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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 28, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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on ktvu box too. breaking news out of oakland tonight explosions at lake merritt as a fire breaks out under a bridge. i just checked on my spot. fire was going on right there. they they start the fires every night. structural engineers called to the scene tonight to inspect that bridge. good evening, everyone. i'm frank calico heather holmes that fire broke out around 7 30 tonight under a bridge on lake merritt boulevard right near the kaiser convention center. https jana katsuyama joins us now live from the scene with the latest on this breaking news story, janna heather and frank. there were four engines that were here originally, if you take a look right now over there, they just have one that is still at the overpass. this is where the fire
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broke out. as you said about 7 30 this evening, they upgraded it to have four different engines. come in. take a look at some video that we have from the citizen app. you can see from the video just how intense those flames were. as i mentioned, they called in four trucks because of the location. very tricky underneath this overpass , so it was difficult, they said to access they were able to run lines and try and get that fire taken down, but it was very, very tricky. they said at that point, and so they ended up calling in those fires. they're also worried about the location with a fire being at the bridge. so we talked to the battalion chief who talks about the location. they said there was one person who was not housed, who appeared to have an encampment there. they also said they had to call in a building inspector just to make sure that this bridge was not severely damaged. here's what she had to say. whether their house doran housed definitely our hearts go
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out to them because we care about everyone and we care about you know their property. we're definitely concerned that we have maybe compromise the integrity of the structure. however we did not have that long duration of a burn on it. and when we arrived, we could see that there was smoke smoldering out of a large number of possessions that were basically charred underneath this overpass at lake merritt boulevard. the fire crews did say that it was quite visible. if you take a look at this tape that we have shot not too far away from the scene. you can see this black plume of smoke that went up from the site, causing a lot of alarm to many of the people who are living in this area. fortunately the fire chief said no one was injured, including the man who was housed right there underneath, but they did say that they were concerned about the environmental situation, given that it was so
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close to the estuary now back here live. you can see that the fire truck is still here on the scene. we do understand that they are trying to make sure that all of the hot spots are out and that there isn't any other flare up. they said right now they are still investigating what might have caused this. they're also trying to get some help to that person who was living there because they say right now there's just so much smoke and charred material. it's unsafe to be there. so we are here. we're expecting an update shortly as to what they found regarding the bridge, but at this point, they seem to think it should be fine. they did have a building. inspector come, and they said they didn't see any physical damage on the outside of those pillars, but will be staying here and getting any updates and bringing them to you as we get them. all right. thank you. so much. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight, there in oakland. also in oakland tonight. shots are fired at a woman after she confronts two thieves breaking into her card happened around 5 30 this
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morning at 19th of broadway in downtown oakland, and neighbors say vehicle break ins and shootings are all too common in that area to attend. ktvu is amber lee joins us. live from oakland with the changes they want to see amber. frank neighbors tell me they're not surprised by what happened. they say city leaders are overlooking the downtown area and that it took a shooting for police to respond. there was a large police presence after gunshots were fired at a woman when she interrupted two people breaking into her car parked in downtown oakland around 5 30 thursday morning. it's frustrating, and it's nerve wracking every day, you know, working in an environment like this. this woman works in the area and says her car has been broken into four times in a matter of months while parked in the same area. neighbors say the target of the shooting a woman who lives nearby the thieves and confronted them. police say one suspect fired a gun but did not hit the victim. it's gone so bad
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that even if you see your car broken into it's not worth saying anything. rogers manages cookies, a marijuana dispensary just steps from the incident he shares with us surveillance video that shows a vehicle pulling up and parking in front of the victim's car. someone gets out the car came up. they broke their windows. i guess somebody from the apartment yelled at him, and when they yelled at him, the other people shot back at him. police say the suspects ran to the area of 22nd and telegraph where officers set up a perimeter. at least one suspect broke through on foot ran across all lanes of interstate 9 80 ended up on the other side of the highway near 22nd and west alameda county sheriff's deputies fluid drone to help with the search. but neither suspect was caught. i would like there to be more police that are in downtown, either walking the streets or just driving the streets. um it's kind of gotten out of control lately for the woman who
