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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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leaving daily and we need them to be here. once celebrated as the heroes of the pandemic, but now they claim they are being underpaid. why hundreds of stanford nurses went on strike today. also prayer on the 50 yard line of former high school football coaches. postgame ritual is now at the center of a supreme court case. we'll have more on the arguments that were heard today. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage. claudine wong after weeks of will he or won't he? we he now appears that elon musk will buy twitter. for $44 billion, it remains to be seen how the move will impact social media platforms. ktvu christian kaplan joins us now live from twitter headquarters in san francisco with the very latest christian twitter's board voted unanimously to approve the sale of the company, which were taken
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from being a publicly traded company to a privately held platform. unsurprisingly the twitterverse had plenty to say about the deal by tesla founder elon musk to buy twitter must himself tweeting. he wants to make the platform better than ever by enhancing the product with new features in previous interviews, must talked about the important role he believes twitter plays. having a public platform that is maximally trusted, broadly inclusive. um is extremely important to the future of civilization. twitter released a statement confirming the $44 billion deal, saying that at the completion of the sale, twitter will go from being a publicly traded company to being a privately held platform. university of san francisco school of management professor ludwig carini says that shouldn't have a major impact on twitter users but will allow the company to act without short term investor pressure. for example, if they believe free speech is one of their primary motivations. and that sometimes that will mean less earnings or
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things of that sort. they don't have to be hit in earnings calls and managed to those earnings calls they can focus on their long term objectives and run the company that way. free speech is one of the hot button issues currently being debated on twitter, including who would and would not be tweeting that hremain on twitter becauset is what free speech means. king carini said users will likely not notice any major changes on the platform right away and said just because the company goes private now doesn't mean that it will stay that way going forward like 7 10 years who knows how long 57 years maybe twitter will realist again. a new valuation and then elon musk will sell all the shares for you know, hundreds and hundreds of millions. our usf professor tells me that shareholders will have to approve this deal. he says he doesn't anticipate any regulatory hurdles to the deal going through. we're live in san francisco at twitter
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headquarters. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. twitter stock rose over 5% today after that sale was announced. trading was suspended right before the company agreed to musk's takeover. it resumed after the deal was announced. for more. we're joined now by the insurer senior editor at large, ian great to see you today. a big day. of course, we've had a tumultuous couple of weeks with all this back and forth between elon musk and twitter. it was just last week when twitter's board adopted that poison pill strategy to try to fend off a hostile takeover. now they accepted buyout offer from musk. what changed here? and why do you think the board decided to accept elon musk's offer. what i wouldn't give to be the little blue bird on that on the wall while this was all going on, right? i think that probably what happened, having followed a lot of acquisitions over the years. i can't speak for twitter. in particular. we'll learn more over the next coming days when they file regulatory
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filings and all sorts of other stuff. but i think what really probably did it is that they probably went around to a bunch of other people and said, hey, how much are you willing to buy his four and they may not have gotten an answer they wanted they also may have had pressure from other investors. those are the two things i see often that causes a company that was against an acquisition to suddenly go for it, so that that's probably where my bet would be. but either way, at this point, they've made a very dramatic turnaround. and as you pointed out the poison pill, trying to stop it now accepting the buyout offer yeah, it is interesting. let's talk about the broad implications here for twitter and for its users. in announcing the deal, elon musk said that he wants to transform the company. he made mention of making algorithms open source to try to improve public trust. getting rid of spam bots is even talked about creating an edit button, of course, that will get broad public support from the users. what do you think are
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going to be some of the most significant changes? that must makes to the platform. yeah i think the edit button will be the most dramatic short term thing if he follows through, but the long term thing is this question around moderation. you know, elon musk has made it clear he feels like the moderation that my twitter does is too heavy that they kick off too many extremists and harassers from the platform. and unlike me, i had seen it. i have argued and written that twitter doesn't do enough. so i'm gonna be very curious to see how things change over time. you know, elon musk may open up the floodgates and allow a lot more harassment to happen on the platform in the name of free speech, but there's also a possibility that once he's in the chair and making these decisions and seeing the lives that get turned upside down and destroyed by some of the behavior on twitter. maybe he'll change his mind. yeah obviously you look at things differently. what once it's you're in the driver's seat, making those calls. you know, speaking of
