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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  June 7, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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part of the american women quarters program. man killers quarter is the third in the series. she joins writer maya angelo and astronaut sally ride on the quarter man killer has shown wrapped in a traditional show with the cherokee nation, seven pointed star. it's election day, and all eyes are on the effort to recall san francisco district attorney chaser boudin, the latest on those efforts and on other key races that are being decided by voters. also ahead. i know many people are frustrated and tired of hearing about gun violence. they're frustrated and tired of seeing incidents of violence in their communities, and it's shocking that has happened here at a library in san jose. an investigation is underway in the south bay after gunfire erupts inside of public library when children are present the concerns parents have about safety for themselves and their little ones. plus we're learning more about the victim in san jose, who was shot and killed while working in a safeway store. now that man's family is
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speaking out. and welcome to mornings on tuesday nine today is tuesday, june 7th election day. we're looking at a live picture of san francisco. it's a little hazy there, and the bay bridge is still recovering from just a world of hurt today. on the traffic front, it is election day. as i mentioned, and if you still haven't turned in your ballot barrier vote centers are open today until eight pm for this election, all registered voters in california received a mail in ballot that you can mail in or drop off at a polling place, or if you prefer to vote in person, you can go to any vote center in your county and welcome gastronomic dre. i still have to turn them in. you know, they come and you have to fill it out and then put it in the envelope, and then i'm just going to drive down to the have dropped boxes. you know, andre, they have drop boxes, and then you can just do it that way to do it by eight o'clock tonight. that is the big thing, but a lot of supervisors of elections. they're not really all that. excited they think they don't
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think the voter turnout is going to be very huge. but we do have some big races. i mean, sounds a. you know the one in san francisco you'll be talking about in just a moment, so i'm sure people be turning up for that. no doubt you'll have the you have the big one in san francisco to that's happening right and start with that. of course, it's making national headlines here. the attempted recall of jason bodine. it's getting a lot of national attention. as you know, people behind the recall measure proposition age, said the boudin isn't doing enough to hold violent offenders accountable, but his supporters say a vote to recall him as a vote against progressive causes such as ending mass incarceration and being tougher on police misconduct. this mostly represents san franciscans frustration with conditions on the street, even though crime is down and some categories and up and others uh, this is the this is there's a frustration with that, and it's a frustration with the homelessness situation and other things and the lack of affordable housing. both of those things have boutin has nothing to do with the district attorney's office has nothing to do with, but if he should be
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recalled san franciscans they wanted to scalp. we'll hear more from san francisco chronicle senior political writer joe gary foley later here on the ninth. we're also bringing in early rasmus. she's live in san francisco, as voters are weighing in on the recall effort against chase a boudin as we speak. another closely watched race today's in the south bay voters will elect a new mayor in san jose ktvu james torres live at roosevelt community center in san jose. with the candidates and what we need to know before we have casted our balance. hi, james. i gotta. yeah. we saw some of those candidates coming in casting their ballots here this morning. it is still early in the election cycle, or rather, the election day. polls only opened just two hours ago. we've seen traffic here foot traffic. going just a little bit slow. but when it comes to that mayor's race that's the closely tight race that we're watching this morning down here in san jose, well, the current mayor, sam liccardo, he's already served two terms as mayor, so he's maxed out. he can't run again. that means for the first time since 2014 the race for san jose's mayor will not have an incumbent candidate. here are the candidates that you can vote
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for this morning? they are cindy chavez. we just saw here moments ago. dave davis, who serves on san jose city council, james spencer marshall, would manzi. matt mehan, raul paralysis, those two, also serving on san jose city council and travis hill. the front runners in this race are those who are already and the big headlines are how much money they are raising, according to the san jose spotlight, political action committees are pouring money into this race, raising millions of dollars for the top four candidates. campaign money for current santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez is exceeding the rest at nearly a million dollars. there will be more changes coming to the entire city council, as four out of the nine seats are up for grabs, three of which also don't have incumbent candidates. there is 1/5 seat that you would see on the ballot, but that incumbent is running on opposed. we spoke to a voter earlier this morning, who explained why he opted to vote in person. today. i know if you put in my mail, i think it gets kind of later, so i just wanted to actually get my
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vote accounted now, so i just came to drop it off, and it's nearby, so it's pretty convenient. and let's talk about how you can vote today. of course, you can do the traditional method by casting your ballot in person at any polling place by eight o'clock tonight. polls are open right now. every california, california voter should have already received a mail in ballot by now, you can vote by post marking that ballot today. or dropping it off at the ballot box here in santa clara county. there are 101 voting centers, usually in years past, he would have to go vote at your designated location about this election cycle voters. now have the freedom to cast a ballot at any voting center in the county and making it that much easier for you. when it comes to this mayor's race, a candidate must win more than 50% of the vote in order to secure the seat if that doesn't happen today than the top two candidates that will be the two candidates that receive a majority of the votes, they will then go to a runoff election that election. will happen in november. if you have not yet registered to vote yet either. you can still do that
