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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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catania brown jackson to the u. s. supreme court, making her the first black woman to get a seat on the high court. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourtn holding president biden's hand as she watched her confirmation vote unfold today at the white house. she will be replacing justice stephen breyer, who who will be retiring at the end of his current term. later on this summer. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes savage will have more on this historic day in washington in just a moment. first notice some breaking news. we're following right now in livermore. police are urging people to avoid interstate 5 80 because of a chp investigation that has shut down the eastbound lanes on the freeway. traffic is being taken off right now from that freeway at north livermore avenue. i what a mess as you can see, this has created a monster backup that extends all the way back to dublin. and interstate 6
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80 again. these are live pictures from sky fox. so far, there is no word on what kind of police investigation is involved . right now. we will bring you updates as soon as they come in on this again breaking news story in livermore, where the chp has closed, eastbound interstate 5 80. alright now we head back to capitol hill where history was made today, as the senate confirmed judge could tangie brown jackson to the supreme court. she will be the first black woman to serve on the high court. fox's caroline shortly. joining us now live from washington, where judge jackson did receive some bipartisan support. caroline. hi there. alex. this is certainly a victory for the white house, as well as democrats in congress as president biden's top pick for the supreme court received bipartisan confirmation. this nomination is confirmed after days of contentious hearings and debate, tangie brown jackson has confirmed to the supreme court. this is one of the great moments. of american history.
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the vote 53 to 47, all 50 democrats in the senate supported her as well as three republicans. the president watched the vote count with judge jackson at the white house. in her confirmation hearings, judge jackson spoke about the sacrifices her parents made in her upbringing and vowed she would decide cases from a neutral posture. judges can't make law judges shouldn't be policymakers. that's a part of our constitutional design during those 30 hours of hearings last month, republicans tried to get a better understanding of her record as a federal public defender and as a judge. many were not satisfied with her answers and what they viewed as lenient sentencing for sex offenders. the number of her cases that have been overturned only reinforces the fact that this requires a deeper look in the deeper i look, the more i realized that her judicial philosophy is anything ethical to mine? it's a really simple answer. judge jackson won't
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officially become justice jackson until later this summer . that is when justice breyer retires. alex back to you. all right, caroline shabbily live for us in washington. thank you. for more now on this history making day, retired santa clara county superior court judge adores hazard. cordell joins us this afternoon and here we are judged for the first time since the supreme court's founding in 17 90. a black woman could see is going to be sitting on the bench. what an extraordinary davis is. indeed it is. i watched the vote as it was taking place on the senate floor, and once she was confirmed, i was clapping along with all of those who want to see her on the bench. this is an amazing day for her. and it's an equally amazing day for america . and i say that because this institution the u. s supreme court is slowly but surely moving forward to look like america when you think that the
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first african american thurgood marshall was on the court, we had to wait. as you noted from 17 90 until we get to the late 19 sixties. and then not wait until 1981 before the first woman to be on the court, so we're making progress. it's very slow. i do hope that soon. we will have an asian american on the court. we will have a native american on the court. this court is now four females when she was sworn in. five males and we're getting the better balanced with regard to the male female ratio in the court, so we've come a long way. i think this is exciting. it's groundbreaking. his historic and i applaud those senators who voted for her confirmation. her identity as a black woman, no doubt shaped her professional choices and her professional and her personal experiences in a way that would, as we all know, differ from that of any other justice. how might that influence her contributions on the high court? so every justice
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is a human being, and every justice brings to the court their own experiences their background. it informs who they are and how they look at the world. so that's why it is so important to have a black woman on the court now because she will bring her experiences her background when she considers how to rule on these cases, the supreme court operates by consensus, they all sit together conference meetings with their law clerks. and then they look at the law and then they discuss it and they have their own viewpoints. so we know that with this additional perspective of a black woman who has had very different experiences from everyone on that court. she will have a perspective a unique one to bring to the table and then they discuss and see if they can arrive at consensus among the majority of the justices on the court, so it's an interesting time, and i hope that she is a consensus builder. but right now she is on the liberal side, and there are basically three women who are on the liberal side
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right now on this court once he's sworn in an african american a latina and a jewish woman. so there's a rainbow started a rainbow on the liberal side, and i hope that as we move along, we'll see more representational diversity on that court. i know that you're a retired judge, not a political analyst. but some wonder whether her sitting on the supreme court will have any immediate impact on the court with an existing conservative majority. your thoughts on that. sure there's a super majority of conservatives on the court. so it is unlikely that it she will be in the majority. in these cases there might be, but what she will likely do is write descents that is, she will not agree with the majority opinion and history shows us that as time goes on, uh, sometimes these dissenting opinions eventually become the majority opinions. so i think she will be very important. she writes beautifully. her positions on cases so we'll see where it goes. but initially, no , you won't see an ideological
