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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  March 23, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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lying in the roadway on tailored
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boulevard between withers and gloria terrorist. this all happened about one o'clock. nothing is confirmed yet, but a little bit after one clock, there were unconfirmed reports of a shooting on taylor boulevard. between gloria terrorists and whether is avenue. sheriff's deputies arrived and this is considered part of lafayette in lafayette police services are provided by contra costa county sheriff the deputies arrived here and found this victim in the street dead. they have not yet called for the corner because they need to freeze the scene and collect evidence here diagram the location of exactly what happened. and again right now, there are no reports. no official confirmation of what happened. what we do know there's a victim here on taylor boulevard. name of the identity and gender of the victim has not been identified lafayette police in the contra costa county sheriff's office are investigating this. keep in mind . we have not yet heard anything . official the same sheriff's office is investigating a deadly overnight officer involved shooting and discovery based so the same investigation unit is out here on scene. we do see
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crime lab here. we see the sheriff's deputies here and of course, they run the coroner's office. but we do not yet see the corners van. here we are asking the contra costa county sheriff's office for information. in what happened, but for now again, a lot of traffic in the area. taylor boulevard is closed from withers avenue north to grayson. right your pleasant hill traffic is being diverted onto withers in both directions. that is the latest here from lafayette, henry lee ktvu. box, don't you? so henry, or do they believe that the issue that happened in discovery bay that shooting and this might be involved, or we're just talking about the same departments investigating these two separate crimes. yes andre? no word that these two incidents are related. but again, the cops contra costa county sheriff encompasses a wide area, including discovery band here in lafayette. and that same investigation. it is now here investigating this death. so right now we are under the assumption that this is a crime. that is the crime scene again. no details yet confirmed. all right, henry lee reporting for us live in lafayette, henry.
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thank you. meantime, we are learning some new information from contra costa county sheriff's deputies on that police shooting death of a man in discovery bay. the sheriff's office says the deputies were forced to shoot the man last night while responding to a domestic violence situation. the deputies say the man was armed with a knife and came with them pointing what appeared to be a very long rifle. today. they say that weapon is actually an archery rifle that shoots arrows . neighbors say they heard deputies yelling at the man to drop the weapon. we heard was get out of the sidewalk. get off the sidewalk! put your gun down . put your gun down, and then just to me it sounded like 5 to 9 shots. bam, bam, bam! real quick! and more sheriff showed up. everybody showed up and then all neighbors as you can see, we all ran out. now. that man has been identified as 51 year old robert jones that contra costa county district attorney's office is investigating the shooting in accordance with county protocols well known for californians could receive up to
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$800 from the state to help offset record high gas prices. under the proposal, announced today by governor gavin newsom registered owners would get about $400 per vehicle for up to two cars that direct relief will address the issue. that we all are struggling to address and that's the issue of gas prices. not only here in our state, but of course, all across this country. this direct relief is on top. of the 10, plus million dollars that we have distributed over the last year with the golden state stimulus. for people who own electric vehicles will also be eligible for people who don't have cars. governor newsom wants the state to pay for their bus or train fare for three months if approved by the state legislature. the proposal would cost $9 billion. former u s. secretary of state madeleine albright is being remembered this afternoon as an outspoken american diplomat and a champion of democracy and human rights. secretary albright's family says that she passed away today after
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battling cancer. she was surrounded by family and friends . madeleine albright was the first female u. s secretary of state. she served from 1997 to 2000 and one under president bill clinton. at the time, she was the highest ranking woman in u. s history. she was awarded the presidential medal of freedom back in 2012 and had many accomplishments. including nato expansion into the former soviet bloc. secretary albright was 84 years old. well, none of this president biden has arrived in brussels for an emergency meeting of nato leaders tomorrow. over the war in ukraine, the white house said, is expect to enact further sanctions in russia after consulting with allies, but sanctions could include targeting members of the russian parliament. the president also expressed fears that russia could use nuclear or chemical weapons. as its leaders become frustrated over strong resistance from ukraine. how about the threat of chemical warfare right now that much of this chemical weapons? how high is that? the rest? i think it's a real threat. thank you.
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president biden will also meet with the european union and the group of seven before traveling to poland friday to assess the humanitarian refugee crisis. well as the president arrived in europe, the secretary of state released a statement. saying that russia has committed war crimes in ukraine, anthony blinken said the u. s will work to prosecute the offenders. he cited evidence of indiscriminate or deliberate attacks against civilians. and the destruction of apartment buildings, schools , hospitals, shopping centers and other sites. now number ukrainian forces are managing to keep russian troops from taking the capital kiev has seen it consistent barrage of shelling, with rockets hitting a shopping mall and high rise buildings just earlier today. as foxes. amy kellogg tells us civilians across the country are paying a terrible price. intense shelling and gunfire heard around kiev on wednesday. russia is still struggling to take over the capital city nearly a month after fighting broke out.
