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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that is how san francisco supervisor catherine stephanie opened an agenda item during a public safety and neighborhood committee meeting thursday. city lawmakers heard details of a study showing the same francisco police department does not have enough police officers. we want to be at events. we want to be engaging with the community and if we're moving from call to call to call to call, there is no time for that. currently there are about 2182 sworn and civilian staff at sfpd. the report indicates an additional 764 people are needed to properly keep the streets safe. staffing is very important because of the bottom line is we're there to support the community. retired police chief tommy tucson gives us insight into how staffing decisions among police departments are made. he says it's a balance between calls for service and the city's population. if there is insufficient officers, your hair things like what takes them forever to get there. they're never around when you need them. during public comment. one san
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francisco residents supporting the staff increase shared her run ins with crime i've been chased outside of my own place of employment by a woman not in her right state of mind. i have been spat on and urinated on, had food and use needles thrown at me. and i've had my car broken into all in broad daylight, the city workers and members of the business community urging for staff increase there were opponents stopped engaging in racially biased, non public safety related traffic stops. known as pre textual stuff, sfpd will also have more resources to respond to severe situation. tucson staffing is more than just officers on the streets, but also the work to prevent crime. how about our community based policing our transformation of police that we're trying to get across so that we have less calls for service based on proactive community engagement. the report . also, states said over the last five years and average of 100 active sworn members have
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left the department through retirement resignation and termination. sfpd says it plans to start a retention unit with the goal of getting employees eligible to retire to stick around and others from leaving to work. for other cities back to you. alright andre senior reporting live in the newsroom forest tonight. thanks, andre. parents have more time to comply with the vaccine mandate for kids in public schools, the governor's office announced late this afternoon. it's delaying the coronavirus vaccine mandate for schoolchildren until at least the summer of 2023. the state health department has school districts will need more time to implement the mandate once full. federal approval of the vaccine happens for school aged children right now, the vaccine only has emergency authorization. excuse me. emergency authorization for use among children. many drivers need to be prepared for wet roads to slow them down on the way home tonight a live look here at the golden gate bridge. spotty showers have been hitting the bay area across all across the bay area today, and they are not over yet. another round of
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rain is on the way. in fact, atv meteorologist rose. roberta gonzalez is here. excuse me. and you're tracking this rate. this is not over. we still have some on saturday. yes we do. and we have a third system. now we're going to be tracking that italian knew exactly when to expect that. but boy, it's not a lot of heavy rain that is occurring at this particular hour, but it's enough to make the roadways very slippery and the commute heading back home a little bit longer than what it usually is. take a look at this . it's fired up. it is ready to go. it is our doppler radar, and it does indicate at this particular time we had the precipitation out of mendocino county. just couple living lingering showers there. also some hit miss scattered showers around sonoma napa counties. but sacramento valley with the rain and then also the snow in tahoe. there you have a batch of energy just outside of walnut creek, another batch of fairfield and doppler radar does indicate at this time, this activity will move towards anti again bethel island, as well as discovery bay
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within the next 15 minutes, then we have more rain falling along. oh you could see it just right there around hayward backing into the santa clara valley, san leandro and san lorenzo. you are wet at this hour as well and again, as christina was alluding to. we have yet another system heading this way. so tonight, maybe a lingering shower, then turning partly cloudy four year friday and look what is poised in position and ready to move into the bay area. it's right there. we will track that together and tell you how much rain to expect for your saturday that's still coming up a little bit later in this newscast, christina berta, thank you. you can also use your weather app to track showers in your area. the free app includes interactive radar. and fire officials say that rain is absolutely welcome . it will temporarily cut down the risk of wildfires, especially when it comes to dry grass. jl mornings on two we spoke with santa rosa fire marshal paul lowenthal. he says the county is more prepared than ever after record breaking fires
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in recent years. we come so far from where we were in 2017, and you look how the county as a whole responded to the wall bridge. the myers fire that kincaid fire and, most recently the glass fire. and to see not only how are staffing and how our proactive measures are paying off. but how the community's efforts are paying off really is night and day from where we were in 17 to 20. blumenthal says, if those red flag warnings start coming up sooner than expected again, the department will have increased staffing and advancements to their alert warning systems ready to go into play. we have one side tonight that billionaire elon musk's pushed by twitter may not go anywhere. twitter stock price closed down slightly today at just over $45 per share. that suggests investors don't think musk will be able to pull off the deal. musk is offering the company more than $54 a share and it's ktvu tom baker tells us must tweets are beginning to contradict each other. tesla