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had her car broken into four times. she shares this surveillance video from one incident, saying all the break ins happened during daylight hours. this is definitely something that has become something we've had to get used to, because there hasn't put a stop to it, so it's we've had to adjust to it. she and others say they feel helpless. they say when they call police, they either take too long to respond or victims are directed to file a police report online. which they say seems pointless live in auckland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. but we have some new details tonight on the suspicious death of a man found in a parking lot in alameda police today released pictures of the vehicle that they believe may be connected to this case. it's a 1998 to 2002 white toyota sienna, and they say the front hubcap on the driver's side is missing. the last thursday afternoon, officers responded to a report of an unresponsive man
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in the back of a commercial parking lot near blending avenue and broadway. investigators say it appears attempts were made to hide the man's body at this time , the circumstances surrounding his death and his identity are not known any moment information , especially about that van is asked to call alameda police in san jose, two suspects charged in connection with this week's kidnapping of a three month old baby appeared in court today as ktvu is jesse gary tells us the baby's mother was at the proceedings and says she wants justice. in spanish. the infant's mother says she wants justice to be done in the case of two people accused of kidnapping her child. we are always incredibly concerned. when a child is taken from his mother. this is more unusual. and more frightening. senior ramirez and jose patio set a few
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feet from each other in superior court in san jose thursday afternoon. both are charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping , kidnapping and burglary. executed say the pair know each other and the baby's mother through church. the two suspects hatched a plan to kidnap the three month old boy monday following a grocery shopping trip. investigators say patio is the man in this surveillance video taking the child from a second floor apartment on elm street. around one p.m. many of us have grown up. seen children's pictures on the back of milk cartons, the children missing and never recovered. and we were very concerned that something like that might happen . in this case, this crime touched off a massive search involving sjp de santa clara county sheriff's deputies, the chp and the fbi. nearly 20. hours later, the baby was found near regional medical center. the fact that the police found the child so quickly made it difficult if there had been any plans to move the baby to another location. the two
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suspects in court today are being held with no bail and have a restraining order in place. a third man bald emilio sandoval, was released from the county jail wednesday after all charges were dropped, police investigators say if new evidence comes to light implicating him in the kidnapping will be rearrested. the two suspects will be back in court friday afternoon to contest the fact they're being held without bail. prosecutors say they could enter police that time but they are not required to outside the hall of justice in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. in berkeley school district officials say new covid cases tripled last week from the week before, with 91 cases reported. they say that mirrors and uptick in cases in the bay area the district adds that they are also seeing clusters in classrooms and on sports teams. they say it's likely due to the highly transmissible transmissible omicron variant and also the loosening of mass restrictions. or encouraging students and staff to wear masks
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indoors and to stay up to date on vaccines, as well as take part in weekly testing offered by the district. bart had its highest ridership day yesterday since the pandemic due to the giants, a series that oracle park and the warrior playoff game at chase center. mass. were not required then, but they are now the park board of directors approved a temporary amendment today requiring writers and employees to wear masks on trades and it all station platforms. that will be a requirement until july, the 18th free mass will be available at all stations, agent booths and from safety staff before any enforcement action is taken. the intention of this measure is to protect those vulnerable communities. people have underlying health conditions, people who are, you know, compromise the kids under five who are still not yet eligible to be vaccinated. yes we're encouraged on barred after the agency lifted its mass mandate last week when the federal
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mandate was overturned passengers we spoke to today say they will welcome mass being back on trains. i think it's a good idea. um and if there is like you know, like the general public would like to lift the mask mandates. i think at the very end of the day, bart, um should you know, like the company could just investor in having cart that has masks versus cars that you know, like, doesn't require any masks and at that point you're safe, fair. many writers said they didn't know the barb mask mandate had been temporarily dropped because so many people mask up on trains anyway. covid vaccine for children younger than six could soon be available. moderna has asked us regulators excuse me to authorize low doses of its covid-19 vaccine for children as young as six months old moderna said. two doses produced a similar immune response in the young children as it did in
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adults. if approved, millions of children could be vaccinated by summer. competitor fizer is expected to announce soon whether three of it's even smaller dose shots work well in kids. meeting over racist incident in venetia coming up new at 10, the 16 year old student who says a hateful game led to him being arrest while on a date to get ice cream. it was something i had to live through for every second 40 minutes where me and my partner alley terrorized. to be shot at called slurs and chase. and we're dealing with a little bit of wind out there. not as much as last night. wind advisory has been dropped, but we definitely have some interesting weather coming your way. i'll have that forecast after the break. and a north bay high school teacher arrested accused of being under the influence while on the job