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ukrainian forces are putting up strong resistance and retaking key suburbs outside of kiev. nato estimates up to 15,000 russian soldiers have been killed in four weeks of war. a u . s senior defense official says troops are facing declining morale due to a lack of food fuel. and cold weather gear. western leaders are concerned what moscow will do next. if the offensive stalls out nuclear options on the table kinetic strikes around the table military commanding on the grounds on everything's on the table. the ports city of mariupol continues to see the worst of the fighting. some 100,000 people are trapped there with no food, water or medicine. ukrainian officials say attempts to deliver aid have been cut off. those who managed to escape the city headed to western ukraine and say they were lucky to get out. the most people don't have water. they drink water. that's not even the water you would use for technical purposes. there is no one you can ask for help. today ukrainian president vladimir
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zelensky spoke with french lawmakers and appeal to japan's parliament for more help in the form of sanctions. we need a strong message that cannot break peace. responsible nations must work together to protect peace. president biden meets with allies in brussels this week where he is expected to announce more sanctions against russia in london. amy kellogg fox news well today, the u. s state department said that the u. s embassy official has now visited with wnba's star britney griner and said that she is in good condition. grinder remains detained near moscow. she was detained after arriving at an airport there in mid february. after russian authorities said a search of her luggage revealed vape cartridges that allegedly contained oil derived from cannabis, which could carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison there in russia. right now. the coronavirus today, moderna announced it would seek emergency youth authorization for vaccine for young children as ktvu celia rasmus explains.
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the announcement comes after some reassuring data. focusing on children from six months to five years old that off in a study of more than 6700 kids, moderna says it's vaccine was about 40% effective in preventing a covid infection in children under five. that's on par with the level of protection adult vaccines provide against the omicron strain. what's most important is that if we have a safe vaccine that provides great protection against serious illness, and i think that that's very welcome news. dr jake scott is an infectious disease physician with stanford healthcare right now, there is no covid vaccine available for children under five fighter does have a shot approved for 5 to 11 year olds and it requested emergency use authorization for its under five vaccine back in february fighter then pulled back that request after researchers found it didn't produce enough of an immune response in young children. the dough seeing i think is has been a bit of a challenge, and these studies are also being done during different variants that
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are dominating, so it's a it's a moving target. the timeline now for any vaccine to become available for the youngest americans. sometime this spring , moderna has to submit its application. then an fda and ce panel of experts will have to review and approve. in the meantime, physicians say there are other ways to protect younger children against covid. the best way to protect them is to surround them with people who are also vaccinated. moderna says it will also be asking the fda to approve its vaccine for kids ages. 6 to 11 years old and it is also in the process of testing a covid booster shot for children as young as six months old. in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. well, homes just ripped apart. cars flipped upside down. we're going to go live to new orleans, where tornado havoc in an area that was damaged years ago by hurricane katrina. and coming up in 4 30. her removal caused major backlash. then you development today with the bark board member who was forced from
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her seat over a dispute over her address. and a barrier whether after yesterday's a record breaking heat, the fog is back. we're talking about a cool down that's here to stay, and eventually some rain chances. we'll have word your forecast coming up. guard troops of the ns
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area where tornadoes destroyed house houses flipped cars kill at least one person. the storm, part of a tornado outbreak that wreaked havoc across the south from the years hit with the same regions pummeled by hurricane katrina just 17 years ago. foxes joe anderson is live in new orleans with much more on the damage unfolding their joy. tell us about hi, andre. what you're seeing behind me is complete destruction at last night's tornado obliterated homes, vehicles and a school. as you can see, there's a, and i've seen so many people outside of
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their homes, just trying to pick up the pieces of what last night's twister roared through. i got a warning on my telephone , and it apparently had an exclamation point. next to it instead of a question mark or something my daughter told me that meant it was for real. people say they only had minutes to prepare the tornado warning maybe three minutes before it actually hit. we went into the bathroom and sat down close the doors and all and you know, we could all of a sudden, you know, within minutes or seconds. just hear hear things rumbling like a freight train was running through and feel the vibration. they communities of araby, louisiana and saint bernard parish just outside new orleans, are still recovering from past storms like hurricane ida just seven months ago in january, they say damage wasn't as severe as this tornado. but roofs and home foundations were still under repair. going through katrina and some people. well, that item and we escaped ida pretty unscathed. but this is insane. and now they are looking to recover what this tornado
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took away. it's more like a child had a temper tantrum and just started kicking over his lego set. strong stuff everywhere. i just don't think i've ever seen. i mean katrina move cars with water, but to see when you pick up vehicle off throw in the middle of the street. i've got to break them all. i can see those right now. my car ended up upside down on risk of those streets. some survivors say they don't know where to begin with recovery efforts because they have experience with hurricanes, but tornadoes are unchartered territory. just getting my building into the windows boarded up and all that is the biggest thing. i had no idea. ever been through something like this. so far, there has been one death reported and several injuries. power has not yet been restored to this area. but crews are working on that for these residents in arabic. louisiana joy addison ktvu. fox two news to see that happening to that area all over again, joy. thank you. well from tornadoes.