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founder elon musk, already twitter's largest shareholder, with 9% plus of all its stock $43 billion in cash to take twitter private, and i'm not sure that i will actually be able to acquire it would essentially allow users to pretty much say pretty much anything they want. i do think that we want to be just very reluctant to delete things must get in the camp of wanting twitter. to essentially be anything goes and take away what some call moderation and what other people call censorship. larry maggot is dean of the bay area's tech industry analysts elon musk, if known for making promises and predictions, some of which come true. but many don't so i think we need to take anything, he said. with a little bit of skepticism they were of free speech because everybody's got their own definition of that . kerry connelly is a former wall street investment banker and golden gate university business school dean of policy questions about this as well as
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financial questions, and certainly other bidders there. certainly regulatory issues that very active justice department or ftc would would want to explore as well given the sensitivity of what twitter does under musk's private personal ownership, twitter would go to a paid subscription model. as opposed to getting 95% of its revenue from advertising as it does now. twitter said its board of directors will carefully reviewed the proposal to determine the course of action that it believes is in the best interests of the company. and all twitter shareholders. musk wants nothing short of a shareholder vote is not making any money, but it makes news. one must make the offer. it was 40% higher than what the stock was actually trading four. so a lot of people bought in to try to get a quick profit. that's probably not going to happen now. but of course, tomorrow we may see something else. tom baker ktvu. fox two news.
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turning now to a developing story in salinas. firefighters say they have managed to contain a large fire at the taylor farms. food processing plant. firefighters are still on the scene, but a shelter in place advisory for the surrounding area has been lifted. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has more on that fire and the impact it may have on the supply of produce in stores. a column of fire exploded into the night air in salinas late wednesday, sending fire crews scrambling. the fire started shortly after seven p.m. but by midnight, the flames mixed with ammonia. grew so intense firefighters had to back off and let it burn. we've got 35,000 residents in the southern southeastern area of salinas. under a shelter in place order, as well as in the valley memorial hospital for schools shut down for the day and roads around the facility were closed as smoke continued to billow. stay inside. closed windows,
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bring your animals inside and just stay inside for the time being. no one was injured, and it's unclear how the fire started, but officials said people were welding inside the building when the fire erupted. the facility employs about 1000 workers and was gearing up to begin processing solid for the season to have something like this happened in a transition period. just tragic is absolutely tragic. steve del maso owns bay cities produce insane leandro, he said. a fire like this can cause a logistical nightmare. such an important time of year in california. call your major processes like taylor or moving from arizona, where they've been for six months, moving back to california farms is one of the largest produce producers in the world. supplying major retailers like safeway in walmart. del maso said it could be a few weeks before retailers start seeing impacts and stores. taylor farms, officials said they will
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shift production to their 20 other locations around the country. including their facility and yuma, arizona. the company issued this statement thursday quote our total production locations in geographic diversity is our best defense to the scenario. we will work to reassign and support our salinas foodservice production team this season as we rebuild the facility, firefighters said they had the flames fully contained by thursday afternoon , which is why those shelter in place orders were lifted. the building, however, was declared a total loss. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news just want gas prices start to fall, oil prices are climbing again, coming up what's threatening to push oil prices higher? i was sitting next to him. it tells a bomb and smoke around. everybody started pushing towards the back, and that's when they got shined on me. a victim of new york city subway shooting, gets his story out as a suspect makes his first
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court appearance coming up what the suspect's attorney thinks should be. the next step of the case. also had p genie puts out a new scam warning for customers coming up why it thinks con artists are intensifying efforts to go after their customers
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insn was ordered held without bail. in his first court hearing today , prosecutors say 62 year old frank james shot and wounded 10 people and left others fearing for their lives. foxes bryan guinness is more on what we're learning about the suspect's criminal background. alleged brooklyn subway shooter frank james, making his first court appearance thursday, several blocks from the site of tuesday's mass shooting at the 36th street subway station in sunset park. the 62 year old will be held in permanent detention pending his upcoming trial. james faces one count of committing a terrorist or violent attack against a mass transportation system.