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that there's a lot of talk about what elon musk's purchase of twitter is going to mean. for all of those folks that you talked about that that have been banned from the platform we want to put on the screen here. just a few of the people who have been banned from twitter recently george zimmerman had his account suspended because the company said he posted revenge porn. former giants player aubrey huff kicked off the platform for spreading covid misinformation. and then, of course, there is a former president donald trump. who was removed from twitter because he violated the platform's policies against inciting violence following the capital riots. what do you think? musk's new direction for twitter is going to mean for the chances of these folks and others have been booted from the platform? what? what what will this mean for their chances of potentially being reinstated? it's a big question, mark. we really don't know what's going to end up happening, and until the money crosses the table and the purchases done, we really are just left to speculate, and also whatever must says in public, but he can also do whatever he
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wants. so we'll see what happens. i do want to point out that former president trump gave an interview to fox news. where he said that he will not rejoin twitter. if he's offered the opportunity. he wants to focus on his own social media platform . truth so, which it's worth, noting he hasn't even posted on yet, but whatever so i am really curious to see how this all plays out. i imagine many of the people who have been kicked off twitter are excited about even the prospect. of having access to those hundreds of millions of people who go on twitter every day to see whether or not they might be wanting to find out what they have to think. before we let you go here. we're looking at video of twitter's headquarters there, right along market street in downtown san francisco. we know that he'll and musk last year moved tesla's headquarters to texas did it in somewhat dramatic fashion. as he makes most of his moves. what is this deal? do you think? what does it mean for the san francisco headquarters of twitter and the employees there? huge question mark right, and
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it's worth noting also that that twitter, unlike a lot of other silicon valley companies, has actually gone much more remote, right. they allow a lot more of their employees to work remotely so he could move the office anywhere in the practically could mean not impact. too many people, but certainly there's a lot of questions about downtown san francisco and that part of market street and if i owned property there, and i was betting on twitter to help it, raise my prices. i'd be a little worried. all right. we'll leave the conversation there. lots of open questions. the insurer cnet editor at large, always appreciate your time. thank you for coming on. on wall street today, stocks rallied back from some sharp losses in the morning and finished the day with gains . the dow gained 238 points. the nasdaq was up 165 and the s and p finished the day up. 24 points. down to the south bay were 5000 nurses at stanford health and packard children's hospital are on strike today. they say they are fighting for better pay while experiencing covid burnout. ktvu is a mannequin. donna has more on
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their demands and the response from the hospital. throughout the morning. hundreds if not thousands of nurses have gathered here lining the streets , cheering and chanting. these are nurses from stanford healthcare and also from packard children's hospital. just down the street. the line continues all the way down the street and around the corner. about 5000 nurses are on strike after their contracts expired on march 31st. they say they are fighting for a fair contract with better pay mental health resources and a solution to the burnout and exhaustion, their feelings. we want to make nursing attractive and for people to stay, and stanford was really gotta step up their game in order to do that line say many of their colleagues have quit or retired early, and now the hospitals are severely understaffed. calling in nurses on their days off. nurses are caregivers, and so we give ourselves and we give up
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our families. we give everything for the patients in the hospitals. that's a behavior that needs to change if we're going to keep nursing safe. stanford healthcare leadership doesn't acknowledge these issues . we thought that we would come together and we might have disagreed about how to approach the solutions, but we thought we would agree there was a problem. and they're denying there's even a problem. stanford chief nursing officer dale beatty says burnout is a national issue and the hospital is listening to its nurses. we do know we've had some areas that have been more challenging than others, and we recognize and acknowledge that but overall we've done a tremendous job of providing support, he says. during the pandemic, stanford never broke the nurse to patient ratio set by the state. and nearly 75% of the time nurses exceeded that ratio on a ship by ship bases. there could be times where it gets challenging. it changes its dynamic on a shift to shift basis. uh so i want to acknowledge that back, but on the overall we've had very strong staffing package offered
