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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 25, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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competition is taking over the san francisco bay, bringing massive yachts, tourists and fans to the city. this is right alongside the shore so close that he feels like he can touch the yachts. it's a spectacle that you will never have seen before. pretty cool. the mubadala united states sale grand prix kicks off tomorrow afternoon and already the event is sold out. good evening. i'm cristina rendon i'm andre senior . it's a two day race with a $1 million prize up for grabs. live coverage now from ktvu is amberleigh and amber. it's not just a big price for the athletes, but also a big win for the city as well. that's right, andre. we're just outside the st francis yard club now organizer tell me they expect about 12,000 people here over the weekend, travel industry experts say every dollar spent will help with the economic recovery from covid. these are practice runs
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for the high speed sailing competition set for this weekend on the san francisco bay. it's the second time the mubadala united states sale grand prix is being held in the city. san francisco is simply the best place on earth for this type of racing. because it's so scenic, but also because there's a lot of space on the bay. there's very good wind. very good current. the racists are described as short, fast and exciting. it looks like they're having a lot of fun out there getting impressed with some of the speeds and the maneuvers that they're pulling out there. catamarans can go up to 60 mph. there are eight teams, including the united states, australia and japan. organizers say the three are the likely finalists to compete sunday for the $1 million grand prize. the prediction is based on their record after a series of races in different countries during the past year. it's really a unique think they have this
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happening right here. we have a race village for the public where families fans. you're not gonna have a great day out. we have a stage with entertainment on stage all day long free access to the race village located next to the st francis yacht club, along with free standing room viewing near crissy field. grandstand seats along the waterfront are sold out. organizers estimate that the event brings up to $15 million to the san francisco bay area. this is the fever this 14 year old will be racing and performing with this vessel during what she describes as the halftime show saturday, she and her sailing partner are with the sailing gdp inspire program. which educates young people about the sport. i hope it's going to be windy and i guess i'm just excited to have fun. i'm nervous. what do you love about it just being on the water, you know, feeling kind of free being one with nature. the race village opens at noon and
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the racists are scheduled for two p.m. the championship race will be held sunday at three pm now the event is set to return here next spring. andre lot of winners to go around in this event that's coming to the bay area. thank you so much amber. meantime san francisco is also hosting march madness right now. it is the first ncaa action in the city in 83 years. chase center hosting the arkansas razorbacks and duke blue devils tomorrow on the road to the final four tickets sold out. don't worry, though fans can watch the action on screens set up outside the arena. to the south. now, several 1000 bmx races are ready to catch air and hopefully a top spot on the usa team. the two day golden state nationals are being held in santa clara. officials say every dollar generated by the competition will help the bay area recover from the economic damage caused by the covid-19 pandemic. the draw might be the bmx, but what it brings to the community as far as economic impact, just bringing people together. it's getting people out of the house. well.
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competitors include men, women and children. the best in each class will represent the u. s in france. new details tonight about a criminal investigation into more than a dozen police officers from pittsburgh and eniac ktvu has learned the contra costa county district attorney's office and fbi are looking into possible abuse of prescription testosterone supplements, among other allegations. what officer from each agency heather holmes searched in total 10, an eoc and three pittsburgh police officers are now under investigation. the pittsburgh officers are on leave , and the department says it's taking the allegations of misconduct extremely seriously. an attorney for those officers, though, had no comment. well gunshots, triggering panic outside of a pizza parlor in san francisco, and when the smoke cleared, three people had been shot. it happened in the bayview neighborhood along third street in kirkwood avenue. ktvu is elissa harrington spoke to the brother of one of the victims. workers boarded up windows and
