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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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apartments on his quella avenue. this is just north of al community. real ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary has more on the investigation. firefighters say this to alarm blaze was under control in just five minutes. but in that time the flames managed to torch a section of the regency apartment complex, costing one man his life. if you're scared of a building like this ah, then you're too much into your comfort zone. as a firefighter, you need to be scared of it. but this is what we trained chief juan diaz says 911 calls started coming in around one o'clock wednesday afternoon. one of the second floor apartments in the 142 apartment complex was ablaze scary because the smoke went into the whole career of the second floor, and there's lawyers smoke coming out of the window. first responders say the entire second floor hallway on the east side of the complex was filled with smoke. most of the fire was extending and venting the heat and the smoke into the
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center hallway. which made it very difficult for the occupants as they exit their apartments, says one man identified as 83 year old joseph colony was found in the hallway overcome by smoke. was rushed to a nearby hospital but pronounced dead for residents were injured as they escaped the two alarm fire. 50 people were displaced by the flames. my friends live on the second floor, so they ordered so they had to stay in my home parliament. red cross used the mountain view senior center across the street from the fire scene to support affected residents. firefighters say though this fire did severe damage in only five minutes. their efforts after that, save the entire structure. aggressive interior fire attack we were able to keep the fire. to the unit of origin. and that's a very important on this type of a building. fire officials say affected residents could be back in the units as soon as thursday night or friday. the unit of origin and the one below it are
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complete loss, but those residents are being offered housing. in units that are vacant within the complex search for the cause of this fire is still ongoing. in mountain view. jessie gary ktvu, fox two news san jose police are now investigating a deadly industrial accident in the city's willow glen neighborhood . it happened around eight o'clock this morning on lenin way near curtner avenue. a worker was hit by a large truck that was delivering construction equipment to the home as that driver was backing up. the truck struck the worker in the driveway. there was a worker who was on foot that was struck by this truck, i believe is a truck was backing up. of that person receives some serious injuries that were transported to a local hospital, where they were pronounced deceased. police also say alcohol and drugs were not a factor in this accident. tell osha is investigating because it is an industrial accident that happened at a work site restaurant owner is at a loss tonight after gunmen ambushed him just steps outside his business. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with the owner
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and has more on the attack that was caught on camera. surveillance video shows several armed men converging on three victims in the parking lot in oakland's diamond district. everything happened so fast. it happened behind la perla, puerto rican cuisine on fruitvale avenue and your 5 80 at about seven wednesday night. restaurant owner gabriel ortiz was hanging out with two friends just minutes before closing. i just come out from the side of the truck with the gun to my buddy's face. i stepped back and i got a gun to my back. the men wore masks and yelled out demands. give it up! give it up! you know? give it up. closer look, ortiz was himself armed with a gun. one of the robbers took it away and i was getting ready to pull my firearm and this guy was right right behind me. so it was already a tussle for him knowing that had a gun, he said, get his gun. his gun. so that was a game changer says he tried to calm them down. chill chill. it's alright, chill . do you guys want chill cash and ortiz is gold necklace. moments before the robbery. the men apparently case the
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restaurant from a red toyota camry over here. slow down in front of the restaurant and looking inside. how long they stopped. their t says it's difficult enough as it is trying to make a living family man, you know, i mean, it's not easy, especially during this pandemic to make earn, you know. work for hustle. you know where you over here having to take things that people work hard for the safety of the citizen of oakland, which right now is none. jose ortiz owns the restaurant with his son. time to turn your life around. you know, it's better all the way to earn their living. the plane with your life , you know, because he's only two things that is going to be waiting for them. they jailed or down on the ground. oakland police are reviewing the surveillance video in hopes of identifying the robbers. anyone with information is asked to give investigators a call. in oakland, henry lee ktvu, fox studios and police in vallejo
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are investigating a deadly shooting. officers say it about 11 30. last night they found a man inside a car who had been shot. the man was found on hazelwood st and elmwood avenue . he was pronounced dead there at the scene. investigators have not yet released the man's identity, nor have they identified a motive. conquered middle school teacher is now under arrest on suspicion of inappropriate acts with minors, according to the mount diablo unified school district superintendent. the teacher is dean walker, who works at pine hollow middle school. it was taken into custody on suspicion of multiple felony and misdemeanor counts. superintendent says the district learned in march about complaints connected to walker and placed him on leave pending the investigation. now to washington, where the senate is expected to vote next week on a bill to put the right to an abortion into federal law. as fox news, madeline rivera tells us, it's likely to be a symbolic vote but could carry some political weight going into the midterm elections. anger boiling over in the aftermath of the draft opinion leak, suggesting
