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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 1, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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shelby reporter jesse gary explains, the action could have prevented one law scatters team from dying due to overdose. his parents say leno's bloom was a star athlete on the rise, then the covid pandemic depression and drug experimentation led to a faithful and fatal dose of fentanyl days before his 18th birthday, the detective mentioned that like they suspect that is that's been, you know, at least peel that he was able to get an access and that placed people probably had a dosage of fentanyl. well good morning. everyone friday santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez and the team of south bay leaders announcing the formation of a fentanyl working group. its goal combating what members call a public health crisis. don't kid yourself. no one is immune from this deadly drug fentanyl is causing a rising number of deaths, particularly among 18 to 25 year olds. the santa clara
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county coroner reports fentanyl overdose deaths are on an upward trajectory since 2015 last year saw 135 and there have been eight in the first three months of this year. it's the dynamic increase in fentanyl being found in the drugs that they buy on the street. use it. parties experts say one fentanyl laced pill produces a high, more powerful and addictive than coke . crack meth or heroine. your brain gets flooded with these neurotransmitters that make you feel amazing, right? and so as soon as that drug wears off the craving amps up the 15 member working group is developing a media campaign targeting mass transit schools, social media and traditional media about the deadly consequences of using drugs tainted by fentanyl. two weeks from now a specialized enhancement team within the district attorney's office will target dealers selling fentanyl laced drugs, explaining they can be charged with homicide for each fentanyl overdose that
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results in a death. eventually we hope to have a coordinated counter response investigating the fentanyl poisoning deaths here. these efforts are welcome but come too late for john bloom and his family who will never know how far their sons athletic talents could have taken him. we're never going to like, you know, forget lee, lena's and like, and he's he's you know, death will always impact us. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news the mountain view of scott does high school district dealing with its own student drug overdose. now the district released a statement about the loss of alaska does high school student that reads in part now the incident is being investigated as a possible fentanyl poisoning. given the sensitivity of the investigation . the student's name is not being released at this time while police work to identify how or where the narcotics were obtained. mountain view police are providing this information to share the dangers of fentanyl. and rise awareness of the risk that currently exists within our community. now this goes on to say that they will be
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offering grief support services next week and for as long as needed. san francisco is working to address mental health and drug abuse by hiring more support workers. today the city of department of public health announced that it tired more than 200 public health staff this year. and officials say those new hires will work their focus or focus their work rather on the tenderloin and specifically the overdose crisis in that neighborhood that you staff include behavioral health, clinicians, pharmacists and health care workers. well, the role he's set to get underway right now for the man shot by police at the san jose zakariyah. it's justice for k on green rally, and it's taking place at san jose city hall. green is in the hospital after getting shot in the stomach, arm and knee. he says he wrestled a gun from a man during a fight at the restaurant. and when police saw him with a gun, they shot him. police say green did not drop the weapon when they told him to the shooting remains under investigation. 2.5 year old missing child who is now 8.5. her birthday is coming up
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in september. we need to resolve this case. a new reward. now in the six year old case of a missing girl whose mother was found buried in a san francisco park, the fbi and sfpd say they hope this reward will spark more leads and tips are crime reporter henry lee is live in san francisco with the latest on this case, henry that we're hearing mclaren park in san francisco. this is where vigil for nicole fits and her daughter began just a half hour ago. now friends and loved ones are just heartbroken because nicole fits his body was found buried in this park. back in 2016, and all this time has passed. six years have passed and the two year old daughter has still not been found six years after nicole fits, was killed and buried in san francisco's mclaren park, her daughter arianna still hasn't been found. we'll pursue all leads. examine all evidence. and seek out all individuals who may have information on this case at a news conference, san
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francisco police and the fbi announced an increase in the reward for tips from 100 to $250,000. two year old arianna was last seen in february. 2016 with babysitters. this is an age progressed photo of what arianna might look like today as an eight year old. her mother, nicole, a best buy worker was last seen on april 1st 2016. her remains were found in the park a week later. sources have told ktvu. she was beaten. this piece of plywood with unusual markings was found over her body. nicole's roommate has said the night she was killed. she had left their home to meet someone. it's been six years of heartache and uncertainty for their family. their friends. and their entire community. the fbi says agents and the sfpd have made headway, recovering additional evidence with the help of technology and from witnesses, old and new, and just the last few months alone. we have developed many new leads, but investigators would not release any details, saying that could compromise the case. we will never give up until this case
