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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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thing to do is just stop clicking on links in text messages from strange views. and block those numbers that send them now the chair of the fcc wants wireless providers to block illegal text messages, but that plan has not yet been adopted by the agency. in miami . eben brown fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. new details in the kidnapping of a three month old baby in san jose , as investigators try to piece together why the child was taken from the home. i know that there will be a lot of questions about why this happened. why, and what is the motive? the santa clara county district attorney has charged two people in connection with that crime, but there are still plenty of questions about their motive. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes frank mallicoat. the two suspects made their first car quarter appearance today. jose
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portillo and yesenia ramirez are accused of conspiracy, kidnapping a child and first degree burglary. if convicted, they face up to 11 years behind bars. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary explains the proceedings and has reaction from that baby's mother. familia. in spanish. the infant's mother says she wants justice to be done in the case of two people accused of kidnapping her child. we are always incredibly concerned. when a child is taken from his mother. this is more unusual. and more frightening. senior ramirez and jose patio set a few feet from each other in superior court in san jose thursday afternoon. both are charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping and burglary. prosecutors say the pair know each other and the baby's mother through church. the two suspects
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hatched a plan to kidnap the three month old boy monday following a grocery shopping trip. investigators say patio is the man in this surveillance video taking the child from a second floor apartment on elm street around one pm you have to have a lot of stuff to support that kidnapped baby to keep it from drawing attention to itself. this crime touched off a massive search involving sjp de santa clara county sheriff's deputies, the chp and the fbi nearly 20. hours later, the baby was found near regional medical center. the fact that the police found the child so quickly made it difficult if there had been any plans to move the baby to another location. suspects in court today are being held with no bail and have a restraining order in place. a third man, baldomero sandoval, was released from the county jail wednesday after all charges were dropped, police investigators say if new evidence comes to light implicating him in the kidnapping, he'll be rearrested . the two suspects will be back in court friday afternoon to
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contest the fact they're being held without bail. prosecutors say they could enter police that time, but they are not required to outside the hall of justice in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. well gunfire in oakland today after a car owner interrupted two burglars breaking into his vehicle around 5 30 this morning at 19th and broadway in downtown oakland. police say one of the burglars fired a gun in the car owner. luckily, though he was not hit. two suspects, though then ran off to the area of 22nd and telegraph. that's where officers had set up a perimeter that at least one of those suspects broke through the perimeter, then ran across all lanes of interstate 9 80. and ended up on the other side of the highway near 22nd and west, either suspect was caught by police. well a man is under arrest and an alleged rampage in a stolen vehicle in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. investigators say officers tried to stop the man around 9 30 tuesday night in the area of grant and green. authorities say
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he rammed two police vehicles, injuring an officer hit a car at columbus and broadway, causing more injuries before he was captured. 24 year old robert sansa faces stolen vehicle and weapons charges as well as assault and hit and run. livermore police say they have arrested a 17 year old boy in the shooting death of a 15 year old girl from richmond earlier this month on that girl was found on meritage common and call your canyon road the night of april. the 15th investigators say they arrested the 17 year old suspect in hayward on tuesdays names not being released because he's a minor name of the victim is also been withheld, but police say the suspect and the victim new one another. authorities say they also arrested 44 year old tameka creamer of livermore for allegedly helping the suspect. avoid arrest three months after an oakley woman disappeared, police said today the suspect they suspect foul play in the case. now they released new surveillance video. the person of interest and the renewing
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their calls for help by announcing a reward. ktvu is andre senior is here with the search for alexis, gabe and andre gabes. parents are desperate for information, and we did hear from the father today. grief stricken father, speaking publicly for the first time with his wife in tears by aside the family, finally breaking their silence of hope. their words and this new video here, in addition to that cash reward you just mentioned will eventually end the mystery. where is alexis gabe? it's been three long, excruciating months since alexis's disappearance and with no clue where his daughter alexis game might be the father desperate for answers now leading on the public for a break in the case of the missing woman, just 24 years old alexis is an amazing woman. daughter, sister and friend. she is genuine, loving, kind, smart and loyal. last seen january 26th, leaving her family's home in oakley heading to antioch. her car light blue infinity found abandoned the next day on
