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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  July 8, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'm andre senior cristina rendon . we'll have more on the assassination in just a moment first. we take you to the south bay were right there. people in parts of morgan hill are waiting for word on when they're going to be able to go back home of vegetation fire forced them to evacuate today. this is happening around sleepy valley road. firefighters say they launched an aggressive attack to limit the spread of the fire. they think they've been able to stop it from growing after burning around five acres center has been set up at the morgue until community center on monterey road. firefighters have not said what started this fire . that is not the only fire burning today. you can see here. there's another one burning in the south bay and san martin. the other is in yuba county. that one has already charged more than 10 acres southwest of collins lake. time lapse video here shows how smoke started rising in that area around to this afternoon. firefighters insist there is no threat to the neighboring butte county. no
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word on what may have started this fire and that vegetation fire that burned in san martin is now out. firefighters made quick work of putting out flames near middle avenue. video from the area shows charred vegetation near a few buildings . there are no reports of damage , and it's unclear how this fire started as well. are back now to our top story this evening. former japanese prime minister shinzo abe, japan's most popular politician, was shot in the back and killed while delivering a campaign speech. this morning's attack came just days ahead of parliamentary elections. the 67 year old collapsed, bleeding and was airlifted to a nearby hospital where was pronounced dead from major damage to his heart and two neck wounds. police arrested the suspected gunman at the scene and identified him as a former member of japan's navy. the attacks stunned the nation that has some of the strictest gun control laws anywhere. the suspect apparently built his own weapon of 15 inch long device. one expert compared it to a muzzle loading gun. authorities confiscated similar weapons when
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they raided his nearby home one room apartment leaders around the world condemning the attack , recalling a b as a man devoted to peace, security and international cooperation. president joe biden said he was quote stunned, outraged and deeply send signs of support for a be appearing across the world now in san francisco, the flags of the united states and japan, both flying at half staff. at japan center mall. it's the heart of japantown local hub for the next one's culture. prime minister. abe was the first japanese prime minister to ever visit silicon valley. during a visit in 2015. he met with some of the big tax biggest leaders and spoke at stanford. ktvu marks here joins us live from san jose japantown with much more mark. andre at the japanese american community is getting ready to celebrate what is called the o bon festival this weekend. that's a festival to nour, deceased ancestors. at the same time, former prime minister abe is being remembered. as a friend of silicon valley. set up is well underway for this weekend's oh bone festival,
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where ancestors spirits return to the world of the living, and japanese people welcomed their arrival. we are deeply grieved with the death of oh, prime minister, coming just one day after the death of former prime minister shinzo abe, reverend gerald sakamoto of the san jose buddhist church bets win says also serves as a reminder of the value of human life. grief that we share is not because you know we're japanese. it's because someone's life has been taken. prime minister abe was the first sitting japanese prime minister to venture beyond san francisco to the tech centers of the south bay on april 30th of 2015. he held a roundtable discussion and private meetings with the likes of mark zuckerberg of facebook, elon musk of tesla and jack dorsey of twitter. minister abe was courageous and energetic man. dr dan okimoto with the silicon valley japan platform helped to organize abe's visit
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here and says it was a game changer for japan. so the message that is sent to japan, which was covered by all the mass media, was that um, silicon valley is the kid to japan's future also held discussions with the gladstone institutes and independent nonprofit life sciences research organization affiliated with ucsf. these photos provided by gladstone show a b during a meeting with researchers and other leaders at stanford, which was also part of the tour here in 2015. dr okimoto says he does not have any doubt that prime minister abe's interest in silicon valley has helped tech relationships on both sides of the pacific. he was a real pioneer in, um, attempting new policies that would reshape japan. um, in the 21st century. now while he was here a by announced what he called a bridge of innovation
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between silicon valley in japan , and dr okimoto says that also included absorbing the silicon valley culture, including creativity, disruption. and also risk taking. reporting live in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news here in the south bay as well, mark. thank you. so much assassination engineer of political dominance, said outlasted his time in office. he was the longest serving prime minister and japanese history and a staunch ally of the u. s officials from the bush, obama and trump administration say he was key in pushing america's asian agenda. especially when it came to confronting the biggest regional threats. it's still not clear what impact this assassination will have on american foreign policy. but most experts agree that was a driving force behind the japanese american military alliance, and he will not be easy to replace. stay with ktvu for further coverage on the prime minister's assassination. you can find more information on our website and when news breaks you can make sure that you have are ktvu app downloaded. you'll
