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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  April 14, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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oakland. and perform aerial maneuvers. tomorrow's performance starts at eight o'clock saturday. there are five pm eight pm shows no tickets required. there will also be food trucks and space to picnic during the show. so this means if you're interested, and the weather is dry, come on out for a great show. a man accused of shooting 10 people on a brooklyn subway train is due in court today, details on his arrest and how one new york city citizen helped police catch him after a 30 hour manhunt. russia is denying claims from ukraine that had badly damaged one of its warships. this as ukraine's president asks the u. s for more weapons artillery 155 million mistress artillery shells 152 millimeters as many as possible. coming up the response from president biden as they continue to support ukraine in their fight against russia. and tesla ceo elon musk makes a $43
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billion offer to buy twitter why, he says he wants to transform the company and quote unlock it. alright spring is in the air on the 14th of april and the rain is making its way across the bay area as we give you a live look at its san francisco bay, the golden gate bridge in the distance there alcatraz. right middle favorite song with the word rain in it. think about it. think about it. you have to answer. now i'll go with mission in the rain by the jerry garcia band will touch it again in about 30 minutes. this is the second round of rain we are getting this week and more is on the way. the good news for us is the fire season getting underway in many parts of the state, so we need the precipitation and not only here up in this year, things are looking white. once again. here's a live look up at lake tahoe, where a few inches of snow did fall overnight in the higher elevations. and these are pictures from 50. i believe we have from myers. where you can see there is snow on the ground. national weather service warning people traveling in the mountains. it could be a little bit dangerous because of the
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conditions caltrans does have chain restrictions in place on both interstate 80 a as well as 50. hey, welcome to the land. everybody on this thursday morning, sal does have the day off. james torres is here with us. great job traffic for the last 15 hours. i'm sure it was raining day means a busy traffic down great spring rate. i mean, do you are you? are you a fan of rain? not just in general because we need it. but in general percent onboard favorite song, november rain guns and roses school years, but absolutely when i was driving in today, i had kind of a soft mist falling, but this feels so good on board too horrific. lee dry winter. we just spoke with the assistant fire chief up in santa rosa. he said. look, what we're getting now is okay. but we really just need day illusion. illusion, which i don't think it's going to happen. i find this so funny because i'm from south florida and a rainy day in florida ruins your day. so we look forward to the rain. but now living here kind of getting to the culture of different good thing. rain is kind of good. speaking of frame. we've got a lot about it to talk about this morning. so let's talk to steve paulson. he's the expert. how
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much more are we going to get a lot more? let it rain for me, mike. you are impressive with your jerry garcia knowledge. you really are. we go back a few years. very good. i'm impressed with that. i'll go with clapping. let it right. all right. we do have rain, already making its move now starting to move a little bit more used. little bit more south. this is there will be four systems here between now and the end of next week. if you don't get rain, it will be cloudy, mild conditions. that's pretty good plume of moisture coming across the deep south. just looked at the north where it says storm tracker see that colder air that's starting to push that south as that deepens a little bit, which is why our rain is starting to enhance mendocino counties had about a half inch to an inch and a half plus this is starting to pick up some darker green means that you know that's a more steady rain on the way i look at that temp truck. he's now 39 south lake tahoe 35. so this cold air is going to get scoured out of their snow levels around 46 expected to go up to 6000, maybe even above lake level. but so that's why i went snow and rain. winter weather advisories, though, is out until 11 o'clock tonight. bigger system is on tap
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for saturday afternoon up there in the mountains, but our pattern has changed. no doubt about it. so the first system here coming in this is about areas to the north, far less than the south. but the saturday system looks good saturday morning, not only to the north but also all the way down to the santa cruz area. santa cruz mountains ben lomond, internet third, that's pretty good, even more gun hill out to conquer livermore, santa rosa and the third that'd be 2.5 plus out to the russian river, finally getting something other than an east or northeast breeze. temperatures are in the fifties were getting a south wind. that's a front direction. that's why the snow levels also going up. and southeast breeze or a south wind, even along the peninsula, i wanted the cemetery coast and even in the santa clara valley, so big change here, which translates into fifties, not the thirties, not the fourth fifties now, and the high temps will continue to go up as well. a lot of moisture is just screaming across the pacific here. there's also remains of a typhoon that might play under our weather next week. that could be the one for the 21st. 22nd there's already some hints on that being maybe the strongest in the series. everything is starting to stack up here. some of the projections between now and next week favor
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marin county north and also read around this area sacramento foothills. also around parts of this year with, you know, maybe some really excessive rainfall. snow will be serious cement that will be heavy water content, but at this late stage of the game, it's all good. fifties on attempts or sixties on attempts here. so look for rain today a little bit of a break friday. pretty good rain for everybody saturday morning a break then sunday until monday night, you guys thank you. a man accused of shooting 10 people on a brooklyn subway trains expected to appear in front of a judge later today. 62 year old frank james was arrested yesterday following a 30 hour manhunt. investigators say you fired 33 rounds on a subway train hitting 10 people, injuring a dozen others. officials say that james posted several menacing videos on social media leading up to the shooting, but say they have still not established a motive for the attack. first and foremost, we wanted to take him off the street. the investigation is continuing into the motive into a social media postings. law enforcement
