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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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cer, with doctors say about this latest surge also nearly 5000 nurses on strike at stanford and packard children's hospital what they're demanding and the impact on patients. also teachers in the oakland unified school district may soon walk out of the classroom and strike later this week. the message they're hoping to send when it comes to a number of school closures in the district. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach , some breaking news just crossing the associated press wires. billionaire tesla ceo elon musk has reached a deal to acquire twitter for approximately $44 billion. twitter's 11 member board had been meeting throughout the morning and afternoon to reconsider. must offer to buy the company initially for $43 billion. elon musk has reportedly secured the funding
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for this deal and called it his best and final offer. and as we now know, this deal is worth approximately $44 billion. trading of twitter stock, by the way, had been halted. ahead of this announcement. at last check . it was up more than 5% some 5000 nurses at stanford health and packard children's hospital are on strike today. they say they are fighting for fair contracts. ktvu is amanda quintana brings us to the picket line at stanford hospital in palo alto. throughout the morning. hundreds if not thousands of nurses have gathered here lining the streets , cheering and chanting. these are nurses from stanford healthcare and also from packard children's hospital. just down the street. the line continues all the way down the street and around the corner. about 5000 nurses are on strike after their contracts expired on march 31st. they say they are fighting for a fair contract with better pay mental health resources and a
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solution to the burnout and exhaustion, their feelings. we want to make nursing attractive and for people to stay, and stanford was really gotta step up their game in order to do that line say many of their colleagues have quit or retired early, and now the hospitals are severely understaffed. calling in nurses on their days off. nurses are caregivers, and so we give ourselves and we give up our families. we give everything for the patients in the hospitals. that's a behavior that needs to change if we're going to keep nursing safe. stanford healthcare leadership doesn't acknowledge these issues . we thought that we would come together and we might have disagreed about how to approach the solutions, but we thought we would agree there was a problem. and they're denying there's even a problem. stanford chief nursing officer dale beatty says burnout is a national issue and the hospital is listening to its nurses. we do know we've had some areas that have been more challenging than others, and we recognize and acknowledge that
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but overall we've done a tremendous job of providing support, he says. during the pandemic, stanford never broke the nurse to patient ratio set by the state. and nearly 75% of the time nurses exceeded that ratio on a ship by ship bases. there could be times where it gets challenging. it changes its dynamic on a shift to shift basis. uh so i want to acknowledge that back, but on the overall we've had very strong staffing package offered to the nurses union generous with top of the market wages. we believe we have a very competitive package. we appreciate how hard the pandemic has been, and we recognized additional support. uh you know at have offered that through additional proposals, but nurses say it's not enough. union hasn't announced an end date for the strike if it continues to may, 1st nurses will lose their employee health benefits for the whole month. they can choose to continue through cobra. that's the intimidation they are
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threatening our families they are threatening the most vulnerable among us nurses with cancer nurses with medically vulnerable family members. those are the people they are targeting, and that is shameful . in palo alto, amanda quintana ktvu fox two news covid-19 cases are on the rise. nearly a third of the country is experiencing a substantial increase in cases area is not immune ktvu greg liggins tells us but local experts say about this latest wave cruise ships have been a microcosm of how quickly covid-19 spreads. just this month, the ruby princess returned to port in san francisco, following two separate outbreaks that combined more than 200 passengers stricken with the virus. there's no question that we're in another wave. the question is what that wave is going to look like statewide data shows cases are far below their january peak , regardless of vaccination status, yet they are climbing san francisco now faring the worst statewide with a seven day
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case rate of 6% well above the 3% level considered worrisome, but at the same time, you know when i look at my own hospital, the ucsf we probably have about 10 people in the hospital with covid, um compared to about 100 and 50 in the middle of january , and nobody. the last time i checked was on a ventilator, so things are looking really different. hospitalizations typically lag case rates by a week or two and are currently well off winter peaks. as for san francisco, dr chen hong says two factors may account for the city's climbing case rate. one being tourists returning, possibly bringing covid from elsewhere. we have one of the densest populations, actually so that once infection set up shop , it's pretty easy and efficient to spread that around. so that's the second reason both doctors caution. covid can quickly humble anyone making sweeping predictions. but given the increased public protection, either through contracting the virus or through immunization