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namf controversy. indonesia it's being called racist and insensitive, and some students say it led to them. being harassed is elissa harrington joins us now live from venetia, where the acp and police address that game tonight, alyssa. that's right. that game is called la megrahi, and it
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basically mimics ice agents rounding up immigrants now tonight, members of the community, including the mayor and the police chief gathered to talk about this annual tradition and how to phase it out completely. to be shot at called slurs and chase. what started as a date to get some ice cream turned into a traumatic experience for izzy chavez and his girlfriend, ali z, a 16 year old high school student from venetia said they were just leaving the double rainbow in downtown when two cars full of people pulled up beside them. and started to verbally harassed them, he said. they shouted racial slurs and someone fired pellets as they tried to walk away. i am disgusted disgusted that within this town that i trusted the town that i have fallen in love with and the town that i have serviced with my own hard work exists. hate. hate for people who look like me hate for people who look like my partner who was black. this happened the
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night of friday, april 8th the same night a controversial game called mommy. gra was also being played. many students in the district take part is the slang term for ice, immigration and customs enforcement. the older teens pretend to be the ice agents and go around town trying to catch the younger students who pretend to be immigrants trying to run. this has been something that has been going on for a very long time. and if you do not address it it will be going on. even further. hakeem brown with the chapter of laiho , indonesia, said there should be no tolerance for this type of behavior. the police chief also said it causes problems every time it's played. we have a bunch of kids running around in dark clothing. we've had reports of kids. hopping fences running in and out of traffic, doing dangerous things. calls for service go up, and they have to bring in additional officers on overtime, but we can't arrest our way out of this problem. the
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venetian unified school district , said that it does not condone this game and actually back in 2018. venetia high school's principal, wrote a letter to the community calling for it to end reporting live in venetia. i'm elissa harrington ktvu. fox two news. just what an awful experience for that young man. alyssa. thank you. a high school teacher, has been arrested for child endangerment after she was under the influence on campus happened yesterday, shortly before noon at terra linda high school in central fl and employee alerted a school administrator that they believe that tegan leann hart was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. while teaching police were called to the school, and officers say they discovered that she was more than three times the legal limit. leonhardt later admitted to consuming some alcohol. police say she was also under the influence of a prescription drug and cannabis. leonhardt has been placed on paid administrative leave. many oakland students are expected to get the day off school tomorrow due to the planned strike by the
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teachers, the oakland education association says 75% of its voting members supported the one day walkout to protest the district's plan. first school closures. the district is calling the strike illegal, but it is asking families not send their children to school as it anticipates. there won't be enough staff to cover the high number of teachers taking part in the strike. student absences will be excused. teachers plan to picket outside schools and then gather for a rally. alright getting closer to the weekend. we had that wind advisory last night that has been dropped. although it's pretty windy most of the day today we had gusts at sfo up to 50 miles an hour, actually, above that 55 miles an hour. of last night. this time we had that fire burning out in the ultimate area winds were blowing, uh, 50 miles an hour and tonight i just checked that area ultimate past, which is always windy. 25 so much less and some of the windier spots like oakland airport right now san francisco airport below 25
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miles an hour or right there, so winds have died down. these were the gusts from today. it was breezy, especially right along the coast is where the strongest winds were less wind as we head into tomorrow, and with that less wind that sets us up with a really cold overnight, so tomorrow's highs, these were the today's items were today's size. ross highs with less wind are going to be warmer, but the overnight lows will be colder. so when you wake up tomorrow morning with this less wind component temperatures will be in the low forties mid forties, and that sets you up with potentially some frost and some of those inland bay valleys. here's the wind up and conquered, much less sfo sustained at 20. it's breezy, but not not crazy out of control . so as we look at tomorrow's forecast cold start to the day and then warmer as we go into the afternoon as we go into the bay area weekend as well, so when i come back, we'll put it all together for you, while the five day forecast and beyond, i'll see you back here. all right, bill. thank you. well celebration in san francisco for
