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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 31, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvn mourning tonight after a 71 year old father and grandfather is shot and killed while driving in oakland. i am feel big hole inside of me. i'm actually destroyed. oh my dad. he's my big rock. he was the person that
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was there for me at all times. the daughters of riccardo luna say he was funny and friendly and now they want justice for the person who killed their father. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm heather holmes. he died after he was shot through his windshield and crashed just a half a mile later. new attend tonight. katie was amber lee joins us live from oakland with how he's being remembered amber. heather has daughters tell me they're devastated by the loss. they say he was killed just minutes after leaving his home. now they want answers and those responsible arrested. that's my dad and. more grandkids. rossio luna shows me the memorial that is now in the home she shared with her father, riccardo luna, in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood , now struggling with her grief at his sudden and senseless death by gun violence. it's not fair that they took my dad away. hey, there's there like nothing.
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said in only kill him. they killed us on sunday around 6 20 in the evening. rossio tells me her father drove his black pickup truck to go get something to eat. he was less than a mile from his home when he was shot near 28th avenue and international. a source tells me two bullets hit the windshield and one struck luna in the head . the 71 year old managed to drive for about a half mile before crashing into vehicles. he died at the scene. police say there was a shooting in the area. motive was given. it appears luna was caught in the crossfire. it's really difficult can sleep, not even hungry. i am feel a big hole inside of me. luna's daughters tell me he immigrated to the u. s from mexico as a young man 43 years ago, he was a single father, who raised four children. he worked in construction before retiring. must of his daughters say luna was always surrounded by his family. he was helping raise his grandchildren taking them to
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school and picking them up. his family was his priority. my dad would he's my big rock. he was the person that was there for me at all times. call me all the time. i don't have that they took it away from me. just last july, luna achieved his goal to become an american citizen. a single stray bullet shatters ricardo luna's american dream and that of his family turned yourself in. if you have a consciousness, you have a father. you should do this. so far, no arrests. in this case, the family plans to hold a funeral services for luna monday , april 11th, his daughters say they cannot rest until those responsible are brought to justice. heather yeah, and amber . i meant no surveillance video . no id on, you know, a vehicle possibly involved or suspects. while police have not said anything, so the daughters feel that there is surveillance video and they want to have a face to
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face meeting with police. but so far, they say, that hasn't happened yet. seems like it's a very busy area. hopefully, there is some surveillance video that can provide investigators with some clues here, amber. thank you. meantime we have new video of two oakland unified school district employees getting hit by a car and we want to warn you that the video is graphic of the collision happened yesterday when the two were crossing high street at waddling near a school district warehouse. councilman noel guyot tells us the driver did stop, and she may have been distracted by her young son while driving. the two victims were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, including broken bones. a shelter in place was issued for your balbuena high school in san jose today after police say a student shot another student near campus. police say the victim was shot at least once around 10 45 this morning and taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. some parents and students say the surrounding your balbuena neighborhood has seen violence but never so close
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to its namesake high school. sometimes there's spice. but you know, that's like i feel like every school has fights, you know, just cause problems. we lived there for about two years and two years we've seen about six shootings in about three deaths. police say a male juvenile is in custody. officers also recovered a gun. a shelter in place was issued at the school as officers searched the area for evidence. a major car and bus corridor in san francisco is finally reopening. the van s bus rapid transit system has taken six years to complete. and tonight he flipped the switch and some lighted public art scope sculptures. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now live. she's in san francisco with the project's impact, jannw bus stops along this man next quarter and you can see it is a very different look from the torn up streets and the construction barriers that we've been seeing for years. two it was life on thursday night, the
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colorful public art light sculptures by jorge padro macarthur fellow artist is a sign of the new van ness avenue at geary. the red lanes of the bus rapid transit system. now run down the middle of venice all the way to union street. the busses are protected from congestion and not only community number 49 number 90 but also all of the golden gate transit busses mew ni says the new system will lead to a faster 15 minute ride along the two mile stretch for bus riders. and means less hassle for other drivers who won't be slowed by minibusses blocking lanes. it will completely free up the traffic flow in venice avenue in ways that people have never seen before. the sfm to says the project costs more than $300 million and took six years to complete, in part because the construction uncovered other issues below ground that led to delays they found. shallow powell. how are lines that they didn't know who who they belong to? they found native american
