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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  July 1, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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ravages of climate change is incomprehensible. we've got to wake up to what's going on supreme court and we've got to double down quadruple down here in california and in blue states all across america. mornings on two is on the road for a zip trip. indonesia wanna come out. bring the kids little spot. we're bringing you some of the city's favorite places to go for a bite to eat any time of the day. the only baguette i've had better than this is in paris. like that's it like. it's incredible uniting the world with songs will introduce you to the children's choir that thinks beyond borders they have performed around the globe in celebration of diversity to travel worldwide. so when i'm
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singing out in front of everybody especially when i have solos. it makes me feel special and anyone up for some trivia. it's the largest women's college on the west coast, and it started right here in this north bay city. no, why did they change it? i need to do more just trivia stuff. mornings on two takes you on a zip trip to venetia. welcome to venetia, check out this amazing crowd that has joined us here this morning. we're so glad to have this e. yeah this group of people. this is an amazing city , this waterfront city with 28,000 people, remarkable small town in the north bay, home to so many amazing community events , great restaurants, community groups and artists community. and so much history. i gotta tell you, i grew up in this town . i have watched it grow. we have live music out here.
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there's so many amazing parts to share with you this morning. one thing that stays the same, no matter how many years passed through this town is the pride that people have in venetia. we are live here at the bottom of first street, and we've got our whole team out here are behind the scenes crew are in front of the camera crew. we've got frank mallicoat. doing a little history for us because there is deep history in this beautiful town, and we are sal castaneda down here with all the crowd sound. we're gonna start with you because it's a busy time down here at the bottom of first street. it sure is a busy time out here, claudine. i'm here with my photographer. chip bon and i haven't seen this. many people come out for a zip trip before we've had some good crowds. but look at all this here. some kids are building lagos here with brick space. they came down earlier, so it's always nice to see the kids out here. we do have a reading program from venetia here. it's called, venetia reads, you can
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see people have set up their table here a very important topic. an issue reads, which is a partnership between the school district and this organization to get everyone up to reading level by third grade, which is a lofty goal and then we have food is free salon a where this organization delivers food to people in need, and also cuts the gap between what may be the government assistance can give and what private assistance can give here at these people are all over the county and look at all this delicious food so claudine. a lot of people have come out. and as you said, people are very proud of venetia and i can tell i can tell that you know people are out here. so frank mallicoat also here, by the way, and frank i know that you do the trivia and you also kind of take care of the history aspect. there's a lot of good history here. indonesia. oh yes, there is sal effect. this this
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town is brimming with history. believe it or not, it was kind of the go between sacramento in the 18 fifties during the gold rush here, it was right on the water way to get to the big city of san francisco hits the building behind me right here in this beautiful state house. yes planitia was the epicenter of california back in 18 53 our fourth statehouse monterey number one then came san jose. and then came the city of vallejo and then beneath to and i want to bring out the former mayor, uh and say hi to jerry hayes, who was the mayor back in the late nineties. and the president of the historical society. tell us why beneath it was such a big deal back then and tell us about this building . well this first of all, welcome to historic venetia. and welcome to the most historic building in venetia, the former state capital. the militia was gateway really? to the gold rush ? there were no roads. there was
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no railroad. there was no way to get up to upper california. you had to get on the river and venetia was the stop stopover point for that trip up to the upper california and the gold rush for one year. this was actually the statehouse we want to. can you give us a quick tour? sure senate chambers are about 20 ft in jerry, and that's why we're way i asked you earlier. what you thought it cost to build this? oh, yes. how much was that? $24,800 oh, well in 18 52 good luck with that. now let's go in, jerry. and as we're walking, tell us about the building. well it was a it was patterned after other state capitals throughout the country. and uh, militia really built this as a city hall, uh, hoping to entice the state legislatures to bring the capital here. well that worked, and it worked, at
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least for one year. and that was the amount of time that uh, capital is here one year. okay well, this is the senate chambers. remember way back when it was all men, and as you can see the hats summer up, summer down, believe it or not, that's how they voted right? that's how they voted up. was the yes down was the no. and spittoons. everybody had their own split tuned everybody else, not everybody. i shouldn't say that , but most of them were um, tobacco chewers, and they had spittoons by their desk. you may walk over to that desk. jerry give us a quick tour because that's one of the original deaths were able to find two original desks. from the 18 fifties. these two. what? this? this one is the uh, james denver who? if you are living the state
