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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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roua coin dealer targeted by thieves , and the manager tells us it is not the first time that her family's stores have been hit. it's getting more and more scary . these guys doing this think that we've got a lot of stuff for them to take. and we don't good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach. we'll get to that story in just a moment. but first arrest tonight in a series of dozens of arsons. live coverage right now from ktvu s elissa harrington in the city of concord, alyssa. that's right. you know, contra costa county firefighters say that there were more than 30 arsons they responded to and just a two day time span. it has been a very busy week, and they want to remind people that now is the time to prepare your
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homes. when the first one went off. our son was sleeping, so we kind of panicked. a little bit pulls house is just up the hill from hillcrest park in antiochus , the place where someone set six fires over the weekend, we heard crackling. my wife came up and we saw the smoke coming in the backyard. and then the following day we heard it a little bit louder because it was right at the bottom of the walkway here. you can see those burned areas of the park. flames raced up the hillsides and came within feet of homes. scary situation for us steve hill with the contra costa county fire protection district, said cruz responded to 33 arsons across the county in just a 48 hour time span. investigators were able to track down and arrest four people believed to be the arsonist working separately, even though those fires were mostly set near homes and businesses. we were able to get on them quickly and keep them from getting into those structures, so no structures were affected or lost bythose 3t
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residents should do as well. for example, the weed abatement deadline in contra costa county has made 31st. this includes mandatory brush clearing and tree trimming. many neighborhoods are also in the wildland urban interface. these are areas where homes meet up with the wildlands and are surrounded by highly flammable vegetation. the fire yesterday in southern california is just another reminder that we are in a dangerous fire weather here. not red flag weather, but nonetheless, the conditions on the ground are very dangerous because the fuel is so dry and there's so much of it. of course, fire is on everyone's mind because of those devastating wildfires down in southern california. firefighters around here also do evacuation drills where they sometimes ask residents to take part. that's for people who live. up in the hills or in those high fire. danger areas reporting live in concord. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you for that. well this evening,
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officials in orange county say the damaging fire in laguna niguel is now 15% contained 200 acres that have burned in 20 homes in the upscale community or destroyed 11. others damaged . one family returned today to see that only a birdhouse had survived the flames. that destroyed their home of 30 years. i really not at all how to describe it. it's my parents' pride and joy. the evacuation order for 900 residents remains in effect at least through tomorrow morning as crews try to get a line around the fire there also preserving whatever mementos they find. they found a laptop computer. but they also found a wedding photo and be able to hand that over to the homeowner in the face of such devastation. that means a lot for them. the community. and, of course ourselves. 550 firefighters are out there on the front lines working to get
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full containment. they're also warning of hotter weather about to settle in in the coming days . extreme drought is worsening across california. the drought monitors latest map shows the dark red area of extreme drought across much of the central valley and inland counties. the bay area. drought picture has not changed, but the drought monitor says cooler temperatures have helped delay the melting of the shallow snowpack, which is at 22% of normal new details tonight in the kidnapping case of that three month old in san jose. excuse me. bross cuter said today that the couple charged in the abduction had already made several attempts to take the baby as ktvu. jesse gary tells us one of those attempts involved posing as a child protective services worker. it's absolutely shocking . this is i think any parent's worst nightmare during court proceedings thursday in san jose , santa clara county prosecutors slept yesenia ramirez and jose patio with three more counts of attempted kidnapping. there's a difference between allegations and facts. we have allegations
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right now, the actual substantive evidence that would presumably underlie these charges has not been provided. the newly alleged crimes occurred before the pair was caught and charged with the april 24th kidnapping of three month old baby brandon dough. san jose police evidence from text messages show the pair had tried to carry out the crime at least three times starting in march. in one instance, portillo went to the child's home posing as a child protective services worker. but he left when the family didn't turn the baby over . there have been multiple attempts to kidnap brandon dough since the beginning of march and that they have been planning coordinating and attempting to kidnap him since the beginning of march, ultimately did kidnap the child, touching off a near 20 hour search in late april. the baby was found at a home near regional medical center and returned to his mother. investigators say ramirez orchestrated the plan and patio is the person seen in surveillance video walking off
