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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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being backed up for hours. here's a look at the traffic map the evening commute. had been backed up from walnut creek all the way to the caldecott tunnel . want to give you another look right now? i want to show you live pictures from our traffic camera of highway 24 as seen from walnut creek. and as you can see here, boy, it is still a complete mass traffic looks like it's a stand still stand. still moving from calica tunnel heading in towards the east bay toward one that creek. of course , we are continuing to monitor this developing situation and we will bring you more updates just as we get them. the white house appears to be gearing up for a fight over the supreme court's apparent majority opinion on abortion rights. the draft opinion published by politico appears to show that the court has the votes. to overturn the nearly 50 year president of roe v. wade leaving it up to individual states to decide today. president biden weighed in during a white house event, the president suggested. that other privacy rights could soon come under scrutiny by the high
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court, including same sex and interracial marriage. what happens if you have stage changes the law saying that that that children who are lgbt q campion classrooms with other children? is that legit under the way that the decisions written what are the next things that are going to be attacked? republicans are expressing outrage over the league, calling it illegal attempt to influence the justices before the final ruling, which is expected this coming summer. this has never happened. and this is as corrosive as destructive to the supreme court as we've ever seen. some congressional democrats say they want to draft a law to protect abortion rights nationwide, even though it seems unlikely to win the 60 votes needed to pass the senate. the league supreme court opinion has alarmed governor newsom. he is responding by proposing an amendment to the state
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constitution to guarantee abortion rights. ktvu is tom baker has more now on newsom's proposal and the influence it has on his re election campaign. newsom will keep california at the forefront, protecting and respecting women's rights and women's health. planned parenthood headquarters in los angeles. governor newsome took to his bully pulpit. privacy is not constitutionally protected. this opens up panoply. of issues . he warned that any right not specifically protected by the words of the u. s constitution. is at risk across the spectrum of issues you think for a second same sex marriage. is safe in the united states america, newsom said interracial marriage was raised by one u. s. senator as a possibility, and he actually suggested because that's un enumerated in the constitution, so by that logic,
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even contraceptives to prevent pregnancies also not enumerated in the constitution could also be at risk. so newsome proposes to protect abortion as a state constitutional right? and we'll be presenting that to the voters this november. the catholic governor is fully aware that his church opposes a pro abortion, state amendment. we're not mandating anything. we're providing the ability. we're not dictating the terms, they're dictating the terms. it's state sponsored birth. you have to come to terms of the birth and then see you later. you're on your own. lose some harshly criticized the less than 38% of californians who the pew guttmacher and public religion research institute say generally oppose abortion. every single one of these folks that are out there, trumpeting and championing this decision have consistently opposed prenatal care support. consistently
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opposed childcare consistently opposed paid family leave consistently opposed all things to actually strengthen the family. newsom's chief but not only republican rival for governor is northeastern state senator brian dolly. the sacramento bee reports that dolly has signed a pro life pledge and once california's abortion rights curtailed. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. san francisco supervisor is proposing the city pay the travel costs for women to come to san francisco who need abortions. hillary ronen introduced the safe abortion access program yesterday, she says it would fund the travel costs, accommodation and safe access to abortions for women living in anti choice states. right now, the board is looking into the feasibility of such a program. i am positive that we would have the support of the board in the mayor's office. you know, san francisco is staunchly pro choice city. we believe that
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abortion is healthcare, and we know that this is something that the majority of the city will be behind. if it's approved, the program would pay the travel costs for 1000 women to come to san francisco standoff between police and in our man at a school in san jose came to a peaceful conclusion today as ktvu jesse gary reports, the man appeared to be suffering. from a mental health episode and the police departments mobile crisis team was there to help. that's why we have the resources here. that's why we have the people. that's why we have our mobile crisis assessment. team hours long standoff between a man armed with a knife and san jose police came to a peaceful conclusion. the drama began just after 11 o'clock wednesday morning. on the campus of empire gardens elementary school behind the school, there is a creek. which is known to have a lot of homeless people, neighbors say a man who appeared to be on housed and suffering a mental health episode walked onto the campus of 300 students with an 18 inch
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knife. they say he began swinging the knife and shouting incoherently in spanish concerns. our students to school is in session. but right now every possible resource we have available is here dealing with this individual. the school was placed on lockdown with the k through fifth grade students kept in their classrooms. administrators notified some parents of the ongoing problem by phone and they call me the for my daughter. don't come in today for the guy had a knife. uniformed police officers surrounded the man. all members of the police mobile crisis assessment team started talking to him for hours. not too worried. i mean, there's plenty of police around so kind of they're that's what they're trained for. so i'm not that worried about it. police crisis specialists as well as county clinicians continue negotiating with the man using a bullhorn to eventually convince him to put down the knife and surrender. officials say this deployment worked to perfection. we don't want to force a confrontation. we want a peaceful resolution.