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sources say that james reported himself to the nypd is crimestoppers unit before his arrest, but it was a man working security cameras in the area where james was spotted that helped alert police to his whereabouts. see the ball is i told the police. i told him this guy. he did the problem. get him guys. he looked old gregg. thank you. and he got some like this, and he take him the car. and now we are here and then god with don't have been something to us. he says he recognized james from an alert he got on his phone. police say there has been tighter security around what is the nation's largest subway system since the attack? back here at home. ktvu has now learned that the santa clara vita will pay retirement benefits to the families of workers killed in a mass shooting. almost a year ago, the vt. a board of directors voted to split $4.9 million in retirement benefits among 10 families. who lost loved ones in the shooting last may at the guadalupe railyard that includes the family of one worker who
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died by suicide. after the tragedy, the agency will pay out $3000 a month or more for each of the victims, qualified family members. the ukrainian military says it hit and damaged the flagship of russia's black sea fleet with missiles overnight. meantime, russian forces are increasing their attacks on cities. in the eastern part of the country. griff jenkins has the story. the ukrainian military celebrating a big win on thursday. officials say they hit and badly damaged the russian cruiser moskva with two missiles, causing serious damage to the flagship of russia's black sea fleet. moscow claims the ship was damaged by a fire in the crew was forced to evacuate. typically about 500 people are on board experts say . it's just the latest example of the ukrainians out fighting the russian military despite a lack of manpower and technology . you've got soldiers with very little ammo. protective gear. yet somehow they are still winning tactically because they're defending their country. but the situation on land is different. russia has been intensifying its attacks on
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cities in ukraine's east with nearly a week of round the clock shelling, laying the groundwork for a major offensive expected any day. now couples russian troops are reinforcing activities in the eastern and southern directions. they're trying to take revenge for their loss is the pentagon is now rushing to get more weapons to ukraine ahead of that offensive president biden announcing a new $800 million military aid package on wednesday. and while ukraine's president continues his diplomatic blitz. both sides are acknowledging a ceasefire is unlikely at this time global sis fired in ukraine in ukraine doesn't seem possible to that was our appeal for humanitarian reasons, but it doesn't seem possible and following the russian retreat from the kiev region, officials say, nearly a million ukrainians who fled the country have now returned. in la vive ukraine. griff jenkins, ktvu fox two news time now, 908
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this morning, elon musk made a major offer to buy twitter and take it private weeks after becoming the social media company's largest shareholder, ktvu demagogues is live with details on the multibillion dollar offer, emma morning, james twitter is going to hold an all hands meeting with employees this afternoon at two o'clock, according to cnbc. this after elon musk offered to buy twitter for $54.20 a share, which would value the company at about $43 billion, and what better platform to announce this news than twitter itself? he tweeted the news around 4 30 this morning, simply saying, quote. i made an offer and linking to the securities exchange commission filing in that filing, there's a letter musk wrote to twitter's board chair, noting he believes in the potential twitter has to be a global platform for free speech , which is crucial for a functioning democracy, but not in its current form. he said he does not have confidence in twitter's management. and thinks twitter needs to be transformed as a private company. if he has
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offer is not accepted, he said. he did not. he needs to reconsider his position as a shareholder. he rejected an offer to join twitter's board earlier this month. the letter concludes with these final words , quote twitter has extraordinary potential. i will unlock it. he made clear this is his best offer and one that's non negotiable. musk is the co founder and leader of tesla, spacex, neuralink, and the boring company estimated net worth is $273 billion, according to forbes. making him the richest man in the world, twitter confirmed, is carefully reviewing the offer. the company's board of directors went into a meeting to discuss the takeover offer about two hours ago. reporting in the newsroom demagogues ktvu fox two news, emma, thank you coming up here on the nine a southern california woman pleads guilty to hate crime charges after falsely accusing a black teenager and attacking him in a new york city hotel. after a break how people are reacting to the
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more about the worldwide economic impact of the ongoing war in ukraine in a minute on the nine the latest warning from the head of the international monetary
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is e african american community in the national urban league's latest annual report, the state of black america. this year's publication is titled under siege, the plot to destroy democracy. let's talk more about what's in the report and get reaction to it. by welcoming back to the ninth, the host of the black report on fox soul good morning to you, demi lobo. hello garcia is so great to speak with you again. this is an annual report that report that comes out every year. and so we're really happy that this comes out. the national urban league is a place that the black community looks to four black news, black black updates about what's going on in our community. and so with this report, it showed that 73% of