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of colorado, you might be familiar with him. yes city of denver is named after him and so forth, but he was a member of the legislature of the state of california in 18 52, and we're running out of time. but if people want to come here, it's they can come during the day, right during the day. yes it's a state park. it was restored. uh and 1958 totally restored by the state of california. and is open to visitors on a daily basis. very good, jerry. thank you so much. all the best. we love your city, and i know you do two. you've been here for a long time. a native side please come. alright that is jerry hayes, the former mayor and the president of the historical society. sal will toss it back to you. we've been in history in this lovely town. i know there is frank. i know. i can tell by looking at the buildings. but look at all these people who came out these dancers. i noticed them right away. they're going to be
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dancing later on, nicole, you're the owner of the dance studio here. you've got your people out. we do we do these kiddos are ready to perform and dance. this is our competition team, and this is our director allison, who directs our competition team and we're super excited to be here. hey alison. what is it like to direct all these young dancers in honor? they are so much fun. they it doesn't even feel like work. i just love being with them, and they all got up early to come out. they did you know what? i'm impressed. the younger ones can do a good job getting up early. i'm very impressed with these older ones getting up out of bed on their summer early. yes so a little later on, by the way, claudine, you're going to see them dancing for us. but i thought it was impressive. i have daughters of my own to get them out of the house and looking like this out here. indonesia is a task. right so thank you for coming. we'll see you perform a little later. claudia we are looking forward to itself. yes amazing. they look picture perfect visa, the competitive dancers, so they are serious business and lots of fun . so fantastic. alright coming
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up. we've got lots more to talk about here in our zip trip, venetia. we want to introduce you to a remarkable children's choir. but we had children's choir is really something special. it is not a traditional choir. they have no addition policy and it's all about diversity and celebrating the difference, and they've gotten a lot of attention performed for multiple presidents, world leaders and celebrities who have leaders and celebrities who have more on that and in the m this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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the dancers are dancing here in venetia. they have their routine all set out. ah and it looks like they've practiced quite a bit. this is obviously some sort of a flintstones thing. i didn't know that kids still knew what the flintstones were right. okay, so flintstones is my era. but apparently, claudine, these kids do know what the
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flintstones are because they're doing a pretty good routine, claudine. so i hope you're enjoying it right? it's a huge crowd. look at this crowd. yeah it's amazing. here. yes love those dancers from tip tap toe so glad they came out. they really just add a lot of energy and fun to the zip trip. indonesia. we're so excited to be here. and the children really in this town. this is a family oriented town and it is it's such a wonderful place to grow up. i can tell you from firsthand experience. i want to talk about the acenas children's choir, because literally this choir is known around the world they have performed for multiple presidents they have performed for world leaders and celebrities. choir celebrates difference and it celebrates diversity and i talked to the founder of the choir, and she says it also means accepting the boeing a big three. accept the challenge, be self motivated and embrace an ethic for hard work.
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acquire it is not just about the song performing to get nervous, but then i get engaged helps me be more bold to speak to someone and not shy. requires founder calls this physical singing. the movement gives a full body feeling to the music. it's not just head. it's full body relationship and feeling to the music, and i'm noticed that when the kids have this full body capability and full body expression they really digest it almost like they digest food. annabelle marie created bovina in venetia back in 1994, and she says she always knew this children's choir would be different. the biggest thing about this teaching these kids in this choir is it's helping
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them have teamwork skills, leadership skills because i want these kids to make a difference as adults. and so voting is more than just singing. there are no auditions, and the choir has had an estimated 1200. children from all over the bay area join on average. they are in the choir for 8 to 12 years, and the audience is global. we get to travel worldwide. so when. i'm singing out in front of everybody. especially when i have solos. it makes me feel special. president clinton said that you are truly american choir because we are so eclectic and what we do. and so unique, so president clinton wanted to own that and say you are truly an american choir, and you
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represent the united states. that's why we represented in the united states at the world expo in japan. and the white house five times when we go to these other countries, so many of the countries we are the very first children's choir from america that they've had. we were the first children's choir in soweto , south africa. we were the first american children's choir. in bali. the first american children's choir at the sicily festival. yeah, there's been so many times that we've had that privilege. for annabelle marie music is what binds and what heals for months during the pandemic every night she was here on her patio, bringing people together who had to stay apart. think it was so valuable? and it had to have been it was. it was visibly so valuable
