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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  June 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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titleholders that 21 year old florida chihuahua named after the country music star toby keith. pebbles loves to, and i love these things to eat, check , sleep, check, snuggle check and it turns out pebbles also loves country music. today is game one of the nba finals fast like a nascar to warriors, man. we've been to win it all live from the chase center this morning. we're gold blooded fans will fill the stands tonight. plus johnny depp. one is defamation lawsuit against amber heard area expert on domestic violence says this highly publicized trial may impact survivors and people who are suffering but have yet to come forward. plus. schools nearly out for the summer and today we're bringing in some exceptional local high schoolers into our studio. we're graduating with highest honors and incredible scholarships, the hardships they've worked through to achieve their success. and good morning. welcome to morning sun to the nine today is thursday, june 2nd and we are
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looking at a live and foggy picture. that's san francisco back there, believe it or not, it is overcast june gloom. this usually happens at this time, if you lived here for a while. it's no surprise today. the golden state warriors meet the boston celtics at chase center for the first game of the nba finals. and if you're hoping to go to the game, you'll need to pay a lot to get their tonight's average ticket is going for $873. most of those younger those cheap, i say cheaper. tickets are for upper bowl. if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, though you can watch the game of chase, but you can do that for the away games. the wires can watch games three and four. inside chase. welcome to the nine have been wonder who the people are who sit courtside other than celebrities of right, wasn't she was there? yeah, that's what i like and what's not any of us price for that break away. yeah
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that's pretty cool. i would love to get just a chance to sit there just to see what it was like to watch the game so close up will never happen at that price. yeah i mean, there was an awful lot of warriors buzz happening all across the whole. yeah everyone's talking about it right now. everyone's looking forward first. game first nba finals. we played a chasing her. that's a that's an awesome thing to be doing. all right? i think a magus was the lucky one to get the assignment through the straw the right one. wherever you watch the game, it's going to be a great one. let's turn it over to ktvu emma gosper what she found inside chase center. i'm sitting in one of the priciest seats you can find at chase center. it was listed this morning on stubhub from more than $64,000. it's being sold as a pair. just multiply that amount by two, according to ticket website vivid seats. tonight's game also has the most expensive average ticket price for any event at chase center. that average price close to $900 when least expensive to get we found on stubhub, including fees
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was going for $771. it's a momentous game to be at for one. it's the first time ever than nba finals game will be played at chase center since it opened in 2019. the warriors started the season strong in november. they are the best record in the league. injuries challenged them throughout the season, steph curry suffered a sprained ligament and bone bruise in his foot back in march, playing against the celtics and was out for 12 games of the regular season. he spoke at a press conference yesterday about the ups and downs of the season. you ride that momentum, and that obviously cares you through some crazy, uh ups and downs throughout the season with injuries and revolving door, the rotation and all that, but and also speaks to no. that's the tablet word. the culture of our organization like it speaks to who we are. and um, what it takes to win at the highest level said it's still questionable if gary payton, the second otto porter jr and andre equal dollar are able to play
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tonight. all three are recovering from injuries but managed to participate in yesterday's scrimmage. but it was a good sign that all three were able to have contact today for tonight's game is at six o'clock reporting from chase center demagogues. ktvu fox two news. all right. a lot of warriors fans obviously excited. tonight's the night we brought in my good friend matt steinmetz to talk about the first finals at chase, which i mean, a lot of people thought that the you know the words when they got to chase would be you know kind of past their prime that the warriors would not see a finals at chase that they had left their glory days back at oracle arena in oakland, but here we are. i mean, it's pretty amazing what they've done, sal. there's only been four teams that have had a run of six finals appearances in eight years. there was a lot of concern whether the warriors could thread the needle using a lot of young players. jordan's pool commingle moody, um even wise men who didn't play this year and whether there would be
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enough time to, you know, keep the older guys in play still in their prime, and they've managed to do it, they managed to get to the finals. lot of people didn't expect it. but now that i think they're here, i think a lot of warrior fans think they can get this done. the boston celtics. you know, i think that a lot of the casual fans may not know some of the names on that team. you know, they kind of watched the warriors they haven't seen too much of the celtics. who are the warriors going to be planning for? who are the big players on that team? they have three guys kind of like the warriors have their three guys. they got marcus smart jason tatum. and jalen brown, who went to cal, actually, and they're they're all three very good defensive players, especially marcus smart. he was the defensive player of the year. he's going to be guarding curry a lot of the time and they hope what the celtics hope, anyway. is that marcus smart kind of by himself can keep curry under control because the warriors are at their best when other teams try to take the ball out of steph curry's hands and they