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today and then cast her ballot immediately after again. polls will close tonight at eight o'clock. we're live this morning in san jose. i'm james torres. ktvu fox two news. alright james. thank you. today's election could set a record for having the lowest turnout in california as we were discussing at the top of the show. according to the political data intelligence, it's only 15% of ballots that have been returned ahead of election day. that's the lowest ever turn out and the lowest turnout was back in 2014 with just 25% so we're on pace to have a low 11 difference, though there are a lot much they're a lot more voters this time around. the secretary of state's office is there are nearly 22 million registered voters, the highest percentage of eligible voters in a gubernatorial election in 68 years. be sure to stay with ktvu for extensive coverage of today's election. you can follow complete election results throughout the day, with both on air and online coverage as the police are looking for two men
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involved in a shooting at a public library. it happened after at least one man was chased and chased another into the hillview branch of that library. that's an hopkins drive near fisher middle school on the east side of the city. it happened after 3 30 yesterday afternoon when about 20 people, including children and staff members were inside. they were not hurt, but many were frightened. police believe the shooting is gang related, but so far no one has been arrested. it's really concerning, especially with everything that's going on in our country already. i mean, the fact that you know this is what, like five steps from my house and i hear about gun violence. it's kind of crazy. you always think it's never gonna hit home and then it's around the corner. or did police say the neighborhood is not known for being violent. other neighbors have another concern. the library is their polling place for today's election. well, we have learned that it will still be open for voters today, but will remain closed to the public this morning. san rafael residents are being allowed to go back home after being told to evacuate because of a wildfire last night. via broke out around 10 p.m, near dominican
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university and a eucalyptus grove authorities went door to door to evacuated people in homes along highland and summit avenues. in all, two acres burned before flame stop spreading, the evacuees were allowed to go back to their homes. it just shows you that are fire season now is year round. if you look behind you can see the vegetation as dry. this is a very old eucalyptus grove. there's a lot of dead and down material on the on the ground. who spent the night mopping up. investigators are searching for the cause of the fire. let's get over to rosemary oroczo with a look at your weather. it's going to get warmer this week. rosemary iran as well, good morning to all of you, and to all of you happy tuesday. we do have a warming trend that will carry us all the way through the business week and by friday when temperatures peak some of our inland cities are expected to hit near 100 degrees. here's a look over the oakland skyline, starting out with mostly blue skies around the bay and inland. we've got fog along the coastline and just inside the bay this morning.
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those clothes. clouds along the coast will continue for the afternoon and high clouds are expected over the bay area as well, giving you a view here of some of the local hills and mountains. we have a sonoma mountains reporting con conditions, but coming in from the south, and relative humidity is almost 50% and then you get into the event loman mountain area where that flow is coming from the north. a relative humidity is nearing 30% so the direction of the wind and the flow, always making a big deal. we like that cool pacific air that brings our relative humidity up. not going to see much of that for the coming days. it will be localized right along the coastline. and with that fog there the temperatures right along the coastline remaining in the sixties for the next couple of days, warming a little bit more thursday friday. but the warming drying trend is going to increase our fire danger for the next few days as well. 54 degrees right now in san francisco, we have upper fifties in berkeley, 66 for you . walnut creek 75 in brentwood.
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the afternoon highs for today, coming up above the seasonal average in for inland cities 84 in santa rosa, san francisco, you are right on target at 66 low seventies in areas over oakland eighties expected for our inland cities 85 for concord today. meanwhile, along the coastline very cool 64 expected for you there if you're going to the giants game, 60 60 afternoon high in san francisco, but by game time 6 45. we have a low sixties in the forecast mostly sunny skies that westerly breeze going to cool things down. make sure you bring the layers maybe even a jacket as that series will continue in towards sunset . the extended forecast temperatures slightly warmer for tomorrow and then a significant jump coming thursday friday when temperatures peak again upper nineties in the forecast for inland cities. 90 around the bay a beautiful day by the coast. 74 degrees expected along areas of pacifica half moon bay. the extended forecast into your weekend temperatures begin to turn and cool down. a little bit on saturday. more so on santa sunday when we have temperatures in the low eighties for inland
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cities seventies around the bay and sixties at the coast back to you, scorcher of days, huh? alright so we've all known this right? it's been pretty tough to buy a house for a little bit because unless you have an extra $200,000 in your pocket or more million, like nothing coming up one morning and nine. the new signs the housing market. maybe taking a little bit of a breather. also had the fda is vaccine advisers are meeting today to discuss novavax is covid-19 vaccine up next we're talking live with the doctor about what could be 1/4 vaccine about what could be 1/4 vaccine option for a when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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bogeys on your six, limu. without talking they need customizedor. car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ fedr another covid-19 vaccine. today the formula could get the green light as new covid infections climb in the western us foxes jonathan siri has more from atlanta. americans could soon have 1/4 covid vaccine option.