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trenton street and carrington driving oakley keys still in the ignition, often when police finally come to speak publicly means one thing. they run out of tips, and that's exactly what's happened in this case. after keeping the tales of this case, close to the vest, please police chief and investigator renewing the push to find the nursing school grad. we have simply run out of investigative leads to follow. we have exhausted all investigative avenues and we are now seeking the assistance of the public police releasing a new clue to the public video of a person of interest, they say caught on camera at the intersection of oakley road and building lane. approximately 4 to 5 minutes away from where gibbs car was abandoned that person of interest hard to make out, police say chose a man covered with an n 95 style mask and a beard protruding from underneath. i can attest that we have literally searched land, sea and air for alexis is police do not believe it's on her own terms. we strongly suspect foul play. and we seek the public's
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assistance in locating alexis. with this new video comes cash to help jog the public's memory . a $10,000 reward for information that corrects this case open. hopefully somebody who wasn't otherwise inclined to come forward will be enticed to come forward. to claim the reward and we can bring alexis home communities effort to get these parents answers in their daughter's mysterious disappearance. please give alexis the chance to be the person she is meant to be in this world. tell us where our daughter is. help us bring her back home. we need our daughter back. thank you. from their father's plea to another look at the person of interest here that could provide answers described as five ft. 11 to six ft. tall dark skin slim build, wearing a large jacket and beanie or ball cap. investigators have set up a phone line and email address dedicated to receiving tips only about games disappearance, both posted to this article at our website ktvu dot com. gabe was
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reportedly at her ex boyfriend's house in any before she vanished. police search his house, but a suspect was never named. in all of this is the bottom line. here is what police say is a pretty much just run out of any place else to look. so they're hoping even though this video show very much hoping to provide some sort of clue that could lead them in the right direction. perhaps someone can, you know, recognize the man the way he walks any anything to help them identify, andre. thank you. oakland police are looking for a missing teenager. officers say a 15 year old nelson was last seen on sunday night about eight o'clock at 45th street, martha martin luther king way she's described up. about five ft six and was wearing a dark green jacket with fur and white pants or family, telling police she's in good, middle and physical health. anyone that may have information is asked to contact the police had its highest ridership day yesterday since the pandemic, all due to the giants, a series there oracle park and the warriors playoff game at chase center, while masks were not required, then well, they are required now
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the bar board of directors approving today a temporary amendment requiring riders and employees to wear masks once again on trains and station platforms, and they will be required to do so until july, 18th. free masks will be available at all stations, agent booths and from safety staff before any enforcement action. the intention of this measure is to protect those vulnerable communities. people who have underlying health conditions, people who are, you know, compromise the kids under five who are still not yet eligible to be vaccinated. masks were encouraged on bart after the agency lifted its mask mandate last week that when the federal mandate was overturned, oakland unified school district is telling parents to keep their kids home tomorrow. that's because the teachers union is planning a one day strike on friday. ktvu is in magus explains the reasons behind the teachers discontent. this school
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of about 228 students is set to close after next school year and this sign out front tells you how people feel about it says don't slay team dragons save our school with oakland teachers set to strike on friday parents are preparing for a school day off. my plan for tomorrow is for him to stay home. parents are taking time off work to stay home. at coral, the monk elementary, there is strong support for the teachers who are picketing to protest the plan to close merge or shrink 11 oakland schools in the next two years. you don't want the schools to close. no, i do not know. no. i was born and raised in oakland. so that means a lot to me. they need to be in their community. and if you merge the schools that takes away the community that they've known other than your families. it's important for them. in the growing process to feel safe and look forward to knowing familiar faces. i think it's important
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that this school remains open, as well as the other schools in the school district. tomorrow is one day teacher strike was supported by 75% of oakland education association voting members. picket lines will form at school campuses, starting at 6 30 tomorrow morning, followed by a rally at the lake merritt mpa theater at 11 a.m. school buildings will be open tomorrow , though the district is encouraging families to keep their kids home from school. they believe there won't be enough teachers to cover the number of teachers who will be absent because of the strike reporting in oakland, emma goss, ktvu fox two news san francisco mayor london breed and community leaders today celebrated the opening of a complex that brings more affordable housing to the south of market neighborhood. the project on bryant street is providing 145 units of permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless people and families. breed said the housing will benefit those living in the units and open up more space at city shelters. for those currently living on the streets.
