows us how the concert got started today. the sound of
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music washed over the crowd at the bandshell and golden gate park. this particular concert called slava ukraina, or glory to ukraine launches a series of shows for the month of march dedicated to ukrainian humanitarian relief. we have ukrainian dancers and performance and concert pianists and poets and all sorts of folks here today. i'm not one of those performers professional ukrainian singer anita who sang to mend the many hearts being broken as people bear witness to destruction and loss of life in ukraine riding up, it's too much. it's too much because the kids are dying. a young dancer watched others as she waited for her turn to take the stage. some performers say showing off their culture is bringing them newfound pride. showing our, um our energy, our pride. our. you know, showing off our beautiful culture to the world, um, and in
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the bay area specifically is it's beautiful san francisco's famed sisters of perpetual indulgence handed out sunflowers to people in the crowd. the sunflower is the national flower of ukraine and has become the symbol. i think of resistance globally for this for this moment in time. a qr code attached to the flowers takes people to a website where they can give to world central kitchen, which is feeding 150,000. ukrainian refugees daily going to sf for ukraine .org shows the concert has easily surpassed its goal of raising $20,000 toward the cause . i'm very thankful for everybody who donates her to help ukraine a ukrainian american woman from fremont was one of the donors expressing delight at the size of the crowd, which numbered in the hundreds. oh, i'm so glad that the community came together to support ukraine. it's a very important topic right now, and i'm so glad to see so many people came over to support that. and for the month of
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march, there will be nearly a dozen other free concerts here, where others can do the same bye in san francisco. greg legans ktvu fox two news. there is growing concern that russia could use w. n b a star britney griner and other americans detained in that country as leverage. by the administration needs to do more to try to raise these issues with putin and the russian government and get them released. coming up a bit later in this newscast, how to republican congressman are urging the president to do more to bring americans detained in russia home. the man suspected in the fatal shooting of a beneath a convenience store owner is now in custody. 21 year old nasal marquis du bois son was arrested yesterday in oakland and is being held without bail. he is charged with murder, robbery and conspiracy in connection with tuesday's death of 60 year old bahadur singh, the owner of rose market
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in venetia. authorities say debrecen had been wanted in connection with several other burglaries and robberies in the area. in oakland police are investigating a double shooting that left two people injured. officers responded to multiple shots fired on approval avenue near foothill boulevard. around one this afternoon. they found a man who had been shot and then were notified that another victim had driven himself to the hospital. both men are listed in stable condition. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police late winter storms leave behind big message to clean up for a lot of people across the country this weekend from a possible tornado to a pile up of dozens of cars in the snow will show you the damage. and a barrier whether we start off with sunshine, but some clouds moving in right now and maybe the possibility of a few showers in your in your sunday morning forecast, we'll have the update coming up. and the weather cooperated today for
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pennsylvania tonight after a pile up of more than 70 cars on a state highway. the crash happened this afternoon as a snowstorm hit the region. several people were hurt, but first responders don't think any of those injuries are life threatening. the storm that hit pennsylvania is part of a system gaza under conditions in multiple states, and this is what it looked like in the system that left behind in middletown, maryland, while the weather weather is concentrated over southern and east coast states, airlines are bracing for the possibility of a ripple effect of flight delays across the country. more than 1000 flights were canceled today. most of those flights were in areas near memphis. philadelphia washington, d c. new york and
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boston. and this is what it looked like when these stormy conditions moved over nashville , tennessee overnight. you can see that snowfall came with strong gusts of wind. tens of thousands of people don't have power tonight in state spending from florida to connecticut. those storms come with more than just snow and ocala, florida today several whether or excuse me severe weather, knocked down trees and pulled apart some of the facade of the buildings there whether investigators are working to determine whether all of this was caused by a tornado . so far, though, there are no reports of any injuries. severe weather awareness may not only be on your radar while you're at work, but for some people, whether is at the center of all they do. foxes will only takes us inside the global operations of ups, where a team of meteorologists are busy. keeping crews safe. delivering to the world requires some incredible logistics every day here, we
