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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 24, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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i've been to the hospital and all the victims here. they did not identify my granddaughter man looking for his missing granddaughter, hoping she is still alive after a gunman opens fire. at an elementary school in the state of texas. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now at least 21 people, mostly young students are dead tonight and what is the deadliest school shooting in texas history? good evening again. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. here is what we know. so far. 19 of the victims are children and two are adults . the shooting happened at rob elementary school in new quality texas, a school with only 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. the gunman has been identified as an 18 year old man. he was shot and killed in a shootout with law enforcement. ktvu jana katsuyama has been following the shooting all day, and she joins us now from the newsroom with the latest on what happened, janna. julie and my police say it
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appears that the shooter salvador ramos shot his grandmother before going to the school and then opening fire on the children and the teachers there. the students at rob elementary school or just days away from summer vacation, but around 11 30 tuesday morning and 18 year old armed with guns came in and started shooting. children and teachers inside police and border patrol agents nearby outside, rushing to try and help teachers. anybody that was in his way he started shooting every single person. we had several law forcing officers tried to make entry into the school, but they were met with gunfire by the suspect. family members in despair rushed to the civic center from their homes and jobs, desperate to know if their children were safe or among the dead. the number rising to 19 students and two teachers by evening, one of the victims. evo morales, 1/4 grade teacher at the school. her aunt shared these photos with ktvu,
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saying she had been with the district for 17 years. the texas department of public safety released this photo of the suspected shooter, a sergeant says 18 year old salvador ramos , who lived in ovalle day, had abandoned his vehicle just before entering the school. investigators were seen searching this black pickup truck near the scene. the department of public safety says ramos was seen with a rifle, a backpack and wearing body armor. officials say he entered several classrooms and killed children in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade before ramos himself was shot by a law enforcement officer is deceased, and we're not actively looking for another individual or any other suspects. in this case. my heart was broken today. where small community. and what? we need your prayers to get us through this. president biden ordered flags lowered to half staff addressing the nation with emotion and passion. he called for more action and regulation of guns. as a nation we have to
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ask when in god's name. we're going to stand up to the gun lobby. when in god's name. we do we all know in our gut needs to be done by night. some still waited to hear if their child is alive, told us that they airlifted 63 year old woman which passed away and a 10 year old girl. that grandfather looking for his 10 year old granddaughter, hoping that she is not among the children killed . there were two local police officers who exchanged gunfire with the shooter. both of those officers were injured, but at this point they are both expected to recover. juliey thog through tonight, jenna. thank you. bay area law enforcement agencies are responding to the shooting. contra costa county sheriff david livingston tweeted this statement on behalf of the contra costa sheriff's office. our deepest condolences to the
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families and friends of the quality texas school shooting victims, although there are no known threats in contra costa sheriff's office jurisdiction i have ordered additional patrols around all of our schools. california senator alex video became emotional today as he reflected on his reaction to the sandy hook shooting nearly 10 years ago. i remember dropping everything on my plate that day and rushing to my oldest son's elementary school at the time just to pick him up early. give him a hug. go to yogurt, right? frozen yogurt just to know that he was okay. 10 years later, he's older. i got two other kids that are elementary school. they should not have to worry about this. we have parents shouldn't have to worry about their safety. senator padilla is joining calls for the united states senate to pass common sense gun laws shooting is the second mass shooting in the us in just over a week the mass
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shooting at a supermarket in buffalo, new york, happened 10 days ago. 13 people were shot and 10 people died, and this year marks 10 years since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, that shooting left 26 people dead, including 20 young children. on thursday. the city of san jose will mark one year since a gunman shot and killed nine people at evita light rail yard. and our coverage of the mass shooting and you've led texas continues online. you can find around the clock updates right on our home page. well, the bay area saw record high temperatures and a few spots out there today, but once that sun started going down , a lot of people were out and about enjoying the balmy weather , especially bayside in alameda, where we saw a lot of folks getting out for a walk or just enjoying some sports, even relaxing there in the sand. our chief meteorologist bill martin, says ken feel deliver more. actually both saw records fall today. sweet sweet, sweet baby.