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prosecutors say the suspects actions present a severe and ongoing threat to the community . if convicted, james could spend the rest of his life behind bars. his defense attorney confirmed reports that james turned himself into police and she requested he get a fair trial. he called crimestoppers to help. he told them. where he was. initial press and police reports in cases like this one are often inaccurate. the manhunt for james was extensive , lasting nearly 30 hours spanning across multiple states , law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at a storage unit and residents associated with the gunman in philadelphia. the hunt for james ended wednesday in manhattan's east village neighborhood. prior to this week's attack, james had nearly a dozen prior arrests in new york and new jersey, dating back to the early nineties. james's defense attorney requested that her client
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received a psychiatric evaluation. this as prosecutors are expected to zero in on a series of social media videos posted by james, which depict him as someone who's obsessed with violence, bigotry and race in brooklyn, new york brian dennis fox news. oil prices rose today after the eu says it might phase in a ban on russian oil imports. crude was up about 2% to close at over $106 a barrel. the new york times reports the european union is giving germany and other nations time to seek alternative suppliers. the international energy agency has warned that markets could be short by almost three million barrels per day starting in may due to sanctions or buyers turning away russian cargoes. drivers may have noticed gas prices slipping just a bit in the past few days. statewide the average price for a regular unleaded is now 5 72 a gallon that is down about a penny from yesterday and nine cents lower from last thursday. here in the bay area, san francisco drivers
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are paying 5 80 for a gallon of regular in oakland. it's 5 73 and in the south bay regular is 5 71 a gallon those prices are all down more than seven cents in the past week, but still nearly $2 higher than at this time last year. you will likely see higher prices on amazon starting in about two weeks. amazon is adding a fuel surcharge, like many other online and shipping companies, third party seller fees will increase 5% on april 28th. critics say amazon is using inflation as an excuse to make more money. amazon says it's imposing the surcharge instead of permanently increasing its fees on small businesses. images taken from the sky today give you a sense of how wildfire left behind charred neighborhoods in new mexico this week tonight crews are trying to get a handle on that deadly wildfire as it burns out of control. mcbride fire started tuesday in rio dose . oh, that is about 125 miles southeast of albuquerque. the fire has left two people dead
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and burn more than 200 homes. so far, there is no containment. as many as 4500. people are under evacuation orders. one evacuee says she's never seen anything like this. the time we got out of our house, there was like an inferno. we had to drive through to get out of there, but everything's flattened. it was the scariest thing i've ever been through in my life. i mean, it was just terrifying. but we got through it and we don't know what what's what's left or what? what we're going to do now or anything. the local convention center has turned into a shelter for people who had to evacuate their homes. so far, the fire has burned nine square miles and roberta gonzalez joins us now. roberta looks like more dry, windy weather is in the forecast there. yes certainly is, but we're certainly hoping at the same time that we will have a lot of this activity segue into that particular direction. as for us, we don't have any drought busting precipitation, but it does dampen and next prolong our fire weather season
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. here's the deal right now we have this very latest system providing rain showers for us all the way into the sacramento valley, taking a look out towards discovery bay and brett would we have some rain showers heading in your direction? antioch's with light rainfall. we also have some rainfall traversing out of the hayward area now making tracks towards at 5 86 80 corridor. and we're taking a look at this right here. it is our future cast. it does illustrate by later on tonight we do have some partly cloudy skies will actually see a few stars in the horizon there, and here is your friday afternoon. we will be basking in some dry, sunny conditions. but look what's going on upstream. this is a vigorous area of low pressure that will be producing heavy rainfall along the california oregon border, then sagging in a southerly direction . our heaviest rainfall will be on saturday morning. this is a live look right now were it has stopped raining. we have the fog filling in cannot see the tip top of the golden gate bridge, which the tower standard 758 ft.
