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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 17, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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intend to strike tomorrow. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. a little bit. i'm cristina rendon and i'm julie julie haener berrien nurses hope a strike starting tomorrow will convince their employer to make some changes tomorrow strike will impact sutter health facilities. the healthcare system says it does have a plan in place to keep patients appointments. ktvu zakzaky joins us now from the newsroom with the plans and the nurses demands zack. cristina sutter health now saying in anticipation of that strike, it's planning to bring in replacement contract workers tomorrow. this is both sides continue to try to hammer out a last minute deal for a new contract. negotiations that have been going on for nearly a year now. we would much rather be in the hospital taking care of patients, but it's gotten to the point where we have to strike me herb among 8000, health nurses and workers planning to go on strike monday across northern california 12 of the 18 impacted healthcare facilities located in
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the bay area. we are looking for a fair contract that will include things like safe staffing levels every day. every unit every shift. we want improved workplace violence and infectious disease protections. we want a stronger nurse's voice. in policies and procedures around things like pandemic preparedness contract dispute that's been going on since june of last year and the potential for a strike looming for weeks. several demonstrations organized by their union, the california nurses association, taking place at sutter health facilities around the bay. in anticipation of the walkouts. enter health is planning to staff its impacted hospitals and clinics with temporary contract workers. the organization releasing a statement sunday saying, in part quote, we hope the union will call off this strike so our nurses can return to work and do what they do best care for our patients. we remain committed to continue bargaining as long as
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negotiations are progressing effectively toward averting the strike. resolution that amy herbs says won't happen unless both sides are able to finally find some common ground short staffing etcetera hospitals has been going on for years. they try to keep us as lean as possible. and have us do more with less every day on the creates an unsafe situation where nurses are exhausted and not getting breaks where patients won't be able to get the time and attention that they deserve, and that we want to give and barring an 11th hour deal against some 8000 nurses are expected to take to the picket line. starting at seven am tomorrow. christina sausage our newsroom tonight, zack. thank you. new tonight. police in oakland are asking for the public's help in locating a third suspect in the murder case of a former police officer and security guard. police are asking anyone with information about the whereabouts of this man 27 year old laurent gilbert
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to give them a call. he is one of three people who are accused of shooting and killing kevin nishida during an attempted robbery of a television news crew. back in november in downtown oakland, 24 year old herschel, hail and 24 year old rather and 25 year old shadia mitchell have already been arrested for murder, attempted robbery and assault. also new tonight. a 17 year old boy has been arrested in connection to a shooting in belmont, not far from carmen high school. police say the team is suspected to be one of the people responsible for the shooting that occurred on valer grow drive friday afternoon. no one was hit or injured in that shooting, and the suspects have fled the scene before police arrived. investigators say the shooting was an isolated event between two people or groups of people. investigators say that a teenage boy or rather excuse me. investigators say another teenager is to blame for a deadly shooting in concord police announced an arrest in the case today. ktvu is greg legans has the latest now on the investigation and new information about the man who
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died. a memorial for salvador, victor ochoa. castro sits at the corner of meadow lane and johnson drive. witnesses say castro who everyone knew as willie was shot here just before 10 am saturday while riding a bicycle. it's believed the shots came from a passing car. a witness named mike didn't want his face shone while recounting what he saw. three pop pop pop, and it sounded like a gun when the paramedics started working on him. they pulled up his shirt and i could see three bullet holes in his back. castro was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, the 30 year old father to a nine year old girl may have been living homeless, but he received and gave a lot of love in his life, according to his ex girlfriend. even if he was having like the worst day he would always have a smile on his face like nothing would ever just nobody would ever know that he was going through a lot, you know, and he loves his daughter . you know, he loved me, and he was just a good person. concord