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also be able to get push alerts sent to your mobile device. back to news locally. now it's been a violent past several weeks on a stretch of freeway and say, leandro with two shootings, one of them caught on camera crime reporter henry lee joins us from the newsroom with thoughts from local leaders, henry alondra, they say, helps on the way in the form of surveillance cameras in alameda county, but we all know they're not cure alls. just because it's caught on video doesn't mean it will lead to arrests. two shootings along the same stretch of 5 80 in san leandro in a matter of weeks. the latest happened thursday afternoon. i've learned a gang related dispute led to shots fired on the freeway, the victim drove himself to eat in medical center in castro valley, okay, they just shot through a window . last month, another shooting had a couple ducking for cover. dash cam video shows glass flying as garrett mason and his fiancee, tina dough were caught in the middle of a car to car shooting. i believe that the incidents that are happening along 5 80 are either targeted
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or some kind of gang related. the trouble with that is innocent. people are getting hurt. leandro mayor pauline russo cutter says the violence needs to end. i think public is scared and they don't want this to be happening. it just needs to stop. the mayor says san leandro is considering gunfire detection technology our city has been engaged in talks with shot spotter. i know that it's very well used in oakland. on average, there was a freeway shooting in the bay area every 2 to 3 days last year with arrest and just 11% of the cases. earlier this year, governor newsom agreed to fund surveillance cameras on certain freeways, and he funded it for only four counties in the entire state. but those include alameda and contra costa. so we are watching. behave yourself on those highways. a state report issued earlier this year said about 25% of freeway shootings in recent years in the state were tied to road rage while 8% were gang related. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu box students video still pretty
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jarring to watch, henry. thank you. we have posted an interactive map tracking recent freeway shootings across the bay area. you can find it on our mobile app out our website as well. that's ktvu .com. mortars are remembering 63 year old jacqueline sundima woman who planned hundreds of events at her synagogue. hers was one of the first three funeral services today for victims of the highland park, mass shooting. prosecutors expect to bring more charges against robert cremo, who is facing seven counts of first degree murder. foxes medicine. scorpio joins us live from highland park, illinois tonight with more with more madison. cristina one of the biggest questions that everyone has is. how was the accused killer able to pass background checks and buy guns after he was flagged as a clear and present danger back in 2019? police say that happened after he threatened to kill his entire family and attempted suicide and former federal prosecutor in current criminal defense attorney says it all comes down
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to the family not going forward with a complaint after police got involved. under the law. there is a flag. essentially that goes on a record and in terms of what the gun sellers can access, that's a big question that you know is that accessible immediately because it's really an interim flag until they finalized report because it wasn't really finalized complaint at any point. there wasn't anything in the background check. a lot of folks visiting the memorials here say they're still in shock . steve tolkien was at the parade with his wife and grandchildren. when the suspect started firing, he saw one person die and says he and his family are trying to get through the trauma. token, comes to the crime scene every day to help him heal. and he says he just wants to see a change. not just thinking about what happened. what could have happened? how all four of us could have been dead. and. how much more carnage
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do we have to go through? how many more mess shootings that we have to experience before we say enough is enough. and several businesses involved in the very , very large crime scene. still don't know when they're gonna have access to the buildings, and they also don't know when the investigation is going to end in the suspect is set to be in court again later this month in highland park, illinois, madison scarpino ktvu fox two news. the city of san francisco has a new district attorney tonight. brooke jenkins took the oath of office shortly after noon today and is laying out her priorities. ktvu christien kafton his life for us after attending her swearing in ceremony. and christian. the new d a says she will balance accountability for offenders while continuing to strive for criminal justice reform. that's right. the district attorney says that that balance can be struck. and she says that that effort to strike that balance starts right now. as i hold the office of district attorney for the city and county of san francisco for the city and
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county of san francisco. congratulations district office , jenkins becomes san francisco's newest district attorney. jenkins says she's heard the message that many san franciscans don't feel safe in their own city and announced she's taking action against open air drug markets. on day one starting today. drug crime laws will be enforced in this city. jenkins says her office will take hate crimes, property crimes and so called victimless crimes seriously making sure repeat offenders are prosecuted . at the same time, jenkins says she wants to pursue alternatives to jail for offenders who actually show they want to change. responsible reform does not have to come at the expense of public safety, and public safety does not have to come at the expense of reform. as your district attorney. i've vowel. i promise to balance both after this wearing in mayor london breed, said jenkins is the right woman for the job and that now
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the people of san francisco have to take a moment to see the impact. the new district attorney makes on crime in san francisco. the problem wasn't created overnight. and so the expectation that all of a sudden one person is going to you know , wave a magic wand and this is all going to be better is not the case. it is going to take time. jenkins is already facing the proverbial clock. voters will decide in november whether or not to keep her as the city's d a until november, 2023 when she will face another election. what i want voters to understand about me is that i represent balance. i'm going to like i said. do my best to provide them with public safety and reform at the same time. jenkins resigned from the d a s office under chasing boudin and was one of the most vocal backers of the recall effort. and she told me that she has been in communication with outgoing district attorney boudin talking with him on thursday and that he has said he is committed to working with her on a smooth transition. she could be facing