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the supreme court is ready to end row v. wade it's my rights being taken away potential ruling fueling renewed efforts among democrats on capitol hill to pass a federal law protecting abortion rights. next week, the american people will see crystal clear. that when given the chance to right this wrong the republican party will either side with the extremists who want to ban abortion without exceptions. or side with women, some frustrated abortion advocates organizing under the moniker ruth sent us are planning protests next week outside the homes of chief justice john roberts and the five other right leaning justices. now senator john cornyn is pushing a bipartisan bill to provide the justices and their families around the clock security protection. it's not just an attack against the independence of the judiciary, this risks violence. republicans are accusing liberals of trying to intimidate the court and are
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urging the department of justice to investigate the leak. any removal of federal documents is a felony. also it's against the law and a felony to try to intimidate a juror. both of those things happen with the leak of this document next week's vote to protect abortion rights is unlikely to get 60 votes. but leader chuck schumer says the issue will not go away and democrats will continue to press it all the way to the midterms in november outside of the supreme court. mather rivera fox news state attorney general rob bonta spoke in san diego today, he says he is committed to protecting a woman's right to choose. as the chief law enforcement officer as california's attorney general, as the leader of the california department of justice, the biggest state department of justice in the nation. i will use the full force of the law and the full authority of this office to protect a woman's right to choose to protect the right to an abortion and reproductive health care and reproductive freedom period. banta spoke after taking part in a roundtable discussion with
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reproductive health advocates working to ensure california's reproductive rights remain protected. state senator alex padilla is also speaking out in support of a women's right to choose. every woman in america deserves the same protections. that's what's at stake here, so i hope that congress will once again be voting to codify the protections of robie weighed, so that is not subject to litigation, and it's and the supreme court that can swing back and forth. we need to qualify and make it permanent. senator padilla also says state leaders will make sure abortion rights will be protected and will welcome women who may be coming in from other states. coronavirus infections are on the upswing again still to come . the new locations where people can get tested and treated on the spot. and while more water districts are imposing restrictions on customers, one north of the golden gate is actually rolling them back. wow the huge swing in our weather temperatures continue. plus,
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we'll talk about the day rain is expected. also ahead more troubles for the federal women's prison in dublin. tonight we have learned more than two dozen employees are now under investigation, and how about that thursday night community is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is slow going for people trying to get into the city. it's really been this way all day. the chp tells us no particular reason. just a busy day on the highway. you're
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school district has announced a new superintendent. the school board has selected iniki afford mortal to lead the district or appointment is expected to be approved at the board meeting later this month. ford mortal is currently the deputy superintendent. at the san francisco unified school district. she replaces outgoing superintendent brent stevens, who left in march to lead the lafayette school district, staying in berkeley tonight meeting of the city council just got underway to consider expanding the city's effort to
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divert some nonviolent 911 calls away from police officers. efforts are already underway to have trained social workers handle some nonviolent mental health and homeless related calls. but the mayor now wants that effort to fall under a new community safety department made up of city employees. mayor also wants to consider having public works. crews not police officers handle collision analysis and crossing guards. dissent is expected. newly obtained records show that more than two dozen employees at the federal all women's president, dublin are now under investigation. employees are accused of having sex with inmates, drug use and falsifying records. ktvu is andre senior joins us now and andre even some of the employees at the prisoner saying they want to see change. calls are growing louder. julian mike, the head of correctional workers union at the women's prison in dublin, sounding the alarm tonight about a sexual abuse investigation among workers, 22 employees and three managers at the federal correctional institute. dublin are under investigation for sex abuses. use of drugs and
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falsifying records. john kostelnik, the western regional vice president for the correctional workers union, says too few managers are being held accountable for alleged wrongdoing. he says change needs to come from the top down. our biggest issue from the union standpoint is that the vast majority of those on this list are what we call bargaining staff members. the union members, um the boots on the ground. um there is a lack of accountability with management. while kostelic said the frontline workers aren't speaking up about alleged wrongdoing by manager for variety of reasons, and he says the situation is getting worse and not better. part of the reason. i say that it's not better is the violation of whistleblower rights. um, the intimidation against staff from speaking up has continued, and it's actually ramping up further. ah! so staff are coming out. they're not speaking up.