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with the infant? my clients terrified. i mean, she's sitting in jail. she's held in nobel status. she doesn't even have the opportunity to post bail. we are at the district attorney's office determined to see justice for brandon dough as well as on behalf of the community. a plea hearing is scheduled for june, the seventh the defense could bring up the issue of bail at that time or put it off until another date. as it stands right now. both defendants were being held without bail outside the hall of justice here in san jose , jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. san jose police department is dealing with accusations of misconduct against several officers. in the latest case, an officer is accused of indecent exposure while on the job. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us how the police chief and mayor are now responding. it's been a steady drumbeat in recent weeks. allegations of misconduct by young san jose police officers, drug and alcohol use lewd acts and other misconduct both on and off duty. we have a serious problem in this j p d
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requires remedial action immediately. a mayor sam liccardo, is calling for random drug and alcohol testing for all officers, not just ones in specialty units. nothing angers. a good cop more than a bad cop. i know that the. overwhelming majority of officers in this department. are furious as i am began with revelations that rookie officer dijon packer had died from a fentanyl overdose at his home in milpitas, a startling turn for the former san jose state football star. then another officer turned in by an fbi agent for allegedly being drunk while helping the search for a kidnapped baby boy. a third officer, matthew dominguez, was arrested thursday and charged with indecent exposure for literally touching himself in a home in front of three female relatives of a mentally ill man. 1/4 officer, yannick mendez was cited and released for dui after the chp says he caused a crash on 8 80 near tennyson hayward before dawn friday, and most recently revelations that the fifth officer had improperly given meth pipe to an
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informant in exchange for information. we really need to take a hard look at our hiring standards or backgrounding process. sergeant sean pritchard , head of the police union, says these officers facing allegations don't represent the hardworking officers in the department. some of these are absolutely very serious criminal allegations and again, if they're proven to be true, then these individuals do not belong in law enforcement. they are susceptible to all the evils in the world. just as we all are. and what happens when they become a place officer. they are held to a higher standard. this is san jose police chief anthony marra walking officer matthew dominguez out of the department after the four year veteran was charged with indecent exposure, the chief pledging to hold officers accountable. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. santa rosa couple suspected of causing the death of its 15 month old daughter has been released from jail. evan frost iq and madison bernard are accused of exposing their daughter to fentanyl. they
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were arrested monday after the toddler's mother called to report that the baby was unresponsive. police say they found fentanyl all throughout the house, including the couple's bed, which they shared with their little baby. the two are facing charges of cruelty to a child. if toxicology reports find that fentanyl indeed played a role in the girl's death, prosecutors say they will determine if manslaughter or murder charges should apply. the oakland police department is one step closer to being released from federal oversight. a federal judge decided just today that the department can begin a one year probationary period to prove that it can sustain the required reforms that they've made during the past 20 years. the federal monitor said last month that opd now complies with 51 out of 52 of the necessary reform items. the department says it's still working on creating equal disciplinary measures for officers. that probationary period begins on june 1st and update now to a wild scene at a dui checkpoint that we showed you last week,
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the san mateo county sheriff's office says it did track down the driver who was caught here on video backing up into a ditch and then speeding away from a checkpoint in san carlos. authorities say she is a 16 year old girl from newark. they say she could now face a number of charges, including reckless driving, hit and run and driving without a license. the honda pilot she was driving has been impounded for the next 30 days. gas prices while they are higher than ever here in the bay area, coming up a little later tonight, the governor's plan to try to offset the impact of inflation here in california. and we are tracking that weekend forecast. the weather is looking pretty good. it's warm enough. i'll have that forecast right after the break cleaning up san francisco the effort from city leaders to help businesses get rid of graffiti. for free and low riders could be coming back to the south bay at 10 30 tonight. the proposal in one city to repeal the ban on car cruising.
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get by thieves. woman says her family is to businesses have each been targeted by a group of thieves. in a span of two months. these criminals were not able to get inside, but she says that they did cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. new attend. ktvu amberleigh live for us tonight in martinez and amber. the attempted break ins were caught
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on camera. that's right. mike, the shop manager, hopes that the surveillance videos will help tax those responsible. the most recent attempted break in happened here at this coin shop along busy alhambra avenue. they dropped one crowbar forgot to pick it back up. and started working on my second interior door. jennifer shows me surveillance video of the attempted burglary at her family's store, martinez coin and jewelry exchange that took place tuesday around 3 40 in the morning. two thieves use crowbars to pry open the glass entrance store and a second interior door. a third suspect waited in a getaway car. you're mad. you're. you're via your violated. i mean, you're just angry. jennifer says that thieves were unable to pry open a third door, thanks to special reinforcement installed a week ago, she says that was done after their filet host store was severely damaged during an attempted burglary in march.