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they anticipate the current wave will likely be more of a ripple than a monster where we are right now, an argument can be made that it's not going to be really much of a wave this time. just in terms of the nature of it only gradually increasing, as opposed to suddenly increasing another thing. both doctors agree on despite mask mandates ending, they say it's still a good idea to wear a good mask when you're inside densely populated spaces. greg liggins, ktvu fox two news. teachers in oakland have voted to go on strike this friday. the president of the teachers union, says the district's plan to close or consolidate a number of schools is really the reason for the upcoming strike. ktvu is james torres as the story. as of now. that strike is planned for friday morning. that's when a number of school teachers from a number of school campuses here in oakland will walk out of the classroom for the day. students and parents follow the typical monday routine at lincoln elementary school in oakland, many aware a one day strike is
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looming. whatever it takes for the school to get right. i guess they have to do what they need to do. the oakland education association, the union representing oakland, teachers, says union members voted to go on a one day strike this friday . they are protesting the district's decision earlier this year to close or consolidate 11 schools. the district says the schools in question are under enrolled in the plan will save millions of dollars. but some parents, including misty cross, who is the co founder of the group, west oakland moms for housing? say the plan unfairly targets low income black and brown communities. this district has failed on doing equity analysis reports. they have, um not done them in a way that it shows that these schools deserve to be closed via farias is a teacher at ccp, a one of many planning to protest we're not going to stand by to let this continue to be a policy. um but disproportionately impacts,
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especially that disproportionately impacts are working class black and brown families and especially families with special needs. the district sent an email to the union saying in part even the threat of again depriving students of instruction, let alone an actual deprivation, especially without legal justification will only further hurt students. the district was not able to offer any more comment this morning. union leaders say oh, usd is violating an agreement, saying a decision like this requires a year's worth of conversation. and while some parents disagree with the school closures, some also hate the idea of teachers walking out of the classroom. you would hate for your son to look for sure, for sure. for sure. he loves school. he loves to interact with the kids. he likes to do. his projects make airplanes and stuff like that. so he loves going to school reporting in oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. new in the mayors of nine of california's largest cities are joining together to voice their concern over solutions to the
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states. homelessness crisis, san jose mayor sam liccardo in oakland mayor libby schaaf for among those meeting today in sacramento. they're concerned about the end of state funding for programs that serve some 25,000 californians who don't have permanent housing. the mayor's released a report documenting the need for flexible funding from the state to continue this report documents how the big city mayors have put these dollars to work that we have done it with an urgency that the homelessness crisis demands. and with an effectiveness and impact that california's taxpayers demand, the mayor say if the state's housing assistance program, or hap is continued, it will provide hope for the future homeless programs across the state. the solution for homelessness is housing. the challenge. particularly in the bay area. libby and so many of us are struggling to get housing built and we know this is true throughout the state. perhaps
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the numbers are different, but the challenge is the same. the big city mayor say there is a fiscal cliff in july of next year when funding is set to end . the golden state warriors are back home and getting ready for game five of their playoff series against the denver nuggets. yesterday, the warriors came up just a bit short in their effort to sweep the series. posing to the nuggets. 1 26, 1 21 7 curry leading the way for golden state with 33 points yesterday, golden state is up still three games to one in the series and can win it on wednesday night at the chase center in san francisco. thousands of warrior fans gathered outside the chase center for a watch party yesterday. it was a big sea of blue and gold as they watch the wearer's play in denver. the fans say they're still very confident that the warriors will win game five and move on into the next round of the nba playoffs still to come at noon, raising money for those affected by the war in ukraine through music. will introduce you to the russian born san francisco museum musician who made this all possible, plus the first
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high profile visit by american officials to ukraine since the war began, as russia ramps up its new offensive in the east jenkins in kiev, ukraine. i've got the details coming up. rnc easily warm weather will continue for your bay area monday. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood and the cooling trend in the extended forecasts