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they're afraid to do so. and then get this march. audit of the prisons compliance with federal law aimed at eliminating rape and sexual abuse found the facility met 45 specific standards and did not fail any category. a spokesperson for the facility declined comment on the investigation, but released a statement that reads in part quote the bureau of prisons has zero tolerance for any kind of sexual abuse or misconduct and cooperates with criminal investigations and prosecutions . that whole staff accountable regardless of their title or position. such conduct is reprehensible and completely counter to our core values. this all comes but an indictment of the former warden garcia by the department of justice for allegedly having sex with incarcerated women. the case now winding its way through federal court, julian mike case. we will no doubt continue to follow andre. thank you. thanks andre. house speaker nancy pelosi is in san francisco, where she celebrated the opening today of a new, affordable housing development speaker pelosi, supervisor hillary ronen and
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other dignitaries were in the mission district at the grand opening of casa atalanta. it's on 16th street between folsom and south venice avenue storyteller building has 143 affordable homes for people and families with low incomes in san francisco. it also includes ground floor space for mission based nonprofits. this place is about respect. respect for the tenant. it is 100. affordable housing is just a remarkable thing is about dignity. and how lovely it is. where the tenants thank you, everyone who was part of this effort. you're all amazing, and let's do it again and again and again and again until every child and every family had this safe, affordable , spacious home to live in. the building also has on site support services for tenants,
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community rooms and a rooftop urban farm fresh produce garden. we have an update now to a story about a nonprofit in livermore, whose truck was stolen truck belonging to try valley haven was spotted on surveillance video being stolen. out of its own parking lot early monday morning. the nonprofit says his truck was found this morning right near downtown livermore without any damage. dry valley haven helps those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault. or homelessness. that is such a good news story. glad to hear that. good evening, everybody boy. what a difference a day makes writes. our temperatures dropped a good 15 degrees in many of our locations . here's what it looks like. right now. out the door. we do have layers of cloud cover as we take a bird's eye view over the seaport. the ports of oakland, layers of clouds lined the sky. we're currently we have 55 degrees in half moon bay to 65 degrees in walnut creek 59 degrees in nevado. it's equally as cool and hayward at this hour
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66 degrees in san jose tonight with the mostly cloudy skies, the breezy winds will continue the overnight lows would drop between 50 and santa rosa. to roughly about 52 san francisco, run the mission district 57 degrees in antioch with the breezy conditions and a little bit of coastal drizzle as well. now tomorrow we could possibly see some sprinkles under mostly cloudy sky temperatures very similar to what we experienced today from 60 and pacific up to 75 degrees apiece and fairfield and in antioch's going with 77 degrees in morgan hill for an outside number. same story in the gilroy area, so the bottom line is first stop. what you need to know is tonight cloudy skies, breezy winds continue very breezy spring and it will continue again tomorrow out of the west southwest 10 to 20 mph this weekend. we have unseasonably cool weather and an unsettled weather patterns. elaborate a little bit more on that. that's coming up the next time around with our weather
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report, but right now setting it back to mike and julie. roberta thank you. san jose has extra officers out on patrol tonight and right through the weekend to prevent any problems that cinco de mayo celebrations. as in past years, the city has drawn large crowds of people who gather and celebrate downtown. police say the majority of people taking part in the festivities are law abiding. however in past years, the celebrations have also attracted people who commit crimes, including vandalism. police also say residents in the downtown area and east san jose should expect traffic delays or diversions during these festivities. we will have beefed up patrol throughout the weekend , encompassing all shifts. we want to be ready to respond to any traffic issue any in progress crimes, etcetera. at the same time. i also want to share. you know, we want people to have a good time to enjoy this. you know if you want to call it an unofficial holiday weekend, but use good judgment. extra police are also on patrol to respond to sideshow activity . sideshow spectators can also
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be cited or arrested and face fines of up to $1000 drivers who are taking part inside shows can expect fines about $4000 looks like a lot of people will spend part of their weekend with doctor strange. doctor strange in the multiverse of madness is officially out in theaters tomorrow, but fans lined up at the veranda luck, cinnamon and conquered this afternoon where you too, can see the marvel blockbuster and one fan had this advice. you know what in this modern day and age people like to spoil things. and if you can't keep your hands off your phone, you might get spoiled. so go see it early if you can. and you probably won't be alone. the movie is expected to generate 160 to $200 million and its opening weekend. still to come. several restaurants in san francisco's richmond district have been targeted in a string of break ins. while the owners say they believe this is not a coincidence, also had paying tribute to san francisco's first asian american mayor, how the city is honoring the memory of
