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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 24, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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presley took away. constance right from the american people. the health and life of women in this nation now at risk. the supreme court has overturned roe v. wade andy, nearly 50 years of legal abortion in the united states will have reaction from across the country and the impact that decision will have right here in california, plus an arrest has been made in connection to that deadly shooting on a san francisco munich train help noon. afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat the with the supreme t overturned roe versus wade. the decision established a federal protection for abortion. back in 1973 ktvu ali rasmus joins us with reaction. the controversial
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decision and what happens next ali because of today's supreme court decision, there are now as many as 26 states set to immediately ban or severely restrict abortions. from texas to most states in the southeastern us abortion will now become illegal or extremely difficult to obtain in a 63 decision nearly identical to the one leaked last month, just as samuel alito wrote the deciding opinion, arguing, quote the 14th amendment clearly does not protect the right to an abortion until the latter part of the 20th century. there was no support in american law for a constitutional right to obtain an abortion. i am appalled and that my heart hurts deeply for the millions of women and other pregnant able in 1973. the supreme court decided the 14th amendment guaranteed a right to privacy when it came to a woman's right to decide whether or not to have an abortion. now that 50 year legal precedent has been overturned, anti abortion
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groups cheered. amazing probably the best day of american history in my lifetime, incredible and god for all the people who've been fighting for 50 years, but within minutes of the decision, abortion providers and activists announced plans to protest and take steps to strengthen abortion rights in the states that will still allow it. what we have to do here in california to be essential, very and a safe haven state for californians and anyone coming to us for care. governor gavin newsom joined the governors of oregon and washington and establishing what they called the west coast offensive to protect abortion access in their respective states and provide legal protections, nurses and medical professional working to support patients seeking reproductive care in our states. but there are questions about what happens next, not just in the near future, but years ahead, throw recognize the fundamental right to privacy. that is served as a basis for so many more rights
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that have come to take. we've come to take for granted. better ingrained in the fabric of this country. and a concurring opinion released today. justice clarence thomas argued. he specifically mentioned decisions that protect the r right to same sex marriage. this decision. must not be the final word. my administration will use all of its appropriate lawful powers. but congress must act. with your vote, you can act. you can have the final word. this is not over. right now, some of the national polls show democrats could lose their majority in the house and senate in this year's elections. coming up at 12 30, we'll hear from the legal and political analyst about some of the long term outcomes. now that the supreme court has eliminated
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roe v. wade, frank back to you. all right, ellie. thank you. for that. there is a lot of reaction coming out from both sides of the issue. following today's ruling, including scott senator scott wiener. he is joining us talk about what it all means. scott, good to have you with us. mhm. at first blush, senator what is what is your reaction? this is a disaster. and even though we saw it coming because of the leak trap, it is just a complete disaster for our democracy. and for the very idea that people should be able to make fundamental decisions about their own lives and their own bodies. this is literally telling women and others. that you must carry your baby to term and have a baby even if you're not ready, even if there are health issues that a statute force you to carry a baby to term. that is just so destructive, and we should all
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be able to make those decisions about our own lives. california of course, his pro abortion rights and that means thousands of women will likely come to our state for abortions. is our state prepared for that? we're getting prepared. we anticipated this and so we're doing a few things. we're sending a constitutional amendment to the voters to make it crystal clear and explicit in our state constitution that abortion rights are protected. we are passing legislation say providing that we will not enforce our honor these anti abortion criminal laws from other states and people come here and are fleeing. and then we are setting up funds so that people who come here seeking abortion seeking reproductive healthcare do not have to stay away because they can't afford and we're going to help people. well all this coincides with pride month and i know you'll be in san francisco celebrating over the weekend, justice
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clarence thomas, in his concurring opinion, laid out a vision that prompted concerns about other rights that could disappear, including same sex, marriage and contraceptives as well. do you believe roe v. wade may be just the beginning of big changes. this decision is a reminder that we are all in this together and they were all going to rise or fall together. this decision was horrific in terms of abortion, but it's not just about abortion and justice thomas and we saw this coming sent a clear warning to all of us that marriage equality is at risk right to contraception. contraceptive is at risk. and in addition, the right for lgbt teach you people. even they have sex is at risk because he wants to overrule. the decision, saying that states are not allowed to ban gay sex, so we're potentially looking at a future in this country really dystopian
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or where the government is allowed to decide. who was allowed to have sex with whom? how you're allowed to have sex, whether you can use contraceptive and whether you're allowed to make reproductive health choices about your own body. this is terrifying. we this pride weekend. it's time to recommit to this fight. we can't just roll over. we need to win elections. we need to take back supreme court and have rational justices. we need to end filibusters to the congress can do its job. and protect our rights. well i could have a big effect on the midterms as well. coming up in november. senator scott wiener. thanks so much for your time. and your insight, scott, we appreciate it. thank you. thank you. peninsula congresswoman jackie speier is condemning the supreme court's decision. we spoke with her earlier on morning sun to on the nine this morning. she calls the ruling hypocritical and extreme and says the intentions of conservative lawmakers is to ban reproductive rights nationwide.