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moro . this happened just before five o'clock this morning near east bay shore and oakwood. police on scene tell us pedestrian was hit likely by more than one vehicle , and at least one vehicle did remain there at the scene. opening statements happening now in san francisco case that involves some of the biggest drug companies in the world city of san francisco's lawsuit names for companies, including walgreens, their opening statements, attorneys for the city argued the defendant's created a new market of customers by going after people with chronic pain and long term users. the city also said aggressive drug sales representatives lie to doctors and pharmacists, saying opioids were not addictive. companies have denied the allegations, saying they sold opioid medications that were prescribed by doctors. secretary of state anthony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin traveled to ukraine to meet with ukrainian president vladimir zelensky as group jenkins reports from kiev. the visit by
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this high ranking officials was another show of us support for ukraine. russia has already failed, and ukraine has already succeeded profile visit that was shrouded in secrecy, the secretaries of state and defense meeting with ukrainian officials as the russian invasion entered its 61st day. president vladimir zelensky says it's an important sign of solidarity with the key western ally. we consider the united states to be a leader among those countries that are future guarantors of ukraine's security secretary of state antony blinken, announcing american diplomats will return to ukraine, eventually hoping to reopen the embassy here in kiev in the coming weeks in defense secretary lloyd austin unveiled another military aid package worth $713 million with more possibly coming as the fight for the donbas region intensifies. you should know the people of ukraine should know that we will continue to do everything possible. to ensure that that you're successful. russia struck deep into ukraine on monday,
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targeting infrastructure far from the front lines, including railroads in the west in a key oil refinery, but the ukrainians are fighting back, hoping to cause disruptions of their own to the russian supply lines. we saw some attacks on the oil depots yesterday in interior parts of russia. we also saw some train lines that have been disrupted, so i think the ukrainians are showing that they're willing to impact russian logistical lines. the u . n secretary general is scheduled to visit both russia and ukraine this week, and he'll meet with the presidents of both countries. in kiev, ukraine. griff jenkins, ktvu, fox two news. new work week is here and just a beautiful spring day outside, rosemary oroczo you happy monday, garcia and we are looking at temperatures just as warm as yesterday. if you enjoy debate area sunday, you should at least enjoy the weather for today sixties along the coast to upper seventies near 80 degrees inland. better details on that
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in just a moment, let's take a look over areas of san francisco. where we do have mostly blue skies. just a few patches of low clouds and fog along the coastline. yesterday we had an advisory for beach hazards that has subsided and there is no advisory along the coastline for today. meanwhile brentwood 73 degrees for you at this hour 72 in concord over sixties in santa rosa, mid sixties in san francisco, and a lot of sixties around the bay, even fremont checking in 72 for you there 71 over san jose and san jose. you're a few degrees warmer than yesterday. fairfield a few degrees cooler. most of us within a degree or two from yesterday at this hour, so it feels a lot like we did yesterday, giving you a look here at the winds. we do have a little bit of an onshore breeze. fairfield reporting. 12 mph oakland reporting seven coming in from the south over areas of nevado five. today is going to be the warmest day we start to cool things off tomorrow. here is a look at you. storm tracker to where we do have just a
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little bit of fog along the coastline. but they're stormtrooper quell to the north all the way into areas of canada . eventually it's going to slide a little bit farther south, and it's going to break down the ridge of high pressure that is currently over the bay area, the future cast model giving you a good idea of the cloud cover out there for today will go partly sunny to partly cloudy along the coastline. mostly sunny for the rest of us into sunset tomorrow morning, though, did a bit of a different story as we wake up with more cloud cover overhead, and then it looks like a mid morning late morning clearing with afternoon sunshine expected for us for tomorrow. meanwhile today, temperatures above average in santa rosa going to 77 very much where we should be for san francisco at 64 upper sixties oakland upper seventies and livermore and 74 over san jose. better look at the afternoon house for today, and that cooling trend as well as the extended forecast, including a area weekend coming up in just a little bit. the supreme court hears arguments in a case that
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could affect religious freedom for students and government employees
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brot out of the gate this morning as worries about rising inflation and interest rateyou can see here, there has been a bit of a late rally the s and p 500, the nasdaq both up, and the dow jones is now up more than 130 points today, the u. s. supreme court is school football