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the american pie is still not given to us as a black community and also we have so it does say , added a few things here. it says that black people have made economic and health gains, so that's really good to know that we did make some gains, but we're still very far behind white people when it comes to education when it comes to social justice, and when it comes to civic engagement, which are two things that are very important to the black community. we saw the black lives matter movement how that made black people feel seeing what happened with george floyd and so many black americans, brianna taylor. they're on after and so it just really is disheartening to know that even though we have made some gains in some places when it comes to the important areas like i said social justice, education and civic engagement were still very , very far behind and add to all that the fact that the pandemic for the past two plus years has dramatically affected black and brown communities. more so than the general population. i imagine your viewers are sharing stories with you on fox hill, perhaps through social media about how these big issues are being felt in a very real way in their lives. absolutely you
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know, we are the demographic are the black people right now on our viewers, and i'm so happy that you you touched on that they're definitely weighing in on instagram on social media and letting us know how they feel about this, because although this seems like a national issue, that is something that that's not on a local level. education is something that we've talked about. the last time is very, very important. have are the same access to education as our white counterparts knowing that when you get pulled over by a police officer, that fear that is something that a black person it's very hard to describe the fear of getting pulled over and it's such a difference to our white counterparts getting pulled over by a police officer and you know there's still a lot of work that needs to be done in the community in the world, but i'm really happy that the national black urban league released this so they said that the future is grim. because that lets us know that we still have so much so much work to do to feel like we are really equal as people in america. yes, 73.9% of the economic status, health, education, social justice, etcetera compared to white americans. alright let's move on
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now to what's happening partly there in southern california, a recent guilty plea by a southern california woman to hate crime charges for an attack on the black team of 14 year old in a new york hotel lobby. the plea deal requires the woman maya ponsetto to avoid any jail time if she gets counseling and avoided the criminal incidents. what do your viewers think of the outcome of this highly followed case? is definitely was very highly followed case and the problem with this situation here is that a lot of people are wondering if the roles were reversed here. if this was a black woman who attacked a white woman or a black, a black man who attacked a white man would the count would the situation looks the exact same and that's what a lot of black americans are having a hard time. trying to grapple with that the way that she had no charges here, and she's not possibly like you said not going to face any jail time is really just feels unfair and unfair. just the tone that a lot of black americans have right now that you literally attacked a young 14 year old man . young young boy, you said that
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he stole your phone and then even the interview that she did after there was no remorse for what she did. she didn't apologize for it didn't seem like she really cared about what was going on and again. if this were a black person, a lot of people feel if this was a black person attacking a white person, this would be a totally different situation that black person would be in jail. and so it just it's really just sad and disheartening again to know that this is happening. in 2022 in america, and she is possibly not going to go to jail. it's interesting to hear the district attorney in this case, a black man said the plea ensures appropriate accountability by addressing the underlying causes for the woman's behavior and helps to ensure that the conduct does not happen again. i know a lot of people want punishment strict consequences. but according to the d, a this sort of dialogue and counseling that she has to get may have a more positive outcome. where your viewers what do they say about that? counseling to me, and i don't want to downplay counseling because i'm sure there are definitely positive that comes from counseling and a
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lot of americans in the world. no matter what race you are could definitely benefit from counseling, but the way that she reacted in this case attacking a 14 year old boy, there absolutely should be more repercussions. to the counseling , and she can also get a plea deal. she also rebuttal this. it definitely just doesn't feel like a fair situation. and so you know, with this here the our viewers are really just feeling like are we getting accountability as a black community right now we see so many cases. honestly with derek chauvin, and i hate to wrap that in there, but with derek chauvin, i feel like i was one of the one case of the very few that we feel like there was a person who really got accountability. he really is in jail. he's going to be there for a while. but there are so many cases day in and day out where there is no accountability. we still haven't gotten the killer for brianna taylor, and so it just really just feels like does america. black america care? does america excuse me care about black americans right now? okay it's good that you're able to provide this window into those conversations were so glad to have you on again and we'll
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see you next week. demi lobo. we will thank you so much guys and always loved checking in with you guys to give a black perspective on what's going on and how we feel from our viewers perspective. absolutely. we could watch yourselves demi when we switch over to fox all online anytime. fox hole dot tv. you can also watch on the fox soul app. for apple and android devices happening today in oakland man who entered a guilty plea to killing the hayward police sergeant is back in court right now for his sentencing. sergeant scott longer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in july of 2015. mark astrada was charged with first degree murder. his plea agreement will send him to prison for at least 50 years. open police chief laurent armstrong says one big reason for the rise in violent crime is that criminals are being released from jail early oakland, according to chief armstrong has the highest number of people in alameda county, who are released on bail and then commit crimes again. chief armstrong says the emergency bail system established during the pandemic to reduce jail population. let many criminals get back out on the streets soon after they were arrested. including people arrested for felony assault. we've been so