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the decision to keep jfk drive closed to vehicles, skaters, cyclists and pedestrians enjoy the party this afternoon, as you can see from this video posted on social media. today is the second anniversary of the closing of the road in golden gate park. it was aimed at giving people a way to enjoy the outdoors and stay socially distanced during the pandemic. on tuesday, though, city supervisors passed a measure to keep it closed permanently. mew t says that the bus only laid on venice avenue or saving passengers time and that's bringing more writers as well. the city officially opened the express lanes along venice avenue on april the first chronicle reports new numbers from uni showed that travel time of busses was cut by 35% on that north bong stretch. that's almost 10 minutes faster than before, and they say the venice mission line has seen an increase of 13% and ridership 60 recruits who make up the alameda county sheriff's 173rd academy class lined up today at the
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regional trading center in dublin. to complete their annual peace officer memorial run before they graduate from the academy on monday. the class dedicated today's run to fallen chp officer john miller. in 2000 and seven officer miller was killed in a crash while searching for a suspected drunk driver, former chp colleagues and his family were on hand for today's event. widow stephanie told me that the dedication meant so much to them, adding that quote officers go out each and every day to serve and protect our communities. some never make it home. 14 years later, john is still being remembered and honored for his sacrifice. words cannot fully express how grateful we are. and academy instructor said the tradition of honoring a fallen officer helps the students have a deeper understanding of the commitment they're making. other recruits ran a tough uphill five k and one of their final exercises before graduation. and as you see there, i joined in on the run with the graduates who
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will go on to the alameda county sheriff's office. san leandro hayward, fremont. and other police departments. congratulations to them. that is pretty cool, too. what a great pick. it was. it was. it was really a great run and a tough run so glad i could take part in very good. well, coming up next frustration in the east bay is a man has his car broken into four times plus the new study showing when kids start turning are tuning out rather their parents first, though, in two minutes continued efforts to help the people of ukraine the aid president biden wants to give plus the large donation
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whes from one end of ukraine to the other, including the capital. new video out of kiev shows the extensive damage after russian missiles struck a 25 story residential building. you can see heavy flames as crews work to rescue residents from the building. ukrainian officials
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say at least 10 people were injured. the bombardment came barely an hour after a news conference by the u. n. secretary general in a visit to keep who said ukraine has become quote, an epicenter of unbearable heartache. and pain. president biden made an appeal to congress today for more than $30 billion to help ukraine as russia's invasion shows no sign of pulling back anytime soon. the aid package is intended to last for five months. and includes more than $20 billion in military assistance for ukraine and for strengthening defenses in nearby countries. the cost of this fight. it's not cheap. but k b new aggression is gonna be more costly if we allow it to happen. the proposal comes as the biden administration is also seeking new powers to seize the assets of more russian oligarchs, the san jose sharks and their charity armor doing their part to support relief efforts in ukraine. the sharks foundation has donated $100,000
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to unicef usa, unicef's humanitarian work in ukraine focuses on safety, health care, safe water and nutrition group also works to safeguard children's rights and long term well being of the people of ukraine, the sharks foundation. is encouraging all sharks fans who can to donate to unicef usa to support their life saving work in ukraine, and if you want to connect to many bay area groups working to help the ukrainian people, you can scan the q r code there at the bottom of your screen with your phone. and it will take you to a website with more information on how you can help. the president biden today said he is considering a plan to forgive some federal student debt. the move would be a big step towards providing relief to borrowers. who took out thousands of dollars in loans to finance their higher education. the president noted that while he is considering a program to forgive student loan debt, he said that the final figure will be lower than the $50,000 per person. that's some top democrats are
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pushing forward. the country's outstanding student loan debt balance is more than $1.6 trillion. well it hasn't happened since 2015 coming up later tonight. why amazon says it lost billions of dollars last quarter plus tell us where our daughter is. help us bring her back home. we need our daughter back. and a plea from a heartbroken father in the east bay. the new clues that he hopes will help find his daughter, who has been missing now for three months and thieves targeting pharmacies in oakland's chinatown stealing medication. but the real damage comes from how the suspects break into those stores. and the first round of the nfl draft is now in the books and so far deebo samuel remains a 49ers jason appelbaum will update us
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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in , the vehicles owners, saying this is the fourth time his vehicle has been targeted. this time. you could see a guy get out of an audi a four, um, break into an older model. a for the man ransacks the car. not taking anything of value inside before getting back into his own vehicle and then driving away. the owner of the car, says he's upset and frustrated that this just keeps happening. brazen thefts to tell you about in oakland's chinatown as thieves use a u haul truck to ram right through the gates of a pharmacy crime reporter henry lee spoke to the business owner who says his second business was also broken into just days ago. surveillance video shows a u haul truck pulling up to new oakland pharmacy in the city's chinatown before dawn thursday, and soon this happens, the driver repeatedly backs into the business near ninth and webster knocking through its gates at about 3 20 in the morning. the pharmacy forced open in the
