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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  May 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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protect women's right to choose the urgent message delivered today by state and local politicians after the draft decision that would overturn roe v. wade, a. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth what? to the four on a friday. i'm frank mallicoat. good afternoon . i'm greg lee. communities across the country are bracing for demonstrations both for and against the possible repeal of abortion protections under the decades old roe v. wade case here in the bay area, more than a dozen politicians and leaders gathered to rally voters to action in defense of a woman's right to choose. ktvu south bay reporter jesse geary has this story from mountain view. this is an assault on women's rights . in mountain view friday, more than a dozen political and community leaders all but one women and all united in sounding a clarion call to action. for the very first time in the history of our country, the
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supreme court is poised to take a right away that pronouncement from south bay congresswoman anna issue comes after sunday's leaked draft from the high court. it indicates justices may overturn roe versus wade, the 1972 landmark ruling that women have a constitutional right to abortion, but the draft indicates the court would leave the issue up to individual states. and if you think that the states are going to be able to protect women think again because if the republicans take control of the house and the senate, they will pass a bill outlawing abortion in every state women will be hurt. women's health will be undermined people's lives could be lost. the push now is to mobilize for what some say is the most important political and social fight in two generations. it is appalling to think that my two teenage daughters may be denied the same rights and freedoms that women have
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rightfully had for close to 50 years. some south bay political leaders have already earmarked funds to provide services due to an increase in those seeking abortions. even prior. um to this announcement on monday, they started to see an increase in the number of patients looking for patient care. folks are coming here because they know that they can get the care that they need, and we will not back down. the other front in this fight is legislative. the house has passed the women's health protection act, and next week the senate will take up the issue. we must codify the rights established by roby by roe v. wade. but the senate stamp is uncertain due to a near 50 50 split. so the ultimate power brokers the people are being urged to step up and take action. if 70% of the people think one thing and the congress does something else. they can be replaced in mountain view. jessie gary ktvu fox to lose earlier this week, house republican leadership led by congressman kevin mccarthy,
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released a statement condemning that leak and saying quote house republicans are committed to upholding the sanctity of life and we will continue to fight to be a voice for the truly voiceless. there is nothing more special, extraordinary and worth fighting for it and the miracle of life. and an investigation now underway into who leaked that draft opinion from the supreme court. foxes learn, blanchard tells us there's also a brewing controversy over called to protest outside the justices holmes the home addresses of the six conservative justices on the supreme court have been posted online by pro choice activists. the white house, however, is not denouncing it. the president believes in peaceful protest. he believes that's part of our democracy court justices they signed up for being the subject of public, you know, anger, but they their families didn't and the idea that the white house refuses to speak out on this is dreadful and unacceptable. the advocacy group ruth sent us
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published the addresses and while they are not encouraging violence, they are calling for people to do walk by demonstrations at the private residences. police presence has been increased outside the homes . that group, also calling for mother's day protests. catholic churches. meanwhile a church in colorado was already vandalized by unnamed suspects. we know that these protests can turn into riots overnight very quickly. these people are very angry. meanwhile in congress, there is a bipartisan push to allow for 24 7 security for the justices and their families. senate leader chuck schumer is promising a vote to codify abortion protection laws. but in a split 50 50 senate, he is unlikely to get the 60 votes needed for it to pass. republicans will have two choices. they can own the destruction of women's rights. where they can reverse course and work to prevent the damage. as for who leaked the draft opinion, the supreme court martial is investigating. the chief justice john roberts,
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called the leak absolutely appalling and said it will not affect the work of the court in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news at tennessee's governor signed a bill today limiting the use of the abortion pill coming up at 4 30. we're going to hear more about this type of method and the increase in demand ahead of the potential decision. roe versus wade, stay right here with ktvu. for the very latest developments on this story will have awesome more. updates coming up on ktvu dot com. area side shows erupted two separate locations in oakland last night in businesses are gearing up for what could be another chaotic night in the uptown district. as the streets filled with first friday, vendors and visitors ktvu is emma garces live in oakland, with reaction from businesses uncertain what tonight will bring emma. greg business owners know that oakland first fridays draws a large crowd, organizers say close to 30,000 people come out for the free for the food and