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shift. i believe on the court. not for a bit, but she's just 51 years old, and she's got a long tenure on the court because it is a lifetime appointment. that's what i was going to end this conversation with the fact that she is 51. she will be on the bench. for a very long time, retired santa clara county superior court judge the doris cordell always a pleasure to see you. thank you again. thank you, and it's a very good day. all right, let's turn now to the unseasonably hot temperatures we are experiencing outside today. this was the scene here in walnut creek, and why not head to the pool to try to beat the heat lot of folks doing some laps? trying to stay cool today for more on the heat, and how long it's gonna last. let's get over to ktvu meteorologists mark tamayo mark either guys. what's interesting is today. we're trying to find a way to stay cool, right? and then next week, we'll try to find a way to stay warm. and that's how much temperatures are big shift ships around quite a bit. yeah but today temperatures a good 10 to 20 degrees above the average and
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hotspots once again as advertised. in the nineties as you can see some of the temperatures across the parts of the bay area for today. saratoga healdsburg, san mateo all close to 90 degrees danville 87. petaluma 87 san francisco downtown 85 pacifica 85 degrees, we'll get the official record report during the five o'clock hour, but so far the areas that could be a close to records of the santa rosa oakland downtown livermore and in san jose at the airport right now, the satellite show you just a few high clouds moving into the bay area. that's just about it. we still have the hazy skies. and current numbers out there for the four o'clock hour. you can still see 90 degrees in livermore, san jose, currently. 90 oakland, 86, san francisco, still holding on to 85 santa rosa in the upper eighties 89 degrees here is our live camera, looking out toward the open estuary. san francisco . it just looks like a steamy day out there. no fog but just kind of some haze settling in across the bay area. now the
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headline tomorrow we do cool things off compared to it today . so today, the hottest day of the week tomorrow is still fairly warm, endless temperatures in the eighties but definitely some cooling coast side and right around the bay. there's eventual temperature range for your friday afternoon and more robust cooling as we head into the weekend and maybe some shower chances for next week aboard those changes with your forecast update coming up in a few minutes. okay, thanks, mark. so let's talk more about today's hot weather. it's in a lot of people to the beach looking for some relief, and that's where we find ktvu. christian captain life force this afternoon christian a lot of visitors there at ocean beach today. yeah absolutely. i was just talking about with martin, my photographer here and we were just saying that we're seeing an influx of people coming in. now who are maybe knocking off work a little bit early. if you take a look, you can see there's still plenty of folks here at the beach today. with the spike in temperatures. a lot of people are either looking to enjoy the warm weather. or beat the heat. hot temps across the bay area even reached into normally cool san francisco. people here are
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used to temperatures in the sixties, not the eighties were not accustomed to it physically, and we're not accustomed to it in the things we do. you know, we need to wear lighter clothing. we need to get to cool areas. we forget that it's so hot, even with temperatures in the low to mid eighties, people need to be aware of the symptoms of heat illness, heavy sweating, nausea, dizziness and headache. dr joseph wu, an emergency physician with the all american medical group, says he illness can be especially dangerous for the elderly. if you're caring for an older person, you need to learn the symptoms of heat illness and learn to recognize them and maybe check in on them couple of times a day. in the hot weather, the heat can also stress out our four legged family members. he's wearing his summer outfit because usually he's got a full length coat on right because of the fog and the cold and everything. today he's got his summer outfit just a halter constantly fill his bowl throughout the day, and i just went over to the pet store to
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get him another bowl. yeah so it's just good to keep sure he's hydrated. plenty of treat as wel . i decided to coeen coming here for about 20 years. and what did you get the best flavor of all time, cookies and cream. ocean beach, michael rothman rolled out the cocoa banana cart portable taste of the tropics that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the chocolate covered fruit. he said customers began showing up the moment he did. you. all i gotta do is open up my open up the thing and people started lining up for frozen bananas. and while there's plenty of fun to be had, there's also a warning, especially for out of town visitors here at ocean beach and other beaches around san francisco. there are strong rip currents and sneaker waves and people have drowned here in the past, so remember that even the high water can be dangerous. as long as you're very safe. the beach is going to
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be a fantastic place to try to beat the heat. for now, we're live at ocean beach in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. it certainly is. thanks so much christian appreciated in iran or that you can track the warm weather in your area. using our ktvu weather app. it is free to download right there in the app store. all right. for the first time. we are hearing from the man who was shot by police at a san jose restaurant. never thought i'd be in this position . i never did anything to put myself in this position, so it's still surreal to me. spinach is hurt, knowing that i can't play football this year. the lawsuit announced just today against the police department. and people in ukraine's eastern region warned to evacuate as russia refocuses its attacks. nato's chief is now warning this war could last years.
