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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 19, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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say agency now says it won't enforce mandate after a federal judge threw out the rule. what this means for mass transit riders here in the bay area also new information to bring you on that massive home depot fire in san jose the new information just released about about a man arrested for allegedly starting that fire that did millions of dollars in damage. also more rain has fallen in the bay area look at when the next system is expected to arrive. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox twoe new details on the arrest ofe just . ktvu is brooks jarocz joins us live where a news conference wrapped up. just a short time ago, brooks. it was a very large news conference. we had the police chief, the fire chief,
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the mayor of san jose, the d. a. even a t f was here to give new details about this investigation into what caused that massive fire, and they are now calling this arson. they have arrested dylan j. crew's go quickly. he's 27 years old from san jose. they say he lit the fire in an ill as he was trying to steal tools from home depot blossom hill road a little more than a week ago. now those flames quickly enveloped and destroyed. nearly the entire 98,000 square foot store. it is estimated to have cost $17 million in inventory loss that's not including the building itself. now go. qui faces felony arson, including six and seven charges of grand theft and three for petty theft . they say that after he's tried to steal some tools from the home depot. he then went to a nearby macy's. he jumped in a car that was driven by someone else installed some other merchandise there. he is expected in court later today.
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but as for the investigation into what caused that fire or how it was started, they didn't give away too many details. but listen, how 80 f describes their investigation and what they determined it was intentionally set and was an act of arson. arson is a dangerous, violent crime. this unnecessary and tragic fire could have resulted in serious injury or loss of life. as it was set, while employees and customers were inside. one of the things the d a said, is that he's very thankful that law enforcement was able to bring this person in and get this suspect. go qui very quickly and that no loss of life occurred because it could have been much more severe now. we also looked into some records at the home depot, and they did have some violations for the fire suppression system as well as the fire alarm system. when we asked the fire chief today about that, he said there is still trying to determine if that fire suppression system and
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the fire alarms worked properly , that's still part of the ongoing investigation. as for back here, right now in san jose, we're going to head over to the hall of justice where this suspect is going to be arraigned in just about an hour or two for now, reporting live in san jose. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. thank you. today there is new, wide ranging reaction to a federal judge's action, ending mask mandates on planes and mass transit ktvu jesse gary reports from oakland international airport. this moment if you choose to. you may remove your mask. several 1000 ft above the ground relief passengers full faces are now free to be seen on board an airplane flying amawi, man. i don't want to sit on a plane for six hours with a mask on but a federal judge's order ending mask mandates in the air and on mass transit is stoking a fractured response. i think we're actually unfortunately to see still some chaos involved in
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these decisions just because it's not the same decision across the board. alaska air, delta, united and southwest have all lifted their mask requirements. at mineta, san jose and oakland international airports, masks are not required tuesday morning, sfo officials saying masking is no optional while passengers on most bay area mass transit systems must still mask up. i don't know how long i'll keep doing it either. i don't know until i feel like things have calmed down. i know cases are still kind of high, even though people aren't wearing masks feel safe. you know, i've been vaccinated have been boosted so you know, i feel pretty safe. well i'm going to still continue wearing it for my own, and i feel like i just need to be able to you know, be mindful of others as well. last week, the cdc announcing its mask order was extended for 15 days until may 3rd. the move was to allow added time to study the two variant monday of florida federal judge ruled the cdc
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failed to justify its decision to extend the mandate your absolute inevitably going to see more cases of covid. now does that translate to another wave or something significant on human health? i'm not sure. but without a doubt we're going to have more cases, area transit agencies are continuing to require masks while on board. this includes sfm, uni, a c transit, caltrain and vt. a bart officials say they're touching base with other agencies and waiting to see reaction on the local, state and federal levels before amending their mask mandate. both uber and lyft executives say they updated their mask mandates, saying masking is no optional for drivers and passengers. at oakland international airport. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news and weather is the bay area got so much needed rain overnight. it was coming down at a steady pace while most of us slept that led the road's wet for the morning commute with an awfully pretty picture earlier today at the golden gate bridge, and it's