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all of us who live in california , who have some of the best laws on the books are now going to be threatened. um as we have seen with the decision they came down with yesterday on concealed carry california had a law in place that you know you had to meet certain standards. the supreme court on the one hand, says less government. on the other hand, says more government . it is a right wing agenda that they are not just promoting. they are putting into law which should make all of us quite concerned. representative spear also says the court's decision is taking the country back to a time that was very dark. san francisco's mayor, mayor breed issued this statement, it says in part, this decision is devastating to women. and our country. it goes on to say san francisco cannot correct national policy. but we can assure that those in this city or safe from anyone who wants to
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criminalize medical care and that we are working with the entire bay area to prepare. for any of packs of this decision. former president barack obama also tweeting his reaction today, the supreme court not only reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, it relegated the most intensely personal decisions someone can make. to the whims of politicians, ideologues attacking the essential freedoms of millions of americans. in other news, san francisco police have arrested a man in connection with the deadly shooting communi. he's been identified as 26 year old jovon green. police released surveillance video following the shooting earlier this week in hopes of getting information that led up to an arrest. police say they got several tips. the man was arrested at home in pittsburgh last night, facing several charges, including homicide san francisco medical examiners identified the man killed his 27 year old nesta bowen. investigators believe the gunfire started after a verbal
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argument inside the train as it traveled between the forest hill and the castro stations. based on our investigation, you know, we can safely say that this incident had no relationship to the castro area, the lgbtq community or pride weekend. um and just want to, you know, put people's minds at ease, especially our residents and visitors who are getting ready to celebrate pride that this was not any kind of incident targeting the lgbtq community or pride events. a second person was also shot that person with 70 years of age and has since been released from the hospital in about two hours from now, san jose's police chief, anthony mata, he will hold a news conference to give more details about this week's deadly police shooting. police officer shot and killed an armed suspect, who was one of her two homicides within a two hour span on wednesday morning. they say one fatal shooting took place in san jose. the other in modesto. investigators say the suspect's death followed a police chase
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and a standoff at a south san jose home where police say the suspect fired at those officers. still to come at noon. tens of thousands of people are expected to gather this weekend in san francisco to celebrate pride. we will take a look at the efforts by san francisco's police department to make sure everyone stays safe. also ahead. several bay area communities forced to evacuate after a number of fires yesterday. the growing concern as wildfire season is only just begun. from the city to the beta . all of our inland areas. we have your weekend forecast, and that's all coming up as a new news continues, right here on ktvu, fox two.