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andt downtown san jose zakariyah in late march k on green and athletes says that he fears he will not be able to play football again in the future. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joins us now live from san jose with more on the lawsuit that was announced just today, jesse alex. his attorneys say san jose police violated the civil rights of k on green. as for green, his first battle is not in the courtroom, but just trying to return to regular life and resuming his pursuit of a college football scholarship. and it just hurt knowing that. i can't play football this year, but i'm gonna try my hardest to make the comeback through tears . 20 year old cheon green is telling his side of the story promising contra costa college football player. green says he was determined to achieve stardom. and it allto announce f
4:16 pm
federal civil rights lawsuit thursday attorney a dante pointer announcing he's filing a civil rights lawsuit against the san jose police department, claiming an officer involved shooting in march robbed his client of much more than just football. no. one should have to go. through such a tragic such a preventable such a life altering event. alone surveillance video shows the early morning event inside la victoria zakariyah on east san carlos street. we knew our son was going to san jose because we keep tabs on it. several men attacked green and one pulls a gun. there's a struggle for control of the weapon, which green wind but while backing out of the restaurant door cell phone video shows responding officers ordering him to drop the weapon and then shooting a second later on. green was shot four times by san jose police department.
4:17 pm
while saving other people's lives, as well as his legal experts say the fact only one officer fired is troublesome for the department. you can only use deadly force when it's necessary and they needed to give mr green time to comply with their order . green was shot four times and is hobbled by his injuries. he lied for two days. handcuffed to a hospital bed before his family was informed. that was like the one of the worst days of our lives. if not the worst. not knowing where your child is. not understanding. what was going on . we feel as if. san jose police department gave us the runaround. page treated us unfairly for green, a long road to recovery. he had an offer to play football for fresno state. but he says other schools from pac 12 washington state to the
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blue turf of boise state and from san jose state to the longhorns of texas, and all expressed interest, and now that's all in question, as this athlete must learn if several shots from an officer's gun have ended his one shot at stardom. hopefully, i'll be able to get back to 100. okay on, green says he's facing 6 to 8 weeks of rehab before he can even hope to get back on the football field, and then it remains to be seen if his injuries interfere with his ability to play college football. we did reach out to the san jose police department, but we are told further policy. they don't comment on matters that are pending litigation live in downtown san jose. just a gary ktvu fox two news, we'll head back to you up and open future in football. certainly in doubt here after that shooting, jesse. thank you. well oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened near lake merritt and officers responded to the shooting there on lakeshore avenue near 12th street. around nine o'clock last
4:19 pm
night. oakland fire crews were also on the scene and say the victim had several gunshot wounds. the men later died from his injuries. police have not released any other details about that victim or a possible suspect. now we turn to the war in ukraine, where the un's humanitarian chief says despite talks in kiev and moscow this week, he's not optimistic about a ceasefire. today the u. n suspended russia from its human rights council in response to reports of atrocities carried out by russian forces boxes. jeff paul tells us more ukrainian civilians are being told to evacuate now as russia is expected to shift its attacks to the east. military leaders and ukraine's eastern region of luhansk, warning civilians there to evacuate while it's still safe to do so, but mary opal fleeing remains nearly impossible as russian forces have increased their air and artillery attacks the red cross managing to get 1000 of the more than 100,000 trapped in marea
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paul, the director says that alone took days but they will not stop trying. i think it is important that these people are given the opportunity. to get out from helen. and because this is really an apocalyptic situation there, meanwhile, further to the west and the southern part of the country, ukrainian counter attacks taking place and cure san in the north . russian troops continue to retreat, revealing the aftermath of shelling, leaving widespread destruction. police are working to notify the families of the hundreds of civilians killed. meanwhile nato's chief warning this war could last years. as nato leaders resume talks ukraine's foreign minister is calling for more arms shipments . my agenda is very simple. it has only three items on it. its weapons, weapons and weapons. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky says new sanctions slapped on russia will fall short of the support needed on the ground bucket. this package of the new western sanctions