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so with that lowering silly we could see some delays at sfo. we already have a 25 minute arrival delay at mineta international airport. temperatures currently are in the fifties. and the winds right now have been gusting up to 20. i tell you what we're gonna do. we're gonna reorganize. we're gonna talk more about that secondary system coming in for the weekend. the impact it may have for your easter that's still coming up later in this broadcast. all right, we'll see you in a bit, roberta. thank you. well a suspected drunk driver is under arrest after his car went airborne and into a copy shop in santa rosa early this morning. it happened around two am at badass copy of hawaii and stony point road. police say the driver was speeding when he hit a grass hill his car, then propelled into the coffee shops parking lot. it hit a tree and then spun into the front window of that business. the car was just destroyed. they had to drag it out and put it on wheels. it wouldn't even roll. um it the whole roof was cut off. i don't
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know how the guys survived. firefighters had to use hydraulic tools to free the driver from that crushed car. he has been identified as 21 year old ronald co. mez he was taken to a hospital and then arrested on a dui charge. a san francisco task force is approaching a deadline to adopt a supervisor's redistricting map. earlier the task force rejected what was said to be the final draft map in a 5 to 4 vote. the map split the tenderloin and south of market neighborhood into different districts, which herrero hill and the bayview were also separated. there were complaints that proposed map would divide neighborhoods that have similar interests and needs. the city charter requires new districts be approved by midnight tonight or the san francisco superior court may intervene. california's reparations task force met again today in san francisco, wrapping up a two day public meeting at the third baptist church group heard from community members and race leaders about the state's effort to look at the impacts of slavery on people's lives. today
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leaders say reparations could include compensation access to housing, education, healthcare. or employment. preaching the customers to be prepared to possibly be targeted by scams coming up why more scams are targeting customers in the run up to tax day and nasa suffers another setback coming up what's another setback coming up what's getting in the meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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in california. the company says its opening new campuses in mountain view and sunnyvale this year. google also plans to build a mixed use buildings that includes housing and offices. this is all part of the company's plan to invest $9.5 billion in the us by building offices, data centers and creating thousands of new time or new full time jobs. also new tonight at six p. g knee is warning customers to be aware of scams as tax day approaches. the power company says it typically sees an increase in scams this time of year involving people posing as pg and e employees last year pg and he received more than 11,000 scam reports from customers, resulting in a loss of nearly $600,000 in fraudulent payments. officials say scammers will often threatened to shut off power in exchange for a prepaid credit card. well. spring football is back on fox with a familiar name. the usfl kicks off its inaugural weekend with eight
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teams from the original league dating back to the 19 eighties tickets to the opener pitting the new jersey generals and birmingham stallions have already sold out. also keep your eyes peeled on birmingham's number 33 here the north basis, scooby, right? the linebacker graduated from santa rosa's cardinal newman high. then he landed at the university of arizona before making the rounds of the nfl, xfl and now us fl. he spoke to ktvu frank mallicoat about getting another shot at a pro football career. let's college my junior year when i was drafted by the browns have played there and then put for the cardinals two years played in this area league played in the patrick patriots for a little bit xfl. phenomena giving it one more run at the usfl. it's still in your heart, isn't it? yeah i mean, i was got a chance to step away from the game last two years and do something different things with the martial arts and going through the fire academy, so i kind of have a whole new perspective point of view on football, so there's a lot more fun and i'm enjoying it anymore.
6:26 pm
how did you find out? you were drafted by the birmingham stallion's yeah, i was. i was walking i was getting ready to walk out of my jiu jitsu class and got his phone call from my mom. so that was pretty cool here. and then i got drafted by my mother. you must be really say to start playing some football this weekend. it's on fox. what can people expect? it's a little bit different than the nfl. you said a little more in your face or what? yeah so you're gonna be just from the point of view from the production is pretty cool. and then i think they said there's gonna be somewhere around. 16 players miked up on the field and there's gonna be cameras. there's gonna be two sky cams, and there's gonna be a drone flying around. and then, uh, he had just like the inside the locker room, so it's going to be really in your face and you're gonna be seeing what it's like for real. the united states football league kicks off this weekend, right here in ktvu, the first game of the usfl season will feature the new jersey generals and birmingham stallion's tune in saturday 4 30