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hurricanes two house fires volunteers from the american red cross are there to help victims pick up the pieces, and today the organization is holding its annual giving day drive. get his alex savage talked with an official about the many ways this organization provides support and assistance for people affected by disasters, big and small. it's hard to believe that every eight minutes the american red cross does respond to a disaster here in the united states, and so it really does take an army of volunteers that really focused on providing comfort, providing hope to those who are in need, and when they do reach that critical time, and so really today being are giving day here for the american red cross. we're really encouraging people to support our disaster efforts by either donating, of course, can donate at red cross .org. forward slash giving day but also volunteering and volunteering is such a critical aspect of what we do. 90% of all of our work that's accomplished here at the american red cross
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is done by volunteers and, of course, that disaster and which is going to come. not not if, but when is an important component of that? what when we have a major disaster, which, as you point out, it's only a matter of time. but you know you're talking about something like a major earthquake. a large wildfire that displaces a number of people. what typically are the most pressing needs from the standpoint of the red cross? so i mean, just mentioned volunteering. of course, that's an incredible component of it. but really, it is, i think, just just doing all that we can to prepare folks for that time of disaster ahead of time. we do a lot of work in that space with respect to force anything from home fires to earthquakes, and really helping to get the word out there to make sure that people know what it takes to react appropriately in the time of the disaster, but i think what the general public can do you know, is really two things that think that the first thing that i think about, of course, is giving their time. giving time is such a critical component to really everything that we accomplished because of
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our focus on volunteers and just the way that volunteers ultimately propel our mission. and then the second is really just making potentially financial donation. really it is those by no natural donations that really help us to ensure that those who are really impacted by disasters big and small, both here in the in the bay area, but it's forced anywhere in the country. that they are able to get the resources that they need to meet those immediate needs when they first either are affected by on fire, but potentially earthquake tornado, a hurricane across the country, and really, it's every dollar that makes a difference to support those folks as well. what what has the pandemic hurt your ability to bring on enough volunteers to really be there and respond to every disaster? because obviously, you know, so many people are staying at home for so long. um do you do you have are you? are you seeing enough people? will step up and able to help out you know, i would say alex that there's always a challenge with really engaging the right level of volunteers. the pandemic, of course, had an impact on our
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ability to relieve continue to propel our mission. we had to do some some significant mission adaptation and the way that we think about even something as simple as putting people in a big congregate shelter right? and so we've really made some strategic changes, but we are always in the in the market and seeking those who are willing to really turn their compassion into action. and in doing so, by really taking that step to as simple as going to. red cross .org slash volunteer to take a step to really help those who are impacted by disasters, big and small. if you would like to donate to the red cross, or if you would like to volunteer. you can scan the qr code. it's on your screen right now. you can also go to our website, ktvu .com/ giving day. well, the area whether or some fog, making a comeback and really cooling things off today, especially coast side and right around the bay. i'll step out of the way. we're actually in clarksburg. heather would park you see nice playground in the distance, and yesterday at this time, pretty
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hot, but more of a refreshing breeze, keeping things cool. this afternoon. it looks like we're gonna have some cooler temperatures as we head towards the weekend. quick update on the maps right now. of course, yesterday the big weather story not here in the bay area, but out towards new orleans, and you can't see the thunderstorms that erupted unfortunately produced the tornado tornadoes yesterday . that was the case yesterday, tuesday and then into it today. thank thankfully that area things have cleared out for us. more fog today in a bit of a temperature drop member yesterday we had lots of records to report seventies and eighties. a significant drop off in those numbers. look at san francisco only in the fifties all day long yesterday close to 80 degrees, main reason with. we've been talking about the fog taking center stage near the coast and right around portions of the bay. in fact, here is a look at the satellite right now. pretty much a summertime pattern with the fog, which is near the coast that will gradually pushed back into the bank. as we head into the overnight hours, so we are expecting some cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning.