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again for an election for district attorney as soon as november. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox. two news. meantime chasing boudin released a statement in response to learning his replacement. it reads in part. have reached out to brooke jenkins to offer any assistance i can provide and ensuring a smooth transition. i am tremendously humbled by the strong, talented team my administration has built, which will continue to serve san franciscans. i am proud of the new programs my administration has launched to promote safety and justice in our city despite unprecedented challenges. raju san francisco's public defender , also released a statement in response to the announcement. it reads in part, quote. i look forward to engaging interim district attorney jenkins and open conversations about how we can all best serve the health and safety of san franciscans, including reforms and practices to help mitigate and minimize the harm to people who became entangled in the criminal legal system. now raju goes on to say , quote. while we will find opportunities to collaborate where these are points of agreement. with the new interim
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district attorney. we will also stringently opposed any rollbacks on criminal justice reforms. some beer you firefighters have come up with the game changer for fighting fires, especially wildfires all over the world. two weeks after roe versus wade was overturned president biden trying to take steps to shore up existing protections. the court has made clear it will not protect the rights of women. period. period after the break. we're speaking with the political science expert to better understand what the president's executive order on abortion access means. add a burial weather. a bit of a warm up today across the most neighborhoods will start things off with the cooler note this weekend, but definitely temperatures heating up in the temperatures heating up in the five day we'll hav - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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in an executive order to protect access to abortion. today he delivered impassioned remarks condemning the supreme court's decision that ended the constitutional right to weeks ago. he said it is now up to congress to fully restore the ride, and he implored americans to vote vote vote vote in november. it's my hope and strong belief that women will in fact turn out in record numbers to reclaim the rights that have taken from them by the court. we need two additional pro choice senators and a pro choice house to codify row. as federal law. your vote can make that a reality court has made clear. it will not protect the rights of women period. period. the executive order will allow women to still access federally approved abortion medication, allow them to cross state lines for abortions and push insurance
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companies to protect their privacy. with the supreme court, leaving abortion rights to the states. louisiana has gone back and forth on when it comes to access foxes. rebecca castor joins us live from new orleans tonight with those latest details, rebecca. good evening, christina. it's a pivotal day in louisiana's abortion battle. now, for the sense, the robie wade was overturned. it's been back and forth like you mentioned in abortion is once again a legal in this state, but the fight is far from over now. the decision was made in a court hearing this afternoon between an abortion clinic in shreveport , louisiana, attorney general's office. now hope medical group for women is one of three abortion clinics in the state. and once rovi wade was overturned in the states trigger law took effect banning abortion clinic sued, saying the state's law is too vague and how it be will be enforced is unclear. louisiana aggie, jeff landry says these court proceedings are just delaying the inevitable and he's disappointed. the state
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supreme court declined to intervene in the case. this issue will almost every believe land in their lives. and i think that the people of louisiana who have spoken again and again and again just we're going to get it. get it again. both democrats and republicans that would remind you here in the state he's lost the supreme court now take this matter up addresses so that is settled. in the state. no well, the state supreme court will not be hearing the case just yet. the judge today did decide that new orleans civil district court is the improper venue for this hearing. the case has now been turned over to baton rouge, the state capital. and in the meantime the temporary restraining order on the state abortion ban is now lifted. therefore the three abortion clinics in the state are now required by law to close their doors for the second time in two weeks. enforcement however, still remains unclear, especially here in new orleans police department says they will not be arresting people seeking
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or giving abortions and the city council also says they will not use any city funds to police. this new orleans rebecca castor ktvu faxed to news thank you so much well, joining us now to discuss the executive action is donna crane, a lecturer. san jose state university's department of political science. thank you so much for joining us down. i appreciate it. great to be here. so president binds executive order does not restore abortions in states where it's banned or restricted. so what does it do to help women seeking an abortion? well let me say that when i heard this was in the works, i expected to be underwhelmed and i must say that i was and i don't think it's president biden's fault. there's very little a president can do on abortion rights when the supreme court has been so clear that women don't have the right to end a pregnancy, so the biden executive order focuses on five or six areas where he's trying to work around the margins to protect access to reproductive health care. he wants to use the power of the federal government to in if you can to ensure that
