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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  March 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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for the first time since the pandemic. little extra bounce in their step. the dancers at the irish cultural center of 45th avenue big crowd took part in the day long celebration of irish culture. russian forces advance their attacks on new territory in ukraine. i don't see signs right now that putin is prepared to stop president biden speaks this morning with china's president. while there's pressure on china to denounce russia's invasion in ukraine negotiations drag on between teachers and administrators in the mount diablo unified school district. we don't want to strike but we will if we have two more than 1000 teachers could walk off the job by the end of the month, and now state mediators are getting involved. and oakland restaurant week kicks off today, restaurants encouraged people to sample everything the east bay has to offer. welcome to mornings onto
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the nine today is friday, march 18th. i'm always so happy on fridays. it used to be thursday's remember frank and college thursday night was the night he never had a class friday, right? but now it's friday for us who have to work on friday. nice day it's going to be moving in some rain tomorrow, and we're going to talk about the weather and just a little bit. so where do you suppose is the best place in the bay area to let live? kind of a loaded question right? because everyone thinks maybe where they live is the greatest. but there's no answer. the data team at the san francisco chronicle has attempted to answer it anyway. the chronicle ranked the 25 biggest cities in the bay area by various measures when it comes to quality of life, the city of alameda came out number one. we can see alameda right behind us here. san francisco came in second, followed by oakland and berkeley and san mateo at number five. the data took into consideration the number of restaurants, parks walk ability. racial diversity,
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among many other factors. and welcome to the nine garcia i like alameda. obviously i lived there, so it's flat. i used to live in oakland and lived in san francisco. so i lived in all those cities. the thing about i love about alameda. as you can walk. it's flat, sure walk ability, which means you can walk to the shops or to the park. that sort of thing. i grew up in livermore also pretty flat when i was growing up town so boring. i can't wait to leave. but now i'm like livermore is the best and for me, it's not just that it has a great ease of living and nice parks and great people. to me, that's that's where my parents are. and look. if my parents were in saskatchewan, i would probably tell you that the best place for me it's saskatchewan because especially during the past two years of pandemic living, it's about more than you know, home values and mass transit. it's about where your people are right and being close to your family and your loved ones. so familiarity. i would like to see livermore on that list. but it's ok that it's not there. i'm a llama. renda guy grew up in aranda de braga schools 20
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minutes, so i'm always kind of torn to the east bay. and what it to cal. my mom grew up in berkeley. so he's on that list directly is on that and it should be. the restaurants were ridiculous. you've got tilden park right there. but i don't know anywhere in the bears. pretty good from a guy who england yourself super lucky. all right, let's get to some news on this friday, happening today, a state board will hear arguments from the teachers union. lamont diablo unified school district and school district officials on whether teachers should get a pay raise that they want. ktvu james torres joins us live from sequoia many school middle school rather, he's unpleasant hill where teachers held a short protest. early this morning, james. good morning. yes, frank . that protest wrapped up just about an hour ago. teachers were lining the streets on both sides of sidewalks here in front of the elementary school here in pleasant hill, as well as the middle school, both sequoia elementary and middle school, hoping to get their voices heard. they say they are at a point where they may consider
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going on strike. in fact, the mount diablo unified school district, rather not diablo education association, the union says about 92% of its members have authorized its executive board to go on strike. if they don't get what they want, but a few key events have to happen first. before we get there right now, the union is in negotiation with the district primarily over teacher pay the union is now asking for a 12.5% increase in salary, but the district says it can't afford that they offered a 7% increase for teachers. but the union says that's not enough since they can't agree. the impasse has now been taken to the state's public employment relations board. the boards back finding committee will now hear cases from both sides today. afterwards the committee will offer recommendations to come to a compromise that will come in a report to be released by the end of the month. teachers here say if they don't like the results of that report, then a strike will begin days later. some of my teachers have to work 2 to 3
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jobs. you shouldn't have to work 2 to 3 jobs when you have a master's degree. it's they are, and then our students suffer because they aren't getting the best that they could get contract. the district argues it would take tens of millions of dollars to meet these demands, which would likely result in job cuts and the fight from these teachers doesn't stop with this morning's protest a second demonstration scheduled for this afternoon after school at the district headquarters. and they say if they are in a position where they need to strike that could start as early as the end of this month on march 28 we're live this morning in pleasant hill. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. james thank you also happening today san francisco educators who spent three nights occupying the third floor of district headquarters will be receiving back pay checks. teachers spent four days protesting payroll issues that left hundreds unpaid for months. yesterday educator struck a deal with the san francisco unified school district to get unplayed employees their checks later