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succeed succeed in doing that, and then they get to play four on three. so the celtics are hoping they can match up with the warriors, man to man and play them that way, but that's you know, that's a tall task is different from this. it seems as if that the celtics have three players. that the warriors have to plan for, but dallas honestly had one. memphis had one right. even though the teams are good, they wouldn't get there. but this team has three and they have great defense. doesn't that stymie the warriors? i don't know about if it's stymies the warriors, but the one thing that you write about is jam around for memphis and don trick for dallas. if i asked him a lot of people who is the second best player in each of those teams, they would say. somebody different each time because there's no real number to boston's got what i call a pecking order. it's tatum. it's brown. it's smart, and they know exactly where they're going to go when they're going to go there. and i think the one key
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sal is and the warriors are like this to a little bit with draymond is their best players are also good defensive players and when you have that that means it sets a positive tone, and that's kind of what the warriors have always had with draymond green singularly, but also with clay thompson has been a very good defender in his day. wiggins is a good defender, and even steph curry has gotten a lot better. you know, this is a big spectacle. i don't think people appreciate what a big spectacle this is. one of the warriors were in the nba finals the first time i was lucky enough to get out there on the press, and there's so many people everywhere in the world coming to see this, right? yeah i don't think people appreciate how big of a deal the stages. no i mean, there's literally hundreds and hundreds of media who are in the bay area and another way to tell that it's very important. at least in the bay is you have a guy like me on the news portion of the of the program, which means it's sports and real life has intersected sports and a block exactly
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exactly reserved for the giants in the world series and 49ers in the super bowl and warriors in the finals time. it's 95 7 the game. have a good show. thanks for coming in problem. gentlemen. thank you. that were wildfire coverage. firefighters are making progress in their fight against the old fire in napa. alvira says favorable weather conditions help cruz get a better handle on the flames. the 570 acre fire that sparked near the old soda canyon road area. on tuesday is now 30% contained. one firefighter did get hurt and was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. there are no reports of any damaged structures in that area. and of course, the weather, as we've been talking about, certainly will be helping the situation. steve paul's is here now, with more on that they have some good news. now. the wind never good news, but at least it's more westerly or west southwest. higher humidity and temperature is starting to come down, although near the side there's a little east southeast at six humidity, those 64% temperature 61. it will not be as hot as yesterday. but there's a pretty good seabreeze kicking
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of the napa airport as a west southwest at nine fairfield now west southwest 22. almost gusting to 30, so an onshore breeze and higher humidity will help firefighters going forward over the next few days. and maybe even some rain. i mean, they could use it today or tomorrow it looks likely on sunday. and a possibility. i mean again, it's just in the minor details now. but up around santa rosa russian river you can there's possibility north of a half inch or more, much less as you go south now. today low clouds are already on the coast . there's a mix of us and iron clouds coming in some sun. that would be the pattern today and probably most of tomorrow but 60 seventies coast in bay some upper fifties for a few on the course as well. those water temps were just so called mainly mid eighties inland, but not as hot as yesterday. still though, you're seeing some upper sixties to near 70 already, but we are running a little cooler from especially coast and bay. because of their low cloud deck , and i mean, it has really banked up and you can see a lot of low clouds, even moving through the petaluma gap with higher clouds up above that so
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higher humidity levels and more of an onshore breeze sure beats clear skies hot temperatures in an offshore breeze. that's for sure a lot of systems are going to rotate around that low and the gulf of alaska and it's actually tapping into some pretty good moisture will get drizzled friday night saturday morning than the leading edge of that system. looks like it starts to arrive santa rosa sunday morning. petaluma maybe napa fairfield conquered the rest. it will be coming in a little bit later. but you can see some of the totals so far. now again, these will change. they always change about every 12 24 hours, but totals of a third of an inch to two thirds from santa rosa. to uk is really impressive for this time of year. san francisco to concord, 18. 100 san jose 1000.8. that's why it looks right now we'll see what they say on friday and saturday 60 seventies eighties inland temps will come way down tomorrow. then we'll cloud it up. and maybe it looks like rain on saturday morning, you guys, steve. thank you. oakland a's fans looking for a done deal when it comes to building a new ballpark at howard terminal. next on the nine. you just spoke with mayor chef here in studio what she says about a major presentation happening today on the environmental impact. of a
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hal. excuse me to the bay conservation and development commission about the environmental impact of a new ballpark at howard terminal in the last hour here on mornings on two, i spoke with mayor shaft. right before she headed over to that meeting. these commissioners want to be assured that taking howard terminal and creating this neighborhood they want to know that this is not going to impact the long term. cargo capacity for the whole day and really advanced their mission of giving the public
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access to the water. shaft says today's meeting is a public hearing in the commission's final vote won't happen until june. 30th mark this month marks the beginning of a new chapter for the oakland police department is taking the first step toward coming out of federal oversight that's lasted now for 20 years. federal oversight of opd was part of a settlement from the 2003 class action lawsuit they claim for oakland police officers called the riders racially profiled and beat citizens and falsified police reports. john boris was one of the attorneys who represented the citizens on the right track now, and i'm very hopeful that we will get through this next year. and more important, as i've said last generation or more apologize that it took so long, but there was so much change that needed to occur in this department. the settlement included more than 50 separate reform measures. the department says it is now complying with all but one has six months left to meet the last one, creating equal disciplinary measures for all officers. if it can do that, and maintain its