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coach from washington state who prayed on the field after games. now the court's decision could reset the line between separation of church and state for the entire nation. caroline safely as the story from washington. this former high school coach is fighting for the right to prey on the football field after games started out of prayer by myself and no students , but over the years they started joining. they asked if they could join and over the years that kind of groom grew the school district in bremerton , washington, said joseph kennedy's public prayers while on the job could make students feel pressured to pray and opened the district up to lawsuits. on monday, the supreme court heard oral arguments in the case. this doesn't seem like a new problem. it just seems like a line drawing problem. i see what's bothering you, but i don't think you're right to perceive the case through that lens. the justices ruling could change the fundamentals of how the court's view the separation
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of church and state and government employees can practice their faith at work. the first amendment means that no one should be fired from their job. simply for engaging in a private act of prayer by themselves, at least at the 50 yard line after a football game today, religious freedom is on the line. and it's the religious freedom of students and families , not the coach. the cases so far reaching its drawn about five dozen amicuss. we don't want the football field being turned into a religious battlefield. another brief filed by minnesota vikings quarterback kirk cousins and others argues if joe kennedy had taken a need to protest racial injustice. there would have been no question that it was protected private speech. the court is expected to rule in the case by late june in washington, carolina shively ktvu. fox news french president emmanuel macron has won re election, beating his far right opponent, marine le pen. macron supporters cheered outside the eiffel tower in
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paris last night as results came in. macron won his second five year term with more than 58% of the vote. analysts say he offered french voters stability as europe is dealing with russia's invasion of ukraine. le pen. she has talked about weakening france's role in the european union. she's talked about taking france out of the integrated military structure and nato. uh and she has a she had a loan from a russian bank, but a russianor the presidency. le pen got her latest, her largest percentages of vote yet it just over 40% she has conceded the race. macron's win makes him the first french president in two decades to serve a second term. president biden tweeted support from macron saying congratulations to emmanuel macron and his reelection france's our oldest ally and a key partner in addressing global challenges. i look forward to our continued close cooperation, including on supporting ukraine, defending democracy and countering climate change. or meaning americans and
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their supporters took to the streets around the world over the weekend commemorating 107 years since the start of the armenian genocide in los angeles, hundreds gathered at the turkish consulate in beverly hills. april 24th is a day of remembrance for the estimated 1.5 million armenians killed in world war one by the ottoman empire, which is now turkey. we're sharing influence information about the genocide our story before the genocide because we are so much more than that. we can see the new generation. my son is four years old. you know, so this is the continue to show the to show the world we are. we are strong, strong people. demonstrators in l. a and elsewhere called on the turkish government to recognize the armenian genocide. last year , president biden became the first american president to officially recognized the armenian genocide investigation continues in the city of atlanta,shot over the weekend. e
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victims were between the ages of 15 and 19use restaurant saturdat . once on scene, officers did locate three teenagers who were shot. they later discovered two more teenagers who had also been shot. a vehicle in order to drive themselves to a hospital. it should be noted that on the scene we were on between all things involved. we were able to recover three weapons thus far and we were able to recover the stolen vehicle as well. the investigation is very preliminary and ongoing, so we help no established motives at this time. investigators say they are going through surveillance video again. as part of this investigation, the five victims suffered non life threatening injuries still to come at noon, disturbing fliers found in east bay community with police in denville say about the hateful messages then could change is becoming to the red hot bay area housing market, what real estate experts say about growing inflation and the
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fact that mortgage interest rates could continue to rise.
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following you this noontime, an estimated 5000 nurses across stanford healthcare are on strike. they say they are fighting for fair contracts. the labor contracts expired on march 31st. the nurses union says it
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wants stanford healthcare to solve the burnout and exhaustion that is driving many nurses to reconsider their professions. the hospital says they have worked to come to an agreement and feel that they have made meaningful progress at the bargaining table so far, offering wage increases and retention incentive payments. stanford's medical facilities remain open in our staff with replacement nurses today, but some procedures and services had to be reduced or rescheduled because of this strike. billionaire elon musk has reached an agreement to buy twitter for approximately $44 billion. twitter's 11 member board had been meeting all morning to consider must offer. the tesla ceo said he was buying twitter because he believes it's not living up to his potential as a platform for free speech at last at last check. twitter stock was up more than 6% twitter says it will become a privately held company after the sale is closed. covid cases are increasing nationwide, with nearly a third of the country reporting a sharp rise in cases.
