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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 21, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mike. mike come on. let's go. stop that legendary boxer mike tyson is caught on video punching a passenger on board of flight out of sfo. how his representatives are explaining his actions. and spring hail here in the bay area and winter like conditions up in the sierra . the strong april storm moving through northern california and how long it will last. from ktvu . fox two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage heather holmes. and we begin this afternoon in berkeley, where a shelter in place order at the cal campus has now been lifted. but that's after classes were canceled today and students were and faculty were ordered to stay where they were, after what police called a credible campus-wide threat. ktvu reporter evan sernoffsky is live now for us at uc berkeley and evan. police have now taken someone into custody.fter
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police detained one person. we're hearing on an involuntary psychiatric hold. i've also learned that police have obtained a remy warming warrant . excuse me, meaning that person will be taken into police custody once they're cleared on that mental health hold yeah, i was very worried. my professor was getting up closer to the window and i was getting really concerned and just telling him to, like, stay with us and lay low. it was a tense scene at uc berkeley thursday when the entire campus went into lockdown and students were ordered to shelter in place. berkeley police put out an alert to students around 9:30 a.m, warning them about a quote. credible campus-wide threat. they said they were looking for a person who may want to harm specific individuals. officials would not elaborate on the threat, but police were searching the student union building on bancroft way and
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telegraph avenue. everyone got pretty silent, including me, were all just worried. just waiting. sufi was in class when the alert went out. she said. her professor closed the windows and doors and turned out the lights. they waited silently for 2.5 hours. you can't really do anything about it. there's people out there like that. so we just got to deal with it on war, zenko and a hard sell. um we're about to start swim practice when their coach brought them inside. that was about to jump in. and the coaches like everybody got to go to the pool, but overall, they sell cabinets pretty safe by closing. all the doors keeps away from the windows. all classes were eventually canceled. and students were told to stay away from campus to shelter in place order was finally lifted shortly before two p.m. and hundreds of students streamed out of their classes. it's like really horrible. that's what's happening right now that we have to live in this world we have to worry about for our safety. nearby schools in the berkeley unified school district were on alert out of an abundance of caution, according to the
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superintendent. now alex heather. we've learned that those threats were made by email. but police still haven't identified that person they've detained or said what was in those threats and we're still waiting to see if any charges will be filed. reporting live at uc berkeley. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news very unsettling day there on the calle campus, evan. thank you. san jose police today released a new photo of the suspect, who is accused of starting that massive fire that destroyed a home depot store earlier this month. 27 year old dylan gold was arrested last week on felony arson charges. police are now sharing this surveillance image of him at another business before the fire as they seek more witnesses . in this case, investigators say, go carried out thefts and other san jose businesses on the same day as the home depot fire he's accused of intentionally starting that fire to cover up the theft of tools. police seen
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gog to contact them. alright now to our weather, and we saw plenty of downpours across the bay area today and in livermore . we even saw some hail this video from our own roberta gonzalez in the sierra. it looked a lot like winter with snow blanketing interstate 80 near soda springs. drivers face some treacherous driving conditions that prompted the national weather service to issue a travel warning also warnings about the potential for avalanches. let's bring in now our meteorologist mark tamayo for the conditions up in the sierra and also here in the bay area. either heather holmes. yeah the sierra continues to pick up the intense snowfall quite a bit of a snowfall that winter storm warning in place, and for the higher peaks, we could see amounts approaching three ft. so amazing amounts that could be adding up in the mountains for us, though. we of course have the rain showers out there. it's not a rainy day all day long but still some downpours. and, of course, the sierra picking up quite a bit of some much needed snowfall. so interesting april 21st for us right now and we still are
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tracking some scattered showers out there. rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. redwood city 240.60 pleasant in almost almost 0.60 santa rosa 0.43 oakland about a quarter of an inch of rain in san jose and san rafael, approaching a quarter of an inch of rainfall. here is the radar active all day long. and here you can see the snow piling up to our east out to right around 80 and also highway 50 as well. look at all those thunderstorms developing especially at least the lightning strikes to the east of the bay area. here is the radar imagery right now, there's not a lot of coverage out there, but if you've been outside for a little bit, it could be completely dry. then all of a sudden a shower develops, and it could be heavy at times. here are some of the radar coverage right now closing in on sonoma county right around santa rosa toward at least just outside of petaluma, moving the maps around here. there's not too much to show you from san francisco, oakland and hayward, but then moving the maps around . this is the loop over the past three hours notice down in the south bay, especially closer to more gun hill, kind of a train