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current numbers out there right now. looks like san francisco, in fact, has warmed up to 55 san jose in the upper sixties warmest locations inland in the upper seventies, close to 80 degrees out toward concord and brentwood. here's a live camera looking out above san francisco this afternoon where the fog with stubborn for a good portion of today. but right now, some sunshine up above will bring in some more cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning and temperatures will be the forties to right around 50 degrees. the areas of fog could be locally dense. forecast models kind of picking up on that idea for your thursday morning and then into the afternoon hours, partly sunny skies temperatures around the 60 to 76 degrees. we haven't talked about rain yet, but it looks like for one part of your weekend. we could be bumping up those rain chances, and we'll have more on that. with your forecast. the full update coming up in just a few minutes. mark. thank you so much. well a lot of excitement in san francisco, march madness comes to chase center a live report from joe fonzi about some of the big names coming to town, and here is a live look. here is a look
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oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪ uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪ with four teams in san francisco for the sweet 16 there at chase center, and that's where we find our joe fonzi this afternoon and joseph very big names in town for the games that will happen tomorrow and sunday. yes no question about it. heather won the warriors built chase center. their intention was for it to be much more than just a home for the warriors, its host any of our concerts, but this is the first time are you ready for this? since 1939 that san francisco has hosted ncaa tournament games all the way back then it was out of treasure island. there were eight teams in the tournament back then there are 68 now, so this is how things have changed. but you talk about a special weekend of
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the 16 teams remaining. the four that are coming here to the western regional might be the most high profile that are still left playing. gonzaga is one of those teams has a first round game against arkansas in gonzaga . you've got a team that the bay area is very familiar with. the bulldogs have played st mary's three times this year. st. mary's actually beat the bulldogs. in one of those games . they played usf twice and santa clara twice. it's a team that's been ranked number one throughout most of the season is the number one seed overall and the number one seed in this region, and the bulldogs are playing a team with the local connection as well. they're playing arkansas coach bite. eric musselman, a guy who was the warriors coach for two seasons and raised a couple of his kids in the east based so local connection there now the other matchup is a couple of other very high profile programs. obviously the most high profile is duke. when you talk about college basketball, there's no bigger name in college basketball than duke duke on the court practicing right now. all three teams or i should say all four of the three
4:26 pm
others have all practiced at various times today at duke's first round matchup is going to be texas tech. but when you talk about duke, you can't talk about the blue devils without talking about their head coach. mike stachowski and the blue blue devils got here by over the weekend, beating another very high profile program in michigan state, and you wanna talk about too high part full profile coaches about mike schelsky and tom it so for michigan state, but mike chefs key is probably the mount everest of all college basketball coaches. he has 1200 wins, which is more than any other coach in ncaa history. he has five national championships and what he did at the beginning of this year. he announced that when he turns 75, which he did this february, this would be his last season. so this has been after 43 years at duke has final season, so it's been kind of a victory lap year for him. and as you can imagine, that means he's answered a lot of the same questions all year and today was no exception. go exchange. it's uh, where sonya little bit. because everywhere you walk,
4:27 pm
everyone's taken a picture of you and they're watching everything. and look that gets old. you know, that gets old i feel for my guys. they've had pressure put on them that we're not putting on them. i tell them all the time. we're playing for us for you. and i love duke. i love our program, and i think it's worked out. great. not good. it's worked out great. so it's duke against texas tech and zog against arkansas. and, you know, i've seen coach k obviously lots of times, but never in person before today and sitting there at that press conference. i couldn't help feeling. you know, he maybe 75 years old, and he may be talking about retiring. but he is still very vibrant. he's got a sense of humor, and i get a feeling that after he is not coaching for a couple of years he feels to me like a guy who might say a i might be getting back into it. but he's not thinking that far in advance right now, and the other thing about him is every game could potentially be his last, and that makes it all that much more important. we've got
4:28 pm