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in california, health officials show the number of current patients is still small compared to the case numbers that we saw at the start of the year and that's in people who are vaccinated as well as unvaccinated. this morning on the nine we spoke with ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chen hong, who says while the latest variant usually does not cause severe symptoms, it is not quite yet time to put those mask away. so it depends on indoors ventilation, duration of time. so say aa long grocery lists and i'm going to costco and it's saturday morning. i'm definitely still gonna mask up then. i'm flying across the country 100. i'm going to mask up then. right now . san francisco has the highest new infection rate in the state at 6% but county health officials say hospitalization rates are still relatively low. russian born san francisco musician brought together more than a dozen performers to raise money for people affected by the war in ukraine. ktvu is exile
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shows us what inspired the performer to put on the event. i'm gonna roll that. i want three hours sunday performers taking the stage in san francisco to raise humanitarian aid for ukraine, a country that's been under constant bombardment by russian forces for two months now, the destruction mounting death toll too difficult for maya to simply watch without doing something i felt. just the pit in my stomach and i felt really i just emotional. the russian born musician who now calls san francisco home, reaching out to the owner of light rail studios and pitching the idea of a fundraiser for ukraine. turn off the news. like what can i do? you know, so the fact that we have this space and that we could offer this space to do something like this was just you know, of course, we said yes. tamblyn immediately reaching out to her production contacts, every single person that i would text or say, hey, we're going to be doing this benefit, you know
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, do you? can you? can you do it ? you know, everyone was like, absolutely together the evening slate of local bands everyone wanted to participate immediately. her bandmates sam jones, among those jumping in to help remember feeling incredibly excited and hopeful about the prospect because i was kind of like someone needs to be doing this. the evening's performance also broadcast online between performances, items auctioned off to raise additional money. just one more group in the bay area, getting creative doing what they can to help serious night but then it's also a night. for us all to be together and feel like at least we're doing. you know something, you know, know whether it's big or small. you know these were doing something ktvu fax to news. to the south bay now is police in san jose or investigating a shooting that injured a 17 year old girl. this happened on snow drive around nine o'clock this morning near the discovery community garden. police say the girl was inside her home when shots were fired from the
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outside. police say the girl is pregnant. she suffered non life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. san jose police also need help in identifying a sexual assault suspect. police say a man approached a woman on summer side drive around noon on april 13th. the woman told the man she was not interested, then say he sexually assaulted her. this is a sketch of the attacker , the woman was able to fight him off and scream for help. pretty brazen act. 12 pm broad daylight and a very busy residential area. was emboldened enough to attack this woman an the band was last seen when the eastbound on summer side drive toward mclaughlin avenue. anyone with information is asked to call the san jose police department. danville police are looking for the person who is distributing anti semitic flyers officers say people have reported finding the leaflets at their homes in recent days. they did not say specifically what was on the fires or how many exactly were found. danville police released a statement reading in part
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these leaflets fly in the face of our values in denville. our town's mission statement focuses on providing services that make people's lives better in pursuit of that mission. we are committed to inclusivity, welcoming families and people from all backgrounds to live work and visit. oakland police are investigating a burglary where a security guard was shot at a marijuana dispensary. this happened around 4 30 yesterday morning on lakeshore avenue right near macarthur, according to the east bay times, several people were breaking into ghana. dispensary in the 32 year old security guard was shot in the foot. he is expected to survive. people are still searching. police are still searching for the burglars. san jose city leaders say they are focused on their vision, zero goal to try and reduce deaths on city streets. there have been 27 traffic related fatalities in san jose so far this year. one of the city's goals is to reduce speeding. and distracted, driving along some high risk corridors. we need to educate and install infrastructure that
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will narrow our streets and narrowing streets has a tendency to cause drivers to slow down because they don't have the visual open field that they have in a wider street. council member pam foley says speeding is the number one factor in these fatalities, she said. the city is also looking at reducing the speed limit in some areas and also installing enhanced crosswalks. as of today, masks are not required at san francisco public commission meetings or inside board hearing rooms. masks are still required in certain high risk facilities , including hospitals, group living facilities and jails. city leaders say they'll continue to monitor covid cases and covid transmission. across the bay teachers, students and staff in oakland are no longer required to wear masks indoors. the state's indoor mask mandate for schools was lifted last month's but many districts, including oh, usd wanted to wait a little longer before ending their mask requirements. oakland unified school district is still strongly recommending everyone continue to wear a face covering mill valley is extending its outdoor dining program through