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repair the front door at pizza zone and grill in san francisco's bay view neighborhood. this family run business was the scene of a triple shooting thursday night. just scary scene. and see people on the floor. that's bleeding. billy i, an employee at pizza zone did not want his face on camera. he said. his family also owns the liquor store next door , and that's where he was working thursday when, just after 11 p.m. he heard the sound of gunfire out front. i heard not but allows gunshot sounding up. like a like a machine gun like and i ran next door to find his brother, his brother's friend and a doordash delivery driver on the floor. they had all been hit by gunfire. bullets went through the glass windows. they hit the walls and even took down a light fixture. i said he provided police with security video that showed a white sedan slowly roll past the business. he said his brother and friend had been out on the sidewalk smoking when someone started shooting out the window. the men
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ran inside, injured and collapsed. it's shocking. you know, you're like, you know, don't know what to do. but luckily, you know, i kept my composure and he said charts say tom. all three victims were treated at the scene and then transported to the hospital. san francisco police say they have not located the suspects or the suspect vehicle. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call or text tip for 11. in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news community is in mourning tonight after the apparent homicide of a 16 year old oakland high school student. in sacramento friends tell ktvu crime reporter henry lee, but the team was shot and killed. somewhere 16 year old marcela garcia was a talented singer from oakland. but now that beautiful voice has been silenced, marcela was found dead march 17th in an apartment building near l and 21st street in midtown sacramento. friends say she was shot. the corner and
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sacramento police would not release details, saying her death is still under investigation. marcela had attended castleman high in east oakland, where students and staff are in shock. they see she was a sophomore and a bright light on campus. in a statement , oakland unified school district said. in part, the fact that she passed away she did is another tragic example of our country's scourge of gun violence, which must come to an end. the castle mountain family will miss marcella and our hearts go out to her friends and family. on the morning after she died accused had tweeted. i'm a mess found out one of my students was shot and killed just before school starting how am i supposed to teach math today? if any teachers have been through this kind of thing before, what did you do? thanks in advance. marcela had been a foster youth in both oakland and sacramento friend who didn't want her face, shone says she's heartbroken. i just hope that you know she didn't suffer. i just don't i just don't get it. it's hard to wrap your head around the fact when the 16 year old is dead. it doesn't make sense. castleman she was showcased her singing ability
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during the school's upcoming cinco de mayo celebration. no but sometimes in oakland, henry lee ktvu fox two news, mr. sometimes in. another former inmate at the federal women's prison in dublin, is speaking out with claims of being sexually assaulted by a correctional officer. that woman is so terrified of what may happen to her. she's seeking witness protection from the government. that's because two of the officers charged in the case are not yet behind bars. one of them is officer ross kliger, who she says sexually abused her and told her he wanted to marry her and have children with her. cleaner recently pleaded guilty to abusing three inmates at the prison and is awaiting sentencing. the woman is now in a safe house and allowed her attorney to speak with us on her behalf. i think she'll be in fear until he's behind bars and truthfully until the entire rape
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club is behind bars. um they intimidated her. and made comments that if you ever say anything, or do anything, you know there will be consequences . and so because of that, that has affected her mental health severely. the attorney went on to say that women inside the prison are highly traumatized by what happened. she says her client was punished if she didn't participate with what clinker wanted. the inmate then began cutting herself out of depression and fear and says she was put into an isolation cell. and being raped is not a part was not a part of her sentence. she served her time for the crime she committed, but being raped was not a part of it. we have extensive coverage of the claims and more on the so called rape club fc a dublin on our website ktvu .com. our online coverage includes an exclusive
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interview with another woman who came forward earlier this month with claims of abuse from the same officer while in custody. millions of ukrainian refugees still in need of relief tonight after the break the local organization working to get clothes, food and supplies to europe and the pledge from president biden now and a burial . whether lots of sunshine today the weekend starts off on a dry note, but things will change by the second half of the weekend. we are talking about rainfall will have your forecast update coming up. and gas prices still at record highs, the latest numbers and how bart is numbers and how bart is benefiting from the spike. woo! whoa! what the heck? oh, it's all that nacho cheese flavor packed into my nacho tiny tacos. (coughing) i love it. i love it. it's good.