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also in the early morning hours, it's your living. it's your livelihood. and now you've got to deal with this in the middle of the night, she says the filet host store remains closed. she's still waiting to get the doors replaced due to supply chain issues. jennifer says she suspects that some of the same people are involved in both burglary attempts. she says 13 to 15 other corn stores in the bay area has been hit by thieves since march. and that the suspect descriptions are similar that thieves were hoodies masks and use three ft. long bright yellow crowbars. it's not just a property crime, you know, we're talking six figure losses for some of these businesses. that's a lot of money and i want them arrested and i want him prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. jennifer says this is an image of the suspect vehicle in the martinez incident , four door sedan with paper license plate. it starts with the letter b and ends with an eight and zero, she says
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martinez police have been responsive she and other business owners plan to meet with filet host city officials monday to get answers, mike hopefully, those tips can come in to help lead police to those who are responsible there. right amberleigh live for us a martinez amber. thank you. for that the covid death toll in the united states is nearing one million people. flags right now are flying at half staff at the white house and all federal government buildings through monday, more than 990,000 americans have now died from covid that, according to johns hopkins university, the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic back on march 11th 2020 at the time. 36 americans had died around the world more than 6.2 people have died. two senior executives are leaving twitter and the company has issued a hiring freeze ahead of the planned purchase by elon musk. one of the executives said on twitter that he was asked to leave the company while he's on paternity leave. the wall street journal reports that twitter ceo
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said in a memo that the company is looking for ways to trim costs but is not looking at broadly offs. but the san francisco company may rescind job offers already made. shares of twitter were down 2% overall stocks ended the day mixed after another roller coaster day of trading. the dow was down 103 points at the close. the nasdaq tipped up six points and the s and p was down five. healthcare companies in retailers were higher. bitcoin though, fell nearly 3% more now on the coastal fire down in orange county, 20 homes destroyed containment now at 15% reporter ed lasko is live in lagoon and miguel tonight and ed, what are you hearing what he's seeing there. at the scene. mike it is still very much a surreal scene here a day after this firestorm roared through this neighborhood , you can see it behind me. smoke still blowing in the air. you have firefighters with a hose lines still hitting open flames and then you have the homes or or what's left of them smoldering, smoldering rubble. now, all of that the threat that fire command says, is why they
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still have the mandatory evacuation orders in place for hundreds, this late hour. watch this. let me follow up on this in regards to the cause. i know they're still looking into it. but there was word that maybe a utility possibly could be involved there at the site of the ignition of that fire. very good question, michael. lot of people were asking fire command about that earlier, so cal edison utility company down here by as it's required, it has to notify the state's public utilities commission whenever there's a problem, and they notified them, saying there was a circuit activity a break in the circuit as they put it around the same time mid afternoon yesterday when this fire broke out so that's a possibility, although fire command says there's no sign of any down lines or anything that might have shown an ignition point in the canyon right here by the coast, and, of course, the flames blew up that canyon. fueled by 20 mile an hour winds
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and many of these homes still, if you give you a quick look with mikey, many of these homes are still smoldering here because the embers got deep inside the rubble, and that's the problem that their fire chief says may keep the evacuation orders in place for days here because those embers could ignite days from now, and they could have another major fire on their hand, you know so much focus during these fires is on the destruction of it, and we said 20 homes destroyed but i keep thinking to myself. you know when you're watching the video ed of all the homes that were saved by the firefighters out there who rushed to that scene, and you know it was running hose line on the engine's ladder trucks were up. talk a little bit about that the firefight and what firefighters were able to accomplish when it came to saving homes. well you know, they talked about it. earlier the chief was saying they felt it's a success a success because they had over 1000 people. they had to get out of these winding streets and about maybe a half hour 20 minutes or so. it's more of the units moved through here and the fire was roaring over the hillside. visibility was down to almost zero. and yet they say, it's a success because they got
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everybody out to your point. then the fire crews moved in here. yeah, they lost 20 homes and other 11 damaged. the chief says they don't like to lose one home. but the point is, they will take that any day over the loss of life. but it was a surreal scene here in that sense because they moved in the best they could. but as the chief pointed out, they were battling mother nature. and, as he sadly said, this time, mother nature one. they just couldn't deal with those winds. 20 miles an hour or so, and the fire roaring out of control. at last ghost live there in orange county. no it's been a very busy day for you. we appreciate you taking the time. thanks again. you bet. thanks, mike. well mike, as you know, a lot of that fire had to do you mentioned it earlier. a lot of the fire had to do with the terrain, right? i mean, the weather wasn't a huge issue. there was wind, like, like the gentleman said 20 miles an hour, maybe 30. not good but westerly winds. high humidity is low temperatures but the terrain that that that steep hillside with the winds funneling up at a rapid rate just consumed those homes quickly quickly, and that's a lot of what you know