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the man with the knife is being held on a misdemeanor charge of brandishing a deadly weapon on school grounds. he is undergoing a mental health evaluation to determine his long term needs. in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news tonight. a man is in jail, accused of attacking an older person in san leandro with a skateboard. investigators say they arrested rafael betancourt . it was eight o'clock monday night when they say he attacked a 75 year old man on east 14th street in san leandro. the alameda county sheriff's department says the victim has injuries to his face and skull, including a brain hemorrhage. investigators say the suspect has been arrested for attempted murder in alameda county sheriff's spokesman says the attack was random with no known motive. new at six tonight, a report stemming from an independent investigation clears the officers involved in the death of mario gonzalez last year in alameda of any wrongdoing that new report into the 26 year old's death found that the officers acted consistent with department policies. gonzalez died after
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three officers struggled to restrain him in april of 2021 body worn camera. video of the death sparked outrage and came amid national upheaval one year after the death of george floyd. the report, ordered by the city comes after the district attorney declined to charge the officers. the alameda county coroner's office ruled the death a homicide but said gonzalez died from methamphetamine, along with stress from being restrained. attorneys for gonzalez family commissioned their own autopsy, which found he died from restrained as fix cia. they are suing the city and the officers in federal court investigation is underway into a deadly shooting in berkeley. this happened last night inside a house on channing way right near san pablo avenue. berkeley police responded to a report of a gunshot at about 9 30. the victim died at the scene. his name has not yet been released. police say they initially started investigating this as a suicide but quickly determined it was a homicide. officers also responded to a shooting at the same home last september.
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attorney general rob bonta, along with legislative and tribal leaders, gathered today in sacramento to discuss the state's response to missing and murdered indigenous people. for too long, too many native american families have been torn apart. too many innocent lives have been lost. there has been too much pain. too much worry too much trauma. as we solemnly remember those missing and murdered. we also affirm our shared commitment to preventing future pain to taking action. together. we affirm our commitment to building healthier. and safer communities . the state is investing $5 million in a bill aimed at supporting public safety on tribal lands. today's gathering at the capitol comes just a day ahead of missing and murdered indigenous women's day. organizers say may 5th calls attention to the need for additional resources to find those who are missing. get the justice they deserve and work to prevent future tragedies. homeless advocates took their demands for better services to
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san francisco city hall today, the coalition on homelessness held what it calls their annual mother's day action. they say they are fighting for more funding for housing and resources in the city's upcoming budget. i know that there's a lot of money. there's a lot of funding for families to have housing, especially mothers who are single mothers who are working hard for their kids. the coalition is also asking for 24 a half million dollars to boost staffing and improve services in the city's housing for the homeless. will become san francisco public school teachers say they are feeling the pinch of the economy and that they are not getting their full pay. also new concerns that coronavirus cases, maybe on the rise as at least one bay area public health leader says we're entering another way. warm day today warmest of the week by temperatures trend down significantly as we head into the next couple of days and the weekend back here with that. or did as an amazingly advantageous thing in the last couple of
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months has turned into you know, a center of, you know, uncomfortable conversations for a lot of our staff. a bay area caviar producer is dealing with russian backlash. why the owner says that anger is misplaced. and want to show you another live. look right now at the traffic situation on highway 24 on this wednesday evening. it's now improving after police activity at the 24 6 80 interchange. the chp confirmed just a few minutes ago that all lanes now the highway have been reopened. it reopened it about 604 this evening, a man who had been sitting on a freeway k rail was safely taken off the highway around 5 30 this evening, but delays could continue in this area for some time watching ktvu news at six will be
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fatn connection with the 1996 disappearance of cal poly student christian smart is now set to take place in salinas. this trial is scheduled to begin
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on may 31st following a change of venue paul flores is accused of killing smart during an attempted sexual assault. his father, ruben, is charged with helping dispose of her body, which is still never been found . at least three people were shot and wounded in san jose last night. in two separate incidents, two men were shot at about 11 15 on williamsburg drive near the san jose campbell city line. the other shooting happened just about 20. minutes later on gramercy plays in the alum rock neighborhood. san jose police say all three victims had non life threatening injuries, and so far no arrests have been made. authorities say they do not believe the shootings are related. russian forces are launching more missile strikes on ukraine. russia has bombarded railroad stations and other targets in an attempt to gain control of more territory. a new round of attacks in the city of live even the west knocked out power and disrupted the power supply today in the east, hundreds of people remain holed up inside a steel mill near the city of mariupol. ukrainian