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focused on trying to provide support and resources for those that have committed crimes that we've lost sight of those that have been victimized. now the police chief is working with the alameda county district attorney as well as county judges to try to keep criminals from committing crimes again. but he says the changes aren't happening fast enough. communities across the country are cleaning up the devastation created by tornadoes, blizzards and wildfires this week. actually strohmeyer has more on the work that's being done as forecasters are warning of more severe weather in the coming months. cleanup is underway across parts of texas, minnesota and iowa after tornadoes touched down in several communities on tuesday, roughly two dozen people are recovering in the lone star state after an ef three tornado slammed neighborhoods north of austin. bringing with it winds speeds of up to 165 mph and damaging more than 60 structures. at least 10
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twisters also tore through northern iowa, with minnesota reporting severe damage from four confirmed storms. everybody else said to hear the train coming through and looks like a train went through. meanwhile ferocious wildfires continue decimating new mexico. mcbride fire sparked tuesday in his one of at least five infernos being stoked by roaring winds. to date , more than 100 structures have been destroyed as roughly 4000 people were forced to evacuate. and i see blast, on the other hand, is targeting north dakota blizzards, expected to last through thursday are dumping more than a foot of snow in some areas. a strong gust of wind create even higher piles, causing businesses to close. meantime hurricane season isn't expected to start until june, but officials from fema and noah telling all people in florida wednesday don't be complacent. start preparing your emergency plans now valuable resource we have is time. forecasters at
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colorado state university predict this hurricane season will be above average. estimating roughly 19 named storms in nine hurricanes could slam coastal communities. from june through november. ashleigh strohmeyer fox news coming up next year on mornings onto the nine the woman accused of staging her own kidnapping is scheduled be back in court today more information on a plea agreement in the case and we're also learning more about the economic impact around the world as the result as a result of the ongoing war in ukraine later on the nine the latest warning from the head of the international
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welcome back new this morning. the head of the international monetary fund is warning that russia's war against ukraine is weakening the economic prospects for most of the world's countries, the i, m f managing director says. the consequences of russia's invasion is contributing to economic downgrades for 143 countries.
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the managing director went on to say that the war has disrupted global trade and energy and grain. and is threatening to cause food shortages in africa and in the middle east. happening today. president biden is traveling to greensboro, north carolina, to talk about his efforts to increase american production of semiconductors and also reduce dependence on foreign manufacturers. during his visit to a college campus, the president is expected to urge congress to approve the bipartisan innovation act to increase funding for us production. now this comes as a new quinnipiac university poll shows president biden's approval rating is now the lowest point of his presidency. 33% of americans approved of his job performance while 54% disapproved the woman from reading who pleaded guilty to staging her own kidnapping, will have another court appearance on monday. 39 year old sherri papini was arraigned in federal court in sacramento yesterday, one day after she signed a plea deal admitting the reported abduction back in 2016 was a hoax. in the plea agreement,
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papini admitted that she repeatedly lied to the fbi over the years and said she'd actually been staying with the next boyfriend in costa mesa for more than three weeks. the california state university system is paid $600,000 to a former top sonoma state university administrator to resolve a dispute related to staff complaints of sexual harassment. the press democrat obtained records showing the settlement was paid to former provost lisa volunteer orf. she accused sonoma state university president judy sakaki of retaliating against her for reporting sexual harassment complaints by several employees against patrick mccollum. mccullum is a cocky as husband and an education lobbyist. the university says it investigated the complaint against mccollum and says the reports likely wouldn't constitute sexual harassment by title nine standards. i don't see a business owner is cleaning up after a suspected dui driver crashed into a store front. we have a live report from that early morning crash coming up after the break. plus the summer travel season is quickly
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approaching. but with the price of just about everything, hotels , airfare all on the rise. planning a vacation might seem a little too expensive. after the break. we're live with the travel expert to
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fing in the east bay looking along, i 80 traffic flowing. okay if you have a couple extra minutes to leave early to get to where you need to go with that a little bit more activity on the roads than usual because of all this rain, but we will take it after all those dry dry months. alright, let's talk grocery shopping if you don't relish the idea of strolling through the grocery aisles, you can still get your goods through curbside pickup or delivery in most cases. one company no. is now using robots to help process those online orders faster and easier. you are taking a look at safeway's newest micro fulfillment center in citrus heights, just outside sacramento. the facility there has made a state of the art