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as many women even women in anti abortion states can get medication abortion safely through the mail, he wants to boost up. family planning services, including emergency contraception, federal clinics he wants to organize lawyers and to a pro bono force to help women who might be charged with a crime and anti abortion states. um he's also created a new task force on reproductive health care, and he's looking or specifically is directed merrick garland at the department of justice to look at all the ways legally that the federal government can protect the right to travel interstate because women coming from anti abortion states are going to need to travel to pro choice states like california around those five areas is where the administration is doing what it can. and one of the one of the things that that he is doing. he's also asking the federal trade commission here to step in and take steps to protect privacy. why was a step important enough to be placed in the executive order? there are real concerns growing that one
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of the ways states could enforce strict antiabortion laws is by tracking women digitally. so there are, for example, period tracking apps things like that. that could, in theory, i mean, nobody quite knows, but in theory could be compelled as part of a charge that the prosecutors would bring against a woman accused of ending a pregnancy illegally. so there is in this brave new world, you know, 50 years. after the road decision. now we live lots of our lives online and women and their allies are concerned that this information could be used against that. you know, we also had the justices lot of backlash about this. and justice kavanaugh. we had him out. one night he was having a state dinner, their approach pro choice protesters, and he had to make a mad dash to the back door for an exit. what is this really say about the situation that we're in right now over this
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very contentious issue. well i have been to that restaurant hundreds and probably hundreds of times, morton's on connecticut avenue and what i have read is that he finished his dinner and out of prudence decided to leave by the back door because to in order to avoid the protesters, i think it says two things. first of all, you know the idea that justice kavanaugh just signed on to an opinion that said women don't have the right of privacy in the constitution and then himself is expecting to have the right of privacy. when he's in a public space, you know, that obviously raised some eyebrows and then even the restaurant itself. morton's steakhouse. said that you have a right to eat your dinner in peace. and you know, last time you looked at the constitution. that's not there. okay. one more question here. is there anything that the president can do, or is this going to be really up to the states and state lawmakers? to really make any kind of inroads here in types of staving off this this decision by the supreme court the president can do a lot around the margins here and can do a lot through the department of justice. the department of justice can become
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a legal heavyweight on behalf of women in a pro choice administration. a lot will be left to the states. some could be left to a future supreme court and some work could be done by congress were so inclined. seems all the also seems that the administration is also trying to use this as a ramp up to november. you think it's enough to get democratic voters to the polls? you know, it's too early to say we're still in july, and most voters don't start tuning into midterms if they do it all until after labor day, and we've never been in this space before. typically midterms are determined by the you know the voters vote against the party that's empowered the in party, so we would expect to see that playing against biden, but we've never been in a world where rose been overturned, and at least the people i'm talking to just in my daily life. they're aware of this and they're they're very alert and they're motivated. this is a this is a topic that's got a lot of people alert on like we've seen in years past during when we're coming up for midterm elections are donna korean lecturer was san jose state university department of political science. thank you so much for your insight and the
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word underwhelmed is what i got from our discussion to you about what the president did today. we appreciate it. thank you. well there you weather nice little warm up today. across most neighborhoods, in fact, a few spots right around 90 degrees and eventually looks like that heat wants to stick around over the next few days about the fire burning in the south bay as you can see closer to morgan hill as far as the weather conditions. it is kind of hot in this region temperature right now in the upper eighties earlier right around right around 90 degrees. relative humidity coming down around 29% so still relatively dry and the winds doing their thing. there's a northerly wind at about 18 miles an hour, so still some hot, not extremely hot but still warming up there. in the south bay right around that fire zone now for the weekend to patchy morning fog will be partly sunny for tomorrow. the key headline the short term tomorrow should be cooler than today. and then on sunday, lots of sunshine as we work things back up and the hotspots inland. back up into the low to mid nineties, you can
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see a quick check on some of the current numbers across the country. look at 103 in dallas, 111 in phoenix and some of that heat. will impact the least california especially interior by sunday and into monday. here is look at the satellite right now. there are lots of low clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline as we check out some the current numbers santa rosa 83 oakland, 68. a bunch of eighties inland and san jose in the seventies. it's also breezy out there as well. you can see winds out of the west oakland airport 21 miles an hour. half moon bay about 10 miles an hour and a stronger breeze right around sfo. here's a live camera looking out towards mount diablo. lots of clear skies and definitely we're talking about some more nineties inland. not for tomorrow. tomorrow be the cooler of the two weekend days, but definitely by sunday because the forecast highs for saturday afternoon, the sixties seventies and the eighties but eventually a big temperature balanced by sunday and into monday. talk more about that change with your full update coming up in a little bit. mark thank you. a deadly
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drug exploding in popularity after the break. we're heading to the sunshine sunshine state, where authorities are finding an alarming amount of fentanyl. and coming up on news. six fire erupts at a homeless encampment . a man is dead a woman seriously hurt and it may have been stemming from a lover's been stemming from a lover's qu we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is...perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life.