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get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. or try them bacon loaded for $4.50. large out-of-state corporations have set get my n their sightsos f on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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if you thought my tiny tacos were tasty before... you're right! and now that they have nacho cheese flavor in every bite, you're even get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. or try them bacon loaded for $4.50. urgent need for millions of ukrainian refugees. the meeting with age workers taking place just about 60 miles from the border with ukraine, the us has pledged $1 billion to help the relief efforts. prior to that meeting, the commander in chief , shook hands and chatted with members of the 82nd airborne division who are stationed on poland's eastern flank, bolstering the nato military presence there. we sent the best. the best available of america, and that's all of you. woman and man. i'm here. i came for one simple basic reason. not a joke. say thank you. thank
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you. thank you. thank you for your service. thank you for who you are. and thank you for your what you're doing. the president also sat down for pizza with us and polish forces tomorrow, mr biden travels to warsaw. he'll have more talks with the polish president and will meet with you creating refugees. he's also set to deliver what's being called quote major address as he wraps up his trip. and tonight, indications that russia is shifting its military strategy now in the face of strong resistance from ukraine. the us says it appears russia has halted its group as group ground offensive rather a but capturing the capital kiev. and changed focus to gaining complete control of the eastern donbass region. that's where pro moscow separatists have been fighting ukraine for several years now. meantime, ukraine now says about 300 people were killed in last week's airstrike. that destroyed a theater and mary paul that was being used as a bomb shelter. dozens of volunteers in the south bay packed up humanitarian relief supplies today, and it
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was part of an effort by a group called hearts for ukraine. ktvu jana katsuyama is here with more on the group's mission. well this group hearts for ukraine says that they have been speaking directly with hospitals and orphanages in ukraine to find out what they need, and the group says that they are ready to deliver it directly, even if it means going into hot spots right in the middle of the war zones. the long line of people fleeing from mary a poll shows the human cost of russia's war on ukraine, children and families exhausted, hoping for help and an escape from the terrible death and destruction. it's that human suffering that touched hearts and rallied people in the bay area to action in san jose friday, this was an army of volunteers with the nonprofit hearts for ukraine. packing up box after box of clothes, food, medical supplies , all labeled for hospitals, orphanages and other sites in ukraine. currently, we have a
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list of about 65 organization, and the list is growing. eugene tarasov says. he's a music festival organizer. now he's orchestrating the effort to collect a mountain of donations. in a short amount of time. it's only been a week they've been collecting you were sending to five foundations gathered pretty much majority of the things that were requested more than 60 day area residents put aside their ordinary routines in hopes of helping to save lives, sending needed supplies to people they don't know. but care so much about there's lots of medical needs. there's lots of like the orphanages. they have. lots of kids need food. they need warm clothes. they need fuel. they need money for that. president biden in poland friday talked about the 10 million people forced from their homes and in need of humanitarian aid. and human compassion looking at mothers who you don't have to understand the language they speak is in their eyes. pain hearts for ukraine has established a direct supply chain inside ukraine, working
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with the postal service for deliveries to cities that are safe. the group also has people willing to risk their lives and deliver aid to places within the war zone where the most desperate people are trapped. but tarasov says, just getting the supplies there is also a battle monetary wise that it's fairly expensive. air fried is not cheap air fright causes to £79. so if you want to send a fully loaded 100 tons boring 7 47 cargo. that's $400,000. we need that money, just logistically money to get the aid to the people. tarasov says that they do plan to ship those donations to ukraine this weekend and then on sunday, the group is planning to post the next list of supplies on their website hearts for ukraine dot org to get donations and volunteers for that next shipment, and i'm sure they will have tons of volunteers coming out to help. it's incredible what they're doing, janet. thank you. and if you're looking to help or ways to help the people of ukraine scan the q r code here at the bottom of your
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screen, the code will take you to our website where you can find a number of ways to get involved. bulgaria weather another mild day out there with lots of sixties and seventies still cool right around the coast and right around portions of the bay, but fairly nice friday afternoon with lots of sunshine out there, you can see some of the highest front today. san francisco on the cool side 57, but the warm spots in the seventies for concord, livermore and anti och as we check out your weekend forecast, we'll start off tomorrow. some cloud cover some areas of fog and then skies. becoming partly sunny could still have some lingering cloud cover, though into the afternoon hours. big changes, though. on sunday more clouds the winds pick up we could have winds around 20 to 25 miles an hour and we begin to introduce some rain chances by sunday afternoon. probably better. but though by sunday evening into sunday night, here's the forecast models showing you some of the fog from earlier today, clearing out and you can see offshore here. here is our next system. developing this will be approaching our coastline. first thing sunday morning in the form
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of some cloud cover, and then those rain chances will be on the increase later in the day. current numbers out there right now we have santa rosa 48 to hayward 52. saying has a 54 and brentwood one of the warmer spots checking in 60. here's a live camera this evening looking out toward the bay bridge out towards san francisco and the distance right now, partly cloudy skies and some patchy fog trying to regroup out there overnight and we're going to cloud things up. first thing tomorrow morning. overnight temperatures most areas will be in the forties to right around 50 degrees, so it will be dry tomorrow. you can see the forecast model just bringing in some cloud cover. skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon and then on sunday, sunday morning. not too much happening . this is seven o'clock, but look what is approaching our coastline here by late sunday afternoon, but especially into sunday evening. we are talking about this initial that first wave of some rainfall coming on board. we'll talk more about this system and some more rain clouds in the five day forecast the full update coming up in a little bit. we'll see in a bit. but, mark thank you so much.