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artifacts. all kinds of things were down there that they had to deal with that really lengthen this process. the long construction process, though, was painful for many business owners. it was horrible. had a huge impact with with business. gabriel mendez is a partner at mills kitchen and says the construction, the lack of foot traffic and parking caused their business to drop by about 50% they could drive their cars parked on the street. and come in. just pay a meter. that's all gone. most of it. i mean, there you have one spot available now . so yeah, it's really impacted parking. you're just hoping drugs. business starts coming back on this street. it was kind of a nightmare. it was an eyesore to look at. this is way better. neighbors also say the cleaner look and fresh pavement is a relief to see, and they hope the new bus system will be more efficient for writers drivers and bring business back . but having something that's going to be a lot more rapid lot quicker is going to be more
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enticing to use. i'm really optimistic and hopeful that with this beautiful new accessibility and speed reliability that people will have public transit that these businesses will see record attendance because now it'll be easy to get to them. and the bus stops themselves are designed to be easy to access for people who are visually or physically impaired. there is going to be a ribbon cutting tomorrow morning with the new bus services starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow. 20 lives in san francisco. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. the price of unleaded gas is moving a little lower after hitting record after record the statewide averages at 5 89 down about a penny since yesterday. the area prices also ticked down in san jose. unleaded regular is 5 84 gallon. in oakland, the averages 5 85 and in san francisco, a gallon will set you back 5 93 a gallon president biden announcing new action today in an effort to try to keep those gas prices going
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down. he ordered the release of up to one million barrels of oil per day from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. ktvu tom baker tells us the effect. this plan could have putin's price hike nearly a dollar more and less than three months to combat that now and in the future, president biden outlined a multi point strategy. one to do things to bring prices down now by releasing oil from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve one million barrels per day. for the next six months over 100 and 80 million barrels . u. c. berkeley haas energy economist severin bornstein. the strategic petroleum reserve is there to deal with these international geopolitical crises and we definitely have one right now. what about the price of gas will have a small effect on gas prices. today the price of crude oil came down about $5 a barrel so far. and that would translate to about 12 cents a gallon at the pump using
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the reserve buys time for oil producers to vastly ramp up u. s production by fall. right now. a lot of production wells are idle while other oil lays dormant or hoarded in already approved, but unused drilling leases and i'm calling for use it or lose it policy. some oil companies have said they'll be able to produce a million barrels a day. by fall . it makes sense because you don't want companies holding onto leases that they aren't going to actually do anything with but getting the necessary labor equipment and parts needed or if he because of scarce labor and supply chain shortages. opec may increase production a little but that's because a little increase allows them to rake in far more money when prices are high, but not enough to immediately collapse prices. but it will help consumers with prices while also undermining russia's finances. finally, make the american energy future far
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less vulnerable to foreign influence and pressure. i'm going to use the defense production act to secure american supply change for the critical materials that go into batteries for electric vehicles and the storage of renewable energy. the ever changing oil futures market pegs oil prices $20 a barrel lower in the next six months to a year. but russia still remains the wildcard tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. russian forces are pressing their attacks in several parts of ukraine tonight. britain's defense ministry says russian forces have continued to hold positions around ukraine's capital and a senior u. s defense official told fox news that russian jets flew 300 strike missions over ukraine just a day after telling the world they are pulling back troops to establish mutual trust. russia has repeatedly lied about its intentions. so we can only judge russia on its actions, not on its words. the
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one area russian forces are reportedly withdrawing from is in and around that your noble nuclear plant, the ukrainian state power company, believes that troops were digging trenches and became exposed to significant levels of radiation . so far. no comment from the kremlin. another san francisco retailer is closing its doors nationwide. why the electronic store? beta says it's calling it quits. and a celebration for a new playground in east oakland. how the warriors played a part in today's ceremony that's up next. also ahead tonight a final farewell to a area sports legend at 10 30. the tributes for sports director marco baniyas as he prepares to sign off for the last time after
