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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 7, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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work together, he was always joking. co workers, friends and family are in mourning tonight after three men drowned, trying to save an eight year old boy in the delta. those three men lived in oakland and worked in construction and loved ones say the men were loved. and never hesitated to help others. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. julie julie haener new tonight as ktvu s amberleigh reports, now the daughter of one of the victims is working to send their bodies back to their home country of guatemala. yes in observance of guatemalan culture. the family of edwin rivas is hosting nightly gatherings at his oakland home for nine days to honor him and his two friends. they drowned while rescuing a boy. my daughter's assassin hero so and now i see it. how much the people love him. wendy rivas described her father as a hero to many in various immigrant communities in oakland, where
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he's lived for 36 years. everybody come in here and ask for help. him never say no. on sunday, edwin revis and his friends danilo gutierrez and edwin perez were on an annualp n island in the sacramento delta. th the water when they saw rivas, eight year old nephew struggling two of the men returned safely, but the trio did not survive. riva's daughter says her father was a strong swimmer and struggles with what happened. there's no first time uh, him trying to help the people. the same and the same river. rescue crews recovered their bodies tuesday, having more peace because i find that the body chris hoffman is also hoping to find peace as she mourns. one of the men, danilo gutierrez worked for her construction company in oakland . everything he did he did with an nyu and finesse and a great work ethic. she tells me. he did landscaping work here, and he
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painted this home. it's just hard to work on the same site that he was. i won't be able to not think of him. friends and families. tell me the men known as the three amigos spent a lot of time together, watching and playing soccer and going on fishing trips every time they go out anywhere to camp or fish. they're always together, so just just great friends plans to hold fundraisers hopes to raise enough money to transport the three men back to guatemala so their families can bury them in their home country. in oakland and burly ktvu fox two news. we're following some breaking news tonight in japan, where that country's former prime minister has been shot, webex shot and critically wounded during a campaign speech in western japan. fire officials in japan say tonight the 67 year old was not breathing and his heart stopped while being airlifted to a hospital, japan's
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chief cabinet secretary told reporters. police have arrested a man at the scene of that shooting. this attack came as a shock to the country that is one of the world's safest with some of the strictest gun laws. tonight the chp is investigating a possible freeway shooting in san leandro. witnesses called in around four this afternoon, saying that two vehicles were involved in a shooting on eastbound 5 80. the chp responded to the area but was unable to find any victims or vehicles that may have been involved, but investigators say a victim with a gunshot wound was brought to eden medical center told the victim is expected to survive. investigators are now looking for witnesses and any information about this case at 11 tonight as sixth person has now come forward reporting they were hurt in a shooting after the fourth of july 8th game at the coliseum. oakland police had originally reported five people were struck by bullet fragments from celebratory gunfire. the ages of the victims are unknown
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, but police say they believe the gun or guns were fired outside the coliseum. possibly as far as a mile away. police have not commented on the condition of the new sixth victim, but the original five victims are all expected to survive. mayor london breed today announced her pick for the new district attorney of san francisco, brooke jenkins will replace chasing boudin after that historic recall election forced him from office. as ktvu elissa harrington reports, jenkins says she wants to give victims a voice and restore accountability. we are a city of second chances. but the truth is, we have to draw a line with people who choose hate violence and a life of crime. brooke jenkins, a former prosecutor and now the newest district attorney of san francisco, promised to reform the criminal justice system in a city that, she said is at the tipping point. jenkins said. many san franciscans don't feel safe and assured consequences for violent and repeat offenders. we also know
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that we have to end the existence. of open air drug markets in our city, and that will be one of my top priorities . mayor london breed appointed jenkins as the new d a to replace chase a boudin, who was ousted in a recall election. jenkins has been in attorney for 15 years and served as a prosecutor in boudin's office. she quit her position late last year and became one of the leaders of the recall campaign against her former boss. she sacrificed her career. to fight. for people in this city. to fight for victims who needed a voice in the city, including supporters like christine soto to bury his former chief of staff and the founder of prosecutors alliance said she's hopeful jenkins will embrace reform. it gives me a bit of pause on some of the areas where she has expressed wanting to roll back reform. um issues like cash bail, and, um approaches to some of the more challenging
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issues. this is a slap in the face to everybody who has worked on reform former police commissioner and recall opponent john hamasaki is concerned jenkins will focus on putting people in prison. he called her appointment to d, a missed opportunity and an insider pick , aligned herself with the police union and the republicans and the recall. it also called for a return to policies of mass incarceration in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the san francisco police officers union is pleased with the mayor's pick, saying jenkins is quote qualified, competent and compassionate prosecutor who will allow san francisco to turn the page from the previous criminal defense attorney. masquerading as the d a. the union went on to say in the statement, we urge miss jenkins to fairly hold criminal offenders accountable, provide compassion for those in the criminal justice system who need
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and deserve it. and to strongly protect and assist crime victims seeking justice. another former theranos executive faces up to 20 years in prison for fraud and conspiracy. a jury came back with guilty verdicts today on all counts against former theranos ceo sunny ball wani. he was the business partner, former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. theranos claimed invented specialized blood testing equipment that could provide extensive medical information with a very small blood sample. the equipment did not work. prosecutors say about wani defrauded more than just investors in the company. the jury also concluded. that bill wani. also perpetrated frauds. an unsuspecting patients. i want to thank the jury for dutifully navigating through the complex issues presented by this case. but one is attorney issued a statement after the verdict, saying, we are obviously disappointed with the verdicts.