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former mayor ed lee.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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rict tonight after a string of break ins at neighborhood restaurants . thieves said at least three separate locations early this morning, and some say they may be targeting asian owned businesses. ktvu christian captain reports here. police are asking the community to help in the efforts to find those responsible. surveillance video shows the moments shortly before 5 30 in the morning when
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burglars broke into this vietnamese restaurant and stole a safe. the restaurant. kim song was just one of the restaurants targeted in a string of early morning break ins thursday morning. the burglars also breaking the front door of the little walk restaurant next door away, saying he learned about the break in from a family friend who was out for a walk, one of the fans and the picture. yeah i think she walked by and then she saw in him, take a picture and send to him and then because and then we can business owners say this area has been hit by burglars before and they're frustrated. they've been hit again. this is happening night and everywhere in san francisco. not just this district, you know customers showing up to the restaurant said they were stunned and angry . moralizing, really? especially these are family owned. i'm sure because of the cover. they were struggling, and now they're just getting back. and these things happen. terrible police say they're looking for the suspect,
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interviewing the business owners and trying to find witnesses, even asking tesla owners who may have been parked in the area overnight to check their video to see if they captured evidence of the crime thieves. in this case, even going so far as cutting the explain itty cable wires leading to the building in an apparent attempt to prevent their breaking from being recorded. which clearly didn't work. it's something that they can try and do that may avert the cameras from recording, but usually that doesn't work. the supervisor for this district, connie chan, released a statement expressing her frustration that asian owned businesses were again targeted by thieves and vandals. at this point, police are saying there's no evidence the ethnicity of the victims was a factor in these break. ins supervisor chan is asking for additional foot and bike patrols in the area. as well as more engagement with the community from police to help prevent incidents like this from happening again in san francisco , christien kafton ktvu fox two news, oakland's animal shelter, is hoping to find new owners for some of their large dogs. officials say there are nearly
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100 big dogs at the shelter and in the past they were mostly pit bulls and pit bull mixes. but now they say they're seeing other breeds, including huskies and shepherds. shelters around the bay area are seeing a similar increase in larger dogs. officials say people moving during the pandemic or going back to work in some cases are forced to give up their pets. others may not have realized actually what it takes to care for a larger dog. i think some of those animals were bought as puppies, for example, siberian huskies and people maybe didn't do the research about that breed, and that breed is not for everybody there. beautiful dogs . um, but they're escape artists . they can have a high prey drive, and they really require an experienced a doctor. oakland animal services will have extended hours at their shelter on 29th avenue tomorrow and saturday, the adoption fee will be reduced to just $20. and uptick in coronavirus infections has the cdc alarm the new steps being taken to provide more
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treatment options plus. very rough day on wall street as inflation weighs heavily on the economy, with little hope things will improve. soon suspension handed down for dillon brooks after his flagrant foul resulted in injury to gary payton, the second head coach, steve kerr s reaction to the punishment later in sports
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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their apartments and mountain view tonight after a deadly fire officials say quick action by firefighters kept this fire contained to one unit at the regency complex in 83 year old man did die in the fire. and four others were injured. 50 residents were displaced surveillance video shows masked men robbing, and oakland restaurant owner just outside his business last night. gabriel ortiz, the owner of la perla, puerto rican cuisine, says he was with two friends when they were ambushed. or t says he himself was armed. but one of the robbers tussled away his gun. the men made off with cash and a gold necklace and berkeley tonight the city council is considering expanding the city's effort to divert some nonviolent 911 calls away from police officers. efforts are already underway to have trained social workers handle some nonviolent mental health and homeless related calls. the mayor of the city now wants that effort to fall under a new community safety department made up of city employees watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the cdc has