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rouz have been very busy battling several bay area wildfire strata fully contained them. the flames forced hundreds of evacuations yesterday. vacaville pork, costa livermore and president hundreds of people in president have now been allowed to return home following a fire outside the golden eagle estates last night. a mandatory evacuation order affecting 500 homes. that was lifted several hours after the canyon fire started yesterday afternoon that fast moving fire cut some tense moments for people living in that area. it's too early for
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this. we usually expect this in october or so, right? so having this in june. it's pretty early told at around 2 30 that we had to evacuate and 15 minutes to get out of the house. so really worried about the fire. two firefighters were taken to the hospital to be treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration. they are both expected to make a full recovery. and we now have some new numbers of the wild fire that's burning in heavy brush and contra costa county. at scenic fire has now burned 100 and 20 acres. 70% containment. their aerial video here from sky fox shows some very thick black smoke and flames that burn dangerously close to homes in the small community. pork costume right outside of martinez quickly prompted an evacuation warning for more than 200 people living in that area. it happened really quick. i got a phone call from my neighbor. and then people started banging on the doors and like, get the #### out. fire commanders gave
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everyone the all clear early yesterday evening. do what noon festivities have begun in san francisco for pride weekend, officials are providing safety tips for the events taking place across the city. just a few minutes ago, the police chief bill scott, held a news conference to discuss what residents and visitors to the city can do to be safe and what to expect. chief is asking everyone, including his officers , to be vigilant to help make sure there are not any problems that any other pride events first of all. we need the eyes and ears of vigilance. to be at the forefront of everybody's minds and what that means, if you see something suspicious. please don't sit on that information. please say something. please call um, we don't have any any credible threats that we know of at this point. but with events with the amount of people that will be participating, you never know.
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festivities for the 19th annual trans march are underway right now. dolores park, the march itself that starts at six o'clock tonight and goes from delores park to turk and taylor streets. here's a rundown of some of the other major pride related events over the weekend , business owners in the castro district hold their first ever castro family pride block party . that's from 11 tomorrow morning until five pm, and that's when the #### march will begin. it starts, said delores and 18th street's the pride parade kicks off at 10 30 that sunday morning at the corner of market and bill streets. there are more than 200 parade, contingents and exhibitors this year at the pride parade, and hopefully they'll have some pretty good weather because there's going to be a ton of people not only in the bay area , but especially the city, and i guess it's going to be ok, right , roberta going to be gorgeous. you couldn't ask for better weather in the city of san francisco for the san francisco pride, parade and celebration,
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everybody, let's get to it. let's take a look at that promising forecast for sunday. the prairie does step off at 10 30 in the morning. from right around the market street from embarcadero to the celebration at the civic center at the beginning of the parade at the start when it steps off 65 degrees rising to the low seventies. by the time we have the celebration taking place this right here will also be a common theme throughout the weekend. the layer of fog that has moved into the city by the bay but it will retreat the sunshine. right now it is 61 degrees in san francisco. look at the micro climates in place 57 degrees and half moon bay to 93 degrees at this hour in livermore mid seventies and napa is in the low seventies right now and oakland. alameda cerrito . the winds are all over the place, but generally up to 10 mph, except one notable exception right at the international airport in oakland at 12 mph. these winds will be
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pretty consistent during the afternoon hours with an occasional gust up to 20 now the temperature difference from today. and comparison to lunchtime yesterday. it is two degrees cooler in oakland. we have the fog working. it's seabreeze into the san bruno gap , so it's a couple degrees cooler in san carlos, otherwise , just as mild in mountain view , so high pressure is right here. and this is that surge of the marine layer that has been inching its way up in the northerly fashion. so according to our future cast, the clouds will remain along the coast all the way through the evening commute it reestablishes at south end gets a little deeper by tomorrow morning. in fact, the clouds hang out at the coast all weekend long. this is our typical summertime weather pattern and that marine layer it will deepen on sunday with the temperature's coming down, just a couple of not just along the beaches. but staying toasty away from the bay. lot of people getting away today heading to the great lake tahoe area. temperatures are very pleasant
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into the seventies, but we do have that threat of a thunderstorm and that will occur on saturday. we have to keep a watchful eye on that that we don't see any dry lightning that could spark the potential of faith. vegetation fire it is finally a friday. yes, it is and temperatures will spam from the mid fifties, all the way to the high nineties hot temperatures inland again, well above average , flirting with 100 degrees and the fairfield tracy and mountain view area and iraq as well. believe i'm the bump up that livermore temperatures since it's already 93 degrees, perhaps going for 97, maybe even 98 you get the feel of it, though. it's hot inland. it's pleasant around the bay. it's 88 today for daytime high and redwood city with a pleasant night in store for everybody. great sleeping weather into the fifties. we will have that extended five day forecast featuring the entire weekend and frank that's still coming up a little bit later in the newscast. the community of surfside, florida commemorating