4:21 pm
against russia looks impressive , but it's not enough as the situation of mario po gets worse , the mayor there, saying 90% of the city has now been destroyed in the ukraine. jeff paul fox news shooting that left at least two people dead at a popular restaurant and nightclub area and tell aviv is being called a possible terror attack. a video from that scene shows people running while paramedics treated . the wounded shots were fired at several locations there on that busy street that was packed with people on thursday night, the start of israel's weekend. at least seven people were wounded. three of them are said to be in critical condition. israeli police have now launched a massive manhunt for at least one gunman. tensions have been high after a series of attacks in recent weeks by palestinian assailants, which killed 11 people, including police officers. legal trouble for former president trump that daily find he faces for failing to turn over evidence to the new york attorney general's office. and be sure to stay with us
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throughout the night. right here on ktvu. we've got master chef junior coming up at eight, followed by calming cat and welcome to flat and then be sure to stay with us for the 10 and 11 o'clock news again. right here on ktvu fox two. care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast. they fly to chicago, hawaii, cancun!
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are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. hasr president trump and contempt for not turning over documents and a civil investigation into his business practices. in court papers. the new york kg asked that trump be fined. $10,000 a day until he complies with a subpoena for those documents. state investigators say evidence shows that for more than a decade that trump organization's financial statements relied on misleading asset valuations and other misrepresentations to secure economic benefits. mr trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. house speaker nancy pelosi has tested positive for covid 19, a spokesperson says
4:25 pm
she is currently asymptomatic. pelosi is fully vaccinated against covid-19 and also received her booster. after testing negative earlier this week, she did appear unmasked with president biden at the white house yesterday. during his affordable care act remarks . the speaker's office says pelosi will quarantine consistent with cdc guidelines. a new study shows the life expectancy among americans continues to decline at historically notable levels, particularly among white americans. the analysis found across all groups, life expectancy dropped to 76.6 years last year in 2020, it was almost 77 years. compare that with almost 79 years prior to the pandemic in 2019 figures also show the drop in life expectancy among white americans was greater than the total us decline, falling about a third of a year in 2021. the u. s could see another up taking coronavirus cases in the coming weeks, dr anthony fauci says,
4:26 pm
given how the uk reacted to the b, a two oh macron sub variant. he's expecting the us to follow suit, and we could soon see cases rise here as well. the nation's top infectious disease expert also predicted yet another surge come fall around october. he said that what we are in uncharted territory with covid-19 if we follow the behavior of viruses like the flu , we can expect a rise in cases as colder weather sets in. more black head coaches joined a lawsuit against the nfl and an investigation into the league's treatment of its female employees. the big challenges the nfl faces before its next season gets underway. a group of lawmakers taking steps to try to prevent a massive wave of migrants at the southern border if the biden administration lifts title 40 to put in place at the start of the pandemic. at the start of the pandemic. blanchard in washington with
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that p of the show and livermore. we're eastbound interstate 5 80 has been shut down now from war than an hour. livermore police say the lanes are closed for law enforcement investigation. but we still don't have any details on who or what they're looking for. a traffic is being taken off of the freeway. there are north livermore avenue. but as you can see, and as you can imagine, this is creating a major backup in this area, one that extends all the way back to dublin. and interstate 6 80. so if you have plans to head in that direction, boy trying to find an alternate route so that you can avoid that area again.