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police say they have arrested a juvenile in the case, adding they recovered evidence linking him to the crime. the family says they have no idea why anyone would shoot castro, saying he may have made some mistakes in his life but was well liked. they say the arrest only brings them a little comfort. it does. the same time now, but at the same time, it's like he's still not here. you know, and i know my daughter's dad did not deserve this. concord police have not released any information regarding a possible motive in the shooting , but they are urging anyone who may have seen or heard something to contact the department as soon as possible. in concord, greg legans ktvu fox two news authorities say shots fired at a house party in pittsburgh, pennsylvania earlier today left to juveniles dead and at least 13 more people hurt. the shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. during a party at a short term rental property. police say there were hundreds of people inside the vast majority of them
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under age 18. investigators say that as many as 50 rounds were fired inside and potentially back and forth, in addition to eight people wounded by gunfire, five partygoers were heard jumping from windows falling down steps or while trying to seek cover from the shooting. how can you even have a holiday? when your child. was involved in some something traumatic like this. um in all the others who were if the incident um, you know, this is traumatizing to our officers. no arrests were immediately reported. we have new details tonight involving a shooting at a mall in south carolina that injured 14 people this weekend, an attorney for the only person to be arrested in the case says his client opened fire in self defense. a judge set bond for joe wayne price at $25,000 today. investigators believe at least three people displayed guns during the shooting. so far,
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they've only arrested one person . a total of nine people were shot. five more people suffered other injuries related to the shooting. and hours after that, shooting another mass shooting hit south carolina. nine people were wounded early this morning at a nightclub in the town of furman. that's about 80 miles west of charleston. police say the club was hosting an easter party when shots ring out from the outside of the back of that club in that area. there are no reports of any arrests. some new video out of ukraine today gives you a sense of what ukrainians are facing in the middle of russian attacks. cameras captured these images of medics in kharkiv as they scramble to get to safety and help wounded ukrainians. at the same time, kharkiv has been a target of attacks since the early days of the russia invasion. we're told at least five people were killed in today's shelling. more than a dozen others were wounded. ukraine president vladimir
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zelensky that a lot of mirrors of lynskey thinks what's happening in mary apple is threatening efforts to reach a peace deal through negotiations . he says ukrainian fighters in the city's last known pocket of resistance have been given a surrender or die ultimatum. variable falls, it would be russia's biggest victory yet in the invasion. it would allow russian forces across southern and eastern ukraine to connect foxes. matt finn shows us how these developments make for a very somber easter in ukraine. serious aviv region of ukraine were just yesterday, russian cruise missiles were intercepted by ukrainian forces. this greek roman churches actively taking in refugees, women and young children who lost their homes. even had their loved ones murdered as services are going on. explosions can be heard in the background, just a stunning reminder of a country at war. our translator tells us there's
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a nearby military base, conducting defense drills. we spoke to one refugee, a young woman from the devastated city of mary opal. that woman tells us her loved ones were murdered. her car was shot at by russians and this church took her in providing her warmth, shelter and food. and parents and my great grandmother died. we buried by ourselves. the grandmother, grandfather stayed in the apartment was damaged walls. actually dark or it's impossible to go there and take his body because of all the damage there. everything is ruined now. we also interviewed the priest of this church. he speaks a little bit of english because he visits the united states. the priest said. he asked some of the refugees if and when they would like to return to their homes. the refugee said they would not like to they consider their homes graveyards where their loved ones are dead. also here on the western side of ukraine, there
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is a lot of catholicism and faith. it's close to europe, but on the eastern side of ukraine closer to russia, we're told there's not a lot of practicing catholics. for some of the child refugees. this will be the first time they attend a church service in stretch. ukraine. matt finn fox news well new at 11, a group of tesla shareholder suing ceo elon musk over several tweets about taking the company private are now trying to silence him back in 2018 musk tweeted about taking the company private. now the shareholders are asking a federal judge to order musk to stop commenting on the case. lawyers say. the judges ruled that basques tweets about having funding secured to take tests of private work false at the time. the alleged of the tweets manipulated tesla stock price and cost them money. musk said thursday that he had the money to take tests the private and he agreed to settle only because bankers told him he had to or they would stop lending him money. a thief in panel gets away with a baby goat coming up
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plea goes out tonight for help getting that goat back to its mother, plus yeah. we've been seeing music lifts the spirits of people in war torn ukraine. coming up musicians formulated mission to keep their country's culture alive. a former typhoon and the effects it will have on your bay area. weather forecast details as the news continues right here on ktvu bucks, too.