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leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. wift little town library today. it's at franklin elementary school in oakland. the curries are going to put 150 of the many libraries all around oakland and make thousands of books available for young readers around the city. they say it's part of their effort to improve childhood literacy and encourage neighborhood book sharing. there
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was a celebration today for the opening of a new school yard in east oakland. thousands of square feet of asphalt was removed from the property, and his ktvu is andre senior reports . it was replaced by what's being called a living schoolyard. playsets or something that you'll find on the playgrounds of every oakland elementary school on the playground, but until thursday, there wasn't one for markham elementary students like kimberly lavender. i was here when there wasn't anyplace structures. it's kind of asphalt. in fact, 21,000 square feet of asphalt was removed. parent artista rose witnessed the five year long renovation in which the warriors community foundation was a partner. this transformation what you saw then to know. give me your thoughts and how you feel about always great. we're reading, writing and arithmetic. and physical education are on the curriculum . while you can add to that curriculum, learning about the natural world in a natural environment, dubbed the living schoolyard 84 trees were planted
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to provide shade. there's an outdoor classroom space turf field that will also capture stormwater runoff and a garden. thank go tomatoes, watermelon all kind of stuff in there. i even liked little the plants on the outside, just to kind of help with the environment. markham elementary principal byron dell com tells us the garden will serve as a place for students to decompress. especially important as they, too were impacted by the covid 19 pandemic. sometimes you know, some of our kids get dis regulated, and then they need a space and place the beach just kind of calm down and kind of reset in the garden. everyone all the kids say that if that's their favorite place to go do that in the middle of the garden and freshly planted trees. a new basketball court to thank you to the students who helped me put this together. done by oakland based artists by viana rodriguez . here she is signing the mural at the center of the basketball court, and it was on this court that the facility was officially christened. warriors forward.
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one toscano anderson did just that by hosting a ceremonial tip off. at center court. it means a lot. it's big. it's another safe space for kids, so i think that can go along with a safe place for these markham elementary kids that's equal parts learning and equal parts fun at the same time. in east oakland. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. beta san francisco based electronic retailer that raised more than $88 million from investors when it opened, has now closed all of its u. s locations. the founder of the company, saying on twitter that beta closed because people didn't visit the stores for two years amid the pandemic, former ceo the view, norby says landlords asked the company to pay full rent for the stores when foot traffic was down by as much as 90. the company also spent $30,000 a month for round the clock security guards after the store and union square was robbed at gun point last year, hundreds lined up outside ben kyoto shop in japantown today,
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hoping to grab a last sweet treat. before that shop closes for good. sorry i lost you and i just have to get you wanna wanna bees or you just want one time shop was founded by the okumura family in 19. oh, six when san francisco's japantown was formed. through world wars and the u. s incarceration of japanese americans, the okamura family continued serving the community, the founder's grandsons, ricky and bobby, okay, moreau decided it was time to retire. and today, a crowd of community members and friends held a farewell celebration. for the brothers after closing time to thank them for their years of service. my friends and i came here yesterday and we were the very first people to get cut off and lying. so basically let people in front of us got the very last moochie. so today's like our final try and are lost shot at getting someone being killed as much e. so that's why we're out here. the brothers thank their loyal customers for
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supporting the business for so many years, they said they are now looking forward to spending time with their grandkids or maybe taking up golf. well betty reid soskin, the oldest national park ranger in the united states, retired today after her remarkable career, soskin celebrated her 1/100 birthday back in september. for the last decade and a half. she shared her personal experiences and the efforts of women who worked on the world war two home front, the national park service says ms soskin spent her last day at work today. providing an interpretive program to the public at the rosie the riveter museum in richmond. okay pretty nice day today. temperatures did warm up a few degrees. these are some of the numbers we had today. yesterday's numbers were more like in the mid sixties, upper sixties low sixties microclimates are in play as a spring pattern. six with us the coastal sections today in the fifties around the bay in the sixties and those inland spots in the seventies. so when you see the micro climates you know, it's spring and getting close to