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of moisture moving in from monterey bay approaching morgan hill. so they have been picking up some pretty good downpours this afternoon outside right now , you can see our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. and the one thing i look at here you can see those clouds are kind of puffy clouds. that's a sign of instability, and with that instability, we could have some more showers and some more thunderstorms for tonight. and into your friday morning, we'll talk more about this kind of an interesting weather pattern. it's a big changes by the weekend with more than forecast will have it coming up in a few minutes. okay, we'll see you then. mark. thank you. all that recent rain, including this morning's downpour was enough to improve drought conditions along the entire northern california coast , according to this latest map from the us drive, monitor conditions are still severe. it's a week to week situation as you can see, with the side by side comparison last week, the entire region north of marin county was in extreme drought conditions, along with many counties in the northern part of the state, as well as the central valley. well he's a mud may start, capping the amount of
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water that households can use. the strict water ordinance proposal would be considered next week by the agency's board of directors approved it would begin with a relatively generous water quota, with the possibility of it being tightened in the future. also to be limited to about 1600 gallons a day. the strict cap would come with fines for households exceeding the limit. right now, the agency is relying on water restrictions and voluntary conservation. and a reminder you can use our weather app to track rain. it includes interactive radar, and you can download it for free from the app store. punched on a plane. cell phone video shows former heavyweight boxing champion mike tyson. they're throwing several punches and a fellow passenger on a plane before leaving sfo. tyson and that other passenger were not arrested, or henry leebeen e also talked with the woman who was on the plane at the time, and he joins us live henry videos shocking iron mike tyson just wailing on the guy behind
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him on a jetblue plane, but at this point, he's not facing any charges. hey former heavyweight champion mike tyson caught on video punching a fellow passenger on a jetblue plane at san francisco international airport. tmz obtained cellphone video of the confrontation. who wants to be hit by mike tyson. my lord, uh, he packs a punch as we've seen in the ring. it happened wednesday night as tyson was set to fly out of sfo to florida. he was in san francisco to attend the 4 20 cannabis festival. according to tmz, tyson took a selfie with the man who was extremely intoxicated man sat behind tyson and continue trying to talk to him. tyson's reps also say the man three water bottle at him in the video. tyson punches the man in his face several times. the man was treated at the scene for facial injuries, but provided minimal details of the incident to san francisco airport police and refused to cooperate further. the men were not arrested and were released from the scene. sfpd says this video surfaced after they talked to
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the men and the follow up investigation will be handled by the san mateo county sheriff's office. i know a lot of people are under the misconception that always fists are a deadly weapon , other or not, but ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the man who was punched could potentially have a case against tyson, both in criminal and civil court. he has no right to punch anybody, no matter what that person said there that's not justification for punching someone, especially with mike tyson skills. cardoza says tyson celebrity status could cut both ways and he is a trained box or that certainly would cut against him in the courtroom. should it ever get to a jury trial, which i doubted, ever will head one word of advice for tyson anger management, michael. now. sarah birchfield of berkeley woman who was on that plane tells me she had seen the drunk man at the airport bar and it was annoyed. he was on her flight, she says. people should know when to back
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off and leave someone alone. no word on whether tyson and the mandy punched will be allowed on future jetblue flights now we've reached out to the airline. but have not heard back in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news certainly clear there, henry that mike tyson had had enough of that passenger henry. thank you. vice president kamala harris is in san francisco this afternoon, addressing what she says is a maternal health crisis . the vice president spoke at the mission bay campus of ucsf. senator dianne feinstein, lieutenant governor eleni kona, lakis and san francisco mayor london breed were also on hand to listen to the vice president's remarks about the maternal health crisis. vice president harris spoke about pregnancy related complications , especially among women in rural communities and women of color. before, during and after childbirth. women in our nation. are dying at a higher rate. from pregnancy related causes than in
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any other wealthy or developed nation in our world. vice president harris also met with expecting families and talk to members of the maternal healthcare workforce. alright it was a hard fought campaign for a state assembly seats, one that was dominated by the by housing, homelessness and public safety. so what can san franciscans expect from its next assembly member, while supervisor matt haney is here live in studio to talk about his dominating victory and his priorities as he leaves the tenderloin for sacramento? also you may have seen these ads on tv attacking tesla's self driving technology coming up today at 4 30. we'll hear from the man behind this campaign who is running for a campaign who is running for a california senate seat. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less.
