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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 8, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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suspect now in custody after that fire editor church in the south bay. good evening. once again, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. fortunately no one was hurt, but fire officials say that building was badly damaged, and it will be some time before parishioners can return. the fire was reported this afternoon at st paul's united methodist church on 10th street in downtown san jose. it took crews about an hour to get that fire fully under control. as ktvu lamonica peters tells us and arson investigation is now underway. the san jose fire department says they got a call around 2 30 wednesday afternoon about a fire at the church on south 10th street near san jose state university. they say the fire started near the back of the church, then heavy smoke and flames move throughout the rest of the building. but i do know that there was heavy fire inside by the altar area, significant smoke and heat damage so the church will not be operable for
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parishioners to go and see. so it'll be some time before ume for the church. lot of judge says they immediately ranked the blaze as a two alarm fire when they arrived because of the size of the building, he says, because it's an older property. it had no sprinkler system. police detained one person at the scene. the fire department later confirmed that a suspect was arrested and charged with arson. jackie it looks it looks. like a place that set a fire. it looks messy and disturbing, and clark says she has been a member of st paul united methodist church for over 40 years. clark says she lives nearby and heard sirens came over to see what was happening and learned the church building was on fire. we have a song we use, which is the church is not a building. and i think that's essential to our faith community, so we will do our thing building or not. a lot of chuck says he doesn't know yet what the damage will cost, but they will continue to investigate. lamonica peters,
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ktvu, fox two news. new at 11 tonight. authorities in rohnert park have arrested a man after a theft investigation officers say they were investigating 35 year old adam joseph for multiple thefts, and when they served a search warrant, officers say they found stolen property, a loaded rifle and burglary tools. officers say they also found a large marijuana grow operation inside the home. joseph has been booked into the sonoma county jail and faces a number of charges, including being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. the house today passed a bill that would raise the age to buy an assault rifle from 18 to 21 years old. that bill is unlikely to pass in the senate, which is working on its own. gun reform bill. progressive democrats in the senate could also still oppose it for not going far enough. but those working on the bill say this is better than nothing. even if we make incremental progress, those are incremental life. save the instinctive soft weapons. trying to get a note.
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the senate bill in the works focuses on improving mental health programs, bolstering school security and enhancing background checks. negotiations were going on today as survivors and family members of mass shooting victims gave emotional testimony on capitol hill. one survivor described what she had to do to escape being shot in her fourth grade classroom. solid human didn't come back to the room shine gotta look like and put it all over the 11 year old me a scenario recounted her harrowing experience during that , you validly school shooting, she said she also watched her teacher being shot in the head. before having to find a place to hide. also today, the mother of a little girl killed in new valley begged lawmakers to enact meaningful change, warning that if nothing is done, parents like her will continue to lose their children senselessly. somewhere out there. there's a mom listening to our testimony.
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thinking i can't even imagine they're pink. not knowing that our reality will one day be hers. unless we act now. there have been more than 200 mass shootings in the us so far this year potential new protection against the coronavirus. moderna officials say they have a redesigned version of their covid-19 booster shot. the company says it appears to provide stronger protection against the omicron variant than the current vaccine. the new shot was tested on 437 people in a clinical trial. the company says it is submitting data to the fda in hopes to have the updated booster available. like this summer. the news comes just one day after the fda is vaccine advisers voted to recommend another covid vaccine option to the roster. this one from novavax. i think we speak to making available another option for those who might not otherwise take a vaccine. getting that into someone's arm who has no vaccine is probably
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going to prevent them from having serious outcomes, such as hospitalization and deaths from covid-19, even even from omicron. we hope the nova vac shot is already authorized for use in other countries such as the united kingdom, canada and south korea. go yeah. warriors fans packed into san francisco's chase center tonight to watch the team face the celtics in boston in game four. but dan's left chase center looking ahead to game four or were game three to wait. 33 tonight. we're looking ahead to game four after the warriors lost tonight. 116 to 100. his ktvu is amberleigh shows us now they are still hopeful that the dubs will win it all. baby i'm ready warriors fans left chase center in a display of loyalty despite the loss now that the celtics have taken the lead in the finals,
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there is an adjustment of expectations. that first i said five, gentlemen, sweet because we're gentlemen out here. but we're gonna do dubs at six. now i'm disappointed. we lost. they played hard, but boston played harder to come back in the next game. for sure, tonight. we just like blown out more than 12,700 fans feel chase center for its first ever indoor watch party. $25 per person made it affordable. tickets are cheap. it's fun to watch the game and be and like the environment with everybody else, which is a great way to experience the chaser really inside excited. two. to be here without having to face 1700 per ticket intensity, no less with the team on the road warrior fan. i could not live with myself and not be here. this is the finals. we need to be here. whether we're on the road or not. we need to show our support. be there. in spirit. there is no better vibe than chase even when it's a watch party night. you know, it's a
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place to be warriors owners charted flights to bring all their full time employees to boston. they got to pick between game three or game four left wednesday morning. one rookie employee tells me she'll be flying out friday with your coworkers and your team that you've worked so hard all season two. now just enjoy it. i think that's going to be a special moment. game seven divorce and pull it out excited for the warriors because they in the championship. my reaction no matter what goes on, i'm still going to love the words no matter what happens because they're winners in my heart. game four will be in boston friday. there are still tickets available for the indoor watch party, but no more reservations left for the outdoor viewing thrive city. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. and we have much more on the warriors game coming up tonight in sports will have more game highlights and, of course, reaction from the team still
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being counted in last night's primary election, the bay area city that passed a measure to change its mayoral elections and later tonight a pledge from pg and e. how the utility says it will become more eco friendly. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning.