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street vendors and the live music, but later into the night , there is the risk for side show activity. seen on citizen video thursday night businesses in oakland's uptown district on edge as this month's first friday festivities get underway in oakland. oakland police recovered a firearm from the late night sideshow on cinco de mayo and made two arrests. they also tweeted these pictures showing some of the 60 vehicles towed pretty long night at tierra mia cafe nearby, made to middle of the night checks on the business after getting security system notifications on his phone. banging on it. there is kind of trying to get in. but thankfully, nothing was harmed to rosa police got anonymous tips that car caravans, some coming from oakland were involved in a 750 person side show the same night. around 11 o'clock, one person was shot. several shots were fired. we know that the victim was hit
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multiple times in his lower extremities, underwent surgery at a local hospital, and it was in critical condition but expected to live at world of braids along telegraph avenue in oakland. the threat of side shows isn't worrying and a hoyt she's been busy breeding here for high school proms this weekend. is a concern all over, but that is something you cannot stop. it's not worrying. locals either. always gotta be mindful of what's around you, but definitely feel safe. i feel like if you just have you come prepared and you make sure like maybe take the bar. if you don't want your car broken into, you know, you can really make it a good time. to reduce the risk of car break ins. oakland first fridays is partnering with telegraph plaza public parking to offer a secure place to park with roaming security till midnight for $10 members right now are setting up and first friday will kick off at five o'clock, greg am i know we're a little bit of way out as vendors
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are setting up. but have you heard or seen of more officers starting to be on patrol in that area for tonight and the expected side show activity. i did just hear from oakland police. they do have teams that are cracking down on side shows. they're showing more information later this evening on those details. alright, armacost live in oakland. emma. thank you. police all across the bay area have had extra officers on patrol last night to prevent drunk and impaired driving. video posted on social media shows one driver on the peninsula racing away from a d u i checkpoint girl. well, there it is. this was the scene in san carlos. you could see that driver backed into a ditch and turned his car around after pulling up to the checkpoint. the driver then raced away traveling the wrong way down the street. still not clear whether san mateo county sheriff's deputies caught up with that driver. four people were hurt in san francisco after their car plunged over a cliff near sutro baths. police responded to the
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scene around three o'clock this morning on point lobos. they say the car was traveling north when it crossed the center. lane went through a fence and plummeted 40 yards down to the bottom of the cliff. the fire department rescued the four people who range in age from 17 to 23 years old. all four victims were taken to the hospital. two are in critical condition. protesters arrested on the campus of city college of san francisco. coming up what faculty and professors are saying ahead of a vote on whether or not to lay off more than 200 of their staff members, plus president biden travels to ohio, announcing a plan to boost manufacturing and strengthen supply chains in the us rivera in washington, with more on the president's latest initiative to try and bring down prices. and what the april drops report means for the economy coming up. and i'm tracking a cool down in time for your mother's day sunday that could include if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs.
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is l off the dow was down 98 points. the nasdaq fell 173 points and the s and p was down 23 points. traders are digesting the federal reserve interest rate hike earlier this week. concerned that the move to try to slow inflation could wind up pushing the us into a recession . the april jobs report shows the labor market remains red hot employers added more than 420,000 jobs and unemployment remains steady at 3.6. fox's madeline rivera tells us president biden went to ohio today, where he tried to accentuate the positive economic news and efforts to boost the supply chain. in the battleground state of ohio president biden touted his administration's latest move to boost domestic manufacturing and strengthen supply chains. five major companies, including ge aviation and lockheed martin, are committing to source more
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parts from american firms that used three d printing pandemic and the economic crisis that we inherited. and putin's war on in ukraine. have all shown the vulnerability when we become too reliant on things made overseas . the president bring down prices, which remains southern lehigh still in the midst of the worst inflation in four decades, a bright spot april showing another streak of strong hiring with 428,000 new jobs, the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.6% there's a very strong jobs numbers, but the country is facing some headwinds. the federal reserve still on track to continue raising interest rates after increasing it by a half percentage point this week. a tricky situation that sent stocks on a roller coaster ride as the fed tries to tamp down inflation without triggering a recession, uncertain economic times the percentage of people either working or actively looking for work also went down