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gorgeous outside now, because we know there's more rain on the way, let's bring in our ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo outside when the next system is going to roll in. we're all listening to you, mark. either gaussian frank. yeah we are expecting next system to begin up in the north bay tomorrow afternoon and spreading to the south as we head into your wednesday evening, but today for the most part, we get a break. it's nice to have some rain showers. move in. they move out. we get a break. we get a chance to go outside before the next round moves in now. rainfall totals that you can't see here, not just a few 107 inch most areas picking up a decent amount. canfield in fact, just over half an inch of rainfall. santa rosa about 1/10 of an interesting for san francisco, but san jose, not picking up much at all. only 0.2. we will definitely beat that number as that next system is expected to be stronger as it rolls into the area, especially wednesday night and thursday thursday. it's just an all out stormy day here in the bay area that could include some thunderstorms, some hail and some gusty winds. here is
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the radar over the past 18 hours or so you can see some of the coverage moving out of the bay area and also out towards the sierra, where they had a winter weather advisory. in places becoming closer right now, still the possibility of a few lingering the showers out there , especially down towards south looks like closer to morgan hill and the gilroy some activities showing up on the radar so not 100% completely dry just yet, but that will be changing later on today, we'll have that break in the shower activity and as you can see out in the pacific out the left portion ever screen. this is our next system. this will be fairly strong, especially for this time of year, and we're talking more about this. this system with your full update coming up in just a few. it's alrighty. thank you, mark. russian forces are attacking along a very broad front in eastern ukraine as the full scale ground defense gets underway. met finn has the very latest at 11. you're crazy. the battle for the don boss has begun. ukraine's defense
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ministry says russia has started quote a large scale offensive in the east with three main goals, establishing a corridor to crimea. capturing all of the donbas region and destroying the ukrainian armed forces. but ukrainian troops on the frontline say they're ready for whatever moscow throws at them. if they step on our territory. let them come in. they will stay here forever. they will get what they deserve. the russians have reportedly deployed 60 to 75,000 troops along the 300 mile front, the pentagon says a significant part of the russian army is now concentrated. in this relatively small area, and they still have the vast majority of their combat power available to russian victory is far from a sure thing flat open area. the russian tanks will obviously have their advantage. but tank battles are are really always very iffy, and particularly if heavy artillery gets in there, it could be very messy. a big question mark whether the ukrainians will be able to hold on to the city of mario opal,
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where defenders are running short on manpower and ammunition. if the city falls as many as 12,000 russian troops will be freed up to join the offensive, creating a land bridge between russia and the crimean peninsula. afraid this is going to be a very gruesome, um and sad end to an heroic fight by those ukrainian soldiers. ukraine says it has had to pull back some of its troops in some areas, but its defensive line has not been broken. in lviv, ukraine. matt finn fox news a student at berkeley high school, has died after falling from a parking garage that happened yesterday afternoon at lunchtime, berkeley high's principal email the students and families last night about what happened and said other students were present at the time. name of the student who died has not been announced . the school district says counselors will be a berkeley high all day to help them deal with this tragedy. today is the final day of voting in an election that will decide will represent part of san francisco in the state legislature. last
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night, candidates met haney and david campos faced off at a format mayonnaise hosted by project open hand. matt haney currently serves as a san francisco supervisor representing the tenderloin, south of market civic center in mission bay neighborhoods. he has endorsed by mayor london breed and says if elected, he'll put much of his focus on poverty . california has the highest rate of poverty in the country. i think that's not something that we acknowledge enough or recognize enough and many of the many of the challenges and problems that we have, whether it's access to healthcare access to good jobs, access to food. access to housing homelessness are connected to poverty and inequality. that heaney is running against former supervisor david campos, who is currently on leave from his job as chief of staff for the district. attorney chase a bodine campus says the only way to tackle tough issues in sacramento is to cut ties with corporations. i am running a corporate free campaign 100%