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today, they say they also have a commitment that in the futures educators will receive payment within three business days if payroll errors persist. the district will also pay interest on those missed payments. not to the far north bay, where teachers from one of sonoma county's largest school districts were back in the classroom. as of this morning, teachers from the qatari rohnert park unified school district and the district itself reached a tentative deal last night to end a week long strike. the walkout followed a long contract dispute involving teachers salaries. the teachers are now back in the classroom today, one day before the district 6000 students begin spring break. new this morning a memorial is growing at the site of a deadly crash in mountain view that killed a 13 year old boy. candles flowers and handwritten notes are now at the intersection of el camino real and grant road. where the boy was hit by a dump truck yesterday morning while riding his bike. emergency responses. try responders tried to save his life at the scene, but he later died at the hospital. police say the truck driver stayed on scene
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and cooperated with police. and they say speed, drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash. the school district says the boy was a student at grand middle school. in a statement, the superintendent of mountain view wissman school district says there are no words that i can say to help take away the pain. we are collectively feeling the board of trustees grand middle school principal heidi glassy. wants to express our condolences and prayers to his family and everyone else who was impacted by the students. smile laugh and heart. the district is not releasing the student's name. they say grief counselors will be on hand at the school today and monday to help get people through the loss. drought researchers have a warning about california's drought and how much we're seeing can get in the coming months. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration has released its spring outlook and for the second year in a row. forecasters are predicting prolonged persistent drought for california and throughout the
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west coast. concern is quite high. um um as we go into the spring and early summer the snowpack is below average for much of california. and there's really very little time now to make up any precipitation deficits. it's moving to april. according to the latest drought monitor. report extreme drought expanded from 12% of california to 35% just in the past week, although we are going to get a little bit of a reprieve, it's been awhile but a little bit of rain over the weekend, right, steve that is correct. and i throw in my two cents on best place and to live out. oh that was the best for you could afford it. well i was there. i was there before silicon valley. then they kicked me out. she should have bought back then you should have bought a lot well. believe me, believe me out there at the time. there was a place for sale for 250,000. but i
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bought over in fremont because that was like 200,000, who knew this should have been a little apple stock a few years ago. who thank you, frank dawson. so baseball forecasts. i'm going down to phoenix. well lucky you . it'll be nice today and tomorrow high 80 to 84 sunday will be windy and cooler. okay so there'll be. i think ohio will be about 73 on sunday. but today 82 saturday 84. when you're on the desert, it doesn't take long to warm up. yes we do . as frank mention, we do have some rain on the way for tomorrow. it looks like a couple 100. maybe 24 tents would probably cover it with sierra snow 3 to 6 inches of snow. i would think around the 5000 ft level should mainly be the spread there on that higher clouds already inching into the north. it's going to take awhile so mostly sunny here a little bit of patchy fog still hanging onto the san mateo coast at some over the bay today, up in santa rosa and marine county as well, but looks like most of that is now well, still, some there parts of marin county, also sonoma county and from the city southward along the san mateo coast. forties and fifties on
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your temps. i'm sure it's warmer than 39 in mill valley right now, but conquered brentwood low 50 san jose's 51 hayward's in their sfo, san francisco is closed for others. so today mostly sunny partly cloudy by this evening, and we'll clouded up rain moves in saturday morning until about early saturday afternoon, and you can see where the heavier amounts are being forecast doesn't mean it's right. you take one more pick a model and go is what we say and whether so i'm going with the european forecast model here. we'll see if it holds. it has a little bit more than the gfs for the syrup. if you're traveling today is the day to go saturday. winter weather advisory kicks in at eight a.m. but by 11 pm this should be long gone. and then sunday, you'll have some fresh notice board honor ski on or whatever you want to 50 sixties to low seventies today, cloudy cooler with rain on saturday kicks out sunday. then here we go. first day of spring. the first full day is monday, and it will be warmer all the way into tuesday and probably wednesday. steve paulson, thank you coming up on the nine we're following the first quarter appearance for a bay area man accused of killing a security guard who was protecting a news crew. what's happening is one of the three
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people who have been charged is still on the run. and oakland police chief says about the likelihood he'll face justice. and as the russian invasion of ukraine intensifies, president biden just wrapped up a phone call with china's leader. how the u. s. is questioning china's the u. s. is questioning china's stance on the war in ukraine. the u. s. is questioning china's stance on the war in ukraine. since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too. what changes are you making for your type 2 diabetes? maybe it's time to try trulicity. it's proven to help lower a1c. it can help you lose up to 10 pounds. and it's only taken once a week, so it can fit into your busy life. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy.