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from 62.4% in march to 62.2% in april. we all know there's work to be done. the president is also calling on congress to pass the bipartisan innovation act, which would pump funding for semiconductor manufacturing and industry currently facing a global shortage in washington. rivera fox news hundreds of teachers be on the brink of layoffs at city college and san francisco at this hour. the district board is meeting to consider the cuts ktvu is james torres tells us teachers are protesting the idea of layoffs. and some have already been arrested. tents camped out in front of san francisco city college campus. they've been here all week long beyond tired . tired was about 48 hours ago. mary brave woman represents the local chapter of the american federation of teachers. the union representing the teachers in these tents. her relationship with city college goes back 32 years first as a student now as an algebra and calculus,
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professor, this college serves the community in so many ways that is desperately needed. are and i can't imagine. the nail the coffin that these cuts will give to city college it will be devastating. this protest is ahead of today's special meeting among the board of trustees leading city college. some of these demonstrations became tense earlier this week. san francisco police confirm officers arrested 11 people for civil disobedience among the people in the tents is the student representative on the board here because we don't want any class cuts. we don't want any cuts to any of our programs. and we definitely want of our faculty. or staff. to be laid off. the college is attempting to make up for a $7 million budget gap. last year, leaders agreed budget cuts and layoffs would be the best option so far, 50 teachers have received pink slips. and these pro were more.
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100. others. could be on the block. these cuts go through, i am am 10. for what it will. cuts go through. t. say. more than. students will be robbed. ample learning. opportunities. around the bay area afternoon. partly cloudy skies around the area. mostly cloudy for our coastline. we had a little bit of mist and drizzle to start the day and we will continue with a bit of unsettled weather. into the weekend. sunday look to be coolest. day. the biggest of scattered showers. here's a look. over. the east bay. shore, where we do have a goes there along a five. a little bit of
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drizzle out there. but for the most part, it's a dry one out there. for your hour. civic northwest. northern california. seeing light rain there for us. going to off. reporting 24 oakland 16, so we're seeing a stronger onshore push despite the onshore push, despite the cloud cover some areas little bit warmer right now than we were 24 hours ago, up by six degrees inhale. by seven. paloma by four over. areas of fairfield. fairfield. now. 74 degree. 70. reported. in brentwood. so it's a one out. there this after. six inches.
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a bit of patch. drizzle. and the paypal. of some low lying fog well. but by the afternoon were mostly sunny. we're now into sunday also happens to be mother's day there's a look at the time. stamp. a.m. look. what's happening. the north. then as we about a.m. right the central bay area, and then by 11 , it looks new. perhaps. seeing some the south. bay. so if you have more plans. the seven degrees for anti aachen temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be very similar to today. i'll have a look at union hives for tomorrow. better d. on the storm. sunday. the possible of some. in the. for.
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up. and tonight, right here on ktvu. it's the w w e smack, followed by the 10 o'clock news
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mis, dr fauci said the pandemic phase was over. then the next day you had to walk it back a little
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bit, so i asked dr wollensky, the head of the cdc. a year ago . so we have vaccines with extraordinary advocacy against severe disease and death. is there any sort of timeline because we're here? a lot of people still in masks at this event when we can maybe do an event like this without nasa. what might happen with a new variant, and so we are critically watching it. we're watching what's happening. the a and our new a two. but if you vaccine if you're boosted if you get tested early in disease we have access. to tools. that prevent severe. and death. bit which is an antiviral pill that you can take if you get covid within the first few days of getting symptoms. that's something that vice president harris took when she got covid. it's something that dr wolinski recommends. talk to your doctor
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about that, she says. it is now widely available, so we talked to her about that about title 40 to the immigration about abortion. we also talked to gloria allred about abortion, and we talked this week with congressman adam schiff about his trip to kiev last weekend, where he met with president zelensky. so lot coming up on the issue is this week, i guess so. it sounds like a packed show, and by the way, the issue is turning. what four years old your fourth anniversary, so congrats on that. thank you very much, very proud of it, and very, very proud to be on ktvu and really deeply appreciative of all your support over the years on making this show possibility. well it's a great show, and we're glad to have you as well. all the best. have a great weekend. alex. and you can catch sunday's special episode, the fourth anniversary show, and you heard what's on it. 5:30 a.m. this sunday right here on ktvu. the state of tennessee is now restricting abortion medication. still ahead, we'll take a closer look at the national battle unfolding over
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these pills as the supreme court decision about roe v. wade looms and the c d. c now warning about some mysterious hepatitis cases in children. why they're so puzzling and the symptoms keep an eye out for coming up. booking most cruises can be complicated.