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because i believe that to actually have california valiantly address issues like hunger you have to elect individuals who are not beholden to the corporate interests that run the show. the state 17th assembly district covers the eastern half of san francisco became open last year after david chiu stepped down to become san francisco city attorney in february. special election haiti defeated compost by about 700 votes. the winner of today's election will only hold the seat for a few months will have to run again in the normal primary election in june, and then the general election come november. shelby come here in new time. an update to the cats that have taken over the oakland coliseum complex. animal control officials are now saying will likely happen to those cats plus a rare spring snow disrupts travel and power across the northeast. i'm katie burn in
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thed of ambushing and killing a man in front of his san mateo home and wounding his two year old son. 29 year old john passy was arrested at his home in north carolina yesterday. 30 year old esa ley mahi was also arrested yesterday in honolulu. both are facing homicide charges for the shooting death of utah to seek a junior in october of 2020. san mateo. police say the execution
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style killing was premeditated and appears to be connected to a deadly arson that killed an 85 year old woman in 2019. we believe it to be related to the murder of susan tonga from a case in 2019, where she died in a fire that was deliberately set. pasi mr passy and the victim have known each other for over 15 years. mr pass. he does have a criminal history. and a curly pending a firearm case out of sacramento from an incident that took place just two months after this homicide occurred. authorities say they plan to extradite both men to send mateo county to face charges the two year old has recovered from his injuries. much of the northeast is still dealing with snow and rain this morning as a strong storm is making its way through that region as fox weather's katie byrne reports, conditions are now disrupting travel plans and cutting out power. two thousands. people across the northeast woke up to snow coated roads and driveways as a late season nor'easter pummels the region the strong storm dumping
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up to a foot of snow in parts of pennsylvania and new york. heavy precipitation is knocking over trees and weighing down power lines, leaving more than 270,000 customers without power. get bad. it gets all the streets. you can't even go down them. sometimes we would have to move our cars all the time and down the east coast. soaking rain is impacting travel conditions, the national weather service says about 1 to 2 inches of precipitation has fallen. causing heavy flooding in parts of new jersey and eroding beaches just weeks before memorial day. don't really go to the beach much, but i can definitely say it's probably getting smaller, just time taking its course. and it's not just the northeast, seeing a rare spring snow in minnesota state police responded to dozens of crashes on monday after blowing snow cause slick roads. detroit seeing about 1 to 2 inches yesterday, sorry for the flowers that are blooming and the trees that are trying to blame. officials say the conditions are delaying crews from getting roads ready for the warmer weather. it's taking them away from patching potholes. and doing other things that would
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ordinarily be doing this time of year. forecasters say the snow should be out of the region by early wednesday in binghamton, new york, katie byrne, ktvu. fox two news. straight back to our bay area, whether much more mellow and mild than what they're seeing in other parts of the country. we're getting so excited for this next round of rain mark another round gaussian . then as we head towards the weekend will flip the script and we'll have more sunshine and temperatures in the seventies. so yeah, we're talking about kind of a return to winter, once again this week with the more rain here in the bay area and more snow in the sierra, where winter weather advisory continues until two o'clock this afternoon, taking a look at the kind of the details are next system coming onboard. this will be primarily wednesday afternoon wednesday night and into a thursday rainfall expectations at least a quarter of an inch to about an inch and a half we could have some higher amounts for the coastal hills, so this will definitely be stronger than the one that rolled into the area earlier today, wins will be up there as well. could be around 30 to 40 miles an hour
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and the sierra they will probably have another winter weather advisory kick in snowfall expectations around 8 to 16 inches outside right now, a chance to get outside. we still have to hold on to the possibility of a sprinkle. or a light shower this afternoon, especially in the south bay current numbers san francisco 58 lots of sixties out towards oakland and walnut creek. and as we check out the satellite, actually the radar showing you some of the coverage from earlier today. still some leftover flurries in south lake tahoe. the current temperature of 37 degrees, and right now we have cleared on that clear partly cloudy skies still mostly cloudy skies. we are trending in the partly cloudy direction this afternoon, but still some leftover rain showers as you can see closer to more gun hill and gilroy at least the possibility showing up on the radar this afternoon as he back out the maps will introduce you to our next system that circulation offshore that moves into the region later in the day wednesday, first up the north bay by tomorrow afternoon after three or four o'clock, and then that system rolls into the entire bay area wednesday night and into thursday morning, but