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the fall. now valley was set to terminate its outdoor dining program in june, but the city decided to extend it through october 31st. the extension will give city officials time to develop a long term park lit program. the current program allows businesses to use parking spaces and private property to extend business outdoors, while the bay area's red hot housing market is not seeing any signs of cooling down, some real estate experts say prices could soon level off. according to the east bay times, real estate experts and economists say growing inflation and rising interest rates could put an end to the seemingly nonstop surgeon housing prices. analysts say the rise in interest rates and costs has an impact on buyers psychology, which then affects demand sales and prices. marymount california university , a private catholic college in southern california will close its doors this coming summer. the liberal arts school has been struggling in recent years because of declining enrollment and rising cars. mary mountain has 500 full time students 140 full time staff, the university said classes will end in august
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. there's a new warning out about an acute hepatitis outbreak among children. the world health organization says there are at least 169 hepatitis cases in children worldwide. at least one child has died. most of the cases were reported in the u. k nine have been reported in alabama. the california republican party endorsed state senator brian doll as its candidate to run for governor in this year's election. senator doll represents all or part of 11 counties between the oregon boundary and lake tahoe. he says he's the most qualified candidate to defeat governor gavin newsom because he has more than 25 years of government experience. he says democrats are vulnerable for an upset because of tax rates as well as poverty and crime in california , house minority leader kevin mccarthy is defending himself after leaked audio revealed him calling for then president donald trump to step down. after the riot on january 6th publicly , republicans are still backing mccarthy. but there are thoughts that he may not be the house speaker if republicans were to
12:39 pm
retake the house in the fall. at this weekend's california gop convention, the bakersfield republican trying to redirect the crowd away from the topic. do not let the media divide us. do not let them get of off topic. they can talk about everything they want to talk about. but we know what america wants recognized. the president was partly to blame. he thought the president should resign and in order to stay leader of his party, he has to lie about that to people. the audio of mccarthy was released last week by the new york times. mccarthy has denied calling for the president to resign, insisting he only told other republicans he was considering it but never made the call. a new york judge has found former president donald trump in contempt of court for failing to adequately respond to a subpoena issued by the state's attorney general as part of a civil investigation into his business dealings. judge ordered trump to pay a fine of $10,000 a day. new york to turn, the new york attorney general, a
12:40 pm
democrat, had asked the court to hold trump in contempt after he missed a march 31st court imposed deadline to turn over documents. trump has been in a legal fight with the attorney general over her investigation, which he has called politically motivated witch hunt. still to come at noon. a new look at all the snow in the sierra from this latest round of storms. the new photos just released by nasa and the big difference compared to earlier this month. and quiet whether remains over the bay area where temperatures a little bit above average bowl, show you what you can expect for today and the cool down coming our way after the break.
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earg after getting lost for six days in a remote area of lassen county, according to the lassen county sheriff's office. the woman and her friend were driving on dirt roads when their truck broke down, and they later got separated. when her friend finally hiked back to a main road, he found law enforcement and they began to search for the missing woman and sheriff's department says she survived by eating snow and rationing a six pack of yogurt she had with her eating one per day. until she was found. multiple wildfires are burning across parts of the country. firefighters in nebraska, new mexico and arizona are all trying to contain these fires, and in some areas, evacuees are heading home to assess the damage. fox weather's robert ray as the story good
12:44 pm
memories. dour, hard, heartbreaking scenes playing out across flagstaff, arizona, many residents returning to find their homes and belongings destroyed after the tunnel fire ripped through the area. vietnam veteran dave bartman says he lost his medals in uniform from his time in the military is like a roller coaster for he goes up. goes down the tunnel fire now stands at more than 21,000 acres with minimal containment. authorities say the flames have burned down roughly 30 homes and two dozen other structures. fire now one of several burning across the us over the weekend. wind driven flames in nebraska killed a retired fire chief and injured more than a dozen firefighters take what you think you did, and the new mexico nearly half of the states counties are seeing flames. fire managers say to blazes combined over the weekend. together they
12:45 pm