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acc. today the governor of tennessee signed a bill into wall that will require a clinician to be present to administer an abortion pill to a patient
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starting in january. this is despite federal regulations, allowing mail delivery of the medication nationwide. republicans in texas, kentucky, arkansas and ohio have also moved to restrict access to abortion pills in recent months. more than half of abortions in the u. s. are now done with pills rather than surgery. the issue of abortion pills certainly under close watch since the supreme court appears poised to overturn abortion rights. for some insight into the significance of these decisions. we are joined by doctor jessica hambleton, physician at planned parenthood . mormont doctor. thanks so much for your time, more than half of us abortions are now done with medication. as we said let me get your response to tennessee's new legislation. my reaction to this. i just want to be very clear that today, abortion is still safe and legal across the country and planned parenthood remains committed to doing everything that we can to provide people with the care that they need. to control their bodies, their lives and their futures. i mean, quite frankly,
4:28 pm
i've had enough of politicians attempting to regulate our bodies and our medical practice . i went to school for many years to become a physician. my practice is appropriately regulated by medical boards and pharmacy boards to help ensure that i provide safe ethical and evidence based care for my patients. who are these politicians who have suddenly decided that they have the education and authority to regulate health care. i think governor lee has a background in mechanical engineering. i mean, what kind of country are we living in allowing unqualified people to opine on medical care? this is arlene, stay out of it. doctor i want to go ahead and just gonna say 19 states have strict restrictions on access to this medication that earlier this year, the fda ruled women don't need to pick up the pills in person. so does this discord and confusion. concerned you. and can you explain why you believe this method is important to women? yeah absolutely. as you said more than half of abortions in the united states are medication abortions, and we
4:29 pm
know that this is a very, very safe and very effective way of an option of managing a pregnancy. laws like these make our patients very confused. they place unnecessary burdens on the people who need these medications. i mean, can you imagine seeing a doctor in person every time you need a refill for a prescription? not only needing to see them once, but as his tennessee law suggests, needing to come back for no medical benefit whatsoever to obtain your medication the next day. his laws are absurd. doctor may ask with the supreme court leak. are you seeing demand for these medications go up. yeah we are absolutely seeing an increase in demand for these medications. we now offer medication abortion that all 35 of our health centers in both california and nevada. as i said, we needed to increase access to care. dr congresswoman barbara lee said this week. making abortions illegal doesn't mean they'll stop. it just means they become more dangerous. so do restrictions like tennessee's
4:30 pm
create a situation for a black market that could put more women at risk. absolutely what we know is that people will find a way to have abortions and we know that medication. abortion is safe and effective, and i hope that patients will find a way to access this care that they need. early in pregnancy. um i expect that states like california and nevada will start to see an increase in procedures and with roe overturned. procedures that would be first trimester procedures or medication abortions that are outlawed in one state will inevitably become second trimester procedures and states like ours, who are committed to ensuring access to abortion. doctor do you think we could anticipate legal action, whether from planned parenthood or otherwise against these 19 states, especially since federal regulations allow delivery nationwide at this moment? absolutely i mean, we know that this fight is just starting while we have been preparing for a post racial world for many years at this point, um, this is just the tip of the iceberg. alright certainly something to
4:31 pm
follow as we await that scotus decision later this summer doctor jessica hambleton from planned parenthood. marmont. thank you for your time. thank you for having me. another rescue operation taking place inside the ukrainian ports city of maria paul to evacuate civilians trapped inside the city at a besieged steel plant officials say about 50 more civilians were rescued. including 11 children. it's estimated that about 2000 ukrainian fighters are refusing to surrender. british intelligence says russian troops may try to seize the plan to give russia military win. before their national victory day holiday, which is on monday. elsewhere russian forces they are struggling to gain ground. certainly what is happening to his russian forces, their stalled again in the second offense, and they are being systematically depleted once again. ukraine's military says its troops have prevented nearly a dozen attacks in the donbas
4:32 pm