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technology and automation. it is right behind a safeway grocery store safely says the virtual orders are being handled 10 times the speed that they would before the robots. as for the concern from some that this automated technology and the robots are taking away humans jobs, safeway says it's added 65 jobs to handle this new technology. maybe i am the only one probably on this news desk, or, you know, in the city of oakland, where we are i love grocery shopping. no you do that . you're so excited, so stoked. i like seeing what's available at like seeing the people who shop around me. i don't know. it's kind of like my one big outing of the week. i was verbal. it's my super bowl every week and i would never go automated or delivery. i just for some reason. i love it. automated sometimes and just kind of depends because, you know, i respect the people who are working there. i love the conversations and engagement. but when you talk, and that's my local market when you go to like a safe way and there's 12 different places to check out and there's only two people working in the lines are long,
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frustrating going automated. james i'm going to take my little basket and i'll check out myself and see you later. i've never tried it. i've never done it and i think i enjoy the experience going to grocery store, but it's also like a chore. you have to, and you guys love it, like dossier loves it. that's certainly not if i can add one quick thing, especially over the past two years of the pandemic, our communities suffered so much loss and we saw people lining up for food at the alameda county food bank, etcetera. when i go to store i have a renewed sense of appreciation. look i can buy this bread and milk and eggs and look, there's someone here to help me every time still at the checkout, i say, because you're here. i can feed my family so essential all the way. i mean, it really is my one big outing of the week. you can never take it away from me. no doubt what? we don't want to take it away from you with that. okay, moving on to some of the headlines of the day. a large fire at a salinas business has forced nearby businesses to evacuate. the fire is at the taylor farms facility, a major prepackaged
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salad company, and this was the scene as engines and ladder trucks rolled up early this morning. firefighters are warning of a possible ammonia leak and explosion. and because of that, they're reportedly letting the fire burn since it's too dangerous to fight. selena's firefighters evacuated neighborhoods around this fire, while other people have been told to shelter in place. thankfully no injuries have been reported this morning. that car crash right into a coffee shop in the north bed. it's happened in the city of santa rosa gate reviews. the mannequin challenge joins us live from the scene. with more on the story, amanda yeah, well, this is that badass coffee here on stony point road . i want to give you a look at the scene. right now. the glass has been cleaned up. they have this caution tape up, and they're starting to board up the front of the building here, but let's give you a look at what it looked like. earlier this morning, santa rosa police sent out pictures, saying they responded around 1 30 this morning to find a car was inside the coffee shop. and the driver was trapped inside that car. firefighters had to use
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hydraulic tools to get the man out, and he was taken to the hospital. investigators figured out that he drove around a curve too fast. hit a grassy hill and then that propelled him into the parking lot b then struck a tree and the car spun and crashed into the coffee shop. mm hmm. hit that side of that hill and he had to go. 50 60 ft in the air. you know, you can see where he didn't touch any ground went over the top of science. so it was probably something great out of the movies. have his homecoming. from the look of the car. the copy shop owner says that the driver is lucky to be alive. that driver has since been identified as 21 year old roman know chuck commas and has been arrested for driving under the influence. the shop is just starting to be boarded up right now. they will not be open today, but we've seen a lot of customers. come up and really be disappointed to see that they're close today. the owner tells me that he hopes that maybe they
9:34 am
can open back up tomorrow. but he says this is kind of a big hit, with the pandemic ending. now they have prices going up and then this. they're just hoping to come back strong after another hit to their business live in santa rosa, amanda quintana ktvu fax tunis. thanks, amanda, wishing them the best for sure. new this morning. san jose police say they've arrested all of the suspects involved in a robbery and shooting inside of san jose mall. this happened just days before christmas last year surveillance video you see now from december 20th inside oakridge mall, police say that's nehlen hobson plattner walking with his girlfriend. that's when police say two gang members named ulysses jimenez and paul #### approached and robbed him of jewelry. as you see in the video, the robbery victim. eventually pulls out a gun out of his backpack and start shooting. luckily nobody was hit by those bullets. all three men have now been arrested in the gunman faces multiple counts of attempted murder. the travel industry is reacting to the biden administration's decision to extend the federal mask
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mandate for planes and airports , really all mass transit by two more weeks, jonathan siri has more from atlanta. such a simple way not to be ill or spread any germs unknowingly to others. it should be down to choice travelers remain mixed on the cdcs decision to extend a mask mandate for public transportation. the order remains in place for another two weeks as the agency assesses the b a two r macron sub variant, the biden administration has faced pressure to lift the mask mandate, but experts say extending the order is not likely to impact air travel. there's so much demand up there. people have been cooped up at home for two years. they are ready to travel. they're willing to pay any price, according to the cdc. bh two makes up about 86% of us covid cases. the world health organization says it's now monitoring to new r macron sub variants but adds it's not yet clear whether they are more severe than earlier strains. this virus has over time become more transmissible. and it
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remains deadly, especially for the unprotected and unvaccinated public. health officials urge people to get boosters to protect against new variants today fighter and bio in tech announced a third dose of their covid-19 vaccine produced a high immune response in children five through 11 years old, but there's still a question about whether parents will opt to get their children boosted. the cdc says. just 28% of children five through 11 have been fully vaccinated. the company's plan to apply for authorization for the boosters in the coming days in atlanta, john searing ktvu, fox two news. despite the mask mandate being extended demand for travel is high right now, and airfare is also on the rise. if you plan on taking a vacation this summer, it will most likely be an expensive one. but there are ways to save gabes agli, a senior editor. travelzoo joins us live. it's been a cup of coffee, gabe, how you been? great to see you again, my friend. it's starting to feel