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sort more than two million packages. this is really the crossroads of the world. for ups . this is the heart of the ups operation world ports in louisville, kentucky, where it all comes together. a perfect symphony of conveyor belts, hardworking people and massive jets performing together around the clock. it is the world's largest automated package sorting facility. it's got 155 miles configurable and every day almost 400 flights arrive and depart here an important component in this global operations center is here. with a team of ups. meteorologists constantly scan the skies. we have a bunch of locations that we do daily forecast for mostly our hub locations where we have the greatest impact because that's where the most people work. that's where the most flights are in and out of rob clements is a ups aviation meteorologist. homegrown product. if you will. rob began his career working delivery routes for ups. after expressing his interest in meteorology. the
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company supported his education and placed him here in his dream job. he's now part of a team of scientists to take a leading role in the global safety of his colleagues. it's not just the united states. we're always looking at a lot of our locations in the pacific locations in europe, um tropical weather seasons. very huge for us. this office is real time whether response was put to the test recently as teams here rush to react to the tornado storms that destroyed parts of mayfield and nearby bowling green, kentucky. as well as recent ice storms. both events were told forced crews on the ground and in the air to change locations, move equipment and people out of harm's way. meteorology is critical to air operations. we need to know what we're expecting, in terms of whether so that we can make plans and effectively serve our customers and get those packages delivered on time. so on our weather center outside, we have an actual piece of aircraft aluminum that we've attached temperature sensors to along
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with sophisticated computers. this team uses hands on tools like this cross section of an airplane week. keeping an eye on this display lets the team no in frost and icing conditions are settling in so they can react accordingly. one of the biggest things that we work on is fog. every day. um, this department that people that started this department actually created a fog forecasting method and wrote paper that was published on it so nightly. we look at almost 100 different airports to assess apophis, a city within a city working seamlessly to deliver your little round boxes as safely as possible. no matter what the weather decides to present along the way. and a meteorology. the weather pattern always seems to be changing rights. there's probably something interesting to talk about it as you heard that snowstorm or that strong front across parts of the country today. really topping the weather headlines as you can see on the satellite and the radar
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for this evening. in fact, we're going back in time to show you the radar loop. you can see all that snow coverage and also the severe weather and portions of the southeast earlier today, all kind of scooting out to the northeast over the past few hours over the past few frames now we have been dealing with a bit of a chill in the air for the morning hours, and for the second day in a row, a record to report in half moon bay 30 degrees breaking the old record of 35 degrees that back in 1997 , so it's chilly start temperature is this afternoon recovering into the fifties sixties and some lower seventies a little bit of a cool down just over the past couple days, so we're not talking about any no real record breaking temperatures here in the bay area, although it has been warm this week. now two systems headed our way in the in the short term for your sunday morning, the possibility of a sprinkle or light shower and then on tuesday, some showers likely that could be favoring the north bay, especially up in sonoma county for your tuesday as you can see right now, some cloud cover and a bit of some
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green showing up on the radar. not all this reaching the ground, but we are expecting some coverage to pick up at least in terms of shower coverage. the as we head into the overnight hours current number of santa rosa 49. we have san jose 51 livermore 48 degrees , and here's our live camera looking out towards oakland with solid overcast, so mostly cloudy skies for your sunday morning with the possibility of a passing shower to the forecast models kind of picking up on that idea. tomorrow morning, five o'clock and then eight o'clock as well, maybe a few sprinkles to start out your sunday morning. we'll talk more about this than maybe some more rain clouds in the five day forecast the full update in a few minutes. we'll check in with you, then. mark. thank you, the city of san francisco celebrating st patrick's day this weekend. groups from throughout the day areas irish community, including schools and labor unions, as well as the san francisco police and fire departments. took part in today's parade because of the
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pandemic. it's been two years since the city toasted it's st patrick's day parade. spectators say they are so happy to be back. we are great music. yes great dancers, young and old alike having a great time out here. i just love that the city is alive and people are out enjoying themselves. it's been too long. for many people seem from san francisco st patrick's day parade has become a holiday tradition. in the east bay, the city of dublin held its 38th annual st patrick's day celebration. the festivities included three stages of irish music and dancing. there was also irish food as well as more than 250 vendors selling arts, crafts and other goods. a new wildfire keeps southern california firefighters busy tonight. coming up calls go out for some people to evacuate as precaution. later in sports, clay thompson has his highest