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now issued a new warning about the increase of new coronavirus infections. cases are largely result of more sub variants of the omicron variant of covid faxes. jonathan serrie reports from the cdc headquarters on the precautions. health leaders want people to take take it's a new warning from the cdc health officials are taking seriously the agency projecting a big uptick in covid related hospitalizations and deaths over the next four weeks as at least three different um macron sub variants spread quickly across the country, and it's already starting hospital admissions jumping 20% nationwide over the past week with the northeast and midwest hit particularly hard. a south african studies shows the sub variants are evading protection from previous yes, covid infections. but the antibodies from vaccines are holding up. well we're trying to get as many of those folks in who haven't been vaccinated to try and come in and get it done and that such still working,
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underscoring the seriousness of the threat, a new study from the world health organization showing there have been about 15 million covid desk since the start of the pandemic, more than double the official death toll of six million covid has illuminated a staggering toll. already too much is unknown and there is too much delays in getting life and death information. about one million of those deaths happened here in the us and while the current daily average remains low about 375, some folks say they'll be ready for another surge as long as a macron keeps spreading with on the cron. last year, we actually was actually i would say as far as how many bodies were cremated. it was more right now. we're averaging about 66,000 new cases per day here in the u. s more than doubling in a month. in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. new at six tonight. a new test to treat site for covid has opened at the college of san mateo is part of a federal program that allows
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people to get a covid test and then be prescribed medication and receive it on the spot if they test positive. the site is at the college of san mateo. there are other sites across the bay area, including at a number of cvs pharmacies. us. regulators are limiting the use now of the johnson and johnson vaccine to adults who cannot receive their other covid-19 shots. that's because of a rare but serious risk of blood clots us authorities for months of recommended that americans starting their covid-19 vaccinations used the fighter or moderna shots instead. fda officials said in a statement that they decided to restrict j and j's vaccine after taking another look at the data on the risk of life threatening blood clots within two weeks of vaccination. big selloff on wall street today the market's saying their biggest drop since 2020 this comes as investors reassess the fed's historical rate hike to fight inflation and fears that it could instead slow the economy. the dow plunged more than 1000 points just over 3%
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the nasdaq down 5% in the s and p 500 was down. more than 153 points are just about 3.5% for more on what happened on wall street today. i spoke to financial adviser brian dennehy within the last hour. he says the outlook for the rest of the year. is not looking good comes to inflation. unfortunately most likely it is going to get worse before it gets better. this correction was really set off at the start of the year by three big eyes, inflation, interest rate pressures and then the invasion going into ukraine by russia. those three factors came together to form a perfect storm of events that has caused the dip that we've seen so far in the s and p and other industries. then he went on to say there is some good in the u. s economy, including strong job growth and low unemployment. in ukraine. the fighting intensified today at a steel plant in mariupol, where civilians and ukrainian troops have been trying to hold out against russian forces. fox news greg palkot reports now from
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ukraine, where third rescue operation is underway to get more civilians to safety. thick smoke rose from the ukrainian ports city of maria paul. today, a bloody battle has been raging inside the as of star steel plant area polls. last pocket of resistance remains. ukrainian marine commander confirms a russian forces have stormed the plant after bombing it from above civilians and wounded soldiers remain inside. ukraine's troops now left with two choices, fight or surrender for 71 days, the defenders of the city have been fighting single handed against overpowering enemy forces, nearly 130 people inside the plant have already been evacuated. the u. n says it will continue to work with ukrainian and russian officials to bring more people to safety parts to the conflict. had declared short windows of silence or a ceasefire where we managed to evacuate. ukraine's military says it is making progress elsewhere in the country. fighters have reportedly
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recaptured some areas in the south and prevented attacks in the east. the existence of ukrainian identity the existence of ukrainian nation is at stake. and we are not going to surrender under any circumstances. but in the donbass region, russian forces have launched more strikes, shelling several residential buildings. the attacks injured 25 people and killed at least five others. ukrainian officials now pleading for more weapons help from the west still assess that ukrainians are putting up a very stiff resistance and that the russians have not made the progress that we believe they expected to make by this point. ukraine is also asking western allies to develop a plan to help rebuild the country. and keith greg palkot backstairs president joe biden has named karine jean pierre to be the next white house press secretary. she will be the first black woman in the first openly lgbt q person. preserving this role. current press secretary jen psaki is set to leave the job next week.