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across ukraine, forcing people to leave the country seeking safety alexis mcadams reports from poland with the latest developments. again today, more refugees pouring into poland. this comes after another night of assaults on ukraine's capital . he's the war against civilians doesn't see you, mildred people here base. it's just apartments apartment from civilian kiev's mayor. addressing an early morning missile attack, which
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leveled a residential neighborhood in northern keith homes, schools all reduced to rubble. at least one person killed several others, including children injured there was nothing left of the apartment. i'm barely alive myself. russian troops now taking aim at la vive , a city near the polish border , generally considered a safe area sheltering some 200,000 refugees. you don't want the enemies strike against the city of lviv is another proof that it does not fight ukrainian troops . it fights the population, children, women refugees, there is nothing sacred for them. ukrainians also flooding out of mariupol, a city that's been under siege for weeks. tens of thousands of people escaped over just the last few days, but that's just a fraction of the people still trapped. desperate for life sustaining supplies. there's nothing left alive in there. everything bombed. where can we return? the white house is working to help ukrainians seek asylum in the united states
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. reporting in tarnow, poland. alexis mcadams ktvu fox two news. in just the past hour or so here, president biden wrapped up a two hour phone call with chinese president xi jinping ping. the two leaders were widely expected to focus on the russian invasion of ukraine. for more on how china could play a pivotal role in the russia ukraine conflict would turn to oriana skylar mastro, a fellow at stanford university and the american enterprise institute. thanks for being with us. thanks for having me. of course, we have yet to get a readout from the white house on all that was said in this call we have heard from china's foreign ministry, which said it deplores conflict and confrontation, but didn't name russia. do you think president biden in very plain terms? asked where china stands, or is this more of a nuanced conversation? well adult hypothetical, i think absolutely , this administration said to china where do you stand on this ? russia has asked you for troops have asked you for equipment. you haven't come out in condemnation of this blatant use of force. and china can't
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stand on the sidelines and expect for its reputation not to be tarnished if they continue to support russia. even implicitly , president biden did likely warned president xi jinping against providing specifically military or economic assistance to russia. if china helps russia how might the u. s retaliates so much of our economy? here depends on china. i can't imagine the us acting towards china the way we have in sanctioning russia, for example. of course not trying to has amazing economic heft would be very difficult for the united states and its allies and partners to put significant sanctions on china. but i would bet close to 100% that china is not going to provide military equipment and especially troops to russia, it would go against their military strategy, their foreign policy and everything that they've done to try to stay out of. conflagrations outside of the region. is there concern that china may be emboldened by russia's example to take taiwan by force? how do you expect
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president biden to address that concern or possibility? the good news is, i don't think the situation in ukraine emboldens china to take taiwan. the bad news is, i say that because they are emboldened already, they already have assessed the balance of cake capability shifting in their favor. they question whether or not the united states has the resolve for a strong fight, and they think countries are unlikely to sanction them significantly over a long period of time. to make the cost too high for the benefit that is regaining taiwan and their mind. essentially the situation changed their calculus . but that's already because we're in such a dire situation. with what they're thinking. what would constitute success when it comes to us china relations now? i think the bottom line is the united states at would like to avoid a war with china, but at the same time be prepared to defeat china at an acceptable cost of china threatens our national security and that of our allies and partners. the u. s china great power competition
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is not about the two of us. it's about our relationships with the rest of the world, and that's why this situation is so important. the united states is trying to compete with china economically, politically and militarily around the world and we have commitments everywhere. china is very focused on the region at least militarily, and that makes it difficult for the united states to compete. rihanna skylar. master. thank you for joining us this morning for this discussion. thanks for having me. of course, of course, when it does come to the russian invasion of ukraine. so many of you have been so generous in supporting the bay area groups. they're doing such good work helping the ukrainian people and we want to help you connect with those groups. you can just scan that qr code at the bottom of your screen with your phone and it will take you to a website that will help you find a way to help out all right. steph curry is out of commission indefinitely ahead what the warriors are going to do without him while he recovers from this injury. and then later we're getting a sample of all the risks to eat and drink in the city of oakland to look ahead at oakland restaurant week.