4:30 pm
and then that law enforcement investigation happening right now on eastbound 5 80 in livermore. two more black coaches have now joined a hiring discrimination lawsuit against the nfl. the class action suit accuses the league and his teams of racial discrimination in hiring practices. the updated suit filed in federal court today. adds former arizona head coach steve wilks and former tennessee titans defensive coordinator ray horton. former miami dolphins head coach brian flores filed the original suit in february alleging racial discrimination across the nfl. it focused on the new york giants, hiring a white coach with less nfl coaching experience. over flores. attorneys general from six different states are threatening to investigate the nfl over its treatment of female employees in february in new york times investigation found allegations by more than 30 former employees who said they experienced sexual harassment from male bosses. the
4:31 pm
allegations included being forced to attend parties were prostitutes were hired and being forced out for complaining about discrimination. the attorneys general say the league will face a major investigation if the alleged workplace harassment of women and minorities isn't addressed and corrected. now the nfl says, quote. we share the commitment of the attorneys general to ensure all our workplaces are free from discrimination and harassment. we've made great strides over the years in support of that commitment, but we acknowledge that, like many organizations, we have more work to do. for more on all this. we're joined now by dr sean fletcher of public relations professor at san jose state university. always good to see you, professor. thank you. for your time. we have lawsuits. we have the threat of investigations. criminal investigations here is all of this. you think going to lead to a culture change within the nfl? well that's my hope. i feel much better that the conversation has shifted from
4:32 pm
previous conversations that you and i have had on this topic that we're starting out now to see a bit more teeth. behind some of the hearsay and as we know significant major leagues like the national football league if there is no evidence if there is no significant proof if we don't continue to see congress and other political bodies like attorney general james coming out, and actually providing a bit more substance behind this, we've seen the nfl be able to dodge some of these allegations, and we know where there's smoke. there's fire. we just need to continue to have more bodies like congress and like attorney general james coming out in support of this alright. so, the attorney general has promised in essentially that more aggressive legal action will be taken against the nfl if conditions don't improve, if, if a culture
4:33 pm
is not created, where it's one that's free of discrimination and free of harassment. what? what steps do you think the league is going to have to take here to make that happen. moving forward and avoid again that more aggressive legal action well, they're gonna have to do more than what they've shown up until now, more than what they've shown with the washington commanders debacle that we continue to see unfold where there's secrecy and shrouds and layers and layers between us and the truth. we're gonna have to see independent investigations take place that are truly independent. not um individuals who are put in place through entities of the national football league or one of their 32 member in franchises. we truly need an independent investigation, and that's why i believe that, uh, individuals in new york at the league office, they can't feel too good right now that we're starting to get independent bodies weighing in
4:34 pm
on this because they have the power and the bandwidth to present these independent investigations that the nfl cannot fudge they can not shroud they cannot bury like we've seen thus far and we can no longer take their word for it. i'll continue to stress that we cannot take their word for it. that culture changes will happen . we've heard that before, and we continue to see more allegations come out, rinse and repeat, something new has to happen. all right, obviously on the issue of the lack of black head coaches in the nfl, we've certainly talked about this before on paper. you know, we obviously have a lot of teams. they're complying with the rooney rule, which requires them to interview minority candidates . but when you really sit and look at it here, do you think that that black coaches are really being given? an equal opportunity at the head coaching positions. no i don't. and the challenges is that once again, the devil's in the details we see the spirit of the rooney rule. but we also far too often
4:35 pm
see the letter. of the rooney rule being checked off on lists , and we're seeing that today and i applaud ray horton and steve wilks coming out again. they suffer potentially the same threat that brian flores faced when he came out now, while steve wilks is on the carolina panthers coaching staff, ray horton is not and many others who potentially may come out, they faced the threat of penalty of punitive actions that the public may never see why they don't get an opportunity. but we saw with with david cully. we saw him be a one and done when he was under adverse circumstances down with the houston texans, and while he was replaced with another african american head coach, that smokescreen is not gonna work on me simply because you replace him with another african american head coach. they still did not give david cully fair chance, and we continue to see that with more coaches coming out, we need more allies like
