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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 24, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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my $3.50 triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. order on the jack app today. on w has the highest positivity rate in the state by experts say that doesn't necessarily mean more hospitalizations or deaths and christians in ukraine observed orthodox easter today under the most difficult circumstances. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm julie julie haener, nearly a third of the country is experiencing a substantial rise in the number of covid cases, and the bay area is not immune. so what does it mean when it comes to hospitalizations or deaths? greg liggins spoke with some bay area covid experts for some insight, correct. yeah according to the
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doctors i spoke with it does not appear. we are headed towards something like what we saw during the previous wave earlier this year, but that does not mean what we're seeing is not of concern because covid can be unpredictable. cruise ships have been a microcosm of how quickly covid-19 spreads. just this month, the ruby princess returned to port in san francisco, following two separate outbreaks that combined more than 200 passengers stricken with the virus. there's no question that we're in another wave. the question is what that wave is going to look like statewide data shows cases are far below their january peak , regardless of vaccination status, yet they are climbing san francisco now faring the worst statewide with a seven day case rate of 6% well above the 3% level considered worrisome, but at the same time, you know when i look at my own hospital, ucsf we probably have about 10 people in the hospital with covid, um compared to about 100
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and 50 in the middle of january, and nobody. the last time i checked was on a ventilator, so things are looking really different. hospitalizations typically lag case rates by a week or two and are currently well off winter peaks. as for san francisco, dr chen hong says two factors may account for the city's climbing case rate. one being tourists returning, possibly bringing covid from elsewhere. we have one of the densest populations, actually so that once infection set up shop , it's pretty easy and efficient to spread that around. so that's the second reason both doctors caution. covid can quickly humble anyone making sweeping predictions. but given the increased public protection, either through contracting the virus or through immunization they anticipate the current wave will likely be more of a ripple than a monster where we are right now, and argument can be made that it's not going to be really much of a wave this time. just in terms of the nature of
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it only gradually increasing, as opposed to suddenly increasing. another thing both doctors agree on despite mask mandates ending , they say it's still a good idea to wear a good mask when you're inside densely populated spaces. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. alright greg. thank you ball starting tomorrow mask will no longer be required in public commission and board hearing rooms and city facilities in san francisco, the masking requirements for city hall and other city buildings was dropped last month, except for in session meetings, and now that policy to is also easy. masks are still required in certain high risk facilities such as hospitals congregate living facilities in jails. city officials say they will continue to monitor covid-19 cases and transmission and that they may reinstate the masking requirement in santa rosa motorcyclist was killed after crashing into a telephone pole overnight. it happened just after three a.m. at the intersection of petaluma hill road and old petaluma hill road
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. police say the chp had been trying to stop the motorcyclists for speeding, but officers stopped due to safety concerns. five minutes later, authorities say they received a report of the solo crash in concord, a motorcyclist collided with a car and was killed. it happened on inacio valley road between cowbell road and crystal ranch drive at about one this morning. police say the motorcyclist was a 32 year old man. the driver of the car is a juvenile, and police say that person is cooperating with the investigation. investigators do not believe the driver of the car was under the influence, but that has not been ruled out for the motorcyclist. nurses at stanford medical center are set to walk off the job tomorrow morning. representatives for 5000 nurses say they've been working without a contract for several weeks despite dozens of negotiating sessions. they say the hospital hasn't done enough to deal with things such as burned out short staffing, exhaustion and trauma among staff leaders at stanford hospital say they have increased
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their nursing staff by 36. since 2019. the oakland unified school district says teachers are considering a one day strike this week. the district, says members of the oakland education association are voting whether to authorize a strike on friday, april 29th. district officials say the strike would be aimed at protesting the consolidation of some oakland schools. the oakland education association has not yet commented yet on the vote. authorities in the east bay are looking into the district distribution of anti semitic flyers. danville police said today that residents have reported finding the leaflets at their homes in recent days. they didn't say what was printed on those flyers or how many were found. danville police released a statement reading in part quote these leaflets fly in the face of our values in danville. our town's mission statement focuses on providing services that make people's lives better. in pursuit of that mission. we are committed to inclusivity, welcoming families and people from all backgrounds to live
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work and visit. french president emmanuel macron has won re election with a substantial lead over his far right opponent, marine le pen. macron supporters cheered outside the eiffel tower in paris as the results came in. mr macron won his second five year term with more than 58% of the vote, analysts say. mr macron offered french voters ability at a time when europe is dealing with russia's invasion of ukraine and was able to raise doubts about his opponent. le pen. she has talked about weakening france's role in the european union. she's talked about taking france out of the integrated military structure in nato, and she has a she had a loan from a not just a russian bank, but a russian bank that was closely connected to the kremlin. le pen has conceded the race, but she won her largest margin vote yet on her third run for the presidency at just over 40. without to ukraine, where the u. s secretary of state and