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comes to a resolution. we will never give up until we have justice for nicole. and justice for ariana. you know, it's a pity. investigators are here at the park this afternoon supporting the family, police and the fbi say every tip, no matter how small could lead to a big break in the case, reporting live in san francisco, henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry. thank you. the fbi and chp, asking for the public's help now to find a missing teenager who may have been taken by her stepfather. investigators believe 14 year old catania with not was abducted by her stepfather, santos floors roman last july. now at the time, it was believed she was a runaway. well now alerts have now been issued for to hama, shasta and siskiyou counties. players romans family lives in santa rosa now both were last seen in 1993 silver toyota corolla with the california license plate. three f. k. r. 698 call 911 if you
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know their whereabouts. new at five. federal prosecutors say they busted another fraud ring involving pandemic unemployment money 10 people from arkansas, accused of using debit cards to steal $2.7 million from the california employment development department. prosecutors say a 24 year old contract worker with bank of america used her access to issue the unemployment. debit cards, remove fraud blocks and add credits than the other suspects would apparently withdraw the funds. all 10 are charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud. they each potentially face decades in prison. a trial is scheduled for mid april. new details surrounding the slap at the oscars coming up what will smith has to say about his future and the academy of motion picture arts and sciences? warmer weather felt over the bay area this afternoon and climbing for saturday. i'll have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for tomorrow,
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finf millions of dollars later, there's a new rapid bus system along one of san francisco's most traveled streets. vanessa improvement project was approved way back in 2000 and three and construction began in 2016.
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well, now nearly $350 million later, city leaders say the red line will speed up bus travel by 30% or about 15 minutes. ktvu somatic catanha is here to show us how the new system worked on day one and what passengers thought of the improvements, amanda today is the start of what leaders are calling the new van ness on the bus, rapid transit systems opening day. people were pretty impressed. it's a transit system millions of dollars and years in the making that has people celebrating their bus ride down vms today stuff i am lucky. once we knew it was opening. we say we're coming here today to write the new munich writing the new route was a necessary stop on meg, durban and clinton lewis's trip to the city this weekend. this is just another fantastic edition to the city, so it's great. we'll go out of our way to take a bus. these new red lanes are just for busses, um uni or golden gate transit.
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emergency vehicles can also use it. but on day one, there was still a little confusion with a few cars in the red lines and even people on scooters and bikes. the point is to keep busses separated from traffic, traffic lights, even prioritized busses, giving them a green light at intersections all to make the routes faster. and so far, passengers say it's working. do you think it was faster today? oh, yeah. yeah, i see him is very fast. yeah yeah , i like it. the project also added new landscaping to beautify the street and enhanced crosswalks. but one of the best benefits writers noticed is the safety of the new platforms. you're not in danger of getting hit as much you know you can and it's wider. it's something cyclists are especially happy about. it's always a little bit dicey because the bus has got to stop, and then you have to load the bike and there's cars behind. this is going to be
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fantastic because now we have a separate lanes. so i'm all for this, and i've been looking forward to this for a long time. the hope is all these changes will convince people the bus is a better option. it's really important to get people out of cars. besides those few hiccups with people in the red lines overall, everyone was pretty happy with the changes today. there were also sfm to ambassadors on each block to make sure that people knew where to go to get on the bus for drivers. the biggest thing to know is you cannot make a u turn on van ness. at all now, and you can only turn left onto streets. that's lombard and broadway. i know a lot of people are just happy that the construction is finally over. amanda. thank you. countering is cutting fares in half for the next month. all fares will be 50% cheaper throughout april. the train service wants to thank writers for dealing with the electrification work that's been impacting service over the last month. full train service resumes monday through the caltrain says it will have to reduce service again in may for more electrification work well. today is the first day of san