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i don't think there's anyone in this city. who doesn't want to see people who are out there, struggling, housed in a good situation in a place to call home where they can take care of themselves. nearly 11,000 people currently live in permanent supportive housing in san francisco mayor breathes set a goal at the start of her term to provide 1000 more units by 2024 . today, she said. that goal has been met. and exceeded by 1500 units. many parents no doubt eagerly awaiting the day they're young kids will be able to get vaccinated against covid-19 white federal regulators might be one step closer. and the state wants to hold the oil and gas industry more accountable for pollution. the new consequences one oil giant face, especially along the coast. we'll talk about what you can expect tomorrow warm up and then
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the weekend just around the corner. i'll see you back here. thank you bill, but first to pharmacies in oakland's chinatown have been hit repeatedly by thieves. the search to find who's responsible. and here is a live look at how traffic is moving along interstate 80 in on the east shore freeways. we take a look and those heading through the berkeley and emeryville and boy you can see the traffic is heavy, especially in that commute direction. you're watching ktvu news at six tonight.
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todo help combat the rising problem of commercial retail theft in the city. the program will allow businesses to contract off duty sheriff's deputies to provide additional security and commercial corridors and retail establishments. it was spearheaded by supervisor asha safadi, who worked with businesses as well as san francisco's police and sheriff's department. this is not just
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about arresting people and locking them up. this is truly about stopping intervening and suppressing crime before it happens. supervisor saffi says this program comes in response to his surgeon braising crime by thieves who act with impunity partnership with the sheriff's department expands an existing effort that allows businesses to hire additional security by contracting off duty police officers, a business owner is searching for answers after two pharmacies that he owns were targeted by fees after hours and the crimes were both gone on camera are crime reporter henry lee talked with the owner of those pharmacies. surveillance video shows a u haul truck pulling up to new oakland pharmacy in the city's chinatown before dawn thursday, and soon this happens, the driver repeatedly backs into the business near ninth and webster knocking through its gates at about 3 20 in the morning. the pharmacy forced open in the middle of the night and then six people. you know the line into
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the pharmacy? here's another view from a camera inside the store. you see the truck, ending up almost completely in the lobby after the fourth ramming before it goes back out burglars they are very, very brazen. hm. has owned the pharmacy for decades. it caters to senior citizens in chinatown as well as the homeless. he spent much of the morning cleaning up the mess and surveying the damage left behind when the truck plowed right through thick bars, two sets of locks and a steel frame the one time your truck. ramping you know your store. i don't think anything can prevent them to come in. tan is also reeling from another break in at another pharmacy owned just a half block away at about 3 30 tuesday morning, eight people used a crowbar to force their way into the business, also called new oakland pharmacy. but they were also armed. we get the i think they really want to show that they have a gun because they passed the gun among themselves . in both cases, the burglars didn't get away with much. just a few bottles of cough syrup containing prometheus scene and
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codeine, which can be abused. but their most suggests they meant business. they come well prepared because we know that they're professionals. they all wear gloves. and also the way they parked their cars. you cannot see the license plate pharmacies across oakland and throughout the bay area have been hit by caravans of thieves . this video shows a large group of burglars inside wellspring pharmacy on piedmont avenue in oakland back in november, even though the loss was relatively minimal damage was extensive. and so the owner tells me he will not have to spend extra to fortify his stores. in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox. two news california is going after an oil company as it investigates the cause of what officials call a plastic pollution crisis where they southern california beaches a backdrop. attorney general rob bonta says his office will subpoena exxon mobil but to said for decades the petroleum industry deliberately deceived the public about the dangers of plastics and falsely claimed that the materials can mostly be recycled. ponta said. more than 300 million tons of plastic are