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gan tan when another smaller earthquake struck an area of eastern afghanistan. they experienced powerful quake earlier in the week that quake killed more than 1000 people. today's 4.3 magnitude earthquake
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hit in that same area as the magnitude six quake on wednesday . people have been digging through the rubble looking for survivors, um, is now working with relief agencies. they're bringing blankets and food, tents and medical teams to that devastated area. it's been one year since the tragic building collapse in surfside, florida, outside of miami, claiming the lives of nearly 100 people, but families who are mourning their loved ones continue to search for answers. phil keating has more from surfside. for a whole year of pain. confusion unanswered questions friday, marking one year since tragedy struck surfside, florida the champlain tower south building, collapsing in the middle of the night. claiming the lives of 98 people. first lady joe biden on site to join the community as they commemorate the lives lost the things we carry. are heavier now. and one year later or many
12:25 pm
years later. our knees sometimes buckle. beneath the weight of our grief. rescue crews from around the globe traveling to florida in the days after the collapse, helping local teams dig through the rubble. and search for the victims. the emotional impact still weighing very heavy here, too. see family members literally just screaming into the pile of rubble here that was pretty emotional still is to this day. the cause of the collapse remains under investigation, a process that could take years. but the building in the history of maintenance problems and there are questions surrounding the quality of its construction clear that the building failed massively many families still struggling with their loss a year out. while looking to hold those responsible accountable. meanwhile just yesterday, a florida judge of proved a $1
12:26 pm
billion settlement for the survivors. as well as the families of those whose lives were lost. surfside florida keating, ktvu. fox two news oakland police are searching for the hit and run driver who killed a man while he was writing his bicycle with his young children. surveillance video capture the horrific scene. this is 14th and jefferson streets and downtown oakland last week, he could see a speeding black infiniti running on the right side into the 42 year old dimitri poodle love as he pedaled into the intersection. right ahead of his two young sons. the father, who was hit and killed was deaf. police chief laurent armstrong says all bicyclists should feel safe in oakland, especially those with disabilities. we cannot think that this is okay that this is tragic into for two children that have to see this happen is devastating for all of us. the victims. two sons, ages six and eight, were not injured
12:27 pm
. anyone that does have information about the cases as to call oakland police silicon here at noon on this friday, we'll have continuing coverage of the decision by the supreme court to overturn roe v. wade. take a closer look at what it means nationwide and right here in california, plus a massive $13 billion gun control bill now heads to the president's desk. we'll take a look at what it includes. and the reaction it's getting from both sides of the
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tickle to the opinion leak. last month, the supreme court overturned the landmark decision of roe v. wade. that decision had upheld the right to an abortion in the united states for nearly 50 years. spring in ktvu sle rasmus once again for a look at what this all means. and what happens next. ali? well frank, it means as many as 26 states in the u. s will either ban abortion outright or make it nearly impossible to get other states like california are vowing to strengthen protections for abortion. here's a look at a map showing that state by state divide you can see texas in most states in the southeastern us and upper midwest will ban abortions. 13 states have so called trigger bands that go into effect immediately. in fact , the case that led to this overturning of roe was brought by the mississippi department of health over a state law that
12:31 pm
banned abortions. after 15 weeks, just the samuel alito wrote the deciding opinion released by the supreme court today, eliminating federal protections for abortion, arguing quote the 14th amendment clearly does not protect the right to an abortion until the latter part of the 20th century. there was no support in american law for constitutional right to obtain an abortion. end quote president biden, another democratic leaders say this should serve as a call to their supporters to vote against republicans in the upcoming midterm midterm elections. right now, polls show democrats could lose their majority in both the house and senate. we spoke with a political analyst about whether this morning supreme court decision could change that. history tells us that people vote in midterm elections based on their own personal circumstances at the moment, how do they feel they're doing specifically economically? do they like the direction of the country? and do they like the person who's in the white house? these are all factors that would disfavor democrats at the moment . but whenever abortion rights are on the ballot that almost
12:32 pm
always favors democrats, and this favors the gop, so people like me will be looking with great interest. um to see how these balance each other. her out. i would say we just don't know. it could go either direction. this decision must not be the final word. my administration will use all of its appropriate lawful powers. but congress must act. and with your vote, you can act. you can have the final word. this is not over. msm states, including california have protected abortion rights for now. but if republicans took control of congress and the presidency, a federal law banning abortions could become a reality years from now, and that would make california california's protections obsolete, of course, and that's a question governor gavin newsom maybe asked about today in about a half hour from now he'll be speaking publicly about the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v.