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current record that's building trust in the community. the federal oversight will end and the city's police commission takes over on may 31st of next year over to the south bay. the san jose city council has been directed to take a look at how police investigate alleged misconduct by officers or any city employee during a joint meeting of the rules and open government committee yesterday, members voted to send the item to the san jose city council for consideration. the council meets june 21st to discuss the measure. mayor sam liccardo believes there needs to be changed following two high profile incidents involving misconduct by city employees. local police say they will have a significant update on the alexis cape case in the next two hours or so. game is a 24 year old oakley woman who was last seen in january at the home of a former boyfriend in any stock. her car was found abandoned with the keys inside the following day, a reward fund for the information in the case stands at $100,000, the oakley police chief, expected to have that update at 11 o'clock. a verdict has been reached in the closely
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watched defamation case by actor johnny depp against his ex wife, amber heard the jury ruled in favor of death, awarding him $10 million in compensatory damages . five million in punitive damages. the jury awarded heard two million in compensatory damages. this trial was about much more than money for the millions who watched the proceedings live. let's talk about the impact the trial and the outcome may have on domestic violence, survivors and those in abusive relationships who have yet to seek help we welcome to the nine leah kimball price, head of bay area women against rape. thanks for being with us. so happy to be here. garcia i've heard from people in your field that what we all watched unfold online and on tv is going to have a chilling effect on people experiencing domestic violence. what are your thoughts? absolutely i think that, uh, whenever we see something so important and so serious, kind of turned into more of a media event and something that is, uh common topic on social media is
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going to have repercussions in a ripple effect, and we're definitely seeing that on our hotline. we're seeing that with our, um survivor clients seeing that i'm across the board that male survivors are coming forward more and using our services. we serve all genders. um but we're also seeing a lot of people saying i don't want to speak out because i'm afraid of being ridiculed or becoming a meme on social media because a lot of people were judging very quickly from the get go. they thought they knew for sure it was johnny depp. amber heard who was in the right here. absolutely and the truth of the matter is that whenever violence exists in a relationship, the violence is its own being and has to be addressed. the finding faults doesn't really change anything in terms of what people are experiencing, and so the goal is really to eradicate the violence. versus finding fault and unfortunately that's obviously not what court cases are about. they are about finding fault and so it's just an unfortunate intersection for the work that we do. we heard
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and saw a lot of graphic testimony, audio recordings, physical and emotional abuse for those men and women you've already helped what did that do to them in their own situation? i think for some people, it may have been, um, validation of what they're experiencing. these are attractive, popular people who were both experiencing violence that being said many people also have i kind of sensitivity to the content and not being able to control how it's being fed to you, and it's coming up in your social media feeds and in conversation at work, and, um it's kind of in popular culture can be very difficult. yeah it's interesting . i mean, i had a dentist appointment. i think at some point in the past couple of weeks, and my new dentist has these big fancy screens and i got in the chair and it was the trial and i said, can we watch like a food network show? because i didn't even want to feel it. i didn't want it in my face in that sense, and it was a very difficult thing. even for me to process. let's talk about
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a phrase that came up in this trial. one win is called it a mutual abuse. what do you think of that sort of characterization of a relationship? i think it's an oversimplification. of course, there can be times when one person is the target of harm, and the other person is using violence as a tool. i think mutual abuse is kind of a misnomer. and it does. um alleviate all accountability across the board, and so i think it can be problematic and i think when it comes to survivor experience of that's how they would describe it, and that's what we're going to follow. it's really not our role to decide from people how to describe what they've experienced. and finally, what do you say to those women and men out there who may have seen this very graphic trial for weeks and say, boy, i don't want anyone to know my business. it's bad enough that i'm dealing with it. i don't want it out there. absolutely i think it's important for people to remember that they can access services like ours across the state and across the country without disposing their identity without identifying as a survivor of any kind of abuse that can just say they want help, or want
9:20 am
something some support. we're happy to do that. anonymity and confidentiality are a huge part of what we do and why we are successful in supporting survivors and getting their stories out there. you don't have to, um, make a report. you don't have to engage with law enforcement unless you want to. and you don't have to go to court unless you want to. and so i think that we want to make sure that people know that we're here for them, regardless of how they choose to address what's going on in their lives. kimball price. i know your group barry women against rape has done. good work for many years. i appreciate your joining us here on the nine thank you for your continued support. garcia, of course, of course. coming up on mornings onto the night. we're going to be live from san ramon valley high school, where hundreds of students are putting together care kits for underserved students in contra costa county, but first russian forces gain ground in eastern ukraine as moscow condemns the latest u. s aid package