4:36 pm
mike mullarkey, who is a white man who came forward and said i was part of a sham hiring process where i knew i had the job yet they still went on an interview. black candidates we know that happens and it's not just those of us who have been in and around the national football league like myself. it is a not so well kept secret that this continues to happen even to this day. we just need more people to step forward and give more bite behind some of the commentary. all right. well we will wait to see what the impact is of these lawsuits. and, of course, the threat of this investigation by these attorneys general across the country appreciate your time and your perspective as always, dr sean fletcher from san jose state. thanks for doing it. absolutely thank you. but lawmakers in alabama today passed bills targeting transgender children and lgbt classroom discussion similar to a florida log dubbed by opponents as don't say gay of the republican controlled
4:37 pm
alabama house of representatives approved sweeping legislation to outlaw gender affirming from dor transg years in prison. a separate measure prohibits early classroom instruction on sexual and gender identity. that bill now goes to republican governor kay ivey for her signature. she has not indicated whether she will sign it. on capitol hill. the debate is heating up over a trump arab border policy that's set to expire next month. it's known as title 42. it's a lot border officials to quickly deport migrants in an effort to prevent further spread of covid-19. as foxes. lauren blanchard reports efforts are underway to delay the end of title 42. lawmakers are working to prevent a new wave of migrants across the southern border bipartisan group of senators, including some moderate democrats, introducing a measure to temporarily block
4:38 pm
the biden administration's plan to end title 42. it's the pandemic related ban in place since 2020 that is allowed border officials to quickly deport migrants to slow the spread of covid-19. they're estimating over 500,000 people a month will be coming across illegally once they drop title 42 next month, the proposed legislation was pitched as an amendment to the latest covid-19 relief package. it would delay the end of title 42 for at least 60 days to give the administration the chance along with local leaders. to create a plan to stop a migrant influx before the policy ends. i don't think that 42 section 42 should be removed until we have secured borders period. meanwhile, officials in some border states are fed up with the numbers and the administration's response. joe biden has refused to come to the border to see the chaos that he has created. by his up and border policies, so we're going to take the border to him. texas
4:39 pm
governor greg abbott says he'll send busloads of migrants to washington d. c i think it's pretty clear this is a publicity stunt. i know that the governor of texas or any state does not have the legal authority to compel anyone to get on a bus and at the southern border, the national guard is holding mass migration drills. if the legislation to delay title 42 does not pass the policy will expire on may 23rd in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news alright. the boys of summer are back while the giants in the age don't play until tomorrow. other teams took the field today we'll take you live to st louis coming up for the delayed start to the major league baseball season. added weather temperatures soaring today, some eighties even a few nineties, but we begin to quote things up tomorrow and then some big time changes for next week. forecast update coming up.
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like the 2022 season opening day is finally here. foxes madison scar pido is joining us now live from ballpark village outside of busch stadium. that's the home of the st louis cardinals. and it's a good and exciting day day there, obviously for baseball fans. hi alex. absolutely exciting, and i mean, i got here early in the crowds were already here. the game just wrapped up with a cardinal wins, so the excitement is continuing, and this is the first year without any covid restrictions. no mask mandates, no social distancing, so it's really a feeling of renewal for both the players and fans alike and 14. mlb teams are facing off today in the first normal season in years, including the brewers versus the cubs to the astros versus the angels. to the pirates versus the cardinals right here in st louis, but the weather had different plans for some teams, the games between the red sox
4:43 pm
and the yankees and the mariners and twins got postponed till tomorrow for the business around stadiums. no question. the start of the season will give them a financial boost. big time and here in st louis cardinals have fans from all over the country who come to watch the games and everyone that i spoke they're just pumped for a normal season with the full stadium. excited for baseball to be here were excited for the fans of your excited for tourism to be up and everyone to experience that it's a great time. it's a great time about park village and st louis as a whole. it just feels like a new day today and in st louis in particular. opening day is something to celebrate, and today's extra special in that regard. and 13. more mlb games are set for tomorrow, of course, including the giants, so i'm sure you guys are very excited out there. and st louis madison, scarpino ktvu fox. two news certainly are ready for giants opening day. thank you. madison appreciated and speaking of which opening day, of course in major league baseball, this is it here. the