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they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. pasl elections in an effort to boost voter turnout measure be aligned to the city's race for mayor to coincide with presidential election years. supporters of
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the measures say it ensures the mayor reflects the diversity of san jose by increasing voter turnout. opponents worry local issues could be lost during a presidential election year. the measure goes into effect in 2024. the current contra costa county district attorney appears to have kept her job. dina beckton declared victory in the da's race against challenger mary knox. knox ran on her record as a prosecutor of going after gang activity and securing millions of dollars for freeway security cameras. back then a former judge touted her record of eliminating the backlog of untested sexual assault kits and her work with victims. rights groups back then became contra costa county's first female black district attorney in 2018. francisco voters decided to recall district attorney chase a boudin mayor, london breed now weighing her options as to who she will appoint to replace him as ktvu christian captain, reports, the mayor says she has already started talking to people interested in the job. with san
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francisco voters having had their say on proposition h. san francisco's mayor, london breed will now be in familiar territory, appointing a replacement following a recall the mayor having replaced three recalled members of san francisco's school board already, as in that case, the mayor says she'll take her time selecting a replacement. for now , she says she's already started talking with candidates. i wouldn't say that i necessarily have a list. i would say that there are a lot of people who have reached out to my office. to express interest. the department of elections will continue counting votes and is expected to certify the recall by the end of the month. the mayor is expected to make her appointment shortly after that, the mayor said. the vote on chasing boudin wasn't a referendum on criminal justice reform, she says san francisco can achieve that. and have a district attorney who holds criminals accountable. this is something we care about. we want justice, but we also want to make sure that people have a second chance. san francisco supervisor matt dorsey was one of two supervisors to publicly support the recall supervisor,
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dorsey says this is not a time for recall supporters to celebrate, he says it's time to focus on what the future of law and order will look like in san francisco. it's not a question of whether we're soft on crime or tough on crime. are we being smart on crime? supporters of d a. boudin expressed their disappointment in the election results. the northern california releasing a statement insisting that the next san francisco district attorney pursue reform , reducing cars aeration hold police accountable when they break the law and root out racial bias in the criminal justice system. whoever the mayor appoints for the interim voters in san francisco will be voting on a new district attorney in november. voters in the city also rejected prop c, which would have limited recalls and block the mayor's appointments from running for the position in the next election. that means this november chasing bodine decides to run for da again, he could potentially run against whoever the mayor of points. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu , fox two news, boudin's predecessor, may face another
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recall attempt. opponents of l. a county district attorney, george gascon, are collecting signatures for a recall. the group needs to collect another 67,000 signatures in the next month to qualify. at least one other attempt to recall gascon has failed. opponents blame h ht seek cash bail. despite some similarities to boudin, some political analysts say it's not the same situation there. you don't see the same dynamics recalls. just haven't worked here in l a so far. um do i think that god's going has to be careful. do i think there's a potential for recall? yes do i think it's the same situation? no, not at all. not at all. glasgow and left the san francisco d a s office in 2019 to run for the same position in los angeles before flying to los angeles today, president biden gave his take on the results of yesterday's primary elections. i think the voters sent a clear
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message last night. both parties have to step up and do something about crime as well as gun violence. with crime emerging as one of the top issues in the primary. it could be adopted into strategies heading into november's general election. the president went on to call for state and local governments to use money from the american rescue plan to hire more police officers in reform departments. california republicans are preparing for a general election strategy. california voters are sick and tired of the soft on crime policies. they want to bring their streets back to a safe place, where not only they can live and thrive, but they can build their families and their communities. voters here in the state continually identify crime as one of their top concerns. coming up the january 6th committee will hold its first public hearing tomorrow what it's expected to reveal about the attack on the u. s capitol and how the findings could influence criminal charges. and it warms up tomorrow it will be
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noticeable. it gets hot on friday inland, we'll talk about that. and the weekend coming up and still ahead the two bay area bars that have made it onto a very prestigious list.