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that if you know topography in that area at all, you know how vertical that wall is right with that area is and that those flames just blew. the wind blew it right up there funneled. it sped up, and that's where we are much better conditions down there. now they're mopping up. the other thing, too, is with those homes, their giant giant homes and giant holes when you catch one of those on fire that's a lot of heat. that's a lot of flame. that's a lot of appropriate or or or bullets or ammunition or whatever. there's a lot in these homes. so i talked to somebody. i heard some of the firefights talking today about that. just these the size of these. those are giant homes really just being creating extremely hot fire, and that's why it's still smoldering tonight. temperatures today for us, we have lots of sixties some low seventies tomorrow. it's going to be warmer. the warmup didn't really start today. it started yesterday and it leveled off today. today was like yesterday. tomorrow we're going to see temperatures warmer back into the mid eighties or low eighties as we head into the next couple of days. this low pressure goes by today but in the high building so friday and saturday, temperatures are going
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to be potentially in the upper eighties. on saturday, the warmest day on the weekend, so a nice friday saturday a little cooler on sunday, i'll put it all together. specific numbers when i see you back here in just a few minutes, bill, thank you knew attend. san francisco. businesses tagged with graffiti may soon be getting help to remove the graffiti for free. the board of supervisors introduced legislation that will allow businesses in commercial corridors to opt into a pilot program where the city's department of public works would paint over the graffiti. currently business owners are responsible for removing graffiti within 30 days or they face fines from the city francisco unified school district is poised to approve a new superintendent, matt wayne, has been superintendent at the hayward school district for six years. if the san francisco board finalizes his contract at its meeting on may 24th. he will start the new job on july 1st earlier today on the four, wayne told us some of his priorities. one top priority is just
10:22 pm
creating some space for healing and to bring the community together. we've been through so much and what i know about san francisco as everyone wants to students to succeed, because i think we need to step back and take some time to work together to and figure out how we're going to make sure that our students are successful. wayne told us that he appreciates the tough decisions that have already been made on the district's budget, and that he hopes to ensure that schools in san francisco are funded at the appropriate level in the future. the district's current superintendent, is retiring still to come. a trial date set for three former hockey players in santa rosa, who have been accused of sexual assault. plus it's california. you know, what can you do? california's high cost of living, getting higher the governor's plan to offset inflation's impact. and after taking a break due to covid barea fair has returned the sights and sounds later.
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occurred highs, according to triple a the average price of gas across the nine bay area counties is $5.98 a gallon. sam mateo counties is the highest at $6.06. san francisco, marin sonoma and napa counties are also seeing averages climb. to more than $6 a gallon. the remaining counties are just a few cents below that $6 mark, with the exception of solano county, where it's 5 85, triple a, says oakland, san jose and san francisco all recorded their highest average price for gas just today. with consumers certainly feeling the pinch tomorrow. governor gavin newsom plans to unveil details of an $18 billion inflation relief package. jana katsuyama is here now to explain who might benefit and why not everyone supports the idea, janna heather. if governor newsom's plan does go through than many californians could be getting inflation relief check in the mail. but not all lawmakers think that that is the best way to use funds. inflation has hit
10:26 pm
people's budgets in many ways from getting groceries at the store. you can catch this on sale a lot of time to 79 3 99 regular prices now it's like 5 49 5 99 filling up the tank at the gas station. i used to be able to fill this truck where $80 back in the days. now it's at least 150 governor. gavin newsom wants to use some of the state's budget surplus for an $18.1 billion inflation relief package. the proposal includes $11.5 billion in aid to send $400 checks to car owners. 2.7 billion would go towards emergency rent relief 1.4 billion would help people with past due utility bills and $933 million would go to relief checks for some hospital and nursing home staff. the governor is also proposing $750 million for free public transit and other measures to pause the state's diesel sales tax. there would also be a waiver of childcare fees for low income families struggle right now, so
10:27 pm
if it does happen, it will be very much appreciated. some people, however, opposed parts of newsom's plan. a group of democrats and republicans say the state should temporarily suspend the states 51 cent per gallon gas tax. and others say the age should only go to those in greatest need. if we're going to give money back to people, it should not be based on who owns a car. state senator scott wiener of san francisco says more of the surplus funds should go towards long term infrastructure projects. the embarcadero could be flooded the money bark. tunnels could be flooded up and down the state. we have major infrastructure needs. i think the impact would actually be felt relatively quickly is more likely it'll take longer to get it enacted, u c. berkeley economics professor jim wilcox says. while the relief will help low and middle income people who have been hit the hardest inflation is caused by more demand than available supplies, providing these extra subsidies. these extra checks will only increase the amount of