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with a qualifying bundle. babs safe return security video shows that a young, dark haired woman snatched that baby goat on friday in panel the baby had just been born. its mother was with other goats, clearing vegetation in the area for east bay mud. the owner of the goat says the newborn needs to be back with its mother in order to survive. goat mama just wants her baby back there nice little family animals, and she's sad. and the baby goat really needs the mom. it needs the mom's milk to be able to thrive. the woman was in a silver or gray 16 2004 focus hatchback. anyone with information should contact the goat's owner. her company is called goats or us. at least 50,000 people from around the world gathered in st peter's square today to attend easter mass celebrated by pope francis
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. after the service, the pope made a plea for peace in the senseless war in ukraine and in other armed conflicts raging around the world. the pope appealed for reconciliation and myanmar's civil tensions and an end to the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. he also asked for peace across africa. today was the first time the pope celebrated mass in the square since the pandemic began. more than two years ago. thousands of christian worshippers gathered in jerusalem's church of the holy supple occur today to observe the easter holiday. that's the traditional side of jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection. tens of thousands of people have come to jerusalem for the holidays. now that most coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. for many christians this weekend marked the first time in three years they have been able to gather in person to celebrate one of the holiest days. the pandemic had forced many churches to resort to online or televised masses. ktvu torres shows us how black memorial church in san francisco
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welcome back its congregation glide only began welcoming people for in person services within the last month, so they say in easter service in person today is special. yeah. minister marvin white takes the stage inside glide memorial church that you will use joy. he's welcoming easter sunday worshippers. i am full of expectation. you know, i expect people to show up. i expect people to feel nervous and afraid and scared. this is their approach time coming back in. i want to be here and i want to be in place. i want them to know that we've been waiting for them and expecting them. that whatever they're walking away from that our arms are open wide for them. today it's the first easter sunday service in person since the beginning of the pandemic, people attending say they were growing tired of the virtual celebrations. i love being here in the person cause when you being person you can unite with people. the church is
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offering some covid-19 protocols to make sure everyone still feels safe and comfortable. we have air scrubbers in the aisles . we have all the windows and doors open. we have an amazing ventilation system because we know a lot of the covid is about ventilation. so we make sure that our air is the best in the world. masks improving vaccination are still required inside the sanctuary. people attending today say it's all worth it to get a chance to celebrate resurrection together . i can start my day. i can feel the spirit here. it's huge. it's wonderful. it's part of the theme reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. the sister is a perpetual indulgence held their annual easter event today . this year, people gathered in san francisco's dolores park for the fun festivities kicked off with the family easter egg hunt . organizers say the event celebrates the day that the
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service organization was founded 44 years ago. the first year was just a couple of sisters who happen to have none outfits going out to see what happened, and that morning they also had cheerleader outfits, so they were deciding which to put on and they went for the for the nun outfits and i guess, as they say, the rest is history. the day continued with live performances and costume contests. what a pretty day was there, right and everywhere we did have microclimates come into play just a bit. we had 55 degrees along the seashore and pacifica and then we had temperatures warm to the seventies and inland areas. it was 73 degrees of morgan hill. and how about 68 degrees in fairfield 66 degrees in santa rosa, where it will actually be cooler tomorrow with increasing cloud cover santa rosa currently at 45 degrees, in fact, everybody across the board now into the forties. we do have the winds that have been whipping up a bit out of the west at 13 at s f o. hayward at 10 livermore
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attend these winds, for the most part are onshore, but will be rotating later tomorrow out of the southwest 10 to 20 mph. so here we go. we have brain on the way first system arriving monday night through tuesday early morning than the one. i'm really keeping my eyes on a juicier system on one day night. wednesday night to thursday, and this is the one that's going to tap into some of that tropical moisture from a former typhoon. this right here is the first system on deck and you see the core. the center of the area of low pressure is way out over the eastern pacific ocean. this is the frontal boundary. it's just going to shear off and fall apart at the seams as it moves into the bay area, but nonetheless we will get what? here we go. let's time it out together here by monday, six pm we start to see the light rain drops on the rooftops right around sonoma napa county, heavier rain far to the north around mendocino and humboldt county. now by seven pm there