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very optimistic out there, but also expensive as you know. yeah um, for people watching and they want to roll up and pack up and hit his head out on the summer vacation. hotel prices i know are but let's specifically talk about airfare. where's airfare right now compared to pre pandemic. listen we started the year knowing that we were going to see sort of a monthly bump in airfare, pricing and numbers for march just came out this morning fares were up 20% over march of 2019 so pre pandemic and although bookings were up 12% the amount that those fares costs was up, 28% so you know we were looking a little bit more. that's good news, but we're paying quite a bit more, and that's certainly hitting folks in the in the pocketbook. i think we're going to see prices continue to rise over the next 4 to 6 weeks. right now, the demand is what's driving. those prices were going to see now the added effect of airlines starting now to purchase jet fuel at the same prices that were being dig with at the at the gas pump. ah and that's gonna result i think in in a bump up in every yet again, i
9:38 am
think maybe they level off end of may early june, but the time to book him certainly is asap. you talk about the gas pump. a lot of people around here are paying $100 just to fill a tank. but if they don't want to fly for vacation, and they want to do you know, in california trip down to san diego to l a. whatever it may be. is the gas prices affecting how airlines kind of treat their ticket prices when it comes to the short haul flights. yeah and i think that's those are the ones that are getting infected quite a bit more. those sort of shorter regional flights. there are fewer of them. therefore when people are sick and guessing that road trip and saying, hey, you know, maybe we find said, because it's going to cost us a lot to fill the gas tank up and down the coast and they're just gonna put extra pressure on the shorter regional flights, and we're seeing those go up almost on a daily basis. so again for folks who are waiting around for that. booking that summer fair fall. i'm even talking about the holiday season at the end of the year here, mike now i'll be the time to do it because they're just going to continue to go up over the next think that it's you know, 468 weeks, and even when they level
9:39 am
off, the odds of them coming down are slim to none. got it. good tip there. what about overseas? s specifically europe because the war going on in ukraine right now, um how, however, vacation's been affected? or maybe maybe there's even deals? i don't know. people try countries out there trying to get americans to travel there. yeah well, that's that's a great question. and the fact of the matter is the good news is we've seen no mass cancelations since the ukraine situation started about 45 50 days ago, but we've seen a pullback in his new booking so about 13 to 15% drop off in new transatlantic bookings about 25% drop off in bookings of flights within europe, so i think as those transit planning, booking bookings drop a little bit again that will put pressure on domestic flights will see domestic airfare. go up, but the pull back on airfare within europe, my generation values for folks looking to go to europe instead of traveling domestically and then getting around within the continent. we're still i think that the area's gonna be most affected. mike in europe are going to be those closest to the situation. so croatia, hungary, poland. the quintessential southern western
9:40 am
european destinations like france, italy, ireland, the uk, greece are looking pretty good for the summer season about the beach season. right here in the bay area. we've got rain right now. we've got rain really throughout the easter weekend in the next week, so i mean mexico, hawaii, um, expensive right now or deals. listen it's going to be a pricey proposition because beach vacations are the number one type of vacation that u. s travelers are looking for the summer of 2022 into the fall season. so if you're looking at southern california looking at florida you're looking at hawaii . hawaii is on fire right now. you know, there's a dance between the impact of travel to a state like hawaii. but the fact that demand of hawaii is at record levels and certainly starts at the border. the caribbean are going to be doing really, really well. the good news is a lot of inventory south of the border. a lot of inventory in the care in the caribbean. so although the demand is going to be how you might you possibly sees especially have a california some some deal opportunity to places like puerto vallarta accomplishment. lucas and cancun. gabe you've been all
9:41 am
around the world. there's got to be one place. you've never been to that. you want to go to what is it? well you know what? for some reason, australia has has stayed off my radar lives in sydney now, so that's the that's the next vacation of mine. very, very silty. now that australia has opened back up to international visitors for the photos on your instagram, you got a strong instagram account going. gabe always appreciate the conversation. have a great great to see you, mike. okay, thank you. starting about two weeks from now, you'll likely see prices for some products on amazon go up amazon's adding what it's calling a fuel and inflation surcharge for third party sellers. seller fees will go up 5% on april 28th. they're being put in place three months after amazon increased prices that it said were related to higher costs caused by the pandemic. critics say amazon's using inflation as an excuse to make more money and small sellers don't have an alternative because amazon control so much of the online sales market. amazon effectively is like a big toll booth for these businesses. they have to pay whatever fees amazon imposes on them, and they really have no
9:42 am