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produced annually, eventually breaking down in the tiny particles. every week. we consume the equivalent of a credit cards worth. of plastic. through the water we drink. the food we eat. and the air we breathe. each of us consuming more than £40. of plastic over our lifetimes, £40. ponta said his goal in part to require companies to pay to clean up their waste, which cost california an estimated $500 million a year so far, except mobile and the western plastics association. have not commented. alright win win is pretty noticeable out there today, gus at sfo up to 55 miles an hour, gus ultimate path up to 61 miles an hour. we had that brush fire out there last night during the
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10 o'clock in the 11 o'clock news, and it was blowing 55 miles an hour last night. as windy and especially right along the coast. where, as you know, it's going off. i mean, it's you know, ocean beach towel, and it's howling out of pacifica a little further inland, like concord, 20. miles an hour. that's august. that's it's breezy, but it's not not as windy as it is up and at sfo, for instance, or in our out in the ultimate passed with the wind. the high temperatures were a little bit lower today because of the obviously the wind cooling things off and just pushing. the cool, brah seabreeze inland and you'll notice when we look at specific as highways 56 san francisco's high was 56, the high 61 in oakland, 60 and hayward, those those cool breezes all the way into oakland, hayward and then it starts to warm up as you get in towards fairfield, but still about it, cause it's going to be all week. temperatures tomorrow we're going to be warmer by a few degrees, and then we kind of steady off the winds right now is still pretty breezy, pretty breezy. sfor fairfield 22 miles an hour sustained sfo's gusting
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to 46 sustained at 31 half moon base, 21 miles now it's windy. it's breezy. those winds die down late tonight early tomorrow , it's going to be cold start to the day, a warmer afternoon for friday. when we get back and look at the bay area weekend, because it's not that far off. now i'll see you in just a few minutes. president biden wants to double down on his support for ukraine, the new funding proposal that could help ukraine prepare for a long fight against russia. plus when a woman is not earning um what her male counterpart makes it impacts the entire family tax, the economy, the communities. there's plenty of work to be done and narrow the gender wage gap. the power the gender wage gap. the power players all coming together
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hass a wide stretch of ukraine. several people were injured today in an attack and keep just as the u. n secretary general was paying a visit to the city. explosions have also taken place in the east, north and western parts of the country. also today , president biden proposed the largest relief package for ukraine so far. the bite ministrations is asking congress for more than $30 billion in assistance. fox is battling rivera, reports to washington on the president's signal to support ukraine. for the long haul. with fears growing that
6:25 pm
the war in ukraine could drag on longer than many have thought need to be prepared for the long term, president biden is asking congress for more money to help ukraine. $33 billion for military, economic and humanitarian support intended to last until september, 30th the cost of this way. it's not cheap. but k b new aggression is gonna be more costly. if we allow it to happen. request comes as the vital ministrations unveils another proposal to strengthen the united states' ability to investigate, prosecute and forfeit. the assets of russian oligarchs to seize their yachts, luxury homes and other it'll be gotten gauged package has broad bipartisan support will make sure the senate prioritizes this important funding package so we can get help. to the ukrainian people fast asap to put a bill on the floor of the senate. that provides the ukrainian people
6:26 pm
with the tools they need to win this one. meanwhile the kremlin is blaming the west for prolonging the conflict. it's an allegation the u. s has denied pointing to russia as the aggressor. as president putin ramps up his rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons, of course, will prepare for every scenario and we will defend the united states and defend our allies and partners. as is required. the push to provide ukraine with more funding could hit a snag in congress if the proposal is tied to a stalled covid relief package. gop lawmakers are pushing for the two to remain separate in washington mother rivera fox news. the high cost of living in san francisco was out of reach for so many educators how city leaders are hoping to change that. also ahead. pgd bills are up, and so are the company's profits. executives tried to explain why the radio increase goes beyond lining shareholders pockets and the nfl draft is underway. devote samuel a target for a lot
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arin the disappearance of an oakley woman last seen january the 26 to $10,000 reward is now being offered for any information in the disappearance of alexis gave . authorities also released video showing a person of interest in the case. at the intersection of oakley road and
6:30 pm