10:28 pm
demand. and therefore if anything will tend to make the inflation rate a little bit higher. and governor newsom is set to explain not just this, but also his other budget revisions and a news conference tomorrow at 10 o'clock in the morning, heather jana katsuyama organizers of a proposition, meantime, calling for an 18 hour and $18 an hour minimum wage here in california say they have enough signatures to put it on the ballot in november. if this proposition passes the minimum wage for employers with more than 25 workers would increase by a dollar every year until reaching $18 in 2025. the initiative would also increase d to some parts of the state haven't even higher wage. a recall effort fails in the east bay, but organizers say they have the signatures they needed
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the allegations of fraud after the break. and draymond green shares why he was dancing during that blowout last night to the grizzlies. postseason anthem are jason appelbaum will have that coming up in sports. drivers in the south bay will soon be able to legally. crews in san jose have more details coming up. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months
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yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is... perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life. discover floor and decor today! earn discriminates against mexican american culture and heritage gate reviews. lamonica peters joining us live tonight from san jose, with more on the story, lamonica. supporters of cruising say the band hasn't been enforced in decades. so what's
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the point of having it now? it seems that the san jose city council committee agrees with them. the low rider culture has been around since the 19 forties . but in san jose, there's been a ban on cruising in the city since 1992 on wednesday, a council committee voted unanimously to lift the ban. over the years, i was stopped dozens of times by the police, and nearly every time i was made to sit on the curb while i and my car were searched. and i was questioned about my presumed gang involvement. san jose city council member raul perales spoke candidly about his own experience with cruising and why he supported lifting the ban. the city says it cracked down on cruising to help curb gang violence and other criminal activity. community has evolved and they've changed. so now, everybody that's actually out here with the lowrider car with the restoration car, a custom car. they're all working people
10:33 pm
. they're all taxpaying citizens of their businesses. still san jose police lieutenant steven donahue isn't on board with lifting the ban and during the committee meeting said this is a tool we use to ensure the safety of the public. and this is something that while right now it's not a tool being used very often. this is not something we want to lose out of our toolbox and the prohibition on cruising served as a tool. to perpetuate and give legal credibility to racial discrimination. and the enforcement and criminalization. that followed paralysis. cruising is not the same thing as a sideshow, diaz and other low riders participated in night market at the gordon biersch brewery thursday, showing off their custom made cars growing up. we always dreamed about having their own cars, and we do so to me, it's just relaxing and enjoying it and enjoying everybody's company. the fines and signage associated with cruising will be removed when
10:34 pm
the band becomes official in junior mike monica peters live there in san jose lamonica. thank you for that. the building that was the site of the wta mass shooting in san jose is being demolished. the transit agency said. it made the decision so employees would never have to go back. this comes just before the anniversary of the tragedy one year ago that left 10 people dead. employee chris watts, who was there that day says the building is a reminder of the shooting and the close friends he lost. i think we've never ever got back to our regular lives. we have a sense of loss. um, hold that hasn't been filled. no word yet on what will replace the building, but employees hope there is some type of memorial for those who lost their lives and attempt to recall the mayor of antiochus has failed after organizers say they were victims of fraud. a campaign to recall antioch mere lamar thorpe was unable to submit the 9500 signatures needed to get the recall initiative on the november
10:35 pm
ballot. the group hired a professional company to help collect signatures, but they say the company failed to turn over signed petitions after receiving $23,000 arathorn was served intent to recall papers last fall after proponents say he was not supportive of small businesses or the police department. three former minor league hockey players for the santa rosa growlers pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a woman inside a hotel room in reno. this was back in february. dominic jones, josiah nickel and moses matthews will be tried together, according to a police report. the woman said she had consensual sex with matthews in the motel room. the alleged victim, then says jones and nickel came into the room undressed and sexually assaulted her while mathews held her down. matthews is also accused of taking pictures and sending them out via text message. the jury trial is scheduled to begin on june 27th i'm coming up at 11 tonight. some areas. schools ask students to start masking up once again. alright weekends
10:36 pm
just around the corner. now there's not a lot to talk about , except some really nice, warm weather dry weather headed your way. i'll be back with the forecast after the break first, a much welcome sight as a barrier college celebrates its graduates in person. for the first time in three years.