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to the nurses union generous with top of the market wages. we believe we have a very competitive package. we appreciate how hard the pandemic has been, and we recognized additional support. uh you know at have offered that through additional proposals, but nurses say it's not enough. union hasn't announced an end date for the strike if it continues to may, 1st nurses will lose their employee health benefits for the whole month. they can choose to continue through cobra. that's the intimidation they are threatening our families they are threatening the most vulnerable among us nurses with cancer nurses with medically vulnerable family members. those are the people they are targeting, and that is shameful . in palo alto, amanda quintana ktvu fox two news. teachers in oakland are planning a one day strike later this week to protest the district's plan for upcoming school closures. the oakland education association
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says it's union members have voted to walk out on friday. they're protesting the district's decision earlier this year to close or consolidate 11 schools. opponents say the plan unfairly targets the districts, most vulnerable families. we're not going to stand by to let this continue to be a policy. um, that disproportionately impact, especially that disproportionately impacts are working class black and brown families and especially families with special needs. the district says the schools that will be closed or consolidated or under enrolled in the plan will save millions of dollars. in an email to the teachers. union district officials denounced the planned walk out, saying, in part quote , even the threat of again depriving students of instruction, let alone an actual deprivation, especially without legal justification will only further hurt students. the first all private crew of astronauts is now back on earth after a
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mission to the international space station, you can tell by the cheers behind us. we can confirm that the dragon capsule with the x one crew has has splashed down. we'll have more on their extended trip and what it all means for the future of space exploration and later mayors of the state's biggest cities got together today to talk about one of the state's biggest issues. homelessness the progress they say they've made so far while trying to get people into housing. and it cooled off a little bit or it is going to cool off a little bit tomorrow. temperatures today like they were yesterday, but some cooler weather coming our way for your tuesday. i'll have that when i return. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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intp its historic trip today. the four member accident, cruz
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splashed down in space x's dragon endeavor capsule off the coast of jacksonville, florida this afternoon. their mission began on april 8th. now the crew was originally scheduled to stay in space for 10 days. but then added up staying in space for 17 days and that was due to weather delays. now the cost to go on space into space for this trip for the private astronauts was reportedly $55 million a seat. so for more on this discussion, let's bring in jose hernandez, a former nasa astronaut. thanks so much for joining us. thank you, claudine. happy to be here. 2000 and nine was you were you were a mission specialist on the sts 1 28 mission aboard the shuttle. tell me about this return that we're watching and what it's like to be on that capsule coming home. we know this mission was longer than it was expected, so they must have been happy to touch back down. oh i'm not sure they were still happy to touch back down because you know when you're in space, you want to stay there longer, so it wasn't bonus relish every
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precious moment you get. the good thing is nasa is not charging them more for the extra days because it was whether dependent now are are landing is a little slight different than this landing. this is a capsule rocket configuration similar to the apollo era cap of rockets, so they land with parachutes. in the ocean, which is a little bit more challenging because then they get seasick and with wavesl that makes him now we landed on this with the space shuttle, which lands like an airplane nature if you will, and we landed at edwards air force base, so it was a much much more kind of like a bad southwest flight over the rockies and the landing for us in a lot of talk about, you know, private citizens going up into space and people saying, you know, are they astronauts they space tourist? and the that goes into this? what's your position on these kinds of trips? and the
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future of them. first of all, i mean, i mean favor of them because the way i look at it is any time the private sector invest money and space exploration. that's $1 less than you and i clubbing have to spend as a taxpayer for space exploration. so that's good. uh now, but there's two types of ways to go to space. you either do a suborbital flight. where you're only up there a few minutes and you come back down or you actually expect a checks ? you go to the international space station. uh like my colleague mike lopez alegria and three other civilians did as civilians. those i think, do a lot of work. they conducted 25 experiments, so they actually did some work up there. the others that do suborbital, you know, they just go up there and float and then come back down. that's more touristy than anything. i think it's going up to the international space station. and if you conduct
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science, by golly astronaut in mind. that's interesting. i mean, you mentioned michael lopez alegria, who was a former nasa astronaut who was the commander of this mission. he is now a maximum employee. but then you had the three paying customers. one was a business member and investor real estate magnet from ohio. and so when you're talking about the science being done on the space station, you know who's doing the science and i mean, really, you know, i read your story and how you ended up in space and really remarkable, you know, resume. and c v. who are these people? and what can they do in terms of work on the space station for this time? a good question, claudine. you know when we go up in space, and we do our science experiments were up there for weeks, months at a time. you know, we're not the principal investigators. nasa received a lot of proposals to conduct experiments in space bye students, undergraduate students. and what we do as