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even into the afternoon hours here. you can see your live p m. arra looking above san francisco. still, some lingering cloud cover out there so still mostly cloudy skies, but we do have some muslim breaks in the cloud cover already this early afternoon. whether should be just fine for baseball this evening with the oakland a's and we are expecting partly cloudy conditions. temperatures will be in the upper fifties. checking out your forecast for today. as you can see here. here's your two o'clock and or 12 o'clock, and we just still have some cloud cover out there and then more sunny breaks this afternoon . this is wednesday morning, eight o'clock and there you can see some right up to our north still dry here in the bay area, and then one o'clock we do bring in the chance of some rainfall, especially up in northern sonoma county up in the mendocino county four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. that rain line kind of focused on the northern half of the bay area, and then here we go. this is wednesday night. that rain line spreading to the south thursday morning, some off and on rain showers and thursday could be the interesting day with the possibility some thunderstorms. and some small hail, so get ready for that
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active system that's going to move in today, though we get a chance to get outside temperatures will be in the upper fifties to the sixties and the look ahead your five day some off and on rain showers wednesday and thursday could be heavy at times chance of a shower by friday. then as we head into the weekend, this will all vanish. we are back to more of a spring like pattern with temperatures warming up all weekend long but keep the umbrella nearby at least the next system coming onboard. mark thank you tragedy and stockton's what? we're learning about the killing of a 15 year old girl on her high school campus by a stranger and how the community is coming together to remember her. the oklahoma city bombing
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that left 168 people dead. the annual remembrance ceremony was held in person this morning for the first time in three years, state and city leaders joined survivors and loved ones for the memorial at a church across the street from the former murrah federal building, which was destroyed in the 1995 bombing. the site is now the oklahoma city national memorial and museum. we thank you for joining us to help tell the story through your service and commitment to peace and dedication. to the oklahoma city. national memorial museum. for on this sacred ground. we seek to find common ground. timothy mcveigh was convicted of packing and detonating a truck full of explosives in front of
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the murrah federal building. he was sentenced to death. the oklahoma city bombing was the deadliest terrorist act in united states history. until the september 11th attacks. new at noon. we're learning a california highway patrol officer shot and killed a man and you account after being caught in the driver's vehicle and dragged shooting happened during a traffic stop in the town of linda in yuba county. the officer got caught in the door of the driver's car and was dragged. that's when the officer fired their weapon. no other details are being released at this time. a large crowd gathered in stockton or remember a 15 year old girl who was stabbed to death at school, police say appears to be a random act of violence. alicia naga was on campus when a trespasser walked up to her. and stabbed. her reporter, melanie wingo, spoke with the girl's father. dozens gathering at sunset outside stag high school in stockton's. there's a lot of love, you are the victim of monday's fatal stabbing on campus, identified by family as 15 year old alicia re naga, my
12:25 pm
daughter, everyone, no one was amazing kids. just smart. alicia's dad manual didn't want to show his face on camera. but sharing with casey are a three these photos of his daughter describing her as a great kid, a good student and as a rising athlete with the high school softball program. she was very outgoing. it's just like the funniest person we know she was clever and she had thick skin. and she can come back with a daughter a crime stockton,sn't police say appears to be a random act of violence, enemies . my daughter was shouting her whole life. we took her to school chicken home from school family, grateful for the support from family and friends. i love appreciate everyone who came out and supported my daughter had a lot of love marijuana, but not sure how they will move forward without her. i just feel like it's a dream like we're just trying to wake up hoping for justice for alicia, just going to leave it in god's hands.
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melanie wingo in stockton. police say they arrested 52 year old anthony gray and booked him into the san joaquin county jail for murder. police have not identified a motive. still to come. changes to quarantine guidelines for people exposed to covid, with the states now saying in the reason some bay area counties aren't ready to make the change just yet, plus i'm super excited. i've been a oakland a's fan since i was super little baseball is back at the colosseum as the a's hold their season home opener by the game wasn't the only thing city leaders the team and fans were talking about.
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thad a home depot store just over a week ago was set by a man who was trying to steal tools. fire tore through the store on blossom hill road on april the ninth and it was packed with shoppers early saturday evening, sending employees and patrons running for their lives to escape. in a press conference within the hour, the santa clara d. a. said that police have arrested 27 year old dylan j. crew's go quick. authorities say the fire caused tens of millions of dollars in damage, but fortunately no injuries. i'm thankful that my office the d. a s office is not prosecuting a multiple murder case today.