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to check it out. laguna honda hospital is in limbo tonight coming up what it needs to do to restore federal funding and start seeing patients again. russia claims ukraine is on the offensive with new attacks on russian soil. also ahead, steph curry inches closer and closer to return to action later in sports curry talks about how he's feeling before this weekend's playoff match up with
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wite department have hit a new low, according to a report discussed today at a san francisco board of supervisors committee hearing . the sfpd is nearly 600 officers short. the shortage suggest the department is not able to keep the city as safe as it needs to be. fire crews are still on the scene of a huge fire at a salad processing plant in salinas. the fire started late last night at taylor farms , and as the flames mixed with ammonia, they grew so intense firefighters had to back off and let it burn. four schools shut down for the day and roads around the facility were closed, officials said. people were welding inside of the building when the fire erupted. billionaire elon musk is making a bid for twitter, according to an sec filing. musk offered $54.20 a share all in cash to buy an outstanding shares. all the outstanding shares of the san francisco based social media company stock that values the company of $43 billion. musk is
6:31 pm
already twitter's largest shareholder. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 for those thinking of going to laguna honda hospital in san francisco. as a new patient, you won't be able to that's because federal officials have cut off funding, leaving that facility in limbo for at least a month. ktvu christian captain reports the hospital has 30 days to reapply for medicare and medicaid funding. for now, the more than 700 patients at laguna honda will not see any impact after the centers for medicare and medicaid services cut off funding to the hospital thursday , the hospital's ceo, reassuring patients and their families that they will continue to receive the highest level of care. to our laguna and the community. i know the termination may cause anxiety. but i want you to know that we will do everything it takes to make this right troubles for laguna honda followed the revelation of a pair of overdoses at the hospital last year, neither of which were fatal. federal investigators began monitoring the facility and gave laguna honda a deadline to implement
6:32 pm
changes to bring the hospital into compliance. the latest inspection turned up deficiencies in the centers for medicare and medicaid funding was suspended, the hospital ceo saying laguna honda will continue receiving funds for 30 days to care for patients. most importantly, we will immediately begin the process of reapplying. for participation. in the cms program. in fact, staff are already preparing for the re certification process. the loss of funding has not impacted the hospitals. state licensing honda relies on a combination of federal aid and funds from the city and county. san francisco's health director, dr grant colfax says he's confident the hospital will survive this latest challenge. laguna honda is not going anywhere. we will continue to be an excellent place to receive excellent care. of the hospital will continue to receive funds to care for patients currently at the
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facility for the next 30 days, however, laguna honda cannot admit any new patients. the department of public health sent a note to me late this afternoon, saying that during this time that laguna honda has paused, admissions. physicians should make referrals for their patients requiring skilled nursing care to the many other local skilled nursing facilities in the area, and we did talk with one visitor to the hospital. he expressed some concerns about the loss of funding but also said the patient that he was visiting had received exemplary care at this facility in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. police say they have arrested three suspects involved in a robbery and shooting inside a san jose mall. it happened just the day before a few days before christmas last year. here is surveillance video from december 20th inside oakridge mall. police say that's nehlen hobson plattner walking with his girlfriend. that's when police say two gang members identified as ulysses jimenez and paul #### approached and robbed them of jewelry. as you see in the video, the robbery victim,
6:34 pm
pulled a gun out of his backpack and fired 15 rounds from a fully automatic gun. the mall was packed with holiday shoppers at the time of that shooting. this happened december 20th like i said, very busy right before christmas. very very lucky that no innocent citizens were hit as a result of this all three men have now been arrested. the gunman faces multiple counts of attempted murder. a man who shot and killed the hayward police sergeant in 2015 will spend decades behind bars get to be a crime reporter henry lee was at today's sentencing in court and has reaction from the families of both men. seven years after hayward police sergeant scott longer was killed during a traffic stop. his killer marcus strada, was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for first degree murder. the sergeant's family did not want to speak outside core. but his daughter sarah, in the black outfit, and ashton in the tan coat, described their immeasurable pain of not having their father there to walk them down the aisle and celebrate other milestones. paul longer
6:35 pm