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the fda is vaccine advisers meet today to discuss the nova vax formula for people 18 years and older. the drugmaker began developing the two dough series back in 2020, but struggled to ramp up production in a clinical trial. the vaccine was about 90% effective. against mild, moderate or severe covid. what i've seen of the novavax data so far. it's a really impressive protein backseat. the vaccine is already available in more than 40 countries, but it will face competition here in the us about 70% of eligible americans are already fully vaccinated against covid-19, with the majority opting for fighters or modernists formulas, novak says it's shot could eventually play a role as a booster. we've demonstrated that you can boost and get a very good response. both of you boost our own vaccine or if you boost one of the other vaccines. the meeting comes as covid activity improves across the northeast, with new york and massachusetts, reporting a decline in hospitalizations. macron's sub
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variants are now fueling a surge of cases in the western u. s. go health experts say most people are not developing severe covid . it's really hard to tease out how much of this are the variants themselves, the type of virus that we're seeing versus the fact that we have just lots of pre existing immunity in our population if the fda authorizes the novavax formula, the cdc will first have to sign off before distribution. in atlanta in serie ktvu, fox two news alright. so with us now to give us some insight is easiest infectious disease expert dr peter chin hung. good morning to you, doctor. morning andrey cdc on monday ramped up its monkeypox travel alert to level two when you hear that, how worried are you to see that move by the cdc? i'm still not super worried that it will really get into the general population. however it's a cautionary measure, and it's really because of two things. the first is that cases continue to rise, but i
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must mention that they're not rising a astronomical rates, and it's not really a deadly disease number two is that in some of the contacts, uh, investigated around the world, there were household exposures. they weren't like really very, very common at all. but because there were one or two i think that c d c has upgraded it to an advisory now at at level two, and those are the reasons why, all right, so you know we have covid right now. so you have covid. you have monkeypox. should we be concerned that you have these two viral illnesses floating around. i mean, is it going to be more dangerous for the general public to have both of these happening at the same time? i know because covid precautions trump monkeypox precautions in general for the general population, so monkeypox is really mainly spread in this particular outbreak. by skin to skin contact with open sores. um and you need to be really
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intimate with somebody for more than three hours or so. it's much harder to get monkey pox because it's on heavy droplets rather than airborne like covid. so they give you perspective. covid. 15 minutes. monkeypox more oh, got you. alright, fantastic three hours versus 15 minutes. a big difference here so the origin of monkeypox is in africa, and i want to show viewers this map here. the cdc map. that shows countries are affected by the outbreak and you see it right there. but what's surprising is that the virus in many countries, it's in many countries besides africa, which is where it originated. what do you think that is? so they had two reasons. potentially one is that monkey pox has actually been in a low level outside of africa for some time, and it didn't come to attention until these social and sexual networks happened recently with two raves in belgium and spain. the second reason is that somebody traveled from an endemic area and we usually get a couple of cases a year. to see europe and then
9:18 am
happened by chance is to have people spread it around the world. gotcha. alright well, we want to move to this now. noble backs we've been talking to abuse about this since this morning could become 1/4 vaccine option. you know, the question is we already have three vaccines on the market. do we need another vaccine option at this point? we don't really need it from a coverage perspective of population, but novavax is kind of using an old fashioned technique that may appeal to folks who are a little bit consumed and worried about a newfangled dangled m r and d approach, so it's kind of like i we used to using this kind of vaccine from, you know, from shingles vaccine to human popular virus vaccine, you know, so it's tried and true technology, so not mind me appeal, but most importantly, there is going to be there is already a factory in india that can supply lots of people around the world with it. third reason is, people may want to mix and match because it's a completely different technology may give the virus antibodies, um, wider
9:19 am
exposure to the spike protein by giving a different type of a vaccine. okay, so there are a few reasons out there for folks that know about to move to this issue of mass mandates, returning um, alameda county supervisor david jalbert. he blasted the mandate in the sf gate, calling it arbitrary since no other health officer locally is requiring masks. do we actually need them at this point, do you think well, i think it's really, uh, in certain environments as and as a sort of like, um, a temporary pause button measure. i think the reason why people were motivated to do it was really because from a community perspective. hospitalizations are going up. but personally speaking, i don't think they will even get close to where we were in january, for example, to the at ucsf are on 40 patients for hospitals. january 20th 152 , so you know, going up not quite the level we were yet alright, well, either way, folks in alameda county indoors required to wear a mask. doctor
9:20 am
peter chin hung from ucsf. thank you again for joining us this morning, providing valuable insight to us appreciate. thanks, andre. meanwhile research shows that as many as half the patients who contract covid could experience long term lingering symptoms with the cdc calls long covid or post covid conditions. symptoms such as fatigue or difficulty breathing could last six months or longer. one covid patient who caught the virus last september, describes losing her sense of smell and says even when it came back, she faced additional problems. certain things like nail polish coffee. uh, fresh cut grass, kind of like a similar kind of rotten smell to them because they told me that they don't know much about long covid and there's not really much they can do anyways. loss of smell, taste and other senses are classified as neurological symptoms. penn state researchers who compiled the studies say covid survivors will likely need medical care for a variety of psychological and physical ailments. according to data from the cdc. more than 82 million doses of the covid
9:21 am
vaccine have been wasted in the united states since the vaccine was made available in december of 2020 that accounts for more than 11% of the doses distributed by the federal government. data show. cbs and walmart together accounted for at least a quarter of the wasted doses. cbs says it's priority was to accommodate people who didn't have appointments that would often require opening a multi dose vial for a single walk in today's election day in the barrier has big races that we want to tell you about coming up on morning ton to the nine, breaking down the ones that are having the biggest effect on californians. also ahead. we're learning more about the victim in san jose, who was shot and killed while working at a safeway store you'll hear from the man's family when
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits.