alternative. there's no competition in the online market. sellers paid amazon more than $103 billion in sales fulfillment fees. last year. that's 22% of the company's total revenue. amazon says it's imposing the surcharge instead of permanently increasing its fees on small businesses. time now. 9 41 san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin is speaking out against the attempt to recall him. he tells ktvu his reason for fighting. let me be clear. my top priority is public safety. there is nothing more important to me, and that's what my office does all day. every day as we fight for public safety, you all just heard a lot of lies, a lot of dishonesty and a lot of spent. and that shouldn't be a surprise because this is a recall recalls aren't about debates between candidates. with different visions for a particular office there about who can spend enough money to qualify something for the ballot. we also gave one of his critics an opportunity to respond. his former colleague, brooke jenkins, is leading the effort to unseat boutin and says
9:43 am
he is doing a disservice to the city. he is failing to prioritize public safety. he has made political policy positions. more important than what's necessary to protect the citizens of san francisco and we are seeing lives actually be lost as the result of his failed policies. long time bay area pollster ruth bernstein and hit her company. emc research recently released a poll on the race and it paints a grim outlook for boudin 68% of people polled said they will vote yes to recall the district attorney. 32% voted. no members of congress are reportedly expressing concerns about senator dianne feinstein is memory. the san francisco chronicle reports that it spoke to four u. s. senators, three of whom were democrats. and several former feinstein staffers, all of them, saying her memory appears to be getting worse. according to the report, one of them started talking to other people in congress to see if
9:44 am
they could convince the senator to resign. feinstein's office has repeatedly declined claims that she could not do her job and that her health was failing . her term does last through 2024 this morning. there is still no final approval about changing the borders of the district for san francisco supervisors. the task force rejected what was supposed to be the final draft map after meeting for almost seven hours, the updated map split the tenderloin in south of market into different districts. potrero hill and the baby district were also separated. there were complaints that new bap would divide neighborhoods that have similar interests and needs. the city charter requires new districts to be approved by midnight tonight or the task force could be sued. coming up here on mornings onto the nine. there's a new study out that suggests californians could reduce their water use by more than 30% after a quick break, we go over the untapped potential for saving such a precious resource, then, right when we come back, we're excited to talk live with an actress and comedian who was a south bay
9:45 am
native. she has taken the internet by storm with their stories of navigating life in two worlds. we're talking with her about her new book and how she makes them everyday situations, a source of joy and laughter. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. make your business future ready with the network from the most innovative company. get internet and voice for $49.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. and ask how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle.
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♪ somos la crema de la crema ♪ ♪ con mucho sol todo el año, cuidado que te quemas ♪ ♪ stack that cheddar, make it melt. ♪ ♪ cook it up, stretch it out. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ wela johnson. reyes, who was a bay area native is on tour right now, take a listen. i was visiting. my mom got sick, so she was taking care of me, right? but my husband was there, too. and he wanted to be the one to take care of me. so he was like, babe, is there anything i can do for you? i was like, yeah. can you move out of the way so my mom could get to me faster. yeah. yeah she's got
9:48 am
jokes angela johnson, right, as it's known for her viral sketch nail salon, the mad tv character bond quickly and, most recently , her memoir book who do i think i am, and she joins us live. to talk about the book. miss angela johnson ring is such a pleasure to have you here. i've watched you on mad tv. i've seen your stand up and what i love about your comedy and your style of comedy is taking this, you know, growing up. seeing all these characters and all these stories and creating it as a part of your comedy routine, and as a latin man, a lot of it. i can relate to two and i've seen so at what point did you know your family? your upbringing was funny. you know, my whole family is funny. and first of all, i am so happy to be on ktvu news right now because i grew up on cape. uh like dennis richmond like 18 nineties like i'm a ktvu babies, so look at me. also to be here. my legs and my whole
9:49 am
family is funny. my dad is hilarious. my grandpa's hilarious it just trickles down my text thread with my siblings like it's hilarious. i am not the funniest one in my family. by far probably my brother. kenny is the most hilarious one. but i just come from a funny family, just making sure no doubt about it and lets you know you've got this new book you're releasing. let's talk about a little bit because it's it seems to be a little bit of mix of some funny little serious. what is it that you want people to know about you when they read this? well you know, so in stand up comedy, we're taught to cut the fat which means you want to get your punch line as quick as possible. so you take out all the details, but i have so many stories that i've wanted to share with people that every detail so rich and juicy and it really helps paint the picture of where i was in my life at the time and what i want you to visualize. and so i would write these stories down and be like, okay, this is for a book one day, and so i have so many stories in my book where i
9:50 am
elaborate on some of my jokes that i've told old um, jokes that i've never been able to tell because it just takes all the details of it. um i share some heartfelt stories. talk about my childhood, talking about the ups and downs of this entertainment industry that a lot of people don't know. because you know when you follow your favorite comedian or actor on instagram, that's the highlight reel. you get to see all the good parts, you know. but you don't care to see all the heartbreak like all all the steps that it takes to get to where you are today, so that's why i put all of that in my book, and my hope is that it would unlock something in other people to chase their dreams to whatever it is that they need to do. part of the description for this book talks about navigating figuring out your identity. you know what did that look like for you and your journey where you are today? listen i grew up mexican american and i didn't speak spanish. my last name was johnson. i wanted to be a chola . real bad, but nobody was scared of little bahasa johnson like it didn't work. but i felt
9:51 am