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president biden says jean pierre brings experience talent and integrity to the job. she has served as biden's principal deputy press secretary since inauguration day. still to come tonight, repelling down 46 stories for a good cause the challenge that tested some people to new heights. i think now is okay. but if you're going to start spend a lot of water be in trouble again. one water district in the north bay is rolling back water restrictions why authorities in the north bay have a rosier picture about the upcomi
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roow commute underway on highway 24 heading eastbound toward the caldecott tunnel. this is video from just a few minutes ago, the chp says a small trash fire shortly after five o'clock tonight shut down one bore of the tunnel. that fire was quickly put out. the tunnel has since reopened, and traffic is now slowly recovering. the marin municipal water district is rolling back restrictions. the district has ended its water emergency declaration, even while the rest of the bay area continues to follow strict conservation efforts. ktvu tom vacar reports on how the district was able to get to this point. marin's nicasio reservoir is essentially full and the fishermen are back. but last fall, the marin municipal water district, seven reservoirs were down to just 33% of capacity.
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and so, like other districts, it imposed water use restrictions. but the extremely lucky district was the primary recipient of the atmospheric river systems that came through the bay region late last year and early this year. even today, their reservoirs are 90% full thanks to the rain and rules followed by its 195,000 customers who wanted to do their part. so it's use it or lose it to evaporation in order to sustain our operation need the revenue from the sale of water. so now customers can wash their cars at home fill their swimming pools. connect new service lines for new landscaping and water, entire golf courses, not just the greens and tees. the board did also decided to adopt some of those temporary restrictions that have been in place last year into our permanent and ongoing water rules. use of
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overhead outdoor sprinklers is now permanently limited two days a week. an outdoor drip irrigation is limited to three days a week and only from seven pm to nine am all recreational pools must be covered when not in actual use to reduce evaporation. washing down concrete and other hard surfaces with a hose is prohibited. lots of water. we have so. i think now is okay. but if you're going to start spend a lot of water to be in trouble again. now the district knows this isn't going to last, which is why they've embarked on a strategic evaluation of additional water supplies. that they hope to be able to put in place to make themselves far more drought proof. possibilities include desalination, increasing existing reservoir capacity. increasing winter water deliveries from the russian river expansion of recycled water for irrigation. and building a pipeline across the
6:42 pm
richmond san rafael bridge to buy water from sellers to the east. tom baker, ktvu fox two news consistently changing weather forecast here in the bay area, the latest changes you need to know about is coming up. let's go to ktvu heather holmes . now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus duly new tonight, robocalls are sadly on the rise once again, the better business bureau explains how to spot and stop these unwanted calls and texts. plus may is stroke awareness month. we've got a really important conversation coming up tonight with a three times stroke survivor. the bay area woman shares her story of recovery and hopes of helping others. those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight in just a few minutes on the seven over on ktvu, plus, thank you for that. but first here at six, frida kahlo, one of the most notable mexican artists in contemporary history. the fundraiser tonight in san francisco. that's giving a boost
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for the late mayor ed lee. his widow and daughter unveiling a statue of the mayor today outside the chase center at thrive. city house speaker nancy pelosi, mayor london breed and former warriors president rick welts all in attendance. well says the statue is one way for the warriors to thank mayor leave for his support in their effort to build the chase center and bring the team back to san francisco. thank you. to you, ed lee. for all you did for the warriors, and for all you did for san francisco. thank you, mr mayor. today would have been at least 70th birthday. he served as san francisco's mayor from
6:46 pm