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francisco restaurant week diners are being offered special promotions at 160 restaurants all across the city until april. 10th. also the off the grid food truck event is making its return for the first time in two years in san francisco with more than two dozen trucks, organizers say this is california's largest weekly food truck event. it's underway right now at fort mason , the weekly event will also feature a full bar and live music and runs every friday through november. new details this evening surrounding will smith and that infamous slap of chris rock at the 94th academy awards show. we're now learning that smith, who was facing possible expulsion from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences has instead chosen to resign and that he will accept any further consequences the academy board deems appropriate. the actor released a statement calling his actions quote. shocking painful and inexcusable, he says in part i betrayed the trust of the academy. i deprived other nominees and winners of their
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opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated for their extraordinary work. i am heartbroken. i want to put the focus back on those who deserve attention for their achievements and allow the academy to get back to do the incredible work it does to support creativity and artistry. in film. ukrainian documentary filmmakers have released video that shows severe damage and an airbase near kiev following the russian offensive on the capital. the video also shows damage to the world's largest plane parked in a ruined hanger. there are plans to salvage the aircraft, which is used to fly exceptionally large cargoes. ukraine is being blamed for cross border attack to that left at least two people hurt boxes. alex hogan has the latest at least two people reportedly injured following a massive predawn blast at an oil depot in belgorod, russia. russian officials claiming the attack was conducted by two ukrainian helicopters. ukrainian officials have not confirmed the incident . video footage from the scene shows rockets hitting the oil depot as it goes up into flames
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. russian news outlets says eight fuel tanks were damaged and more than 200 firefighters were dispatched. to put out the massive blaze the attacks on the russian territory, they just reflect the real intention. intention of the ukrainian side . the attack on the depo comes as negotiators from russia and ukraine resumed talks on friday. russian troops have retreated from areas surrounding keith. but pentagon officials remain skeptical, saying the kremlin is regrouping rather than deescalating. the best assessment we have and it's an assessment at this early stage is that they're going to be repositioned probably into belarus to be refit and resupplied and used elsewhere in ukraine as the war stretches on. british intelligence officials claim some russian soldiers are sabotaging moscow's war efforts . this comes just days after reports that putin's inner circle has failed to brief him on the full scope of his military failures in ukraine. putin has already lost. putin has damaged himself through a
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series of catastrophic misjudgments. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky demoted two of his own generals during a speech on friday, calling them traitors in lviv, ukraine. alex hogan, fox news the concert in one country this weekend will benefit ukrainian refugees. the event called napa valley to ukraine benefit concert will take place at the napa valley expo at two p.m. sunday. there will be food, wine and beer. profits will go to nova, ukraine and world central kitchen of food relief agency. several performers including high noon and fantastic degree toe will be there. as well as state senator bill dodd and other government officials were making the easier by the way for you to connect to the many area groups working to help the ukrainian people. you can just scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen there, and that will get you to a list of organizations that are eager to accept your help. not enough rain. not enough water. today was the last snow survey of this year's rainy season. and despite
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a gang busters start, it had a pretty terrible finish making conservation, the most critical and at least the last three years, the average snowpack was at 4% of normal at the phillips station in el dorado county, where those measurements were taken today. statewide the snowpack is at 38% of average ktvu tom vacar now joining us with how this deepening drought rather requires more out of the box thinking thinking. lexington reservoir, like all south bay reservoirs are well below their normal levels and like like sonoma, most north bay reservoirs are hurting too. but what about the really big picture? california's big five reservoirs currently hold only 40% of their capacity. on this day, they have historically averaged 55% the rest of their spaces reserved for snow melt and additional reigns to catch all the water they can and still prevent flooding. but the existing snowpack is just not enough to overcome the shortage and april rains are normally
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half of march. rains making in april miracle highly unlikely. we are calling on all californians to use water wisely to conserve as much as you can. on friday, the federal agency that runs the best central valley project told the santa clara valley water district. that it's normal allocation of water critical to its needs has been slashed to only what is necessary for public health and safety of the messages. this drought is serious. i mean, this is this is something that again we have not seen ever. how can it be dealt with short term valley water is buying emergency water from some of our partners. but really, the reality is we have to use less water. having no water is not an option. most immediate option can serve as never before. short term recycle and purify wastewater we treat and discharge into our oceans a tremendous amount of wastewater that we could be reusing for a variety of purposes. massive