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go l election for the state assembly district 17 seat, san francisco supervisor matt haney won by wide margins and election where
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housing was a crucial issue, and supervisor haney joins us now live here in studio. congratulations on tuesdays when thank you. yeah we feel good. let's talk a little bit about how this victory came about. what do you attribute? your decisive win on tuesday, too. you know, we talked about the things that san francisco voters care about. housing homelessness , public safety the sky stuff. e talked about you know, san franciscans like the entire barria and country have been and they're looking for politicians and elected officials who are grounded in the thingsk hard. and we wanna nearly every precinct in the city. i think tg about things they care about, and they want to send someone to sacramento who can actually deliver supervisor, some political observers noted, and ideological shift a little bit in your efforts to move yourself away from a typical san francisco progressive and maybe
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a little bit more moderate. what do you make of those observations? and especially when it comes to the issue of housing. i represent a district right now that is experiencing a lot of the failures, failures and biggest challenges that we have in the city and the state, homelessness, crime street conditions, and so when you live in that situation, and you see those problems, you have to be grounded in reality. that's not a progressive thing. it's not a moderate thing. it's not a conservative thing. it's a who's going to get something done things. and so i focused on those issues focused on those issues as a supervisor, and i'm willing to take them on grounded in real experiences of residents . you know, housing is one of them. if you're a progressive or moderate, and you look at those rent costs, you should be for more housing. there is not enough housing being built in san francisco or around our state. rent is too high. and so for me, i don't think that's a moderate issue or moving to the center. that's a common sense issue to be for more housing. this district represents the mission and the financial district two areas, especially
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where residents have long complained about soaring rents and high cost of housing. what solutions to offer once you arrive in sacramento? well, we've got to change some of the zoning so that we can build more housing everywhere. there are parts of our city and our state, or you're not even able to build housing. except for single family homes. we have to make sure that we make much deeper and greater investments in building affordable housing. solutions like social housing, something i'm strongly supportive of, and we've got to get moving faster. we've gotta streamline so that you don't have all this bureaucracy and red tape that slows down housing from actually getting built. how hopeful are you that some of the things that you talked about on the campaign, you'll be able to actually make happen once you get to sacramento come from san francisco, where it's hard to get much done at all. and i'm hopeful that i can take those experiences and those skills and go up to sacramento and see some real action. you know, we can't solve these problems in san francisco alone. things like homelessness. what we're seeing in the tenderloin. it takes shared responsibility, real
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statewide plans and accountability to see change. so i you know, you see people come from out from san francisco and go to other places and able to deliver and get things done. our governor or senator, uh, now vice president. and so i really want to bring that tradition of leadership coming out of san francisco that actually can deliver bold change on these issues. you brought up your district right now that you represent in the city as a supervisor, of course, the tenderloin in c, just a really troubled neighborhood you've got, you know, homelessness, poverty, substance abuse crime. you've been in office for some time saa lot has changed, and in fact, the situation has gotten worse in the tenderloin. we have made a lot of positive changes. we brought more community policing . we've built a lot of housing. we've transformed our mental health system. but at the end of the day, the problems that you see in the tenderloin a reflection of broader failures in our in our state and our city. we're pushing people containing these problems. people who are homeless people
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have trauma or giving them a bus ticket and say, go to the tenderloin. one neighborhood can't solve all these issues on our own. we need every city and county to build housing and have real plans when it comes to homelessness and be accountable for where that money is going, and so the tenderloin and then the problems that you see there are really a reflection of it being used as a dumping ground. it's not serving the residents of the tenderloin. it's not serving the state instead, let's actually solve these problems with real plans and accountability that when you leave the tenderloin head to sacramento say goodbye is the san francisco supervisor hello to an assembly member. you know, priority number one once you get there. homelessness and housing . absolutely i think the state needs a plan on housing that we don't and homelessn now. every city and county should be held accontal health beds, treatment shelter beds, put the funding behind it bring some of the innovative ideas that we've done in san francisco and actually take those statewide. i'm gonna be relentless. on challenging