4:44 pm
giants home opener. is tomorrow against the miami marlins. so it was a very busy day today out of oracle park in the city. the giants were out of the ballpark, getting one last workout in before the opener. they're coming off that 107 win season back in 2021. manager gabe kapler says they are ready to defend their national league west division title. last year was extremely exciting year on so many fronts, and we have players have yeah, extraordinary years, so i think everybody is looking to build on that success , and i don't think that means like winning a certain number of games. but i think continuing to improve our processes and our practices. kapler is calling on the giants young, a slogan web to be starting pitcher for the home opener tomorrow and tomorrow morning on mornings on two. we will have live coveraget and oracle park and we will have
4:45 pm
live coverage during game right here. on the four. it's gonna be a great day to watch some baseball out of the ballpark mark, right, alex, can you imagine opening day with temperatures in the mid eighties? goodness that will not be the case. that was today. san francisco 85 degrees, but tomorrow will be nice. just not nearly as warm as today. we're thinking right around 70 degrees early tomorrow afternoon for a forecast high for your friday, but the weather should be nice. maybe some patchy fog for the morning hours, but then into the afternoon hours, mostly sunny skies. and temperatures in the upper sixties to right around 70 degrees. there will be a bit of a breeze out there. so today, mid eighties tomorrow about 15 degrees cooler compared to it today's readings. can see our thinking here with the temperature changes. of course, today we've been kind of highlighting. today is the hottest day of the week and that remains right on track. for tomorrow we will begin to cool things off and more big time cooling as we head into the weekend just to give you an example here. top pro. some of the preliminary highs from this afternoon. the bottom row showing you the projected
4:46 pm
numbers for tomorrow, so noticeable cooling, especially near the coast, and right around portions of the bay. we should have the records coming out during the five o'clock hour and as i mentioned earlier, santa rosa auckland, livermore, san jose all kind of within striking distance of records for today, showing you this just some high clouds moving in from the pacific over the past few hours, not much in the way of fog. you can see some cloud covering, in fact, the system up to our north up in the pacific northwest and take a look at these numbers right now. we have 90 degrees in livermore, san jose checking in 90 oakland 86 standard rosa 89. there's that 85 very warm and san francisco san francisco feels warm up when it's in the seventies. but today as you can see in the eighties. here's a live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary, san francisco in the distance, and it looks a bit hazy, and that's basically if you think of a kind of a warm bubble of air kind of on top of the bay area. it's kind of trapping some of that hayes. not too much mixing and as a result, air quality, not
4:47 pm
the greatest for today, overnight, we'll start out your friday morning in the forties and fifties and into the afternoon hours. definitely cooler coast side lower sixties inland spots, not as warm. we're just thinking some upper eighties but still born for tomorrow afternoon. so here's the pattern change. we are expecting this big area of high pressure. this is going to kind of scoot on out to the east beginning tomorrow. with that we're gonna have more of an onshore breeze setting up the cooling begins for your friday it's still fairly warm inland. but then into the weekend, we definitely cool things off as the system moves in. partly cloudy skies and the one thing want to keep an eye on will be stronger winds that could actually boost the fire danger in northern california, in fact , but those winds already a wind advisory for portions of the state, you could see out toward the solano county and out towards sacramento. winds could be gusting to over 40 miles an hour and i'm thinking there's a fairly good bet this will expand. to include more parts of the bay area, so we have to keep an eye on this wind advisory for this weekend, highest ford tomorrow definitely cooler for the coast seventy's around the
4:48 pm
bay warmest occasions inland. will be in the mid to upper eighties for tomorrow afternoon . and look, you had your five day forecast. take a look. in fact, it's kind of nice symmetry here as we take a look at these numbers a lot of numbers to show you about 86 for tomorrow for your friday and then we kind of switched the numbers on tuesday, only 68 degrees so you can see what's happening a significant drop off in those numbers. in fact, it will be chilly here on monday. we haven't talked about it yet. we'll talk about it right now, with the possibility of some showers in your monday forecast and maybe some snow showers. in the sierra. so alex record heat today believe we'll switch the page to maybe some serious snow on monday. yes, serious turnaround there. okay mark. thank you. from her outfits to family heirlooms. you now have a chance to win some of betty white's personal belongings will have a look at the items that are going up for auction. and coming up tonight on the news at five new information on a story we brought you earlier in this newscast a man killed last night near lake merritt in oakland.