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or major drug bust in colorado. it turned up 200,000 fentanyl pills so far this year more than £7000 of fentanyl had been seized by authorities at the us mexico border. caroline elliott joins us live from palm coast, florida, located just south of st augustine, an area that has seen an explosion of drug busts in overdose deaths. good evening, caroline. good evening, andre in the last year fentanyl drug busts have nearly tripled in this area, and even though it's a top priority for law enforcement, we know statewide. the data shows fentanyl overdose deaths have increased 40. in the
5:30 pm
last year. they say that officers can't just can't move fast enough. many states across the country have already seized a record amount of fentanyl and 2022. i hope they get it all. i'm thankful they got that. i thank god for our deputies every day that are out there fighting this war. i mean, it is a war war with too many casualties, too many loved ones lost overdoses. the er doctor called in the middle of the night and said, your son overdosed and he's dead. just that. matter of fact. and added, believe him at first. and i just screamed and cried on the floor and my husband took the phone. county sheriff's office search warrants the amount of fentanyl seized in the united states this year could kill more than one billion people, according to new data from customs and border protection. but law enforcement warns they're catching just a
5:31 pm
fraction of the fentanyl coming in from mexico mind. that the d a and homeland security investigations believes that they're only season 20% that's actually coming across the border. fentanyl drug busts are 275% flagler county deputies are now finding drug houses in florida connected to mexico's cartels. they have seized bricks. better marked with the mexican cartels logo, the fake pills that are being stamped and made by the cartels. they're lacing with fentanyl to give the impression that it's an admirable or its whatever pill that that somebody thinks they're buying on the black market. when in fact, it's a fake bill. and over the fourth of july weekend, a county in florida's panhandle reported a mass overdose event were nine people died from fentanyl poisoning, the sheriff here says . this rate if people are taking
5:32 pm
street drugs, and they should assume it's laced with fentanyl. in flagler county, florida. caroline elliott ktvu fox two news troubling trend to be sure, caroline thank you so much for that live report. it's been called a game changer in the wildfire fight after the break the tablet commend system that's fueling faster response times plus american businesses added more jobs. caroline shyly in
5:33 pm
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national park has been closed as a wildfire rages near giant sequoia trees. the washburn fire exploded in size, forcing park officials to close mariposa grove fire says about 166 acres have burned that is the largest sequoia grove in yosemite and features more than 500 of the fame trees. it was not immediately clear whether any of those trees were burned in the wildfire and the cause is under investigation. the rest of the park remains open. north bay. firefighters have a new tool out to help them put out wildfires. baker shows us how they're learning to use technology to their advantage. and what i have here is all the current calls in the county, whether on an ipad or other tablet, the bay area developed tablet command system is nothing less than a technological game changer for firefighters. created by firefighters. contra costa county firefighters. william pigeon computer science expert and andy bozo use their real
5:36 pm
world experiences to come up with tablet command software now used by 265 fire departments across north america and growing daily, wasn't prepared to build a mission critical application. so we raised some money with friends and family created a company and partner with a software development company to build the first version of the application. this is all about situational awareness of the entire fire incident available to all incident commanders and first responders before tablet command laptop computer systems did half as much. and we're at least twice the cost. to this day. many departments still have only paper notes, only paper maps and a radio with little access to the big picture. two sonoma county fire fires sought work while they were on mutual aid incidents before any were in sonoma county. they fought hard to bring it to the bay area. i was blown away. you know, i was
5:37 pm
like, wow, we really need to bring this to sonoma county is by far hands down one of the best technology tools i have ever utilized command includes any areas, fire history, all roads statewide, including backroads and fire rose. the location of every piece of equipment and thousands of cameras, including remote utility cameras, as well as local fire weather and is infinitely expandable. we can simply do everything from the seat front seat or i can remove it and do it exterior of the other vehicles from the field. firefighters can input information in real time. dramatically speeding up and improving responses. thing about this is it's on an ipad which which, for most departments, you know they can afford to purchase if there's any weakness to the system at all. it happens in remote areas, especially canyons, where there's little or no wifi. but with commercial internet satellite wifi already