seen here with the umbrella. told the judge that his son's killing has given the family a life sentence of grief, he said a strider will be judged by a higher authority. dozens of hayward police officers attended the hearing, including chief toney chaplin. i think it's long overdue. we're past half decade mark on this thing, and i think today will mark the end of a long and painful journey officer justin green, who was there when his partner was killed, spoke with emotion, saying, my life has forever changed. the incident plays over and over in my head. i've woken up in a cold sweat. i feel a sense of failure. why did this happen to sergeant longer and not me? prosecutor john breaux. hart said the killing was a quote, vile attack on our community and our sense of safety. in court. defense attorney linda fullerton suggested that estrada overreacted and killed the sergeant out of fear because he had allegedly told him i'm going to f you up. raquel a. stratos says her son is not a cold blooded killer or hardened criminal. obviously, it's a self defense. my son felt his life
6:36 pm
was in danger, and he reacted and that's how he reacted because he had that gun there. this is a police officer that is causing mayhem and we're calling them a hero. i'm sorry for their loss. but every human being has to be brought to justice. and so justice was not served today. this was initially a death penalty case. tragedy dance forever shadow, the lives of two families and the hayward community. in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two deals. russia blames ukraine for new attacks on russian soil, according to reuters. russian officials say military helicopters pulled off strikes it russia's border region of bryansk. it's unclear whether anyone has been injured. the ukrainian government has not responded to russia's claim. russian leaders have said in the past that cross border attacks could lead to a retaliatory attack on ukraine's capital. ukraine says its missiles have sunk russia's flagship guided missile cruiser in the black sea . so far the u. s. has not
6:37 pm
confirmed the strike now claims the ship sank in a storm while being towed to a ports. fox news trading reports from kiev. it appears to be a stinging defeat for russia. it's a big blow to the russian military. ukrainian forces say they hit the flagship of the russian black sea fleet to neptune missiles on thursday, forcing the entire crew to evacuate. thought to be around 500 people. moscow claims the evacuation was due to a fire that started on board. but american officials say that's not likely to kind of choose between two stories. one story is that it was just incompetence and the other was that they came under attack, and neither is a particularly good outcome for them. the attack on the mosque comes as ukrainian forces dig in for what's expected to be a major russian offensive in the east. shelling of cities in the region has been relentless, and officials here say they need more help from the west to relieve the pressure if ukraine doesn't receive all necessary weapons within days, not weeks.
6:38 pm
that will mean that more people , more civilians will be killed . the white house says. it's already responding, pointing to the $800 million weapon's package announced wednesday. which the pentagon claims is specifically tailored to the type of flat open land fighting expected in the donbass region. in the coming weeks, it lends itself well to mechanized warfare and so artillery rocket fire short range missiles. those are going to be the kinds of weapons that are key in this fight. the russians are also accusing ukraine of launching airstrikes into their territory near the border. in kiev, ukraine. tree angst, fox news more snow is falling in the sierra tonight, and it appears to be sticking coming up. how the snow is taking some drivers by surprise and preparations for nasa's next to launch to the moon get put on pause will run through what's
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of t now, conditions look okay along highway 50 in the town of myers. you can look carefully. you might see some snow falling there. in this picture. it looks pretty wet and slushy up there right now. chp officers want to remind drivers to be on alert while traveling through the mountains and the late spring storm took some drivers by surprise in the lake tahoe area today, murray skeletal accrues chances, others who are ready to get their snowboards and skis out for just one more weekend. fresh snow hitting the sierra for the second time this week.
6:42 pm
some travelers caught off guard less than an hour, so it depends on how you drive, but yeah, that's right now is taking a lot of time to get there where we're going. the longest hope we make it safe. this group of teens, so i'm ready to go sniper today. cause when you fall in powder doesn't hurt to have some last fun at ski resorts. pretty excited, you know, i mean, we haven't seen snow like this in a long time, and it's like towards the end of the season. it's good to go up and get this fresh snow expected this season and pretty soon which it is on sunday, but luckily we got this powder ended off. others like daniel remick didn't drive too far and stopped at nyack to enjoy the fresh snow to see them, you know, playing in the snow and happy, you know. we we haven't been up this way in a couple of years, so it's kind of extra bonus. and that was maricela dela cruz reporting more snow is in the forecast. man you've got that straight.
6:43 pm
christina for tahoe. more rain for us will track the systems coming this way, not one, but two more that's still straight ahead. let's go to ktvu alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus christina. thank you coming up tonight at seven. some san francisco drugstore retailers are locking up almost everything inside their stores, and it's leaving a lot of shoppers frustrated. tonight we hear from san francisco supervisor asha sapphire about what's going on. plus what is it going to take to get a four day work week? we will have the details on the bill that's been introduced in the california legislature. that would do just that. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven. overrun ktvu. plus, we'll see you, alex. thank you. but first after the break what's delaying preparations for nasa to send people to the moon?