12:33 pm
wade. and our state's response to it. so more coverage on that online and in our later newscasts, frank back to you. thank you for that. there's a lot of reaction coming up from today's supreme court ruling. let's welcome in grace howard. she's in a assistant professor of justice studies at san jose state university professor could have you with us. thank you after today's decision, what are the options now for pregnant women who want or need to terminate their pregnancy, beating california or perhaps a southern state? in california things will remain much the same in the short term. however if you live in one of the around between 22 26 states where abortion has just become all but illegal, essentially, um ah. you're you're in trouble now, right? so there were many people who were literally at abortion clinics for their appointments this morning who had to be sent home. the medical procedure they expected to have today is now against the law. they're not
12:34 pm
allowed to do it so we can certainly anticipate many people traveling to try to access legal , abortion care and other states like here in california, but of course, we also know that even when abortion is a crime, people will still try to have them done and so people will also be taking abortions into their own hands. it is safe to do an illegal abortion using medication. abortion, um but it is legally risky at this point, and so people are really putting their lives on the line to make these kinds of decisions and to access medical care. well, with that in mind, there are legal ramifications, i guess for women that may have abortions in states where it's banned or restricted in that regard, they could end up in court or in jail, i guess right? yes so this is something that i've been studying for some time. i'm working on a book this summer about the criminalization of pregnancy. there have been already thousands of cases of people charged with crimes
12:35 pm
against their own pregnancies. there are people sitting in jail and prison right now because they did things like have abortions. um maybe they had a miscarriage and early in the pregnancy. they said they weren't sure about the pregnancy . there are cases of people falling down the stairs and miscarrying and being charged with crimes people having their children taken away from them. um it's really i mean, it's truly a human rights violation, but we don't have to predict the future to see what these kinds of prosecutions will look like. they've been happening for years and this role overturn. basically kicks the door wide open. we should expect to see an increase in these sorts of prosecutions. what does the decision mean for other constitutional rights? because justice thomas mentioned there could be other issues explored like same sex marriage. even contraceptives. yes so what the court has done basically, is they completely undone the right
12:36 pm
to privacy things that rely on a constitutional right to privacy include the right to get married the right to use contraception the right to have sex even and that's only looking at the privacy bit if you read into what they say in this decision, if something isn't either stated explicitly in the u. s constitution, or it isn't part of their sort of cherry picked view of what the history and tradition of this nation is. you are in big trouble. um women only exist in the constitution in terms of the right to vote. um, right. i'm also thinking about places where maybe we have a constitutional amendment, but our interpretation of that amendment has shifted profoundly . so take, for example, cruel and unusual punishment. what was considered cruel and unusual in 17 76 has changed considerably and the way that this opinion is written, it opens the door to
12:37 pm
going back there. so you know, a 12 year old in thumbscrews trying to get them to confess to a crime like sure if we're relying on the history and tradition of the nation, there you go. well it is going to be an interesting in a difficult weeks, months, perhaps years as we navigate through our new world as assistant professor grace howard at a san jose state . thank you for your time, professor and thank you for your insights as well. thank you. all right, take care of me. well the house of representatives today passed a historic gun safety bill. it's not president biden's desk waiting for his signature. the $13 billion compromise bill was crafted by senate democrats and republicans. fox's griff jenkins has more now from the nation's capital. this is a compromise shortly. not everything i want. and it's not everything republicans want. but it's the first opportunity we've had in decades to do something worthwhile to prevent gun. violence around of applause
12:38 pm
broke out after the bill passed on the senate floor thursday night. the measure received bipartisan support, including 15 . republicans voting yes, it comes one month after a pair of horrific mass shootings at a baldy texas elementary school to buffalo, new york supermarket. some lawmakers agree the legislation is a game changer, calling it a great path forward cannot be the last step. we also cannot let another day go by that taking action to make the community safer. dub the safer communities act, the $13 billion measure will toughen background checks for the youngest gun buyers institute red flag laws and keep firearms away from domestic violence offenders. despite this, there are critics on both sides, some who say the bill doesn't do enough in some who fear it will infringe on the second amendment rights of americans rush to get this done because there's a pressure to get something done senators through some words on paper, hoping nobody would notice what
