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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 3, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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people have done have drowned in the span of a week at lake barriers, authorities reminding people to be extra careful around the water. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach to napa county sheriff's office says the man who drowned this afternoon did so in the same place where a teenager drowned last week. both drownings happen near oak shore's on the western shore of the lake. the sheriff's office says a man drowned this afternoon while trying to retrieve his son who had gone out too far into the water. it happened at three in the afternoon. deputies say several people then went in to try to help the father, but it was too late. he had disappeared below the surface. i think the combination of the water clarity not being great, um, it's oak shores itself. as soon as you get into the water, it drops off pretty rapidly and i think, um, a lot of people assume that the water line every once they hit the water line that it's not very steep, but it drops off pretty quick. so you know, you
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step off five ft in the water now. you went from, you know, five ft. deep to 30 or 40 ft. deep. victim has been identified as 35 road, marcelo perez of san pablo. his son survived the drowning happened in the same spot where 16 year old boy drowned on monday. the sheriff's office is reminding everyone to wear a life jacket. even if you're just near the water. well, the search is underway for three men missing in the sacramento river. sheriff's deputies say the men were fishing on the river bank. near the three mile slough bridge in rio vista. when a child swimming in the water began to struggle to stay afloat. 25 adults went in to save the child who was pulled out of the water safely. but three of those adults are now missing. we're asking for help, i scream, get tired. and then there's a piece happens so fast. street people friends. juan cabrera says he pulled the child out of the water himself
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and that the missing men as you heard him say there are his friends. police are on the lookout after breaking up a large sideshow involving hundreds of vehicles in san jose more than 200. vehicles were involved in more than 500. citations were issued at 10th and alma, not far from san jose state university. ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters has the story. around 11 o'clock saturday night. san jose police say a sideshow was underway at 10th and alma with hundreds of cars and spectators on the streets. you have people who defend it, and you have people who are against it. but it isn't going to prevent it are the people who are against going to prevent it from happening? no you can't control everyone, maybe a part of bay area culture for some young people, but law enforcement agencies continue trying to discourage the illegal events. san jose police arrested seven people for carrying weapons and firearms seized two guns. told five vehicles and issued 500 various citations, including two spectators are
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young people doing these sideshow shows are part of like the hyphen movement. it's like a bay area thing. shows appears spontaneous meetups for car enthusiasts who want to show off their driving skills. the events create dangerous situations for those involved and for the general public. last week in oakland, one man was killed and thre sideshow of the excitement, you know, have the moment and n about the outcome after a man was killed during the sideshow in oakland, police broke up a sideshow in antioch's that led to a 100 mile per hour. police chase on 6 80 south at the end of the day. it's not safe, people die. that was lamonica peter's reporting for us tonight , new tonight. crews responded to a house fire in berkeley. take a look at this video is from the citizen app. and it
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shows that house there at california and fairview streets around 5 30 this evening just fully engulfed in flames, a lot of black smoke as well as the firefight there were waiting to hear back from the fire department as to the cause of this house fire and if anyone was hurt, well, emergency crews are at the scene of a plane crash at the petaluma airport. the fire department says a plane crashed right into a hangar as it was coming in for a landing around 6 45 tonight. there were no injuries in the pilot was able to make it out of that plane safely. the fire department says. the building, though, was red tagged. the wind was said to have been a factor in this crash. the faa has been called in now to investigate. in san francisco police arrested a man who they say vandalized multiple vehicles using a sledgehammer. several people who park their vehicles along lake street near 18th avenue reported their windows have been broken. the incident happened friday in the aftermath here was caught on camera and posted to social media, police say 35 year old charles shelton was arrested and is now facing nine counts of
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felony vandalism. deputies with the san mateo county sheriff's department arrested a man accused of breaking into a car in redwood city deputies say the victims saw the man breaking into their vehicle on second avenue just before 7 30 this morning. the victim tried to follow the suspect, but he eventually got away. deputies later found the man 21 year old wants a vedra now faces auto burglary charges. the chp is stepping up patrols this fourth of july holiday week and already the highway over tall, says officers. have made more than 600 d u i arrest statewide. that's in just the 1st 30 hours of the department's maximum enforcement period, the highway patrol will have extra officers on duty through tomorrow night. and that we're looking for dui drivers as well as people driving too fast or distracted. well san francisco will once again celebrate the fourth of july with fireworks this year. that's right. those fireworks will be launched from a barge right near pier 39 in aquatic park, starting just around 9 30