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because we had people walking on the rocks to sit at different places we had boats coming in. we had kayakers coming in and couldn't wait for the next night. and when she couldn't be with her choir, she brought them together online. you are not 28 years after valentino was created, music remains the thread. hi. oh my gosh, i love it all. i love it all. i will sit here at the piano and i'll play until one o'clock in the morning. and just playing and singing. it brings people together. the music connects us all. usually it's the song like if it's sad, it makes me feel sad. if it's a happy song that makes me feel happy. and. so i'm still dealing with kids who have
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eating disorders from the pandemic. depression i'm still working with kids on that and picking positive, positive positive songs the our season for spring. was called voices of courage, so i picked all these courage songs, you know, like, say what you want to say, and let the words fall out. honestly. mm hmm. but in a children's choir, just one of the many reasons to be proud of the city of venetia, and i know they're working on a carnegie hall performance that will happen in the fall. i want to welcome in those mayor steve young and council over travel burzynski. thanks for much for joining us. we don't have to tell you guys that finishes great. you already know that pretty amazing. it's pretty amazing to start with you because venetia is one of those towns with very deep history but a very bright future. tell me
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about the things. it is one of those places that people are like venetia have ever been there and then they go there. they like. you know what? it's charming, and it's gorgeous. and it's beautiful. what is it about beneath that makes it so special? well i think it's a combination of many things. it's um obviously the waterfront, i think is a huge draw the fact that our climate is probably a little bit better than a lot of places in the bay because we get the breeze constantly hear our history is deep. we were the third state capital back in the 18 fifties. and i think one of the other things that makes us unique is the, um, preponderance of artists and art galleries that make up a big part of the attraction. why people come here as i think to see some of the public art neptune's daughter and some of the other statues are around town, along with the art galleries, themselves, beautiful parks and so many things, trevor. it's also i think the people that the pride that is here as well, we've seen this huge crowd. sal just said he doesn't remember seeing as
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big of a crowd anywhere that we go and we go to lots of places, and there's lots of prizes in other cities, but i think, venetia. when you tell them to come to first street, they come. that's right. i think you know, finishes the type of community to where everyone literally knows one another. it's a very centrally located place, and because of that, everybody knows the restaurant owners. they know the shop owners. they know the artists they know everybody is. you're walking down first street, and it creates a really tight knit community. and because of that, it's an amazing place to even spend a weekend. yes. how do you balance mayor that the growth the growth and making sure that new restaurants have new restaurants up and down the street that we see that are fantastic getting a lot of attention. um, and then you have, you know, the people will say when i posted that were coming to me, asia they were like, don't tell anyone. you balance that out. what's the future look like? well i think the future is strong. we have a lot of challenges for sure. and growth is one of them. um we are being, um, tasked by the state to build our at least his own
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for significantly more housing. and there are people in the community. you would like to see nothing changed ever. but i think the reality is that we do need a certain level of growth in order to maintain the tax revenue necessary for the kinds of services that we provide the balance. that's the hard job right just to add on what i'd also say, is that beyond that, like vanishes a multi generational community we're very fortunate that we have venetians that have lived here for 30 or 40, plus years. and when we have this conversation on what the future looks like, we also want to make sure that we can provide it for their family and their children to be able to actually experience the life that they have had. so it's a balance, right, but we're trying to figure out how big work absolutely okay, so we have so many community events to talk about the artist community with you. celebrate fourth of july you have the peddlers fair, which is always very busy. you have christmas walk, where, if anyone's been to that it's wall to wall people who again walk down the street. favorite events that you want people to come out and say this is venetia. i think
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one of my favorites is the christmas tree lighting partly because these first street is closed. all the shops are open. um and it is a does draw a lot of people, uh, want to know my favorite is probably the peddlers fair, and i think it's because it's something that draws in, uh, a multitude of different types of people and cultures into our community, which are so iconic in the makeup right? like so it is an amazing event. i would encourage everybody to come down to that. and same with this weekend's activities. there's just like a lot of communities where iconic and known for what goes on. absolutely all right. mayor steve young council member trevor hosinski. thanks so much for joining us, we appreciate it. and we so appreciate the welcome. we're getting here for coming. thank you, claudine. it's uh we really appreciate the exposure and we hope that people will come check out venetia for a day trip or a weekend. i think you'll really like it and join venetia because it's a great place to be salyut are getting a whole dance performance. lots of friends out there. what do you got? well you know what?