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well, bart says it recorded its highest single day ridership record more than 138,000 people, wrote bart yesterday. that 34% of pre covid numbers for weekday in march, but the transit agency says it's writers has ridership rather has been increasing since gas prices started spiking a month ago. and rising gas prices showing no signs of abating. california drivers are paying a dollar 67 cents more than the national average, triple a reports. the highest bay area prices are in san francisco, marin, napa and san francisco or san mateo counties, where it's at least $5.91 for a gallon of regular gas. it's $5.87 in alameda county. and solano county, the cheapest gas at $5.70 a gallon. well still ahead . the reason crab season will officially close early two weeks from today. plus a man is proving that age is just a number. we will have the story of an 83 year old and his big adventure sailing the pacific from san francisco to japan
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my heinz dip & crunch bacon cheeseburger combo. adventure pill soon sales solo from the pacific from san francisco all the way to japan and sk tvs. christian captain tells us he made the reverse journey back in 1962. the mermaid three doesn't look out of place at the san francisco yacht club and timber on a small 19 footer with big shoes to fill her captain kenichi horie is preparing to sail this tiny vessel solo across the pacific to osaka, japan. trip hori is quite familiar with get lonely. but um, but everybody is rooting for me in 1962 hori set sail in this tiny wooden ship. the mermaid, which now resides at
10:24 pm
the san francisco maritime museum, making a three month solo journey from osaka, japan, to san francisco, 5300 miles in 94 days. the then 23 year old sailor arriving in town with no passport, no money, so he was promptly arrested, then celebrated the then mayor of san francisco, giving him the key to the city. he's continued to make history one time after another, circling the globe numerous times, promoting the urgency of protecting the world's oceans. back at the yacht club accomplished single handed sailors say what hori is preparing to do is nothing short of astonishing. he's an amazing sailor. this is not a big boat, he essentially makes his own adventures. he invests his sayings. which i think is very clever. he just decides to do them, and i think age is real factor. now 83 years old hori takes being a role model in stride, saying he's happy that people are still interested in
10:25 pm
what he's doing. and he says this won't be his last trip. i intended to continue doing this. mexico japan again. the mermaid three is the same length and width as the original mermaid. this time, though, technology is on horry side, he says he is bringing a satellite phone to make sure that his family knows that he is safe on this journey, something that he could not do on his historic first journey. after the first thing he says he'll do when he arrives in japan in 2.5 months. he says he's going to take a long hot bath in tiburon, christien kafton ktvu fox two news well entanglements involving humpback whales, forcing the closure of the commercial dungeness crab fishery for a large portion. at the state coast, the california department of fish and wildlife announced today. the closure of the area between men acenas sonoma county to the us mexico border to recent incidents involving humpback whales became entangled with ropes from commercial crab traps triggered the closure. one incident
10:26 pm
happening in san mateo county, the other happening in monterey bay. an attorney for the center for biological diversity oceans program released a statement that reads in part, quote how back whales migrate hundreds of miles to monterey bay and the state officials should protect every single one. while they're feeding their it's time to get serious about moving to replace gear that keeps wales safe. the california coast. coming up. north korea tests its largest ballistic missile ever. how u. s officials are responding plus at the beginning. identity like this is possible for me. i figured like college like pretty much like out of my reach pride and excitement at a new oakland high school held every single student in its first graduating class was accepted to a four year college. and later exports. this cinderella story just won't end sports director market vendors will have an ncaa tournament first as the peacocks dream run continues. also, judge kittani brown jackson one step closer to becoming the first black woman on the supreme
10:27 pm
court. while the confirmation plays out. the photo from her hearing is capturing a lot of attention. we speak to the oakland native who captured this image.