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we plan to study and consider all of mr baldwin. these options, including an appeal. for now. the alwani is set to be sentenced in november and elizabeth holmes faces sentencing in september. a jury came back with a split verdict in her case months ago. she is also facing up to 20 years in prison. the electric fire in the sierra foothills has now grown to become california's second biggest wildfire of the season. so far, this fire has already burned more than 4200 acres right along highway 49. near the city of jackson. tonight though the fire is 60% contained as reportedly say, mitri shows us some evacuation orders have been lifted and some people are returning home. without power. the hum of the generator has been a constant generators, a savior out here, and most folks have them. so we're getting by. it works at this point, larry do close is just happy to be back
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home in the jackson area in amador county. well yeah, we were relieved and his wife had left after the electric fire sparked evacuation orders. on the fourth of july. we took the travel trailer over to my brother's sister over neighboring little town center creek. out of harm's way. so we stayed there the first night. then, yesterday afternoon, he learned the evacuation order in his neighborhood was downgraded to a warning to go come on home. we are few miles from his home, continuing their work along the mccullough, me river getting more and more of the fire contained helicopters playing a crucial role in putting out those flames in the steep canyon . i don't think any of us can say enough for the amount of resources and everything that they were thrown at this thing. and that was reportedly say mitri reporting for us tonight. two men were found inside the electric fires, evacuation zones
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. amador county sheriff's officials did make two arrests yesterday, the first one just before noon when the chp spotted a vehicle driving past a roadblock. the man was arrested for a number of charges, including unauthorized entry into a disaster area. and then later that day, another man was found inside the evacuation zone, and he was also arrested. coming up. shocking dash cam video shows a couple nearly shot while driving along a bay area freeway in broad daylight will have the details coming up a little later tonight and how a silicon valley lawmaker says the region needs to do more to serve its bl we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl.
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some good news tonight. prices in california have dropped 20 cents in the past month. but we are still paying on average, an average of 6 19 a gallon around the bay area, you can find gas and conquered for as low as 5 50 a gallon, according to gasbuddy .com in san jose, you can find gas for 5 69 a gallon in alameda. it's around $6. and in nevada, most drivers are paying 6 15 a gallon. congressman ro khanna met with leaders from the african american community in silicon valley today. he says he was disturbed by a recent report highlighting disparities affecting black people all throughout the south bay, ktvu south paper reported. lamonica peters was in cupertino and has more on that meeting. they have
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not been heard. they have not been seen. they feel invisible. they feel because it's a small population that they don't matter as much. about a dozen people gathered at nirvana soul in cupertino to discuss issues and resolutions that affect the black community in silicon valley and throughout santa clara county. so what we find is in many areas throughout santa clara county. there's plenty of food, but it's all fast food fried food quality convenience store high sugar foods, so what we're doing is actually fueling diabetes, fueling heart disease , fueling obesity. community leaders told connor that less than 1% of venture capital goes to black business. there are very few black executives and major silicon valley companies. and small, black owned businesses are not receiving the support they need. one person said that the african american community has been celebrating juneteenth for 41 years. and yet a lot of the company's never reached out to the people who've been celebrating it long before
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it was a holiday. advocates also say some form of reparations and financial investment are crucial to engaging and maintaining the black community in the south bay close to 20% of the homeless population here in the county. how can we ensure housing for black residents? how can we invest in projects like that? how can we invest in agencies like the community service agency like the roots community health center and so on that serve? our community says they will continue these conversations throughout the year and santa clara county announced today that they will join president biden's house america plan. working to house 20,000 people by 2025. lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news. biden administration has announced $2.8 billion in funding for airport related projects as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, and we are now learning airports here in the bay area will get millions of dollars, according to the department of transportation. san francisco international airport will get $49 million in both oakland
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international airport. and mineta. san jose international will get $15 million each. the money can be used for airport improvements such as runways, terminals and airports, transit connections. more than a week after a deadly police chase ended with a young couple in the hospital and out of work. that couple is now facing a new obstacle the details after the break this is a tragedy that continues to get worse. they were nothing but completely innocent victims. and the weekend just around the corner. now let's take a look at the five day forecast and what you five day forecast and what you can 5-hour energy... because the sun is out... and its time to get outside and give it all you got. and you're going to need some energy. lots of energy. 5-hour energy... for every game.