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summer when the micro climates kick in. they don't happen much in the winter as you go outside. you see the golden gate bridge. no fog there clear at the coast right now. i think we'll see a little patchy about our coastal fog. tomorrow morning, but real patchy, so it's going to be kind of a breezy condition at the coast and then mild inland with temperatures in the mid seventies. so tomorrow san francisco he started at 48 degrees. you end up at lunchtime at 61. in the end of the day, you're 64 degrees for a high but mostly sunny all day tomorrow as we head into saturday and sunday temperatures want to come up a little bit. looking for rain. not anytime soon. but we do have a five day forecast to show you after the break. all right, bill. thank you. drought conditions remain high here in california and across the bay area. here's a look now at the latest map from the u. s drought monitor. it shows most of the bay area along with a big portion of the state now under severe drought conditions. many counties in the northern part of the state in the central valley are in extreme drought conditions. well coming up
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men can afford more homes in san francisco than women due to disparities in pay. the study by real estate listing site zillow says the average man can afford 6.3% of homes in the city. while the average woman can only afford 1.7. zillow defined affordability is being able to spend 30% or less of one's monthly income on a homes mortgage payment after a 20% down payment well, thousands of california, struggling to pay rent and facing eviction now have three more months to get some help. just hours before the state's eviction moratorium was set to expire. a bill was signed
10:24 pm
into law grant inning granting an extension through june. now this new law provides protections for people who apply to the states rent relief program before midnight tonight , and those still waiting for an answer. thousands continue to wait for relief whether applications are pending. it would be cruel, wasteful and unfair to subject californians to eviction the loss of rental income now when they've done everything, asked of them by filing and completing their application. tenants rights groups are pushing the state to extend the deadline for struggling renters to apply for assistance. today is cesar chavez day, the civil rights activist would have turned 95 today. please. that weather. in honor of cesar chavez fight for workers' rights. the united farm workers held a rally today in san francisco's mission district . one of the men there told us he met chavez when he was 10 years old. he later worked in the fields joined the u. f w and
10:25 pm
went on to become an attorney. he says he remembers chavez's passive demeanor and influence. we didn't believe in ourselves and he made us believe it ourselves since it can be done, but we haven't had another sister chavez come around a person like him male or female. cesar chavez died in 1993. but supporters of the u f w say the fight for respect better wages and rights continues. area sports icons join us in congratulating our own mark ibanez on his remarkable 43 year career. mark congratulations on an amazing career 40 plus years in the business. coming up after the break. mark will join us on set as we look back at some of the best sports moments that he's covered over the last four decades and drinking for a cause . i'm a local brewery is making a special beer just to raise money to help people in ukraine. and coming up new at 11 in east
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bay elementary school student claiming that they were assaulted while walking to class having a 5g phone that's not on t-mobile makes as much sense as playing ice hockey... using pool noodles. t-mobile. more 5g bars in more places. another reason t-mobile is the leader in 5g.
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and you've always been my favorite sportscaster in the bay area and from myself and my colleague. regatta cone that's wishes for your retirement brother will be a fan now instead of working so congratulations. not tonight. ktvu sports director mark combine is signing off one last time after an incredible 43 year career here at channel 2 43 years he has covered super bowls. he's also covered world series nba championship runs. and he's made countless relationships along the way. he certainly has. ktvu is joe fonzi has this look back? the same year, the 49ers drafted a
10:29 pm
quarterback by the name of montana ktvu television, dipped into the sacramento market and hired a youngster that the bay area watched practice his passion for 43 years. how's it going, everybody? how's it going? everybody will be going, everybody! how's it going? everybody is it going, everybody has it got everybody when your career spans parts of six decades in a major market, you can expect to rub elbows with some high profile personalities and experience some changes in attitudes. fashion. and grooming styles. marks 43 years of covering bay area sports wasn't confined to north america. in his 49 are travels. he's been to london once the media question let up a little bit. there was some work to be done on the field and to tokyo. he's been known to brave cold weather. 49ers come to chicago conquer the cold vaporized. the bears enjoy that indian summer back in california because here in boston, they're not only getting ready for game one of the
10:30 pm
playoffs. they're also getting ready for winter. but before you start to think it was all about that gritty correspondent defying the elements, couldn't sydor some of mark's other assignments? who wants to talk to sweaty baseball players when you could spend a little time with miss usa, why are you for the dodgers? as i was saying before? i really think the underdog, you know, they said, they're the underdog and going into miss usa. i was the underdog. and what would a southern california world series assignment b? without a stop on rodeo drive in beverly hills. there must be some baseball experts there. i don't know anything about sport too much into myself from miami. i'm marky baniyas for the 10 o'clock news. that good. all right. they had to buy that, huh? alright julie haener bay area was buying it for 43 years. that means you watch athletes come up, retire and make the hall of fame and you watch the same kind of