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astronauts as we learn what the objectives of an experiment is, and we learned how to operate the experiment, and then we take the results back down to the principal investigator, and then they go ahead and analyze the results. so whether it's me as an astronaut from nasa, who's a college graduate or someone in the private sector, who also went to college? they certainly have the capability of running those similar experiments, so they did do some serious science. ah in in in this axiom mission and how much balance do you think there has to be between this that you say, you know, puts dollars into the program gets people to space keeps interest up. we're doing interviews. we're talking about it and really the other, you know. objectives of nasa and scientists and things that need to be done to figure out and learn from space. well you know, we've had a orbiting laboratory in low earth orbit. nasa has and we've been there for over two decades. doing that type of research. i think it's time now
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we hand this over to the private sector and have nasa focus on what i consider much more challenging goals that's returning to the moon, establishing a long duration based on the moon developing technologies that will one day allow us to take humans to the surface of mars. that's what nasa should focus on and let these companies basically handle low earth orbit operations. alright, interesting discussion. jose hernandez, former nasa astronaut. we have appreciate your insight on this and you will be weighing in and i'm glad these crew members are all safely back home. yes, we are, too. alright turned out to be a pretty nice day out there today temperatures about where they were yesterday. they're going to cool tomorrow. quickly we'll take a look at these live cameras. we've got the golden gate bridge is a little fog out there right now and look at the texture on the bay. a little bit of wind to even on that inside loop. look at in, um berkeley marina. they're kind of you see all the wind inside the marina kind of chopping up the bay and
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i think we got one more. and if not, we're there it is mountie ablow. a little bit of green out there. still, that's because we got rain last week and the week before that. not going to see any rain anytime soon. percents of average on rainfall. these are approximately where we are now. 80% in santa rosa 95 in oakland. this is for the year. that's pretty good. but then it sounds. is it 57% so we're behind? and of course, we know that we're in our third year of having issues with water, and it's gonna pretty much end up that way. i'd imagine so. here is the long range forecast few clouds cooler tomorrow. i'm just rolling right through wednesday thursday. no green. no blue are in our direction right so you can get it's gonna be dry and it's class. i mean, it's not nothing abnormal, unusual. this is exactly what you expect. for this time of year earlier, this shot did show some coastal fog trying to shoot through the bay or shoot through the gap there. you can also see the kind of the haze out there. there's a high pressure in charge, but tomorrow we're going to have a little front slide through and that
4:23 pm
front is going to mix out the atmosphere. and clean up the air. so you're going to be up tomorrow night. i'm going to show you the same shot and you're going to be looking at atlas peak over napa and be able to see it clearly. i'll see you back here a little bit. we'll do the full forecast in just a few minutes with the five day more weapons will soon be on the way to ukraine, but it's unclear if it will be enough to stop the russian militar
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thaw military aid package that was announced over the weekend as foxes griff jenkins tells us this latest round of money and weaponry was announced after a visit to kiev by the u. s secretary of state and defense secretary. and what do you think of their trip? sir president biden, sending to high profile cabinet members to ukraine over the weekend to show solidarity as russia ramps up its new offensive, secretary of state antony blinken, announcing plans to reopen the u. s embassy here
4:26 pm
in kiev. he was joined by defense secretary lloyd austin, who unveiled a new military aid package worth $713 million. 300 million of that will be used for weapons specific to the fight in the donbas region, which is large and flat, favoring tank advances supported by artillery . we are doing everything that we can to get them. the types of support the types of artillery and munitions that will be effective. but some ukrainian officials are pushing back. they say they are grateful for the billions of dollars in aid given so far, but more is needed urgently to give the ukrainians a chance to destroy the russian army in ukraine, so it can't threaten other countries. this is not enough as long as the war continues its not because ukrainians a greedy is because we need to win this war. meanwhile the fighting is intensifying in the east. so far , the ukrainian defensive line is holding, but some observers say that could all change
4:27 pm
quickly. the maneuver forces of the russians are somewhat incompetent. and that's why they only made small gains, but they have made games and those games can add up over time secretary austin will meet with defense officials from 20 other countries tomorrow to discuss ukraine's long term security needs. in kiev, ukraine, griff jenkins fox news. well new york judge has found former president donald trump in contempt of court for failure to turn over documents in an investigation of his business dealings. the judge also ordered trump to pay a fine of $10,000 a day until he complies. the new york attorney general is looking into whether the trump organization deliberately misstated the value of real estate assets to obtain more favorable loans, insurance rates and tax benefits. trump has called the investigation a politically motivated witch hunt. republican florida governor rhonda santa signed a bill today creating an election police unit and says it will be