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thousands of fans packed into thriving city tonight, hoping to see the golden state warriors sweep the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals, but they left disappointed as the dubs lost 119 to 1. oh, nine. the warriors will now head home to play game five at chase center. ktvu is elissa harrington was at tonight's warriors watch party in san francisco, and fans told her they are confident the team will bring home the win on thursday. this is how the warriors watch party started. sweet baby high hopes for fans, some who brought brooms to thrive city ready for the warriors to sweep the mavericks in the western conference finals . i brought my favorite item brew sweeping baby, keep the streets clean. this is how tuesday's watch party ended shock and disappointment as the warriors lost game four. the
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final score 1 19 to 1. oh nine. think they got ahead too much, and it was hard to catch up a playoff team four games in a row. it's really tight, really, really tough. um so it's disappointing, but you know, we got it. we got through. this warriors were away in dallas to play the mavericks in game four of the western conference finals . during away games. warriors fans are invited to watch the game in the plaza right outside the arena chase center. there's a jumbo screen food and entertainment. it's just a great environment. you know, everyone's here is hardcore warriors fan. it's just a nice vibe over here. we saw people in warriors, colors and some spray painted from head to toe, even though game four did not go as fans hope. they still expect to see their team in the finals. absolutely they're going to win on thursday when they come home. we know they're gonna handle business next game. i always thought it would be. you know, five games in this series anyway, so go warriors. game five is at home, but for future watch parties here at thrive.
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city it is first come first serve. this place does reach capacity, so fans are encouraged to arrive early. in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news across the bay in oakland fans turned out at line 51 brewing company for some beer, beef and basketball. alright ground zero baby, let's go, even though the dubs were away, plenty of fans turned out at line 51 to grab the ever popular dub nation ipa and some food. one man we spoke to said he had almost everything he needed to cheer on the team. one thing is, i just forgot my broom today, but that's ok. they've got plenty of rooms in dallas all golden blue baby, let's go after we know now this is not going to be a sweep. game five will be played at the chase center thursday night to win in the warriors are indeed back in the nba finals. water users fine for using too much. the bay area water district now taking the next step in trying to curb
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water use. also two men end up dead in an involving an incident with san francisco police the report that details how those men died coming up another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business.
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powering possibilities.™ medn who died in a confrontation with police did in fact die from gunshot wounds. that's according to the chronicle. san francisco police say they responded to reports of a man with a knife attacking an unarmed man in the
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city's dogpatch neighborhood on thursday night. an officer opened fire, and both men died at the time. it was unclear whether the man being attacked was killed by police gunfire or stabbed to death. california justice department is now investigating what happened, police say a 36 year old woman was arrested for sexually assaulting a teenage boy on the piedmont high school campus. police did not release the woman's name. she was arrested yesterday on war field avenue in connection with the crime last week, the suspect was booked into the santa rita jail in dublin. she later posted bail. this case is being reviewed by the district attorney's office for appropriate charges the head coach of the women's swim team at uc berkeley is facing scathing accusations of bullying team members. the orange county register reports that more than two dozen swimmers, former swimmers and parents lodge the accusations against coach teri mckeever. the newspaper reports that the allegations of verbal, emotional, homophobic and racially charged abuses were so
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bad. two swimmers considered suicide. mckeever has been a coach cal for three decades and has had several stints coaching the u. s. olympic women's swim team. she has not yet commented on the allegations. the university also declined comment and would not say if an investigation is underway. a bill to protect the dna of sexual assault victims has now passed the state senate with a unanimous vote. the bill by state senator scott wiener prohibits victim's dna from being used for any purpose other than identifying the perpetrator of the crime. senator says these protections help ensure the privacy of sexual assault survivors and promote public safety by encouraging survivors to report sexual violence. federal law already prohibits the inclusion of victim's dna in the national database. the bill now heads to the assembly, bmx writers and their parents gathered at santa clara city council meeting tonight. they want the city to deny the police activities league control over a bmx track. new tonight. ktvu
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lamonica. peters tells us what's next for that racetrack. at tuesday nights council meeting, bmx riders made their case to the council sad since they closed the track because i missed racing. i need this track open under usa bmx sanction. in order to get myself ready for world and try to make state one again. santa clara police activities league or powell has been operating this bmx racetrack for nearly 25 years, and on multiple occasions it's been the number one race track in the country. now some writers and their parents are asking the city to allow usa bmx to manage it. we're not allowed to hold events if we can't keep the sanction at santa clara bmx track. and i don't want that for my children because they really love the sport, and it's taking a huge toll on myself and my family and i know many other writers as well. we have to
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travel more than one hour to get to the racetrack because pal doesn't have an agreement with usa bmx santa clara riders can officially qualify for competition on their home track . the city council has an opportunity either to you know, i think stick with their mission , which is to try to increase support for the kids, or it's an opportunity to regress it back to probably where it was in the late nineties. the racetrack was also shut down last month after powell discovered volunteers. we're not keeping standard accounting practices after obtaining the necessary insurance pal says the track will reopen tuesday. may 31st usa bmx would like to just take the track and fully operated and paypal does not want to do that. we want to do it the way we've been doing it for the last since 1998 since we've been sanctioned. where we operate the track and they are the