2011 until his death in 2017. well, some daredevils repelled 46 floors down the side of the hilton in san francisco today, ktvu sally rasmus tells us this was all part of the city's skyline challenge to raise money for a good cause. how was it? oh i'm still trying to get my breath and still trying to get get my constitution backed. it was amazing, breathtaking experience and view. beautiful gorgeous. we live in an extraordinary place. it's a beautiful area of wonderful city and oh, my goodness. it's just you can see for miles and miles from up there. abraham simmons was one of the first people to repel 300 ft down the side of the hilton in san francisco for the city skyline challenge about 70 people in the companies they work for. raised money to take the plunge from the nonprofits, staff members to the sisters of perpetual indulgence to bay area personalities like sour dough. sam the mascot for the 49ers repelled down these 26 floors in
6:47 pm
costume. they're doing this to help kids in california enjoy the great outdoors. we changed lives through challenge and discovery. we take young people out and we use the outdoors and to build character, leadership and service. pardew is the executive director of outward bound to before the pandemic. 20,000 school kids in california took part in the programs from backpacking, rock climbing and hiking trips. to weeklong camping trips, experiences that many kids haven't had in the last two years of the pandemic. this is an important time to get youth outdoors to build that sense of connection to one another two thirds of the kids in the outward bouncy a programs are there on scholarship, and that's what fundraising events like this helped to pay for in san francisco, ali rasmus ktvu. box two news what a day it was in the bay area today. i know you felt the difference. it was a substantially cooler day than what we experience 24 hours ago . let's take a look at those numbers that were realized around the region. first off, we had 59 degrees of pacifica, also
6:48 pm
in san francisco, where the daily average is 64 degrees, so, yes, we were below average. and then from 59 degrees, we jumped up to 69 degrees in alejo. the warmest occasions happen to be fair filled and antioch at 78 degrees apiece and 75 degrees of morgan hill. so if you're keeping track of these things we call down to 75 from 81 in santa rosa, but the big meltdown happened to be right there. redwood city at 71 degrees down from 84 degrees yesterday. also san jose in the seventies, down from 85, a beautiful look out towards the seaport. have the ports of oakland, where we still have that small craft advisory in place several decks of clouds out there, but so far no reports of any local airport delays at any of our international airports. this right now is a look at our current temperature 64 degrees in san carlos. but if you want to compare right now to just 24 hours ago, when many work getting ready to go for a stroll. walk walk the dog. it is almost 20 degrees cooler at this
6:49 pm
hour in livermore, and throughout much of the tri valley, blame it on the wind currently out of the west 21 sfo 14 at oakland, 15 at fairfield big changes again. the month of may is known for a fluctuating weather pattern, but we've had so many fluctuations in just one week. there is an area of low pressure this next one on tap will bring some rain showers across the northwestern section of the state of california right there by tomorrow late afternoon , leaving us with the shield of clouds. saturday is going to be our in between day. otherwise we've got to watch that for our sunday could dampen a lot of mother day plans right now we have on sunday a late morning. some light showers, but nothing stan shal. as far as rainfall is concerned, it looks like by sunday night only to one hundreds of an inch of rain in the city of san francisco. but next week is going to remain equally as unsettled. so here you go again. we'll back it up just a bit for you. we had the rain likely to the north of us
6:50 pm
on friday. saturday is an in between day and then on sunday that chance of rain showers. meanwhile friday, 60 to 77 degrees mostly cloudy and you guessed it. it's going to be breezy again as it will be tonight. northwesterly east 10 to 20 temperatures in the fifties across the board 52 hayward tomorrow's temperatures and very similar to what we experienced today from 60 pacifica, 69 oakland mid seventies across the santa clara valley and 75 degrees and throughout livermore. those temperatures are pretty seasonal . here's your extended forecast . we do call for. whoa! backed up just a bit, but you can count on that chance of sprinkles on friday. and breezy on saturday. enjoy your evening, roberta. thank you. cinco de mayo celebration tonight is raising money for a bay area arts institution, a private viewing of the immersive frida kahlo's show will benefit carnival, san francisco. the show features large scale projections of the artist's work. along with a musical score. tickets will help
6:51 pm
raise money for a permanent home for the carnival group at a new cultural arts healing center. we're creating it as a healing center. we're using music, dance and art and make maker space. uh for people to go inside their hearts, their souls, their spirits and their body. so far, the group has raised more than two million of the $3.6 million needed to build the center on florida street in the mission district. up next in sports. draymond green fine for flipping off fans in memphis, while green says he feels no remorse and is happy to pay the penalty are jason appelbaum up next with what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once.