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claudine i found a place here called brick space because i saw a bunch of kids building stuff with legos, which is something that i love to do is as a kid. i still love to do it. and i'm going to talk to ferry co who founded brick space here as we watch the kids build these wonderful things. this is kind of a sneaky way for you to introduce all kinds of stem concepts to kids, right? yes definitely. so break space. we provide opportunities for kids to learn math, science engineering. and you know, true building with legal, but i also feel like there's a lot of other critical skills that they need to know that problem solving how to think critically, how to be friends with one another, and also, most importantly, how to communicate and have the confidence. so when we put up our lagos in front and have them use their imagination. to build a bridge. it could be any bridge and it's wonderful that they build it. but we also asked stuff to test it so they can see
9:23 am
the whole engineering process. they have the design it they have the building and they have the test set. end of it falls apart. guess what they get one more opportunity to make it better. and i think that helps kids a lot to build that recently, the that they could not be afraid of failure. each time you fail gives them one more opportunity to make it better. you know these these things remind me of the robots. i used to build this one here. what is your name? my name is albie. did you build that robot? yes i used to build robots just like this. this is impressive, alby. thank you. i like it. i like it. so i just as my photographer looks around, chip , you see all this stuff here? i used to build that, too. so anyway, brick space is this great program. i saw these kids coming down early this morning. it's just like i said, it's a sneaky way to teach kids stem concepts and that's exactly what they're doing. they don't i don't think that they know it. but this is really helping him out. thank you so much for
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having very much alright, well. as much as i want to stay with the legos. there's other stuff that i do, and that is eat my way through a town. you know me, so i came out to venetia and i found some of the best places to eat and boy that i find a lot so coming up on this trip indonesia i'm going to show you some of my favorite spots that i found to eat and drink that is straight ahead. mhm. hmm hmm. hmm.
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and welcome back to zip trip. venetia so glad for you to join us here. this is a waterfront city. so this is what you'll see along the car cane is straight. lots of activity. as people go in and out of here. there are some beaches around town that you can take a peek in the water, but a lot of it really is such a visual marketing straight, very, very busy waterway through this area, but absolutely a picture picture
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perfect day that we're finding out here. indonesia south castaneda. you are right, like literally feet from the water. if you wanted to jump right in and tell us how cold that water is, which is pretty cool. i'm not saying you know, claudine, but i think i'll pass on that. but you know what i am? purposely aiming the camera down first street because here indonesia first street stretches all the way down and along first street, there's so many good places to eat. now first street isn't the only place there are other places too. but i came and ate and drank my way through this town, and i found so many good things. so here is what i found with venetia taste of the town. if you drive through venetia and down stop, you might want to rethink that down first street. there's a whole bunch of good things to eat near the corner of first street in east st sits one house bakery. where
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the locals line up to order from an extensive menu. the baked goods are amazing. the savory foods are amazing. we visited one house bakery during a busy lunchtime service, where the large kitchen was churning out orders and bakers were plying their craft. sandwiches are built with house made bread salads with fresh greens and ingredients, and there are chicken pot pies, waffles and more. this place has a reputation for good food. only baguette. i've had better than this is in paris like that's it like. it's incredible chef. finally, purvin is at the helm. after a battle with covid-19. she lost her sense of taste. and then when it came back, it came back wrong. onions and garlic and melons and whole. plethora of fruit and vegetables and tastes rancid and wrong. so i've been it's been challenging cooking while everything smells and tastes disgusting. so how does she do it? because if
9:29 am
anything, the food has become even more popular here over the last year. so just a matter of really focusing on what things taste like together in my brain and then asking my team. it's as this tastes the way it should. what? i tried the food here, and things definitely taste the way they should, including that delicious, crunchy. and slightly salty french baguette. and when you buy your food, you can sit outside and one house cafes beautiful garden down near the water at the end of first street sits bella sienna white tablecloth restaurant that attracts people from all over the area because of its good food and good views of the car, keenest straits this restaurant reminds me of the type of place you can go to celebrate a birthday graduation or just get a good cocktail. the food is a mix of a talent in california cuisine. you can get a good steak here has gotten out about bella sienna, and on the weekends, people come from all over the region. but on a regular day you'll find the locals. it's like all regulars,