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middle of the night and then six people. you know, beeline into the pharmacy. here's another view from a camera inside the store. you see the truck, ending up almost completely in the lobby after the fourth ramming before it goes back out burglar. tam has owned the pharmacy for decades. it caters to senior citizens in chinatown as well as the homeless. he spent much of the morning cleaning up the mess and surveying the damage left behind when the truck plowed right through thick bars, two sets of locks and the steel frame the one time your truck. ramping you know your store. i don't think anything can prevent them to come in. tan is also reeling from another break in at another pharmacy owned just a half block away at about 3 30 tuesday morning, eight people used a crowbar to force their way into the business, also called new oakland pharmacy. but they were also armed. i think they really want to show that they have a gun because they passed the gun among themselves
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. in both cases, the burglars didn't get away with much. just a few bottles of cough syrup containing prometheus scene and codeine, which can be abused. but their m o suggests they meant business. they come well prepared because we know that they're professionals. they all wear gloves and also the way they park their cars. you cannot see the license plate pharmacies across oakland and throughout the bay area have been hit by caravans of thieves. this video shows a large group of burglars inside wellspring pharmacy on piedmont avenue in oakland back in november, even though the loss was relatively minimal damage was extensive. and so the owner tells me he will not have to spend extra to fortify his stores. in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news security and commercial corridors and retail establishments. it was spearheaded by supervisor russia . sephardi who worked with
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businesses as well as the san francisco police. and sheriff's department. this is not just about arresting people and locking them up. this is truly about stopping intervening and suppressing crime before it happens. supervisor saffi says. this program comes in response to a surge of brazen crime by thieves who act with impunity partnership with the sheriff's department expands and existing effort that allows businesses to hire additional security by contracting off duty police officer police still looking for a missing teenager tonight, officers say that 15 year old and i a. wilson was last seen on sunday night at about eight o'clock at 45th street in martin luther king way. she's described as about five ft six and was wearing a dark green jacket with fur and white pants are family told police that she is in good mental and physical health. if you've seen her, though, please call police. and a new clue in a missing person case in the east bay. investigators today released new video showing a person of interest in the case
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of alexis game. ktvu. andre senior heard from the woman's father today. who has not seen his daughter now in three months. it's been three long, excruciating months since alexis's disappearance and with no clue to where his daughter alexis game might be the father desperate for answers now leading on the public for a break in the case of the missing woman, just 24 years old. alexis is an amazing woman. daughter, sister and friend. she is genuine, loving, kind, smart and loyal. last seen january 26th, leaving her family's home in oakley heading to antioch. her car light blue infinity found abandoned the next day on trenton street and carrington driving oakley keys still in the ignition, often when police finally come to speak publicly means one thing. they run out of tips, and that's exactly what's happened in this case. after keeping the tales of this case close to the vest, police chief and investigator renewing the push to find the nursing school grad. we have exhausted all
10:35 pm
investigative avenues and we are now seeking the assistance of the public police releasing a new clue to the public video of a person of interest, they say. caught on camera at the intersection of oakley road and building lane. approximately 4 to 5 minutes away from where gibbs car was abandoned that person of interest hard to make out, police say chose a man covered with an n 95 style mask and a beard protruding from underneath. i can attest that we have literally searched land, sea and air for alexis, ever game is police do not believe it's on her own terms. we strongly suspect foul play. and we seek the public's assistance in locating alexis. with this new video comes cash to help jog the public's memory. a $10,000 reward for information that corrects this case open. the community's effort to get these parents answers in their daughter's mysterious disappearance. please give alexis the chance to be the person she is meant to be in this world. tell us where our daughter is. help us bring her back home. here again. is that
10:36 pm
surveillance video this person of interest described as being five ft. 11 to six ft. tall slim build dark skin wearing a larger jacket and beanie cap or ball cap. investigators have set up a phone line and email address dedicated to receiving tips about games disappearance. the information is posted in this article are website ktvu .com. reportedly visited her ex boyfriend's house in any attack . when she disappeared. police did search the next boyfriends home, but no rest was ever made. in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu fox. two news 17 year old boys under arrest and the shooting death of a 15 year old girl from richmond and police say the two did, in fact, know each other. the girl was found on meritage common and call your canyon road in livermore the night of april. 15th investigators say they arrested the 17 year old suspect in hayward on tuesday. his name is not being released because he's a minor. the name of the victim is also being withheld. authorities say they also arrested 44 year old to make a