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secretary of defense today met with ukrainian president zelensky. their visit comes on the same day that ukrainian orthodox christians observed a somber easter. marxist trade. yanks has the latest now from keith. a brief escape from the fighting sunday in ukraine as christians celebrated orthodox easter under difficult circumstances outside this church in kiev, a reminder that the capital is still under attack. unfortunately as we were finishing our easter mass, we suddenly heard air raid sirens. it is tragic that people who call themselves christian allow themselves to do such things. born. we are not only celebrating god's resurrection but also the victory of life over death. and right now when death has come to the ukrainian land victory of life is especially important, subdued celebrations were held across the country on the same day. the war hit the two month mark. most of the fighting now happening in the east, where russia is in the
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midst of an all out offensive to solidify control of the donbas region in an emotional address, it keeps 1000 year old saint sophia cathedral. ukraine's president said his country would overcome the dark times. it's currently it needs to live on today. we still believe in the new victory of ukraine and we are all convinced that we will not be destroyed by any hoard or wickedness. meanwhile zelinsky continues to press western leaders for help. the us secretary of state and secretary of defense were in kiev on sunday, a day after the white house announced it would send an additional $800 million in military assistance. the visit by senior us officials is the first since the start of the war. in kiev tray angst, fox news new mexico declared a state of emergency as 20 wild fires continue to burn in nearly half of the states counties, some small villages and two national parks are in the path of the wind driven flames in northern arizona fires, burned dozens of
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homes and threatened many more. one fire near flagstaff has now burned about 32 square miles and forced the evacuation of more than 760 homes. those residents were allowed to return home today by our officials expect the wildfires too slow. today is cloud and smoke cover moves in the price of gasoline is now trending lower as crude oil prices continue to fall. the lundberg survey shows the national average for unleaded is down three cents in the past two weeks to $4.24 a gallon. the report says that drivers in the bay area, though, are still paying the most in the country at an average of 5 71 a gallon. taking a look around the bay. tripoli says the average price in san jose is now 5 70. oakland. it's 5, 71 and san francisco's average for regular unleaded is 5 79. that is no doubt about 13 cents from a month ago. drinks dunks and a darn good time at the warriors watch party outside chase center in san francisco this afternoon
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. it was a sea of blue and gold as thousands of dubs fans gathered at thrive city before the warriors took on the denver nuggets today, people spread out on the lawn to watch game four on big screen televisions and enjoy a beautiful sunny sunday. this is our first time at chase . we used to go to oracle. that's watching the you know. watch the party's inside, watch the games in the finals, but this is a whole other ballgame. i mean, look at the crowd. it's amazing. well despite that big crowd, the denver nuggets managed to beat the warriors today will have the final score and the highlights on today's game coming up a little bit later on in sports, like the plot thickens with elon musk's pursuit of twitter coming up the meeting today with the billionaire and twitter's board. what it could mean for potential sale and many bay area families headed to oracle park today, but it wasn't for a baseball game coming up. we'll have a sights
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and sounds of the bay area science festival. in those temperatures warned a couple of degrees today. temperatures are going to cool off tomorrow with a few clouds in here. we'll look at the five day forecast in the workweek ahead, coming up.
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southeast. left at least five
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people injured last night. police responded to centennial olympic park across from a waffle house. when officers arrived at the scene. they say they found three teenagers with gunshot wounds. investigators later learned to more teens, a vehicle at gunpoint and drove themselves to the hospital. it should be noted that on the scene we were between all things involved. we were able to recover three weapons thus far and we were able to recover the stolen vehicle as well. the investigation is very preliminary and ongoing, so we have no established motives at this time. police are going through surveillance video, helping to learn exactly who is involved and how the shooting started. all the victims suffered non life threatening injuries and are expected to be okay. twitter is taking another look at elon musk's bid. the wall street journal reports that twitter executives met with musk today to reconsider must sporty $3 billion offer for the san francisco based company. the
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paper says. this comes after musk met with shareholders privately on friday. meantime sources tell reuters that shareholders may be reassuring twitter to take the deal or pressuring twitter rather to take the deal. so far, twitter has not commented on those reports. meantime 18 house republicans are asking twitter's board of directors to preserve all records and materials tied to elon musk's bid to buy the social media giant. that request could lay the groundwork for formal congressional investigation of twitter and its dealings with the tesla ceo mask , use his own twitter account to announce his proposed $43 billion takeover bid. saying he wants to make twitter a better platform for free speech. crowds of people headed to oracle park in san francisco today, but they weren't there for a giants game. instead the bay area science festival was the big attraction as ktvu star baker shows us. the idea behind this festival is just teach students how science can play a big role in their
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daily lives without them, even realizing it. the in person. barea science festival kicked off this morning at oracle park , where exhibits projects and programs attracted thousands of participants from all over the region. there were stem scientific disciplines represented in science, technology, engineering and math. all with the goal of informing and inspiring new talent by connecting with scientists and engineers of all ages, all backgrounds that people will be inspired to pursue them for themselves. the mission's science workshop brought the bones have been adolescent gray whale to show that mammals share a lot of the same structure with many other animals, including humans. through this process, they learn about evolution, anatomy, whale biology, habitat, marine life and conservation, and we bring it to schools all over san francisco so that kids can experience the bones. they put it together and take it apart like a giant puzzle, and they can learn comparative anatomy.