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
rios artemis moon rocket at cape canaveral today, the launch team was able to load some liquid hydrogen into the 30 story rocket, but a leak forced nasa to halt the operation. two previous efforts were also scrubbed. nasa is hoping to send the rocket on the moon orbit in june. or between space x blue origin, telecommunication companies, and the military space is getting a little bit crowded these days. fox news. even brown takes a look at who is keeping an eye out for all the debris that has left behind. the public and private sectors are stepping up their presence in outer space. with the number of launches skyrocketing in recent years, but all that space action is creating a new problem . space junk lots of it. space
6:47 pm
debris is becoming more and more part of the fabric of space today, right now, there are more than 23,000 discarded objects bigger than 10 centimeters and a half a million smaller than that to keep tabs on in. the governmt technology contractor runs the world's first space debris tracking system. space track dot org. now when commercial operators or the u. s government puts objects in space they're registered, so there's a catalog of exactly what's up there. it becomes that much more important that we understand where things are that we understand how we navigate around them so that we can create the highways and byways if you will to have a safe experience for everyone doing business in space. would it be the government or to be our commercial partners or whether it be the consumer space track is currently monitoring about 5600 payloads and some 38,000 other objects in our vicinity. the information is universally accessible to promote the peaceful use of space worldwide with s a i c,
6:48 pm
hoping their program can help spacefaring nations. leave the conflicts back on earth. we're using our abilities in space, uh , to drive a more diplomatic approach and really be forward, leaning and howard howard executing our mission and lawmakers are paying attention as well. the senate armed services committee says space debris is a national security threat in miami. evan brown fox news. what a day across the bay area beneficial rainfall? sure not a lot, but not a big soaker . but nonetheless, we got wet. now let's go ahead and take a look at our a dabbler radar at this particular time. it is live information, and we see the rain showers traverse it into the sacramento valley. let's check out brentwood where we do have some rain drops on the rooftops there. same discovery bay, bethel island, you'll get rained on and just the next couple of minutes and we do have some rain showers traversing across 6 80 all the way into the santa clara valley, and that's good news
6:49 pm
there because so far, senator says only reported 1 1/100 of an inch of rainfall. mostly cloudy skies. scattered showers. fog has invaded the golden gate bridge. we can't even see the tip top of the towers, yet that stand 758 ft. tall usually when a ceiling lowers to 600 ft. that's when we start to see. problems at sfo in the former delays, but we're not seeing any right now. we do have the flag on the fly also, and that suggests that it's breezy outside hayward with the nine mile per hour wind sfo at nineties wins pretty much under 10 there, but when we go further inland, 16 and fairfield and napa fortinet oakland international airport current air temperatures are in the fifties. it's much more mild this evening than it has been for the past couple of days. we will break it down like this for you. it's going to be a cloudy start for your friday, then becoming partly sunny for saturday. some morning rain showers and it will be heavy and
6:50 pm
some areas and then afternoon clearing and on easter sunday summarize is at 6 31 for sunrise services. and we will have clear skies. okay let's track this next incoming system. here it is for your morning commute. on friday, we began to see the clouds clear out lunchtime. we have the clearing of the skies and then by friday evening, upstream we go. we begin to see the leading edge of the sex frontal system here that will bring us copious amounts of precipitation across portions of the north bay. and then saturating the central bay as well as we work its way into san jose, here is your sunday morning bright sunshine a bit of a reprieve until we get another system working its way in here. by monday night, not interfering with the oakland a's home opener. okay so we've got two systems coming in. and there you have it. the rainfall totals and that means snow in the high sierra. and when we talk snow in the high sierra, we have a winter weather advisory in place
6:51 pm
until 11 o'clock tonight, and then we'll have the sunshine and some good driving conditions on friday, but that next system is going to make some hazardous driving conditions. on saturday , sierra cement is going to be pretty heavynowfall as far as the water concentration is concerned. but up to 18 inches of snow above 7000 ft. and that's a total from today's system. and saturday system overnight. tonight thirties and forties. a little bit more mild tomorrow warmer up to 70 degrees , outside number and an ionic and also in the gilroy area. morgan hill at 70. there's your easter sunday sunny and bright. enjoy your evening, roberta. thank you up next in sports warriors prepping for their opening playoff series this weekend. and it could be the return if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security.
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and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. make your business future ready with the network from the most innovative company. get internet and voice for $49.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. and ask how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle.