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as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. he a confrontation with a suspected shoplifter early sunday morning . say they are in shock, police say 24 year old manuel coordinator was shot to death at the safeway store on hamilton's
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avenue in the willow glen neighborhood. it's coworkers say cornell was trying to stop a shoplifter from stealing alcohol when he was shot and killed. that's a good kid, man. he was. it was just a good kid dedicated work. jim home. he was nothing about he was not on a australian . he was just a good kid. he loves wwe. many stores, including safeway of policies that mean employees are not supposed to confront shoplifters . investigators say they hope surveillance video from surrounding homes and businesses will help them identify the killer. the death marks san jose's 14th homicide of the year , happening today, the one that creek city council will consider an ordinance requiring gun owners to safely store their weapons. california already makes it a crime for gun owners to leave weapons in any location in which a child can access them without a parent's permission. but there are no state laws requiring safety devices such as lockboxes or trigger locks. several local cities, including
9:25 am
any unpleasant in required guns to be locked up inside the home. the former leader of the proud boys and for other group members have been charged in connection with the january 6th attack on the u. s. capitol some of the most serious indictments filed against enrique terrio and several others was for seditious conspiracy. all five members were previously charged with different conspiracy counts. more than three dozen people charged in the capital siege were associated with the proud boys. oakland city leaders are warning the public about a growing number of car break ins and two neighborhoods. police say burglars have been targeting vehicles near jack london square and around lake merritt. former oakland city council president ignacio de la fuente says he was a victim despite keeping his computer and other valuable items hidden in the trunk of his car. is hundreds of lives of hundreds of people every single week, henry in auckland has become, you know, people are afraid to go out to dinner, afraid to borrow the car. police across the bay area. say you should remove all valuable. show me a car. put them out of sight
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when you park and they say if you find yourself caught in the middle of a burglary in progress, don't try to stop them instead immediately called the police after the suspects leave this primary election day. californians are heading to the polls or are they next on the night. we're about to talk live with the political expert about racist to watch and whether the whole system needs an overhaul, as some are predicting record low voter turnout. we also share what you could do now, if you have yet to vote, but want to force the recall effort against san francisco's d, a chaser boudin has been making national headlines. how he's defending himself now, just hours before the polls there's an invisible threat in your backyard that could cause deadly heartworm disease for your dog. but not if you protect him every month with heartgard plus, the #1 choice of dogs. digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. ask your vet for heartgard plus.