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sanctioning body just like they do for over 300 other tracks throughout the nation, people on both sides of the debate made their voices heard, but city council has not made a final decision. therefore the track will remain a practice facility for now. lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news. the city of san francisco, not home to many wildfires, but many city firefighters are in the mix every summer and fall on the road battling wildfires across the state. we're going to take a closer look at the mutual aid training underway coming up next francisco tourist attraction that is selling more tickets than it did before the pandemic. and we had some heat today. some records as well. we'll look at if that will happen again tomorrow plus a significant cool down coming. we'll see you
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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vene to enforce drought restrictions . starting june 1st. violators could face fines that can go up to $10,000 after several warnings. the board says that since it declared a water emergency nearly a year ago, little progress has been made toward a 15% reduction of water use. it says customers are only saving about 3. firefighters around the state are gearing up for fire season and that includes the san francisco fire department reviews tom vacar reports. firefighters were training today to step in and help when they get that call for mutual aid. the california governor's office of emergency services. oh yes, and the same francisco fire department are partners in the california fire and rescue mutual aid system. they did a wild land fire training drill tuesday morning in mclaren park. the non burn drill involved critical hose procedures, though the s f f. d
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is primarily an urban firefighting force. it's also trained and equipped with five initial attack. types six many engines to fight wildland and rural wildfires statewide and around the country. we have over 100 qualified type six drivers. we have approximately 150 plus red card members in this fire department that can be deployed at any time. last year the s f f d battled for wild land fires and shasta, plumas and siskiyou counties. and 20 fires in oregon and montana. right now. city cruiser deployed elsewhere in the state and in new mexico when we are deployed in the five types sixes, we're fully staffed in the city, so it doesn't deplete our staffing were able to staff every piece of apparatus fully. oh, yes, organizes and supplies 270 engines and support vehicles. to 60. local fire agencies to assure surge capability as needed depend on local fire
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personnel to staff, state engines. and in that partnership , we're able to take those engines and move them throughout the state. or the region when we have mutual aid requests, the state fully expects a flood of mutual aid requests. even now, the kinds of drought, fed dryness wins and explosive fuel loads are primed to cause wildfires and fire storms earlier than ever. we're seeing 100 degree days in the end of may extra statewide fire force will assist cal fire and federal fire agencies well into november. or beyond. tom baker, ktvu, fox two news. firefighters are battling a wildfire burning in colusa county. the fire started a long brown road just north of the city of colusa. it's burning along both sides of the sacramento river. cal fire says the river fire is now burned 200 acres and is 20% contained right now. conditions
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were windy in the area today, but no word yet on a cause. yeah julie, that's for that red flag warning was and is still in effect in the central valley from collusive to reading south down towards sacramento and davis. for us. it was record heat today we have that 97 5 ken field 102 in livermore in a tie. over gilroy 97 degrees, so it's a very hot day temperatures smart will be pretty hot as well, just slightly cooler. maybe instead of one. oh, one. you're going to see a 97 and some of those inland valleys. i think most we might see a triple digit but they'll be out towards vacaville. i suspect there's no fog at the coast. there probably will be late tomorrow night. these were the highs from today there's one oh, once 100, santa rosa 94 in san rafael. and then this high pressure. you know it does what it does, man. it's building back in for a little bit, and it's going to bring some fog up. the coast allows the fog to form but then it's going to get pushed out of the way on thursday for a massive
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significant cool down, so the highest you know, i hate to call it quasi stationary, but it's this time of year. you know, it starts to set up. it's got a name. it's the pacific high, and it belongs in one place out there and you keep the lows well to the north. you know you're the fog comes in offshore. we just haven't seen that predictable pattern these last two months, certainly, and we're still not seeing it forecast highs tomorrow. like this. the purples hundreds that's pretty far in line and then this will be a hard day tomorrow and then on thursday, temperatures dropped significantly. so these are tomorrow's forecast highs. and then on thursday, there's a big temperature dump as a low comes in weakens the pacific high and sends a lot of cool air our way right through thursday, friday saturday and in the sunday which is fine with me, quite frankly, because that pulls the air quality up gets a , uh, the fire danger a little bit, uh, lessened and you know again, you don't want multiple days of heat, right? you know what multiple days of red flag
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warnings and wind and we're not having that looks like we've got a pretty good week ahead, except tomorrow. it's a hot one. fire danger will still be high, but not as high as it could be. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. well, it looks as though ticket sales for alcatraz are breaking out of their doldrums. hornblower tells the san francisco business times that daily sales so far this month are now ahead of their average for 2019. at about 3700 tickets a day. the average was 1900 last year and just 250 tickets a day back in 2020, hornblower says. it's also seeing a lot of corporate bookings as companies look to rebuild their culture, with workers returning to the office. the oakland roots professional soccer team made a very big announcement. today it is launching a women's team called the oakland soul team is set to debut in the u. s. l. w league next year. oakland roots executive jenna lamb says oakland soul has really been a part of the plan since the men's team was established. the official launch for oakland soul set for june 23rd, which is the 50th anniversary of title nine.