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is t ukrainian aid package from the biden ministrations. the white house says it's received assurances the weapons won't be used to strike inside russian territory. mike tobin has the latest update. from ukraine. russia launching more strikes in ukraine overnight hitting rail lines in la vive and a school in the city of heart. kiev. ukrainian officials say the past 24 hours at least seven people have been killed and nearly two dozen injured. british intelligence says russian troops now control most of severe donetsk in the donbass people in surrounding cities are hiding out in bomb shelters, bracing for more conflict. we have our own kind of medicine cabinet where we can provide help, not only to our residents of the bomb shelter but also to people around us. meanwhile moscow is condemning a biden administration plan to send longer range rockets to ukraine. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said kiev's pushed for more weapons is a quote, direct provocation. pentagon officials
9:24 am
dismissed the criticism, saying they are mindful of the escalation risk. russia doesn't get a veto over what we send to the ukrainians were focused on what we think the ukrainians need for the current fight the u. s. plans to send four rocket systems known as him ours. ukrainian soldiers will train on the system for about three weeks. the $700 million aid package also includes javelin, anti tank missiles, artillery rounds and helicopters. get the training done, get them in the hands of the ukrainians as quickly as possible and see if we can get them more systems. then the four that we're providing. the uk says it will also send rocket systems to ukraine in coordination with the united states. in kiev. mike tobin, ktvu fox two news. and we've been reporting that millions of ukrainians have had to leave their home country with little notice and few possessions. one woman who fled ukraine and ended up in san diego was just reunited with her dog. it looks nice and ready for your mama looks so beautiful. yes lots of excitement, some
9:25 am
tears and a wagging tail from the woman from ukraine as she got to hug or pomeranian at the san diego humane society. this is the moment they got to see each other again. her dog had to be kept under rabies quarantine for 28 days there at the humane society, but they are together now. area mothers say they're feeling the effects of the baby formula shortage during a roundtable, one new mother told south bay congressman ro khanna. she has driven all over the south bay to find formula for her two month old son. congressman connor says he hopes the us will soon adopt and accept the european standards for formula to quickly import more supplies. it's been really scary. my son being two months old, he can only eat, uh, formula and he can't have anything else. i can't make something at home for him or find something else, so not having it available at our local stories has been really disconcerting. the representative of first five california group that focuses on children and families, suggesting those looking for
9:26 am
formula ask their family or friends to check stores in different areas. it's something that many parents are having to go through right now to get that formula. the pain at the pump and is being felt up and down california coming up on mornings onto tonight. we're telling you where we found the most expensive gas station selling gas. forget this. you ready? brace yourselves $8 a gallon right here in california plus we're learning more about the police response to last week's deadly shooting at a texas elementary school. i'm casey stengel in new valley, texas
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on sunday morning, i know here in june. all right, let's talk about something else. that's on our mind. besides the weather gas, right, look these days if you can find a gallon of gas for under $6 you feel like you hit the jackpot here in the bay area, so let's go to the other end of things and the other end of our state. when gas station in downtown los angeles charging more than $8 a gallon, that's about $2 more than the average price. some people accuse this chevron station of price gouging. the attorney general's office says it's warned gas companies as a whole about market manipulation, but says that state price gouging laws only go into effect if there is a declaration of an emergency, so let me tell you one thing. i've been doing a lot more of lately, i make sure i get cash when i'm at the grocery store so i can get 10 cents off right because, you know, cash discount, right? exactly. so i've been paying with cash that helps a little but $8 i drive right on by drive right by that. so you know, i've gotten roped into paying these high gas prices. when you when you rent a car and driving back to the airport, and you forgot to get
9:30 am
gas closer to town, and you have you have to get gas before you return the vehicle. so now i just prepaid for the gas at the rental counter that way, i don't have to worry about that, because i always did that. and the gas stations closest to the airport, always the one that charge wants to charge the craziest let me ask you this. how much does it cost to pre pay for gas? well it's usually right around. whatever the price is right now. it's not super expensive to have him do that. it's a really good and it's probably even 10 cents more sometimes, and sometimes i found it to be less. you'll see the price listed when you go to the rental counter, and that's when you can make your decision on the back end. if he didn't pay, they're like, oh, that's $16 a gallon stopped at the airport guests. you know, those things are never cheap, right? just a couple of tips because of me doing the traffic and that would be trying to drive when there's no slow traffic idling kills. yeah right. uh and, you know, also consolidate trips. i know everyone always talks about that. but now it you know, it means something if you only have to start the car up once, do all your trips and then come home, so that should help to reload my clipper card going good one, too