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curry's injured left foot and wet he may play again. espn says curry may be back playing again by mid april in time for the nba playoffs. hurry has a spring ligament after boston celtics guard marcus smart collided with him wednesday after chasing a loose ball curry and the warriors will seek a second opinion from the well known foot specialist in southern california and joining us now to talk about more about the curry absences. estimates from 95 70 games tiny good morning to you. obviously curry being out is a huge deal for the warriors. will this affect well, this affect the team at all? and it's playoff spot. do you think yes, right now, sal their third, so they probably want to hold onto that spot. um, you know, this is this is, i think good news for the golden state warriors because when this injury
9:22 am
happened on wednesday night, mm . it was easy to start to think about the worst and we got the playoffs start in three or four weeks, and it looked like marcus smart really rolled up on that ankle. so the fact that there's hope that steph curry can come back. with a couple games left in the regular season and get ready for the playoffs. that that is the good news, and there's nothing that supersedes that good news. so even if the warriors were to slip a spot, maybe the fourth while it wouldn't be advantageous, i think they would gladly give up a spot in terms of the standings to know that steph curry is going to be healthy when the playoffs start, so you know all at all. i think the warriors got great news on thursday when the diagnosis came in on steph curry's foot, so it's steve curry kind of didn't come out and say it, but he kind of some people have been intimating that marcus smart was kind of playing the kind of basketball you
9:23 am
shouldn't play. that's going to get people hurt. what do you think about that? well, i think i don't quite agree with steve kerr on that one. the one thing that that i know is that after the game was draymond green was asked about it want toscano? anderson was asked about it. and both those players who are mom, probably two toughest guys on the warriors said. you know, that's the way marcus smart plays marcus smart, somebody that's got the respect of other players in the nba. everybody knows marcus. smart place hard. everybody knows marcus. smart is super competitive. was it a was it a dirty play? no, it wasn't a dirty play. but it's a play that sometimes happens in basketball when a guy dives for a ball on the floor, and another guy is reaching down to pick it up. sometimes this happens. i just think it's a it's a good thing that obviously it's not going to cost steps. all right. one last thing about the warriors. i do want to ask you about baseball
9:24 am
in a second. but do you think someone like a jordan's pool gets his moment now to become more valuable? and what if he does play really well? does that affect his, you know, status next year. well, i think jordan's pools been starting even with clay back and steph curry, healthy and even with draymond came back. jordan's pool kept starting. steve kerr really likes jordan's pool. jordan's pool might be the second most important player on this team right now, as long as clay thompson struggles so, uh, as far as pools future the warriors control it. they liked jordans pool, and he's hugely important to what they do if they're if they're to stay afloat in the next nine or 10 games, chances are he's gonna play really well, if they're going to do that. alright, stony in the time we have left, i want to get your thoughts on spring training starting and the baseball season. is this labor disagreement? just going to be a blip in most people's minds now that people are playing. you know, it kind of fades into the background and people are just
9:25 am
going to start going to games again. you know what i think so ? and the reason i think so salads because it was kind of no harm, no foul. there was a lot of talk. there was a little bit of a delay. there was an initial cancelation. which really was a postponement, so i think the fact that that baseball is going to start on time playing 162 games and as far as we go in the bay area i mean, we got a team coming off 107 win season and there is a lot of excitement about what they do for an encore . maybe how difficult it's going to be. so um, i think at least in the bay area people are going to forget about the start of the season and i think they're ready to go. a lot of disappointment from the ace fans. but this is kind of you know what the aids do. on the other hand, the giants these are the aids here, obviously, and the a lot of these players have been going to other teams. the giants brought in jack peterson. but then the dodgers brought in freddie
9:26 am
freeman. so it i mean, the nl west. what do you think about that division can do? the giants have a shot. oh man, i have a coworker. mark willard, who's the big giants fan and i like to tease him a little bit. and i said marriage, john peterson, you know, not bad dodgers get freddie freeman. i mean, just one of those things where giants are going to have to compete, at least for the time being. kind of want a different kind of playing field, then the dodgers . they did it last year, and that's what farhan zaidi, their general manager, president of baseball operations has done in two years. if you think about the san francisco giants and each of the last two years as long as game capital has been the manager. this team has over achieved, and if you don't think it's overachieving, then say they've been better than anyone is. it has thought they'd been in the last two years. so that bodes well for the giants as long as far hunts idea kapler there they they've done extremely well in their two years here so far. alright,
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stanley. i'll be listening today at noon noon to three around the radio with dwayne the guru johnson. thank you for joining us. i good little sports chatterley. a dozen games left for the warriors. maybe steph will get a little bit of rest. get that foot better and getting up. come playoff. let's hope so. let's hope so. all right. coming up moderna, asking federal regulators to consider whether adults should get another coronavirus booster when we come back by some health leaders worry another coronavirus search. can't be ruled out. also ahead. children's theater is back. we're going to get a peek behind the curtain of the first in person production from the bay area children's theater in two years. i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. or psoriatic arthritis. but we are so much more. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers. parents and friends. if joint pain is getting in the way of who you are, it's time to talk to your doctor about enbrel. enbrel helps relieve joint pain,
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having a wonderful day, wherever you are lucky enough to find