belden lane. that area is not far from where gabes car a light blue infinity was found abandoned, the santa clara county district attorney has charged two people now in connection with the kidnapping of a three month old baby in san jose earlier this week. baby brandon is back home with his family was not harmed in the ordeal. jose portillo and yesenia ramirez are accused of conspiracy, kidnapping a child and first degree burglary. they made their first court appearance today. if convicted, they face up to 11 years in prison. bart is bringing back its mask mandate. it was approved today by the bart board of directors, and it's effective immediately. barb riders and employees are required to wear mass on trains and at stations platforms they'll be required until july. the 18th watching ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30. after months of delays, young children might soon be able to finally get vaccinated against covid-19 formally asking the fda to authorize its vaccine
6:31 pm
for children, six months and older foxes mike tobin explains. how soon kids might be able to receive those shots, taking new action today to expand access to its covid-19 vaccine, asking the fda to authorize the shots for children five years old and younger right here, and then she's going to give you abandon them, but the agency will face some tough questions when it reviews the data in a clinical trial. the vaccine produced high levels of covid fighting antibodies. but it was only 40 to 50% effective at preventing symptomatic. covid officials defended that efficacy data today the study was conducted really during the period of almost exclusive macron predominance. that has a lot of vaccine escape. the fda is facing increasing pressure to approve covid shots for younger americans in february fighter postponed its application for kids under five after finding two doses were not as effective in that age group. it's not a slam dunk at all, and we'll have to in terms of whether we move
6:32 pm
forward with the two doses or hang on for a bit longer and wait for a third dose data. which is what fizer is doing currently. still it's unclear whether parents will opt to get their youngest children the shot , according to the cdc, less than 30% of five through 11 year olds are fully vaccinated. health experts say. while the virus typically isn't as dangerous for younger people, some can get severe covid. the evidence is overwhelming that the vaccines protect people of every age that where it's been tested against serious illness and against death. if the fda greenlight's moderna shots, the cdc still must give a stamp of approval before they can be given out in chicago. mike tobin fox news, the cdc is warning about a global outbreak of hepatitis among children. the mystery strain of the illness has been detected now and several u. s states and close to a dozen countries. health experts say many of the children who contracted the illness were previously healthy and none had covid-19 in the past. the cbc is
6:33 pm
asking parents to keep a close watch for symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. there's always concerned when, um, when we see that there's a cluster of some type of infection occurring because we don't know what that means. experts say the cases may be linked to a virus commonly associated with colds. health officials also say that measles has surged 80% worldwide and children largely due to vaccination disruptions. caused by the pandemic. well, the head of the food and drug administration says the agency will release a long way to plan to ban mental cigarettes. the band will affect the third of all cigarettes sold in the u. s each year. the proposed rules will be open for public comment and that will not take effect until at least 2020 for some states and cities such as hayward, san francisco, oakland and san jose. has already banned mental cigarettes. the wall street journal reports the new federal proposal will still
6:34 pm
allow mental flavored e cigarettes. many of san francisco's early childhood educators say they can't afford to live in the city where they work. but those educators will be getting a raise, thanks to a major investment from the city. $60 million ktvu is christien kafton explains how much help teachers can expect. choose to busy playing and learning to worry about bills, but many of their teachers do worry about their bills. donnelly has been an educator for 30 years and is now teaching preschoolers timing head start program. is the foundation is like when you build a house. they have to have a strong family nation. that's what we did for the children to. they have to have a strong foundation in order for them and regularly kindergarten. and the middle school, high school and college , she says she's watched as the high cost of living in san francisco has driven others out of the profession. investing in the teachers is important, too, because right now, like a lot of
6:35 pm
people are leaving this field because we're not getting paid enough. now the city of san francisco has announced a $60 million initiative aimed at giving those educators raises. the program will make sure educators at tax funded early childhood education facilities received between eight and as much as $30,000 raises. the goal is to make sure that at least every child care provider that we fund through the city is making a minimum wage of $28 an hour, yang, executive director at qiming says the raises will help him hold onto the best and brightest teachers. they have to choose all i'm going to stay in my going to find another opportunities. so this increase from the eec department of childhood. really increase, uh, the way i really have to retain t shirt, and finally the rays will mean she can focus on the kids. not her bills means that my budget is not so tight. i have to count on everybody that i spend. $60 million used to pay
6:36 pm