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from the state under a bill moving through the state legislature. cal matters. reports that the bill would allow cal grant stir rise with inflation and it would eliminate a financial penalty for students at schools that failed to meet a goal for accepting transfer students from community colleges. or the 27,000 students at private colleges get cal grants, most of them students of color, according to the report. aid you high school in oakland is about to graduate, its first senior class with a pretty impressive accomplishment as ktvu is an rubin tells us all 50 students in cristo rey de
10:30 pm
lascelles senior class. well. they were accepted to a four year college. cristo rey de la salle in oakland is a high school with college on to mind their goal to give economically disadvantaged kids a first rate education, then get them into a four year university. but even educators here didn't realize just how successful they would be. no we didn't know we were hoping we had a lot of faith. we are catholic schools that we have a lot of faith and that faith in the faculty and students here paid off as the college acceptances started coming in. not for one senior, but for all 50 of them. it's super exciting, a little bit overwhelming. everything's rolling in kind of at once new via. alvarez has already been accepted to st mary's. u c l a and u. c santa barbara julian martinez says he's going to uc santa cruz. very exciting. um i'm now banana slug and nearly all these kids are the first in their families to go to college
10:31 pm
at all. at the beginning, identity like this is possible for me. i figured like college like pretty much like adam i reach after a few months, crystal ray realized they hadn't just met their goals for their very first graduating class. they exceeded them. every single student has been admitted to 14 year university, and that's super big something to celebrate. the key, they say is in the individual attention they give to students. there's a big focus on college counseling and also on a corporate work study program. all kids here work one day a week. getting experience in various fields. i feel like the schools, the hilly opened up a lot of opportunities for me. i don't feel like i would have gotten this experience from any other regular public school. shame but you know, i feel like there's something unique here. a lot of very unique college acceptances come from 12 different states, six ucs and 20, cal states. staff here say they couldn't be more proud. they've been working hard and i
10:32 pm
tell them you're going to see the fruits of your labor this year, and now the seniors all have some big decisions to make, which they will announce at a special ceremony on may 24th. krista ready. lasalle is also accepting applications for next year's freshman class in oakland and ruben ktvu, fox. two news sacramento teachers strike is now in its third day, and no bargaining talks are scheduled between the teachers union or the district over 4600 teachers in the sacramento city unified school district are on strike. and the schools are shut down. thousands of those teachers marched in the streets today. no word yet on if schools will be open on monday, the teachers have been working without a contract for nearly three years . both sides are at odds on several issues, including staffing and pay. the district is offering a 2% pay hike while teachers say they want to retroactive across the board. cost of living pay increase. lieutenant governor newsom announced eight judicial appointments and among them was andy modric, the first openly
10:33 pm
transgender person appointed to the bench in the state. the 58 year old will serve as a judge on the sacramento county superior court. modric fills the vacancy created by the retirement of judge benjamin g. the video judge gitanjali brown jackson. he's a big step closer to a supreme court confirmation after a key democrat announced his intention to support her west virginia senator joe manchin said he plans to vote for judge jackson. all eyes are now on arizona senator kristen cinema, who has not yet announced how she'll vote. she's supported the president's lower court picks, and observers say the judge is unlikely to get any republican votes in the 50 50 senate. after studying the nominee's record. and watching her performance this week. i cannot and will not support judge jackson that as a judge, lead judiciary committee set to vote on jackson's nomination monday, april 4th if approved, a full confirmation vote could
10:34 pm
come by april seven, as judge jackson faced questions from the senate judiciary committee during her confirmation hearings this week. one image captured people's imaginations. the photo from the new york times show judge jackson's 17 year old daughter watching her mother, by the way, that's her husband. on the other side there. oakland native sarabeth mahaney took that picture. she's a photographer or photography fell over the new york times. she told us why she thinks it resonated with so many people. when i saw leila, look at, um judge jackson with just this look of pride and admiration. it really translated to me what it meant for them just to be in that space and that really related to me as a black woman being in a room that wasn't historically designed for me to even be in to begin with, so i hope that people are able to feel that same way and feel the power that they hold in themselves as well. and he told us once she saw judge jackson's daughter beaming at her mother. she was waiting to capture the moment as soon as it happened
10:35 pm
again. and there you are. mother, daughter and father in that photo. a women's history month celebration in san francisco mark the launch of a series of quarters honoring american women, house speaker nancy pelosi and other leaders took part in honoring the circulation of the maya angelou quarter. the u. s mint release the first quarter in january honoring the late poet and former san francisco resident oakland congresswoman barbara lee has been working on this project for years. it's the stories in their lives and how they were able to do what they did. and our young people don't need to know who they are. they need to know who they are in, especially when they are they know and see on our coins or washington, lincoln and franklin. other coins in the quarters program will feature astronaut sally ride. native american activists will the man killer and the first chinese american hollywood star anna may wong. we've been asking you to send in photos, videos and stories about the women in your
10:36 pm
life who deserve recognition during this woman's history month and we have dozens of submissions on our website detailing the contributions of mothers, caregivers and authors as well as nurses, all of them making a difference. if you would like to look at all of those submissions. you can make your own as well. visit our website at ktvu .com/ women's history. coming up at 11. a big mystery now dead birds washing up onto beaches, all along southern california what officials say could be killing the birds. and a barrier weathers and changes this weekend. first we're talking about some cloud cover tomorrow . then eventually the raindrops make it come back like your forecast update coming up. first tragedy hits the music world what we're learning about the death of food fighters drummer death of food fighters drummer taylor hawkins. okay jack, these recipes aren't gonna create themselves.