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yourself here in the bay area. the sun is shining. we get more good rain coming in tomorrow morning. i know that might spoil your weekend plans. but look, we need it so tell me. are you working from home right now? or you may be back at the office, or are you toggle in between the two as more and more bay area companies call their workers back to the office, a new survey by gallup finds most workers who can work remotely say they prefer a hybrid work schedule. almost 60% of people in the survey said they want to continue working in office and at home. 32% say they'd rather work from home full time. we all had the luxury of working from home for about a good year. we've been back in studio for not quite a full year yet. there's a few things i miss from working from home, but i think especially for what we do in office works much better. oh, yeah, i totally agree. i mean, sleeping in that was lovely, grabbing breakfast between reporting shots or when you're angry. hey, i got to take a break. but this where you can communicate, you know what i want together. i mean, that's
9:31 am
what we do. and having two teleprompters nice, too. and having the nice studio lights in the nice big camera, you know all the things that we need to do our job, but some people like my wife. has they just realized that they could do a lot from home and they go kind of hybrid . just they just learned how to do it. i have some friends who work in tech and they say i am so efficient at home. they say i crank out my work. they say they're more productive working from home because they don't have all the you know the water cooler talk that's here in the office, which i personally love, but i think it's such an individual in the time you commute. i mean, i'm you spend an hour in your car going back and forth and you're going to pay tolls or whatever you're doing. yeah all right. well i think this debate will continue because people are readjusting new this morning, the man accused of shooting and killing a security guard and oakland, a former police officer, kevin shiro is the man who was killed in november. the man who is court for his arraignment. he's one of threeuspects involved
9:32 am
in the first to have a court date. ktvu demagogues live at superior courthouse in dublin with the latest emma well, i just got out of the courtroom. the suspected shooter attended court virtually from san arena jail. he's there on no bail, and we'll be back in court in three weeks for a plea hearing. he was arrested just two days ago by federal marshals in san francisco. the shooting happened back in november. he's one of three suspects, all of them charged with murder. attempted second degree robbery and attempted second degree assault with a semi automatic firearm. authorities say the shooter was shadow here. mitchell national was protecting a news reporter when he was shot. the reporter was covering up breaking of a shop near 14th and webster in downtown oakland. authorities believe the three individuals involved in this acenas killing are associated with a criminal street gang in san francisco. initiators family was in the courtroom today, his wife said this before entering i'm hoping
9:33 am
today that there will be clarity and understanding. of this senseless act and other acts of violence. so today. god be with us. thank you. missile was is in custody, as is one other suspect , who was arrested in february. police and u. s marshals are still looking for the person they believe drove the getaway car. nishida was shot below the chest and died several days later. he served many years on the police force for coma, as well as hayward, san jose and the oakland housing police departments, and, more recently , he was a security guard for several local television news stations. including ktvu reporting live from alameda county superior court. magus ktvu fox two news, emma. thank you across the bay here. san francisco health officials are issuing a warning about a recent spike in fentanyl overdoses and people who thought they were using cocaine. the city released
9:34 am
this health alert yesterday after 12 overdoses were reported in just the past two weeks involving cocaine laced with fentanyl. three of the cases were deadly, the city is urging clinics to remind drug users about the dangers of fentanyl and to make sure they have access to fentanyl test strips and the lock zone, a drug that can quickly reverse an opioid overdose. happening today. britain is dropping all remaining covid-19 travel restrictions. the new measures allow all travelers regardless of vaccination status to enter without having to present a negative coronavirus test. the updated measures come even as covid-19 case counts are rising in britain. us health officials are issuing health warning after global cases of the coronavirus rose slightly over the past week . as matt finn reports. this comes as moderna has asked the fda to approve 1/4 dose of its covid-19 vaccine. new options for an additional covid-19 booster shot could be on the way . moderna has asked the fda for
9:35 am
emergency authorization for 1/4 shot for all american adults. this comes just days after fighter submitted a similar request, though that shot would be available only to those 65 over, but journalist request comes at a critical time as the stealth covid sub variant b a two brings fear of another surge in the us the new sub variant, prompting lockdowns and parts of china, japan and south korea. w h o officials confirmed global covid cases jumped 8% last week and as high as 25% in some covid-19 hotspots, covid is hard to attain. and we've learned covid can throw any number of things at us. so get ready. cases here in the us continue to trend downward hitting numbers not seen since the start of the pandemic, but officials are keeping a close eye on this new sub variant. although it has not taken off in the u. s like the omicron variant did experts expect cases to gradually rise
9:36 am
over the next several weeks. i'm going to be honest, i am concerned about what's happening in europe because i think there is not full understanding of it . meanwhile, white house officials now warning testing capacity and vaccine availability could decrease over the next several months if congress fails to act. divided administration has asked for more than $25 billion in additional covid-19 funding. house speaker nancy pelosi is aiming to hold a vote on a new covid funding package by september. in los angeles. matt fink, ktvu, fox two news. after two years, the bay area children's theater is back with him person performances this weekend at the berkeley theater . the theater production group is renowned for adapting popular books for a younger audience and introducing them. to live theater talk a little more about what parents and kids can expect. joining us now is scalia davis. she is the artistic director, and you are smiling. good morning. good morning. it is great to be here. i bet and i
9:37 am
