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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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entire game. for your fans see the dubs clinched the western conference finals in a thrilling game five win at home as designation lines up tonight to get their hands on some finals gear. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the golden state warriors are headed to the nba finals once again after defeating the dallas mavericks tonight. 120 to 110. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach to warriors coasted in tonight's game five. never losing that lead. ktvu jason appelbaum begins. our coverage is live at the chase center. four more jason four more. four more, mike ? yeah this was a great night out here at chase center. but first off, let me address the elephant in the room. because if you take a look over my shoulder, the warriors have lowered their gigantic scoreboard down to the floor level. it says finals bound, and indeed they are. the nba finals begin one week from today, right
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back here at chase center. as we take a look at tonight's trophy presentations, the newly named oscar robertson western conference finals trophy presented to the team by former warrior shaun livingston, who won three rings with the strength and number teams. as for the inaugural earvin magic johnson conference finals mvp award, there was little doubt that stefan currie was going to take home that hardware. he led the team. in the five game series with the mavs with 24 points per game while grabbing seven rebounds, second only to cavan looney and dishing out seven assists per game. the star of this game, though, was no doubt clay thompson. game six play basically turned into game five clay or clinching clay 32 points, including 83 pointers. you know he's had to battle back through so much adversity. the torn a, c l and achilles tendon , two years of rehab so much
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hard work that getting back to the finals for him. no doubt extra sweet and everybody acknowledged it. it is wonderful to see him out here. you know, he had a hard two years. um but he stayed positive, you know, stayed with it, you know, and now he's shining on the brightest age extremely happy for him. his perseverance. um his mental toughness. it's insane, just such a surreal feeling. it's hard to put into words. really, um you know this time last year, i was just starting to jog again and get up and down the court. and now to be feeling like myself feeling explosive. feeling sure in my movements. um, i'm just grateful. back out here live. it's just impossible not to root for clay thompson, even if you're not a warriors fan, but listen, the warriors now they will turn into spectators with a keen interest in tomorrow night's game. it's game six between the celtics and the
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miami heat. the celtics lead that series three games to two. they are playing at the boston garden. so if the celtics win tomorrow night it will be boston coming right here to chase center, as we said one week from today, but that's it from chase center, where the warriors back to the nba finals. it's remarkable guys six times in eight seasons. unbelievable and i'm with you, clay thompson. what an inspiration. nice work warriors. nice work, jason from jason, let's swing it over to ktvu elissa harrington live outside the arena and less after a long few years here, this is the night warrior fans have been waiting for. that's right. and you know, i can still hear people partying. everybody is so excited. fans packed chase center it got so loud that you could hear them cheering if you were several blocks down the street. of course, fans are excited that they won game five and to see them heading to another n b a finals. huge win for the golden state warriors.
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what is your sign, say, ends tonight absolutely ended tonight . amazing not only because we were winning the entire game we were winning. the warriors defeated the dallas mavericks and will advance to the nba finals. look oh, my god. but you know who the player was tonight close to a he killed it killed it. thompson scored 32 points with 83 pointers. walker jr and his dad have been watching games together since he was a kid. the father son duo said it was special to be it chase center to watch their team win the western conference finals, son, man, this dude been hanging out for the last 25 years and for us to be at the last four games. this is our fourth game and to be at the with the energy inside the center was amazing. this was the scene at thrives city earlier in the day. people dancing, dressed in costume and pumped up ready for some basketball season
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ticket holder. i've been to every playoff game in here, and i'm excited without tickets, could put out a blanket and watch the warriors play on the jumbo screen. paeans i talked to felt confident going into game five tickets to the nba finals, and we're just gonna be a big party. a big celebration long time coming inside the hardwood classics. dancers were cheering each other on and preparing for their routine. we can get that crowd extremely excited then. then the crowd starts rocking and then are our golden state warriors are all hyped up. i want to give you a look at some of the newest gear. we got this t shirt tonight. you can see it, says western conference champs. these are the shirts that the players were wearing during that trophy ceremony. so fans, of course. extremely excited, and we only have to wait a week to watch him play again. reporting
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live in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news basketball in june in san francisco signed me up. i'm ready to roll. as are the warriors. alright alyssa. thank you for that fans quick to head off to a sporting goods store after tonight's big win to get their hands on some of that warriors gear. diehard warriors fan. this is my first time my son ever coming out. and he offer out of school. some walls , so have him have experience come and get it on some warrior gear, and we did it tonight, an. and now we're on to the final. so we' here we go. dicks, sporting goods and pleasant hill stayed open late for the win. and if you want to pick up more than gear tickets for next week's game one starts to go on sale tomorrow. in san francisco mayor london breed tweeted out her support for the team, saying quote, let's go dubs back to the finals. a jury today found that former oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick was wrongfully terminated by the city. today's decision does not mean kirkpatrick will get her job back. but the federal panel did award her $337,000 in