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tomorrow night. this is video from last year's event. the best views are from the hyde street harbor and fisherman's warf areas, but you'll need to get there early to get a pretty good spot because large crowds are indeed expected. other good viewpoints do include right near pier 39, the pier 43 walkway, caltrain will be offering additional service to and from san francisco tomorrow for the crowds that are expected on the fourth. it will operate a weekend schedule but will add two extra south bong trains that will leave once the fireworks show ends and they those trains will leave as soon as they become for the last train is scheduled to leave the city just after midnight. bard will also be adding extra trains tomorrow for the fourth of july to help people get home after the fireworks show in the city and from the oakland coliseum, where the a's will have fireworks after the game. until then, bart will be running a sunday schedule. by the way parking will be free at all bart stations except fhe vita operated lots at the milpitas and seriously at north san jose
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stations. and on this sunday evening, we give you a live look at at the oakland hills, oakland police have actually increased staffing this weekend to monitor potential fire stemming from fireworks being said off over the last couple of hours. we've actually seen fireworks there in that picture being set off. police and fires. fires are just really all across the bay area are on alert as fire danger does remain high amid the state's drought as ktvu james torres reports illegal fireworks suspected of starting several fires in contra costa county. take the dry hills of the east bay, adding some gusty winds and a spark from fireworks can create a huge problem for firefighters. the night sky illuminated by flames. contra costa firefighters marched into this grassland and any attack to put them out. we had about 2.5 acre fire over here. there are several different fires that all came in at the same time in all of our
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cities from point. a point, firefighters extinguished a fire at a mobile home in concord. they tackled fire in the parking lot of an elementary school. some of the several incidents needing emergency response and my uncle, my mom and my brother, we went outside man. we went outside and we were looking around for this fire county fire officials say the fires they are responding to our sparked by fireworks. you need to be responsible and safe with the fireworks with the winds that are going right now, anything that goes off blows into the grass. which causes us to companies grassfires nonstop . it's not only dangerous, but people who live nearby, say it's annoying to hear at night. some fireworks they say, go off later than midnight. some people are careless, but there's got to be consequences. you know, there's got to be consequences for sure. otherwise it's going to be a nonstop, ongoing issues. firefighters want to remind you
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. not only are the fireworks dangerous due to dry and windy conditions, they are also illegal and all of contra costa county. penalties include hundreds of dollars in fines and, in some cases, some jail time. reporting in antioch. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. and it anticipation of large crowds. the city of oakland is shutting down roadways right around lake merritt. this happens tomorrow, drivers can expect closures on lakeshore avenue between macarthur boulevard. and east 18th street and el embarcadero grand avenue , will also be closed between macarthur boulevard in bellevue avenue. these closures will take place tomorrow from eight in the morning until six at night. the city of oakland has also shut down a stretch of grizzly peak boulevard in the east bay hills. this is all part of the city's fire safety effort ahead of tomorrow's fourth of july holiday. the road closures are designed to prevent large crowds from gathering at a location where illegal fireworks have long been a problem. a section of that roadway will be closed until five o'clock tuesday
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morning. some roadways around lake merritt again will also be closed. people are traveling again this holiday weekend, but many airlines and airports are struggling to keep up with demand and a lot of animal shelters fill up the day after the fourth of july. what people can do to try to keep those pets com around the fireworks. and an unusually cool fourth of july weekend or holiday week coming up. we'll talk about that. the five day forecast. see you back here.
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to shooting inside a mall in denmark. a gunman opened fire at that shopping mall in copenhagen . authorities say they are not ruling out terrorism. a 22 year old danish man has been arrested. in the last few minutes. danish authorities have said that there is no indication the shooting that the suspect work with anyone else to say people were crying and screaming as they ran toward the exits and hit in the shops. your terror. this is awful. you know, you might wonder how a person could do this to other human beings, but it's beyond beyond. you know anything that's possible people were guiding us towards the exit sign. and then we ran off the roof and we're stuck there for a while, and then people were panicking all over place and people crying and so, yeah.