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desalination plants would present california with a limitless supply of water really out of the box. possibilities include pipelines to water rich areas. another build a fleet of giant water tanker ships to bring in a steady supply of water from water rich areas, as has been done in the caribbean. moving that water over those long distances is very energy intensive. it's very expensive. it requires a lot of infrastructure that we just don't have. yes, alternatives are expensive. but the costs of too little or no water at all are far far greater. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news fabulous day if you enjoy blue skies and temperatures right about average around the bay, unseasonably warm for inland communities and temperatures will continue to climb getting into saturday. here's a look across the bay a beautiful shot there. alcatraz and the golden gate. you do have a little bit of he's out there, but not too bad. and i do expect
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patchy fog once again tomorrow morning as we're seeing a little bit of patchy fog out there right now sticking with the drought and the very, very, a low rainfall amounts for this year. take a look at where we are the lowest in 173 years for january to march that three months there even worse than what we experienced in 2015, as well as 2013, so definitely something to think about as we move forward in the coming months. here's a look at the storm tracker to where it's quiet. we're not going to see any rain out there. not for today, not for the weekend. the extended forecast is dry with several days of dry weather coming our way temperatures right now. a seven degrees warmer in concord than 24 hours ago, up by eight in livermore, five in san jose in santa rosa, you are four degrees warmer. is look at the numbers outside along the coastline and closer to san francisco. we do have a little bit of fog. it's cool 54 degrees a little bit of an onshore breeze happen based 58 in san francisco. but then you go inland with all the sunshine 77 right now in brentwood. into
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the north paste 71 in santa rosa and into the south bay 72 for you, san jose. the winds have been generally light a little bit of an afternoon breeze out there. napa reporting. 15 mph, oakland reporting 14 and fairfield reporting 13. we do have that flow coming from the north, but notice the arrows coming from this direction. that southwesterly breeze that cool air coming from the pacific into our hills where winds aren't bad anywhere from 10 to 20 mph big rock reporting 18 monte abu reporting 18. for tomorrow will have the partly cloudy skies to start the day a little bit of patchy fog out there and then high clouds expected to kind of pass over us as we roll through saturday. there's a look at saturday evening, perhaps even some white sky out there as we get a little bit closer to sunset and perhaps a beautiful sunset with those clouds out there helping us out. meanwhile, tomorrow morning, going to be a chilly start temperatures in the low forties for santa rosa, san francisco, oakland, you'll start at 48 46 for san jose, and then
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into the afternoon temperatures are going to be above average to well above average, depending on where you're at so 78 degrees expected for santa rosa 67 in san francisco, low seventies in oakland, upper seventies and livermore, so, 10 degrees above the seasonal average for you there, and san jose coming in at 74 for tomorrow, a better look at tomorrow's afternoon highs. we will begin to cool it down for your bay area sunday. better details on the extended forecast coming up. rosemary. thank you. coming up a heartbreaking loss for u c. berkeley community, and they area birdwatchers as a beloved peregrine falcon. grenell was found dead this week. we'll speak with the paragraph falcon expert about what his death means for his what his death means for his mate, anne. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh.
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way up in the clouds where anything is possible? they have direct flights to vegas. close enough! ♪ ♪ the side of the road in minnesota is doing well in recovery. body cam footage captures community service officer emily pain approaching the wounded animal in order to
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get the eagles some much needed help. the officer was able to get a blanket over the bird. before putting her in a cage. the bald eagle had been struck by a car after they were either. on prey or feeding on something along the side of the road, and neighbors saw that struggling bird and called for help. first thing in the eagle that close before, so it was amazing g is out of her oxygen support that she needed when she first came in, and it's starting to be pretty resistant to us giving her medical care, which is how we want our patients. we want them not to want us around. uh so they can go back and be wild birds. the raptors that our hopes to give the eagle another couple of weeks to fully heal from her trauma before releasing her back into the wild, so similar story, but sadly, with a different ending, grenell, one of u. c. berkeley's longtime peregrine falcons, has died. grenelle and his partner, annie had been nesting atop the campanelli on the calle campus since 2000 and 17 and according to cal falcon cam, the bird was found dead this week in downtown
5:27 pm