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damages incurred patrick's lawsuit. she claimed she was fired in retaliation for exposing corruption and abuse of power by the oakland police commission. she was fired without cause in february 2020 and filed suit. a few months later. a spokesperson for the former chief says the verdict is an important moment for oakland . the jury agreed with her whistleblowing complaints, they found that she would not have been fired except by the retaliatory acts of the police commission, the mayor and the city of oakland. this is an important victory for trying to reform the oakland police commission and end its corrupt practices. we asked the mayor's office for a statement in reaction, but we're told no one was available. this is the front page of the new valve. the leader news today. no headline just a blacked out image with the date of the mass shooting march 24th two days ago, we got
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him in open fire at rob elementary school in texas, killing 19 children. into teachers. texas law enforcement did offer up some new information today about the timeline of events. but as foxes lauren blanchard reports for investigators say there are still many unanswered questions tonight. a frustrated community is demanding answers on how a gunman was able to get into the elementary school unobstructed. a number of state and federal agencies are piecing together tuesday's timeline after an 18 year old gunman opened fire inside rob elementary school for roughly an hour. 19 kids are dead, plus two teachers, texas department of public safety officials say the gunman walked onto campus and through an unlocked door. the school safety officer was not there at the time. he then barricaded himself in a classroom. eventually border patrol agents were able to shoot and kill the gunman was a lot of gunfire in the beginning. during. the negotiations. there wasn't much gunfire other than trying to keep the officers at bay. but
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that could change depending as once we analyze the video. there are also questions why it happened. investigators are looking into s are growing as pe flowers, cards and pictures. jorge rodriguez was seen holding a picture of his late grandson as he tries to make sense of what happened. baseball. little league baseball. private teach them a little girl tried it everything. the fbi field office in washington, d. c is now offering support as the investigation. ramps up enforcement. do this work to prevent incidents? like what happened in vivaldi from happening and a resolve to doing exactly that remains steadfast. the white house announced president biden and the first lady will travel to this small town to meet with the victim's families in texas. lauren blanchard, fox news observers say it will likely be weeks or months until all the details
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come out about what happened during that hour when the gunman was inside the school officials say a school district officer was in a vehicle nearby and did not confront the gunmen. the shooter was able to get into the school through a door that was apparently unlocked. when police arrived. they took cover as the gunman fired at them while calling for backup retired bay area, police chief peter dunbar told us before the officer should have gone in right away. you don't want to go and buy yourself, but if there's several officers on the scene, sure they're going to take fire, but they need to respond. that's what active shooter training is all about. so what i wonder is what kind of active shooter training have they done who they worked with. responding agencies. there are small agency at some point, parents say they began confronting police urging them to go into the school. tactical officers from the u. s. border patrol entered the school , killing the gunman in a shootout, the national rifle association's annual meeting will go on as planned in texas. the three day event is scheduled
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to take place in houston starting tomorrow. texas governor greg abbott was scheduled to attend, but now he will reportedly be sending a video message at a news conference today, houston mayor sylvester turner explained why the event has to go on despite calls for it to be canceled in wake of tuesday's deadly mass shooting. you just can't cancel that convention and neither do we have the legal right to counsel conferences or conventions because we don't like the subject matter. that will be discussed. to texas lawmakers are no longer attending due to what their staff said were changes in their schedules. meanwhile, multiple musical performers have pulled out of the event out of respect for the victims. of the school shooting in texas. concerned parents in the east bay after a teenage girl becomes the victim of sexual battery while walking to school, and a decision has been made on a popular south bay bmx track. why he could be welcome news for bay area ride
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mx s league known as pal says it will be able to reopen the dirt track in santa clara next tuesday under an agreement with the city council because pal doesn't have a sanctioning agreement with usa bmx. the track cannot be used for official races. but pal says the goal is to get the track sanctioned as soon as possible. they've been operating the track for almost 25 years, and it's
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been named the top track in the country. several times. school officials in the east bay are investigating after a swastika and the words hitler were found behind the gym in piedmont high school, the school district superintendent, randall booker. wrote an email to parents after the tuesday incident, he said, in part we denounce this act of anti semitism in any message of hate and targets a group of people based on their culture, religion. race ethnicity, ability, gender, gender expression or sexual orientation. parents and students are being encouraged to report hateful speech or graffiti on the district online form called speak up disturbing incident in albany, where police say a girl was the victim of sexual battery while walking to school are crime reporter henry lee tells us the incident happened in broad daylight just two months after another attack near a different local school. this happened. i'm like, really surprised right now because the school didn't give us any details. some parents in the dark after a vague report of a student victimized near albany
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middle school, i received an email that there was a child that had an interaction with an adult. they didn't give any said only that a 14 year old was the victim of a sexual battery while walking to school. i have learned that the victim was a girl, and that she was confronted by a man with a knife who asked her to show him her private area. it happened at about 8 15 tuesday morning near the corner of evelyn and brighten just two blocks from campus. the girl described the attackers a black man about 40 to 50 years old, bald with a black and gray stubble type beard. albany police are treating the case as a sexual battery incident. unsettling to parents and neighbors. anybody you know, walking to school, you're expecting to just walk to school and anybody approached. you know, without knowing again the particulars. i think it's very disturbing. some parents complained that the school and police weren't forthcoming with details. one man who didn't want his face shone says he has to students at the school, not seeing the responsiveness. nor transparency of information so