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to g rolling in across san francisco , you might need a jacket today. but boy, if we could fast forward to the end of the week, you're gonna want your shorts and flip flops, a major change in the weather as a warm up is
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on the way. let's talk about wedding season. we're sort of getting there. not just yet, but soon, as you know many people delayed canceled their weddings during the pandemic, but now weddings are back in a big way. let's talk money. the average wedding nationwide cost $28,000 much more here in the bay area, financial analysts suggest using online sites with cash back rewards if you're trying to not spend a million dollars, they say, i love this idea. borrowing dresses, suits accessories, it can save you a lot of money. you can rent instead of buy or even better borrow from your friends. it's also much more eco friendly way of doing things. so you're not stuck with 200 mason jars at the end of your special night as far as wedding guests. i love the suggestion. they say, go in with a group of your friends. let's say we are all going to who shall we pick? let's just let's say you and i can go to andres wedding, right? and instead of both me and you getting him a little something, we go in together, we get them like a one. nice, big something meaningful and we don't have to. maybe spend quite as you feel
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about that, andrea. i'm just shocked at that. that price that the average you can tell i've never been married before, because i had no idea that that's how much it costs. of course, that's nationwide. that's not even including you want flowers. photographer dj yeah, hall. it all adds up at city hall city hall. yeah, that's a great one. i forgot about the food jacket. my goodness. i've been to some great weddings. so you know. yeah, they're fun, because it is. i mean, people say that that's the one thing people travel for. that's the only time you see all that uncle or the you know one last year, and it was two weddings was a hindu wedding. and traditional american winning. it was awesome . two days worth every penny cost him a lot of money. alright i'm moving on to this big story. now we're covering for today today in san francisco supporters and opponents of the recall election for district attorney jason bodeen will hold last minute events to get out. the bill erasmus is in san francisco with much more on the story, ali. andre we're at one of those events at 19th and lincoln near golden gate park
9:31 am
recon see behind us a group of supporters of the measure h campaign measure h is the effort to recall san francisco district attorney chase aberdeen and supporters here are on this corner. and you can hear and see people in their cars driving by honking horns in support, but keep in mind just 45 minutes ago, we were at divisadero and hayes and there were also people they're honking as well. but those people were honking to oppose the recall. visitor on hayes's where the d a himself jason bodine was earlier this morning, he was handing out flyers and asking for voters support. dean and his supporters have criticized this recall effort as a republican funded effort to stop progressive reforms of the criminal justice system. supporters of the recall , however, say that's not the case, crimes and quality of life they believe in san francisco have declined. they say the district attorney is partly to blame. none of us believe chase the booty and controls all crime. but what we do believe is that he has a job to serve as a
9:32 am
deterrent to criminal offenders here in san francisco, and he's not attempting to do that at all whatsoever we are getting we're having a search in residential burglaries were we have a massive prices with overdose deaths, and he's not holding any of the perpetrators of these crimes accountable. your frustration. i know it's been a tough couple of years for our city. the pandemic has been devastating for all of us. this recall will not make us safer. let me finish the job you elected me to do and if somebody better comes along you have an election in 2023. now the latest polls in this recall show either a very tight race or boudin failing to keep his seat. both sides will continue their efforts to reach out to voters throughout the day until the polls close at eight o'clock. so the group here also has phone banking going on right now. again. these are the yes on h pro recall supporters here but then chaser boudin, who is defending himself against this recall, says he is going to be going to eight or nine different neighborhoods throughout the day
9:33 am
to continue to hand out leaflets and ask voters there for their support and rejecting the recall . live in san francisco. ali rasmus ktvu box to me, thank you. there are a number of big statewide races on the ballot today. governor newsom is seeking a second term and is facing a couple of dozen challengers. california's are also voting for state attorney general and for us senator current u. s. senator alex padilla, who was appointed to the seat is seeking a full six year senate term. state superintendent of public instruction also on the ballot. the historically low for this election, even though there are some high profile barrier races in today's primary, drawing national attention. let's talk about what's happening and who's watching by welcoming san francisco chronicle senior political writer and host of the it's all political podcast gary foley in studio. welcome to be back in a couple years, and you're wearing your vote vest. i'm wearing my boat fest from my baby made by my friend, lady sarah j. shout out to her. let's start in the city because that is what everyone is looking san francisco. the recall against chase a boudin san francisco has
9:34 am