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little electric scooters you can do around town have also thought about getting that too. i mean, that's that's how serious it's 11 11 liters of gas 80 something dollars i filled up the other day. i was like, man, i could use that leaders. wait. are you in the uk? okay sorry. gallons of actually making sure my alright. okay this serious story now police arrested a 16 year old accused of trying to recruit other people to participate in an attack at an east bay school. investigators say the target was berkeley high school. police searched the voice home after receiving a tip last month, and they say they found parts to build assault rifles, several knives, explosives and electric items that could be used to create more weapons. the teenagers surrendered to police earlier this week. berkeley school officials addressed the incident at last night's school board meeting. supporting our students has never been more important as we collectively try to make sense of senseless murders in gun violence, become the school every day to make sure our students have a foundation of stability and support and at the same time we worry about our own family safety. we keep showing up
9:32 am
because we are needed, but what is actually needed is for all of us to corrective lee stand up and say no to gun violence. the teenager could face charges of progressive are aggressive destruction device materials and threatening to commit a crime, which would result in the death of great bodily injury. the school district says it is also conducting its own investigation into these threats. we're learning more about the deadly school shooting in texas last week, but there are still lingering questions about the response by law enforcement. casey stengel has more from you validate texas. a busy week of funerals underway here in new valley as the 21 victims of last week's mass shooting at rob elementary school are laid to rest, but as the mourning process continues, daily questions remain about the police response. that day priorities is to get information to our families. the man at the center of the controversy, school police chief pr redondo made his first public comments since the shooting, saying wednesday he has been in constant contact with the texas department. of public safety
9:33 am
after dps said itself, redondo was not responding to requests for more information about why he waited more than an hour to instruct his officers on confronting the shooter. you in this newly released video? you can see law enforcement talking to at least one student who confirmed there was a gunman in the building, prompting even more frustration from folks. here you go by what you know. you know he was shooting. you know, he has a gun. you know, there's kids in there. you have to get in there. meantime, governor greg abbott is calling for an immediate safety review of all texas public schools. and in houston, the state's biggest school district. extra security has already been put in place for the last week of classes knowing what happened in your body. i can assure everyone that we are committed and will do everything in our power to keep our kids safe. the governor says he wants a progress report on his desk no later than october, 1st. that's the latest from you.
9:34 am
valley texas, casey steagall ktvu faxed to news now to an update on this morning this morning from yesterday's mass shooting that unfolded at a hospital in tulsa, oklahoma, a news conference just wrapped up in which authorities said the gunman killed two doctors, a receptionist and a patient before turning the gun on himself. he had recently undergone back surgery and repeatedly called the doctor complaining about lingering pain. that surgeon was one of the people he killed. investigators say the shooter had just bought an ar style rifle the day of the shooting. well. the white house judiciary committee is holding a hearing on new gun legislation in response to mass shootings by 18 year olds in texas and the one in new york as well. the bill would raise the age limit for purchasing a semiautomatic rifle from 18 to 21. the measure would also make it a federal offense manufacturer possess large capacity magazines. but house republicans say goes too far and would fail in the senate. is not even been 24 hours since the last mass shooting, and who knows how long until the next
9:35 am
one? too soon. my friends. what the #### are you waiting for? democrats are always fixated on curtailing the rights of law abiding citizens rather than trying to understand why this evil happens. house speaker nancy pelosi also says next week she will bring up a bill to ban assault rifles. pride month is underway in the bay area. the first celebrations wrapped up last night leaders from the castro transgender and leather lgbtq cultural districts. say they won't attend today's ceremony to raise the pride flag in san francisco that comes after mayor london breed said she wouldn't attend the pride parade unless police are allowed to wear their uniforms when they walk in the parade. transgender activist, honey mahogany, is one of the city's official pride celebration hosts and hopes the tension won't throw cold water on the celebration. there needs to be much more coming together in francisco. i think we have been so fraught so politically divided lately. the sf pride board will meet next week and see if members can resolve some
9:36 am
of the issues. but organizers of the san francisco pride festival and parade are standing by their decision not to allow uniformed officers. this year's parade and festival will be the first in san francisco since 2019 the celebration takes place the last weekend of june. the parade itself is sunday, the 26th more than 200 participants and groups have signed up to march in the parade. as we celebrate pride month during this month of june , we want to focus now on the history of lgbt advocacy. pride month takes place in june and remembrance of the stonewall uprising in new york city back in 1969. police officers raided the stonewall inn because bars catering to gay customers were illegal. at the time, hundreds of people fought with the officers for the next several days. the uprising is considered a turning point in the fight for lgbt q. 12. hundreds of students in contra costa county are getting together right now to put together hundreds of toiletry kits and backpacks for underserved students. we're live with the director and founder of pledged to humanity. gabby gore,
9:37 am
bonnie, who is behind this big effort. she's outside san ramon valley high school with the students are putting together those packages. gabby welcome to warnings on to it is so nice to what you're doing, because one of the biggest things that most people if not all people agree on is underserved students deserve, you know to have things that bring them up to the level of everyone else. right yeah. thank you. thank you so much. and thank you for having us. this is a very exciting day because we have like you said, um, it's a little bit over 300 kids. that are going to be doing 1000 toiletry kids, we're going to be bagging to 150 backpacks with, um, great school supplies. that are going to benefit kids in our communities and underrepresented areas in the in the bay area. we're also going