berkeley. officials say he was probably struck by a car given where he was found. so joining us now to talk about this loss and what it means with the berkeley community and peregrine falcon breeding season is lynched sophie school field with cal falcons. thank you so much for joining us and taking time with us, lynn. first of all, we're sorry to hear about grenell it straight to hear that a falcon would be hit by a car. what do we know at this point? um so we do know that he was hit by a car injuries definitely point that happened. but you're right. it is very odd to felton flying solo to get hit by a car. we have a couple hypotheses why this might have happened. one is that grinnell was conflict with another young falcon that was including on his territory early in the day. and another is that he was tracing a pigeon or some other kind of prey and straighten the road. but um
5:28 pm
yeah, ultimately, he was hit by a car. you're not survive? yeah just really terrible to hear, you know, living in and in the community where you have a lot of people a lot of cars in these type of things do they normally live in these environments? peregrine falcons do actually almost more than anywhere now live in urban environments. their natural habitat is steep cliff faces and legends of that sort and as human beings have created essentially the perfect steep cliff faces for caravan felton's to nest on and hunt from the pigeons are one of their great items and sell urban areas are really good environment for the species, but just looking creatures their andean grenell have been staples of cal campus for the past few years. now, what does this loss means to the berkeley community. um so we've been hearing a lot
5:29 pm
of, um, keep back and love from the berkeley community and the community people as a whole that has been following anne and grenell for the past. five years , and they raised tricks, and it seems like there's a lot of people who really are feeling a lot of loss. lot of people ask couple years have on. been kind of turning to annie and grenell as a source of positive. positive thing to watch a hopeful, hopeful thing and luckily. find it's still a hopeful story because although grinnell breeding male fast it appears that annie's a female may already be in the process of finding a new mate raised eggs this season, right? that's what i wanted to get to as we look at these live pictures right here. double hit here because they were the eggs were being incubated right now. so what
5:30 pm
will happen to her eggs? and what do you know about this possible new mate? um so we can't say for sure what's going to happen to these eggs? but judging by how quickly this new maid has arrived and started to form a bond with me, it is very possible that these two eggs that are annie and greenalls will survive and be successful, and perhaps he raised alongsides this new individual. we hope to see that happen very soon. and at one point, these peregrine falcons were endangered. what's the situation for them right now? so paraben falcons are one of these wonderful success stories when it comes to wildlife conservation. they were nearly extricated entirely from the united states there. we're a
5:31 pm
total of two pairs of peregrine falcons. breeding and all of california. and honestly that represented all of the united states. um, but, uh. starting in the 19 sixties and moving forward, a lot of activism work and a lot of research and a lot of conservation works with place impairment. falcons are now no longer endangered and they are now becoming so common that we are finding peregrine falcons actually. battling over territories like we're seeing here on completely their magnificent creatures. it was we continue to look live here from the nest where grenelle and anne lipped. we hope that things progress and the eggs are able to come to hatch, sometimes settling schofield with cal falcons. thank you so much for joining us this evening and sharing what you know about what happened here. thank you. what can i do? but um, really create
5:32 pm
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or d an incredible passion for music.
5:35 pm
the fox theater in redwood city , please host to zach fest this weekend. but as ktvu is an, rubin explains, it's no ordinary music festival. it's a father's love letter to the memory of a son. good boys. they grow up fast. just one blinking childhood best. this was how eric davis and his son zach, communicated best through music . so when it came time to pay tribute to zack's memory concert only seemed fitting. i couldn't do it in a room. i had to do it in a theater. this is the perfect place. so he booked the fox theater in redwood city, then started arranging the band's suddenly zach fest was born. what can i do? but, um really create something that's as big as my love for my son has been. zak passed away in december of 2020 after a struggle with opioid addiction. he had been in recovery and thriving in nursing school when
5:36 pm
the pandemic hit. his father thinks the isolation of covid took its toll. and he thinks it's important to talk about it. it's like i'm acting like i'm ashamed of him. what i'm proud of is the fight that he put on. one of the things i hope to do is help to bring that disease into the light. and so zack fast will include members of the recovery community. it will also raise money for a new foundation called zach scares, garrett hopes it will focus on music and wellness. he says planning. this has brought a lot of emotions to the forefront. what makes me miss him more? but i'm actually so happy that people are going to be able to see the things that they see and what they'll see and here, he says. it's a lot of great music. he's living . you know, he's he's his spirit is here with us all night long. it's going to be so that's that's what i'm excited about. the first annual zach fest gets underway at seven p.m. on
5:37 pm