7% registered republican voters 36% of the vote. he needs a majority 50% plus one to stay. what do you predict? when it comes to the dynamics of this race. well the dynamics have been bad for him. the polls for the last couple months have been terrible for him. it's showing that it's very likely that he will be recalled. they've been evening up in recent days, but you know there's a there's a narrative out there that this is a republican driven recall. the funders. yes there is a lot of republican money that came into it, but republicans because it has 7% of the voters they republicans can't even fill the ballpark, let alone overturn anybody or recall anyone. so this will be he will go down if he goes down at the hands of his fellow democrats, essentially running against himself because there is no battle alternative that voters are going to try to keep out of office. right? well remember governor newsom last year he when he was facing the recall, he you know when, when things voters weren't very enthusiastic about it or didn't take it seriously, he said. oh, my god, you know you don't want
9:35 am
if you don't like me. you don't want larry elder to be to be governor, and then that raise that sort of a boogeyman that there could be. it could be a lot worse than me. there's nobody like that for chasing boudin is recalled that mayor london breed would appoint the replacement. and so people might not get someone very different and ideology. not very well. there will be not ideal and degrees of san francisco ideology. yes someone the person who she appoints, will very likely. we booty considered like a progressive in any other part of the world, but more likely a moderate much more in tune with what breed wants. remember she just she wants more cops on the street. that is not necessarily what chasing boudin wants or what reformers want in san francisco. we can look back to when he was elected in 2019 right before the pandemic started. crime in major urban cities nationwide has spiked a lot of i mean, could he be the victim of horrible timing? that's part of it. yes absolutely the timing of it, the pandemic he was, and he even
9:36 am
admits he told us the other day on our podcast. that you know he was. there was a steep learning curve for him. he came. he was a public defender, because he's doing what he said he would do in his campaign. he's doing what he said he would do. uh and it is not been the effective from day one. the thing is, it's also been undermined from day one. there was a recall campaign started shortly after he got in office that one failed. this one has succeeded and may succeeded in booting amount of office watching that race. should we talk about the governor's race? or is it not really a race? alright well, we can move on to san jose mayor is also on the ballot for people in the south bay. let's talk about who is voting we mentioned how this election may draw record low voter turnout, habitual voters, people say oh, i always vote who's casting ballots? it's 15% as you said, at the top of the that's how many people have turned in about so far and that 15% is predominantly white, predominantly old. it's you know, i 70% of the ballots have been turned in so far are from white voters. and for every one
9:37 am
voter under 35 4 seniors have voted so young people get out and vote. i mean, do you still have time because part of the reason is that there's they're not excited by anything in the valley who has young young voters. they're concerned about the criminal justice issues that concerned about the environment who is speaking on their behalf today. so i think the democrats particularly are facing an enthusiasm gap. and since democrats dominate california, that's why you're seeing a low turnout here. it may top out at 25 to 30. that's what i'm hearing from. the voter guru paul mitchell and sacramento so it will be higher than 15% but still, that could be one of the lowest of all time about statewide races. you're watching attorney general attorney general's race rob bonta, democrat from across the bay here in alameda. um he is. he will definitely be the top vote getter. watch for who finishes second, but is supporters tried to sort of pick their opponent. do you hear what they did? they
9:38 am
after the abortion, the leaked supreme abortion, supreme court abortion, uh, decision was leaked. they went on the air with radio they put on radio ads and conservative talk radio stations around california, saying talking about how eric early, the most conservative, um , uh, republican that could be facing is a big fan of president trump and really is a strong supporter of abortion rights. why would they do that? to elevate his profile boost his name recognition because they think he would be the easiest republican to beat where abortion very likely to be a major issue in the fall, and, uh , battles thinking well, if this guy is super anti abortion rights california some big supporter of abortion rights, this guy would be my easiest opponent, right? very sort of three dimensional chess. they're playing right here. okay also l a mayor is up for grabs right? and you know what they have spent tens of millions of dollars crusoe, one of the
9:39 am
candidates, there's been $35 million. the turnout there is lower than it is statewide. 14% right now, karen bassinet race as well. we could talk about this all day. and i bet we will when we have you back later this afternoon tomorrow morning, joe carefully thank you again for joining us so great to be back to see us. if you still haven't turned in your ballot, you do have options. every californian who has registered developed receive their ballot in the mail . you have to make sure it's in the mail today or is dropped off at a polling place or ballot box. by the time the polls closed this evening at eight pm, we have links to each county's drop off locations on our website ktvu dot com. if you aren't registered to vote, you still can. you can go to the polling place your vote. center and register to vote and cast a ballot. then your ballot will be counted once the county verifies your registration. supreme court is siding with the city of oakland, saying the city can force landlords to compensate evicted tenants for moving expenses. now when writers are being evicted through no fault of their own, for example, when
9:40 am