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entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. good evening, everybody. the nba has levied a one game suspension toto memphis forward dillon bros for what steve kerr called a dirty foul on gary payton. the second by now, most of us have seen this video many times each time it makes me wince a little bit peyton going up for a layup early in game two at the height of his jump when brooks wax him in the side of the head, causing
6:55 pm
peyton to come down awkwardly and fractured his left. shooting elbow. brooks was assessed a flagrant two resulting in injection and after today's announcement will now be forced to sit out game three saturday at chase center curves reaction to the punishment to the ground to put it. doesn't matter. i mean, gary's out, carries out for the next, you know, foreseeable future for weeks he's bombed. he's got a huge brace on his arm, and he's gonna be out for a long time and he's crushed. you know, he's 66 years toiling away in the league, as i said the other night. um in the spotlight, you know, playing in the playoffs, playing a huge role playing well, um, that's all been taken away from him. so that's we all feel terrible for gary. he deserves better. and here is the official update on peyton, whom are cameras spotted at practice earlier today, he had an mri yesterday, which confirmed both a fracture as
6:56 pm
well as ligament and muscle damage to his elbow. he will be re evaluated in two weeks. less than 30. seconds after peyton went down, draymond green took a xavier tillman elbow to the face , causing a laceration near his right eye, resulting in stitches. and has green left the floor. he flipped the double bird to memphis fans today, green was fined $25,000. here's what green said after the game on what set him off. you're gonna boost somebody who the #### boat and i face running on blood. you should get flipped off. take the fine. i'll go do an appearance and make up the money. but it felt really good to flip them off. so if they're gonna if they're going to be that nasty, i can be nasty, too. going to be physical one game three on saturday at chase alright, some are calling what the angels show hayhoe tani did today the best to weigh performance since babe ruth
6:57 pm
otani on the mound for the first time where the baby used to play . that would be fenway park and otani was electric. he struck out 11 batters in seven shutout innings. 81 of his 99 pitches went for strikes. and with the bat, no home runs for a tally, but he did have a pair of hits, including this line drive single off the green monster hit it so hard, actually knocked his number 17 out of the picture slot in the scoreboard. angels manager joe maddon called what otani is doing on the baseball diamond quote otherworldly, the angels beat the red sox eight to nothing for the last 20 years. raider fans. have been saying they got robbed of a playoff win against the new england patriots today and admission by a key figure that they were right. let's take you back 2002. divisional matchup in the foxboro snow for the infamous tuck game, raiders up 13 10 late charles woodson sacks tom brady , forcing a fumble which the
6:58 pm
raiders recover. but upon further review, the refs decided brady was trying to tuck the ball, not a fumble, but rather an incomplete pass. the patriots went on to win the game 16 13 and over time today. thanks to a justin bieber tiktok video of all things. brady finally came clean on this. new trend alert. tell me something honest game against the raiders. might have been a fun ball. this is what we're doing, brady. somehow i don't think that admission by brady mid woodson feel any better, maybe worse. actually it is time to check this out opening round of the wells fargo championship in potomac, maryland. rickie fowler's approach on 634 yards out and guess what, folks. it's in the hole for eagle, no, no, no, it's a bogey six for fowler, doggy 62
6:59 pm
a bogey six for fowler, doggy 62 hands to count out (water running) leonard, are you in the shower? leonard: i can't hear you! i'm in the shower! i asked if you were in the shower, but that's moot now! what? moot! rendered unimportant by recent events! i can't hear you! i'm in the shower! i have to skip the chitchat. emergency. what kind of emergency? mathematical-- 32-ounce banana smoothie, 16-ounce bladder. you might not want to do that. i assure you i do. sheldon, i'm not alone in here. what?! hello, sheldon. what are you doing in there? she can't be in here! we were in here first; you can't be in here. according to the roommate agreement, paragraph nine, subsection b, "the right to bathroom privacy is suspended in the event of force majeure." and believe me, i am experiencing
7:00 pm
a very majeure force. come on, you can't wait two minutes? oh, leonard, let the man pee. penny? penny? penny? what? move. move. move! ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪we built the wall ♪ ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪ ♪ bang! ♪ ♪ ♪ oui la vie est belle. the new exceptional perfume. lancôme. choose your free lancôme gift. at macy's, the fragrance destination.


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