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danish police say a number of others are injured, including three in critical condition. in petaluma live world war. two explosives were safely removed from a petaluma home over the weekend. police say they got a call yesterday from someone who found a cache of explosives inside the home of a dead relative. they say the cash included an artillery shell, six munitions and three japanese grenades that contain pins. to prevent them from discharging a bomb specialist from travis air force base was called in to remove the explosives. police say it's unclear how they ended up in the home. police in palo alto are asking for the public's help to locate to pickpocket ear's officers say the man and woman seen in this photo tried to take a woman's wallet from her purse while she was walking on el camino reality incident happened thursday night. the victim told police he felt one of the suspects. grab your wallet. the victim, then turn around, grab the suspects risk causing that wallet to drop. the two then ran off on the fourth of july will be filled with a number of fireworks shows across the bay area, and while there's
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always a risk of wildfires, there's also a risk for many pets. ktvu zach sauce explains what pet owners can do to keep their dogs. and cats safe. every fourth of july. oakland animal services says it happens like clockwork calls are found a lost dog. i found it a stray animal or i'm missing. my dog done, says worried pet owners begin to stream into the shelter at 11 01 29th avenue. the number of dogs that go missing is really heartbreaking. 60% of the animals. they care for our strays. the other 40% lost pets , a number of dogs that come into the shelter. it's a small minority that have any kind of identification or microchip. so she says, if you don't normally keep a collar on your pet during the independence day weekend, there may be time to change your ways. attack with your your name and phone number. a microchip is best. it's the easiest way for us to find a family because when
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the fireworks start going off the bangs and booms and many cats and dogs running, so get those walks in early we're talking about a dog. go for a long hike. um you know, really kind of burn some energy. fido is nosing around. keep an eye out for a firework shells. are very toxic afterwards. bring your kitty or pop indoors. a dog that's in the backyard, even if they're used to being in the backyard under normal circumstances, if they're terrified, can jump over the fence, put them in a room with places to hide and cover the windows. keep them in a safe space. but you know a room that's maybe got a tv or radio switch on some soothing white noise to help drown out the booms. all moves that done says we'll keep your pets safe. keep them from going missing and hopefully take some pressure off of the bay area's already overwhelmed shelter system. it is really stressful. we're very full and another way done says you can help area shelters is by
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fostering or adopting a pet. oakland animal services has lowered their adoption fee at the moment to $20 in the newsrooms. axa's ktvu fox two news. let's go ahead now and see how things are going at san francisco airport. here's a live look where fourth of july travel is in full swing, and during this busy time, much of the country continues to experience a high number of delayed and canceled. flying's in fact, according to fly to where nearly 1000 flights were canceled. today here in the u. s airlines are citing staff shortages and also high passenger volume. things are much better off, however, here in the bay area, there were just three cancelations at sfo today and none in oakland or san jose. sfo airport duty manager says the airport smooth operations or partly due to efficiency changes made in preparation for a resurgence in travel. they've reconfigured some cues and worked with psa on scheduling. so they've made adjustments as far as starting opening the
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security checkpoints at different times, which has been really helpful. increasing the canine presents the checkpoint operations and that has allowed us to get people like it's some other airports. recently updated website. fly sfo dot com is one source for flight tracking and other information. what airline operations are slowly work offering at jfk airport in new york city after bomb scare there. thousands of people were evacuated from an entire terminal this morning after the initial report of a threat. all the roads to and from that terminal were also temporarily shut down. authorities said the security incident was cleared about an hour later. the court authority says that scare happened because of an unattended bag. many passengers endured long lines to get back into the terminal. pilots with american airlines are trying to get extra pay for the inconvenience they experienced from a recent glitch in the company's computer system
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. glitch allowed pilots to drop thousands of july assignments overnight on saturday, which american later reinstated. pilots with american airlines say time off in the summer is hard to come by and have picketed recently against grueling schedules, something they want to dress in a new contract. alright jackets required as we go into the fourth of july, especially along the coast. it'll be cool inland to livermore in antioch in the evening during barbecue hours or during fireworks. it's going to be back into the low sixties upper fifties, so it's not going to be a warm day tomorrow. very similar to today. so just kind of mimic what went on today and go. okay that's how tomorrow is going to be so dress accordingly. in terms of fireworks in san francisco, you're fine. the cloud decks high enough they'll get the fireworks off, but it's going to be chilly because you got clouds and cool as it always is on the fourth of july in san francisco, this doesn't help, though this low pressure center brought us a few light sprinkles and showers along the coast. drizzle to the
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tune of almost 1/10 of an inch out above the crystal springs reservoir area. mountain watershed had some some, you know. five hundreds of an inch of rain essentially drizzle, but it equates as rain. the low pressure center sits offshore. you can see the clouds and the blues. that's where it is. on thursday, it clears out and we start a tad. but they take away what you see right there. that's the whole week. i mean this week right into thursday, and even friday and saturday is going to be dominated by below average temperatures. mild conditions breezy along the coast, breezy and altamont breezy kind of a spring like weather pattern and in the northern part of the state scattered shower a real possibility around point arena. fort bragg, ah came into scene. oh, mendocino, uh, certainly upfront, humboldt. yeah it's gonna be an unusual fourth of july and that means reading to up around mount shots. you can see a few sprinkles temperatures in the hot spots in the sacramento valley tomorrow on the fourth of july and the next