10:37 pm
creamer of livermore for allegedly helping the suspect. avoid arrest. coming up at 11. a massive tesla selloff as ceo elon musk sells billions of dollars worth of stock how it could be related to his twitter deal. alright weekends just around the corner. now we've got less wind out there. that means a warmer day tomorrow and for your saturday and sunday. the five day forecast is next. at first, though, viva las vegas the new data that shows sin city
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reba casinos reported near record house winnings last month and the las vegas airport is seeing near pre pandemic passenger traffic. the gaming control board, saying today that march
10:40 pm
house winnings were $1.35 billion to sigh of the best ever monthly take that was set last july, the number of las vegas visitors shot up to more than 3.8 million in march, up almost 50% from a year ago, and the return of international travelers helped harry reid international airport. telly nearly nearly 4.3 million passengers in march that's just slightly lower than pandemic travelers. amazon had its slowest growth in almost 20 years, as opposed to the quarterly lost today, the retail and tech giants showed a net loss of $3.8 billion. amazon said it was mostly due to a loss on its investment in electric car company. company was ready to wave a pandemic shopping, but the company like others, has been hit by inflation, a labor shortage and supply chain disruptions. amazon shares lost close to 10. and after hours trading numbers out today showed the u. s economy shrank 1.4% for
10:41 pm
the first quarter of the year. by comparison, the economy grew nearly 7% in the last quarter of 2021. analysts say a hefty trade deficit is responsible for some of the shrinking gdp and consumer spending remains strong , but this comes as supply chain issues record high inflation and labor shortages are slowing the recovery from the pandemic for some it's shocking. i really don't want to say it's you know , even below the worst that i thought it might be. i think the chances are at least 50 50 that will see recession over the next year. other economists aren't so concerned, saying the job market remains strong, with a low unemployment and rising rages. the federal reserve is set to raise a key interest rate next week to try to cool inflation. overall major stock indexes saw their biggest gains in more than six weeks. the dow was up 614 points, the nasdaq climbed 3 82 and the s and p rose 103 points for a gain of 2.5. california's
10:42 pm
budget surplus now totals a record $68 billion and state senate democrats are putting forward their ideas on how to use that money. senate democrats today proposed an $8 billion plan to give $200 checks to every taxpayer who makes less than $125,000 a year as well as $200 for each dependent. that's a contrast to the governor's $9 billion proposal to give $400 rebates, car owners as well as three months of free public transit to certain people. lawmakers and the governor have until the end of june to approve a new budget for the next fiscal year. it means that my budget is not so tight. i have to come on everybody that i spend. san francisco educators often cannot afford to live where they work coming up next. the effort underway in the city to try to change that, and some nice, sunny, mild weather on its way for the weekend. chief meteorologist bill martin w
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under district attorney gascón,
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i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. ♪ ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ el estado with the most. ♪ ♪ we do tacos from the city to every little town. ♪ ♪ best bites. best vibes. ♪ ♪ california, hands down. ♪ ♪ go on and check my drip. ♪ ♪ take a bite. feelin' fit. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado. live in the golden state ♪
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manr years. teenagers tune them out. it happens around age 13 or 14. scientists say brain scans back up their research and that it's a sign of healthy development. study builds on previous stanford research that found children 12 and under are uniquely focused on their
10:46 pm
biological mother's voice. the study was published today by the stanford school of medicine. i know that all too well, you do alright, well, now moving on to an effort in san francisco to help early childhood educators. afford to live in the city as ktvu, it's christien kafton tells us city leaders announced today that they will be spending tens of millions of dollars to give those educators erase. thermal attention. kids are too busy playing and learning to worry about bills, but many of their teachers do worry about their bills, has been an educator for 30 years and is now teaching preschoolers at timing. head start program. is the foundation is like when you build a house. they have to have a strong family nation. that's what we did for the children to. they have to have a strong foundation in order for them to kindergarten. and the middle school, high school and college , she says she's watched as the high cost of living in san francisco has driven others out of the profession. investing in
10:47 pm
the teachers is important, too, because right now, like a lot of people are leaving this field because we're not getting paid enough. now the city of san francisco has announced a $60 million initiative aimed at giving those educators raises. the program will make sure educators at tax funded early childhood education facilities received between eight and as much as $30,000 raises. the goal is to make sure that at least every child care provider that we fund through the city is making a minimum wage of $28 an hour, yang, executive director at qiming says the raises will help him hold onto the best and brightest teachers. they have to choose all i'm going to stay in my going to find another opportunities. so this increase from the eec department of childhood. really increase, uh, the way really have us to retain teacher donnelly. the rays will mean she can focus on the kids.