more coming up at five o'clock, but obviously a big week here in san francisco for now, from san francisco joe fonzi reporting live and that much more special as this texas gal, though i'm sure you know who i'm rooting for against duke. but so i know you. i know you have texas roots, but texas tech roots even to know i went to u t. but, hey, you know, i got to root for the home state. but you know a really is an exciting time though, joe, i was in that area running today, and i saw the police escort of the team busses . i mean, you know, it's not often that march madness comes to the city. no, you're right. it's been in san jose before it's been in oakland before. but if you can imagine the world's fair at treasure island in 1939 , that's the last time it was in san francisco. and what you also get a sense of is not only is there bay area media there, but this is the equivalent to a big national event that we cover. if you're at an nba championship, or obviously not as big as a super bowl. but when you think
4:29 pm
about the four different teams from four different markets, and they all have media here as well as national media, so it really is a big deal, and that's one of the reasons they built this place to house events like this, and this is the first time they're getting a chance to san francisco able to showcase its beauty and the bay area really, as a whole. all right, joe looking forward to it tomorrow and sunday. thank you. we'll march madness is also a big win for san francisco businesses, with visitors already hitting a number of tourist hot spots, and we'll have that part of our coverage coming up at five still here at for the confirmation hearing of judge catania, brown jackson on capitol hill. by some republicans today focused in on the supreme court nominees. sentencing record plus is a bigger determine. no, senator. i didn't save jersey. a woman grieving for a little girl that she never met. we look into the challenges in combating sex trafficking and the devastating consequences for the children of consequences for the children of sex
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. capitol hill and her historic supreme court confirmation hearings as foxes. madeline rivera tells us this afternoon, judge jackson was questioned on several subjects. and cleaning her views on issues of race, crime and court packing. on our third day before the senate judiciary committee judge courtesy brown jackson was once again pressed on whether she had been too lenient when sentencing child porn offenders you think it is a bigger deterrent? to take somebody who's on a computer looking at sexual images of children and the most
4:33 pm
disgusting way is to supervise their computer habits versus putting them in jail. no senator . i didn't say versus what you said. it's one of the testy exchanges and hearing that is also featured other hot button issues like abortion, critical race theory and court packing. we can't get an answer on court packing from her. justice ginsburg was against court packing said that nine was the right number while republicans have been frustrated, calling her answers evasive and unclear . senate democrats are praising her performance. judge jackson affirmed that she will approach her role on the supreme court with prudence. respect for precedent, optimistic she'll make history as the first african american woman on the nation's highest court if all 50 of their members can stick together with vice president kamala harris, casting the tie breaking vote, and you will become a member of the u. s supreme court. democrats say jackson's hearing offers a
4:34 pm
preview of republican talking points ahead of the midterm elections, with the democrats at risk of losing both of their majorities in congress in washington mall, the rivera fox news mark director latifah. simon, who has been remover had been removed from her position after she moved just outside of her district is getting her job back. now bart says it has sought outside legal advice, which concluded that bart staff can't independently declare vacancy on the board position. simon was told she'd lose her seat on the board after she moved across the street from her district boundaries, even though she said the agency assured her that the new address was within the district. before she moved there was a good deal of public outcry over her removal, in part because simon is the only black bart board member. someone released a statement today saying, in part quote, thanks to the communities, advocacy and organizing by unlawful removal from the bart board of directors has been reversed. i am grateful to continue serving the people of district seven as bart board of director well, we have been following the case of sofia
4:35 pm
mason of hayward, the eight year old whose body was found earlier this month inside a home in merced. well, her mother, samantha johnson, has been charged with murder and felony child abuse. now. those fighting human trafficking say that this case highlights the dangers for the children of sex workers. johnson's family has told ktvu that she was caught up in prostitution. vanessa russell runs an organization called love never fails. that group there at hayward is dedicated to helping women get out of the sex industry, and she talked with me about this heartbreaking case. and the breakdowns and failures that she believes contributed to the little girl's murder. it's heartbreaking because i see women like samantha every day. who you know, are just sort of characterizes. that's just, you know, that's somebody that's a prostitute or that's a that's a sex worker. or that you know someone who's in the life and it just kind of either. just
4:36 pm
discarded, discussed, um, overlooked and misunderstood. and um and or there's just not enoughne like her that is mentally unwell that was trafficked from the age of 16 on and um and so what ends up happening, unfortunately, because there isn't the proper responses they become fully indoctrinated in the life. and they become even more mentally ill. and then it breaks my heart even further to know that she was, um you know, parenting, a child it just horrific to know that something could have been done and for years and years and years to intervene in her life, and i don't think the right things that could have been done. we're done. and then even worse, what could have been done to intervene on sophia's behalf?