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
commencement. ceremonies have returned at cal state east bay. boy that's nice to see it is the first time in in person graduation has been held on its hayward campus. since the start of the pandemic, the classes of both 2020 and 2021 were recognized today, and graduates say this moment could not have
10:39 pm
come soon enough. they did honor the 2021 graduates with a carmen smith. but i didn't come to that. so i haven't had any sort of ceremony to celebrate. i didn't go out to dinner or anything. i was saving it all for this moment, so i'm really excited that it's finally here. now the youngest undergraduate receiving a diploma is 18 years old, the oldest 82 more in person ceremonies are still ahead. class of 2022 graduates will be honored tomorrow through sunday. mills college students are filing a lawsuit against the school, accusing administrators of deceiving that about the future of their education. the two students currently attend mills but are planning to transfer mills college announced last year that it would close in 2023 later reached a deal to merge with northeastern university in boston. the students finally in the lawsuit claimed they were repeatedly assured that mills would stay open and that their majors would be protected. mills college says it has not seen the lawsuit again. but it also says it's
10:40 pm
committed to the success of its students of the house committee investigating the january 6th riot at the us capitol, subpoenaed five republican lawmakers today. their house minority leader kevin mccarthy of california and congressman jim jordans, scott perry, andy biggs and mo brooks. the panel is investigating their actions and conversations with former president trump on the day of the attack. all five were asked to speak voluntarily to the committee, but no one complied. the move comes as the committee prepares for public hearings next month. i think it is unusual. i think the committee is illegitimate. i thought it was that way. when it started, people have asked. does this set a precedent for the issuance of subpoenas? for members of congress in the future. if there are coups and insurrections, and i suppose that it does. if the members do not comply, the house could vote to hold them in contempt, as they did last month with former trump white house
10:41 pm
advisers dan scavino and peter navarro to eastern europe, where ukrainian forces are trying to push russian troops back from the second largest city of kharkiv. fighters in the mario po steel mill are also still holding out. this comes as the un revealed more evidence of russian atrocities, officials say more than 1000 ukrainian civilians were killed during the russian occupation and suburbs north of kiev. that aggression is now leading to talk of a nato expansion. finland says it will break decades of neutrality and apply for membership with the alliance move that is catching the attention of moscow. process invasion of ukraine has altered the european unfinished security environment. expansion does not make our continent most stable and secure. sweden also appears to be ready to join nato as u. s and western military aid pours into ukraine. still to come tonight and look at the very first photo ever of the black
10:42 pm
hole at the center of our galaxy , plus san francisco scooter safety, the new technology aimed at keeping pedestrians and writer safe and warm up just in time for the weekend as we give you a live look outside here, chief meteorologist bill martin is back after the break to tell us how hot it could get in your neighborhood.
10:43 pm
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
cow. that is the theme for the 2022 contra costa county fair. that's fair kicked off today at the county fairgrounds in antioch after a two year break because of the pandemic, the gates did open up at noon. fairgoers can expect to see all of their favorite things this year, including rides, funnel cake and farm animals. we're expecting big crowds. people want to get out. they want to have some fun. we have that forum here for the next four days. come and enjoy it. go enjoy it. the festivities run through sunday. tickets at $35 gates are open from noon to nine o'clock at night in the fair closes at 10. in san francisco. there are some new efforts to try to keep scooters off of the sidewalks and on city streets, ktvu christien kafton heard from scooter companies today about the technology. they now have to try to make that happen. san francisco streets
10:46 pm
bustle with activity, cars, walkers, bicyclists, and now scooters, all sharing the same. roadways are also scary and can be hazardous for pedestrians on sidewalks, particularly older adults. people with disabilities. disability advocate nicole bond says she's not opposed to scooters but says they belong on the road herself was hit by a scooter, which broke her ankle scooters can reach speeds of 15 mph or more too fast, she says. for sidewalks that is part of how i was injured because they were going far too fast and because because of that my bones broke her scooter companies, lime scoot and spin are now unveiling their new technology aimed at keeping the scooters off the sidewalks. systems allow the scooters to buzz along in the green lane, but slow to five mph if they cross onto the sidewalk. lyman scoot demonstrated a highly accurate gps system scoot , saying it's system is accurate
10:47 pm