4:49 pm
we've just learned he was shot while being robbed. the update is coming up in just a couple of minutes, plus and to be able to make, uh a type of memory that we just we would last forever would be just i feel like priceless so we never know what's going a family fights to sa and coming up new at five. a nonprofit needsok forward to
4:50 pm
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career. of legendary actress betty white or going up for auction. some 1500 pieces taken from whites to california homes will be up for grabs at an auction event in beverly hills that scheduled for september. the collection will include some of whites awards scripts, red carpet outfits, her wedding band and family heirlooms, auction
4:52 pm
executives say one of the biggest sellers is expected to be a 14 karat gold watch. that white received as a gift in 1940 . the watch once belonged to her mother. this was a really important gift, and you see lots of photographs of petty early on in her career wearing this watch , this was something important to her. that's really personal and something she cherished and kept in working condition up to today. auction executives expect each item will sell in the 1 to $2 million range. the beloved actress and philanthropist, died in december weeks shy of her 1/100 birthday. hurricane season is still a couple months away, but we're already hearing what it might be like meteorology group in colorado that's been forecasting hurricane seasons for the past 37 years is out now, with its prediction for 2022 fox weather, steve bender has more on what to expect this summer. we're less than two months away from the hurricane season, and it looks like it
4:53 pm
will be another active one. the colorado state university forecasting team releasing their annual hurricane season projection numbers thursday. the university's tropical meteorology project, predicts there will be a total of 19 named tropical storms, nine hurricanes and four major hurricanes appearing in the atlantic ocean, the caribbean and the gulf of mexico is going to be a similar season in 2022 to what we had in 2021. that's above average, but not crazy. above average, like 2020. the group, which has been issuing forecasts since 1983 says the four major storms this year will be category three hurricanes or higher and they say the reason we'll see such an active season is warmer than average waters. the most important thing to remember is it only takes one storm no matter how many storms we have, even if we only have three or four. if one comes over your city, it will be a year. you'll never forget. storms typically feed off of warm
4:54 pm
waters and slight changes in the win. the lack of an el nino condition means there will be less wind shear to tear the storms apart in the atlantic. for those wondering what an l nino condition is will it occurs when surface water in the equatorial pacific becomes warmer than average and east winds blow weaker than normal? the hurricane season will run from june 1st to november 30th in new york. steve bender, fox news. support for firefighters in ukraine from their counterparts here in the us the equipment and gear being donated to first responders in that war
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
pics first new music in almost three decades to raise money for the people of ukraine. the band announced today that its new song is titled hey hey, rise up! it features pink floyd members
4:57 pm
david gilmour and nick mason, along with vocals from ukrainian singer andre clinic of the band boombox cuts short a tour of the us to return to ukraine and join a territorial defense unit. the song is being released on friday , and the proceeds will go to the ukraine humanitarian relief fund. first responders all across the country are answering the call to help the people in ukraine growing number of us fire departments are sending old safety gear to that nation that is under attack. boxes. stephen gohan has the details. firefighters in ukraine could have never prepared for what they're facing right now with bombs and dropping and massive fires, breaking out almost daily and their gear in short supply. it's the same protective equipment that kept these firefighters safe for years. basically an outer layer that's a shell boots, coats, pants and helmets. now ukraine bound where it's badly needed to help first responders fighting a war. you can't really do your job without
4:58 pm
having it. it's just like a it's basically like your body armored station in olmstead, ohio. this retired but still usable turnout gear was just sitting in storage. before the department realized it could help bombs going off in the building's burning and they have to search through the rubble if any victims or are still in there, so without this gear that you're limited to what you can do today that gears boxed up and ready to ship out when you have that extra support from the world and from people, you know hundreds of thousands of miles away. imex big impact part of an equipment collection efforts sweeping the country with each community inspiring the next, and ukrainian americans like nadia petrie, leading the charge to gather donations. they have the people that are ready to work. so you want to make sure that as many people are willing to help, they're able to help and there is no um, you know, jeopardizing their health as well while they're trying to help other people now, as the war continues, there's hope, arriving on the front lines in the form of fire gear. that's already proven its worth here and will soon be tested again on
4:59 pm
the battlefield. we all want to help out our federal citizens, and this is just an extension of that by helping our brothers and sisters. in ukraine and in addition to safety equipment, some american firefighters have even traveled to ukraine, hoping to help by bringing manpower to that nation's largely volunteer fire service in cleveland. stephen going, ktvu fox two news . ktvu fox two news at five starts now. has to be shot. but the real pain didn't come into. my teammates came to see me and i couldn't walk out that door with him. and for the first time we're hearing from the college athlete shot by police at a downtown san jose talk correa on green, describing how this has changed his life and his wish to play football again in the future. good evening and thank you so much for joining us today. five heather holmes cristina rendon about a week and a half. after that shooting, green has now filed a federal
5:00 pm
lawsuit against the city of san jose ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary has been following the story. he joins us live from san jose with more jesse. christina his attorneys say san jose police violated the civil rights of k on green. as for green, his first battle isn't in the courtroom but returning to regular life and resuming his pursuit. of a college football scholarship. spinach is hurt, knowing that. i can't play football this year through tears . 20 year old john green is telling his side of the story, promising contra costa college football player green says he was determined to achieve stardom. and it all changed in the blink of an eye. we're here to announce the filing of federal civil rights lawsuit thursday attorney a dante pointer announcing he's filing a civil rights lawsuit against the san jose police department, claiming an officer involved shooting in march robbed his client of much more than just football. no. one


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