the owner decides to move in, or convert the property to a condominium they must be compensated for costs of finding a new finding and moving into a new home. the plaintiff claimed. the real penalizes them for using their own property. but the supreme court agreed with a lower court ruling that sites that cities have the right to regulate how property owners use their own land. happening today . the oakland city council with the beat several major proposals on housing and homelessness, today's meeting, the council will consider creating a rental registry that would let people see how much other tenants are paying in rent. san francisco, berkeley and richmond already have such registries. the council will also consider a proposal to build out 1000 bed homeless shelter in west oakland at what used to be the oakland army base will also hold a required second reading of rent cap. for rent controlled homes passed last week by the council. steve red hot bay area real estate market may be cooling off even though prices are higher than ever. the number of home sales is slowing, according to
9:41 am
the bay area news group. home prices across the region saw another month of double digit increases this spring. but experts say the recent rise in mortgage interest rates is likely to slow down the home buying frenzy and that could start to affect prices. watching the buyer frenzy is starting to slow down, and that should continue as more inventory is planning market over the next couple of weeks. certainly we're not hitting the housing bubble. i think this is a healthy correction. where buyers can actually get out and send them, you know, have competition with 20 other buyers, and maybe they have no competition or just a couple of other buyers that they're competing with. that's why realtors say right now it could be a good chance to put in a bid for house and it may also mean we could see prices level out. still to come. elon musk is threatening the back out of his multibillion dollar deal with twitter. when we come back, we're speaking live with an expert about the reason behind it and what this could mean. for the social media pla
9:42 am
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say4 billion deal to buy twitter must lawyers wrote a letter to twitter, saying in his failed to supply data on spam and fake accounts, which could constitute a breach of the agreement. mask has argued that 20% of twitter's 229 million accounts are fake, which is much higher than twitter's claim of less than 5% with us now is business and tech expert shibani joshi. good morning, shibani. hi there. so what about this? um do you think that? um you know, twitter is not going to give in and say okay, yeah, you got us. it's 20% of our users are bots and spam. hi this is a thing that they're
9:45 am
not going to agree on. is it? yeah i mean, salit seems a little bit of a stalling tactic right now. um, and a lot of tech experts and watchers out there, including myself are wondering, is this deal going to happen and our spam bots the scapegoat for elon musk getting out of this $46 billion deal as you and i both know the deal was made back in april and twitter shares were 25% higher and he's funding this deal with a large portion, taking out a loan of tesla shares. and tesla shares are down more than 35% and the only ways that elon musk can get out of this deal south or for a couple of reasons. first he's not gonna be able to get out of it easily. if he wants to get out, he's going to have to pay a billion dollar breakup fee. um he also could get sued by twitter, saying that there was a breach of contract. there was an agreement in place and he does need to go ahead and buy the company. but the one way he can get out of this. sal is by claiming some sort of material adverse effect a change in
9:46 am
business or change in finances, and that's why he's bringing out the spam bots argument because you know, twitter is run like an advertising business. and if you don't know how many users are on there, or a real and how can you sell that information and sell your ads to advertisers? hence you get a business claws out there that could give him a good reason to try and back out of the deal. so spam bots are not just spin bots. in this example. do you think that ellen is saying, man? i should have never gone for this business. it's affected my other core business . why do you think he was doing it to begin with? why did he want twitter? well he wants to wonder for a lot of different reasons. i mean, one. it is a great platform and highly influential. you and i and other people in the political sphere. the journalism fear the media sphere. celebrities out there are using it as a potent way to gain access to audiences that being said twitter compared to other big platforms out there. whether it's instagram facebook
9:47 am
, um and growing platforms like tiktok and snapchat. they have not seen a twitter has not seen the same little level of growth. it's been stalled and its user base stalled in its stock price. and so when you see something like that, you think business opportunity and elon musk season opportunity also to sort of tighten it up and use it as a channel for free flowing communication. we have talked about and he's talked about it being a channel for misinformation. um it getting kicked, kicking president former presidents off bringing them back on. there's lots of angles out there that make this a very potent and attractive social media platform. the challenges the price. now the price is a lot lower than when he put the bid out a couple of months ago, right before i let you go. i want to ask you about apple's worldwide developers conference and we get anything substantial from this yesterday. i know that if i send you a text now, shibani, i can take it back because both of us have iphones.
9:48 am
is there anything else that's significant? that's pretty big to me, sal. i don't know about you. we all have that text, remorse when we send out text messages and wanted to recall them back with the new ios 16 that will be released this fall . you're actually going to be able to do that? there's other customization options a lock screen, so when we are home screen right now doesn't have many ways to make it personalized. you'll be able to do that. there's also some new features coming out on carplay for those of us who use it in, uh, in our cards. no big monumental changes. no vr device had set. that's something that is, um, watchers out there are waiting for but more interoperability and the ability to use this iphone actually, as a camera on your macbook giving you a wider lens more that picture so. some interesting features there that will all be using for certain tech and business experts. giovanni joe's joshi. thank you for joining us. always got good info. thank you.