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gool signs pointing towards stefan currie suiting up for the warriors playoff opener saturday night against the denver nuggets . curry did scrimmage with the team today for the first time since spraining his left foot. nearly a month ago, he said. his condition is good, but he also said there is a little discomfort in the foot, but that
6:55 pm
he doesn't have to be 100% to play and that is not at risk of further injury if he does play. you can see what the help of little draymond there. he went through his normal post practice routine today at chase will be re evaluated tomorrow before a final decision is made. and he will be on a yet to be determined minutes restriction when he does return. everything about it was it was awesome. obviously. the moment. get ready for playoffs. um me being out for four weeks, so every step has been in the right direction in terms of trying to get back out there, but never enjoyed practice so much. you know, i see the lights in the tunnel right now. alright as for saturday's matchup, denver has led by the reigning most valuable player, nicola yokich, who will almost certainly when the m v p award again this year, the nuggets did beat the warriors three of the four times they played this year. but draymond green didn't play in any of those games and steph clan, wiggins sat out another of
6:56 pm
those losses. the warriors, they've had a strange season. overall, they started 18 and two, but they slumped down the stretch. they lost 16 of 23 before closing out the season with five straight wins. not even the team knows what to expect. we can be a team that loses early or when it all which is kind of been something we've been struggling with all year, and i think it comes down to the level of focus that we come with a different team now, so i don't have expectations. um i don't. i'm not going into this. these playoffs thinking are we're going to do this or we're going to do that, in a lot of ways makes it really fun. maybe not as much fun as having one of the greatest rosters ever assembled. i think he'd choose that. instead they were pretty good roster, though the a's they have . they may have the 29th highest payroll in the league, but they ranked much higher when it comes to excitement so far, and one big reason outfielder christian patchy, who came over in the mendelssohn trade with atlanta.
6:57 pm
here he is today versus the raise the middle left center field will score. smith to third in the ball gets past the center fielder and it rolls all the way to the wall to score. parching patches. get a score. it's three. nothing is with the little league home run basically single in a two run error. aids take the 33 love. lead on the race. third inning. sean murphy hardline drive over kevin care myers head chad pender is racing around the bases. he's going to score all the way from first base is taking 4 to 1 lead another of the a's newcomers. it's kind of a career minor leaguer billy mckinney. he's looking to stick with the big club, and he may do just that if he makes blaze like that one right there. great catch on taylor walls, the a's win at 6 to 3. they take three of four from the reigning american league east champs. and now it's off to toronto for three games before monday's home opener with
6:58 pm
no rain against those orioles. alright, we'll call this next one dedicated to your job. okay dedicated to your job. check this out. we go back to tampa. mike zunino flies out to the aforementioned billy mckinney, who showed us how he can make catches. well, he's got an arm to throws a rocket elvis andrews . he's going to tag a sliding manuel margot. nice play. but look at the umpire. oh watch this and even better play by hunter wendelstedt, who makes the coal right there while he's going down from his backside. that's what 25 years. 25 years of experience gets you and this is called the assist of the night. we're in new york city. random guy. ah is going to finish this one off. look at the bottle flip and then this guy wow! stop okay, they plan that just walking by. i don't think they know each other. i'm going to give that an eight out of 10. and i can't give someone who happened to be catching it on camera to each other, but not a
6:59 pm
camera to each other, but not a perfect score because all i'm saying is, if they took all the money they spent trying to make a decent hulk movie, they could probably just make an actual hulk. that is apt and amusing. i think i shall share that with amy farrah fowler. she'll appreciate the witticism. thank you. it'll also help improve her initial impression of you. so what's going on with you two? well, the status is as it always was. she's a girl. she's a friend. she is not my-- please forgive me for doing this-- "girlfriend." right, right. so you're still just texting and e-mailing? you don't feel any need to hang out with her, you know-- be in the same room? leonard, you are my best friend. i've known you for seven years, and i can barely tolerate sitting on the couch with you. imagine my attitude regarding prolonged physical proximity to amy farrah fowler.
7:00 pm
got it. i sense judgment on your part. no, no. maybe a little. may i suggest that your criticism is based on jealousy? jealousy? what do i have to be jealous of? i have a functioning and satisfying relationship with a female. you have none. oh, right. that. jealousy is an ugly green-eyed monster-- not unlike the hulk-- who, by the way, also has a girlfriend. in this iteration, jennifer connelly, whom you may recall as the girlfriend of russell crowe in a beautiful mind, a feel-good romp if there ever was one. i'm not jealous. (grunts like the hulk) leonard not jealous. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪


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