9:30 am
basically on the weekends. of course, we're going to get a more diverse group. but you know every lunch you can always count on the same guys at the bar. you know, having the coors light now for something completely different. how about a walk up hamburger and hot dog stand? venetia has a good one in showers. hot dogs. regular hot dog check. big meaty burger check and it's definitely not fancy. just want to come out. bring the kids easy little spot . so we have a lot of families that come a lot of families. and if you want a good sports party might want to stop by the bottom of the fifth, which is at the corner of military, east and east fifth street. they have a sports clipping wall where i had a cold one and just read all the headlines from great bay area moments in sports. and you know , the eating in this town is certainly not limited to those restaurants. there's a good mexican place. there's a as you
9:31 am
heard, frank. talk about a good brewery here. but one of the things that i love. i love simple and easy. so i went to charles hot dogs with his basically just to stand you saw you could just walk up. that's kind of my style. really i love the fancy restaurants, but i just want to get up and get a hot dog. right and no fuss. no muss. so you definitely can claudine come here and get everything you want. if you and i are celebrating, some situation will go to bella sienna. but if we're just walking up to get a burger go up to charge hot dogs. and of course, i really loved one house. you heard me talking about that baguette. i think before i leave, venetia, i'm going to have to go get another baguette from there. claudine i think, sal you have to get in line because, yeah, i agree. there are so many choices, depending on whatever your mood is. there are so many longtime restaurants here that people love but also new ones that are really bringing different flavors and different tastes to the area and really, it's really a great place to be in terms of restaurants, and we've actually
9:32 am
asked people we love to do these online polls were saying, okay, you tell us. this is your town. what do you like best and we asked people indonesia? where are your best restaurants? some of you guys weighed in on that so here's the list around town. the most popular submissions were more bistro sailor jacks, which is right next tbilisi and also has amazing these fellows. restaurante italiano, lucas bar and grill and also got played lunch as well. and so, and our producers producing the show right now, her grandmother and grandfather and aunt lived in town, so she's like, what about pizza pirate, which is by the way, where i had my first job, and there's sandoval's, there's so many the seller people were saying go by there. that's a newer restaurant that on and os you come here and have come. lots more ahead on this zip share. been fantastic of father son duo that is basically
9:33 am
serenading us this morning, and they have a remarkable story. i know they actually have a performance tonight at la lucas bar and grill, which is just up the street. so aren't they the nicest for coming out here playing for us this morning, and they'll be playing this evening as well. well. we'll talk more about uncommon wealth coming up on mornings on to zip trip, on mornings on to zip trip, venetia alright. shortest roost fry drives next. ♪ worth it. ♪ my $4.00 roost fries with 100% all-white-meat chicken, melty cheese, and good good sauce. order on the jack app today.
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sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. mhm. hmm you're listening to the band commonwealth serenading us as we enter the 9 30 hour here on mornings on tuesday trip, venetia. what a turnout we have
9:36 am
had this morning. we've got music. we've got dancers. we've got community groups. they've got friends and folks just coming out here. to spend the day with us. what a remarkable city. this is a historic town, one of the first state capitals 28,000 people who live here. they have great community events , a great artist, community, great history and great restaurants. we've covered a lot of it and really it's the people that really make this town unique, and we've got team coverage of this amazing little waterfront town. we got frank mallicoat, who has been cruising all over first street and this downtown area, and we have south castaneda, who is hanging out with the band who has been serenading us all morning long with some fantastic music a reme stories to share. out about that when i came out to talk to the band, and i first came up om from england. okay but i've been
9:37 am