10:48 pm
not her bills means that my budget is not so tight. i have to can't on everybody that i spend. the $60 million used to pay for these early childhood educators comes from proposition c funds approved by voters in san francisco in 2018. those funds were held up until last year by court battles in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu , fox two news. already we can just around the corner. tomorrow is your friday the weather looks good. the highest today we're kind of mild to cool, especially along the coast at pacifica 56 degrees, they topped out there happening. bay wasn't much better upper fifties 62 in san mateo. just 56. downtown san francisco is windy today, especially along the coast at the airport. um and up on the hills. the winds are dying down as we speak. we are seeing a little we did see a little bit of warmth inland. tomorrow we're going to see a lot more warmth inland. we're going to see temperatures around the bay come up with solid. 5 to 8 degrees and then inland a couple more
10:49 pm
degrees. i'll be up into the upper seventies low eighties you can see less wind out there tonight. last night. this time we did have gossip to 35 45 miles an hour winds right now have come way down from where they were. today we had that gusta less fo this afternoon up to 55 miles an hour and so winds much less and with the less wind with less wind, we're looking at the opportunity for some very cold overnight lows, and so the windows down, it's gonna be cold. there's gonna be some frosted some of those inland. valleys. which you're used to. it might be a little late for that. we haven't seen it in a while. but we will see some tomorrow morning, especially in the north and east bay. so this low is the one that allowed the wind to form set us up with the pressure gradient so that low has moved farther to the east gets further from the high the gradient or the difference is not as great. the high service owns everything. so the wind stay down. that's the whole dance. if another low comes over that high, then we're back into it. we're back into the wind pattern again, but we're not expecting really much in the way
10:50 pm
of wind. just typical sea breezes, but nothing really much over the weekend, mild to warm on saturday and into sunday as well. nice outside in san francisco coastal fog not back yet, but i suspect we'll see it probably the next couple of nights temperatures outside right now it's pretty cool. napa is down to 48 49 in novato, so overnight lows are going to look like these are going to be in the low forties and even upper thirties. you'll find it like forest ville, right. you know that that area if you've been out to occidental granville. you're going to get 30 eights and that'll get you frost. certainly 45 livermore. that's pretty cool as well. nobody's pocket and livermore valley that will be down into the low forties. here's another low pressure to the north, but it's going to go a little bit higher. over the top, and so that will create the same pressure gradients going to head a little further reach, so we won't see the strong winds. we saw the last 24 36 hours. so, like i say, windsor dying down warmer day tomorrow colder start. cooler temperatures when you get going so as the kids had to school, you go to work. it's
10:51 pm
gonna be chilly. but as you did at the end of the day, your money i mean, it's going to be back into the upper sixties, mid seventies upper seventies tomorrow, not a lot of eighties. i think it's mostly upper seventies mid seventies like this 79 in fairfield, close to 80. 78 in our antioch and then 75 in livermore. five day forecasts and looks like this, you see the temperature staying above the sixties, certainly, but kind of under the eighties until you get to tuesday. and on those tuesdays tuesday, numbers have come up just a little bit. so the weekend looks good. we didn't grass pollens are trending a little bit high right now. um, and when i come back tonight 11 update that forecast. already bill. thank you for that singer brandi carlile cancel her scheduled performance at the stage coach country music festival in southern california . um it finally happened. i have the covid. so i won't be able to come to stage coach. ah, horrible. she was set to play tomorrow at the three day
10:52 pm
concert, which takes place on the very same side as the coachella festival. she said on instagram that she is devastated to be missing the event and to say hi to all our fans and friends. coming up in sports war warriors were off today but three more close out games tonight for the nba playoffs and history is made by chris paul jason appelbaum up next and then coming up at 11 o'clock after a number of high profile police shootings, vallejo says use of force cases have dropped what the if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network.
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you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today.