for these early childhood educators comes from proposition c funds approved by voters in san francisco in 2018. those funds were held up until last year at court battles in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu , fox two news. correlation between higher pg and e bills and profits has many of the utilities critics angry and there are more rate hikes in the pipeline, and hundreds of thousands of people will soon be eligible to receive health care through the state
6:37 pm
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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ears usual conference call to talk about the numbers because of the pending sale to elon musk twitter reported earnings of more than $513 million revenue, rose 16% to 1.2 billion in the quarter. compared with the same period last year. daily active users were also up about 16% from last year, and that is better than expected. meantime apple reported better than expected quarterly results despite supply shortages. the cupertino company's revenue rose $9.97 billion. it's apple's third best in history by total revenue. but one of its slowest for growth since the pandemic began, and apple stock fell in extended trading after the company cfo warned of more challenges in the current quarter. blaming supply constraints and covid lockdowns in china. overall major stock
6:40 pm
indexes saw their biggest gains and more than six weeks the dow was up 614 points, the nasdaq climbed to 382 points and the s and p. rose 103 points for gain of 2.5% p genie announcing quarterly profits today of some $475 million. that's almost four times the prophet as that same quarter one year ago. utilities share price jumped about 3.5% on that news consumer advocates at the utility reform network say those profits came on the back of a 14% rate increase. for gas and electric consumers on a conference call pg and e s chief executive also address readiness for wildfires. and wildfire or confident that we have the right tools in place to mitigate this risk, and he is not doing the job they're supposed to do to keep us safe. thousands of wildfire victims who lost everything in 2017 and 2018 are
6:41 pm
homeless and haven't gotten paid. the ceo said she believes the utility can make the system safe and keep customers bills affordable. but more rate hikes are in the works for 2023 into 2025. alrighty get ready for the weekend. not far off. the winds are going to die down. it's going to warm up. i'll have the five day forecast next. alright let's go to ktvu alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus coming up tonight at seven. text message scams are on the rise, and it's costing americans a whole lot of money. tonight at seven. i'll talk live with the mobile security expert about what you can do to keep your personal information safe, plus colleges and universities here in the bay area and all across the country experiencing a shortage of student housing. tonight i'll talk live with berkeley mayor jesse every gin
6:42 pm
about what's being done in that city to help improve the housing situation around cal will have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus great. thank you, alex. but first leading women across several fields are coming together in san francisco, their ideas to help and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh.
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6:45 pm
officials estimated there is about 235,000 individuals will be direct beneficiaries of this preventive care. keeps you the security that now you can come in. now you can get your physicals. now you can be preventative about your health care and they have to wait until something gets really, really bad. the california healthcare foundation reports that in the last year half of californians delayed getting health services due to the cost. california is the first state in the nation offer healthcare coverage to all low income residents, regardless of immigration status. well, san francisco is playing host to a group of influential women from all sectors and they're gathering to discuss ideas and solutions to accelerate change towards gender equity. in this voices for change segment are greg lee takes us to the power plus summit and speaks to organizer nicole mason. power plus summit, bringing together so many powerful talented women,
6:46 pm
all with the goal of moving towards gender equity. so describe the synergy in this place. well you know, so a lot of times when we think about, um gender quality gender parity. we work in silos like so, um, i usually talk to people on capitol hill policymakers. but i'm not talking to women who work in tech or in business. and so i thought, what would be great is if we bought women together, working across a variety of different sectors to really think about how we might move the needle and we got the power plus summit, the pay gap representation access to capital sexism. the list goes on women's faces a litany of challenges in the current situation here. but how important is it to celebrate successes and discuss solutions ? so you know to keep doing this work. we gotta stop and celebrate the progress. the success the winds. um but those winds and contacts and the need
6:47 pm