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the status quo on on homelessness. what we are doing is not working. it's not only about housing, though. it's also people with mental illness, drug addiction. it's fentanyl and real solutions on those things, okay, we're just about out of time. so i would like to talk with you more about some of those potential solutions. but you're going to be sworn in first week of may a lot of discussion about who may succeed you on the board of supervisors. who would you like to see? fill your shoes? san francisco made history a number of years ago with harvey milk coming as one of the first lgbt openly lgbt elected officials. we have the opportunity to make history again. bringing honey mahogany, my chief of staff, the director of the democratic party in san francisco, founder of the transgender cultural district. i would love to see honey mahogany be the next supervisor in district six. she's qualified and brilliant. so i'm hoping that happens. oko mayor. london breed supervisor matt haney soon to beks again fg the time to much for having me. thank you so much. well as i
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mentioned san francisco mayor london breed will be appointing a replacement for supervisor haney seat and today on mornings on to she told us this election process is just getting started. there are a number of people who have expressed interest and i'm not prepared to provide those specific names at this time, but i am starting to set up meetings with people who have expressed interest, but i also am reaching out to members of the community to get their feedback and their suggestions. so this is going to be, um, a detailed process. uh supervisor haney is probably going to take office sometime in early may. so i'm going to be having a number of meetings, including possibly this weekend , but it's important just to get more feedback from people who actually live in the district, says her criteria for the seat includes someone who deeply cares about the community and someone who will work closely with the mayor's office to bring transformative change. hello. barry of weather is still some showers developing across parts of the region. we're s into youy
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morning, but it has been quite the active day here and also out towards the sierra. now as far as our forecast today, well, at least the pattern today we've been talking about some showers , some thunderstorms and also even some sunshine, so kind of a mixed bag out there as we take a look at the forecast for today, the second at the forecast kind of reflecting on today's weather pattern of the shower activity, the thunderstorms and also even some sunshine and out towards the sierra. all this energy is heading out to the east and a winter storm warning in place right now until 11 am tomorrow morning snowfall projections will be around 12 or eventual totals will be around 12 to 30 inches in the mountains. so here you can see the radar coverage. over the past few hours. the thunderstorms, especially to the east of the bay area, and look at all of these snow reports in the sierra rubber. this is april 21st. and we're talking about some snowfall. this report from incline that was from seven o'clock this morning. already reports of 11 inches and they still have some more snow
4:22 pm
happening right now. in fact, we have chain controls on 50 and 80. also we have this all the areas in this purple shade. this is an avalanche warning. until 7 30 tomorrow morning's that does include areas right around the lake, including for the including areas closer to markley ville as well. so the sierra picking up significant snowfall for us here in the bay area, there's not a lot of coverage on the radar right now , but we still have some scattered rain developing. we're not completely drive. especially with the north bay, santa rosa to petaluma, also approaching st helena where it could be completely dry, and then all of a develops and that could impact course, we had some heavier downpours today in the southern santa clara valley. here's our live camera, looking out towards the golden gate bridge, and still, some lingering instability clouds out there. temperatures currently in the upper fifties to the sixties overnight, we're gonna bring it some scattered showers, but this is early friday morning forecast model kind of kind of breaks it
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down for you, so we're still watching some showers tonight and then still another band. maybe some thunderstorms tomorrow morning at four o'clock and then look what happens into the afternoon hours. we really scale back on the shower chances and we have some big time. changes including some warming this weekend. we'll have more on the weekend outlook coming up in just a little bit. okay, mark. thank you. two thirds of kids in ukraine have been displaced by the war. the additional aid for the u. s as russia c
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. madeline rivera tells us this comes as russia is claiming it's reached one key objective. in its invasion of ukraine. russia claiming to have fully captured ukraine's key southeastern city of mariupol than you would to be honest, we are not well as the u. s announces $800 million more in security assistance, including heavy artillery, thousands of rounds of ammunition and drones are not sitting on the funding that congress has provided for ukraine. were sending it directly to the front lines of freedom. to the fearless and skilled ukrainian fighters are standing in the breach. the u. s is also giving ukraine an additional $500 million of emergency funding to keep critical government operations going salaries. pensions and other social assistance programs necessary to avoid worsening of the humanitarian situation. this
4:27 pm
new round of aid comes as the war enters its second phase, russia is ramping up its attacks in the eastern region of the country. in mariupol. russian forces say they securely blocked a steel plant. where ukrainian troops are holed up. the operation continues, according to plan mario opel, which has become a hub of nationalist formations, has been liberated russia's advances, raising pressure to keep american support flowing and we've got to keep this coming. president biden says nearly $14 billion that congress approved last month for ukraine has been nearly exhausted. he's expected to ask congress for more money so the u. s can continue to help in washington rivera fox news well, you may have seen the ad on tv, claiming to show actual footage of tesla's self driving technology malfunctioning. the man behind these ads is running for a california senate seat and up next here on the four today