4:37 pm
that she might be alive today. what do you think failed here? there's so many systems that failed. there were there were law enforcement came and they were. there was a report that that she had bruises on her and you know, law enforcement has been told. stay out of this. um we don't want any more black and brown babies taken away from their mothers. so unless something looks really bad, don't don't intervene. so not giving the law enforcement a past, but in a way, we've kind of given them a past to not respond because we've made it difficult for many law enforcement officers to take a stance because we make it look like oh, well, their enforcement is taking everybody's children away. also cps the same thing. cps was over rotating, taking too many children away. so then they were told don't take the children away. even though if something looks fishy, there should have been a deeper investigation on the part of cps. then there was some other
4:38 pm
people who were, you know, doing corrupt things with with samantha's social services paycheck, and that was there was some corruption there. there were so many systems that failed in this situation. whether i just can't even i can't even begin to explain. how prevalent is sex trafficking human trafficking here in the bay area very prevalent if you go down two streets and, um oakland tennison sandals, a son, stockton, san francisco, i could give you the street name sacramento. these these main cities have a blade. they have a place where trafficking is happening actively on every single night of the week. uh if you go to one of those places you might see 15 or 20 women standing out on a street corner being actively sold and that doesn't even count the thousands of ads that are online of people
4:39 pm
being sold on the digital platform. people think it's ok. to subscribe to this two by people to hurt people to further the demise of a child like sofia. it is just despicable. it's unacceptable. and, um, i'm i'm just i'm just raging about it. because if we don't speak up , who will who will speak up on behalf of sophia and say this is gon stop? well, we did reach out to alameda county about sophia's case. the social services agency told us today that due to privacy laws, it could not comment. meantime the search continues for this man, dante jackson. the 34 year old is the boyfriend of sofia's mom and is also wanted in the girl's murder, and authorities told me just today that they believe he is still here in the bay area, so if you've seen him, please call police. new developments in
4:40 pm
that deadly crash of a china eastern aircraft black box has now been recovered. people talk with an aviation expert about the investigation to determine what went wrong. at a very weather after yesterday's record breaking heat, more fog today a bit of a cool down and eventually we could be talking about some more rain back in our forecast. we have the update forecast. we have the update coming up. i've seen how cancer can affect the people i care about. that's why i'm helping protect myself against some cancers like certain cancers caused by hpv. but for those who don't clear the virus hpv can lead to certain cancers in both women and men. gardasil 9 is the only vaccine that helps protect adults through age 45 against certain diseases caused by hpv, including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts. gardasil 9 doesn't protect everyone
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hitting the road? and gardasil 9. not all 5g networks are created equal. t-mobile covers more interstate highway miles with 5g than verizon. t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places than anyone. another reason t-mobile is the leader in 5g. flight data recorder from that doomed china. eastern flight recorders badly damaged, authorities aren't sure what they'll be able to require recover from it. the data is key to understanding what caused the crash. the boeing 7 37 crashed monday in southern china, killing 132 people searchms t ck for any e fox is an
4:43 pm
aviation expert with the bay area company decision. speed inc . julian thank you so much for joining us first after airline crashes, we often talk about the black box, which is the cockpit voice recorder. just remind us again does, and it's significance in a situation like this. well when we talk about the black boxes, really two black boxes were talking about the one that you're referring to the cockpit voice recorder, which has been indicated to have been found today would capture sounds on the flight deck. so very importantly, it would capture the discussion of any between whoever was in the flight deck in this case, two pilots it would capture sounds of switches being smoothed it would capture warnings different sounds that would help us piece together what was occurring in those moments before the crash, and on the other side, we have the digital flight data recorder , which, as i understand, has been yet to be found, but that would capture lots of relevant parameters such as fear, speed attitude, engine parameters,
4:44 pm
things that would help us understand what the systems on the aircraft were doing. yes so it's a one records of voice. one records the instrumental work that's being done by the pilot inside. now, julian, the aircraft fell suddenly from a cruising altitude, 29,000 ft. really what are some of the circumstances that could cause injected a sense so quickly? maybe a loss in cabin pressure. lots of cabin pressure would would necessitate the crew to descend quickly and so they would forcibly pushed the nose over to descend. however that kind of descent rate is really great greater than what you would expect a crew to do. in that case, there are two things that come to mind, although clearly this is very early and it's very speculative but could be machine based, meaning the aircraft or could be human based. and on the machine side if you think back to the alaska air crash off the coast of california, where there was a maintenance problem that interfered with the jackscrew operation. in that case, the aircraft nosed over because the
4:45 pm