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president vladimir zelensky is calling on more support from the us he's also invited president biden to visit kiev. i think it's very important. because you know, you know our minds in our society and the president biden and the president of the biggest democratic civilization where ukrainians for our understanding that's it that our partners strategic partners, and i think that it would be great signal. manage oring groups worry that russia may try to take more drastic action on ukraine on may 9th, which is the anniversary of the soviet union's defeat of germany. the kremlin denies those allegations. the european union is taking more steps now toward an embargo on russian oil . the european commission's president says she would like to see eu member states pays out all oil imports from russia by the end of the year. russia
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supplies more than a quarter of the european union's oil supply. well no. at six tonight, cousin, customer confusion at a cafe inside the ferry building in san francisco, a famous northern california caviar producer, says it's now the target of anti russian harassment. ktvu is. emma got spoke with the owners of czar nikolai, who is trying to clear up the confusion over their russian sounding name. czar nikolai caviar may sound russian, but it was actually started by a swedish family. back in the eighties, the current owners say sales have plummeted amid russia's war in ukraine. ukrainian flags are front and center at nicolae caviar cafe gourmet outpost inside san francisco's very building support for the war torn country, also to defend the business. recently the cafe has become the target of hate mail and disparaging online comments. blasting the sustainable california caviar producer by people who mistake it for russian company california 100%
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american owned and operated, but we have gotten a lot of you know, let's say hate mail chat enquiries and instagram messages that are pretty nasty, a swedish family in san francisco named the company after the founder's grandfather, nicolai, and they added czar to give the brand some old world eastern european flair. back in the eighties. california farm wouldn't garner the same respect as say the caspian sea for having world class sturgeon. what started as an amazingly advantageous thing in the last couple of months has turned into you know, a center of, you know, uncomfortable conversations for a lot of our staff says he's received intimidating letters, one telling the owners to go back to russia that's prompted the business to up their security measures. including installing new cameras at the cafe. online sales have taken a massive hit two dropping by 50% since russia invaded ukraine. company president often responds to angry online messages with details on the brains history.
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some commenters end up leaving an apology will take it. you know it's baby steps in ukrainian owned restaurant nearby is facing similar harassment by people who mistake it for a russian business. so the owner is changing its name no longer wanting to be associated with the iconic russian writer and poet alexander pushkin. the new name means stork in ukrainian czar nicholas president has considered a temporary name change to the initials t. n c. but isn't ready to go there yet. i think ultimately it's part of the brand's identity. nikolai caviar plans to continue to educate customers about its history and has no plans to change or abbreviate its name reporting in san francisco. emma gauss, ktvu fox two news. already today was pretty warm, warmest day of the week tomorrow. it changes like that winds are going to shift their already shifted. we've got fog at the coast and temperatures come down 10, maybe 15 degrees, so it's kind of like whiplash,
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right? these are the highest from today. 90 and antioch 89 in livermore. 89 conquered etienne fremont much warmer around the bay today, if we have a few, you know patches of fog that started off light. and then by this afternoon, they just filled in this is the system that's changing everything with the onshore flow coming our way and the increasing clouds. it's also generated swell. this is one of the mechanisms for the swell, so we've got some big surf. certain show up right now, and it's going to be is not a high surf advisory, but the hazard statement, but it's pretty good size. and there's some south in the water, too. so you gotta west northwest well in the south swell. and so the currents and the um, conditions along the coast kind of sketchy, especially with those south swells always say this, but they're usually coming from a further distance this time of year down the southern hemisphere, and so the interval between them can be super long. and so if you could be dry on a rock and for 20 minutes, 30 minutes and all of a sudden a set out of the south will show
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up. so just be really careful. a lot of folks out at the beach is these days. here's the low and here's what it does. it starts at onshore floats didn't want to do that. it's this is the model right? so it starts at onshore flow. the clouds that's tomorrow. that's friday. look at the progression of systems just to the north of us just missing us. that one right there. sunday and monday might do something in the way of some precipitation for us. we'll talk about that more when i see you back here just a couple minutes. phil. thank you. we'll see you in a bit. the federal reserve raises rates interest rates by the most in more than 20 years with the move could mean for the overall economy plus has so much meaning to me. it's priceless, really. a priceless necklace stolen from a gym locker. why? one man says he gym locker. why? one man says he will never be able to replace oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you!