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income taxes in 2021. the analysis by the urban brookings tax policy center said massive covid relief, including tax credits helped 57% of americans avoid paying taxes. that's a majority of households making less than $55,000 a year paid no federal tax. that number is expected to drop next year with the end of covid stimulus. new state unemployment numbers are out, and they show that the number of people out of work has fallen, according to the california employment development department. from january to february, the unemployment rate fell to 5.4% and employers added a surprising 138,000 jobs in february. california has now regained just over 87% of the jobs that the state lost at the beginning of the pandemic. in 2020 on wall street, the industries were mostly higher. today the dow was
10:40 pm
up 153 points. the nasdaq lost 22 points. the s and p was up 22. all three major markets ended the week in the grain bank and energy stocks were higher, while text shares fell today. a social media platform being sued by a pair of former contractors over what they say is quote. psychological trauma from distressing videos in a lawsuit x tiktok moderators ashley velez and reece young alleged tiktok and its parent company, bytedance violated california laws by failing to provide them with adequate mental health support. they also say tiktok ignored the quote psychological risks of prolonged exposure to such dramatic content. tiktok is not commenting on the suit, but says it strives to promote a caring working environment for employees and contractors. north korea has just tested its biggest intercontinental ballistic missile ever. state television released this video to celebrate and it featured leader kim jong un. in some glasses and a motorcycle jacket . the missile flew 680 miles in
10:41 pm
just over an hour thursday, landing in the waters between north korea and japan. it's north korea's first long range tests since 2017 when three i, c b m test flights showed. they could reach the u. s mainland. it was an egregious and unprovoked escalation, and it poses a threat to the global proliferation regime. the u. s military has 44 missile interceptors in alaska and california and plans to add plans to add 20 more by 2028. but analysts say this latest north korean missile maybe built to carry multiple warheads to overwhelm defense systems. set dudes tonight. food fighters drummer taylor hawkins has died . the bank confirming that sad news tonight on social media, saying they are quote devastated by this post goes on to say his musical spirit and infectious laughter will live on with all of us forever. abandoned tore by the way and was scheduled to play a show tonight in bogota,
10:42 pm
colombia, and according to tmz, taylor had substance abuse issues in the past and survived a heroin overdose back in 2000 and one taylor hawkins, by the way, 50 years old. still to come . wine and environmental group is suing to stop a project at the port of oakland plus i mean , we used to come all the time midweek. it's really sad. a popular lake closed in the east bay. just another impact of the drought. how it's affecting people who live nearby next and we had a sunny weather this week, but we're finally finally going to get some rain at some point heading into the weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo will have your five day forecast coming up next.
10:43 pm
large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away.
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with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. filed the lawsuit today against the porch of oakland over a sand and gravel project approved by poor commissioners. late last month. the west oakland environmental indicators project alleges the work will contribute to local air pollution. noise carbon emission and water pollution. port officials declined to comment, citing the active litigation. swimmers boaters and fishermen, all now unable to access shadow clips of popular park in pleasanton. our meteorologist, roberto gonzalez , tells us it is another way.