have charged more than 54,000 acres, forcing evacuations across the state pictures. i think that's the first thing you think about. you get those more worried about some of our family members that are um elderly and have oxygen's all together. these fires have burned more than 120,000 acres across the u. s fire crews hope, easing winds and lower temperatures today will provide them with some relief forecasters warn that winds could stir up later this week, creating the flames to get hot again. in causing more damage in flagstaff, arizona. robert ray ktvu, fox two news and you can get more coverage like this on the fox weather app whereby streaming fax weather on your favorite device. download the app right now by scanning that qr code right there on the screen. you can also download in your app store. a new study shows how climate change is affecting restaurant menus, researchers from the university
12:46 pm
of british columbia found the effects of climate change are largely affecting seafood scientists a gradually warming water temperatures are causing a decline in sockeye salmon. they say they think restaurants may begin to turn more towards products that do better in warmer water, such as squid or sardines. we're now getting a look from space of the strong april storms that brought heavy snow to lake tahoe last week. nurses released the satellite images showing the drastic difference in how the snow covered mountains looked in april. that's on the left compared to last friday, which is on the right that april. image shows just patches of snow in the mountains. three weeks later, was he a blanket of snow over the entire sierra nevada? the same stories, of course, brought rain to the bay area, and we are so grateful for that. we needed this april because rosemary oroczo up there right and we would love to see more and fortunately nothing in the forecast afford this week and we're going to cool things off, but we are expected to remain dry, giving you a look here at what is happening over areas of the bay. we've got partly cloudy skies. we do have just a little
12:47 pm
bit of fog along the coastline through the pacific northwest. a few weeks storms will move through that will actually break down the ridge of high pressure over the bay area and cool us down just a little bit. unfortunately we're not expecting to see much of any rain in the coming days that will stick to the north of us. here is a look at the future cast and i roll you through your business week and into the weekend. you can see how those waves just continue to push through areas of washington, oregon clipping northern california at times but it doesn't come as far south as the bay area, and that was all the way through sunday temperatures around the area right around where we should be for this time of year when we're looking at our basic communities as well as the coastline, but you go inland where a little bit above average . we're looking at 75 degrees right now in brentwood upper sixties in livermore, mid seventies and walnut creek into the north 67 for nevado. mid sixties san francisco low sixties over areas of hayward, getting into your afternoon will remain with temperatures in the
12:48 pm
sixties and low seventies around the bay a little bit warmer. redwood city 75 expected for you today. as we go inland, 79 unconquered and to the north bay 77 over santa rosa today is going to be the warmest day of the week as we get into the extended forecast here, temperatures begin to trail off just a little bit for tomorrow sixties in the forecast at the coast upper sixties around the bay and upper seventies expected in limb, not much change on wednesday will call for just a tad cooler getting into thursday, though. another system sweeps through the pacific northwest cools us down a little bit more upper fifties in the forecast for our coastline sixties around the bay and nearing 70 degrees inland could also be a breezy day on thursday, but notice no rain in the forecast. they're getting into your bay area. weekend temperatures do rebound a slightly just into friday. not much change going on. but then into saturday, mid upper seventies for our inland cities of right around 70 for the bay and upper sixties expected along the coast was slightly cooler
12:49 pm
conditions expected on sunday. back to you, rosemary. out that they're each being awarded. $60,000 college scholarships. which means that you will receive $15,000 a year for four years of college for a total of $60,000 young women who were awarded the goldberg scholarships attend king collegiate high school. in san lorenzo. remember applying and it was definitely intimidating, but i'm really grateful for this opportunity, and i can't wait for the next four years. just extremely grateful. i mean, i have a sister in college, and it's great knowing that i have like that financial security, giving them a first gen operational student applying to college and attending. school in the fall. i did get a lot of financial aid, but that didn't cover all my costs, so having this opportunity to have the culprit scholarship along with the fellowship that it follows with is such amazing process.
12:50 pm
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takl very high. and with that some lawmakers on capitol hill are accusing oil companies of price gouging. it's not the moms and pops who run these who run these gas stations who are at fault. it's their corporate parent after the oil companies and seny leader chuck schumer war betweed ukraine as an excuse to increase gas prices. senator schumer says he expects president biden's
12:54 pm
pick for the federal trade commission to be confirmed sometime this week. he said this will give democrats a 3 to 2 majority on the agency, which could lead to an investigation into gas prices. the price of guest slowly coming down in california, tripoli says. on average, the state price drop one sent in the past week. $5.69 a gallon in oakland, the average price for gas is $5.71. it's 5 80 in san francisco. napa has the highest average in the state at $5.87 a gallon. california's budget surplus is much bigger than originally thought. back in january, governor newsom forecast a budget surplus of nearly $46 billion now, the legislative analyst's office says it's at least six billion more than that, and will likely be 15 billion more. that's because of money collected from personal income sales and corporate taxes. the governor's office is proposing a tax rebate similar to stimulus checks last year, but it has not officially been included in any budget proposal. san francisco 49ers general manager john lynch is expected to talk about the