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5-hour energy. because the open road is calling. and you'll need to feel alert and energized to go the distance. go with 5-hour energy for every road trip. yes. okay, okay. a man and his
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fiancee just driving down interstate 5 80 last month had a very close call. this is dash cam video that shows a bullet coming into their car and narrowly missing the two of them. the couple says they were cut off while trying to get onto the freeway. then they say that car sped in front of them, and within just a couple of seconds. they say they heard and felt that shot. they both pulled over and called 911. neither of them were seriously hurt, and the chp is now investigating. any speed couple injured after a police chase and crash that killed their cousin now trying to get their suv back after it was towed. they say it's unfair for them to be on the hook for towing fees. as our crime reporter henry lee tells us, the couple already traumatized by the death of their cousin and the injuries they suffered. we're dealing with a ton of red tape. and tell ktvu got involved. this is a tragedy. that continues to get worse. they were nothing but completely innocent victims here. baalu and
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her husband, daniel fifita, are frustrated. their suv was told because it was among those hit by a speeding psycho suspect after an oakland police chase the crash at 54th and international in east oakland killed their cousin i and also left his mother with a broken back. the couple was also hurt. she suffered a concussion and hurt her knee and has trouble walking. her husband bruised his kidneys. they were also dealing with red tape trying to get their volkswagen atlas out of impound. they had to leave it behind because they were hurt, but oakland police have since told them they will be connected with the fans, so they wanted to pay any fees out of pocket car was told. as a result of it, you know, haven't been involved in this collision. their attorney at dante pointer says they can't afford the tow fees which are $1200 in climbing. the couple, now off work are also trying to take care of seven children, four of whom belonged to a relative who recently died. they find it ironic that the car belonged to sakai, who was killed is sitting outside their home after they agreed to tow it back themselves. while their own suv is still locked up, they
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should be offered and given every bit of assistance that the city of oakland pd can give them in order to put their lives back together. police tell me they're helping the couple get an official toe release form, their attorney tells me will likely be steered to a victims assistance fund. the sideshow suspect has since been built and has not yet been formally charged. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. california is dedicating another $30 million to combating hate crimes . governor newsom's office today announced that funding that will be given out to 12 organizations that provide services to survivors and facilitate anti hate prevention measures. the money announced today doubles down on the $14 billion in grants given to dozens of organizations this past march. these grants are a part of last year's budget, which allocated $166 million to the state's department of social services. and commissioned on asian and pacific islander american affairs. a recent report showed that anti asian hate crimes
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increased by 177% last year alone. already taking a look at the weather for the friday and the weekend, which is just around the corner. now, kind of, uh, kind of an interesting week because we had the holiday on monday and temperatures have been kind of the cool side it's gradually warming into this weekend. but it doesn't get hot . for most of us. most of us it stays reasonable. but by saturday and my sunday, especially inland spots could hit 95, but that's not really a typical and then temperatures on tuesday are going to cool after that. so here's today's highs highs tomorrow will will be very similar to these. i think maybe we'll add a degree in the inland bay valleys. there's a little bit of patchy fog at the coast, but not a lot. fox had a tough time for me. and because of that low we keep talking about this guy so that their blood busts up the inversion gives us cooler air, higher humidity and better help for cal fire and fire concerns, which we've we saw the results of that low this week
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and that it we had fires, but really, cal fire getting a good handle on because of the higher humidities and so on. this high is going to build in a little bit on saturday and sunday, and that's really where the war means coming from, and when it's really all going to be about the desert southwest in terms of big heat. but for us, it's going to bleed into the central valley, which bleed into our ellen bei valleys, which will put us in our hotspots on sunday, maybe into the mid nineties. but again , that's not crazy heat that's pretty much what you'd expect for this time of year. so with that in mind, the fog returns to the coast late tonight, early tomorrow morning, overnight lows where they have been humidity stays high quality stays pretty darn good with that lot with that strong onshore flow and then tomorrow morning. this is the fog or low cloud footprint, and then you can see it burns back and then the yellows seventies and oranges or eighties and that's pretty much where we will exist in the seventies and eighties with coastal areas in the mid sixties. so forecast highs tomorrow for your friday
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saturday will be a little bit warmer, perhaps and then our little bit cooler part me and then a little warmer on sunday and then a little warmer on monday, and then it cooled down as we head into tuesday, so the five day forecast will start being concerned about. we're always concerned about fire. but i think on sunday and monday fire concerns are going to ratchet up a little bit. no red flag warnings, but just because of the year we've had i wouldn't be surprised to see you know, a couple of brushfires along the freeway start or something like that. so there's five day forecast. i'll see you back here on sunday night. all right, bill. thank you. this is how we heal. that's the message of these pieces of art coming up new at 11 tonight how an artist forced from her home by last year's massive halldor fire in the sierra. is now using what's left to help bring hope to others.