10:31 pm
evolution with your co workers while you're still working on your look from berkeley. i'm marky bonnie's for ktvu. channel two news. and your sign off that sports clyde. thank you, mark, but that is boxing, sometimes on that sports during mark's tenure in the bay area, he's covered seven super bowls. seven world series five nba championships. and a stanley cup finals. he was there for everything from the catch to january's nfc title game in los angeles. he saw the raiders moved to l. a back to oakland. go to a super bowl and then move again to las vegas. he saw billy ball, the bash brothers and an earthquake world series. he covered three championships and three parades for both the giants and the warriors and that sign off. the people around him changed. but if you were a ktvu viewer, you knew it was time to turn in. when you heard that's for
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sporting line, that is the sporting life that is the sporting life for a tuesday night cool, that's the sporting life to get personal. there's another veteran ktvu sportscaster who is grateful for a 27 year partnership. and we'll miss the person who understands the kind of trivia music and sports moments unique to baby boomers. you know, giant fans a little spoiled. oh man, we just got blasted, directed from the siegels. thank you very much. a little more than two years ago, the covid pandemic changed everything for bay area viewers it met. we got to see something that rivals sports as one of mark's life. passions from steely dan of the ever changing vinyl room. how got everybody. marquee body is coming to you from the vinyl room tonight is back with you in the final room tonight. marquee body is with you from the vinyl room tonight. back in 1967. my mom waited two hours in line.
10:33 pm
that little record store in downtown standard fell to get me that, but i love all music. he and al exports to mark. congratulations on an amazing career 40 plus years in the business, continuing to tell the stories of all the great bay area news and sports history, and you are always a part of that so congratulations. enjoy the next chapter. your dear friend. i've always admired your class. your dignity and your grace. the unique ability. to respect boundaries and get the job done. market bonnie is my partner. how you doing, man? congratulations on retirement. 43 years, man. i don't know where this time is gone, but people are gonna miss you. i miss you. you'll always be my partner and ktvu is going to miss you. so you have a great life. take care of the take care of the family. and we all love you, mark. you've been a great friend. you've been an
10:34 pm
inspiration and it's been great playing tennis with you have a beautiful, prosperous and happy retirement. mark. i can't tell you how much i enjoyed and revered working with you for the last 140. oh, no, just 43 years. it's wonderful working with you really miss you. i just can't explain to you how important you are to me and my wife. and our future. good luck, buddy. mark will now have more time to add to his final room collection and enjoy his grandkids. i know that he has a place as one of the most iconic sportscasters in bay area history. don't tell anybody. i don't wear a whole suit. i think a lot of people already know that. but you got you got pants on matching tonight. well, it's a big night , you know? did it out of respect for you guys? you look fantastic. you know what i love?
10:35 pm
i love over the years. how the sign off has changed. it's evolved. the mustache away, like melted away changed, but i love those send off messages. dusty baker stuff. chris mullin, steph curry, bubba paris. they just like they mean so much, and i know to you the relationships that you've made over the years, but not only all of us, but with the players, the coaches the people in the sporting world. tell us about that? well, it's really people asking all the time like mark here, grown men. what makes you still interested in sports after all these years , and i always say it's not the final scores. you know, it's the people. behind the drama and the chemistry of uniting a team. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't and the personalities you guys know me. i like people, and i like to know what makes them tick. and the same is true with athletes. and i think if you treat them with respect over the years and realized that you know they may have super skills on an athletic field or on a court. but there really people
10:36 pm
they have a lot of the same anxieties and stresses that we have. they have kids. and you know this. that and the other and if you take that approach um , you know, you get that kind of response. that's probably why they did respond the way that they did to you. but justice as interesting as it is to have all these icons really, you know, approaching you and have this relationship with you. i mean, people out there at home. they have that same sort of respect and admiration for you. that's just as important, if not more for you well to people, you know , in particular the news director, fred sender, rest in peace. who hired me gave me a chance didn't really realize how green i was. you know, i was in way over my head and dennis richmond and both of them encourage me in different ways. two ad lib. you guys know it at all, really script just like little notes. and fred encouraged me just said, you know, sports pretty well. just talk it. people will relate to that. and you know, i'm going to mess up. i'm going to forget a
10:37 pm