like i grew up always wanting to be more latino than i was like. i was always wanting more of that. and i was i was ashamed that i didn't speak spanish and so the who do i think i am title is stories of self identity, figuring that out, am i, but it's also who do i think i am to dream such big dreams and then go for it. i'm just this little mexican american girl from san jose, california. what do i know about being an actress? i don't know anything about being an actress. but i still went for my dreams and i moved to hollywood and i made it happen. it's like who do i think i am? so that's the title of my book. very cool. very cool. now you're from the bay area. you just finished touring a little bit in the bay area. i think you're up in napa and not too long ago. redwood city is on your list for the future. what's next for you? yes i'll be coming back to redwood city. uh i was just in san jose, my hometown last summer. um but i will definitely come back to the bay and just going up and down california going up to
9:52 am
reading down to san diego all over the place. i'm about to jump on a bus in a couple of weeks. go to oklahoma. go to. you know, minneapolis all over the place. i'm just i'm so grateful that after all these years, people still want to hear from me. they still are, you know, into my stories and my jokes and, yeah, it's exciting to get back out there. imagine people always ask the bond queen queen do the banquet, you know? do you get that a lot? all the time. people want that character . they want the nail salon all the now in my shows like if i don't do that nail salon joke like people will protest like yeah, like that's my stairway to heaven. that's i have to give it to the fans. you know, angela, thank you so much for joining us. it's absolute pleasure to hear from you laugh with you. you can find angela's book who i think i am on amazon, barnes and nobles and google play just to name a few. she's a funny one. great success story right there. nice interview like it. new studies suggest california. could reduce water used by more than 30% by investing in measures to use water more efficiently. the study by the
9:53 am
pacific institute in oakland found untapped potential for urban areas to reduce strains of overuse rivers and aquifers by investing in local projects to recycle more wastewater and capture more stormwater. the improvements could reduce statewide urban water use by 2 to 3 million acre feet per year or about 30 to 48. according to the public policy institute of california, the state's average water uses roughly 50% environmental, 40% agricultural and 10% urban barry is finally getting some decent rain this week after a dangerously dry winter. fire officials say the rain is absolutely welcome and will temporarily cut down on the wildfire risk, especially when it comes to dry grass. but it's not conditions for heavier fuels such hope yoe with us in just the past hour of mornings onto we spoke live with santa rosa fire marshal paul lowenthal, he said after record breaking fires in recent years, his county is more prepared than ever before. we comd you
9:54 am
look how the county as a whole responded to the wall bridge. the myers fire that kincaid fire and, most recently the glass fire. and to see not only how are staffing and how our proactive measures are paying off. but how the community's efforts are paying off really is night and day from where we were in 17 to 20. lowenthal says, if those red flag warnings start coming up sooner than expected again, the department will have increased staffing and advancements to the alert warning systems ready to go into play coming up here on mornings onto the nine google employees who are not hot on returning back to the office have some new unique incentives. after the break the exclusive benefits some employees are being offered to stay productive in the office after working from home for ♪ ♪
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we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ new york, a man accused of shooting 10 people on a brooklyn subway train was just ordered to be held without bail, prosecutors say 62 year old
9:58 am
frank james terrified the entire city. this is his first court appearance this morning. james was arrested yesterday after a 30 plus hour manhunt. investigators say he is the one who fired 33 rounds on the subway train hitting 10 people, injuring a dozen others more on this breaking news story coming up for you at noon google employees who return to their offices this month were greeted with a new mantra. work should be productive, but also should be fun. the new york times reports that google employees are being treated to private shows by lizzo and others, along with lots of food and drinks and new companies swag. but after two years of working from home, they're also returning to commutes, communal bathrooms. the daytime outfits that are not sweatpants. this comes as google plans for a major increase in hiring the company plans to invest about $9.5 billion in offices and data centers to help create at least 12,000 full time jobs this year. new offices are coming to atlanta, georgia and austin, texas over the last five years, the company's ceo says it has invested more than $37 billion in offices and data
9:59 am
centers, creating 40,000 full time jobs. a proposal working its way through the state legislature would allow employees to work fewer hours every week and get paid. the same. sounds pretty good. the idea is drawing a lot of interest and debate. the bill would require larger employees to switch to a 32 hour workweek and pay employees over time. beyond that, critics of the bill say would increase labor costs for small businesses. but small business owners. we spoke to say they expect those costs to increase anyway. you think he'd before that? i'm so used to working five. i mean, about five shorter days, four tens. i would . i mean, i mean, i would do you don't want an extra day. i know people who have that for 10 thing here in the bay area, and they love it because that extra day on the weekend like friday saturday sunday off that's incredible little day trip somewhere, then you have that one day to relax after some companies to i mean, if you do, maybe you don't do for tens or they keep you under the 40 hour work week. then you're not getting benefits, and they're saving money benefits. benefits
10:00 am
are as important as like the rest of the stuff, you know. alright stay dry everybody and if you're headed up to the mountains, be careful. it's got snow up there in lake tahoe. there she is beautiful sight on this thursday morning, we'll see you back here at noon. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: and now, here's our special guest guest host, michael rapaport! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop!
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