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will and marine conservation volcanoes are under constant study here in california, especially in their safe state as well as when they become active, threatening life and limb. that's right. we have about eight volcanoes that we consider young enough and potentially threatening enough that we monitor them all the time, and that's part of what the california volcano observatory does. richmond high school's robotics team is a competitive contender full of innovation and team spirit. this is something that gives students the ability to learn about stem by designing, creating robots that then they go and take to competition. can compete with schools from around the world, but the idea is to show them that they can be successful. they can succeed and they can do this and this is something that's within their realm, and they're they're capable of taking on this challenge. the science festival runs through the 30th of april. with major events online and in person, including a similar event on the final day at cal state east bay science pollution at the
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lawrence hall of science and event in east palo alto and stem frenzy at city college. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. while the world health organization is now warning of an acute hepatitis outbreak among children, it says there were at least 160 times. hepatitis cases in children around the world and at least one child. has now died from it. the majority of the cases were reported in the uk and nine have been reported in alabama. the cdc also issued a warning on friday and said the children seem to be contracting acute hepatitis after an infection. health officials say that it is not known to be a cause of hepatitis and healthy children. but it is seeing cases of hepatitis in immuno compromised children who contract the virus. a group of military veterans is returning home to sfo after a special trip to the nation's capital. more than two dozen vietnam veterans and one veteran from world war two will be on board what is being called the honor flight.
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they're returning home to the bay area after visiting monuments and memorials in their honor in washington, d c will be greeted with a homecoming celebration immediately after their flight touches down later this evening at sfo. now to our weather and boy. it was a beautiful day to get outside today, and that's exactly what a lot of people did along. san francisco's embarcadero, our chief meteorologist, bill martin, is here now, with a look at today's warm temperatures built a really nice day out there. heather holmes warmed a couple of degrees. we're heading for a bit of a cool down tomorrow. as kind of a week weather system goes to the north. but compared to last week and the week before we're into kind of a settled classic spring weather pattern. these temperatures depict that 82 fairfield 82. antioxidant e one in hayward. cool on the coast. little patchy fog this morning there will be a little bit back patchy fog back again tomorrow morning. and then live picture and i'll tell you what. that air quality sure looks good, doesn't it? i mean, check that out. you got there's campanelli back. there's the campanelli. yeah, it's campanelli over at berkeley
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in the air quality when you can see like that, right? you don't need a sensor. you can just look and visually, the air quality is really good as we go into the numbers in terms of how we're doing for rainfall. no we could do better on our 30 in a row below average rainfall, but these last couple of range events did help in that snow in the mountains. significant right ? okay, let's take a look. i'm just gonna roll this through. this is showing you the week ahead. clouds clouds, no rain clouds clouds, no rain. it's just rolling. and that everything is up here. so it's that time of year with the jet stream wants to go north. we're getting obviously closer and closer to summer, and so the jet stream is always tell you as it gets warmer, the jetstream recedes to the north. and goes up there and with the jet stream goes, is typically where our weather systems go so that high pressure is firmly in charge this week, and that's going to be the plan for all of us. few clouds come by tomorrow. in the next couple of days, we'll see a few clouds. it's systems go over the top. this system will drop temperatures a couple of degrees tomorrow. so you know, maybe 75 where there were a couple of low
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eighties like right now. 78 fairfield 78 in brownwood. cool sea breeze. you see the greens, right, seabreeze there and then this is the big picture. you see the strong storms through the ohio mississippi valleys back to texas. that's a nasty line of thunderstorms. they did have some strong weather down towards oklahoma earlier today. we're on the west, where it's just dry as can be, and it's going to stay that way. but again, we got some pretty good rain over the last seven days or so. so that's a upshot for us. these are the high forecast for tomorrow and you can see temperatures. maybe the same. maybe a little bit cooler. i think generally, temperatures will be about 33 degrees cooler, especially on the coastal sections where we'll see an increased sea breeze. so tomorrow monday looks pretty darn nice. nor cooler tuesday. temperatures warm up a little bit and you'll see that here actually, tomorrow they stay the same tuesday. they cool off a little bit. and then wednesday and thursday. we see temperatures just level off and the five day forecast all the way to next weekend is dry, so we're not looking at an opportunity for any rain. there