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it'n the u. s. capitol is scheduled to hold a hearing tomorrow night as ktvu is jana katsuyama reports, the panel plans to lay out evidence that president trump and others but american democracy at risk. since the attack on the u. s capital on january 6th 2021 bipartisan house committee has been investigating the facts and the role of various figures from president trump supporters to trump himself. now the nine member january 6th committee,
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seven democrats and two republicans will hold a primetime hearing thursday. these hearings will be a chance for the country to come together. to rally around the truth and unite around the rule of law. we owe it to the officers who lost their lives in the officers who were injured. some of those officers who were battered and taunted by the rioters are scheduled to testify, including u s capitol police officer caroline edwards, who was seriously injured. you see hastings law professor david levine says the hearings are expected to produce extensive evidence for more than 1000 witnesses and even testimony from trump family members and white house staff. they have mountains of documents. they've got emails and memos and all sorts of things. all of that material will become part of a public record. the evidence presented could be used by the department of justice or other prosecutors to file criminal charges things like the crime of sedition. the crime of incitement, conspiracy to commit sedition. the big question. was
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there a conspiracy to overturn biden's legitimate election victory and disrupt the nation's peaceful transfer of power with president trump's false claim of voter fraud? what did mr trump know? what did he participate in? when did he know it? house republican leader kevin mccarthy is one of the witnesses who has defied the congressional subpoena, saying attention should be elsewhere. but i wish they would really have hearing of his inflation rights of crime crime. as well. and the board of itself. how can we secure that congress was doing on january, 6th was following the dictates of the electoral count act. and then if people came with the intent to disrupt that than that , in and of itself could be a crime. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. and we're going to bring you the public january. 6th investigation hearing live in its entirety right here on ktvu fax to it starts five o'clock tomorrow night. we'll
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also be live streaming the hearing and if we want the local news, of course, we'll have that for you to write over on ktvu, plus former president trump is set to testify next month in a new york civil probe into his family's business practices. according to court documents. donald trump jr and ivanka trump has also agreed to sit for depositions. it will start july 15th unless the state's highest court intervenes, state attorney general leticia james says said her investigation uncovered evidence that the trump organization used fraudulent or misleading valuations of assets to get loans and tax benefits. lawyers for former president trump dispute that claim 11 pg and e. has pledging net zero emissions by the year 2040 in a climate strategy released today, pg and e. said a series of goals to lower its reliance on fossil fuel burning energy sources. the utility says it will get 70% of its electric power from renewable sources by 2030 up from 50% now. pg and he expects natural gas used to job but it
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does not plan to eliminate it. alright checking out the weather for you. we've got to set up here where it's going to warm up tomorrow and then again on friday. here's the plan. you've got the bell curve temperatures tomorrow warm friday. they peak and then they drop off pretty quickly on saturday. which is key, right? so in this hot spot here on friday, we're going to see that heat advisory fire. danger will be elevated. here is the excessive heat warning in the central valley in the heat advisory for parts of the bay area away from the bay and away from the coast that will be friday. temperatures on this day will in the bay area could get up to the low one hundreds, and then temperatures around the bay operators and low nineties so it's gonna be a warm one. but then it cools off pretty quickly. fog at the coast. you can see some. maybe you can see a little bit of fog in this shot here coming over. twin peaks like i think you probably pick it out right in there. the fog
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is going to be minimized tomorrow and obviously on friday when it really heats up, so there's a high pressure. there is the winds are there are the winds going onshore? they'll continue on shore throughout much of the evening, and then they're going to start to clock around like this model shows and by clocking around i mean this is the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. you see, that's sort of a northerly wind a little bit of the east in it, and then recurrent wind conditions are onshore. so that's the difference right now. you can already see it, though. if you look at it, it's interesting because earlier the winds were coming this way, but they're starting to clock around. they're starting to come around like this, and that's going to be the warm up period. so tomorrow and friday, we're already starting to see that in the wind shifts, so forecast highs tomorrow. reds are nineties purples are low, 100 so that's where it's hot in the central valley. they're going to have that excessive heat warning again for friday. not for tomorrow, temperatures will begin to be noticeably hot tomorrow except that the coast where it will be hot, but not as hot. the forecast highs