12:39 pm
a terrible and ambiguous scheme they were creating. in washington jenkins fox news paul pelosi, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi, has officially been charged with driving while under the influence. two counts of misdemeanor, do you? i were filed against paul pelosi by the napa county d, a related to a crash he was involved in last month on highway 29 blood sample found pelosi's blood alcohol content was at 290.82. two hours right after the crash. pelosi will appear in court in august and could get up to five years probation, five days in jail and some other fines. have you noticed the price of gas has dropped a little bit. the national average has decreased by seven cents in the last week to $4.93 a gallon. here in california. average prices 6 35 a gallon. that's also nearly a dime lower than it was a week ago. so a little progress in san francisco at 6 48 a gallon
12:40 pm
oakland chimes in at 6 45. interview in the south bay, san jose is a bit cheaper at $6.41 a gallon. oil executives met with energy secretary jennifer granholm in washington, d. c to discuss different ways to lower the price of gas executives from bp, chevron. several other companies attended president biden, by the way, did not, but he has recently called on oil companies to do more to reduce the price of gas, and he has urged congress to suspend the gas tax for the summer. but so far he isn't getting much support on either demand. joe biden came in and limited supply. the price of oil goes up based on the limited supply and a raising a rising global demand instead of trying to get short term pieces in is we need to look at the longer arc of what drives prices and when it's price gouging. federal reserve chair jerome powell testified on capitol hill yesterday said
12:41 pm
reducing inflation remains a top priority. and if it dips, the fed will not be quick to lower interest rates. still to come here at newtown, another berry county is reporting a monkey pox case. the warning from health officials for people traveling and gathering this summer. and it's time for your weekend forecast. we've got all the details about the fog and the heat as the news continues, right here on ktvu, fox two.
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follow the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade ktvu is james torrez brings us more reaction from our local lawmakers. the official supreme court decision is now garnering reaction from local leaders all over the bay area and the country and now, reactions and protests are scheduled ruling is outrageous and heart wrenching. speaker of the house nancy pelosi, the first member of congress to address the nation after learning the most recent supreme court ruling. a decision to uphold the law in mississippi and ultimately overturn a woman's legal right to an abortion speaker. pelosi putting the blame on recently appointed supreme court justices, those justices coming before the senators and saying that they respected. thorough decided that the president of the court that they respected the right of privacy in the constitution of the united states. did you hear that? were they not telling the
12:45 pm
truth, then oakland mayor libby schaaf, putting out a video statement expressing her disappointment. this limitation on a woman's most personal and private medical decision. is such an assault on individual rights and freedoms. i am terrified to think what is next . next in the bay area is a number of demonstrations and protests starting at five tonight. a protest is planned at the federal building in san francisco rally there then we'll have a march and then we'll be blocking an intersection because we are performing a cd civil disobedience. because we don't believe that this is a just law and that i'm just laws must be broken in order to make a statement. san francisco police are aware of the demonstrations and planned increased staff. lawmakers now urging voters to make their voices heard this november. this is deadly
12:46 pm
serious. that we are not going to let this pass. a woman's right to choose. reproductive freedom is on the ballot in november. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. the cdc is now joining at santa clara county's health department to investigate the county's first suspected case of monkeypox. health experts stress this is an isolated case and the person likely became infected. during a recent international trip, this suspected infection in santa clara county marks california's latest reported case of the rare virus, which is a milder version. of smallpox. the most important thing for people to do is if they have symptoms of a rash, particularly if they have a new partner is to seek care from a medical provider as soon as possible. public health experts also say one segment res
12:47 pm
who identify as gay trans or men who have sex with men are part of that group where we have been seeing a disproportionate number of cases. that person believe infected in santa clara county tested positive while seeking medical care that individual is now in isolation. alright let's switch gears talk, a little weather and what's a big weekend for pride celebrations? you've got parades and parties and thank the giants are back taking on the reds tonight as well all the way through the weekend, right? it's a three game series. that's right. the reds yeah. what a week here in the bay area to parades one this past monday with the warriors, and then the one that sunday will have that forecast coming up. but look at this. wow this is postcard perfect. looking out over the city of oakland, where we have lots of clarity. the fog is gonna be remain combined to the