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scoring total in nearly three years. frank mallicoat will have those highlights as the warriors took on the defending champions milwaukee bucks tonight. plus we wanted to put the user in the changing snow stories. see, how would you instagram filter works to bring attention to climate changes impact
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devastating scenes just like this, and well, floodwaters have recovered receded, roosevelt cleared many neighborhoods have struggled to make real progress recovery. it's been over 18 months and hurricane laura made landfall in south louisiana. but driving through some of these neighborhoods, it looks like that storm just rolled through here. many of the homes look like the one behind me, still just covered with those blue tarps. but with pandemic concerns lifting more volunteer groups are here on the ground, ready to help. the destiny flying off. it's a language not usually heard in south louisiana , and a group of amish and mennonites from ohio are some of the newest volunteers to set up camp in lake charles. from first of january. colonel we have done 27 jobs and we have 42 signed up, so just a lot of lot of people that still need help, and hopefully we made a little dent into it. not too much so these
10:26 pm
storms were unprecedented. the amount of destruction has been catastrophic. it's really hard to believe that we're this far out. alberto gallon has been at the forefront of the storm recovery in calcasieu parish. hurricane bora was one of the most powerful storms to hit the state, making landfall at the peak of the pandemic in 2020, hurricane delta hit just six weeks later. covid made it extremely difficult. we didn't have a lot of boots on the ground when it comes to adjusters and insurance folks coming in as well as the theme of folks when you're when you're not seeing it here in person. it makes it a little bit of an easier pill to swallow than when you're here on the ground, actually experiencing some of the things that the folks here are experiencing congress recently approved $600 million for federal disaster aid for the state. but galan says the need is closer to $3,000,000,600 million is a little bit short for what the overall needs are. we still have a long way to go. we can use all the help we can
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get for good. yoder it's all about helping one person at a time. why would do it? we steal its leading from god to help people. it helps our area used groups get outside our area to see how other people live. and it just helps our areas. not just we're helping here. and many people in south louisiana hoped and you round of disaster aid for hurricane victims would show up in the funding bill that congress passed this week. unfortunately, though it did not a plate goes out tonight to camp fire victims in paradise. there are reports that some people in the community struggling to recover maybe threatening pjd crew's coming up. how the mayor stepping in asking everyone to stop we'll show you how a new wildfire burning in southern california is keeping homeowners on alert tonight and see how missile strikes come close to a u. s consulate in iraq.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. fires burning in the exclusive gated community of hollister ranch in santa barbara county. it started before three this afternoon during windy conditions. some people in the area are being asked to evacuate as a precaution. right now. firefighters report no containment of flames and as many as 75 acres have burned. the cause of this fire is under investigation. the mayor of paradise in butte county, making a plea to the public for residents in that town to stop threatening pgd workers. crews are there trying to lay 200 miles of power lines underground. it's part of a plan to bury 10,000 miles of lines in california's highest risk fire areas, but many of those residents don't want workers around you may remember. pg and e admitted the deadly camp fire was sparked by its equipment.
10:31 pm
now some people have reportedly been threatening workers. others have ignored traffic control signs and have almost hit pgd cruz paradise may receive crowder posted this on social media. i understand an equally upset that they were the cause of burning our town down, but they are working as hard as they can to finish their project. it is not acceptable to threaten their employees. we are a better community than that. a series of missiles have struck near the airport and u. s consulate in iraq and the northern city of erbil, the governor of the kurdish region says there were no casualties in the early morning attack. several views of the blasts were shared on social media. the associated press reports. the u. s defense official says those missiles were fired from iran. russia is now threatening to target supplies of western weapons being shipped to ukraine. russia's deputy foreign minister , suggesting convoys with foreign weapons could be considered legitimate targets.
10:32 pm
meantime the united states says it's sending $200 million in additional small arms, anti tank and anti aircraft weapons to ukraine. president biden is standing from those saying america will not find russia. in ukraine. vladimir putin, escalating his crackdown on free speech inside russia, calling facebook and extremist organization and banning instagram foxes alexandria hoff picks up tonight's team coverage of this conflict from washington. instagram users in russia have until monday to save their pictures and videos after that access to the platform will be cut off as well. 80 million russian people from each other and from the realities of the world outside. russia's supervision of communications office claims that the move is due to post condoning violence against russians. russian prosecutors are seeking a criminal case against medical platforms, the parent company of instagram and facebook, calling them an extremist organization.