name every now and then or drop it, but, you know, and that i feel like as a connection, and i think people know i grew up in the bay area and i love these teams, which is a dream come true and itself. never having to fake like i was rooting for, you know a team and they didn't always work. and the other thing too is i've never apologized for a more of a fan than a journalist, and i have no problems with that. be because i feel like it's that enthusiasm that connects with the people and i've had so much just didn't last few days. i think everybody out there for all your comments , and you can reach me at marquee baniyas at icloud .com because i think the doors of floodgates they're good marquee body is at icloud .com. no, they're going to disconnect my email. you know as as they do, but um and ktvu through hard times. you know that i had in my personal life. they thank
10:38 pm
goodness i had this place to come to. i love dennis richmond said. he said it's nice working with you for 143. i mean, 43 years he taught me how to be a professional. well, you are the ultimate professional, and it's been an honor and grateful to work with you and like you said, it's an art. it's a skill and you make it look effortless. every night has been so much fun to work with you and we are all going to miss you so much. i love you guys in the newsroom and i just wish are viewers understood how conscientious and how much the folks here a channel to care about what they're bringing to every night and letting us into your home. that's the main thing that resonates with me is just the people that i've gotten to meet that i ordinarily wouldn't have had the chance to and i'm i'm just honored. i'm so happy. i'm from the bay area. that's what i said. you were saying you don't want to go to the high like fake it for the dodgers. i know. couldn't do it. we have a little bit more with you coming up, and i love it. it's not quite over. probably like i'm over this
10:39 pm
crowd. now we're going to get as much market baniyas as we can. tonight it's never enough. appreciate it. thanks. glad i'm from the bay. that's what i got to say yet. all right, we still have mike mike's marks. final sports gas coming up a little later tonight with stanford cardinal feelings pretty confident ahead of their final four games. why they feel that they are actually better than last year's championship team. already we'll take a look at the bay area weekend weather too. i'll see you back here after a break. at first, the insulin could soon cost as little as $35
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pasy cost of insulin at $35 for insured patients. it was part of an election year pushed by democrats for price curves on prescription drugs at a time of rising inflation. experts say
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the legislation would provide significant relief for privately insured patients with more basic plans. it will also help medicare enrollees facing risk of out of pocket costs for their insulin. some could save hundreds of dollars a year. the bill would not help, though. the insured lawmakers in washington , d. c, are close to a bipartisan compromise and providing more money to combat covid-19. under the deal, $10 billion would be provided to purchase vaccines, treatments and tests. the price tag is a reduction from an earlier $15.6 billion compromise. that fell apart weeks ago in the house of representatives. that plan called for cuts and pandemic aid to states to help pay for it. final congressional approval for the proposal could come as early as next week, president biden expressing his support for transgender americans on international transgender day of visibility. any transgender americans who struggling please know you're not alone. parents and children alike. please ask
10:43 pm
for help. and know this. you're so brave. you belong and we have your back. god bless you all. be brave. the president acknowledged how trans people face discrimination and violence. everyday realities exacerbated by anti transgender state laws. mr biden finished his remarks with a message of hope to pass a bipartisan equality act to help trans people live without fear. gay rights advocates have sued florida governor ron two santas to block a new law banning classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in lower grades. critics call it that don't say gay law, they say it's true intent. is to marginalize lgbtq people and their families. the federal challenge filed today by the national center for lesbian rights on behalf of equality florida says the law violates the first amendment and the white house agrees. governor has chosen to target some of
10:44 pm
florida's most vulnerable students and families, all while under the guise of parents' rights. republicans say the new rules are reasonable. disney faced heat from employees for not initially taking a strong stance against the bill. but the company now says its goal is for the law to be replete, repealed rather by legislators or struck down in the courts. still to come tonight how obey area brewery is raising money and support for ukraine. also take a look at tonight's beautiful sunsets camera in oakland, the colors out there gorgeous. chief meteorologist large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations
10:45 pm
don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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jusn support of ukraine. the beer is called slava ukrainian, is a pale european lager and was brewed at field work in west berkeley fieldwork manager said the idea is to raise awareness about the invasion of ukraine and encourage customers to donate to world central kitchen. ahead of the release of slava ukrainy fieldwork donated $10,000 to the nonprofit, which provides warm meals to refugees . what was going on in the ukraine and you know we were devastated by that very concerned for those refugees and we really inspired by world central kitchen so we wanted to get back there where we can.