region. they're also pushing russian fighters further away from the city of kharkiv. the border crisis is one of the causes of a deadly fentanyl crisis in american cities. drug cartels currently operate across the country and some maury that was titled 42 set to end in may. more drugs could get into the country illegally. foxes giovanni luigi talked to a cartel insider in sacramento and has this story. 911 what's your emergency? these emergencies are becoming more common for first responders. fentanyl overdose, okay, what were dogged, cheap for the cartels to make this is an undercover detective who works in california. he tracks down cartel members responsible for trafficking drugs. the profile of them is very small so they can smuggle large quantities at a time. um and the profit margins on those is
4:33 pm
extremely california has a vast network of interstates and highways systems that stretch across the country for them to further criminal. organizations. for them to push more of these drugs onto the streets to make it available on every corner. detectives say. this is why drug cartels use california as a shipping hub. all of these have a victim and they go far beyond the person that's killed with fentanyl, according to the d e. a more than two dozen states like texas, new york and florida. also have active cartel operations. accidental overdoses are almost exclusively fentanyl now to say we were blindsided is a real understatement. this is laura did here in this was her son, zach. you ready? zach's dad just said zach was a y
4:34 pm
straight a students. he died two days after christmas in 2020 after an accidental fentanyl poisoning. he took what he thought was a percocet, but it was laced with fentanyl that there needs to be strengthened laws around fentanyl. and the cdc says it's now looking into more than 100 cases of unexplained hepatitis in children. nine of the 109 cases nationwide. we're right here in california. five children have died. eight others need a kidney transplants. it's a sharp increase from two weeks ago when there were only 11 cases. cdc says. there's no obvious cause, but they're looking into a common virus that was present in more than half of those cases, doctors are being asked to keep a eye out for hepatitis or liver inflammation in their pediatric patients. orinda is very latest , latest rather east bay city to ban the sale of flavor, tobacco and vaping products. metal cigarettes are also included in
4:35 pm
that bad merchants who violate the ordinance could be cited. city officials say the ban is intended to discourage smoking among minors. who studies have shown are more attracted to flavored tobacco. the ban is scheduled to go into effect in june. colorful mural is now on display at a historical center in san francisco's chinatown. it honors martial arts legend bruce lee during this asian american pacific islander heritage month. ktvu is amber lee says. this work of art is a collaborative effort by bay area artists who have been fans of bruce lee for a long time. right looking at our bruce lee mural mural of bruce lee is on display at the chinese historical society of america in san francisco. chinatown it is collaborative and intricate work of artists using drawings, technology and music to bring the cultural icon to life to tell his story. he is the bridge. that how we need
4:36 pm
people who are bridges in our society to connect us artist marina perez wong says lee is a symbol of unity, bridging the gap between the west and the east. born in san francisco to chinese parents, he embraced his asian and american heritage. this is representative of china , the mountains here. the mural depicts the important places in lee's life. the people in the mural included those who inspired lee and those he inspired. it also illustrates his use of his martial arts skills to teach students of all ethnicities, including kareem abdul jabbar, childhood superhero. of mine for years, michael dinkins helped create the music for the mural. movies and philosophy were his inspiration. courage. honor strength. um. there was so many things that he shared and that i picked up from the movies. you use your mind more so just using
4:37 pm
your body surrounded by a dragon , his chinese name, lacey, you long means little dragon. he was born in the year of the dragon. we use technology to align the animations on top of the mirror to kind of make it like seamless is one of three artists who created the animation that made the mural and immersive experience experienced the art and like, three dimensional way they can look at one. one side of the wall and another side of the wall and have a different experience and legacy of a legend who embraced inclusion celebrated people to take away this idea of kinship of solidarity of. coming together. the mural will be displayed here at the museum for at least five years, but the artwork is designed to be mobile, so artists hope to eventually turn it into a traveling exhibit to be displayed across the country. in san francisco. chinatown
4:38 pm
amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. certainly something to go check out alright. a new addition to the chase center, a statue of late san francisco mayor ed lee , who helped bring the warriors back to the city. we'll hear from the sculptors up next. a little bit of unsettled weather this afternoon across parts of the bay area, with some drizzle falling, we will get a break tomorrow but a better chance at some rain coming in on sunday, better details after the break.