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are clouds in the in the area, which sometimes can change things around the close enough to us. maybe we'll see something, but right now it's dry forecast. along the coast. that big swell big surf a couple of days ago. it's dropped off a bunch and it's going to stay reasonable the next couple of days into this week, so not as big and nasty as it was two days ago. there's a five day forecasts. hopefully things change. we will get some rain in there to show you tonight at 10 11. see you back here. then we'll see you then. bill thank you. study finds climate change is affecting restaurant menus. researchers from the university of british columbia found the effects of climate change, largely impact seafood. they say gradually, warming water temperatures are causing a drop off in sockeye salmon. scientists say restaurants may turn towards more products such as humboldt squid or even sardines because they do well in warmer waters. researchers say. there's likely to be less stability and local seafood harvests in the future. coming up for joe fonzi shows us the
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hert in sports. the warriors were after sweep today of their series with denver and have to acknowledge the fight the nuggets put up in an elimination game. this was one testy game right from the start. nikola jokic gets poked in the eye by draymond green. the foul is called south bay product. aaron gordon takes issue greenwood eventually foul out of the game. the warriors were chasing from behind most of the way yokich with a nice move to put the nuggets up by five with three minutes and change to play. yokich did most of the heavy lifting for denver with 37 points inside two minutes to play now, yokich can't guard steph curry in space curry to the hoop, plus the foul curry had 32 the game was tied after he made the free throw. warriors took the lead with 1 21 to play, but they're tied here. little scoop shot by monte morris in the lane and the nuggets are in front for good. morris had 24 for denver warriors still down to here and need to stop. you
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have to guard jokic when he kicks to an open will barton barton knocks down the three that was the nail the nuggets win. 1 26 1 21. the warriors still lead the series three games to one. they can wrap it up at home on wednesday night. the giants are one game away from ending a daunting road trip that's gone about as well as they possibly could have hoped. san francisco going for a sweep of three games in washington, and it didn't take logan web long to get some run support. jock peterson was the first batter don't face and take a look where this ball ends up the ball scrapes off the upper deck for peterson's fourth home run of the year, john scott two in the evening for two, nothing lead scoring continued the entire game. one run already in the second brandon belt hits a two hour drive to the deepest part of the ball. park lane. thomas gives chase but can't catch up to it built goes to third with an rbi triple. as joey barton scores easily 4 to 1 giant and peterson had a day came to the plate leading off the seventh against austin. both peterson did was go three for
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three with two home runs, three runs scored and three rbis. he's hitting 3 60 for the giants went 12 to 3. there's seven and three on the trip with one game to play tomorrow in milwaukee. lots of sunshine, if not a lot of fans today at the oakland coliseum cold irvin happy for the defensive help against the rangers, johan heim, with the or jonah time. that is with the drive to right. here comes stephen piscotty. they take the hit away. urban went five shutout innings. allowing just one hit was another outstanding pitching day for the a's still a scoreless game in the fourth, scotty loads up on a spencer howard pitch. and there's no doubt about this one. piscotty is fourth homer of the year is a two run shot, and that was it for pitchers combined on the forehead shutout as the a's win two to nothing. and the play of the day turned in today in the usfl receivers, making one handed catches and become something that more and more common in college and the pros jonathan adams of the new orleans breakers going up to snag the past there. and that
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was a big play in the breakers. 30 43 win over tampa bay. incredible that wasn't great. alright going back to the warriors in august. we're hoping they're going to wrap it up today, but they're going to bring it all back to san francisco and wednesday. if they are able to wrap things up, then do we know yet who they might go on to play next? we don't know they would play the winner of memphis and minnesota, and that series is tied. but what the words would like to do? they wish they could have done got it done today, but what they would like to do. is get it done and then rest and let those other guys beat each other up some time, and now they get to come home for the home crowd. and then chase chase is starting to feel a lot like oracle used to during playoff time, so i would kind of bet on their money for reminding them. they are a good team, so they came back and won today because it was looking pretty easy their pride on their part today to come back because it would have been pretty easy when the words had that surge at the end to just go up here we go again, and they didn't they dug
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down and pulled one out the line. all right, thank you. and that'll do it for us for right now, but we will be back with you tonight. coming up at 10 and 11. we hope to see you then. thanks for joining us. everybody thanks for joining us. everybody see you back h oh, boy. what? i can't comment without violating our agreement that i not criticize your work. then what was "oh, boy"? great restraint on my part. there's nothing wrong with the science here. perhaps you mean a different thing than i do when you say "science." okay, how's that? you actually had it right in the first place. once again, you've fallen for one of my classic pranks. bazinga!


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