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you have the oakland a's home opener, and it will not rain. the rain is poised and position to push through sliced through the central bay by one o'clock in the morning, so the good news is the bulk of the precipitation is happening in the overnight hours. kind of like what happened this weekend, so it will be wet for the morning commute. the roadways will be, but you should not have to use those windshield wipers significantly boys, some heavy precipitation towards the gritty lake tahoe area. now 1/10 of an inch of rain. that's how we're going to get from this first system, two tents to the north and santa rosa and only 41 hundreds of an inch in san jose. but the next system coming up is going to add some rainfall totals to the rain gauge with over an inch in san francisco. so again, we'll break it down like this. the clouds increase on monday. the rain begins in the overnight hours damp morning on tuesday more clouds on wednesday with more significant rainfall accumulating wednesday overnight through your thursday
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temperatures overnight tonight, 34 degrees and arosa 37 degrees in livermore, otherwise forties around the central bay from albany through el cerrito, all the way to piedmont and oakland 42 degrees across the bay into san mateo. tomorrow morning set up at 6 30. you will notice the increasing cloud cover and again , the rain will begin in the north bay in the evening hours, then slide to the rest of the area in the overnight hours. here is your extended forecast. we are talking about. the rain to the north. 72 degrees are outside number. what the coasts a little bit warmer in the high fifties. otherwise the rain tapers off very early on tuesday , becoming partly cloudy rain develops late on wednesday. ends on thursday midday and then on friday, becoming partly cloudy. have a wonderful week ahead. roberta thank you. well, new tonight. san jose in san jose. police are investigating a homicide after a man was fatally shot last night. it happened shortly after six o'clock on
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fife lee avenue. police say the man was taken to a hospital before officers arrived at the scene. he was pronounced dead a short time later. the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting are now under investigation, and the suspect has not been arrested. the fatal shooting in san jose was the eighth homicide of the year. a 14 year old northern california girl is safe tonight after going missing for nine months, marijuana with an end to was found yesterday what our stepfather was pulled over for a traffic stop in nevada. her stepfather, santos floors, roman of santa rosa, has been charged with suspicion of keeping a child from her parents that is similar to abduction different because officials believe that she originally ran away from her home in crescent city. the teenager had not been hurt and is healthy. millions of americans wait until the minute to file their taxes, and this year is no exceptioning dee , and the irs expects to receive tens of millions of last minute filings. taxpayers can ask for
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an extension to avoid a penalty fee. the late fee is 5% of unpaid taxes for each month. the payer is behind. with an extension. the irs will give taxpayers until mid october to file tomorrow also marks the 116th anniversary of the san francisco earthquake and fires several 100 san franciscans, as well as many city officials will be on hand. tomorrow morning at 4 45 at lotta's fountain to honor those who died in the quake that time 4 45 am is when the quake struck in san francisco in 19. oh, six. a reef will be dedicated to history association founder ron ross as well as the late charlotte schultz, who died 116 years ago and those who live to rebuild san francisco from the ashes. sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here is a look at what joe fonzi and frank mallicoat are working on. tonight on sports draft. don't look now, te best record in baseball. they played 917, including a series sweep of the once hot guardians
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will take you on a highlight ride in cleveland. some opener is tomorrow night after playing 10 straight back case we'll check in on their finale in toronto. and if you want some playoff drama, the boston garden was the place to be today. how about the warriors? post season opener? the big three and some guy named pool? let it up. will also be talking rugby. all we need is you see you soon on sports draft. musicians play a big role in ukraine's culture coming up after the break, see how they're working to continue playing their music in the middle of a
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than assaulted an officer while she was being arrested for drunk driving. it happened shortly after nine o'clock last night on east angus avenue. police said. the woman crashed her car to hit and run. but a witness came officers information on the suspects car and those officers were able to find the woman in car assured distance. later police said the woman was arrested for driving under the influence, hit and run and battery on an officer. they did not release any information about the officer's injuries. yeah okay, despite the ongoing attacks in ukraine, we sometimes see uplifting images like these coming out of the war torn country music is helping the people of ukraine finds some comfort. in the middle of so
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much pain. well even with frequent air raid sirens in the background, artists and musicians are still performing live shows in ukraine. yeah and we want to leave you with some reminders. sports wrap is coming up next with frank mallicoat and joe fonzi. that is it for us here on ktvu. fox two news this sunday night. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning for mornings on two. thanks for joining us, everybody. goodnight.
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up r this year, but plenty of belt to keep last one down the right field line. brandon belt has gone deep brandon belt's third homer of the year, enough to get the giants out of cleveland on a five game winning ride. i think the energy will be there tomorrow. with opening day and going home. the a's are winging their way west for their home opener, but not after an impressive 50 50 split through philly, tampa and toronto. and the most watched foot in warrior world still belongs to number. 30 should be good to go for tomorrow. so who will start game two against the nuggets? yeah, i'm not answering. that one


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