4:28 pm
dedicated to pursuing voter fraud and other election crimes . democrats in the state legislature are criticizing the bill as being unnecessary and away for de santis to appeal to some republican voters who believe that 2020 presidential election results were fraudulent. and associated press investigation of the election found fewer than 475 potential cases of voter fraud out of 25. a half million ballots cast in six disputed states. 13 mayors from some of california's biggest cities addressed the issue of homelessness today what they're asking from the state to help get more people into housing and religious liberty versus the separation of church and state. the case being heard by the supreme court, focusing on prayer at high school football games. a discussion
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yea3 biggest city say they need more state funding to combat homelessness. they held a news conference today both to highlight the progress they've made, but also to show the risk of letting the current funding end. ktvu zen reuben is live in san jose to explain an saved they've used the current state funding to create some very innovative new programs. programs they have a hard time supporting if the money ran out. when it comes to homelessness, the pandemic years have taken their toll. advocates in san jose say they've seen it firsthand. you see more seniors dying each year, you see more people dying each year. what we need are immediate things like
4:32 pm
ways to get people off the streets immediately. cities throughout california have been taking action with the help of a big boost in state funding. last year, the governor allocated $2 billion towards homelessness over a two year period. san jose mayor sam liccardo says it's allowed innovation like never before. quick build apartment complexes like we have in san jose, tiny homes, new kinds of shelter that provides supportive services, and we're able to do it much more quickly than the standard approach is statewide. authorities say they've created 9000 additional beds, but they fear when that state funding ends in 2023, so will all their progress. and mayors of big cities throughout california held a news conference pushing for more but we need ongoing funding or else we're going to face fiscal cliff and we're c 9000 people pushed back out onto the streets of our state of council here in san jose, the city's tiny homes and quick build communities could be at risk. that would be a big
4:33 pm
setback, says jeffrey morgen of first community housing, he says every step on the way to permanent supportive housing is vitally important. the loss of funding at the levels before you get there means that we're just have more people on the street, more health problems and more cost. the big city mayors are asking for an additional $3 billion over the next three years to put toward homelessness . they will find out whether their conversations with the governor and with legislators were successful by early summer, claudine alright. i was just gonna ask that in terms of looking for the money and maybe how much is out there? they've got to make some changes. if it doesn't look like it's coming their way. alright and rubin thank you so much. i appreciate the report. while the bay area's red hot housing market isn't seeing any signs of cooling down, some real estate experts say prices could soon level off, according to the east bay times, real estate experts and economists say growing inflation and rising interest rates could put an end to the seemingly nonstop housing prices,
4:34 pm
an impact on buyers psychology, which then affects demand sales and prices. the supreme court heard oral arguments today in a case that centers on a coach's public prayers on the football field in washington state, and this ruling could affect schools all across the country. foxes caroline shamefully tells us how the justices responded today. former high school football coach joseph kennedy calls his postgame prayers on the 50 yard line. religious liberty supreme court justice elena kagan had another name for it. it is a form of pressure, a form of coercion. um we're worried that the students will feel he gets to put me into a football game or not. he gets to, you know, give me an a in math class or not, and this is a kind of coercion that's improper for 16 year olds. lawyers in the case gave their oral arguments before the supreme court on monday. at
4:35 pm
question whether a public employee who says he is praying by himself while at school and visible to students is engaged in government speech that lacks any first amendment protection. some justices press the lawyers on the broader implications if the coach instead of taking a need the for prayer in the during the national anthem because of not moral opposition to racism. would how would your school district respond? the court's decision could have a wider impact on public employees , students free speech and religion. i think the division that you heard among the justices indicates that there is going to be a lot of squabbling, not just over the outcome, but how they define this line and how they were, they draw it. a ruling is expected until this summer before the court ends its current session. in washington. caroline shively, fox news, all right, for more on this case, and the arguments that were made
4:36 pm