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youe . just give me that's my brother's necklace. it's not just mine. a little more family is heartbroken. after the ashes of a 16 year old boy were stolen while his brother was at the gym . our crime reporter henry lee spoke with the family who says they want the ashes back. no questions asked. i'm sorry, i has so much meaning to me. it's priceless, really 18 year old tyler leone's of livermore and his family are broken hearted after a thief stole a necklace with his brother's ashes while he was at the gym. i literally try and wear it every single
6:24 pm
day. when i sleep, just i take it off because it gets hot. that's the only reason why other than that it's always on me. it happened monday night as tyler was at this 24 hour fitness in livermore. he left his necklace and unlocked locker when he went to the sauna. when he came back, it was gone the theft, adding to his grief. his brother devon, died of cancer in 2013 at the age of 16. tyler was only 10 years old. it was very tough loss for me because he was one of my best friends, relatives. even the family dog have all kept devon's ashes on their necks. we all carry devon around. on our bodies to keep him with us to keep him present, and silva is devon's mother a little bit numb a little bit. violated would you feel if someone went to the cemetery and dug up your mom and stole her really owns his tyler's mother, and was devin step, mom. it just opens up a wound and to think that piece of him is not in the right hands. devin had always been a fighter. he was born two months premature and endured many open heart surgeries. he
6:25 pm
was diagnosed with cancer on his 14th birthday. i want him remembered as the great and inspiring boy and that he always wanted to be devin always knew his life because short, devin and tyler share the same father . the two women weren't always close, but they say in sickness , devin brought the two mothers closer. he looked at her and he told her i got cancer to bring you and my mom back together again. and that is why we are the strong family that we are just i just want to back. it means a lot. you can take any other necklace. just give me that's my brother's necklace. the family is asking anyone with devon's ashes to return them. no questions asked to the gym or deliver more police in livermore , henry lee ktvu fox studios. san mateo counties. first homeless navigation center project is getting a new infusion of cash. congresswoman jackie speier delivered a check for $500,000 today does san mateo county supervisor don horsley. the money will be put
6:26 pm
toward the construction of the new $55 million facility in redwood city. the money comes from the house appropriation committees. community project funding. it allows members of congress to target federal funds towards projects in their congressional districts to address the most significant needs facing communities. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. dozens of students are sick following a covid-19 outbreak at one high school and the county public health officer says those kinds of outbreaks are becoming more and more common. also ahead. san francisco public school teachers are trying to make their voices heard. why they say that district is not listening and later in sports. joe fonzi joins us to tell us what got former giant madison bumgarner so worked up that he actually got tossed from the game.
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let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. today urged state democrats to take action to protect abortion rights. speaking at planned parenthood down south in los angeles state lawmakers are expected to introduce a constitutional amendment. to guarantee the right to abortion , newsom said. california will also offer sanctuary for women from other states that are expected to ban abortion if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade. a tense standoff between police and an armed man and a san jose elementary school came to a peaceful conclusion. this afternoon, a man with a knife walked onto empire gardens elementary school at about 11
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this morning. the school was then placed on lockdown while police negotiated with him and convinced him to surrender. after about 2.5 hours, almost advocates held a rally at san francisco city hall today, the coalition on homelessness is calling for more funding for housing and resources in the city's upcoming budget. their demands include 24 a half million dollars to boost staffing and improve services when it comes to housing the homeless lanes of highway 24 eastbound approaching the 6 80 interchange towards walnut creek, now open again following police activity for much of the afternoon, a man who had been sitting on a freeway k rail was safely taken off the highway there at about 5 30 tonight. after being there for hours. the chp confirms that all lanes now have reopened as of about an hour ago. and you are watching ktvu foster news at 6 30. dozens of teachers demonstrated at the san francisco unified school district headquarters today, saying they're still not getting paid what they're owed views.