saturday. april 2nd tickets are $25 apiece and there are plenty still available. at the fox theater in redwood city, and ruben ktvu fox, two news parents in the east bay city of albany say they're worried about the safety of their children after learning that police are investigating an assault on a child police patrols were stepped up today around cornell elementary, the alameda unified school district superintendent sent a letter home saying there was a quote urgent safety alert and that a parent reported that according else student was assaulted wednesday morning while walking to school parents we spoke with today say they're very concerned. i think it's really out of the ordinary in this neighborhood, and i'm glad that they are on top of it. it's a little bit scary feel like we just have to be here the whole entire time. pick them up off the mob. the school district is also cautioning students to walk in groups and be accompanied by an adult when possible. in any academic albies restaurant is temporarily closed. his
5:38 pm
officials investigated potential case of arson. contra costa county firefighters were called to that restaurant yesterday morning. they say someone broke a window and set part of the dining area on fire. today we received a statement from applebee's corporate office that reads. this incident happened in our restaurant outside of business hours, and we are thankful that no team members or guests were on site at the time. we are working with the local authorities in their investigation and quote. even though the restaurants structure is intact, it remains closed because of extensive smoke damage. well inflation is impacting the dinner table now, meat and poultry prices expected to climb this year. analysts predict the increases will reach the double digits. lydia who tells us what's behind the possible surge in prices. we usually think of chicken and pork and ground beef as the more affordable protein options, but analysts now warn that there are price surges on the way the prices of pork and ground beef expected to skyrocket 20% this year for chicken as much as 70%
5:39 pm
this comes as the national average prices. for these proteins are already higher between three and 16% over a year ago and now increased prices for animal feed around the world. corn, soybean wheat caused by russia's invasion will force prices even higher. pork and chicken are particularly susceptible to the increased animal feed prices 50% of the cost to produce pork comes from animal feed. about 70 to 80% of the production cost for chicken comes from animal feed forgot outrageous like the beef did last year, then be concerned and you your chicken would back off, there wouldn't be buying it. now as far as preparing for these price hikes that are expected to come before june. butcher vinnie here recommends buying pork and ground beef and chicken and bulk and freezing what you can now reporting from scotch plains, new jersey, lydia, who for fox business. inflation is also
5:40 pm
causing a sticky situation for some maple syrup farms, the rising price of everything from equipment to fuel east, forcing farmers and producers to pass the costs along with their customers. fox's madison. scarpino joins us live from a maple syrup farm in chelsea, michigan, one of the nation's top maple producing states, too. good evening, madison. good evening, christina. so maple syrup topping season is about to come to an end. and it only last 4 to 5 weeks because it relies on temperatures being above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. in this machine behind me, boils down that sap to eventually turn it into syrup. but as you said, things look a bit different this year because the cost of pretty much everything from maple production is skyrocketing, and it's forced some farmers to raise their syrup prices. kirk heading lives on a michigan family farm that's been around for generations. 16 years ago,
5:41 pm
his family realized they could use the trees on their property for something sweet. my wife and i were the very first ones to ever make maple syrup on the farm here. now the farm has nearly 2000 taps on their trees . the topic struck sap, which they turn into maple products. they can make syrup, butter candy, and it's used for coffee and tea, baking grilling and basically anything you put white sugar into. it's healthier than most generic sweeteners because it's not highly processed. and actually has some good nutrients in it as well and demand grew big time during the pandemic when more people were cooking at home and experimenting with other products, there were particularly interested in natural products and locally grown products. and so maple syrup you know was was very popular item over the last couple of years. in fact, heading, says the pandemic increase demand by 20% a year but the rising price of nearly everything from people production forced the farm to do something they were hoping to
5:42 pm
avoid. we actually had to raise our prices for the first time in about 10 years. it's been a challenging time economically for the industry. the north american maple syrup council says getting supplies like jugs has been a problem as well as the cost of equipment. but the biggest issue has been fuel prices and whether you're using gas powered equipment in the woods to have trees or with trucks to deliver sapa with trucks to deliver this, the final product consumers now a gallon of maple syrup from the headings farm costs $6 more than did a month ago. and of course, it's those smaller family farms that are getting hit hardest, and in turn, they're having to raise their prices. the most in chelsea, michigan, madison, scarpino ktvu. fox two news for a lot of people, madison. thank you. the house votes to make pot legal now what will the senate do? i'm carolina shively in washington. i'll have that story coming up. and nearly 1.5 million cars have been recalled because of safety concerns.
5:43 pm
after the break, we'll let you know which owners are affected.