to within about four inches. what that means. is that when you ride the scooter up onto the sidewalk. it detects that change using gps, and then it slows down and stops. spin taking another approach, using a camera capable of telling the difference between the sidewalk and the road assisting, the company says is about 90% accurate, camera based system using computer vision. ai is going to better learn the algorithm of what infrastructure looks like in san francisco and be able to adapt and scale citywide companies have already rolled out their safety innovations on a limited number of scooters says at this point, there is no deadline for their entire fleets to be equipped with the sidewalk detection technology. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. scientists have unveiled the first direct image of a supermassive black hole at the center of our milky way galaxy. it is called sagittarius a. it's
10:48 pm
only the second black hole to ever be photographed by the event horizon telescope network. the black hole possesses four million times the mass of our sun and is located about 26,000 light years from earth. black holes are extremely dense regions of space with such a strong gravitational pull, not even like in escape, which makes it challenging to capture in image. yeah black holes are intense right to imagine something that big right? oh, my god. okay, so these are the highs from today ties tomorrow. gonna be warmer. we're warming up. that's the plan the next couple of days saturday friday into saturday. these sixties and seventies, turning to eighties and upper eighties saturday, maybe some low nineties so nice day tomorrow, a little less wind. this cloud cover. no fog at the coast. maybe there might be a little teeny valley fog. we had some patches up this morning in places, but i think we're going to be warmer than the
10:49 pm
frost level. so i don't think we're gonna be frosting anywhere anywhere except maybe up by granville. there's the system that brought the clouds today and they were minimal clouds, but it was enough cloud cover that the sun kind of got filtered enough that temperatures remained almost spot on where they were yesterday. so the warm up really sorry yesterday hovered today and then tomorrow it gets up there tomorrow. temperatures are going to get a good 5 to 8 to 10 degrees warmer, so the wind is still going on. but again, not 40 and 50 miles an hour, but you know, 2025 all exactly what you expect for this time of year, this time of night, so back to the golden gate bridge, no fog there. the winds are blowing a little bit along the coast and they will, as you would expect for the next couple of days right through the weekend. big wins, though out there the last two weeks, three weeks. ocean beach avenues. great highway. a lot of wind lot of wind, a lot of building sand less when these next few days, current temperatures, which are running about five degrees, warmer, napa four degrees warmer in livermore. little bit warmer overnight lows will be there,
10:50 pm
therefore, a little bit warmer than they were last night. so frost, not a thing value fund. probably not a thing. just kind of a cool to mild get going for the morning for the kids and for yourself. the yellow is in this map or seventies, and then the greens are sixties and the oranges are eighties. you know that. so that's your temperature footprint. you certainly see microclimates. now coast bay and inland the green coast. yellow bay orange inland. and that's classic spring summer microclimates are funny. they go they in the winter months they kind of wash out right at least 10th temperature temperature. um maps temperature, you know, microclimates, rain microc kind of stay the same. the forecast for tomorrow . 79 in napa 82 fairfield. so nice day, maybe a little warmer than we might see in mid 80 in some spots, but just gradual warming, and it's been kind of cool last couple of days, so tomorrow, you'll notice it you go. oh, gosh, it's warmer air conditioner might have to kick on in the car, something like that. and then friday tomorrow warmer. saturday is the day that
10:51 pm
you'll notice even more heating. so a nice nice plan for the weekend. sunday a little bit cooler. see you back here at 11. it does look nice. thank you so much bill san francisco's iconic bay to breakers 12 k race is back after being canceled the last few years, all due to the pandemic runners will line up but main and howard 80 m sunday for the traditional tortilla toss. the course will take them up. hey, street hill. that's a tough one along the panhandle and through golden gate park before finishing at the great highway and ocean beach participants usually dressed and creative and crazy costumes and some well, don't wear anything at all. bart and caltrain will provide additional trains sunday morning for the race. mart says it will provide for additional trains that will arrive at the embarcadero station at seven. a.m. and caltrain will have two special trains running early sunday morning as well. the first will arrive at the same francisco station at 7 17 in the second. at 7 30, all right, coming up in sports. the nfl
10:52 pm
announces its entire game schedule for the upcoming season . when you can see those niners in mexico, where you can see those niners in vegas to take on the raiders. jason has that and much more coming up in sports. and a search warrant in the case of a woman who has been missing now, for several months. it takes investigators to any coming up at 11 just what the investigators were looking for.