9:38 am
to be doing blanket and no so blankets that are going to end up. in local church shelters as well as toiletries, toiletries that i was mentioning. they are 1000 of them. we're going to split them into some of our local shelters and very exciting. to see the children engaged and involved in wanting to do something good for others on this day. yes. so not only are the kids who are being helped served by this, but also you just mentioned that you alluded to it. this helps the children or the students. i should say who are helping out and might set them on a path. to be more aware of what they can do with the community, right? absolutely the humanity believes that every child this serves to be able to have the opportunity to give back and we believe that every child is capable of making great things in the world. regardless of their age. it's about giving them empowerment
9:39 am
and the tools and supplies and projects and opportunities like this. for them to make a difference for them to understand that they can make a difference, regardless of their age. so how did this idea come about? how did you decide what how did you decide that you were going to or whoever decided to get this effort together because it's no small feat to get all this stuff together and then to execute. yes exactly heads, then it's been definitely several weeks, maybe a little bit longer than that. to put this event together and we are very, very grateful to the district that it's always so incredibly supportive to make sure that the kids and their communities get their hands on on the project that pledged to humanity has been putting together for many, many years. and so how did it started? it's just by the need. i think there is a need for us to help our communities and the need for children to understand that they can do. they are
9:40 am
activities that they can do. depends on with that they can see it from inception to reflection from the beginning of the project to the end, when they deliver the backpacks or the blankets or the toilet to the shelter within a tremendous sense. of joy for doing something good to others. gabby how did you decide to found pledged to humanity? did you just notice because i think a lot of people don't realize how many people out there may kind of look like everyone else. but they really do need things. how did you decide? to start helping out will ever since. i mean, i've been doing projects for many years even way before 2000 and nine windless. the humanity was founded, and it became a part five oh one c three. i think it was the need to connect the need with the people that want to give and want to serve, and so i feel like pleasure.
9:41 am
humanity is like a bridge. a bridge between the children because it is definitely youth led. primarily we certainly need parents and we definitely need adults to help us. at the support this effort, but at the same time, the goal in the heart of flesh the humanity is the children and i think the need of it was seen in need and seen so many people wanting to help, so i thought about it for a long time, and i decided to do something because when i was young, i didn't have that support or the organization that can empower me and said you can do it. and i knew that when i you know, i got older and became a young mother. that's what i wanted to do, and i think that's exactly what i was born to do. so well. well, gabby, first of all, thanks for talking above that leaf blower. that always seems to happen when you're on live television, but and also more importantly, thank you for doing what you're doing, and i'm
9:42 am
glad that you're helping out this way. it looks like it might make have a big effect. well thank you so much for having me and i really appreciate all the support that i get from everyone never fails, that leaf blower. great work being done there. let's swing over to the city now where many people in san francisco are launching an initiative to help defend abortion rights ahead of the u. s. supreme court expected overruling of roe v. wade the bar association of san francisco and san francisco city attorney announced the launch of the legal alliance for reproductive rights. the alliances of volunteer effort by 20 law firms to provide free legal services to those who may be affected if roe v. wade is struck down by the supreme court, the potential consequences of this opinion cannot be underestimated. we're not just talking about the arrests. the prosecution's the criminal convictions of women seeking reproductive healthcare. or medical professionals providing that care. we know from history. that woman. will
9:43 am
die because of this decision. two says more law firms are expected to join the alliance in the coming weeks. celebrations have begun in london, with thousands gathering to celebrate the historic reign of queen elizabeth. the second madeleine rivera has more from london. her majesty joined by working members of the royal family on the balcony of buckingham palace , taking in the sights of the military flyover featuring more than 70 aircraft, crowds gathered as far as the eye can see, cheering on the monarch and celebrating her reign. her majesty is such a fantastic figure worldwide, and i just have so much admiration for her . as you know, as so many other people do basically comes to make memories. it's only going to happen once you're never, ever going to see this again in your lifetime jubilee, a four day long celebration, kicking off thursday with the trooping the color a military parade steeped in tradition. prince
9:44 am
charles playing a key role in the ceremony, accepting a salute on behalf of his 96 year old mother, accompanied by his sister, princess anne and son, prince william. spectators traveling from near and far to be part of this historic moment and show their appreciation for the queen's decades of service. been around for such a long time. she's been the only queen that we've ever known so we just felt after all her years of service. it was the least we could do really come up and show our respects and just enjoy all the fun friday celebrations include a service of thanksgiving to be held at st paul's cathedral. london rivera, ktvu, fox two news. are coming up on mornings and to the nine we're speaking live with four incredible high school seniors for graduating with the highest horus and incredible scholarships will tell you about it.