jets crew gave one and then another accident. silkair off the on its way to singapore and indonesia. in that case, it was thought that there was human intervention of pushing the nose forward. and in that case suicide so there could be a variety of reasons that could happen, but that kind of descent rate is not normal whatsoever. it isn't and you know, we're talking about these 77 37 800 the boeing it's an earlier version of the 7 37 max, which we now know had an unaddressed issue. do we know if any of that there were any previous issues with the 7 37 hundreds the one that crashed in china. it's good question. 737 800 as part of a family of aircraft called the next generations 67 607 108 109 100 that came after the classics and before the max that series of aircraft has had a fantastic track record and safety record. and so nothing of this sort and to my knowledge has been has been seen. and another point to make. i think this is not the 77
4:46 pm
max. ands been involved in that accident could not have occurred in the saxon because that system does not reside on this aircraft that was unique to the 7 37 max that caused those issues. all right. julian fox aviation expert with the bay area company, decision, speed inc. thank you so much for your insight this afternoon. appreciate it. thank you. remember yesterday we're talking about the record heat with all the clear skies. there was a fog bank offshore. that fog decided to pay us a visit first thing this morning, pushing back into the bay. having a huge impact on temperature. is that this area, this little park in the larks burt the weather on the road this afternoon, actually fairly nice out because yesterday at this time is fairly hot. and it looks like we'll have the cooler temperatures in our forecast over the coming days. this was the scene as we take a look at the weather computer. this was the scene looking out toward the golden gate bridge earlier this afternoon. from a pacific heights and you can still see some lingering fog here, and that's having a big impact on
4:47 pm
temperatures. take a look at the top row. yesterday's numbers. of course we had records to report and you can see the bottom row. a big drop off in this numbers. san francisco you can see down to 56 degrees so far for a high this afternoon to the cool down definitely as kicking in, you can see the satellite or the fog hanging out in your portions of the coastline, especially south of the golden gate bridge. here's a satellite imagery just over the past few hours as we kind of loop this, it has been trying to clear out from north to south, but it will gradually pushed back into the bay as we head into the overnight hours. so once again tomorrow morning, we are expected to. we're expecting some agre first thing thursday morning. take a look at the temperature comparison. everybody has a big minus sign in friendlies numbers compared to this time. yesterday you could see a palo alto 22 degrees cooler. compared to four o'clock on tuesday. so everybody experiencing the cool down not so much inland, though still fairly warm for concord, livermore in brentwood, oakland right now, 69 san jose in the upper sixties, but there you can
4:48 pm
see evidence of that fog half moon bay only the low fifties, right now in san francisco in the mid fifties. um stubborn fog earlier today over the city, but things have cleared out at least for right now, but it looks like that cloud cover expected to move back into the picture overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning most areas in the forties to right around 50 degrees. you can see the forecast models kind of picking up on the fog coverage, coast side and right around the bay. this could impact of his abilities as well into the afternoon hours. partly sunny skies. it'll take some time to see a little bit more blue skies won't be completely clear near the bay or the coast and temperatures run 60 to 76. degrees. i guess we're showing you this forecast model once again. just so you clearly know what's going to happen for your thursday with the cloud cover in the morning and the cool down it is here to stay across the region, this area of high pressure, it really warmed up the bay area over the past couple days on monday and tuesday, it begins to back off so cool to mild for your thursday and friday, and this is the change that will bring in cooler air for the weekend and the chance of some rainfall on
4:49 pm
sunday specially sunday night and into monday morning. the rainfall forecast models showing you this, and as you can see, those numbers do begin to go up, maybe as early as sunday afternoon to probably better, but sunday evening, and it looks like a rainy forecast as we head into monday morning high sport tomorrow will be in the fifties coast side sixties, warmest locations approaching the mid to upper seventies. and the look ahead as you can see here. partly cloudy skies and your friday will thicken up the cloud cover throughout the day on saturday. we bring in that rain cloud to reflect those rain chances on sunday, especially by sunday evening, and then we could be dodging some more rain drops, or maybe embracing some raindrops first thing monday morning as that system moves in from the north, so the cool down is here. hopefully, we can be tracking some rainfall into early next week. we'd all appreciate that. thanks so much mark. well. former san francisco giant star buster posey has sold his home in the east bay and for a lot of money, according to zillow poses six bedroom, five bathroom home in lafayette. so for $9.3 million, it's more than
4:50 pm
6000 square feet and sits on almost an acre of landscaped grounds. buster and his wife, kristin, purchased that home back in 13 2004 and a half million dollars when he announced his retirement last year, buster said that they would be moving back to georgia, where their families live. looks cozy or it's standing up against hate the rally in the north bay today after the recent discovery of anti semitic flyers and we are continuing to monitor that breaking news in lafayette, where a major police presence has closed a roadway. they're coming up in five will go back to ktvu henry lee for an update from the scene. also ahead of five whales wrapped up in fishing gear and now crab season, maybe wrapping up sooner than planned.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause! jared huffman, or rallying support for the jewish community. now this follows the distribution of hateful flyers in marin and a string of violent