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mors return from memphis for game three, but that series all locked up at a game apiece, and fans will notice a new addition to chase center sitting on the west entrance on the gatehouse steps you will find the late san francisco mayor ed lee in bronze. holding a basketball
4:41 pm
mayor league guided many san francisco projects during his tenure. one of his most proudest was the planning and the construction of the chase center . dub c 00 rick welts. last project was ensuring this £300 bronze statue. became a reality statue was unveiled yesterday, which would have been mayor lee's 70th birthday, and we're excited to have the two artists that made that beautiful statue here on the four. let's say hello to jonah hendrickson and deborah samia. good to have you both with us. i thank you. thank you. all right, jonah, let's start with you. how many hours of work and health thrilled. are you to finally see it sitting on those steps at the chase center? okay, well, yeah. ah i first got the call from rick. uh in february of 2019. so we're a little bit over three years here. so figure about 2000 working hours in a year. going on something over 6000 hours here. my goodness. it wasn't thick 6000 hours of completely working on it. it was definitely
4:42 pm
at least that many hours of thinking about it, and it is absolutely amazing to see that we've got this project. completely. to conclusion and, um to see it on yesterday was absolutely thrilling that that's exactly the word. it is beautiful. deborah his likeness is spot on. how many different photos did you look at before you? you got it just right, including the smile and the tilt of the head. everything. we were lucky to have a thumb drive with over 500 views and photos of deadly from his office. so we had so many angles to look at. and then we narrowed it down to maybe 30 different smiles that we can really focus on and thinking of an approachable face , uh, very like as if he had just finished telling a joke and very stately, though we wanted to still have him look may auriol and to look casual and friendly and welcoming. wow and
4:43 pm
jonah i. it's become kind of a it will become. i guess i should say kind of a place to take a selfie have a photo taken. i spent a lot of lot of years in boston and i guess you got the idea with red auerbach with the cigar and faneuil hall on the bench. and you hope people do that as well. right this was well, absolutely this this was actually ricks. concept his inspiration and he mentioned that sculpture in our very first phone call. and um, i took it and i knew that that's what rick had in his mind and the entire time that debra and i worked on the sculpture we had. we had the idea of recreating that syrians from the inspiration that that rick um suggested to us, and it also all fit together and it was a natural deborah, did you feel the pressure a little bit? because this is this is a forever statue is going to be out there forever. we were so honored to be able to have this
4:44 pm
as a tribute to such an important figure in san francisco. and when we had mayor lee's family come his wife and two daughters and when they finally looked at the clay, and when they saw his likeness in there, we knew that we were able to capture that, and that was so satisfying, and so then we could say it was approved and move it on and turn it into bronze. to be immortal. you got a thumbs up from the family, you know you're doing it right, jonah. tell our viewers i thought it was interesting. how the warriors found you to get it started in the first place. um yeah, uh i have been involved in two other projects that are bronze busts at city hall. i was in the i was part of the harvey milk commemorative sculpture at city hall. which is upstairs in the wedding chamber, and i was also
4:45 pm
, uh, involved in the adolph sutro sculpture. coming. mayor sutro. which is down by the entrance to the ness, and i believe that rick and gorka keen we're walking around the city hall and looking for some possible artists that could be whose talents could be available here. will it all worked out? yes it all worked out. guess so. it's beautiful. and uh, a lot of fans are going to be there tomorrow. taking pictures. congratulations to you. both were certainly very happy to be a part of it. and i'd like to say happy mother's day to all the moms out there. touche touche, jonah hendrickson and deborah samia. thanks so much. congratulations on all your hard work, and tomorrow night. or tomorrow afternoon, i guess. with the warriors playing good 20,000. people are going to be taking photos. job well done. fantastic go warriors. you bet.