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miraculously no one was hurt in this five alarm fire that was so hot and so large that it could be detected from a satellite in space. but it came close. far, far too close to cause him many injuries and deaths. at suspect dylann j crew's coqui was arrested on friday. he will be arraigned later this afternoon on charges that could bring 14 years to life in jail. several companies are tossing out mask requirements after a federal judge ruled the cdcs mask mandate for public transportation was unlawful. covid there was still spreading and now a pharmaceutical company says its new booster shot works better against variants. madeline rivera reports. the position is master will be optional oversee things for all crew and passengers, well relief
12:31 pm
after a federal judge struck down the national mask mandate monday, with some announcements taking place mid flight, several airlines no longer have restrictions after the said it wouldn't enforce the federal order for public transportation , really looking forward to seeing people smiles again, companies like uber and amtrak. are also making masks optional. to the disappointment of the biden administration, which last week had extended the mask requirement until may 3rd to allow more time to study the b, a two variant. the cdc continues recommending wearing a mask in public transit coronavirus cases are rising and major cities with a b, a two variant driving the uptick and infections. but hope is on the horizon. moderna says. preliminary data shows it's updated booster shot provides added protection against variants. still some safer now they're keeping their masks on. rates were higher. i would feel
12:32 pm
uncomfortable, so i hope that they keep that and go back on. in places that rates go up. the cdc is launching a new center for forecasting an outbreak analytics. federal health officials say it will work like the national weather service, providing better and faster information about future outbreaks in washington mouth rivera ktvu fox two news california lifted its five day quarantine for people who have been exposed to covid-19. but not every bay area government is ready to roll back its own guidelines. alameda county health officials will still advise people who are not current other vaccines this to help for at least five days after being in contact with anyone who's infected with the virus city of berkley, which has its own public health department , will join almost all the other counties and follow the state guidelines. sonoma county by the way, has not announced its recommendation just yet. nationally the number of covid cases are going up again. about half of the states have reported rising numbers since the first
12:33 pm
of the month, and that has many state and local officials anticipating rising hospitalization rates as well, they say if they see the number of hospital patients rise, they could reinstate old restrictions. we're starting to see so increases in the numbers. we're not seeing those increases manifesting increased hospitalizations. not yet, but we're looking at that very, very closely. the white house says it does support the decisions being made by local officials who take into account their current infection and those hospitalization rates. federal officials also say they need both local and national experts to start transitioning towards more effective long term strategy the wall of the henry j. kaiser convention center in oakland, has been identified. the alameda county coroner says the body is that a 40 year old joseph magica , homeless man who was reported missing in september of 2020.
12:34 pm
authorities, haven't said how he died or why he was inside the old building that's under construction. officials determined who he was, by cross referencing the serial number from a plate in his ankle with records from highland hospital d. n a samples were also used to confirm his identity. in sacramento police are searching for one of the suspects in the sacramento shooting that left six people dead. earlier this month. police identified in tula peyton is one of the gunmen and say he is a known gang member. investigators are asking anyone who knows where peyton is to contact them. but they weren't he should not be approached. they consider him armed and dangerous. investigators say the shootout was getting related and now say, just hours before some people were flashing gang affiliations and guns on social media. do have some gang issues in our neighborhoods and quite honestly, their long standing feuds in some of our neighborhoods. i don't think that's any secret as we've moved through the years. investigators say the three women killed were not involved with gangs. they were just caught in the shootout
12:35 pm
, sacramento police say despite the shooting, downtown sacramento is a generally safe area. as the fighting in ukraine escalates, concerns are growing about the civilians all caught in the middle and the difficulty of getting humanitarian aid to them. ktvu is jana katsuyama tells us what barrier egg groups are asking for. the russian attack on lviv in western ukraine. monday comes just as humanitarian aid from the bay area arrived in the city last week. supplies donated to the group hearts from ukraine were flown from san jose more than 130 boxes of food, hygiene products and medical supplies. aid groups are facing a big problem delivering the goods with the lack of safe humanitarian corridors. there was an orphanage there of 11,000 children. and while we're en route while the shipment is in process that city got occupied by russian forces, there was no longer accessible. eugene tarasov, founder of hearts for ukraine, says they are still waiting for word from one of
12:36 pm
their partners in ukraine. tonight all of a sudden we should. there's a siren. all right. we need to go and should have been. no. they need to run to shelter and then to run in the basement. you need to hide because bombs are starting to starting to come in the united nations chief of humanitarian aid called for an immediate ceasefire monday in order to establish safe quarters to get aid into the war zones and evacuate civilians. you need at least a three day window. to enable proper safe evacuation things to happen as yet we have not got agreement on that from the russian side, officials say russian attacks on civilian targets have caused severe harm and russia's destruction of hospitals has made treating the wounded even more difficult. ukraine is now endured 136 attacks on healthcare facilities. the devastation of hospitals has created desperate need for medical equipment. computer tomography ultrasound just to see where the shrapnel is embedded in in human tissue. uh you can imagine how critical how important this is the barrier ed group nova ukraine says as the fighting escalates, the humanitarian workers are
12:37 pm
ready to help. but in greater danger than ever different drivers disappeared. um at the day they left delivering aid, and they have not heard from them since then. this was a few days ago in oakland. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. cats at the coliseum that officials have taken over the complex or apparently here to stay. animal control officials tell the chronicle even if the roughly 30 feral cats were removed from the a's home stadium, other wild cats that live nearby are likely to take their place. so for now, animal services in the coliseum have been listed an outside company to spay or neuter the cats and then return them to the coliseum . and how about the age last night they were back in oakland for their home opener against the baltimore orioles. here again. oakland a's play here again. that they do. plenty of fans still get it in the coliseum parking lot, many of