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we'll talk live with him about his platform and his campaign plus some dramatic video of a youtube star, ditching his plane there just moments before the plane crashes. why the faa now says this video is not what it seem this is what people with eczema said about how their skin feels... ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream proven to help clear skin
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and significantly reduce itch. do not start opzelura if you have any infection as it may lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection;... ...have tb or have been in close contact with someone with tb; have had hepatitis b or c. serious lung infections, skin cancer, blood clots, and low blood cell counts have been reported with opzelura. in patients taking jak inhibitors, serious infections, increased risk of death, lymphoma, other cancers, immune system problems, and major cardiovascular events have occured. the most common side effect is pain and swelling in the nose or throat. it's a one-of-a-kind cream. so, what could that mean for your skin? ask your dermatologist about opzelura. pole airwaves with a senate candidate from southern california, taking aim at tesla's self driving cars are watching actual videos, full self driving technology as
4:31 pm
recorded by the drivers from turning too tightly and hitting a pylon toward the pole. jesus watch the bicyclist on the right almost get hit before the driver takes over. these are the spots from tech executive dan o'dowd, the billionaire founder of greenhill software, based in santa barbara. they're running on tv in large cities all across california, as well as in 36 other states so far, oh, doubts campaign seems laser focused on one single issue. he wants tesla's self driving cars banned from the roads because he believes that technology is unsafe and puts the public in danger. o'dowd democrat is looking to challenge california's junior senator alex padilla. who was appointed to the seat in late 2020 for more on the ad. we are joined now by senate candidate dan oh, dan. dan great to have you on. appreciate you taking the time. let's start with your your
4:32 pm
motives for this campaign. are you running to win or are you running to take down tesla? no i'm running to deal with this issue. it's a bigger issue than just tesla. it is basically all of the things that our lives depend on for the last five or 10 years have been taken over by computer controls, and much of the software that controls those things is does not work very well. it has bugs. it has security flaws. like the power grid, hospitals, dams, bridges, pipelines, all those sorts of things. and ah! people don't understand this. it has become pretty well known. i've been talking about this for many years pretty well known among a lot of people that basically we're vulnerable. putin could just push a button somewhere. and bring down the power grid. um this is just simply not acceptable. we have to do something about it, and that's
4:33 pm
what my candidacy is about. it's about the bigger issue. so but is there a risk in focusing in on just one single issue? i mean, i don't have to tell you here in california. we're struggling right now, with the high cost of living, not enough affordable housing, homelessness crisis. aren't there more pressing issues here in our state that than tesla self driving cars? maybe then said tesla self driving cars, particularly but the bigger issue. i think not, um, the we're nobody's going to care about taxes when they when the electric power goes out, no one's going to care about any of these issues. um when things don't work when things stop functioning. we really need to solve this problem, because if we don't everything else doesn't matter. who cares what the taxes are. when, when you can't when you're looking for food to eat. um no one's no one's really interested in that anymore. so that's why i consider this the most important thing and i'm asking people to vote. if they think this is an issue that
4:34 pm
really has to be solved. then then they should vote for me. and if you think this is going to be a winning issue for you in california i don't know whether i will win. i am trying to convince a large number of people that this is a serious problem, and they really should take it seriously because they're not. i've been to the government, the regulatory agencies, congress, um corporations themselves and it's nearly impossible to get them to move. um they think things ever just are fine just the way they are. and i don't think that and so i'm i'm creating a campaign. people can join up and say we really need to solve this problem. okay tell me a little bit about the background. about how how these ads were put together. where did you get all of this? footage from? that is purportedly showing tesla drivers having issues with their self driving vehicles. where did the footage come from? and how much money are you spending to put these ads on tv? well the
4:35 pm
issue with with tesla is that they have put on the market this thing that called full self driving, which is just terrible it we studied it. about every eight minutes. it does something that would cost you your driver's license if you were trying to get a new license. every 36 minutes. it's it looked. it's looking to get into a collision. that makes a stupid mistake. you have to watch it every single minute to stop it from doing things. that will cause problems. it's in development. it's not a production product. it shouldn't be in 100,000 cars, which it is um, so ultimately, how do we deal with this? we need to have we need to remove these cars from the road. before we can before we can really be safe. alright appreciate you coming on to make the case here. a senate candidate, dan o dowd, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. i want to point out that we did reach out today to tesla for a comment and
4:36 pm