6:31 pm
christien kafton tells us, the teachers blame changes to a glitchy payroll system. we have a job to do. we have a job to do that we've been doing without getting paid from washington high school demonstrated in front of san francisco unified school district payroll office about 30 teachers from the high school, saying they put in the work. but still aren't seeing the pay. today is a reaction to the fact that they did great work right after the sleep inn right after we were there, but we haven't seen movement sce mid march, a group of teachers took over part of district headquarters, staging asleep in outraged over a new payroll system that shortage teachers throughout the district. school district officials saying at the time that they would work to resolve the issues, but some teachers say they're still in limbo is a new teacher and says the technical glitches led to her getting underpaid to the tune of $10,000. and so that's a pretty large amount of money of big discrepancy in my pay, said
6:32 pm
she's trying to resolve the issue, but it's been a bureaucratic roundabout payroll office never organized anything to try and explain to us what our paychecks should look like. how to read them where they could be discrepancies that was all coming from staff here who just worked together and shared information that they found out themselves. the district said in march that the situation was unacceptable. sf usd says some of the broader issues have been addressed. what's happening now? our individual cases that need to be resolved on an individual basis and that is taking time. but teachers say they don't have the luxury of time. we want sf usd to publish an accessible and transparent pathway for educators to rectify future pay issues no more. pilot help ticket and we heard from united educators of san francisco who say the teachers at washington high school aren't the only ones struggling. they estimate hundreds of other teachers are in the same boat. the school district again apologized for what it called unforeseen challenges that staff are navigating and is pledging that
6:33 pm
every staff member in the district will be paid. what they're owed in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news nonprofit in livermore is devastated after one of its vans was stolen surveillance video from the parking lot of tri valley haven does show the crime. the nonprofit helps those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault or homelessness. you can watch here as the vans, brake lights come on, and then the thief backs up right there out of the parking lot and eventually drives off. this was around two in the morning monday earlier today on the four the director of homeless services for tri valley haven told us that thief cut their way right through a security fence. defense was cut. and they came through that avenue. we did not get it on camera. the very first camera shot that we had was the van being hotwired. you can see the back lights going off and on and then van finally moved and left the parking lot. trivelli haven
6:34 pm
uses the van to make grocery store pick ups of food to be delivered to people in need. some very public health leaders are expressing concern about an increase in coronavirus cases. clara county public health director dr sara cody told supervisors yesterday. that the county is now entering its sixth wave of infections, she says most of the cases are in breakouts at schools and businesses. dr cody warns that each new sub variant of the omicron variant of covid-19 appears to be more infectious than the previous. however she says they do not appear to result in any more severe symptoms in vaccinated people. even as these new variants, um may have a significant degree of immune escape. that means that they may be less protective against infection, but the vaccine is still extraordinarily protective against hospitalization and death. in
6:35 pm
california. the state's positivity rate now stands at 3.2% and more than 1000. people remain in the hospital with covid-19. dozens of high school students in the south bay have tested positive for covid. the mercury news reports. 60 students from los gatos high school have now tested positive over the past two weeks, and that prompted school officials to send out more than 2000 exposure notices. that's nearly the entire student body. this comes after about a month or following. this comes about a month after an outbreak at sema te'o high school following the prom, roughly 100 students tested positive at that school, the oakland city council ended the requirement for people to show proof of the covid vaccine or negative test results to enter most public places. this means no one has to show a vaccine card. or test results to go into restaurants and bars, gyms, rec centers, museums or concert venues in oakland, the council did leave in place. the vaccine and test result requirement for assisted living centers. and senior centers and
6:36 pm
also added a mask requirement for indoor spaces and events with more than 2500 people. for many college education can be out of reach the new attempt to help more students afford tuition and other expenses and graduate on time. also had the federal reserve makes a big move to try to ease inflation, but some economists wonder whether the changes are coming too late. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet,