9:49 am
great thanks taking a text back . that is that's it for me. that's it for me. oh, my goodness. i love that, andre. when i sent you that text just forget about it. i'm gonna take it back. thank you very much. coming up here in a minute. we're going to shine a light on the good work that's being done by one organization in the city that aims to let lgbtq youth be exactly who they are. we're working to make positive changes in their community coming up with the head of lyrics, says about making sure everyone is given the health car
9:50 am
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parl not end their protests out of the district rescind its decision to shut down that school. this demonstration is now two weeks old. the parents group is currently providing summer instruction for neighborhood children. parents want parker and two other schools reopened. we're talking about community day school and sixth through eighth grades at school, eva we were left very
9:53 am
confused and devastated with little options being that there are no other k through eight schools in the area, and this area is somewhat of a desert when it comes to social services when it comes to public services. district spokesperson did not say when protesters must leave or what could happen if they stay. governor newsom says california is making him historic investment in so called community schools. the state board of education recently approved $649 million for the community schools partnership. it's the first round of granting a seven year $3 billion program . the money is going to 268 school districts, county education offices and charter schools. governor newsom is asking the legislature for an additional $1.5 billion this fiscal year to increase the amount of schools that can be helped by this program. june is pride month, and for this week's giving day, we're featuring the nonprofit lyric lyric is a center for lgbt q. plus youth
9:54 am
and strives to inspire a positive social change through education and leadership development for youth, their families and allies as well. ktvu greg lee talked with the group to find out more lyrics. vision is a diverse society where lgbt q q. plus youth are embraced for who they are encouraged for who they want to be. and this is through a great amount of community and services . you describe some of the support you offer. you know for us, we try to be that kind of begin that family that relationship building stuff a lot of our youth are seeking. um so they come from diverse array of backgrounds. and so we really try and do wrap around services kind of diversity of services. everything from case management from you. leadership opportunities and opportunity for them to engage build relationships. we have a mentorship program where we connect them with the carrying carrying adults. we also have health access were one of the only kind of prep navigation um
9:55 am
, organizations in san francisco . we also have, um, opportunities for them to talk one on one with one of our youth advocates around. various various supports, and then we refer them to other organizations. whether it's mental health, um, career education and in anything else out of michael lyric, is one of the first and largest centers of its kind in the country. you described the impact and the trailblazing. the staff and visionaries have been responsible for across the board. yeah definitely. i mean, you know, we were founded out of a group of youth act women's building until we really believe in youth voices and i, you know, you came together to form a dance and we came out of this moment of having a dance for lgbtq youth. and so youth voices are really friends center of what we do. fled being you know, one of the largest and one of the oldest lgbtq youth centers
9:56 am
in the united states. we get caught on upon from organizations not just here in the bay area, but nationwide for kind of our expertise, and particularly right now, with more than 40 states, having anti trans legislation against youth, you know, um our youth and are always in the news. it seems and, uh, we were getting requests not just from organizations here in the bay area, but nationwide to say, how can we help or can you help us? because we're just such you know a wealth of knowledge, and particularly on this issue. laura on that note. certainly there are plenty of challenges facing lgbt q youth in this country. so what can the community at large due to not only support the work of lyric, but these very important members of our community? you know, i think something for us to understand is for lgbtq youth. predominant predominantly, you know, youth of color, um trans and gender nonconforming youth. we have multiple multiple barriers. um multiple
9:57 am
intersections of you know that we struggle with our you struggle with and so this is pre pandemic, and so you add the issues that have kind of come through whether it's housing, health, mental health. i mean, they they tripled in terms of in terms of negative impact for our young people during this pride month. how important is it that we acknowledge and allow people to be their whole true self and that we support those needs? not just in organizations like yourself, but the community at large that that we all acknowledge that and be supportive of this not only this month but far beyond the month of june. yes i you know for us this this month is about kind of remembering our history remembering our struggle, but i also like to think about this. you know, this is also about joy and community and we? that's what we're trying to create, you know, at lyric and also in partnering with with all the
9:58 am
other organizations in the city. it's like, how can we create up to where we celebrate our joy and our authentic selves and so for the community at large is it's about you know, you know, welcoming us are authentic zones. but being in community with us advocating. if you'd like to donate to lyrics to scan the qr code on your screen right now, you can also head over to ktvu .com slash giving day. some young people in san francisco are keeping busy this summer with a paid internship. and a possible career path. that's the program launched back in 2019 by the city called opportunities for all the program connects young people, with employers, giving them a chance to get some on the job experience. actually i'm doing marketing and i think it's cells, but it's something like that. so often. we hear people say you don't have enough experience. but if i never get a job, how do i gain the experience and so opportunities for all the same? we want to
9:59 am
make sure that everybody has the opportunity to gain some experience to build their networks. well some of the internships are with city departments. others are with private companies like facebook , google and chase center, and i got to say, i wish we had something like this when i was a kid, because that's pretty cool to be working for one of those companies are getting their hands on experience, because internships are we really really learned that these are paid internships? that's a huge thing, because look unless you've got mom and dad, you know , i know everything you can't work for free. exactly young men and women are getting experience and some, you know, actual paycheck. that's that's the key here, so it's open to everyone. that lady sent it all. i mean, how are you supposed to get experience if you can't get experience, right? and you know, the first step is always key. i think the best thing a company can do these days is like, just grow someone right potential in you. let's try you on this. and if you want to do that, if you show interest here, it's just like like growing a tree and watching it grow. look at us.
10:00 am
alright well, look, we're so glad you're here with. it's a busy time to go. it's election day. a quick reminder. cast your ballot if they haven't already and we will bring you back with some more election news and more coming up on the noon ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: now, here's our special guest host, michael rappaport. [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪


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