today before the supreme court. we're joined now by stephen wolpert, professor of politics at st mary's college. great to have you on today. appreciate the time it seems one of the central issues in this case is whether or not this high school coach was praying. as a private citizen or as an employee of a public school. how are the court's conservative and liberal justices, answering that question differently? well on the one hand, some justices will feel that the skull because duties is limited to coaching. um and he's included calling plays and delivering speeches but didn't include his private post came prayer. the liberals on the court are likely to believe that is good. the coach extend to post gain activities on the field. he would go to the 50 yard line right after the game. so um, it could be argued that he was still acting as a coach when he did it. do you believe that the high court's
4:37 pm
conservative wing that the supermajority is going to ultimately endorsed this notion that allowing the school employee to pray doesn't necessarily mean that the public school is endorsing religion? well what makes this interesting is that, um there's evidence that some of the students and players felt uncomfortable. um. and felt they might sorry. feel pressure to join um and that might interfere with their religious freedom. so it's not only the establishment clause that we're looking at here, but religious freedom for the players as well as the coach. now the majority of this court has been more protective of religious freedom of expression than prior courts. so i do think we'll see some movement, um, towards greater acceptance of religious expression here, but there are lots of ways that the court couldn't justify such a such a ruling, either more
4:38 pm
broadly or more narrowly. and in either case, it's going to put school districts in more of a pickle. i mean, they're under all kinds of pressures now. regarding mask mandates tonight books and teaching in class and so forth. what's permissible and what's not. it's getting very hard for school district to tell teachers what they can and cannot do. supporters of the coach here at the center of this case, they view this simply as a free speech case. what well, critics are worried that this decision ultimately could sort of blur the lines between church and state. what do you think the implications are of this decision for public school employees and students all across the country? well the first question is whether he was acting as a school official or as a private citizen. if he was acting as a school official than the school can certainly tell him to stop doing it. but then, if he's considered to be a
4:39 pm
private individual, there's still the question of whether he might have infringed on his students. villages freedom, um, and that's i think what's going to be more interesting? question for the court to address because it's religious expression or religious freedom for both the coach and for the students trying to figure out where that line is. that's a task that the court has in front of it here will await that decision coming up later this year. i appreciate your time today. stephen wolpert, professor of politics at saint mary's university, thanks for coming on my pleasure. well they're in stunt in the skies. two pilots attempted to switch planes in mid air over the weekend, but it did not go as planned. the faa investigation now underway. and we are tracking a cool down or a few degrees cooler tomorrow. whether system goes through here and then some changes as we head and then some changes as we head through this week. i this is what people with eczema said
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us border officials to expel migrants in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is coming to an end foxes madeline rivera tells us a group of republicans traveled to the border today to argue that the policy notice title 42 should remain in place. with less than a month before title 42 is expected to end house republicans are stepping up their efforts to push the biden ministrations to keep it country without a secure border is not a country. a delegation, led by house minority leader kevin mccarthy toured eagle pass texas monday, warning the crisis ever southern border is about to get even worse if the policy is overturned. there were more than 221,000 encounters with migrants along the southwest border in march, 33% higher than the month before. it is a mistake at this point to entitle 42. because it
4:43 pm
will create a massive influx of immigrants. the department of homeland security says it is taking steps to try and mitigate the expected surge. but more democrats, especially those facing top reelection bids in the midterms, are turning against the administration's decision to lift title 42 right now, some of the actions by the administration is not helping democrats. the democrats are split on the issue. they agree what's truly necessary as comprehensive immigration reform title 42 was a policy that was designed to prevent covid spread. it can't be a band aid to immigration policy. in a new letter monday, top house republicans double down on their criticism of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas. he's expected to be grilled about the border during a house judiciary committee hearing on thursday, and washington rivera fox news. well the faa is investigating a daredevil stunt in arizona were two cousins plan to swap the small planes. they
4:44 pm
were flying in midair, each jumping into the other cockpit. one of the cessna's spiraled out of control, and it crashed in the desert yesterday. the pilot who was supposed to jump into that one parachuted to the ground, the other pilot was able to enter the other plane. and landed. both men are fine and there were no spectators on the ground. the faa says it denied the pilot's request for certain safety exemptions to carry out the stunt. organizers of the stern grove festival in san francisco today released a partial list of the musicians performing this summer. the chronicle reports. rapper too short at oakland funk band tower of power are among the headliners. when that concert series starts on june 12th country pop singer leann rimes is also slated to perform and the san francisco symphony is scheduled for july. 31st the last concert will be a picnic fundraiser, which is set for august. 14th admission is free.