10:48 pm
cans arrived at the berkeley taproom this week. fieldwork has several other bay area b area locations in san ramon, san mateo, corta, madera and napa. all right. nice night in the city. nice night in the bay area. no fog to speak of winds have died down, and it's pretty mild out there. temperatures generally in the forties as you look at this beautiful shot, that's market street. you see the bay bridge and of course, salesforce tower. as we head into the evening hours, maybe a little patchy coastal fog shows up, but it's not going to be a real player in tomorrow's forecast. these are the highest from today. it was warmer today by a few degrees. it will be warmer again tomorrow by a few degrees till we get the saturday where we could see temperatures. in the upper seventies, maybe maybe some low eighties, so it's going to be used to be the warmest day but warmer than it has been. see. the winds have died down. we had winds last night up over 38 miles an hour at sfo tonight. the winds have died down drastically, but there's still generally out of the northwest. so you've got calm winds and happening bay that just tells you that you're going to see a pretty nice day
10:49 pm
tomorrow. 53 fairfield right now, these temperatures are running about spot on where they were last night. at this time, you can see the three degrees warmer and livermore, but it's 1 degrees cooler and oakland three degrees warmer or three degrees warmer and livermore, same as it was last night in hayward, so it's just kind of a wash the next couple of days more of the same slight warming each day the overnight lows stay above freezing coastal fog a thing valley fog, not a thing. if it feels like spring, it is spring as you look at the national map that big storm system moved offshore. that was the one that brought the tornadoes to arkansas parts of the portfolio to panhandle. it's gone now we're out west and this is looks good, but it's not the other front shearing apart. so all the energy the dynamics are up here. so you know, in this time year, that's what happens the days get longer. the jet stream starts to go up to the north, and that's where the energy is most of the energy and so when that goes away, at least for us, and that goes away in the winter months due to this high nudges it way up. there are rain potential goes way down,
10:50 pm
and that's where we are. now. we're not expecting rain this week, or maybe even next week. there's some indications we may see something middle of april, but it's getting kind of sparse out there. these are the forecast numbers for san francisco in the mornings about 48 degrees out of nowy valley. that's pretty chilly for the city, 61 about lunchtime and then you're 64 degrees for daytime high. at the end of the day in san francisco, you note the sun plenty of sunshine air quality's fine. it's not unreal , though, right now, because now we've got a little bit of a high pressure. and so there's a cap on the environment and that's you know, the coastal fog tries to form up that tells you that the atmosphere is pretty stable forecast highs tomorrow. 77 in fairfield, 76 in the anti och and then the five day forecast. i wish i could show your rain, but i can't i got a little cooler on sunday. saturdays your warmest day on the weekend, but a good looking forecast for spring. just wish we had some rain to talk about heather. i wish the same. thanks, bill. well the grammy award winning group boyz two men is set to perform with the san francisco symphony starting tomorrow night
10:51 pm
vocalist nathan morris, wanya morris and sean stockman will take the stage for two concerts at davies hall. the performances will feature some of the group's biggest hits, including end of the road and on bended knee. edwin out. water will conduct the two shows april 1st and second at last check. by the way, there are still a handful of tickets available. up in sports sharks trying to float above 500 facing one of the best teams in the nhl sports director marco banias is up next and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news tonight. new details about that now infamous slap at sunday's academy awards. the producer who says los angeles police were ready to arrest will smith.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
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sports kind of in a slow night for you know, which is good because i'm going to little distracted really hard, hard to focus tonight, but i wish i had better news to bring you with regard to the san jose sharks, but a rough year and they fall under 500. for the first time in a long time, and in tough because they're playing one of the best teams in the nhl. that would be the abs of colorado. third period adds up to one face off watch brent burns. go five hole right here with a nice wrister eighth goal of the year for him as you see the replay, and it's a 22 game short lives because later in the third scale mccarthy shot blocked, nasim cadre will get it passed to his teammate nico threatening and he'll score it and the abs are in front and four good the final 42 sharks on the short end. so they fall to 29 30 and eight they've lost three out of four
10:55 pm