9:45 am
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thed college courses. and today we're joined now by four top academic scholars who are incredibly smart. they're bilingual, and they have great great point averages all over four point. oh, in fact, thank you all so much for joining us, so we'll start with josiah will go down the line and talk to each of you about everything. so just sign martinez. you have a 4.7 g p a 4.79 a mistake. four degrees. political science, social science from laney college. and you have siblings also where do you buy the time to do all of this work while still in high school, and you're in one of the clubs. there are one of the
9:48 am
clubs are in at school is marked trial team. you find the time for that. i think it's just like balancing what you're capable of. and so i just separate my time and managing it with a schedule and making sure that i'm able to allocate my time too. everything that i'm dedicated towards interesting is you're heading to work for college. harvard harvard when you start there this august, already got everything set up right and what you're gonna be studying. i'm going to be sending computer science departure from from what you have already in political scientist, social sciences. why the departure? you just you just like racking up these degrees. there was kind of like emerged between the two. so i started with political science. but then i kind of found like a passionate like computer science and math and just how both of them can go hand in hand, and you can apply computer science for like political issues. so you started one. and then it kind of just weaving discovered where you eventually wanted to go. you eventually want to do when you get your degree. totally sure yet, but i do think it wants to be emerged between the both and using computer science as a way to help with political science is certainly smart enough, man. i'm sure you'll figure out you might be able to start your own thing.
9:49 am
and you know a new industry of some sort. all right now we're joined by juan lopez. thank you so much for joining us one. you have a 4.6 g p a degrees in sociology, political science, and you apply to 57 colleges want to know. how many acceptance letters that you get . if i would say i think maybe like half that is, that is pretty incredible. you worked very, very hard. here what is it ? what is your the studies that interest you the most um, for me . i feel like i would want to pursue something like political science, political science as well. and what brings you to that to that field, so like growing up, i did, like many, um many activities. so like i did reading partners, and then i was able to, like help out with little kids. and then that made me like, want to get back to my community. so like when i finished my political science degree, i want to come back to oakland and then see if i could change some things, you know, run for local office and then possibly even president. one lopez mirror of oakland and then on the president. i like it.