back and forward to venetia for 30 years, so lived here, going back to him and come back to venetia. and your son plays in the band too. yes he does. yeah there's an interesting story about your son. because tell us tell us a little more about him . reuben was born in vallejo, even though you wouldn't sound like it. definitely. yeah not from vallejo. even though you i mean, you know, you can create an accent that not from valeo. okay, ruben, you were born blind . okay so you still play a mean keyboard? tell me how you do it. with my fingers. usually yeah, you know, just using playing by ear and you know, i can't really read music. i did try braille music. um but that really didn't go down too well and more. i mean, some people are very good at reading music and some people, you know, i just better at learning buyer and on the last you know, some better learning by ear. um and listening to, you know, just really listening to music and listening to all sorts of different music. i grew up with
9:38 am
that. you know, my dad presented me with all sorts of different music that would listen to what's it like to play with the with the old man? it's pretty good. you know, it's not too bad. really i finished, you know, been doing this for, like the past. you know, year or so that we've been gigging. this is my first real couple of years of digging. really? i gotta i gotta ask, rehearsing for you know, we rehearsed over 2020 during the whole lockdown, period and stuff so you know, i've been well rehearsed and then coming out during the gigs it's been it's been awesome. really, to be honest, it's been at the maximum pleasure. alright, so listen, i have to since i asked, you have to ask the old man. what's it like playing with your son? fantastic. since he was three years old. we've been playing music together, so it's been fantastic. i mean, there's been big breaks where he was educated in england and i was here and i was everywhere but to actually get back and play with my son, and he's a fantastic musician. and these other guys are pretty good to very good. so yeah, tell me tell me real quick where they are, and then i want you to play. dave and john. alright friends. we will play together in a band called on commonwealth
9:39 am
. we play locally. we have a great time. we have fun. that's the biggest thing about you guys play something for me right now. all right, we're gonna stand back and they're going to. mm hmm. hmm. yeah. alright so, claudine as they serenade me with the music, i'm going to bring it back to you because these guys are good and never mind that reuben can't see he plays absolutely great. yes we have been listening to them all morning and fantastic. and for folks who want to see them tonight, i think lucas bar and grill where they're gonna be tonight. and really, it is such a pleasure. great moved down here on the waterfront, and we've got great views. we got music even got coffee, so i mean , we're good to go, you know, and we're down here with, you know, so many people. frank
9:40 am
malik has been up and down first street, which is you know for venetia folks, that's kind of our favorite place to kind of stroll and look, and so you've got frank something. there are people who are here. but there are people with you as well. and i love this next guest of yours. well i do, too. i just happened to meet him on first street here. let us set the table here a little bit. if you've never been a venetia, it is beautiful. it's kind of a throwback town. you know, tree lined streets, coffeehouses, antique shops, and it feels so good and the people of all come up and been so kind and there are a few characters in town, too, including that venetia cowboy. how are you? fantastic it's a day of life. god and you just retired today. today's the first day enjoying it. alright 55 years in the plumbing business? yes. a side job. tell us what you do. well, i go up and down town and give moments of joy to people by waving at them and driving up and down and let me just give
9:41 am
you one little toot on the horn, okay? that would be zipper. that was his wife's horse years ago, and she thinks you're a little crazy, right? that's a alright well, i guess that's affirmation , right? yes and what's it like , you know, just to be in a small town. i love to drive down the retirement. everybody thinks they're going to go to some place. this is paradise already. i love it here. nice flash streets and everything else to enjoy a lot of nice people. it's a dog town, you know. alright they have dog bags everywhere to take care of the dogs problems and we all come down here with our dogs. and what's your dog's name? this is hattie hattie, my faithful companion. alright well , who needs a dog walk when you can go on a zipper, right? how are you? don't you take off? we want to see your cruise and give us another hint as you do it. all right. all right. great to meet you. all right? that is the beneath a cowboy. title silver.
9:42 am
you never know who you're going to meet on first street. in fact , you might even bump into the mayor, who, by the way, has a very familiar name. here's a little trivia on beneath. there is a well known politicians here in town who bears the name of a hall of fame quarterback. can you name him and tell me what he does? indonesia oh, my gosh, i'm in trouble, let's think quarterback quarterback montana who's the other one for the 49ers? oh, god. my son is going to hate me. you stumped me. well, if i told you it was a 49ers, quarterback hall of famer brody brody boy, you went deep. steve young steve young. are you sure? steve young? yes and i think he was the mayor of i remember montana, montana. for real? yes, we're getting out.