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that our community can just be generally aware. police said they had no new information to provide. the district superintendent was unavailable for an interview. just hearing it happens in broad daylight was kind of gets you. you know, you always think it's not going to happen in your neighborhood. so of course it's concerning this incident happened two months after a student at cornell elementary off solano avenue in albany was assaulted near that campus. in response to both the incidents, albany police have boosted patrols near schools el cerrito, bart and berkeley. police are also on the lookout for this guy. anyone with information is asked to call albany police in albany. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. it's now been one year since the bay area's deadliest mass shooting. our south bay leaders in the community marked the somber day up next, and a memorial destroyed the debate over what happened to the altar honoring a man killed by police in the east bay. in temperatures really cooled off quite a bit, and that is the trend. as we go into
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds.
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and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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well in police custody in alameda has been destroyed. friends and family of mario gonzalez created an alter to remember the 26 year old who died after three officers restrained him last year. the family now says the memorial was set on fire. alameda fire officials say candles are to blame. but some say they believe that the altar was intentionally destroyed. i think that's a shame. it was kept very neat. i saw people coming in maintaining it, and i thought it was a very nice thing not to forget mario and you know it was, i think a plus to the neighborhood. the family has reportedly been given permission by the city to
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replace the altar. san jose paz today to remember the 10 bta workers who died as a result of the mass shooting at a b t a light rail yard. ktvu lamonica peters shows us they were honored with ceremonies and vigils in a community still shaken by the violence. you never know where it could happen. it could be across the street could be anywhere in the store and sad like you never know. says she won't forget that fateful day. she says she has an eight year old son and the recent school shooting and you've all day. texas makes it even more difficult to talk to him about the gun violence and how anyone can fall victim to it. i mean, it is scary. i mean , i literally worked right there at that building on the corner, and i was there when it happened, violence or a mass shooting can happen anywhere. this vita writer says he never wants anyone else to experience what happened in san jose last may. i just hope it doesn't
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happen to anybody i care about, you know, i mean, i've lived my life. you know what i mean? you see, i got some gray so you know. i mean, it is what it is. it's a shame. i don't want to die like that, you know, but i mean, possible. san jose's mayor , sam liccardo tweeted, this video message asking the community to come together. today we take back small piece what was taken from us. turn a day of mourning. one of the members. to take a moment together. order. those who have lost and if we wta city and county leaders also held memorials and vigils on thursday . it only gets harder when you continue to hear that the kind of incident that happened to us is still happening to other people around this country. and we're trying to heal. the best we can, as the families and the
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community try to move on. the city of san jose says that today may 26th will be officially recognized as a day of remembrance. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. alright today was that big temperature drop off yesterday was too i mean temperatures really cool yesterday, right along the bay and at the coast and then temperatures inland today cooled way more so temperatures came down a bunch over the last couple of days as much as 30 and 40 degrees in some places. this is these are the highest from wednesday, right? and then these are the highest today and you can see the drop off big numbers , and that's going to stop. now we're going to be actually a little warmer tomorrow a couple of degrees, but the trend or the pattern of this kind of mild, right. you see that low there? that's an indication that you're going to have kind of mild weather that low is we have a couple of those come through this weekend, so we're going to continue with this. mild breezy . partlyy, partly sunny pattern right through the holiday weekend. no big heat
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even in the inland valleys, and i mean sacramento may go 85 or 88, but but vacaville and most of us will be in the you know the war. warmer spots will be in the low eighties. these are the highest are the current temperatures running a little behind where they were last night. at this time, the winds are generally you expect them to do that. the inversion is so deep. it's not like a fog bank sitting on the coast trying to get in. it's just all that fog got picked up by that low, and it's just being flung all the way up into the delta. and so there's big winds are going to continue. here's the forecast model. the red zone represents that the strongest winds and it's really essentially just an onshore flow. there's friday afternoon and then i'll move it into saturday afternoon. you'll see the contrast. come up again in the afternoon. some diagonals heating and you get this onshore push, and it's a significant onshore push, and it's a significant expansion of the marine layer. so all this push all that wind is going to be carrying a lot of moisture inland, which is going to be great help to cal fire. it's
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gonna be a great help for air quality, and it's going to require, perhaps certainly if you're around the bay, you're gonna need jackets or sweatshirts, nights and mornings. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, and you can see a nice little warmer than today. and these are role you can take these right through the weekend. pretty much. you see that in the five day forecast a little cooler on saturday and sunday, but kind of hovering on monday and tuesday. so a nice looking weekend fire danger. gets a big break this week, which is great, especially since it's a holiday. i'll see you back here on sunday. all right, bill. thank you. we'll see you then. coming up in sports. the golden state warriors advanced to their sixth nba finals in the last eight seasons here with draymond green has to say about tonight's bi for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million.