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tomorrow. there they are. lots of upper eighties and nineties. and then the five day forecast. there you go. friday is the hot spot, but it cools off quickly, which i think is very fortuitous. for us. it will help fire danger help air quality and the whole bit. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. well to be area bars are celebrating tonight after making it onto a prestigious list. friends and family near downtown oakland ranked number 33 on the list of the 50 best bars in north america. the cocktail bar was opened in april of 2020 right at the start of the pandemic and features specialty cocktails, beers and wines. hbv in san francisco's mission district also made it onto the list coming in at number 38. that barlett or that list features 29 bars in the u. s 11 in mexico, eight in canada and two in the caribbean. sarah high school in san mateo is getting a new center for learning and innovation. a groundbreaking ceremony was held this morning on the campus of the all boys catholic school. the $17.5
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million stinson center for learning and innovation will include classrooms. student collaboration rooms, presentation facilities as well as offices. the center is set to open next march. coming up in sports. we will hear from warriors superstar steph curry after he injured his foot in tonight's game another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™
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malt way too much celtics in the fourth quarter just too much for the warriors tonight. steph curry also sprained his foot game three all boston 1 16 to 100. the garden was a rocket and curry and company sluggish. out of the game with plays like this dubs on the run draymond past by al horford. it goes the other way. jason tatum will give it up and look at that jalen brown at
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a cow with a dunk one more time on the monster jam dubs down a dozen at the half they were down by as many as 18. but a big third quarter led by steph. still rocks. the three ball flagrant foul turned into a seven point turnaround for the warriors, closing the gap to two step paying the price the whole game next time up, it is steph again, this time unloading one of his 63 steps, finished with 31 doubles at a one point lead. late in the third quarter. we got some hope that the worst struggled on the offensive glass out we've found at 15 6 williams . the muscle pair there, see slipped 11 there and more to come. marcus smart. corner. three got it and lead now 14, and here's the injury worse still fighting. off the tatum missed mad scramble from the bar curry, right in the middle of the rumble rolled his left foot . he did stay in the game, but he was clearly in a lot of pain on the parquet. it is the same footing injured this winter. it will be evaluated. tomorrow's worries losing by 16. here's
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what steph had to say about that injury. i don't feel like i'm missing game, though. so take advantage these next 48 hours to get ready. he's a big body. obviously i haven't seen the place. i don't know. if it could have been avoided or not, and you just want to get your foot out of there. that was all i was trying to trying to do at that point, knowing the position i was in, but what i feel like it's not as bad so hopefully it responds well over the next two days. let's hope game four friday night at the garden. well, i took extra innings tonight and an air, but it all ended up to a big 21 winner over colorado at oracle, and it was bringing your favorite cute baby to the ballpark. hey gang. that's a giants fan for life there. this guy alex would had a big game seven innings. one run ball big. thank you to mike. your stransky. here watch. yes, just get horizontal. on the great grab full layout, the stretch the catch and would back on the mound. said yes. and
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buying you a beer tonight at 11 in the 10th. here's how it finished. luiz gonzalez base hit to right of charlie blackmon, fields it cleanly. they're still playing. no, sir donovan walton says. thank you very much. he scores the game winner and that's your ball game giants to rocky's one in 10 days and braves this one was all atlanta albies with two minute board will unload this lebron and it just has enough gas to get over the wall. three run shot his seventh morning enough oakland loses by a bunch 13 2. they've lost 12 13 time for a little levity or in this case, a circus catch as we check this out, we've got reds. d'backs since he's joey votto will unload a big fly to center field, but watch meryl kelly, track it down , leap and pull it back into the park up over. bring it home and his picture. are you kidding me ? very nice pictures. they just love it bringing it back. they didn't need it. they went on to
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win seven or nothing over the rest, but the warriors can bring back victory. yeah this is kind of a guy to win a game. you don't want to come back down three games tonight. friday night is okay to him. thanks everybody for joining us we're here. is there anything more important than clean water in developing countries? or a clean glass in this one? oh. oh, my gosh. it that anne gibbs, the lady from channel 12 news? [ gasps ] oh, my god! it's anne gibbs! oh, i love her! that reaction would've been big if it was anne hathaway. oh, she is hiding quite a figure behind that desk. okay, what's going on with you and anne gibbs? come on. we gotta go say hi to her. okay, we're doing this? mitchell: hey. hi. hi. i'm sorry. um, i am such a fan. i was so moved by that story you did about the gymnast with the hump. - you want to hear something crazy? - yeah. he just got a scholarship to notre dame. - no! oh, my gosh! [ laughs ] - yeah. [ laughs ] you probably get this all the time, but i have a story for you. i represent some homeless people in a case against a corporation that pays them slave wages. how long has this been going on? since 2012. we're just trying to shine a light - on how awful they're being. - truly awful. - are you working on this, too? - oh, gosh. no, no.


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