12:48 pm
coast. today it will be hot inland and the winds were will with out of the west 10 to 20 mph pretty consistent 10 to 15. that will just be that occasional gusts from time to time otherwise right now. we have fifties at the beaches sixties in the city by the bay across the bay into oakland. it's 71 degrees. then we jump into the eighties and conquered. it's currently in the nineties and livermore and in brentwood eighties to the north and also eighties to the south across the santa clara valley back into the rose garden district winds have been fluctuating about 5 to 10 mph. with one little notable exception right here oakland international airport with a 12 mile per hour wind again, an occasional gust up to 20 temperatures are going to come down ever so gently today, and i do mean gently. check out livermore, down from 99 degrees on thursday to 97 degrees, but you'll feel a little bit of the difference in gil right 92 as opposed to 97 degrees yesterday , we do have high pressure and
12:49 pm
it is right there right now. going to stay put typical summertime weather pattern with that fog bank creeping up against the coast. here is your cloud forecast and you'll see by later on tonight we have that stratus confined to the media seashore, penetrating the monterey bay area back into caramel now. meanwhile tomorrow morning, rise and shine and you still have the fog along the coast but lots of clarity in our inland areas. sunday morning that marine layer will deepen and as it does, so, it's going to be a little stubborn to clear but we will see the clouds gradually lift for the 52nd annual san francisco pride parade and celebration. it steps off at 10 30 in the morning on sunday with a temperature near 65 degrees climbing to the low seventies. by the time the parade wraps around the civic center for the celebration ceremonies. if you're heading to the high sierra seventies right now and pretty much over the weekend, as well, with a little bit of a jump in the temperature by sunday, we do have that risk
12:50 pm
of an isolated thunderstorm with dry lightning, so we'll keep a watchful eye on that across the country. if you have major travel plans, it is currently in the seventies and the los angeles area. it is now 100 degrees and dallas and low eighties in new york city, and that will remain consistent through the weekend. your bay area forecast sixties beaches, seventies bayside and mid nineties over the weekend. today's forecast 89 degrees in santa rosa 83 amount of view mid nineties and conquered clayton wanted creek tri valley 97. degrees extended forecast. that's your summertime weather pattern. we finally begin to see a little bit of relief frank by tuesday into wednesday. have a great day on the golf course one of those days. okay thank you, roberta still to come at noon time, they are the newest players on the golden state warriors will introduce you to their 2022 draft class when we their 2022 draft class when we come back. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more...
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kicked off in the city today. but san francisco is not the only one with pride events happening all weekend long ktvu south castaneda tells us about events happening all weekend long in oakland, celebrating black pride. another pride celebration on this side of the bay in oakland, oakland, black pride is the first and only black lead pride celebration in northern california. there are several events planned this weekend to mark the celebrations and here to talk about this weekend, is the ceo and founder of oakland pride oliwa, austin and aaliyah baker, a board member of oakland. black pride. welcome to you both. it's nice because i do live in the east bay. should i want to go to pride? i don't have to cross that bridge. hey nothing wrong with san francisco. but here in the east bay, we also have a chance. to celebrate what? i'll start with you. what what do you
12:55 pm
think this weekend is going to mean for the people who are celebrating here in oakland? well it means so much to the community of oakland, particularly the black and queer communities that are here. it's great to have something in our own backyard where we can really connect with our community members, er, friends, the families. it's definitely a completely different vibe. i think then what happens in san francisco expand on that? it does. it does feel a little different out here in the east bay. we have different sensibilities out here. you're the ceo and the founder. so congratulations on that. thank you. when you started this, did you? did you think? hey, we need to bring a little bit of our own east bay. flair to this. absolutely yes, i did. when i started it. i wanted to make pride feel more like community. um and in the past, it hasn't felt that way. and so i said, you know, we've got to do something about this right and we launched ourselves an organization at the height of the pandemic, and our community was very receptive to it. because you know, there wasn't anything that was like this.