know you open a show last night at berkeley. the imaginary is we'll talk about the show in a moment. but can you just talk about opening the doors, having an audience and putting on a performance. how'd that feel? it was amazing. so we started our preview shows last night where we had some friends and family and some adorable kiddos that came into our theater space and the way in which we have created our theater is actually a place based, so it was really exciting to see kids not only be in enjoying the show, but also being able to take advantage of all of the fun. other acts access at opportunities that we have for playtime in the space as well. i know the answer to this because i'm a bit of a theater geek. but tell us what do kids learn not only watching theater but taking part as well? because i know your shows are interactive. the kids go up on stage before the show that kind of thing. yes so we believe that kids hold so much value their
9:38 am
imaginations. their creativity is something we cherish. so this show the imaginary is really expanding upon that and something that we're really excited about is seeing kids getting to interact and participate immediately because we set the precedent that without their imaginations without their participation, our show couldn't even happen. so we love the fact that now they feel like they can be a part of the experience be a part of the story that we're trying to tell and feel like they have value and worth in our space. well, let's talk about the show that's playing this weekend and through much of april in berkeley, the imaginary something i think, even as big kids could all learn from as well tell us about the theme and what happens. yes so everybody knows about this beautiful, wonderful phenomenon of imaginary friend. i myself had an imaginary friend when i was a kid, and possibly you had an imaginary friend. it is a guy
9:39 am
that is somebody special that you create that is there to support you through all of life's journey. whether it's new adventures, big emotions that you're now feeling silly things that you would like to have happened in your life. and so in our show, we take that to the next level. what actually happened to those imaginary friends? where do they live? and an imaginary world. but what happens when a human child who doesn't even have an imaginary friend yet enters the imaginary world? well chaos. musical mayhem ensues, and it is joyous . it is fun, but it also touches on the importance of being able to accept all of the feelings that you have inside of you embrace it and use the fact that you have someone special in your life like an imaginary friend. who can support you along the way. well, it sounds terrific. and i can feel your energy. even though you're you're in berkeley
9:40 am
right now. tell us as a children's theater. you were close for two years. are there any takeaways from being shut down for those two years? due to cover up. what did you learn? we had an opportunity as a theater company to shut our doors and therefore pause our programming to really assess what is needed and necessary and how we can best serve the communities that we want to in the bay area with the type of programming we're creating. it was actually a gift to have that time, too. reassess all of the ways in which we were choosing to engage with our audiences and our families, our students in our academy program and also it gave us an opportunity to stretch our innovative muscles. we were able to keep showing up for our families and a ton of different ways. we had play on which was a series where we got to send theater in a kit to kids and
9:41 am
families in their houses, and they still got to experience a scream free musical experience there. we were able to provide digital content that talked about issues that sometimes might be a little difficult, especially during this time, but giving parents and grown ups tools and access to be able to have those conversations with their kids. we were really grateful for that time. well, we are all glad that theater is back and we can go watch the imaginary is play tonight. seven o'clock tickets are available, and i know you got matinees all weekend long. at the children's theater and berkeley through april. talia davis all the best. thanks so much for the visit. we appreciate thank you for having me. alright and if you'd like to fight tickets and other information, we put a link right at ktvu .com. under the web link section, alright, coming up here. sky high gas prices have lawmakers promising relief? next on the nine. the dueling plans for putting more money in your pocket and why the governor's plan isn't clear yet. then i am so excited. look oakland's
9:42 am
restaurant scene you know this has exploded in recent years. now all that good food and drink is on display in our studio. we're diving into the offerings for oakland restaurant week and we'll tell you how to experience world class dining. throughout the beaut
9:43 am
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9:45 am
the kickoff and we have over 90 restaurants signed up in oakland, and we're hitting all the neighborhoods. it's such an important restaurant week. because we've had erupt two years and this is our comeback year and we're going to celebrate everything culinary in oakland 90 restaurants. why are they all offering? some sort of special for you know in any, even if it's a menu, or maybe if it's a even an attitude, even it attitude. yes, actually. for um , lunch and dinner. we have specials, and we've worked really closely with our restaurant owners and our chefs that it's not just about discounts this year. it's also about what's special to them their comeback. really they're what brings people back to the restaurants. and what's their specials that they provided for all their neighborhoods? because it's not only downtown. we're hitting all the neighborhoods of oakland. oakland is a great town you brought in one of the most popular shot salute by bite, and now formula your own restaurant now. yes pamela, right, 100% women own and this. that would be you the woman i am my name is
9:46 am
make a good morning. by the way , good morning, and i'm going to make you a salad today and i want to ask you about the israeli food and the influences because you have this this culture has a lot of influences from all over and it comes together in your in your restaurant. yes so we do mediterranean, middle eastern north african and a little bit of eastern european altogether. it shows in our menu in different ways. but also this is california and specifically oakland. so we have beautiful produce, and we have access to all ingredients from all over the world. which we can. i can show you here and one salad, how much we can feature and how much we have that in this plentiful area, and by the way, even though you didn't bring it, your home s is very well known. yes it is it like you have a word for it's like at home like the made at home. the bite. there you go. that the name of your old rescue? yes so i've been here. i have some remain. let us which have to this is tangelo.