9:50 am
this gps looking good. you've definitely got the smarts to do it. good luck to you. thanks so much. joined by our really martinez, really? you're just as smart as the rest of the crew. right here. 4.4 g p a. you completed 10. 10 college courses . what area of interest do you want to pursue? sign up for the fact that i want to go into medicine. probably not a doctor . i was thinking of becoming a physician assistant. and for my undergrad major, i'm doing nutrition. it's a really fun, major. what do you like it so much? i mean, when you talk about it, you smile. so why do you smile when you're talking about going to that field, so i looked at the college classes i needed to take and they all seem really fun because it's a perfect balance between hard science classes as well as social sciences and learning about populations, and i feel like it's just the perfect mix. it really jumps out at you. and what's great is you're going to a great college as well. where you going? tell everyone i'm going to see berkeley, berkeley. excited to go. yes very excited. you start there and in august as well. all right, are you staying
9:51 am
on campus? you're going to be staying commuting to school. probably going to commute, but yeah, this gas prices. i don't know something else. maybe you'll be able to fix it in the future. definitely got the g p a for it. all right now we have to sway jimenez lopez. this way. thank you so much for joining us. what i thought was really interesting about your story is you all know each other? and you said they inspired you? i mean, you have a fantastic gpa as well for yourself. tell us how they inspired you to do so well in school. well um i've met all of them in lps oakland, so it was just, um just i was the first one i met and he was like, hey, i'm taking community college classes. you want to take them with me? i was like, sure, we may just want took a biology class together. that was our first class and so at first i was not thinking of saying lps. but i stayed there because these people inspired me to just keep on pushing my work because i don't think if i went to another school, i would have gone in the same education. i got now that i
9:52 am
have now, by the way during your time here, you've completed 21 college courses. what what? what is some of your favorite courses that you've completed so far, i would say the language language courses. i took both all the sl courses they provided, and i also took japanese this year. so all these languages so, um, those were the most interesting . i want to be a polyglot and i want to learn more multiple languages because i want to like go to different cultures and see and just explore more totally, totally impressive. by the way you did all this with jobs, internships, eight ft classes. you guys are fantastic. icu mayor, future mayor ahead of us and you guys are gonna change in the world. it was such a pleasure to meet you all today and thank you so much for stopping by. and congratulations and good luck on your college careers and your features. thank you so much. thank you. all right, coming up on mornings that to the nineties. great to talk to them later coming. what we're going to do the night. tomorrow is our first zip trip. we're taking it to petaluma. after the break. we'll tell you
9:53 am
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of s geological survey says it was a magnitude 4.1, which seismologists consider like quake. there were no reports of injuries or serious damage. we find the sandwich shop just off the freeway and conquer that had opened minutes before the quake struck. worker there, says she and some of her early morning customers felt it when it started. somebody said, do you feel that and i just thought it was a semi going by and then i look up and all the tvs are just horribly back and forth, and i realized i actually having an earthquake. so yeah, that was it was, it seemed piled it happened and then it went away the tv stop shaking. we had reports from viewers in clayton eniac in pittsburgh, who say they felt a single strong jolt but did not have any damage or feel any
9:57 am
aftershocks to the south bay here is people attended a community block party meant to remind voters about next tuesday . statewide primary election organizers were rallying to get more people to cast their ballots. i feel like a lot of people, especially in my generation don't vote and they don't get involved in community events like this, and i think it's really important for san jose as a whole to be represented by their entire community, not just a small portion san jose voters will cast ballots for measure b b allows voters in san jose to choose a mayor. at the same time they vote for president past the mayor would serve a four year term starting in 2024. san jose voters on tuesday will also choose a new district attorney, a new sheriff and a new mayor. now the june primary was expected to have low voter turnout in early numbers bear that out. so far fewer than 10% of voters statewide have returned ballots for tuesday's primary. according to the chronicle, does over two million ballots have been returned out of the nearly 22 million sent to registered voters. you can drop your ballot in the mail overturn it to any voting center. ballots have to be postmarked by june,
9:58 am
7th. apple fans are getting ready for new technology or just four days away from apple's developers conference, which is one of the company's biggest annual events. apple is expected to showcase software updates for the iphone, ipad and apple watch and may preview the operating system for the company's virtual reality and augmented reality headset. the developers conference starts monday morning at 10 o'clock and runs through all week monday through friday, next week. tomorrow morning mornings on tube and telling you hits the road will join us. hopefully on the first zip trip of the summer every summer mornings on to the nine visit cities and towns across the bay area tomorrow. we're heading to petaluma to show everything the city has to offer. we'll take you down to the river. and through the old buildings of downtown will get a taste of some of the best restaurants and uncover some facts that even the locals may not know. be sure to join us on mornings and to the nine in petaluma tomorrow, and then here's the schedule. look on your screen. the entire zip
9:59 am
trip schedule has been unveiled later this summer. we're heading to union city, venetia. santa clara pacific, dublin and martinez. i want to shout out my pacifica friends. i grew up in san francisco and then daly city so specific, you know, i kind of know it a little bit, so you know, but all those cities look great. but you know that city i kind of know a little bit, so i won't be going in cold, for example. today i'm going to union city. okay i haven't been there much. i'm going to find out a lot more about it. you're learning things too. i think that the beauty of these trips really is number one. we get to see you face to face right? like a plus. that's number one. but number two, so many people. look, i grew up here in the bay area. there are cities i never went to before. i started working as a reporter here at channel two news and we get to visit those cities and learn about them or re learned about them. it's the best coolest part about that is there's so many all of the city's here have different personalities, and it's great to see them all. that's what's great about living in the bay area. retired of it. at least i haven't yeah, i know
10:00 am
it's the best. it's the best. so again. that's tomorrow. we're hitting the road. i filled my gas tank, so i think i'm good. i'll make it to petaluma and back. we appreciate your being with us this morning. i do hope you ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: now, here's our special guest hosts, vivica a. fox and carson kressley! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop!


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