10:33 pm
on thursday. reuters was the first to report that meta did make a temporary change to their hate speech policy. in a statement, it explained that the focus was to protect free speech is a form of self expression and self defense while surviving a military invasion quote. the fact is, if we applied our standard content policies without any adjustments, we would now be removing content from ordinary ukrainians expressing their resistance and fury at the invading military forces, which would rightly be viewed as unacceptable. the statement continued that this temporary policy shift only applies in ukraine itself and quote there is no change at all to our policies on hate speech. as far as the russian people are concerned, we will not tolerate russo phobia or any kind of discrimination, harassment or violence toward russians on our platform. russia banned facebook last week, but some in the country are still finding a way to tap into the rest of the world by using vpns, which are private networks that can obscure the person's location. in washington, alexandria off fox news. use our app and
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website to stay on top of dull bits. in ukraine. you can download that app for free from your app store. police in vallejo are investigating the stabbing death of an unidentified woman officers were called to a report of an unresponsive person in the area of monterey and tennessee streets yesterday around 4:20 p.m. authorities say the victim had been stabbed at least once and then declared dead at the scene. investigators believe the woman was homeless. anyone with information should call vallejo police this is the city's sixth homicide of 2022. the wrestling mash. it has one w w e star in the hospital aired live right here on ktvu after suffering a broken neck. the injured wrestler sends a message to fans. at a barrier weather clouds increasing tonight and the possibility of a few scattered showers tomorrow morning and maybe some more rain
10:35 pm
clouds in the five day forecast, while the update coming. and san francisco's chinatown uses song to celebrate its resilience coming up with welcomes crowds as covid-19 restrictions ease.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. a massive dance party gathered in oakland's jack london square . the jam for joyce's crew left two hours mathon with district four council members, xiang tao , organizers say it was to celebrate strong women and staying healthy with movement fund music and community. the event was free, but donations were accepted to benefit the east oakland collective. it's a member based group serving the communities of deep east oakland. by working towards racial and economic equity. and this special pop up performance taking place in san francisco's chinatown today, the event featured the young woman's course of san francisco. organizers say the pop up is a
10:39 pm
welcome back for visitors and to celebrate the resilience of san francisco's chinatown performances took place at portsmouth square, ross alley and on stockton street. ending at waverly place. y w nba star has been in russian custody for nearly a month now and his foxes christina coleman, report. some people want to see more done to bring her home. this week. republican congressman burgess owens and byron donaldson, president biden and the state department a letter expressing grave concern that the russians could use wnba's star britney griner and other americans detained in their country as leverage. in my view, they don't i don't think they pull every level that needs to be pulled, the administration needs to do more. to try to raise these issues with putin and the russian government and get them released. former u. s marines trevor reid and paul whelan have been jailed in russia for what their families and u s lawmakers called politically motivated trumped up charges and w n b a star brittney griner was
10:40 pm
detained at last month over allegations that she had cannabis oil in her luggage at a russian airport. biggest concern is that with everything that's going on that brilliant would be just another casualty of this process and not be forgotten. i think we've gotten a taste of what vladimir putin is like with his cruel and unprovoked invasion of ukraine. and targeting innocent civilians, so he doesn't really care anything about the people involved or their families whenever an american is detained anywhere in the world. we of course stand ready to provide every possible assistance and that includes in russia. democratic congressman calling. allred says he is working with the state department to try and get brittney griner home was detained on the 17th at the moscow embassy has requested consular access to her the same way they would for any american has been detained or incarcerated abroad, and that has not been granted now for over three weeks, and so, that's extremely unusual and extremely
10:41 pm
concerning. that was christina coleman, reporting in the state department says it cannot offer specifics about how it's handling grinders case because of privacy concerns. well forget the face filters and new instagram filter lets you experience climate change in this year, a see how it works coming up next, and meteorologist mark tamayo returns with a look at when we can expect oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. make climate change go, viral reporter heather waldman explains how a trip back in time may help make the future a bit brighter in the sierra. the science is clear. we need to act to reduce the impacts of climate change. and if you're a skier,
10:44 pm
snowboarder, or if you just love snow, those impacts are becoming clear to natural snow wasn't falling has consistently in the sierra as it did even a couple of decades ago, and climate models show big storms becoming even less frequent in the decades ahead. but the fact that it's based on the choices that we make we can do more sustainable actions we can turn this around. actions can be inspired by conversation, and u. c. davis is tahoe environmental research center is hoping to get people talking on social media by using a new instagram filter , but we wanted to put the user in the changing snow stories. you can use the filter when you create an instagram story when you first download the filter from the effect gallery, you're instantly transported into 1960. head to toe and team usa. dad's now with each tap of the screen, you're transported to the next decade with the clothes to match . i'm a big fan of the nineties here myself, but if you keep clicking through the two thousands, you notice your clothes get a little bit lighter. and eventually by 2050
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. the snowpack disappears, representing rising temperatures and a decreasing snow pack because of climate change. the final full screen frame of the filter is a call to action. the save our snow campaign is inviting everyone to pledge to reduce annual carbon emissions by one ton per year. we're hoping that this can go viral and there is a contest for people who use the filter and share it and pledged to reduce their carbon little changes like buying local produce carpooling or setting your home's water heater to a lower temperature can all add up to meet that goal? we can do this. um we can do what's necessary and i want to keep hope. i need to keep hope. again that was heather waldman reporting anyone who shares that instagram filter and their story and then poster pledge with uc davis tahoe will be entered in a contest to win lift tickets each week through april, 23rd two passes to palisades tahoe will be given out. the grand prize is a season pass to palisades for the next season.


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