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couple of days. low eighties low eighties, not nineties. but louise that's in the central valley, wendy out along the ultimate past gusts up to 25 30 windy out in the delta up to 30 mile an hour gusts. and then there's those clouds and therown cloudy pretty much all morning. the heat. come on, but it's just yellow. you can barely seal into that cloud cover. so the forecast this is the forecast model shows. basically, all of us are seventies tomorrow. some low eighties but seventies so a really good, really good weather pattern for the fourth of july. so just be careful, too. and we did the story about the pets for sure, you know, to keep an eye on your pets, but also keep an eye on the kids because the kids will swipe some fireworks and run off and fire them off the next couple of days. i said this before, but been around a lot of fourth of july and notoriously, we get a lot of fires after the fourth, right because kids kind of, you know, adult or whoever, you know, kind of get want to
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hear some more popping and banging and so they'll go out on a tuesday or wednesday. next week, right? and when you're not expecting it, so just really just be vigilant. that's the whole deal, especially in three years of drought. alright there it is. the five day forecast. i'll see you back here tomorrow, mike. alright, bill. sounds good . happy early fourth coming up next in sports. the giants continue to struggle as they find out. one of their pictures is gone for the season. we'll have that coming up in sport. ktvu sports wrap is taking the week off. so coming up tonight, 11 30, you can catch a special encore of voices for change. our political reporter greg lee explores how the l g b t q community is faring as it faces more attacks across the country . tonight show also includes a look at the message and lessons behind juneteenth. stay with us
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sports here on a sunday night, the slumping san francisco giants have lost eight of their last 10 and just got swept at home by the chicago white sox. pretty nice day, though outside to get a bike right in out in mccovey cold, but it wasn't smooth sailing. you could say for the giants in their matinee inside that ballpark to the fifth inning. we go already down. three bases loaded here. gavin sheets gets the hit off sam long that ball goes deep down into the left field corner that would clear the bases. giants trail six nothing into the bottom of the sixth. we go giants finally getting on the board when jack peterson with
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the shot off the wall and triples, alley home run. in any other ballpark, but not here in san francisco. that would allow austin slater there to score 61 chicago, but the rally would end to the eighth inning 71 socks when andrew von again with twoe runs across the plate. a s in th came up short. 13 4 is your final giants get swept in the three game series. they are on the road tomorrow. down in arizona. more bad news for san francisco as picture anthony disc alfonsi will undergo right ankle surgery on july 12th giant said he has done for the rest of the season. he has struggled so far this year in five starts. he has an e r a just under 10/19 frames. he did sign a three year deal worth $36 million last offseason, all right up to the pacific northwest, where the aids wrapped up their 10 game road trip against the mariners play of the game right here, possibly by the young manners. fannie makes the snow cone catch, and then he shakes it off their little sting to that left
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hand. no problem because you're going home with the foul ball grab scoreless game when julio rodriguez leads off with a solo shot. frankie montage montage, by the way, would leave the game after one inning with what was explained as shoulder tightness . manager mark consuelos montage will be day to day and be reevaluated in oakland. the a's would lose this tight 122113 and seven on the road trip back to oakland to celebrate the fourth tomorrow with the three game home stand again. supreme truck team. in the toronto blue jays. the san jose earthquakes in the chicago fire scoreless game early in the second quakes attack in chicago's net after two shots actually hit the crossbar centers. they finally scores when benji kekana vich gets to put back here, he would actually get another insurance going to one victory for san jose quake snapped a five game losing streak they take on toronto on saturday into racing. we go scary moment earlier. at the formula one british grand prix, very first lap contact between several cars results in the car of alfa romeo drivers.
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oh brand new going airborne and then landed upside down the car would slide down the track and slam right into the tire barrier. grand you would walk away on harm giving credit to the halo. that's a safety device that protects the driver's head ferraris. carlos sainz, by the way, would go on to win that race. scary nonetheless, but good. thanks for joining us tonight. ktvu sports wrap is actually taking the night off so that we can bring you a special encore voices for change with our political reporter greg lake and jason will be back next sunday. have yourselves a great holiday.
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another crazy day?
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today on voices for change, celebrating pride month in person events returned to the bay area as the lgbtq community faces adversity nationwide. that's what i hope that people learn is that it is actually important to continue to celebrate and party while we fight it, it's important that they exist together, plus a day marking liberation and freedom message and lessons behind juneteenth and an exhibit honoring the history of black students at san jose state feel less alone. maybe it makes me feel more grounded in space, knowing that i'm not the first to represent that identity area skating star shares her secret to success and motivational message for others


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