4:46 pm
take care. alright how about a look at our weather? it has been a cloudy, gloomy day out there and perhaps some rain on mother's day. let's bring in rosemary oroczo to tell us about it. not only rain but cooler weather in store snow for the sierra. yeah, we're going to go way back to the winter wintertime months giving you a look here at some of that cloud cover out there. even a little bit of drizzle. we showed you that on our lens right before the break partly cloudy skies in some areas, the radar having a tough time indicating where we're actually seeing some of that drizzle, but roberta came in a few minutes ago and said yep, oakland's definitely seeing some of that we are going to remain with this pattern just a little bit unsettled through tonight. tomorrow afternoon looks to be mostly sunny and then sunday the bigger possibility of some wet weather storm tracker to their again. it looks quiet from this perspective, but we've got some of that drizzle below the radar being at this hour pulling back
4:47 pm
for you where we can see the noticeable reign over the pacific northwest down into northern california. all that green. there is a system moves through for us. it's the cloudier conditions, the onshore breezes quite strong in some areas, very breezy and fairfield even reporting wind gusts to 29 mph right now at travis napa reporting augusta 24 in nevada 18. so breezy evening in store if you're going to see the giants play upper fifties with mostly cloudy skies and breezy conditions, dress in layers, even consider a thicker jacket. here's a look at tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies little bit of patchy fog out there, as we get into the afternoon will call for mostly clear skies and temperatures very similar to today. very seasonal for this time of year and as we get into a sunday morning, which is mother's day. again. it looks like the north bay right around nine o'clock or so maybe even a little bit sooner than that. seeing some light, scattered showers, and then it begins to march across the central and south bay 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock noon time. this is going to the possibility of some rain through the morning hours. so if you do have plans,
4:48 pm
outdoor hiking breakfast brunch , something definitely to consider that as we get into the afternoon. looks like scattered showers still remaining a possibility. although it looks fairly broken up at this time, we will continue to track it for you outside over areas above blue canyon, south lake tahoe, truckee right now in the low fifties under a mix of sun and clouds, but as we get into the weekends go to be a dry day. up. the past. tomorrow. not going to be a big sunday. things start to deteriorate in that sense, 40 degrees the afternoon high on sunday and snow expected for the tahoe area temperatures outside around the bay area right now. 61 degrees in san francisco upper sixties in napa, even some low seventies out there to enjoy for some folks heading out to dinner this evening. for the inner east bay. here's a look at tomorrow. so temperatures and getting out the door mid forties to mid fifties chill in the air for parts of r north bay valley locations. but then as we get into the afternoon very pleasant weather. 70 degrees for napa, 60
4:49 pm
san francisco a little cool along the coast pacifica 56 for you there with mostly cloudy skies, the extended forecast here showing you temperatures drop off dramatically on sunday. monday tuesday, still a possibility of scattered showers . maybe even thunderstorms and take a look. upper fifties low sixties in the forecast. as we start the week we do rebound on wednesday back to you. that are called down. warm up in a cool down, rosemary. thank you. all right. you can show your red and gold pride with your license plates coming up. we'll hear more about those 49ers license plates in the groups. you can help out if you choose to purchase one. plus rising costs of tying the knot or not slowing down the wedding industry coming up at five we'll hear from the bay area bridal boutique who explains how couples are making ends meet. also at five disturbing details out of a san jose church where an exorcism jose church where an exorcism claimed the life of under district attorney gascón,
4:50 pm
i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
4:51 pm
or it on their bumpers. i'm
4:52 pm
gonna buy frank. this one. the 49ers are offering a specialty plate to raise money for state parks. ktvu is heather holmes spoke with wade crow foote, he's the secretary for the california department of natural resources , which runs the state parks department. he says the majority of the proceeds will from sales will help expand access to underserved communities. i'm fired up. i spent a lot of my adult life in the bay area, part of the 49ers faithful and thankful to the 49ers for stepping up creating these plates as a way to show team pride and help more young kids get outdoors, california motorists would apply just like they had to do for other specialty plates for that 49ers plate. and they pay a one time fee of $53 and then ongoing fee of $40 that funding about a quarter of it is going to the nonprofit san francisco 49ers foundation. just support charitable projects around the bay area, and the remainder is going into the state agency that oversees state parks and outdoor
4:53 pm