5:44 pm
(music throughout) okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪
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uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪ woue federal level and get rid of the criminal penalties that go along with it. but opponents argue that marijuana is enough of a mind altering substance to pose a threat to society. caroline child, lee has more on the debate on the house floor. if the house of representatives gets its way, this will no longer be a federal crime. on friday, the house voted to remove marijuana from the controlled substances act list and send the bill to the senate. we are here today to vote to get america. ha that's the way most house republicans seem to see it. and what are democrats doing today? legalizing drugs. legalizing drugs and using american tax dollars to kickstart and prop up the marijuana industry. but democrats call comments like that scare tactics. it's like
5:46 pm
they saw reefer madness in middle school never got over it if passed by the senate and signed by the president, the bill would drop some federal penalties and also invest in areas hard hit by the war on drugs. but house members disagree on whether those communities would benefit the war on drugs disproportionately impacted black, latino and minority communities. and they tore them apart with a very targeted incarceration strategy . what's worse, we want to target those individuals and communities who are historically most impacted by the harm of illegal drugs. and provide federal funding to help enable criminals to open and operate now legal drug businesses. even if the bill becomes a federal law, it can still be a crime and individual states depending where you live. in washington, carolina shively fox news, a mid air scare for nearly 200 passengers coming up what happened when a windshield shattered during flying. being
5:47 pm
around the bay area. we are looking at a warm up. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the weekend and the extended forecast coming up.
5:48 pm
(music throughout) care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses.
5:49 pm
it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause! thee an emergency landing because its windshield shattered yesterday the plane was diverted to denver international one passenger onboard tweeted this picture and wrote, they landed safely. in a statement, delta confirmed the unscheduled landing, saying in part that the flight experienced a maintenance issue that flight out of an abundance of caution. the flight crew diverted into denver and the plane landed routinely our team worked quickly to accommodate customers on a new plane, and we sincerely apologize for the delay and inconvenience to their travel plans. the 198 passengers on board were flown to d c on a new aircraft. more than 120. alaska airlines flights were canceled today, including some out of the bay area here because of a pilot shortage during ongoing contract
5:50 pm
negotiations. more than 100 of alaska's pilots were on informational picket lines at airports up and down the west coast. some alaska airlines flights were canceled in san francisco, los angeles, seattle and portland's negotiations between the pilots and union began back in 2019. the main sticking points have been paid. more flexible schedules and job protections. amazon warehouse workers in new york are now the first in the retail giant's history to unionize. the workers voted today in favor of creating amazon labor union or value. it was organized by a group made up of former and current workers. this vote only affects workers in amazon, staten island, new york facility. the alieu says the workers are seeking longer breaks paid time off for injured employees and an hourly wage of $30 an hour up from just over $18 per hour offered by the company. amazon has not yet commented on the vote to unionize. more than 737,004 vehicles are part of two recalls
5:51 pm
because of safety concerns and oil leak is affecting the 2023 2022 ford escape. as well as the 2021 2022 bronco sport suv with 1.5 liter engines. the engine oil by the re separator housing could crack allowing oil to leak. and start a fire under the hood. meanwhile, a software error can stop trailers from breaking, increasing the risk of a crash. the affected models are f 1 50 pickups from 2021 to 2022. 2022 f 1, 53, 54 50 and 5 50 2022 maverick pickups and ford expedition and lincoln navigator. ford will fix the problems for free. well that's not the only recall to tell you about a windshield wiper defect causing gm to recall nearly 682,000 suvs affected models include the 2014 to 2015 chevrolet equinox and gmc terrain compact suvs. the recall notice says ball joints in the wiper modules may rust and
5:52 pm
separate, causing the wipers to become an operative. gm will replace that part for free. okay let's talk to baseball. now. the san francisco giants will open the 2022 regular season next week at oracle park, and today we got a sneak peek at what's new for the upcoming season, including tech enhancements like 100% contact less payment throughout the stadium. more food and drink options that includes more vegan dishes, president and ceo larry baer says it's finally starting to feel like baseball season in the city. there were people in giant swag. there were people saying go giants, there's a couple of the horns honking, and it just felt like um what? what we've come to know. here on the embarcadero for two decades. again the giants open the regular season at oracle park next friday when they face off against the miami marlins. it's going to be such a great time. all right outside our doors at this hour, getting ready for the weekend, and if you have plans for outdoors well bring along the sunblock expected
5:53 pm