10:53 pm
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no e injured memphis star with his prediction for the series following last night's blowout win of the warriors, grizz and seven but here's the thing. the warriors will wrap it up in six
10:55 pm
if they win tomorrow night at chase now, about last night, if you watched the game, you're probably doing your best to completely scrub it from your memory banks, so we're not going to relive it here, however. draymond green is taking a little heat for doing this. following that 39 point loss. trip. green dancing to what's become the grizzlies anthem that trick. some say it wasn't good optics. here's what green had to say about it. they're not gonna whoop that trick along. we're gonna whoop that trick together. if we're gonna whoop that trick , you know, we got to know one thing i don't respect it is people who only who only bring it when they win it. we call those front runners, front runners, you know if they if they want to keep that streak, we're gonna whip them together truly believe that, uh, our team that they'll be ready, they'll be focused. they understand how hard it is and to have our home
10:56 pm
crowd. uh supporting us tomorrow night is going to be a big big bonus. our favor. warrior fans with an eye on this series. chris paul in the sun is hoping to close out their series with luca dash and the mavs tonight in game six. late second quarter maps up 14, chris paul and uncharacteristic sloppy night, five turnovers and reggie bollock three. he knocked it down 19 from bullock. more matters in the fourth. dances knows he's got a mismatch with paul, so he backs him down and scores 33 points. 11 rebounds, eight assists for dancing. mavs win 1 13 to 86 to force a game seven. back in phoenix on sunday . the home team has won every game in that series. how about joel and beating the sixers trying to stay alive versus the heat and jimmy butler? third quarter heat up 14 james harden the errant pass and bam out of bio. is going the other way to jam at home hardened, held
10:57 pm
scoreless in the second half, finished with 11 points and four turnovers. fourth quarter jimmy butler throws up the floater, and then he tracks down his own miss with all these six are standing around and then knocks down the three pointer with hardened guarding him. butler had 32 as he waves bye bye to the sixers heat win 99 90. they take the series four games to two after the game, philly coach doc rivers pressed about his job performance. don't worry about my job, but i think i do a terrific job. and if you don't, then you should write it results based business, but you don't do it every year. every time you're wrong, should you lose your job? no. got a point. the nfl schedule was released earlier today. i know the season is still four months out. but this 49ers schedule is really something here, but a few of the highlights they open the season on september 11th on the road in chicago, right here on fox two. their home opener is also on our
10:58 pm
air the following sunday against the rival seahawks. then on week four. it's a monday night matchup against the defending super bowl champion l. a rams at levi's. if you want to catch the game in person week, 11, you're going to have to travel to azteca stadium because that game is in mexico city. also on monday night and week, 17 viva las vegas 49ers at the raiders on new year's day right off the vegas strip, and that will be only on fox 29 game losing streak is but a distant memory after oakland's highly successful trip to detroit. this young lady discovering pizza for the first time, and her life will never be the same changed forever. bases loaded for christian bethancourt in the first and he delivers of vogue. brisky two runs come in to score in the form of jed lowry and sheldon noisy and it's three. nothing oakland but detroit. responds with three straight runs of their own. miguel
10:59 pm
cabrera ties it up with this shot to deep right center over ramon laureano. those head cabrero is 601st career double that ties him time, but the a's they didn't fall thanks to seth brown breaks eighth. with this blast to right that is away and gone to run shot. brown's third home run of the season is win 5 to 3. they exit detroit. having won four of the five games with the tigers, including their first three game win streak of the season and check this out, our staff has scoured the internet in search of something fun. young kids attempting to hurdle nice track and field. i like it for the first hurdling is tough right out of the gate little tough, and these kids soon realized that some going down, uh, mike and i look like when i was in high school. yeah jump in there and can't jump them now before they reach the even the first.
11:00 pm
turtle but we'll have more for you coming up at 11 25. thanks jason. thank you coming up next here at 11. a lot of my favorite items and a lot of the stuff. my kids like to snack on food wires has been increasing, of course, gasses going up across the state , california is struggling to keep up with inflation. tomorrow a new plan will be laid out to help the 11 o'clock news on ktvu . fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach governor newsom hoping a new $18 billion inflation relief package will help people keep up with the price hikes. jana katsuyama joins us now live from the newsroom with a look at how he wants this to work and why the governor is getting some pushback. heather and mike. the idea that the governor has is basically to give back some of the money that's in the governor in the state surplus, where this record budget surplus, but some of the lawmakers in sacramento say they do not think that this is


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