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. outn
6:39 pm
francisco to protest planned layoffs and school cuts, several ccs f faculty members have set up tents in front of the chancellor's office. they're calling it an occupation. this friday, the city college of san francisco board of trustees is set to vote on faculty layoffs more than 200 faculty members could lose their jobs as a result. they're protesting teacher. the protesting teachers say that the staff layoffs and cuts will hurt students, so 200 faculty members would would lead to cuts to classes that would push tens of thousands of students out of seats in classes. so we've already seen, you know that our enrollment declined after the administration began aggressive class cuts starting in 2019, and we don't want to see more students pushed out of an education. the teachers say they plan to continue their camp out indefinitely in protest of the potential staff cuts today, leaders from the bay area state university has launched a new initiative to help low income
6:40 pm
students graduate from college on time and with less debt. officials from san jose state, sf state and cal state east bay took part in the kickoff event in san francisco this morning. the college core program will allow students to receive $10,000 in financial support for completing a year of public service. now, one student described tutoring underserved children in a similar program at san jose state. the most meaningful part of this fellowship has to be the genuine connections i've made with the children that i mentor. cause i know that i can be the one to inspire them to pursue a period stand or even just get them excited for congress. the students will do work in three priority areas. that's k through 12 education, climate action and food insecurity. applications opened on april 1st and can be completed online. already big warmup today. big cool down tomorrow. those details coming up with the five day forecast ktvu heather holmes now with a look at some of the stories we
6:41 pm
are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus julie, you've been talking about it during the show. it has been alcs. uterus in the east bay. here is another live look at highway 24 in walnut creek. where boy, you can really see that back up at this hour. this is where the chp spent hours today negotiating with the man who refused to leave the highway. we'll have an update on the traffic conditions. and it is mental health awareness month we'll tell you about one city is very public effort to try to reduce the stigma related to mental illness. while those stories and a lot more coming up live in just a few minutes on the seventh over on ktvu, plus you soon thank you. but first here at six, a big investment in climate change research how stanford researchers hope to make a big impact.
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serk interest rate in an effort to tame surge in inflation as boxes. madeline rivera reports. the half percentage point increase is the highest in more than two decades. president biden touting a win wednesday. we're on track to cut the federal deficit by another. another $1.5 trillion by the end of this fiscal year. the biggest decline in a single year ever in american history. the president , stressing that decreasing the deficit would help ease inflation. but the announcement also comes as the federal reserve raises interest rates by a half percentage point, the biggest hike in more than two decades, strongly committed to restoring price stability. against the backdrop of the rapidly evolving economic environment. our policy has been adapting and it will continue to do so is rolling back the
6:45 pm
stimulus it pumped into the economy during the pandemic. wednesday's move is meant to slow down spending and combat soaring prices. gas prices are killing me. i'm losing every single paycheck. everything's going straight to gas groceries . some financial experts are applauding the increase. exactly the right move. i think they're spot on. still other economists sworn the higher costs of buying a car, a home or a credit card could put more strain on american families, raising fears of a recession. negative gdp last last quarter because inflation is running so high, they've got to slow down inflation. they need to get ahead of the curve. the federal reserve is also looking to reduce its balance sheets, another policy tightening move as it tries to fight inflation in washington. now the rivera fox news the company behind the turbotax tax filing program will pay $141 million to customers across the u. s. in a nationwide settlement. attorneys general of fifth all 50 states accused
6:46 pm
mountain view based into it of deceiving customers, including low income flyers, who are eligible for free services. in a partnership with the i. r s under the settlement into it will suspend turbotax is free, free free ad campaign and pay restitution to nearly 4.4 million taxpayers, state attorney general rob bhatta told ktvu taxpayers were illegally steered towards paid products. after an individual used turbotax and populated the fields and uploaded their information towards the very end after they put in multiple hours of work, they would be told that they had to pay a fee and um, and that would not be free after all. consumers including more than 370,000, californians are expected to receive a direct payment of about $30 for each year. they were deceived and paid for filing services. california has become the first state to begin the process of adapting to crypto currency, an executive order from governor