9:47 am
angelo is a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo. pomelo is pamela. that's our name six. so here we have a little representation. it's got the little knob and so i'm putting my tangelo in. i have some pickled onions. these are my jewel dates. i have the whole date over here. these are beautiful california medjool dates they're soft and just like candy, so we have some chopped dates. we have some chopped up patrolling olives there. small they're green, and they're briny . so i got those two. peter this is smelling good isn't i mean, i'm like ready to go now, here's my dressing and what makes this dressing really, really special is that we have a little aleppo pepper in it. and a little rose water in it, as well as olive oil and sherry vinegar, so we're all over. this is the thing about israeli food is this combination of flavors and using resources and hear about a little bit of fema? okay all right, and i'm going to toss this cool thing together. i know
9:48 am
it's very easy at home. you have to chop it all on your own. so you know you make it look easy, but it is so easy. just don't look this way at home, and that's why we go out to eat. people expect this from you. they expect these a wonderful, you know, cuisines that only restaurant can do what do you you opened the restaurant in march of 2020? yes. tell me what that's like. i mean, you must have been a real optimist. no ah , i am an optimist, but that just wasn't it. the thing is that we got our licenses to operate in march 19 of 2020 a day before shelter in place started. so while everyone else was gearing to close down, i was gearing to open and, um we didn't know what to do, because everything shut down, so it took us a few days to get organized, but we built an online store pretty much overnight and we just started selling to go food , cold meals that people can take home and heat up. and you know oakland is beautiful. the people of oakland are beautiful
9:49 am
. and from day one we just got we were supported. people showed up week after week and bought the food. whatever we out, ordered, whatever we had, they ordered notice when you've got the outdoor spaces started serving hot food, right? and now it's all the way in right, so people come in, and just like a normal like we're going back to 2019. that's what everyone wants to do. right. we all want to go back to 2019 walk into a restaurant. maybe have you come by and say hi at the table? yeah i mean, the thing that the beauty of covid really brought of the community together. there's something there that happened in the last two years. that was really precious. it was there before covid. but it just really came up and the support that we got from the community was outstanding. well, your restaurant is loved. you are well known on piedmont avenue, but it's more than just piedmont avenue. all these restaurants. peter are having restaurant week and they would love to see you, right? absolutely united tagline is eat, drink and repeat. i like a lot of repeat, let's try going and try. not all these fabulous
9:50 am
places in oakland. well both of you i'm going to do. that's right. listen both of you. thank you for coming. i'm so excited. we're even doing this again. we have a table that i haven't seen into. i'd like you table. thank you back. we have the chefs coming in. so thank you for coming in, and you can try pamela on piedmont avenue. thank you so much. thank you. hey about that salad salad, right? i'll try it in a minute. don't worry. we'll bring it over here. are we sharing food again? i think love hickam, a briny olives and all. you know, sweet and savory. absolutely i will see it. pamela and piedmont. alright let's go right next door to oakland to berkeley, where a beloved pub has had a grand reopening. after two years of pandemic shutdown, they call it the story plow celebrating st patrick's day with a very special all day event. ktvu is elissa harrington. takes us on a tour inside. irish eyes were smiling at the starry plow on berkeley's shattuck avenue, the longtime family run pub hosted
9:51 am
its annual st patrick's day event, one that has been on hold for two years was definitely a trip. we never never thought we'd be closed for this long manager shaheen naima said. the pub abruptly close on this very day back in 2020. because of the pandemic and the shelter in place. we were going to open a few times. but then there was another pen. another outbreak and another outbreak and i was just like you know what i got my parents' health wasn't that great, and i was just like, let's just hold off. now many people have been vaccinated mask mandates have been lifted and case numbers have significantly dropped. owners say they feel good about inviting people back inside. but still plan to check vaccination status at the door. it's a big deal. it's a lot of work, but it is a big deal and it's so great to see everybody rose hughes owns the starry plow with her husband. it has been in her family since the early 19 seventies, she said. during the closure, they raised $65,000 through a go fund me and received help with emergency grants to stay afloat. my heart is here. it's a family thing,