12:56 pm
since we stood before we started it. we could, of course, go to san francisco, but we all know that oakland's a lot more cooler, then san francisco. um and you know it was definitely overdue. right pride needed a refresh and to be given back to the people. we were you. we also i think the black pride in particular right? that's a special little group that is more welcoming to african americans. can you talk about that? because obviously you think that that group should be , you know, should be able to celebrate its own unique way. absolutely there is a very critical intersection, blackness and queerness. and because of that, it deserves a more nuanced solution. right? and so we have created that the programming is developed by people of color that looked like me. they'd identify as i do, and that's how pride started those 50 plus years ago it started with people of color that looked like me. and that was sal castaneda to
12:57 pm
their netflix has announced that it has laid off about 300 of its workers. that's roughly 3% of the law. scotto space company's entire staff. the job cuts following the 150 full time positions that were eliminated last month after the company reported a loss of some 200,000 subscribers. it was the first time netflix lost subscribers and more than 10 years. company expects to lose two million more subscribers this quarter due to increased competition among streaming services and people cutting back on expenses due to the economy. well this afternoon , the golden state warriors will introduce to their fans their newest players selected in the nba draft. 28th pick in the 2022 nba draft. the golden state warriors select patrick baldwin junior from the university of wisconsin, milwaukee. he's a tall one. patrick baldwin jr was the first three words picked last night. he's a six ft. 10
12:58 pm
inch forward. one of the asians top recruits at a high school is nicknamed by the way is pbj and has lots of talent but has been dealing with some injuries to the second round. the warriors traded for the draft rights of toledo university guard ryan roland's, he averaged 19 points per game as a sophomore. the dubs, then selected 20 year old forward out of brazil, santos where is gm and manager bob myers says the scouting staff once again found some hidden gems. baldwin's kind of a big, versatile forward, we think and shoot past high i q guy rounds, also out of toledo, both both i think teenagers still and de santos brazilian guy played with barbosa. santos did play with former warrior guard leandro barbosa. he's going to be a good one. here's the top picks in the draft number one is duke forward palo bench aero to the orlando
12:59 pm
magic number two was seven footer. gonzaga center. that's jet hungry, and he'll go to oklahoma city. the thunder used the 12th pick, then selected santa clara university forward jalen williams, who really went up the boards. he is the first set of claire player taken in the draft since steve nash back in 96. he's a hall of famer. williams says 21 years of age and has not been born or was not born. when nash got drafted, so there you go a little bit of a gap there, but a good player celebration honoring women in sports and new women's soccer team has set. oakland soul launched by the oakland root sports club unveiled its team crest last night at the loom, organizers say the team will be an elite pathway to pro soccer and with debut in the national us sell w league that's coming up in 2023. want to thank you for watching the ktvu. fox two news at noon on this busy friday before we leave you come. fire is on the scene right now. the
1:00 pm
rapidly spreading to alarm grassfire. this is burning in the vicinity of her past. at hess roads in pittsburgh, people are being told to avoid the area to allow first responders access to that we'll have ready for the boozy brunch? have ready for the daphne: >> it really is my favorite meal. >> we have tips for the most incredible dishes. >> apple cinnamon french toast casserole. >> and creative cocktails. >> behold the fried chicken bloody mary. >> they are dishing with us. plus -- >> do you think mocktails are the new cocktails? >> most people start their boozy brunch in the morning, but i start mind the night before. that is just the prep because i will show you how to make the perfect overnight brunch casserole you actually have time to enjoy. all i need is a cockt


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