4:53 pm
anti semitic hate crimes across the country. we're not immune to it here in wonderful marin county. all of you know that there has been an uptick in discrimination and specifically in anti semitism. anti semitism and i know all of us want to push back on that in every way they can. representative hoffman is among a group of area legislators who have signed a letter last mayor signed a letter last may asking president biden to quote, condemn and confront the wave of anti semitism. state lawmakers are considering legislation to improve the way that enforcement handles hate crimes. san francisco assemblyman phil ting introduced the bill, which would require all law enforcement agencies in the state to create hate crime policies that include protocols on how agencies recognized report and respond to hate crimes. earlier today on morning sun to we spoke with assemblyman ting and he explained why it's important for hate crimes to be properly documented. right yeah. you have
4:54 pm
so many victims. they're getting assaulted. they're getting pushed. or maybe it's just a hate incident, but for them not to have the proper categorization. it almost feels like the voiceless. assembly minting, says the counties of san bernardino and riverside reported zero hate crimes last year, most likely, he says, because law enforcement did not identify them, or they were never reported. well san francisco businesses will have more time to comply with safety regulations for those park. let's june 30th had been the deadline to meet all city codes and the americans with disabilities act, but the board of supervisors is extending the deadline to march of next year. so far more than 2000 businesses in san francisco, applied to install park looks outside their shops to attract more customers during the pandemic. besides extension, the city's also streamlining the permit process , officials will issue or deny permits within 30 days of receiving the applications. 50 bucks, man. $50 cash $50 thank you. yes some relief for drivers at the pump all thanks to
4:55 pm
police, the surprise giveaway and one city in southern ca
4:56 pm
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jp morgan wealth management. nationally or falling a southern california refineries problem has helped make la the first major city to reach an average of $6 for a gallon of gas. here in the bay area. san francisco is not far behind, with an average of $5.92 a gallon in oakland, drivers will pay $5.85 per gallon and drivers in san jose p. $5.83 well, police in san diego county have been on a mission to try to help bring some relief there at the pump liberties abolish explains officers have been giving away cash, gas stations, suspecting drivers. today. we're handing out $50 for people at the pumps to help offset the cost of rising gas prices. man thank you very much. oceanside police is giving out $50 bills to help
4:58 pm
drivers dealing with pain at the pump. i had to pay for this pump and this truck and i get like, eight miles to the gallon, so i'm paying like 300 a week. it's hurt a lot. you know, it's taken away from everything else sits. you know, it's hard to go out to eat. now it's hard to afford everything and just getting around just getting her to daycare, and all that stuff has been difficult. but today was dylan, garcia's and 29 other drivers. lucky day it's 50 bucks, man. i didn't know his cash $50 thank you, officer andy goulart and other ocean side officers are giving away a total of $1500 to unsuspecting drivers . yeah god believe that officers received a $20,000 grant from the nonprofit trauma intervention programs seek to make this possible. it's a cool experience to get on the community and make people smile. and serve in a different way. this is going to help in so many
4:59 pm
ways, so i'm really thankful and thank you very much. they plan to spread out this grant for operations like this throughout the year to help drivers stay on the road. at oceanside police do plan to conduct more of these special giveaway operations every month for now, in oceanside, liberty, zavala fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now breaking news. now at five, a large police presence in lafayette authorities investigating a possible deadly shooting on a very busy street. this situation has been unfolding here for the last few hours. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach and i'm cristina rendon. this happened in unincorporated lafayette on taylor boulevard, gloria terrorists. this is right on the border with pleasant hill, and that's where those roads are. shut down the shower ktvu crime reporter henry lee's at the scene, henry, what can you tell us? christine we are at the corner of busy tailing bullet.
5:00 pm
taylor boulevard and withers the avenue. take a look behind me still very much. an active scene just within the last few minutes. we did see investigators move the body. of the victims from where it was on the ground on taylor boulevard. this all started about 1 11 pm this afternoon reports of a shooting here on taylor boulevard closer to gloria terrace. contra costa fire protection district confirms that they went to the scene along with lafayette police mafia police is a contract city in which police services are provided by the sheriff. they came to the scene found this victim. dead. they have not confirmed the identity or cause of death of the victim, nor his or her identity or age. what we do know again. a victim was dead on the roadway within the last few minutes, they have begun. the process to move that victim to the coroner's office. martinez where the victim will undergo an autopsy to confirm the cause of death. this is again a very busy street, taylor boulevard not too far from dinosaur hill park. a colonies highs down the street. further south as we speak right now,
5:01 pm
taylor boulevard is still


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