12:38 pm
them telling us they make sure to never missed the first home game of the season fans for treated to a 51 victory over the orioles. but it's ktvu zach sauce tells us there's still plenty of questions swirling about the team's future here in the bay area. and another home opener in the books for a baseball and with it diehard fans talking expectations for the season dubs get wins getting road winds april 18th on this family's calendar for weeks super excited. i've been a oakland a's fans since i was super little billy ball years. billy martin was the manager and i'm always going to be in oakland, a's fan. i hope they never leave excited but struggling to ignore that giant elephant in the room. talk of the possibly relocating to los vegas of a deal for a new stadium can be reached. not like that outside the colosseum during a flag raising ceremony. oakland mayor libby chef addressing the back and forth negotiations over plans for a
12:39 pm
new ballpark on oakland's waterfront proposed $12 billion redevelopment project at howard terminal is not a yo yo, this is a journey and i really respect that the aids do need a backup plan. absolutely respect that because developing on the california coastline is complicated, but this has been all forward progress. mayor chef striking a positive tone, but the project facing stiff opposition so far from businesses operating at the ports seaport planning advisory committee recommending against the project last month and a group of ports workers filing a lawsuit to block the project this month. we're doing everything we can. we're spending $2 million a month for working with the city staff. we're doing everything we can to get the approvals to fight off the lawsuits to bring that to a positive outcome this summer, but the team making one thing clear it's really howard terminal or bust, leaving these fans with no choice but to simply hope for the best. we are the only team here now in oakland. we don't have any more
12:40 pm
teams warriors left so hopefully, they'll stay here. a key vote for the oakland a's project coming up on june 2nd. that's when the san francisco bay conservation and development commission is expected to consider whether the oakland a's howard terminal project should move forward. at the coliseum's axa's ktvu, fox two news. on the basketball. now the warriors are off to denver for game three of their opening round of the nba playoffs. they will hit the court thursday night, the mile high city against the nuggets, the dubs up two games to none in the series after winning last night by 21 26 to 1 oh, six.e hl . that guy bench. he scored 34 points and just injus replacement, jordan's polls started the game at point guard. any port in 29. that's 59 points for pool in the first two games. just try to get a run going as soon as we can j aggressive ande
12:41 pm
freedom of will just to play our game being this this moment, just environment after two years' absence from the playoffs , it means a lot. that's where we all work for. steph curry, jordan's pool, play tops and combined to score 84 of the dubs 126 points last night in game two still to come at noon. information surrounding this year's outside lands festival in san francisco. next the performers that are set to take the stage. had a very of weather. still some lingering cloud cover this afternoon, but we are tracking a stronger system set to move in later that day. wednesday and into thursday , we'll talk more about this winter like pattern coming up with your forecast after the break.
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tech stocks rallied following a weak start, the dow jones is up a good one and one half percent, adding 500 plus points as of right now is by one and two thirds of the present nasdaq doing the best of all, gaining more than two full percentage points. we'll hear that twitter stock is down about 4.5% right now. an investment firms considering a bid for that social media company. the wall street journal reports apollo global management may take may attempt to take over ownership of twitter apollo already owns, yahoo has been looking at potential ways to cooperate between yahoo and twitter. this comes after, of course, elon musk offered $43 billion to buy twitter. people who didn't make
12:45 pm
yesterday's tax deadline are getting some relief. at least here in california, the california franchise tax board extended its payment deadline because of a technical glitch. california's now have until midnight tuesday to pay state taxes. the franchise tax board says it's web page application went down that kept some people from getting their payments through. some people on social media said their payments went through a number of times payments received by 11 59 tonight will be considered on time people who receive social security benefits could get their biggest cost of living increase. more than 40 years and nonpartisan organization that focuses on issues for older americans estimates the increase next year could be nearly 9. that prediction was made. after last month's inflation report, the number could change if inflation tapers off in the coming months. the increase for this year was 5.9. new survey shows americans expect home prices to continue to rise at their fastest pace in seven years that is pushing people to buy homes, agents say increasing
12:46 pm
demand for the limited supply of homes. will continue to push those prices up that combined with higher interest rates, increasing mortgage rates to their highest level and some 11 years, however many potential homebuyers believe rates will continue to increase for the next three years, so they want to buy now. new data on home prices here in the bay area shows the cities with the highest percentage growth and home prices from february of 21 february this year. we're located in alameda and contra costa counties. according to zillow, union city number one dublin pleasant, san ramon and danville topping the list. real estate experts say this shows that continuing trend of people living in urban centers for suburbs or leaving those urban centers for the suburbs as more people are able to work from home now. there's a big new effort to bring more parks to the bay area as a way to fight back against climate change group called together bay area has outlined over 100 projects
12:47 pm
that could be implemented in the next decade. they say the projects would help california reach its goal of conserving 30% of the states lands and coastal waters by the year. 2030 proposals include some new trails, wildlife protection like highway crossings and stronger fire protection plans at noon, we now know who will perform at this year's outside lands festival in san francisco, the festival said to take place august 5th through the seventh and golden gate park, returning to its normal time slot. after being delayed until halloween weekend last year due to covid today, organizers announced to his taking the stage and the headliners are green day post. malone and cisa performance include jack harlow, weezer and phoebe bridgers. alright a fresh round of rain overnight clear down, but a lot more rain is coming our way. it's kind of a crazy week. mark. we haven't seen this in a while. yes so much. remember in january february, we could not find a raindrop here in the bay area. it seems like that was the case.