and only 15 games left. so that's a team that is struggling one that is not the women of stanford 24 consecutive victories for them as they barge into the final four. with all the momentum you could ask for, as you see some of the glimpses of the game that got them into it. and stanford man. it's going to be a marquee matchup for them as they're taking on uconn. you know a little something about championships themselves, and we talked to haley jones, the pac 12 player of the year. and she thinks the stanford women under tara are even better than they were last year when they also won the championship. texas had come just having an extra year with the same group of girls and then the additions that we made. i think we have more of an even cohesive unit this year than we did last year. and so that adds to our want to continue to stay together as long as we can so like we really have four days left if we win tomorrow, so we really want to have those four
10:56 pm
days rather than two. so i mean, we're going to do everything we can to be able to keep playing together as long as we can. alright that'll be tomorrow night stanford looking to make it two consecutive championships . that's the semifinal against uconn. let's talk about some baseball with opening day approaching san francisco giants starting to tune it up a little bit, playing better ball in the latter stages of spring training, take it to the cactus league first inning. tommy la stella. there had been some question as to whether he would be ready for opening day nursing the recovery of an achilles tendon injury. nothing wrong with that when he goes deep and brandon crawford follows it up in the same frame with the solo homer of his own. they're working him along slowly. the stroke looks pretty good, deep and gone ticket to ride to right center field giants swamped the rockies 13 2, and there are six and seven. let's wipe it on oversee what the royals and the a's were up to second inning scoreless royals clay dugan belt
10:57 pm
dalton jeffries pitch that's a two run shot in the royals have themselves a quick to nothing lead. in the third inning. three kansas city vinnie past cotino takes jeffries deep for a two run homer to right center field and not the best of afternoons for the a's and their record falls to three. nine and one so far in training camp. it's going to get better for them can't help but be alright. the final edition of check this out for this evening anyway, you gotta see this. talk about a fish out of water. this gentleman very proud of his catch, and he's got a good heart. he's going to throw it back in right. except the wrong thing. flips is cell instead, in to the drink. he wants that thing back if i could only have five seconds back, watch this. i think we've all done this right. totally left
10:58 pm
hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing. i feel for him. if i could only get that back. that's right. all right. check this out. right here. this is a hockey player for the nhl. tampa team, the lightning zach bogus in teaching his kid not how to play hockey, but how to drop gloves and learn how to fight, which is something like he's actually teaching. his three year old hunter. carry the daughter. she's kind of watching . i don't know if that's totally recommended by mom. but you know if of it yeah, eventually you're going to play in the nhl. that's the thing so all worth checking out tonight. and you know what, guys? they're telling me in my ear that we have about 45 seconds left, so i just want to say as a pleasure. working with you all, bill martin, get over here and i can't thank you enough for your professionalism
10:59 pm
. and you just i'm gonna miss you like crazy. all of you. can you stop no over again? we've got to send love out to the great dennis richmond, who knows is watching it had such an influence on my career and really gone so many of us. you know, i haven't been with the core group as long as you all of you have been. i know more than 20 years for the three of you, but i n say it has been and really showed me that it's that you can't have it all. you can enjoy what you do. you can be good at it, but you can also be so down to earth and so i mean, i really don't know how to explain it. but you are just so genuine and your energy is infectious, and it's been enjoying like you. you're on the air. mark is a shining exactly. that's always a positive force. and we just that's what i'm going to miss the most is your beam of energy best. you are right back at all of you. you're still so don't go away yet. yeah, we got a we got a special something coming up at 11.
11:00 pm
alright, so hang on. okay. next at 11. a little bit scary. i feel like we just have to be here at the college or time. pick them up off them all. fear and concern from parents in the east bay after learning that police are investigating an assault on a child. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and police say a student may have been assaulted while walking to class at cornell elementary in albany. hello again, everyone i'm heather holds and i'm julie julie haener new at 11 tonight. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with parents who say they're now talking to their students about safety. students in the albany unified school district are being told to walk in groups after a student at cornell elementary school was allegedly assaulted near campus. it's really creepy and scary. parents like jen west, got an email from the district superintendent's office, the letter reads. urgent safety alert, a cornell student was


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