10:46 pm
the drought is really impacting the bay area. if there is ever an example of how hard the drought has hit our local reservoirs, shadow cliffs is a perfect example. obviously as you can see behind me, the lake levels really low typically are lake levels for operating is between 325 to 330 ft. right now . we're at 317 ft lakes unit manager david vance. this lake is billed by running off we have no way to fill this lake. how do we make up the difference between 317 ft and 325 ft. pray for rain. the lake was first closed with the start of the pandemic in 2022. years later, the lake is still closed, but for a different reason. have you ever seen shadow cliffs, this beautiful lake in the east bay ever be in such dire straits before me personally? no i've worked for the park district for
10:47 pm
25 years and i know we've had in the past. droughts to where it may have impacted some of the features of the lakes such as the boat cramp, but not to this degree pleasant in resident banishes suarez stairs and disbelief, living in pleasant and i've raised my kids here and then i mean, we come all the time midweek. so what is it like for you to see the current shape of shadow cliffs? well it's really sad for the park. it's open. it's open for picnicking. hiking biking, fishing, he could still do shoreline fishing, just boating and swimming. unfortunately we can't offer that right now. not for this year, not for this year. there's hope for next year. so here i am on the shore of shadow close and if it was not a drought season, i would actually be standing 20 ft below water. river to gonzalez reporting for ktvu, fox two news. and if you look back,
10:48 pm
our rainy season has been so tricky. right remember last october, we had that huge atmospheric river thinking, okay , this is a great start. then december we had some fairly sizable storms, and then things really drying up. in january and february. that's really setting us back. so right now we're trying to play catch up, and it's at least it's nice to attract some rain. chances are not going to be catching up with these amounts, but at least they were talking about some rain chances. in fact, we will have some rainfall sunday and into monday, not just a few sprinkles. most areas on average between about a half an inch to an inch and a half and winds will be picking up around 25 to 35 miles an hour. so that is the next next front, which is developing offshore. it's going to be moving into the region about 48 hours from now. showing you some of the rainfall expectations. you get the idea. we're not just talking about trace amounts or a few 107 inch . in fact, the southbank could pick up a decent amount of rainfall and even closer to santa cruz mountains, a place like ben lawman could probably
10:49 pm
go over an inch of rain. has a rainfall kind of is focused in the southern half of the bay area that could be into monday. here's the satellite throughout the day. some low clouds and fog near portions of the coastline and offshore. here is our next system, developing getting its act together for this weekend. for tomorrow, though we do want start off drive and current numbers out there for your 10 o'clock our temperatures in the upper forties in santa rosa, oakland, 53 in san jose 54 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge where we cleared out this afternoon, but some cloud cover expected to for tomorrow morning and into a good portion of your saturday. quick update on the sierra. you can see the current conditions. clear skies temperatures in the forties and the fifties this weekend, they'll have the cloud cover around lake tahoe for both saturday and sunday and then on monday, the rain and the snow fall making a comeback with snow levels could be close to around 7000 ft. so kind of a warmer system, so the snow levels are up there. here's this big area of high pressure, keeping the
10:50 pm
inland spots on the warm side over the past few days tomorrow we will bring in some more clouds for your saturday and in this system, which is offshore will be drifting closer to our coastline on sunday, so by sunday afternoon the chance of some rainfall, but the meantime in those rain chances really go up sunday evening and into a sunday overnight into monday. so here we are for your saturday partly to mostly cloudy skies sunday morning still dry, maybe some drizzle out there. this is 12 o'clock and you can see this is five o'clock, so the rain chances going up during his time frame. and then eight o'clock we could have some steady downpours out there. the main circulation will be drifting to our south, the focus could be the southern half of the bay area, and this could possibly set up some thunderstorms as well. that would be into monday. temperatures forward tomorrow. still a mild day inland. lots of seventies around the bay sixties the beaches in the upper fifties and the look ahead that you can't see here will bring in the rain clouds, especially by
10:51 pm
sunday evening, once again the chance of some rainfall by mid to late sunday afternoon. some more clouds and some showers off and on into monday and then will dry out. in the early next week, but tonight's to welcome back. some rain clouds are formed. we'll definitely definitely take it now. the umbrella hasn't seen any action sometime. hasn't alright, bart, thanks well that russian river brewing company is holding its annual release of pliny the younger ip a. for the first time since 2020. from any beer lovers lining up before the sun comes up is a tradition. they are happy to have back if you are thinking about heading out to get a taste, so be mindful you could wait in line for up to get this six hours. nothing unusual, though. and you will be limited to 3 10 ounce pours and two bottles to take home. we just love the beer. it's the best beer i've ever had . it's worth the wait well, according to the snow, a county economic impact report the event brought in $5.1 million in revenue back in 2020. the last time the beer held a public
10:52 pm
release. it attracted people from 47 states and 14 countries . on average, groups of three people showed up spending about $200 per visit, so it's definitely a good thing for that community. coming up in sports. the stanford cardinal trying to defend their championship sports director, mark ibanez has their action from the sweet 16 coming up next on the 11 o'clock news. the barrier congressman returns from a five day trip to the ukrainian border, how he aimed to help woo! whoa! what the heck? oh, it's all that nacho cheese flavor packed into my nacho tiny tacos. (coughing) i love it. i love it. it's good. get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50.