9:43 am
what were you doing? who's your mayor? i don't know. you don't know you don't know your man. the mayor, mayor young and his first name. steve young, who was steve young. 49ers quarterback ding ding, gentlemen was a novelist, prolific book writer turn of the century. and he spent a lot of time on the docks here in venetia any wrote two novels here. who's that bump into mark here? a couple of times? you know, we had a couple of beers. ah say, mark twain, mark twain. you hang out with your buddy. no, did what he said. i know. but i can't. where is heathrow airport? that's a clue. jack london. okay you win . i won. i won that. how'd she do? that's jaclyn. and in fact,
9:44 am
when this building here was a hotel front room was a saloon. jack came in and drank right here. it says so on the mirror inside this mirror original saloon mirror in this building. and the mirror the jack one and looked at when he came in here and drank during his days of the fish patrol. one of the oldest women's colleges on the west coast and certainly here in california started right here in good old venetia. it's not here anymore, but it's still in the bay area. what is it? st mary's? no, it's not saying area there's an elementary school name. robert simple issue here in oakland. does that help? not do not know any colleges now planned like i should know. why did they change it? yeah i need to do more. this trivia stuff started. indonesia. now in another east bay mills college college. i attended mills
9:45 am
elementary school here in town, so i'm going to give that a guest mills. mills college. alright you knew that. well there you go. yes. mills college, founded in 18 and then relocated in 18 71 to where it is right now the city of oakland and by the way, my grandmother, elizabeth porter wells, proud grad at mills college class of 1922. so there you go, claudine. we'll send it back to you. frank that's awesome. we're all seven degrees, six degrees of separation. right all right. let's talk about all the family fun places indonesia because we asked folks, you know, where's the best place to take your kids and your family and folks? indonesia they weighed in on this list. there. you see it. there is the alvarez ninth street park that's got a little richie area. i love that place community park home of a very, very big concrete slide. the farmers market always a fun place to be the venetia
9:46 am
historical museum and new creation, wrestling and jujitsu academy. some fantastic spots again. these lists just to sneak peek at all the city has to offer. all right, don't go anywhere. it's up. next we've been talking about how this is a waterfront town well, if it's a waterfront town, that means firefighters here have to be prepared not just on the water or on the land, but also on the water. there you see the fireboat coming out hanging out with us on the zip ship, and we'r
9:47 am
that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on.
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9:49 am
venetia. josh chadwick, chief. thanks so much for joining us. thank you for having us talking about this beautiful waterfront city. but when you have a waterfront city, then you have to worry about land and water when it comes to being prepped, that is correct. so we have approximately 10 miles ashore line, and you know that over the years it's become more active. there's people out there in kite surfing and sail boats and jet skis. and so inevitably, there's people out there that need some help. so yes, we have a water rescue team that we've established. we've seen the big ships out there on the carpet industry as well. so i mean, it gets busy and then really, you've got the flare refined where you've got all sorts of things that you're dealing with. we have a lot of a lot of stuff to deal with. in this city. we are always choir department and are we have a short small staff? so for small city. we have staff that is trained in everything you can imagine with rescue firefighting hazardous materials , you know you need you name it. we gotta do it. we'ree boat thae got a big fire truck out here.
9:50 am
but tell me what the fireboat is doing and how you train to make sure that you know all those activities. you're talking about their prepare. yeah so that's our rescue boat. there's it's always get three personnel on it. there's a boat operator, a rescue swimmer in a deckhand right now they're they're training on poland's someone out of the water. you know, we get like i said, we got this kite surfer down or someone off of a jet ski down and they need to be able to pluck them out of the water. so right now. you can see they're pulling them up. they there's a procedure for dragging them up and overboard over onto the deck, and then they bring them back into a waiting. you know, paramedics in the ambulance on the shore line, you know, i think every every city is special refire department has its own special, unique. you know, things that we've mentioned as well, when you talk about the members of your fire department and really what they deal with. i mean, it's this one day it's a wildfire in some of the open space another day. what makes venetia when you're getting some of those folks come in. should i be a firefighter in venetia? what does it mean to be a firefighter here again? i mean, i would say above and beyond all of that, what it what
9:51 am
it really means is providing excellent service to our community in our community expects amazing and excellent service from the fire department, and that's what we aim to deliver all the time. so that's first and foremost. beyond that, yes, we have a lot of different disciplines that we train in. you know, bigger department. you might have ae ts just the people that are on wate i said, hazmat, firefighting, everything all the way up and down the line. so we are also everyone's a paramedic, too. so you got a lot of vms calls where they get to use their skills. so i feel like this is a town where everyone also expects you to know their name like you. there's no there's there. you've got to get, you know, they talk about the importance of being involved in the community and really being in it. that's kind of a venetia thing as well. that is true. yes not only name but street when we hire new new personality after memorize every street in the city, so alright. thanks so much for joining us. thanks for hanging out with us this morning. absolutely. thanks for having me. all right, sal, i know you're hanging out with lots of folks this morning. you