reaction. to these ads, this ad that's running across california and across the country. we have not yet heard back. we also should point out that we reached out to senator alex padilla's office about dan o'dowd's campaign and they gave us this statement. it's brief, it reads . senator padilla is focused on continuing to deliver for californians. and earning their vote well. meantime tesla founder elon musk says he has lined up the financing now to buy twitter. musk said that some of the $46.5 billion in funding comes from morgan stanley and other banks. last week, musk offered $43 billion for the san francisco based company must also said in the securities filing that he is exploring what's called the tender offer to acquire shares of twitter directly from the shareholders. twitter said in a statement that it is conducting a careful, comprehensive and deliberate review of the offer. on wall street. shares of twitter were slightly higher today. overall stocks were lower on wall street today after fed chair jerome
4:37 pm
powell said the fed must now move faster to address inflation. the dow was down 368 points, the nasdaq fell to 78 just over 2% and the s and p was down 65 points. analysts are now expecting an interest rate hike of half a percent at the fed's next meeting coming up in two weeks. sexual abuse survivors are filing claims against the fbi, saying the agency failed to investigate allegations of assault by sports doctor larry nassar. nassar was a michigan state university sports doctor as well as a physician at usa gymnastics. 13 survivors of nationals, nassar's sexual abuse or filing claims for $10 million each. the lawsuit alleges the fbi was grossly negligent for failing to investigate abuse claims that began in 2015. we need to continue to pursue accountability for the institutions that allowed athletes and children to continue to see nasser long after reports were made, they left us at the disposal of a
4:38 pm
predator. the justice department concluded last year. the fbi made fundamental errors when it became aware of allegations against nassar in 2015. nasa is now serving decades in prison for assaulting female athletes, including olympic gym net gymnasts. on the f a. a now says that a youtuber who who filmed himself jumping out of a plane before it malfunctioned, actually crashed his plane on purpose to start walking out of here. another pilot, trevor jacob, posted the video right before christmas, about a month after the crash occurred, the video shows in parachuting out of the plane, then eventually landing in the forest. cameras on the plane show its final moments before crashing in the mountains in santa barbara county. it took jacob more than a day to hike out and find help. the faa, by the way, said it would immediately revoke jacobs pilot certificate. the florida house of representatives today gave final passage to a bill
4:39 pm
that would strip disney of its longstanding self governing status in that state. represent fine. you recognize explain your bill. protesters could be heard outside. his house members voted on the bill. this measure would dissolve a private government that disney has been allowed to operate on its orlando area property since 1967 it comes on the heels of disney's public opposition to governor randy sentences so called don't say gay law, which bans lessons in sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade classes. the disney bill now heads to the governor for his signature. back here in the bay area more on the stormy weather that's already brought several feet of snow to the sierra. this is definitely cause for celebration. a look at the welcome precipitation in the face of yet another year of california drought. i talked with those monitoring the april snowfall. adam burial weather.
4:40 pm
we still some showers out there, and that chance will linger into a part of your friday morning, but the weekend a completely different story. we'll have more different story. we'll have more your forecast comi different story. we'll have more your foreat jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management.
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when a truck hit my car,
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the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. stod with andrew schwartz. he's the manager of uc berkeley's central sierra snow lab. it's received 14 inches of snow and expects another 1 to 2 ft of snow to fall. he says. this storm is indeed cause for celebration. historically it's actually not all that rare for us to get snow in april and even may. but what makes this current storm so special is just how dry the beginning of the year has been. and now that we're getting away from that, you know, we had basically the driest start to a year that january through march period that california has ever seen, so it's so great to be seeing this know how significant is this in terms of combating
4:43 pm
the drought, every drop of water that comes out of the sky. whether it be as rain or snow flake is incredibly important to help us with our water resources. it is and so these bigger storms later in the spring, are incredibly helpful for at least easing some of the pressure of the drought. um and helping with our forest fire danger. how much snow are we? are we seeing from this latest storm? we already have about 14 inches of snow as the snow lab and we're expecting about another two ft over the next couple of days, so we're expecting plenty plenty more and hopefully some really nice totals come out of this with plenty of water and that snow. we're seeing some ski resorts even pushed back. at least one of them pushed back their closing date because of the snow that they're getting. that's another great benefit of these late season storms that are this large, you know, of course, we get to be out there on the snow that we love for longer and the other benefit, too. as you know, that does allow us to kind of have that snow reservoir on the sierra nevada. up there and trickling down water for us as well. so great recreation and
4:44 pm