12:48 pm
and now yeah, we're hosting multiple storms in the bay area and also out towards the sierra. so we'll take it and it's not gonna we're still gonna be in drought status. but still it will take these raindrops, especially this time year and the one that's coming on board. that will be a bit stronger than the one that moved in earlier today, so rainfall expectations were bumping them up. as you can see, it's about a quarter of an inch to possibly an inch and a half winds will be up there. we do not have a win advisor. serie but winds could be gusting over 30 miles an hour. and this year another round of snowfall expected. in fact, they still have a winter weather advisory until two o'clock this afternoon . i think they'll probably have another one reissued as the next system approaches our coastline here is the radar throughout the day passed the 18 hours or so, and some of the coverage across the region. still, some lingering snow showers out towards the sierra. right now, most areas have dried up a bit, but as becoming closer to the south bay. still a little bit of some green left over on the radar closer to more gun hill. so right around how a one on one this afternoon in the santa
12:49 pm
clara valley, so we still have to hold on to the possibility of a sprinkle or a light shower this afternoon. as you back out the maps are next system is a developing and that will be rolling into the area up in the north bed tomorrow afternoon for the rest of the bay area. by tomorrow evening and into early thursday morning. here's a live camera this afternoon. still some cloud cover out there. it's one of those deals where we have mostly cloudy skies or partly cloudy skies. eventually we're trending in that partly cloudy theme later on today, and that will be the forecast for the a's is game this evening temperatures will be in the upper fifties. so here is the forecast models showing you somewhat of a break this afternoon with the sun cloud mix as we take this into your wednesday the morning commute should be dry. but then into the afternoon hours, we do bring in some rain chances, especially up in north in sonoma county by tomorrow afternoon, and there's that rain line to this could impact the commute, possibly tomorrow. afternoon especially after five o'clock and then things really develop a later the day wednesday. so wednesday evening and thursday morning,
12:50 pm
this is one some cold, unstable air can move into the region that could trigger a few isolated thunderstorms out there, and those thunderstorms could be linked up with some hail and some gusty winds. so it will definitely feel like winter around here come thursday. forecast highs for today will be in the upper fifties to the upper sixties. a few spots right around 70 degrees. and look ahead, your five day forecast to bring in some more rainfall later the day wednesday off and on rain with maybe some thunderstorms on thursday, still the chance of leftover shower on friday and it looks like we're gonna go back to a spring like pattern this weekend, and we'll all be a distant memory by sunday. warmest locations will be back up into the upper seventies. april is always a kind of a tricky month of forecast. one day could be rainy and cold. the next day could be a warm and sunny and that's what we have in the forecast this week. mark thank you. today. san francisco. transportation leaders could vote to lower the speed limit on several busy streets in the city board of directors considering reducing the speed limit from 25 down to
12:51 pm
20 miles an hour on more stretches of road in the financial district fisherman's wharf in south of market areas. the goal is to eliminate pedestrian deaths in the city. the project would cost some $6 million over the course of three years. it's san francisco. another beauty line is making a comeback for the first time since the pandemic. san francisco's supervisor shaman walton, joined transit officials to celebrate the return of the eight bayshore express lanes. mew ni says the express bus will help reduce travel time to downtown for people live in visitation valley, portrayal hill and some other south side neighborhoods. walden says the line will help working class residents who rely on transit to get to work. or go shopping still become at noon. the average cost of a wedding in the u. s right now, right around $30,000 next how one southern california couple is going viral for the extremely low price tag for their big day.