temperatures to be above average , because that's exactly what we're going to see giving you a live. look here across the bay into san francisco, a little bit of fog out there along the coast and just inside the bay, but many enjoying plenty of blue sky. and for most temperatures warmer today, here's a look. a storm tracker to where again we're going to remain quiet, not only for the weekend, but beyond the next seven. maybe even 10 days look to be dry. so we'll continue to monitor that. outside of that. we are looking at warmer weather again. today temperatures came up perhaps a little bit warmer for tomorrow under partly cloudy skies. here's a look at tomorrow morning a little bit foggy out there and some high cloud cover as well. and then, as we get into the afternoon, the high clouds continue to sweep by and into sunset, perhaps a beautiful sense that coming our way with those clouds overhead. meanwhile temperatures right now still at this time upper seventies in areas like livermore brentwood sunsets right about 77 32, depending on where you live this evening 71 in santa rosa 58 right now in san francisco and 54 half moon bay, so a bit of an
5:54 pm
onshore breeze and a little bit of patchy fog out there. contributing to those cool temperatures tomorrow morning. let's talk cool temperatures will be in the forties, so a bit of a chill, especially in areas like a santa rosa and napa. expected in the low forties for tomorrow, low forties for the inland east bay, 43 concord around the bay mid upper fifties 48 to start your day in oakland as well as san francisco. and then as we get into the afternoon temperatures will range from the low sixties at the coast. to low seventies around the bay to upper seventies for inland cities, almost 80 degrees in areas like antioch tomorrow upper seventies for santa rosa san francisco, looking at a beautiful 67 73 in redwood city, 5 10 degrees or so above the average for this time of year. tahoe going to be nice as well. tahoe right now. upper fifties to low sixties and near repeat getting into the weekend overnight lows will fall below freezing afternoon high 60 degrees for tomorrow. upper fifties on sunday. for us. we do cool it down on sunday, a little bit more on monday remaining dry , though, and the temperatures are back up tuesday, wednesday
5:55 pm
sixties at the coast upper seventies around the bay upper seventies to low eighties inland back to you. the latest jobs report showing a spike in hiring and wages, but inflation is eating into those games unravel rivera in washington, with reaction to the jobs report coming up then it's six. a bunch of coach will show us how much money could be saved by shaking up our household routines and find out what the motion picture academy thinks about. will smith's move to resign his membership from the organization.
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care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast. they fly to chicago, hawaii, cancun! wow! do they fly to my magical faraway kingdom of care-a-lot, way up in the clouds where anything is possible? they have direct flights to vegas. close enough! ♪ ♪ robs employers added 431,000 jobs in march, and while it's a drop
5:58 pm
from the 678,000 jobs added in february, more than 400,000 jobs have been added every month for nearly a year. the latest numbers of president biden, saying the economy is moving in the right direction. but as fox is madeline rivera reports, many americans remain pessimistic about the economy and skyrocketing prices. hello nice to president. kamala harris is touting the biden administration's efforts to help small business owners crucial, they say, a stores like this fabric shop in mississippi work to recover from the pandemic. business 27 years, president biden says his policies have helped americans get back on their feet. the latest jobs report showing 431,000 jobs were added in march the unemployment rate dropping to 3.6% from 3.8% the month before more and more american workers. have real power now to get better wages. and to do what's best for themselves and their families, but with inflation up almost 8% from a year ago, many argue
5:59 pm
they're actually getting a pay cut instead of a pay raise. people are getting poorer because prices are going up so much. friday's jobs report is likely to bolster the federal reserve's case to increase interest rates several times this year as it tries to call spending. i do think we're going to continue to see a real struggle here for the fed. in order to bring inflation down march marks the 11th straight month with more than 400,000 jobs created. we haven't seen a streak like that since 1939 in washington, martha rivera fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. make no mistake. yes, it is a racial justice bill. according to the value black americans are nearly four times more likely to be arrested for cannabis related crimes than white americans, despite equal rights of use. bay area. congresswoman barbara lee makes her case for nationwide legalization of marijuana. good evening. i'm christina radom, and i'm andre senior. some
6:00 pm
people think the conflict between states like california, which already have legalized marijuana, and federal law is no longer tenable. despite that fox news is caroline shyly reports that many political analysts suspect this bill will not make it through the senate. if the house of representatives gets its way, this will no longer be a federal crime. on friday, the house voted to remove marijuana from the controlled substances act list and send the bill to the senate. we're here today to vote to get america. ha! that's the way most house republicans seem to see it. and what are democrats doing today? legalizing drugs. legalizing drugs and using american tax dollars to kickstart and prop up the marijuana industry. but democrats call comments like that scare tactics. it's like they saw reefer madness in middle school never got over it if passed by the senate and signed by the president, the bill would drop some federal penalties and also invest in areas hard hit by the war on drugs. but house members disagree on whether those communities would benefit


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