great for our water as well. it's been so pessimistic for so long with watering california and the drought. and while this doesn't resolve it completely, this is definitely cause for celebration and cause for at least a little bit of optimism. and so definitely a little bright spot. in what has already been a little bit of a downer beginning to the year. alright schwartz says this storm will push the state to one of the snowiest april on record hard to believe, but the sierra would need to receive another 5 to 6 ft. of snow to actually beat that record. and as we mentioned earlier all of that snow, the sierra is now under an avalanche warning through tomorrow morning. or april so far has been pretty productive. of course, the rainfall for us here in the bay area and the snow piling up in the sierra right now we do have chain controls on 80 and 50. and this was a scene from tahoes. westshore homewood . and of course, this this is one of the many resorts closed for the season. so those lifts are not moving around at all. but still nice to see the fresh
4:45 pm
snow on the hillsides there, and they have the winter storm warning. in place into your friday morning until 11 o'clock . in fact, as you can see all the snow coverage out to our east and as we come in closer right now, we'll show you some of the snow reports once again. these are actually from earlier this morning, so things have changed quite a bit but incline village as of 11, 11 7 o'clock this morning reporting 11 inches now checking out our local radar. there's not a lot of coverage out there, but we still have some showers to track here. in fact, there's one cell this is a thunderstorm. but you could see just outside of lodi outside of lyndon and this producing some some thunderstorms and some lightning strikes with this one cell moving out to the east as we check out the current barria radar pattern. here we go with this still some more coverage. so looks like the rainfall in fact, pick it up, but right around rohnert park and right around santa roads of this one sell, reflecting intensities right now, about a half an inch an hour without one self. as he moved the maps around. there's not a lot of coverage for san francisco or oakland livermore, but we're not completely done
4:46 pm
with the rainfall just yet. it looks like we have some more shower activity over 17 and also approaching morgan hill once again. current numbers out there . we have santa rosa checking in 58 degrees san francisco 50 or 61, san jose 63 livermore 61 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary because he some of those clouds in the distance and you can see some of those clouds just kind of interesting shapes. that's a good good sign of instability. you're expecting some more instability. showers later on tonight into tomorrow morning that could link up to with some thunderstorms as well . overnight lows will start out on friday morning on the cool side most areas in the forties. and here's the forecast model for tonight. so here we are. 11 o'clock and still another round of showers. this will be tomorrow morning four and five o'clock. maybe some more thunderstorms. i could contain some small hail. it's five o'clock and then things quickly a dry out by mid morning into the afternoon hours. in fact, we could actually have some sunshine. so here's the overall weather pattern. this area of
4:47 pm
low pressure. we'll keep the showers in the forecast for tonight. so tomorrow partly sunny skies after the chance of some showers in the morning, and then this high wants to build in and the weekend will be beautiful temperatures trending up for both saturday and into sunday. this is a forecast graphic snuck in the show once again, so just to give you just a stress the point that we have some more showers tonight into tomorrow morning and then looks like we'll have a son cloud mix . you probably see those big popcorn looking like clouds developing over the hillsides. for tomorrow afternoon before tomorrow will be in the upper fifties to the sixties. partly cloudy skies one rain cloud for tomorrow and in mind for that friday weekend will be n after the recent rainfall we can get outside and enjoy. some of those green hillsides are both saturday. and it's a sunday. alright that sounds nice, mark. thank you. well 49ers fans are feeling some nerves over those trade rumors involving 49ers star receiver deebo samuel. he's
4:48 pm
cut off contract negotiations and has told the team that he wants to be traded. according to espn, the 49ers are willing to pay samuel alito a. he's being used in the 49ers offense. apparently he's worried about taking snaps at running back and that reducing his longevity as a wide receiver. if a trade is made, it could come before next week's nfl draft earlier today, during morning sound, too. we talked with 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo about his future as well as samuel's future in the nfl. with me. it's gonna work itself out. the guy has earned everything they deserves my age gonna get and i what he does on the field, he does often feel just so it's hard to describe. it's a tone setter that really trickles down to the entire team, offense and defense and it's hard to find a guy like that. jimmy t also talked about his postseason shoulder surgery . he says he won't be throwing
4:49 pm
for a little while but says the surgery went really well and that he feels good. alright well, no one won last night's powerball lottery drawing, which means the jackpot is going up to more than $400 million, and that can make someone else feel really good. last night's jackpot was about $370 million, but now it's expected to grow to beyond 400 million bucks. no one has won the powerball jackpot since january. that's when two people one right here in california, split a $630 million jackpot just keeps growing and growing. alright a new type of covid test could soon be hitting the market coming up next. what doctors why doctors say it could be a real game changer. also prom night, leaving nearly 90 bay area students covid positive coming up tonight at five o'clock. how local schools are responding with their own prom preparations. also tonight at 51 of the targets of alleged threatening remarks by assembly andrew teacher is now sharing his side of the story we hear from the east bay eighth grader
4:50 pm
who has stayed away
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