12:52 pm
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goty break in at a home in the hollywood hills as the homeowner hid inside a bathroom, the owner said. he just returned from a holiday party when he noticed people coming onto his property. and even though the lights were on, he had pit bulls barking the video from his surveillance camera shows a group of young men in hoodies breaking into the garage. looking for valuables. the man quickly hit and called 911. i kept whispering to the guys and i'm so scared. i'm so scared. i don't know what to do. i mean, i was totally freaked out and i'm not. i don't freak out easily. while the burglars never made it to the main residents, the homeowner says most of the drawers, though, in the garage are now empty, and he's still trying to access how much those burglars got away with. while visiting california's vandenberg space force base, vice president
12:56 pm
kamala harris announced a new u. s policy on anti satellite missile tests, she said the u. s is the first country to make a pledge that it will not conduct anti satellite missile tests. there is concern over the space debris created by those tests that can threaten the international space station. other satellites and also space travel in the future. an update to a story we brought you yesterday a baby goat that was stolen from a yard in panel. well it's been returned and reunited with its mother. we got these images from the coats owner. a woman was caught on camera taking that goat on friday, not long after it had been born. well now the owner of the goat says neighbors found the baby safe and sound nearby and that both the baby and the mother are doing great reunited . they're crediting social media and the community for getting the word out to help find that baby go. new falcon that has taken rouz to top u. c. berkeley's campanelli clock tower finally has a name alden. he's named after the second
12:57 pm
director berkeley's museum of vertebrate zoology. that was all the miller which is fitting since the last bird that was nesting. there was named after the first director of that museum, grenell that falcon was found dead last month. once that new bird moved in the calle falcon team held a naming contest. he had the female bird any or now incubating a clutch of eggs on top of the campanella. zoo officials at the lincoln park zoo in chicago are limiting the screen time of a teenage gorilla. their caregivers say visitors too often impressed their cell phones up to the guerrillas, glass enclosure and 16 year old, a mayor would seem transfixed by the images. they noticed he was spending more time looking at cellphones and engaging with his companions. it's very important in these bachelor groups that they spend a lot of time learning to be a gorilla. these are sort of teenage boys growing up together with these other teenage boys, and they're slowly learning the rules of gorilla society and learning to sort of become adults. the zoo put up a
12:58 pm
sign prohibiting visitors from showing cell phones to america, help him control his addiction. chopsticks could soon help people stick to a healthier diet . researchers in japan say the new chopsticks enhance the taste of healthy foods that are low insult, which could help the millions of americans on low sodium diets due to high blood pressure. hi tech utensils are attached to a special device you wear on your wrist. it creates a small electric current to flow through the food, activating any sodium ions and allows you to taste more salt without the harmful side effects of more salt. researchers say they hope these chopsticks can help people maintain healthy blood pressure levels that are my favorite story of the day southern california couple going viral for throwing a wedding unlike any other for just $500. joel and chiara broken brows big davis earlier this year, they held the ceremony along a scenic southern california highway, so the venue was free. she got her dress for just $47 from an online fast fashion site. most wedding dresses can easily go into the thousands of dollars. the couple had originally planned to have a courthouse
12:59 pm
wedding before they decided to go big. we didn't set a budget, but we knew that we wanted to be as frugal as possible. so however, we could cut costs like that was the goal refresh and just being at the wedding the wedding days just seeing her like you need to get married. let our wedding be assigned to you that it doesn't take all that and that it can definitely happen. their family and friends really helped out here making or chipping in for things like the cake, the decorations, the food and the drink at the reception. the couple say they wanted an intimate wedding to their love story and say that can be accomplished on any budget. and here's the good news that is coming gone. they saved a bunch of money. now they can go buy a house or something. there you go. you have to be practical. it's a gorgeous wedding. a beautiful couple. all right. we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the very latest news of whether mature and download the ktvu news app. we're back today at four o'clock, beautiful day, but more rains are coming. we'll see
1:00 pm
you tomorrow, folks. >> it's everyone's favorite weeknight meal. >> cannot? ? i get a taco tuesday >> a pomegranate margarita. >> good dish, good drink. >> listen to that sound. >> tips to make the best steak tacos at home plus epic food fails you have to see to believe. >> that's. daphne: let's dish! the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television but also i'm


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