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making something beautiful out of the destruction left behind by the cal door fire that wildfire burned more than 200,000 acres in the tahoe area last summer reported the same mitri shows us how an artist forced from her home by the flames. is using her skills to help others devastated by wildfires. shelly zentner remembers the first time she used charcoal. she was about 12 years old, she never would have imagined as an adult should be surrounded by it, capturing scenes of charred trees landscape transformed around south lake tahoe since the kaldor fire, the blaze burned more than 220,000 acres. forces that you're out of her christmas valley home at the end of august. last year, there was definitely part of me that was preparing for the worst neighbor cathy von felt the same way after evacuating from the cabin that had been in her family for generations. going back to her
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great grandfather and actually, ie we were going to lose. it was positive. the fire spotted over highway 50 crept down toward christmas valley and then right over. unbelievable seemed to hop over their community with the help of the wind and the work of the firefighters, leaving just a strip of green trees between the brown burn scar. i mean, it's hard to not use the word miracle. when you see what happened. we can't believe it. it was just so surreal, returned home, she scoped out just how close some spot fires had gotten . the charcoal remnants from the fire sparked an idea. as soon as i started drawing with it was like, huh? okay, this is this is how we heal. you know, this is how i've always healed. she took the dead trees around her and gave them new life. i feel like each piece seeds the next one. this piece features trees enters neighbor says she grew up with right here. these are them. this this graveyard here is those
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four trees husband can now remember them through centers work. dan and i knew we had to have that painting, and they admire more than just sent nurse talent. they admire how she's using it to give back. donating all the profits from prince of this and from copies of her collection catalogs to the wildland firefighter foundation , which helps families of firefighters killed or her on the job. she says she's raised more than $1000 so far. we were just so profoundly grateful and had no idea of the hardships they endure while they're fighting fires like this. um so i wanted to give back in in some way. her way of saying thank you after fire crews helped save her community in south lake tahoe, mitri kcr, a three news. hollywood has lost an icon, legendary actor james caan has died. that announcement was made on his twitter page that he died last night. cons. breakout role
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came in 1972 when he played sonny on the godfather. he also starred in elf, eldorado, brian's song and misery, tmz would often catch up with con outside an italian restaurant in l. a harvey levin says he was one of hollywood stars whose movie successfully connected with different generations. the characters he played were so vastly different. he usually you know he struck oil and you know, when you look at some of these movies, misery was a huge movie elf was huge movie. brian's song huge i don't have even mentioned the godfather, and there were more and just the idea that he had that sense of what would connect to people and what would not just connect but could be a hit and then endure as a classic. there are not a lot of actors in this town that can do that and can say that no cause of death was given. james caan was 82 years old. it is true,
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just incredible range, talking about career polar opposite characters that he played, connecting really with people of every age so true and that's our every age so true and that's our report oh, thank god, i smell coffee. this morning has gotten off to a bit of a rocky... horror picture show. what did you do to your face? just a little color, to make my eyes pop. like yours are now. is this how we find out you're transitioning? oh, please don't pick a young name. the world doesn't need a 50-year-old jasmine. trust me, this'll look completely normal on camera. this just in -- i'm gonna be on the news. they're doing a segment on the real-estate market, and i'm their local expert. back to you, claire. i'm still reeling from the last time you were on the news. newscaster: and while people have found all sorts of ways to beat the heat, one local man is using his head. is it warm out? i hadn't noticed. looks like i need to re-apply. to clown college?
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