it's foxes, charles watson tells us public health officials who are warning of a new surge in cases say those new vaccines are just in time. we're covid-19 vaccines could be on the way, moderna says it will affect the fed's for permission to give its vaccine two kids six months to five years old. that filing expected by the end of april, and novavax, announcing it could soon have a combination. covid flu shot. the progress comes as cases in the u. s continued to climb the daily average now almost 43,000 per day, up more than a third from just a month ago. 34 seats are now reporting a big spike in new infections driven by the b a to, um akron sub variant. we're taking this very seriously. you know, you don't know every single variant that comes. is it going to be worse than the last one? is it
4:53 pm
going to be more transmissible. is it going to be more lethal? you don't know these answers. climbing numbers. a big reason behind the c. d. c s decision to ask the justice department to appeal ruling striking down venetian wide mask mandate for public transportation. the agency says it's too soon to tell if be a two poses the same risk as a micron, and it needs more time to sort through the data. but critics claim the mandates have never been an effective containment strategy, and they're vowing to press ahead with legal action if the cdcs appeal is successful, there will be a battle here. i think that joe biden should work on trying to establish the cdcs non existent credibility instead of trying to litigate their non existent legal authority, the world health organization also weighing in recommending folks keep the mask on even if there's no mask mandate in place in atlanta, charles watson ktvu fox two news. meantime a new type of
4:54 pm
covid-19 antibody test is set to hit the market, and some health experts say this new test could be a real game changer. new zealand biotech company picked her says it's developed a first of its contest. that not only measures how much immunity a patient has, but can also detect if the immunity is from antibodies produced by vaccines or from a previous covid infection. victor says the customized assessment will allow people to determine if and when they need a booster shot and enable more precise clinical intervention. victor is planning to distribute this new test soon at long term care facilities here in the us actor johnny depp back on the stand past back on the stand past substance abuse i'm david and then help brighten breakfast or bring fresh scents in a tube. what starts as a box for detergent can become one with a helpful seam.
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virginia courtroom and answered questions about his drug and alcohol use is suing his ex wife , amber, heard in a $50 million libel lawsuit. alleging she defamed him in a 2018 washington post op ed about being a survivor of domestic abuse reporter david spun has more now from today's courtroom. another day of stunning testimony from actor johnny depp as lawyers for the actors ex wife amber heard tried to derail depths defamation suit during cross examination said that i had had a glass of champagne and i had taken the double dose. of the narcotics of the opiates. that's a very different thing from being drunk. heard's attorney ben rotten born focused on depth , drug and alcohol use, and you would sometimes drink whiskey in the mornings, too, right? during this time, period. um, i you know, i mean, isn't happy hour anytime he attempted to paint a picture of depths behavior born
4:58 pm
showed a photo of the actor passed out holding a melting container of ice cream. another photo allegedly of depths, cocaine laced table and this recording of the actor. team also claims dept. had a bad temper. you've trashed hotel rooms before, simply because you've had a bad couple of days and an unpleasant time. correct i have assaulted a couch or two. yes, sir. they recall the 2013 text from depth to another actor , where depth said he wanted to burn. amber says he never physically or sexually assaulted his ex wife. and testified she was the aggressor in their relationship. when amber heard takes the stand, she is expected to testify only hit depth in self defense in fairfax, virginia. david spent fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. instead of doing handshakee
4:59 pm
elbow bumps and those types of things. changing covid course. one school district will be adjusting its mask and testing policy for students wanted to go to their prom. that's because nearly 90 students from san mateo high tested positive for the virus after going to their prom. good evening. i'm andre senior julie julie haener safe prom celebrations are proving to be somewhat of a headache. ktvu is christian captain has more now on the changes in san mateo county, plus other school districts are responding. prom is a high school tradition and for many a rite of passage, but following a prom held at san francisco's asian art museum on april 9th nearly 90 of the 600 students from san mateo high school who attended have now tested positive for covid 19. the district says masks were strongly recommended, but many students chose to not wear them. now the district is preparing for hillsdale high school's prom set for this coming weekend masks will be required to attend the indoor event and the school will require negative covid
5:00 pm
tests. schools around the bay area, preparing for proms and dances, and they're watching closely. san francisco school say prom is an important part of high school and they will be following health guidelines encouraging but not requiring masks. we're following our local guidelines in our local public health guidelines are strongly recommending masks as you seeing any, um, any restaurant or place that you walk into those are the same public health guidelines that we are following san jose unified schools is also following the guy. guidelines but also saying three of the district six high schools have moved their prompt to levi stadium where they can have indoor outdoor space. others are looking at venues that have good air circulation when i know is holding it at the mexican heritage plaza they have. it's a large room, but all four walls of the room open completely so they plan on having just two sides to walls up and the other two will be open with prom season happening now that means graduations are right around the corner.


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