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(footsteps) ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ it's the state with the most. ♪ ♪ somos la crema de la crema ♪ ♪ con mucho sol todo el año, cuidado que te quemas ♪ ♪ stack that cheddar, make it melt. ♪ ♪ cook it up, stretch it out. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ goos fans take a deep breath around. one of the nfl draft is in the books and after a week of trade talk, deebo samuel is still a niner now. as for the draft with
10:55 pm
the first overall pick. jacksonville jaguars select trayvon walker er, georgia real surprised with this one, the jaguars added. rusher trayvon walker six ft. 5 £272. he ran a 451 40 yard dash at the combine. guys that big aren't supposed to be able to run that fast. best moment of the draft goes to make a wish, kid sam prince heart recipient transplant recipient whose dream came true. announcing and then celebrating with the new york giants defensive end cavon thibodeau as he has popped up, yeah, he chose that selection forum at number five overall. around here. it's all about the warriors right now and not just because they're winning. it's also because of how likable these guys are. i mean, clay showed up for last night's close out game on his
10:56 pm
bike. hecky probably crossed the bay, captaining his boat prior to biking into chase center and steph after lighting up denver for 30 points, celebrated with his daughter, ryan, with their special daddy daughter handshake . it's really cute. you gotta love these guys. now about last night's win a guy who barely made the team arguably made the biggest impact when it counted the most. we're talking about gary payton the second and he gave the warriors their first lead of the fourth quarter on that shot. and then, with the game tied in a little over two minutes ago, he gave them the lead again. while his dad tried to stay calm on the sidelines, but he saved the best for last. with about a minute to go. peyton came up with the biggest shot of his career, a shot clock , beating three point at all but sealed the deal. gp two, ended up with 10 points in the fourth alone on four for four shooting , and he earned high praise from the splash brothers. so happy
10:57 pm
for gary. that was such a big so many big shots from the corner from the wing at the rim. he showed everything he in his bag . he is such a great athlete and in the playoffs, you need guys to step up and it was gary's night. you know, we're also grateful for his performance. you know, everybody has to be ready. but he you know, really made his presence felt and showed. you know what he's capable of, and he's going to continue to do that. send us dna, and he, uh he looked very composed out there in a very big moment. yeah you sure did. now the warriors have at least three days off, maybe more, depending on the outcome of that. grizzlies. timberwolf timberwolves game six tomorrow. the sun's devin booker back for game six in new orleans after missing the last three games with a hamstring injury. pelicans rookie jose alvarado he's been electric somehow gets that one to drop being after being hacked in the act, new orleans up one with six minutes to go, but this will forever be known as the chris paul game.
10:58 pm
paul was perfect on the night 14 of 14 most field goals without a miss in a playoff game four for four from the foul line, finished with 33 points and eight assists. as the sun's close it out in 61 15 to 1 or nine. so who were the sons face in round two. glad you asked donovan mitchell and the jazz trying to stay alive versus luca dann schick. and the mavs in game six in utah back and forth game all night. sweet play here by donovan mitchell the dish to rudy gobert for the slam ties it up at 88. but the mavs have a guy his name is luca luca dan ships best player on the court is three puts the mavs up by four with a little over three minutes to go, dodges locked in 24 9 and nine. this is how close the jazz came to forcing a game seven. no, bojan bogdanovic. mrs. the open look three the mavs win at 98 96. they take the series four games to two. next
10:59 pm
up game one vs the sons that will be monday in phoenix. the sharks season is coming to a merciful end. they played their second to last game of the season tonight, bret burns and company in edmonton against the very good oilers team. the game goes to overtime tied at four. ryan nugent hopkins with the nice vision and passed to zach hyman. and hyman wins it for edmonton. the oilers. they take it 5 to 4 sharks dropped to 30 to 36 12 will try and go out with the win tomorrow night in seattle. so that's it for now, i'll be back in about 25 minutes more. time for the 11 o'clock news, guys. very good. alright. thank you, jason. next up at 11. to be shot at called slurs and chase to hear my purse suitors tell each other that me and the person who i love are to be hunted with the purpose of killing. a 16 year old high
11:00 pm
school students sharing a story of racism and harassment indonesia and he says it all stems from a hateful game. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. that game is called amiga with the purpose to mimic ice agents. rounding up immigrants. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes everyone. i'm frank mallicoat tonight. the victim, the community members and the hcp all gathered indonesia in response. new tonight. ktvu is elissa harrington was at that meeting with how officials are addressing the game. to be shot at called slurs and chased what started as a date to get some ice cream turned into a traumatic experience for a z. chavez and his girlfriend, allie z, a 16 year old high school student from venetia said they were just leaving the double rainbow in downtown when two cars full of people pulled up beside them. and started to verbally harassed them, he said . they shouted racial


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