4:45 pm
but you do have to make a reservation on the stern grove website. still struggling with the airplane story. me too. what's up with that? no hold on watching it. go! look what's up with that? like, where's the how do they get a w with that? i mean, yeah. anyway well, no one was hurt because you know you do things like that. and you get people on the ground, right? i mean, somebody might be hiking or something. have an airplane hit him on the head. not not the best move. okay, so outside we go. we have a nice day. today. temperatures tomorrow are going to be a little bit core in the air quality is going to get a little bit better. you can see that kind of haze hanging out over the bay, and that's because the high pressure is dominating. i like to try to. there's a campanelli right there. claudine, did you ever go to the top of that? uh no. i have been at the bottom of it many times. you went to cal, right to cow. what do you see? l a. but i spent a lot of time account. there was something wrong with you. come on. bill kidding. i just we used to at the top. i
4:46 pm
don't know if you can still go up there. so anyway, the air quality get better. you're going to be able to see the campanelli tomorrow when you come back, and the reason is this system is going to go through. so here we are tomorrow morning and see that line. if this was a month ago that would be showers and snow in the mountains. but it is just a week cold front that's going to go through and just kind of kind of purge out all that, uh, atmospheric particulate that's kind of giving us that his and then a few clouds roll in on wednesday. so that's our big weather feature this week is that we call front goes through tomorrow drops temperatures a few degrees. not a lot, but a couple of degrees, and then we get a cleaner atmosphere. so in san francisco tomorrow morning, it's 52 degrees or some patchy coastal fog out there now i suspect we're going to see a little bit more fog. tomorrow as well, probably the next couple of days, and it's just gonna be patchy, like it has been. sea surface temperatures are kind of chilly, so it's not hard for fog to form and of course, it's springtime. so that's this is it? i mean, we're in. we're well into spring on our way to summer. and so this pattern is microclimates kick in fog kicks in the winds coming out of the
4:47 pm
west and more westerly flow that was kicked in. so tomorrow afternoon. san francisco end up at 63 degrees for daytime high. um 79 right now and fairfield. that's one of the worst spots and again you can kind of see the sea breeze right. so they agreed that this ice author map current temperatures. so you see, the greens are sixties. yellows are seventies and where there's greens and yellows. that's generally the sea breeze and the sea breeze not getting to fairfield not getting too brown wood, which is a classic feature of our spring and summer months, so microclimates, you're starting to see him 123. the three main ones, bay coast in inland, so you know just how it's going to be and then 13 degrees warmer in palo alto today, that's kind of an interesting number minus three and fairfield. little cool, little warmer napa, so let's just split the difference caught even the system that's moving in tomorrow is sitting to the north of us. there it is, and again, it's just dropping off a little rain up in the washington area, but not enough to bring us anything so high pressure sends everything to the north. that system tweaks through lightly tomorrow cools us down some
4:48 pm
beautiful weather tree pollens not as robust as they have been , but they are definitely there . the grasses are starting to come on as well as the weeds. and then there's the current forecast for tomorrow. those are the yellows. those are seventies and then 76 fairfield 73. antioch's 68 livermore, and there's a five day forecast. i wish i could show you some rain. i'll show you sunday, though, but it looks like pretty much steady as she goes right through the week. all right. thank you. the bay area science festival is now underway. this festival helps to teach students how science plays a major role in their daily lives. in one workshop, the bones of an adolescent gray whale are on display to show that the mammals share a lot of the same skeletal structure with other animals and humans. through the process. students learn about evolution, anatomy and habitat. we bring it to schools all over san francisco so that kids can experience of bones. they put it together and take it apart like a giant puzzle, and they can learn comparative anatomy. will
4:49 pm
and marine conservation. the science festival runs through this saturday with events online and in person all around the bay area. i love this next story this morning live on mornings on 23 bay area students found out they are each being awarded $60,000 college scholarships. which means that you will receive $15,000 a year for four years of college for a total of $60,000 so awesome, well, high fives. the three young women who were awarded the goldberg scholarships attend kicking collegiate high school. in san lorenzo. i remember applying and it was definitely intimidating, but i'm really grateful for this opportunity, and i can't wait for the next four years. just extremely grateful. i mean, i have a sister in college, and it's great knowing that i have like that financial security, given them a first gen rational student applying to college and attending school in the fall. i
4:50 pm
did get a lot of financial aid, but that didn't cover all my costs. to having this opportunity to have that cold burns scholarship along with the fellowship that it follows with is such amazing process. oh congratulations to them. a goldberg mentor will also provide advice and ongoing support for these students throughout the duration of those scholarships is fantastic to see. well more uncertainty about the future of deebo samuel with the 49ers after another confusing social media post how general manager john lynch addressed the situation today and quite the sight inside wells fargo headquarters coming up at five y demonstrators linked together and their call for action. also at five, a area police releasing new clue that they hope will help if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security.