to be put into context. we have to understand that, for example , the pay gap is closed 20 cents and 50 years now you can say that's wow. that's progress. or you can say yeah, but that's also glacial and not fast enough because women are you losing earnings actually continue to do this work. so how do we accelerated. how do we close it faster? how do we think about it? and how do we do it? and what are the strategies? in this moment, we take the lessons that we learned in the pandemic that what we had been doing wasn't working systems were broken and say, how can we make systems that work for? everyone not just a few at the top, and so but we have to think about. well, how do we do that? what are the strategies? we can't sort of used the old strategies because we know they haven't worked. so what's new? how can we innovate ? how can we think differently about these really complex social problems being able to be group in a space of women who are committed, uh to the same
6:48 pm
issues and figure out okay. what's next? how are we going to regroup? how are we going to get back out there and, um, i think that's what i felt yesterday that we're all in this together and we still have work to do. and i think people women on the stage but also attending said okay. we're back in. which i think is really important for people that weren't able to attend or not able to watch the stream. what do you want your message to be in this conferences message to be about the challenges women are facing. um the message is, while we've made progress, there's still so much work to be done and that everyone has a role to play men. women. politicians. policymakers everyday people this is we know these issues impact everyone when a woman is not earning what her male counterpart makes. it impacts the entire family tax,
6:49 pm
the economy, the community, so, um, it touches us. all these issues touch us all. can you can catch our special voices for change the last sunday of every month or head to our website to see previous episodes of ktvu .com. already i hope you had a nice day, pretty breezy along the coast and on the peninsula and up at the higher elevations . breeze you all over the bay area right down to sea level. these are the highs. it was a little cooler today. because of the breezes as you probably figured out. let's win tomorrow, so that means warmer day generally will again. mhm four or five degrees, especially around the bay, maybe seven or eight degrees in areas around the bay gusting to 25 in santa rosa. that's windy 22 fairfield that's sustained. let's do that's fo sfo's 50. yeah. 46 miles an hour, less fo and like i said earlier, that's a wind direction. they expect that's when they built that airport. they go. okay we get prevailing northwest winds. let's build the
6:50 pm
runways accordingly. so that kind of win if it was coming out of the south would change some flights. you know, in terms of how they would land how they would how they run the runways. but in this case, it's just business as usual, i suspect now the lows keeps tweaking to the north. that's why we're seeing the wind. this is gonna be the last one for a while. that's going to be in close enough proximity to really get the winds going. so as that moves off and it will tomorrow it'll start to kill the pressure radiant will get less in the winds will die down somewhat. they'll still be breezy spring conditions and then the rest of the weekend is basically set up by this height is dipping a little bit south and pushing a few clouds are wet. subtle subtle changes. really it's gonna be a beautiful weekend. spring like weather. great live camera shot outside a little bit hazy looking you can see across the bay, though, to sanford's are to berkeley and the campanelli. the temperatures right now really impacted by the winds. 64 in fairfield. are you kidding? right now, if you look the yellows back out towards davis up towards sacramento.
6:51 pm
those are seventies. so even in the places where you would expect this time of year, mid seventies upper seventies that sea breeze it's not really even a sea breeze at this point, but that wind is pushing all that cool, moist air into the far inland bay valleys. so it's called cool in the valley to so tomorrow will be warmer in sacramento as well. they'll probably hit 80 degrees. these are the overnight low forecast. it's going to be cold tonight. i mean, there's frost been forming some of the inland valleys north bay. so be ready for that. you'll notice that the winds died down right and it just gets cold wind actually makes it a little warmer. because it stirs it up. it keeps the air cold air sinks, and when it's windy there mixes the cold air at the surface mixes with air aloft and it becomes not as cold and that's how it will not be tonight because the winds are dying down and that cold air is going to settle in and it's going to be chilly. low states to the north range states to the north, little bit of shower activity up around macarthur and up around mount shasta today and right now, the forecast highs tomorrow yellows or seventies. like i said, that's your day
6:52 pm
tomorrow, lots of mid seventies and upper seventies and then the forecast highs. almost 80 degrees in fairfield. cool with the coast, so still 59 in pacifica, and the five day forecast. we're looking at temperatures that are going to be just in the seventies upper seventies low eighties but a really nice weekend coming your way with a lot less wind. sounds good. thank you. bill up next in sports warriors star steph curry . klay thompson took time after last night's series clinching game share a little. the credit with gary payton. the second jason appelbaum will have some of t ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:53 pm
300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea.