12:55 pm
future of star wide receiver deebo samuel during the news conference this afternoon. video posted on social media this weekend is adding more drama over samuel's future with the team and shows him in a los angeles nightclub right near a sign that says debo is staying with the 49ers, but that same video shows samuel nearby, smiling and gesturing to say no. samuel publicly requested a trade last week of the niners agreed to trade him. it is expected to happen before the nfl draft, which starts on thursday. one organization is trying to make sure everyone gets a chance to play baseball foxes, brielle, thomas said. he shows us how the game is being adjusted so that everyone does indeed get a chance to swing the bat. and run the basis. nice young ballplayers, maybe visually impaired, but they certainly won't be sidelined by their disabilities. perfect look at the first go around adaptive blind baseball is removing all the barriers that may have previously kept them off the
12:56 pm
field. i found out i was losing my sight in sixth grade 17 year old jeannine amber frias has a rare genetic disorder called wolfram syndrome, characterized by childhood onset diabetes and a gradual loss of vision. now she is stepping up to the pitcher's mound for the first time in seven years, learning by feeling and hearing frias is a member of lighthouse guilds youth transition program. the local nonprofit organization is dedicated to fighting vision loss through prevention, treatment and empowerment. the whole idea of the program is to basically give them the tools and the skills. that they need for future independence as young adults, so there's a lot of teaching that goes on. but it's also about fun. more than a dozen teenagers learning how to pitch like pros, hit homers and run the bases, cooking, not coaches and players from the new york rockers the first team of visually impaired athletes to play adaptive blind baseball in the u. s were on the field to show them the ropes. i would like to play baseball, but the
12:57 pm
ball was too small and i didn't have good vision. so i couldn't play on. my friends used to play and i couldn't play. and now that we've found this adaptive game we love it. adaptive blind baseball was founded in italy more than 25 years ago, but it's become pretty popular here in the united states ever since, rather than using traditional baseball's players use these balls with built in bells to give them audible cues as to direction and location. this is the sound of the ball. okay so here's how the game works. first, the batter drops the ball and swings with one hand coach stands at first base with the horn to indicate where the batter needs to run. and then another instructor stands at second base with clappers to help the runner. get there. yeah. we need young, energetic people out on the field playing the game and so today was. i can't tell you how many times i had goose bumps the players proving above all that america's pastime can be enjoyed by just about anyone that we have a
12:58 pm
connection in a few things like our vision. we're all different. well we're on the same reporting from riverside park on the upper west side. thomas et fox news. a popular family event returned to the home of the oakland a's over this past weekend. the team tweeted photos showing children running around the bases after yesterday's ballgame, and many parents actually joined in on the fun on the field as well. children 12 and younger will be allowed to run around the bases during many others sunday home games this season earlier for eight pitchers combined for four hit shutout. as oakland did beat the rangers to zip outfielder stephen piscotty homered for the a's and oakland is now 19 8 on the season. they're going to be taken on the giants tomorrow night in san francisco to begin the bay bridge series. the giants will be in milwaukee to play the brewers for just one game before coming back home. yesterday the giant routed the washington nationals 12 to 3 to complete a three game sweep. outfielder peterson homered twice doubled and drove in three
12:59 pm
runs for the giants giants now in second place in the national league west, with a record of 11 wins five losses. area science festival is now underway. the festival helps to teach students how science plays an important role in daily life and a lot of the same skeletal structure with other animals and humans. through the process. students learn about evolution, anatomy and habitat. we bring it to schools all over san francisco so that kids can experience of bones. they put it together and take it apart like a giant puzzle, and they can learn comparative anatomy. will and marine conservation. the science festival runs through this saturday, has events in line online and in person across the bay area. it's very cool that you were a phenomenal science student was better at english. let's just leave it at that. but here's the difference. we didn't have that hands on stuff back then. i mean a whale skeleton. i never got to see that when i was in, you know, eighth grade. so
1:00 pm
kids these days. i think i have a little bit better than you and i did. growing up was tough. i agree. okay. oh good. my dad would like that. this beautiful monday afternoon. our next news desk coming up at four. we're dishing up some microwave magic. the most underrated kitchen gadget of all. time. from a quick and delicious fried. rice, it makes the perfect, easy dinner. to a genius way to cook bacon. i am flipping for this one here. plus, it tastes like a blueberry muffin, bread pudding. and oatmeal hack. that's decadent and good for you. it looks like a cake for breakfast since. shocking grill fails. caught on tape. oh. that's next. ♪ >> let's dish. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world, because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. [laughter] >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but also i'm a mom trying to get dinner on the table. f


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