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say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream proven to help clear skin and significantly reduce itch. do not start opzelura if you have any infection as it may lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection;... ...have tb or have been in close contact with someone with tb; have had hepatitis b or c. serious lung infections, skin cancer, blood clots, and low blood cell counts have been reported with opzelura. in patients taking jak inhibitors, serious infections, increased risk of death, lymphoma, other cancers, immune system problems, and major cardiovascular events have occured. the most common side effect is pain and swelling in the nose or throat. it's a one-of-a-kind cream. so, what could that mean for your skin? ask your dermatologist about opzelura. today said he cannot imagine the team wanting to trade or move on
4:53 pm
from deebo samuel at a team news conference this afternoon, lynch said samuel is too good of a player to trade and a great member of the community. lynch did not comment on a video posted on social media over the weekend, which shows samuel in los angeles nightclub near a sign that says debo is staying with the 49ers. and that same video shows samuel nearby, smiling and gesturing to say no . samuel publicly requested a trade last week. if the niners agreed to trade him, it would most likely happened before the nfl draft, which begins on thursday. the golden state warriors are back home and getting ready for game five of their playoff series against the denver nuggets. yesterday the warriors came up short in their effort to sweep the series, losing to the nuggets. 1 26 to 1 21. steph curry leading the warriors with 33 points. golden state is up three games to one can win the series on wednesday night at the chase center in san francisco. thousands of warriors
4:54 pm
fans gathered outside the chase center for a watch party yesterday was a big sea of blue and gold as they watched the warriors play in denver fans say they are still confident the dubs will win game five and then move on to the next round of the nba playoffs. president biden today held a special ceremony at the white house for nhl champions. the tampa bay lightning. mr biden celebrated the lightning for their back to back stanley cup wins in 2020 and 2021. covid restrictions prevented the team from visiting the white house. earlier the president noted that first lady jill biden has been on hand for one of the team's playoff games and joked that she tends to show up when people win. explosive new testimonies. the johnny depp trial enters week three login is (music throughout)
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
acts heard texts and audio recording center around depths, often contentious relationship with his ex wife, amber heard is suing his ex wife for defamation foxes. william la jeunesse has the latest now on the trial. actor johnny depp, taking the stand again monday in virginia as his defamation trial against ex wife amber herb enters week three monday during cross examination from herds attorneys , jurors listened to recordings of depth talking about escalating tensions between the couple during their marriage. next move. if i don't walk away we just go out for a little while, just it's just gonna be. it's just gonna be a bloodbath and like, you know, like it was on the island is suing heard for $50 million in damages, alleging that heard falsely portrayed him as a domestic abuser in 2018 op ed in the washington post. the
4:58 pm
deputy knowledge is a history of drinking and drug use. he says he was never physically abusive with his ex wife. even if i had done an interview to try to explain myself it turned into a hit piece. so my mouth was. shut the death was never directly named in the peace, the actor says the hit to his reputation made it difficult for him to land. new movie roles. mr depp, how did you feel when you learned that? you were being dropped from the pirates of the caribbean franchise. after that long relationship and quite a successful relationship, certainly for disney. um that they would with a suddenly i was guilty until proven innocent. the trial is expected to last several more weeks, amber heard will have the opportunity to testify as well. in los angeles,
4:59 pm
we mushiness fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. he's still out there, right? i mean, he did, it once probably will do it again at five. a public plea out of the south bay . do you recognize this man? san jose police say he is wanted for sexually assaulting a woman. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm heather holmes. this unfolded during a busy part of the day and in broad daylight. ktvu jessica harry joins us now live from san jose police headquarters with a new clue that was released today. jesse and also why a victim's advocates group says these crimes are on the rise. heather investigators released that sketch that you just showed in hopes it jogs the public's collective memory and that will lead to an arrest of a sexual assault suspect. san jose. police say the sex assault suspect is a hispanic male 16 to 22 years of age around five ft
5:00 pm
six inches tall. he was last seen wearing a black hoodie jeans and a neck gaiter style mask. we have to pray. for people. because they don't know. um that. you know, they don't respect the other people, investigators say around noon april 13th, the suspect struck up a conversation with a woman near the intersection of summer side drive and lucrecia avenue. victim slash survivor began to get uncomfortable with the conversation. she tried to walk away at which point the suspect assaulted her in a sexual way. the unidentified man ran off, sparking the ongoing police search crime and a lot of different avenues is getting more brazen. um and worse. mansfield of the silicon valley y w. c a says victims of sexual assault are typically attacked by people they know. she believes that covid years have proded


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