9:52 am
you know, so and i mean, everybody so sweet to us, and just so happy that we're coming back and that we're not gone for good. like so many other businesses. st patrick's day celebration included all the traditional fixings like corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and plenty of guinness on tap. here's the story. there was live music and a performance by the mcbride, irish dancers, bar patrons we talked to said they were thrilled. this neighborhood staple is back in business. they say it feels more like a community that just a bar. that's amazing. i've been so worried that they weren't going to open up. it's been so sad the last two years because we drive by all the time we see the padlock on the door, and we just don't know we're like, oh, i hope they open again in berkeley. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. while the st mary's gales are on a roll the team blue indiana out of the water last night, it was quite a game, but one moment captured
9:53 am
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ways to ease the burden on californians. assembly democrats gather on the steps of capitol yesterday advocating for a plan to send taxpayers $400 checks sometime in spring. democrats say they want to use apart. of the state $65 billion surplus and pay it up front. the idea here is to deliver direct and immediate relief to california consumers who are feeling pain at the pump, and it'll go far in helping with price increases, not only at the pump but at the grocery store and on our utility bills, the governor has proposed a tax rebate and has yet to release details of his plan. stanford begins its defense of the cia women's basketball championship by hosting montana state tonight. the head coach tara vanderveer will also use the tournament to raise money for ukraine humanitarian aid.
9:57 am
she is pledging $10 for every three point shot made in the women's tournament. that's by stanford and every other team. several other coaches are making similar pledges. vanderveer is a personal connection to ukraine. she coached the u. s women's team in the 1996 atlanta olympics, and they traveled to keep to play the ukrainian team ahead of the games. usf is flying back from indianapolis and the men's basketball tournament. the big dance ended much sooner than i had hoped, but they played their hearts out in an overtime thriller. late last night, there were 14 ties. and 18 lead changes in their game against murray state. usf sent the game into overtime, coming back from an eight point deficit with less than two minutes in regulation, but murray state pulled away in ot, winning 92 to 87. tomorrow night , say mary's college will take on u. c. l a and the winner will advance to the sweet 16 st mary's blew out indiana last night 82 to 53 the gales. made
9:58 am
more than half of their shots, including 10 3 pointers, but the game's m v p may have been the cheerleaders. no one could reach a ball when i got stuck behind the backboard here, referees didn't allow players to risk getting hurt by standing on a chair to retrieve it. there it is. then indiana cheerleader, nathan paris, hoisted fellow cheerleader cassidy cerny over his head so she could grab that ball. why why don't they your leaders they're used to going up high. let's get it, jess, get the cheerleader up. get her up there. this is how you do it. give her the my gosh, she's got play cheerleader saves the day. i am loving the play by play their awesome the video is now viral. of course, the networks showing the tournament even posted a message on social media . when hope was lost, a hero emerged. take a look believe we
9:59 am
have a different angle. you can see she's on his hand. i know it's not on the shoulders. it's on his hand. that's strange and balance and teamwork. and there's the photo. that is way way up there. castillo and nathan saving saving the day getting that basketball. off that back of the room. pretty cool. a useful skill? yes sounds about to dive into a salad. that really looks more like a work of art. pamela is a mediterranean restaurant. and i know that you love that kind of food. if you if you haven't tried mediterranean food, it really is to die for. um i hate eating. it's kind of developed an immersion for meeting on t on t v, but i'll do it when in when? in rome. i mean, there's all sorts of yummy, like salty and addressing. you know, it's a look. we're asking. we're like bad waiters rest some bread on table five plates. i wouldn't be better would be hummus. hummus there you go. i'm sorry. how much with peter bread? there you go. it's a beautiful sell at a great reason to go out and
10:00 am
support your beloved oakland restaurants. oakland restaurant week something for everyone. and in every oakland neighborhood, right, fruitvale redwood heights downtown uptown, we go forever. thanks for joining us. see at noon, okay? it's huge. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: and now, give it up for the biggest in the game, fat joe and remy ma! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ ♪


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