access, and we're going to use the funding help helping more more young people. more californians get outside. important is that funding? it's really important ongoing funding for programming youth. recreation programming. improving our state parks is really critical. we have over 270 state parks across the state , and yet we need funding to maintain those parks and programming to help people get into parks, particularly those that don't normally visit them. but in order for this to happen, we've got to have a lot of people participate in sign up. so in order for our department of motor vehicles to actually print these plates, we need 7500 pre orders. and so that's what we're focused on right now. right right now is engaging with 49ers fans and getting those preorders which don't cost a dime. i'm for whatever reason, if there is not that critical mass received then, um, but no obligation on the person that does pre registering but that's 7500 is really key to get this
4:54 pm
program launched. what other organizations do you team up with for a specialty plate like this? historically we have teamed up with organizations like our coastal conservancy. it does projects to conserve our coast or our lake ka ho conservancy. bettering is groups . we even have a snoopy license plate over funding goes to nonprofit museums. but i have to say this. this partnership with with proteins is very new. it's happened in other places in the country. i was traveling in wisconsin fairly recently. i saw a packers plate. i've seen the st louis cardinals plate but really excited to get this program up and running in california. all right. you heard the challenge diners fans. the team needs 7500 people to pre pay for the plates before the dmv can print them. so if you are interested to 49ers plates .com alright, time to get out your hats and prepare the mint juleps. the kentucky derby makes its return to its pre pandemic normal look at tomorrow's
4:55 pm
if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today.
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thed kentucky derby is set for tomorrow. the kick off of the 2022 triple crown, it will be the first time in three years that the race will be run in front of the full house. you gotta go sometimes on my bucket list and as foxes, lydia, who explains tomorrow's event will be returned to normal for spectators. there will be no covid-19 restrictions at churchill downs. it's back the kentucky derby returns this year and for the first time in three years, no covid restrictions are in place, and fans are thrilled . back in 2020. they held the kentucky derby, but fans were not allowed here at churchill downs to watch last year. capacity was capped at about 52,000 people this year. we can expect to see about three times
4:58 pm
as many filled the stands at churchill downs. all of these people want to see the most exciting two minutes in sports, and this year it's not just the pinnacle of american horse racing. this is also where american dreams are being realized. we talked with saffy joseph jr. he's a third generation horse trader who came from barbados years ago with just two horses to his name. but after years of work, he broke into american horse racing and an hour has 150 horses in training tomorrow. his horse white, a burial will take part in the run for the roses. my dream. that's where i came from barbados to kentucky. my dream was to win the kentucky it every thursday. if you work hard, and you do right that people will give you the opportunity and thank god god bless us, and now we're here in the position where the sky's the limit. it's a $3 million prize at stake and tomorrow's kentucky derby race. but before we get there today, up first we have the kentucky oaks happening later this evening. that's the race of the
4:59 pm
three year old fillies, female horses, and that's why we wear pink today in louisville, kentucky. i'm lydia, who with the fox business network. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. and off the top of five illegal car stunt scarring oakland streets this evening business is gearing up for the possibility of another chaotic night psychos erupting at two separate locations in oakland last night. good evening. i'm andre. senior everyone i'm frank mallicoat had happened. nearby the first friday location and out vendors and visitors are hoping there will not be a repeat report performance tonight. ktvu zim. agus joins us live from oakland with reaction from businesses and certain what tonight? might bring emma businesses here know that oakland first fridays draws a large crowd, organizers say close to 30,000. people come out for the food, the vendors, the music, but later into the night, there is the risk for side show activity. seen on citizen video
5:00 pm
thursday night has businesses in oakland's uptown district on edge as this month's first friday. festivities get underway in oakland. oakland police recovered a firearm from the late night sideshow on cinco de mayo and made two arrests. they also tweeted these pictures showing some of the 60 vehicles towed pretty long night at tierra mia cafe nearby, made to middle of the night checks on the business after getting security system notifications on his phone. banging on it. there is kind of trying to get in, but thankfully, nothing was harmed to rosa police got anonymous tips that car caravans, some coming from oakland were involved in a 750 person side show the same night. around 11 o'clock, one person was shot. several shots were fired. we know that the victim was hit multiple times in his lower extremities, underwent surgery


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