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you're even get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. or try them bacon loaded for $4.50. get my nacho tiny tacos for $3.50. room tonight. now i know tara vanderveer would never admit this but her stanford cardinals , so good number one of the country. they've won 23 in a row tonight, they actually looked like they got bored her lost
10:55 pm
interest midway through the second half. they had things so well in hand, they just kind of meandered onto victory up in spokane tonight. which just happens to be the hometown of the twins, lexi and lazio, and they get a nice warm welcome back. second quarter action stanford taking command of this thing, hayley jones will find a legacy off spice into the bucket. she had 19 points. they're up 10 stanford. like i said, just kind of breezing up 16 here in the third cameron brink will can the jumper. and they're in business. she had 15 points late in the third. lexi will poke it away. haley jones winds up with it pac 12 player of the year jets and goes to distance he had 17 points. 10 rebounds to double double 72 66 trust me. that score was really not that close, like a say stanford kind of came in and relax late in the game. they're going to have to have their egg game, though against texas longhorns on sunday, remember
10:56 pm
texas beat them earlier in the regular season? i think everybody, of course, loves an upset the underdog all of that. it feels like the entire country is rooting for that little school back from jersey city, new jersey, talking about st peter's vs purdue tonight, and it is under the elite eight for them a national peacock tail all days, their nickname final ticks of the first half. that's jalen murray going to the bucket. they were down. 4.5 touch 2 20 left in the game. we're tied at 57 all darryl banks, the third driving to the laney had 14 is that thing rattles down and with four seconds left purdue with a long shot chance at it. jaden ivy. good luck didn't go. that's your ball game. 67 64 final new jersey's finest mind bending
10:57 pm
victory on to the elite eight. that's the first time 1/15 seed as beating three to make it in to the elite eight. congrats to them, keep it rolling. you know your brackets busted anyway, so root for them. as for the golden state warriors, i like a lot of people. i have no idea what's wrong with them. they're not building momentum at all toward the playoffs, and even with a couple of stars back in the lineup they take down in atlanta played thompson and draymond in the lineup tonight, take into the first period. gary payton, the nice steel he knows who to look for. jordan's pool is one guy definitely not overachieving in motion. 24 points for him. plus he was fouled and plays a little piano to second period drama. feeling offensive drives to the bucket. that thing will get down off the board. warriors up nine seemingly in control just before half tray young dissolves that lead completely
10:58 pm
and 11 run for atlanta. he had 33 points. 15 assists by the way, clay thompson in transition here, one of your warrior bright spots as he went for 37 points tonight on nine of 16 shooting from three and he played 40 minutes. so that's his high minute left. golden state down eight warriors misfire pool and go the other way it is knocked down ice. trade put the seal on it. 1 21 to 1 10, the final the warriors of last four out of five sunday. the road trip continues against the wizards turn into some football. ordinarily you sign a star of the magnitude and the talent of john watson. you figure hey, we're going to have a celebratory press conference. not really. very low key back in cleveland, the browns brass definitely on the defensive. this guy carried a lot of baggage off the plane like 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual
10:59 pm
assault. watson didn't play last year, but he had his side of the story to unveil today. i understand the whole circumstances is very difficult , especially for the women's side of the fans in this community. um, i'm not naive to that. i know these allegations is very, very serious. but like i mentioned before, i've never assaulted any woman. i never did suspected any woman. i was raised by a single parent, mom, i was raised to be genuine and respect everyone and everything around me. alright not a much lighter note friday night at the videos with a local angle to take a look at here. it's abdul never. ra's from area buried native and that torrey pines, one of his dream golf courses, he nails a hole in one and if you didn't notice a motorcycle accident cost him total mobility in his left arm, basically golfing with one arm partial amputation of his right leg, and
11:00 pm
he has every reason to celebrate his ace, and he bought for everybody after the round 40 life. see it about 25 minutes. all right, mark. thank you. next at 11. i hear a number allows gunshot sounds like them. like a machine gun, like three people wounded in a drive by shooting outside of pizza parlor in san francisco. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now bull expired right through the windows among the three gunshot victims doordash delivery driver . good evening. i'm andre senior cristina rendon. it happened in the bayview neighborhood along third street in kirkwood avenue, right outside pizza zone and grill. ktvu elissa harrington spoke to the brother of one of the victims who describes a chaotic and frightening scene. workers boarded up windows and repair the front door at pizza zone and grill in san francisco's bay view neighborhood.


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