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and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great.
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i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. andt the warriors right now and not just really in the bay area with guys like stephen curry and klay thompson. this team draws in the non sports fans from all over the world. and it's not just because they win. it's also because of how likable these guys are. who else but clay would show up for a close out game on a bike. heck you probably commuted across the bay and has boat prior to biking in the chase. and staff after willingly coming off the bench for the first four games of the series. he started game five last night, lit up denver for 30
6:56 pm
and then went over to share a special daddy daughter handshake with little ryan. you gotta love these guys now. about last night. a guy who the warriors cut before the season started and who barely made the team made arguably the biggest impact down the stretch. we're talking about gary payton, the second who gave the warriors their first lead late in the fourth quarter, and then later with the game tied a little over two minutes to go. he gave them the lead again while his dad tried to stay calm on the bench. and then peyton hit the biggest shot of his career three pointer to beat the shot clock to put the warriors up by five with about a minute to go. g p two ended up with 10 points in the fourth on four of four shooting, earning high praise from the splash brothers. so happy for gary. that was such a big so many big shots from the corner from the wing at the rim. he showed everything he in his bag. he is such a great athlete and in the playoffs, you need guys to step
6:57 pm
up and it was gary's night and we're also grateful for his performance. you know, everybody has to be ready. but he really made his presence felt and showed. you know what he's capable of, and he's going to continue to do that. send us dna, and he, uh he looked very composed out there in a very big moment. as for who's next? if memphis beats minnesota tomorrow, the warriors will face the grizzlies sunday on the road in game one if the timberwolves win tomorrow to force a game seven. the second round begins next tuesday against the winner of that game. drake and his son , adonis. court sided 70 sixers trying to close them out in toronto. this one was all philly james harden with his patented four step back jumper for three. philly goes up big hard in 22 points, 15 assists and then with 4 15 left the sixers up 27 joel and beads still in the game for some reason, but unguarded 33 10 from bead 70 sixers win big and they face the heat. in the next
6:58 pm
round. we are 14 picks into the nfl draft and deebo samuel still a niner folks, as for who was taken number one overall. jacksonville jaguars select trayvon walker becker, georgia. no real surprise with this one. the jaguars add edge rusher trayvon walker six ft. 5 to 72, who ran a 451 40 at the combine guys that big aren't supposed to be able to run that fast, he said to be long. powerful and versatile, but the best moment of the draft goes to this. make a wish kid sam prince, whose dream came true by announcing giant selection. yeah i mean, look at the emotion there so the giants took cavon thibodeau at number five, and then he got to go pose with them and celebrate with him. must be a giants fan. huge giants fan. you got to make the pick at number five. good for good for young prince debo
6:59 pm
for good for young prince debo kind of hangs around. we'll see previously on the big bang theory: guess who i found at lax. my baby sister priya. it's really nice to see you again, leonard. yeah, it's good to see you, too. here you go. thanks. you slept with my sister?! yeah. this is a terrible betrayal of my trust. would it help if i told you that i offered her my heart, and she kind of stomped on it? how hard did she stomp? very hard. okay, i'm good. (giggles) what's so funny? about the noises people make during sex. i do sometimes get a bit carried away, don't i? (chuckles) it's cute. you sound a little like a drunken monkey. ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!
7:00 pm
that's how i take it. (sighs) this is perfect. i hope this moment never ends. me, too. well, gotta go. oh! already? why don't you stay over? well, i'd love to, but you know my mother needs me in the morning. please-- i think the woman can manage to put a wig on by herself. it's pinning her hair up, drawing on her eyebrows. it's a two-person job. it's just, when you leave right after we make love, cheap. oh, honey, i'm sorry. what can i do? stay. okay. (sighs) like, what, another five, ten minutes?


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