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coming up next. giants slugger jacques peterson goes deep three times, but was it enough to snap the giants losing streak sports the giants losing streak sports is next. some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. do for a little bit of a letdown, and that's what they got against a very desperate mavericks team tonight in game four in dallas warriors down 15 to break when we had a rare whether delay inside the arena, the roof sprung a leak. some fans came prepared. mavs owner mark cuban amused at the nearly 20 minute delay, and when they resumed action, luca dancer went back to work three over curry. dodges finished with 30 points,
11:27 pm
14 rebounds and nine assists. curb bench the starters with the mavs up by 29, but no quit in the warriors bench for nearly brought them back. moses moody hits the three and then jonathan commingle from the corner. the warriors whittled it all the way down to eight. you're thinking they have a chance that's as close as they got. the starters came back in its more, don. she drives and dunks. the maps go back up by 10, and that's how much they win by 1 19 109 to force a game five back in san francisco. on thursday. the warriors can wrap it up in front of the home fans. alright the giants and mets they played in one of the craziest games you'll ever see at the ballpark in san francisco with metallica kicking things off. okay? james hetfield and guitarist kirk hammett playing the national anthem on metallica night. speaking of
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nights, jacques peterson had himself a career night that's the first of three home runs to break a tie. and then in the fifth, the giants up 6 to 2 peterson, a two run shot dead center. former a chris bassett giants up 8 to 2, but the mets rally to take an 11 8 lead in the eighth and with two outs and two on peterson tied, ties it back up with his third home run of the game. three runs splash hit were tied at 11. peterson had eight rbis. he wasn't done ninth inning. they need him again. mets up 12 to 11 peterson . wow single scores the tying run and it's 12 all after the game, gabe kapler said it was the greatest offensive performance has ever seen the next batter, brandon crawford, single to left darren rough. he's coming around from second slides in beats the throw, and they're emptying the dugouts for the giants win 13 12. their five
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game losing streak is over. not quite as much. excitement for the aids, but still a good game with jed lowry. and the is going back and forth with the mariners in seattle, lowry breaking the two to tie his third home run of the season is go up 4 to 2, but come back to take a 54 lead when elvis andrews gets ahold of one. that's his second homer of the year, and we're tied at five in the sixth. then in the seventh andrews again ripped one to left . the mariners going to kick the ball around is going to roll the wall and that allows sean murphy to score all the way from first. andrews ends up at second at 75 that ends their three game losing streak. check this out a new world record, the longest rail ride on skis. that's pretty impressive fourth. impressive it's really cool. yeah, that's yes. per shot her ah, this is his 127th attempt to smash the
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record, so he was not going to give up. don't accuse him of quitting 506 ft, so that's pretty cool. riding the rails. long distance. all right. thank long distance. all right. thank you, jason. watching e claire: phil, it's a little early, isn't it? phil: go back to sleep. i don't need you awake for this. it's christmas eve. are you gonna spend all day on that thing? i made a promise. last christmas, phil got an elliptical machine and vowed to walk the equivalent of our house to canada in one year. this body doesn't just happen, ladies. if he didn't make it, no machine in the bedroom. except for this machine in the bedroom, ladies. who are these ladies? oh, phil, give it up. oh, you would love that, wouldn't you? just when i'm so close to the canadian border, i can smell the bacon and the reasonably priced medications. mom, this came for you from nana. i don't know why she bothers to wrap it every year. it's always the same thing -- slippers. you never know. she might surprise you this year. would you care to take a visit to the museum of maternal indifference?


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