9:52 am
have not been lonely today as you meet and greet all those folks that are joining us down here at first street, so many great community groups and dancers. look at the dancers dancers. look at the dancers busy as always. yeah. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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and welcome back. we are live in the city of venetia this morning. you're taking a look at the tip tap toe dancers. their competition dances are out here this morning, a dedicated group of dancers who has been out here . entertainment's all morning long. i mean, gorgeous picture perfect day, and they are ready to go and we have just loved watching them and being a part of this zip trip to show on this friday morning, south castaneda has been talking with folks all morning long were the end of first street, and it is a crowded spot down here, but you don't sell one of the things i
9:56 am
really love is how this community comes together. they came together this morning and they come together to help people in need right. they do, claudine? absolutely and i'm just about to talk to heather. in fact, come up here. heather of food is free. solano i saw this beautiful table, in fact, will step out of the way so chip can get in there and show the come over this way. heather that wonderful food that you provide. you provide food to families. you told me where there is sometimes a gap between what assistance can provide and people fall short? yes there are often gaps between the systems for people who do not qualify for services or people who don't have a way to access the services or from the pandemic. people who didn't know how to access services, and we wanted to fill that gap and get and get food out to those communities. this food looks amazing. it's organic. organic way and go into the fill. so does that help your
9:57 am
yes, we're working on helping implement sb 13 83 by creating a food rescue program that diverts edible food. from going into the waste stream and instead gets it towards people in need. so we are. we just received an epa grant for the vallejo food rescue project, which is implementing food rescue in valais ho, but we are already working on food rescue throughout the county from dixon back of ill all the way down to venetia here where brutus restarted. venetia food is free . so obviously a lot of good people in venetia feel, you know, like they have to help their fellow mankind. you see a lot of people volunteering with your organization. yes we have. a lot of volunteers with food is free. we have neighborhood food stands out. manisha, where our community will put excess produce from their trees and then people in who might need that produce can pick it up as they walk by. alright well, heather, thanks for coming out that the food looks delicious. so, claudine, we're going to send it back to you this obviously down here is a little
9:58 am
overwhelming for me to see all these people here. isn't it great, though overwhelming and the best way and really, it has been a fantastic visit an hour spent here and i love meeting the people that you've introduced us to. and frank. i know you've been all over the place to frank, your favorite spots that you've seen this morning because you've got a great community groups behind you. and you've been lots of great spots all morning long. ah i got to tell you, claudine. i lived in martinez for a number of years and love that town and this went across the bay is gorgeous. so much going on here ? i just want to give a shout out to the ladies of venetia reach. literacy program that is going strong. got kind of shut down during the pandemic, but they're helping young people here be better readers and just a quick word from leslie beats. hi we know that early literacy and language is the key to reading success. so read early. talked early. sing awfully early with your kids. thank you, dr leslie beats and tc assistant
9:59 am
superintendent here in beneath the schools. i'll send it back to you, claudine.e afternoon he. i know. i mean, read early re off and you can't go wrong with that, sal your favorite spot to be now that you're done working and doing all the running around. i mean, this is the time we can kind of enjoy this amazing town on this friday afternoon. i think they delivered up the weather they put in the order from the chamber of commerce, weather side and i think they delivered today. you know, i love it all. but i think i'm going to go right down. i'm gonna take my photographer down to one house. we're going to get that again because it is if you haven't tried. if you come to tunisia, you need to go to one house and try that back at i know you know it. claudine have tried it and i will get in line with you. all right, sal. thank you so much. thank you, frank. thank you. all the folks indonesia. thank you at home for watching for us. we so appreciate you joining us this morning. we are not done yet. with our zip trips on the road, we are headed to santa clare. next weigh in santa clara
10:00 am
on your best places to hang out your best places for food. we want to hear it all. thanks again for joining us. fantastic zip from this morning. thank you to venetia. have a great morning, everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: and now, here's our special guest hosts kym whitley and finesse mitchell! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop! ♪


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