6:47 pm
newsom will have state agencies work with the federal government to come up with regulations for digital currencies. cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain database technology. museums executive order also calls for officials to explore incorporating broader blockchain computer coding into the government operations. silicon valley venture capitalist john door is making a billion dollar donation to stanford university . the money will be used to set up a new school that will study the effects of climate change and work to discover solutions. the gift is the largest donation in stanford history. in addition to the money donated by door, stanford also received $590 million for the new climate school from other donors, many of them also tech giants. alrighty checking in on those temperatures. if these are the numbers from today, 89 in fairfield, 90 and antioxidant pretty warm one out there temperatures tomorrow going to be cooler, big changes coming. what's that mean? music onshore
6:48 pm
flow and that fog returning to the coast, so there's the model . those represent the contours and where the wind is. it didn't there's heroes. so those arrows right all the way through the weekend. we're going to see the arrows coming from the water to the land. that's a cooler pattern that keeps the fog coast side. it makes us feel a lot like spring and early summer, and in fact that is what today felt like, especially when that fog came back. there is the fog right there coming a little closer, and you'll see that fog coming through the golden gate bridge. that kind of gets pressed down. that's a high pressure environment gets squished like the squished squalls and push right through the gate because the high is sinking their sinking right and that's a that's the first sea level gap are the closest sea level gap. to you know to the bay area, and so it's able to squish through there. so you're seeing that finger fox shooting across the bay. that's how it's going to be again tomorrow except further inland. so this live camera shot shows you the was showing the south and north tower, the golden gate bridge, but those are completely under
6:49 pm
the clouds. now sometimes you can see it if you look so that you can see a bump where the clouds are kind of riding up over it. these are the winds much less so the winds are are not a huge factor there. just onshore in the winds pick up a little bit tomorrow but again, westerly winds so fire danger, not a prime concern. always something to think about. you can see the cooling as the greens get pushed further inland and then where there seabreeze cannot get in fairfield and brentwood warmer upper eighties there's the weather system. this is the system that changes everything around a couple of days. 23 days, some pretty good warmth and then bam! this guy shows up and it's not the only one. there's a bunch of these. we're going to slide through to the north of us right through the next three days or four days and keep kind of the onshore flow going. and keep the storms out in the plane's going to because those things go over the top, and then they make their way out of the ohio mississippi valley. so forecast tomorrow. cooler that's significantly cooler. right upper eighties low nineties back down into the
6:50 pm
seventies into the mid seventies, good 10 degrees even more. maybe 15 degrees. in some places. there is a five day forecast. it's a it's a good one. it's just a different one. maybe some sprinkles on the weekend there is we get into sunday. saturday night into sunday, and then sunday into monday morning. we'll see how that goes. there is a five day forecast. i'll see you back here at 11 and 10 or 10 and 11 if you will. sounds great bill paul mccartney is headed to the bay area for two shows at the oakland arena. this coming weekend, mccartney kicked off his 13 city got back to her last week in addition to his solo work, his set list includes some beatle classics such as can't buy me, love. hey, jude and let it be set to play at the local oakland arena friday, may 6th and sunday may 8th, which is also mother's day. tickets at last check are still available for both shows. still to come tonight. the oakland a's just did something they haven't done since 1956 and it's something the team isn't celebrating. our joe fonzi is up next with the
6:51 pm
story and the rest of sports, and here's a quick look at tonight's lineup on ktvu. you can watch the mass singer died at eight o'clock, followed by domino masters at nine and then be sure to join us for the 10 be sure to join us for the 10 and 11 o'clock this mother's day, show mom that you worship the ground she walks on. or in this case, stands on. the new anti-fatigue comfortmat from weathertech is a gift she'll appreciate all year round. it makes standing comfortable in the home or office and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. and for mom's vehicle, there's cupfone, floorliner, cargoliner, and seat protector. show mom that she deserves the best with an american made gift from weathertech. mom's gonna love this! happy mother's day from weathertech. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning.