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mala little hoop in june a year ago.
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this time, clay thompson was lightly jogging and his rehab program well, tonight he poured in a team high 32 led the dubs to 1 21 10 game five clinching winner. over the mass what a game. steph and crew are up to the finals first time in three years. but look at don't put up a big fight tonight. so the maps big scare first quarter. what steps right ankle take a turn. stayed in the game shook it off kept playing good news. we're going to jump to the third quarter, draymond, pushing the ball down court behind the back over to clay rock. so one of his 83 pointers where he's got 21. they are feeling it and look at doc's. it says. give me a chair staff scored only 15. but they were big up 20 here. little fadeaway jumper, curry walked off with the western conference mdp trophy as well. mavs not done yet. big third quarter, led by luca drives inside tough bucket over drained and i'm part of a 15 2 run for dallas. look at 28. they got it down to eight, but no closer. looney big game takes out a big rebound. he had 18 of those reloads play,
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who will make it rain from three point land. clay had 30 to 50% from three point land more than enough to worries when it by 10 they head to the nba finals. sixth times eight years. it will be the celtics or heat in the finals, and draymond says, look out for the warriors. like i've said. over and over again. i'm gonna keep saying that no one has proven that they can move us off that spot, and that's the mindset that we come into this thing with we understand what it takes to win a championship. we understand the process and no one has proven they can beat us yet, uh, when we're hole and it's still the case. undefeated at home, a game one of the finals a week from tonight at j center about some baseball giants off tonight hosting the rangers, type one until the ninth when texas put a big three spot on the board. bts 4 to 1. brave fans so out in chilly weather, pass it up, watching the dubs play tonight. top nine
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game tied 11 dulles garcia, ripping a little chalk duster down the left field line off lease. trevino that is fair. that is a double eli white comes around ragers flee to one more to come by the way only had three hits tonight. next batter, nathaniel low will take sam malt deep to run bomb, god and ball game. rangers win. the first of four in this series by final of 4 to 1. well it's friday, even a holiday weekend ahead. so how about a couple of smiles? let's check this out, and we're going to say hello. cooper loveless. he's a recruiter for usc six, ft. five he's an offensive lineman, and apparently does a lot of bikram yoga because this man is a rubber band, man. i'm pretty flexible least i was long time ago like gumby could not do that would not be moving the next day. i tell you that i wouldn't i would need help getting up. but if that's your offensive lineman, i think they're in pretty good shape down five to when should be a
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fun week. raymond's attitudes like no one's proven to beat us beating us yet chase oh golden hour for the golden state warriors. there we go. relations to them. goodnight, everyone. to them. goodnight, everyone. thanks for joining us goodnight. if i take something to help me sleep, i'll be groggy for the meeting. but if i don't take anything and i don't sleep, i'll be groggy for the meeting, you know? yeah. [ sighs ] i was up for re-election as social chair of our local realtors group. the vote was tonight. i was so nervous, i could barely hear claire's pep talk. why did i beg mitchell to introduce me to this developer? you're right. we'll know soon enough. i'm gonna go upstairs, see if i can get some sleep. love you. mwah. [ sighing ] i hope so, too. [ cellphone rings ] hello? hey, gil. no, no, no. you -- you didn't wake me. [ doorbell rings ] um, so, you hear anything, or... hey, dunphy. just wrapping up a phone call with this jackass. i got to run, dunphy. i got a late meeting with some jackass. [ laughs ] what's going o-- what's going on?


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