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6:53 pm
and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
6:54 pm
eveg tonight in sports of the first two games are any indication, the warriors and grizzlies are playing a series that will be long remembered. last night's game, too, had a signature moment. less than three minutes in as gary payton. the second was going up for a layup. he was floored by the grizzlies. dillon brooks. peyton suffered what we later learned was a fracture in his elbow. as of now, the warriors have no update as to his condition. brooks was assessed flake flagrant two foul for the chopper across the head that took peyton down that comes with an automatic injection. draymond green also left the game when he was elbowed and returned after getting stitches . green and the rest of the warriors were asked after the game about the grizzlies obvious intent to turn up the physicality. dream. and what were your thoughts on the play that injured in the second? it was a bar. i don't know if it was intentional, but it it was
6:55 pm
dirty. and um, there's a code that players follow. you never put a guys season slash career in jeopardy by taking somebody out in midair and clubbing him across the head. he broke the code. john brooks broke the code feel bad for g p like this is his town to shine in a series like this play like that knocks him out so stuff. the a's did something today. they haven't done since 1956. when they were in kansas city. they were swept in a home stand of six games or more just sort of 5000 the colosseum this afternoon to see the a's and raised and this will turn out to be another good pitching performance wasted scoreless game in the sixth. the raised brandon low, it's a drive to left with a runner on chad pinder fights the sun sticks out his glove and makes a nice basket catch that saves a run and earns the applause of montes. and the entire dugout. montes went seven shutout
6:56 pm
innings. trouble started in the eighth. zach jackson had already walked two batters, and then he hit load to load the bases wasn't exactly drilled. they reviewed it. they ruled that he had been grazed. there were two outs, so jackson still had a chance to get out of the inning. but the next batter up manuel margot had a sinking liner to right in front of stephen piscotty that scores to the a's are held to just four hits. they're shut out by four tampa pictures three final oakland sixth straight loss all of those losses at home and a strange incident today in miami is madison. bumgarner was coming off the mound in the first inning. bumgarner goes through the routine foreign substance check by umpire dan bellino for some reason. pelino takes extra time almost massaging bumgarner's hand. i'm going to respond to the profanity gets thrown out of the game all but this is far from over. bumgarner is a big guy. and watch this. it'll take a few of his teammates to hold him back. bumgarner didn't have much to
6:57 pm
say after the game, except that he was proud of his team for its 8 to 7 comeback win after he lasted just one inning. the nfl schedule will be released soon, and we found out one little caveat today about the 49ers george kittle here. i don't know. if you guys heard the news. we're coming to mexico. baby can't wait to see you guys. it's going to be a party. let's have some fun. see you guys soon in mexico city, 49ers will play the arizona cardinals on the monday night, november 21st in mexico city. they've been there before those same two teams met in mexico in 2000 and five the first ever nfl regular season game on foreign soil. those are not good times for the 49ers. who despite what you're seeing here, lost 31 to 14. they went four and 12 that year that game like the one this year will be a cardinals home game and how big his champions league soccer. this was the scene before the real madrid manchester city semifinal game, real madrid was down two goals in aggregate
6:58 pm
scoring and the 90th minute rodrigo converts a nice pass into a bowl. that's all nice, but the game's almost over just a minute later, an extra time rodrigo strikes again. you thought all doubleheaders were in baseball? no, it's all tied aggregate time with more. extra time to go. final minute, madrid was awarded a penalty kick. karim benzema will convert real madrid scores three times in five minutes, a miraculous comeback to win an aggregate goals and move on to play liverpool for the european championship. and check this out time on a wednesday night. you remember last night we showed you the aaron judge home run in toronto, corralled by a blue jays fan. here it comes. the fan gave the ball to the kid and the judge jersey and yankee hat, earning oz from everyone in the stadium. and those who saw the video. but there's more today we found out the young man's name is derek rodriguez is nine. he not only owns an aaron judge home run ball now he got to meet his hero in the dugout, provoke
6:59 pm
tears of joy from that's great a tears of joy from that's great a memory that will last fo my new book the hidden reality takes on a grand question: is our universe the only universe? you see, there's a growing belief among scientists like me that ours may only be one among many universes populating a gigantic cosmos. in the hidden reality, i explore this possibility without presuming any knowledge of mathematics or physics on the part of the reader. hysterical. i'm glad you talked me into this. we work so hard, sometimes it's nice to goof off and do something silly. agreed. wait till you hear how he dumbs down werner heisenberg for the crowd. you may actually believe you're in a comedy club. you can think about heisenberg's "uncertainty principle" much like the special order menu that you find in certain chinese restaurants, where you have dishes in column a and other dishes in column b, and if you order the first dish in column a,
7:00 pm
you can't order the corresponding dish in column b. that's sort of like the "uncertainly principle." (imitating rim-shot): ♪ ba-dum-bump. ♪ say, i heard an interesting tidbit about howard and bernadette. really, amy? gossip? i'm disappointed in you. now, now. evolutionary biologist robin dunbar has identified gossip as an aid to social bonding in large groups. forgive my language, but "poppycock." what if he's right? and by not participating in gossip, society breaks down into small feral bands of tattooed motorcycle riders fighting to the death over the last few cans of tuna fish? fine. in the parlance of the urban music scene, "what's the 411"? bernadette is thinking about breaking up with howard. i believe our nation's tuna cans are safe. excuse me. dr. greene, question? yes? you've dedicated your life's work to educating the general populace about complex scientific ideas.


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