5:38 pm
on the market, that problem will be cleared up as well. tom vacar ktvu fox two news arson related arrests are well on track to surpass last year's total, according to new numbers from cal fire with nearly half of the year remaining, law enforcement has made 94 arson arrests that is already more than half of last year's total of 149 in 20, 2100 and 20 arrests were made a sharp rise from the total of 70 in 2019 and 61 in 2018. cal fire encouraging people to contact them if you see any suspicious fire activity, musk says he's ending his $44 billion deal by twitter. the tesla ceo sent a letter to twitter's board, saying he is terminating the acquisition because the company failed to comply with its obligations. and it appears the matter is heading to court late today. a message from twitter said the board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with mr musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the
5:39 pm
merger agreement. now this is just the latest in a whirlwind process between the billionaire and one of the most influential social media platforms. most of the drama has played out on twitter itself with musk who has more than 95 million followers, complaining the company was failing to live up to its potential as a platform for free speech. wall street ended a good week with a mixed finish. the dow closed down 46 a half points . the nasdaq closed up nearly 14 points and the s and p 500 closed down a little over. three points. well businesses kept up their hiring spree in june, even though the economy is showing signs in a struggling with in high inflation and interest rates, hikes interest rate hikes . it's all part of the fed's balancing act, which is trying to cool consumer spending without triggering a ton of layoffs. carolina travel reports for us from washington. new data out friday shows american businesses added a whopping 372,000 more jobs in june, higher than economists had predicted. private sector is now recovered all the jobs lost
5:40 pm
during the pandemic. and added jobs on top of that also went up rising to 5.1% annual rate, still not keeping up with the pace of inflation. we're seeing some really positive science here. with people going back to work and the wage growth, the largest gains were seen in wage growth has been historically lower wage workers. friday's report will likely lower talk of an imminent recession. but also makes it more likely that the federal reserve will hike interest rates to bring down inflation, which sits at a 40 year high. do we have a classical recession? the answer is no. is there going to be economic pain that comes out of this? the answer is yes. an associated press poll from june shows that inflation and gas prices topped the list of americans priorities for the government to address in the next year. with 93% of republicans and 43% of democrats disapproving of how president biden is handling the economy and the government's never had a really good grasp on how economics work. the next report that economists will be watching comes next week with the release
5:41 pm
of the consumer price index, a key indicator of inflation. in washington, carolina shively fox news. well, turning pain into purpose. how artists forced from her home by last year's massive kaldor. fire in the sierra is now using what's left to help bring hope to others and warriors star stephen curry. clearly feels comfortable playing off the hardwood. the big shot on the green by steph coming out.
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every night, i dream the same dream: protect our world. ♪ ♪ i'm a superhero. ♪ ♪ oh no... ♪
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acres in the tahoe area last summer is a victory shows us how an artist forced from her home by the flames, is using her skills to help others devastated by wildfires. shelly zentner remembers the first time she used charcoal. she was about 12 years old, she never would have imagined as an adult should be
5:44 pm
surrounded by it, capturing scenes of charred trees landscape transformed around south lake tahoe since the kaldor fire, the blaze burned more than 220,000 acres. forces that you're out of her christmas valley home at the end of august last year. there was definitely part of me that was preparing for the worst neighbor, cathy von felt the same way after evacuating from the cabin that had been in her family for generations, going back to her great grandfather and actually, i was sure we were going to lose. it was positive. the fire spotted over highway 50 crept down toward christmas valley and then right over. unbelievable it seemed to hop over their community with the help of the wind and the work of the firefighters, leaving just a strip of green trees between the brown burn scar. i mean, it's hard to not use the word miracle. when you see what happened. we can't believe it. it was just so surreal, returned home, she scoped out just how close some spot fires had gotten . the charcoal remnants from the
5:45 pm
fire sparked an idea. as soon as i started drawing with that was like, huh? okay, this is this is how we heal. you know, this is how i've always healed. she took the dead trees around her and gave them new life. i feel like each piece said the next one. this piece features trees enters neighbor says she grew up with right here. these are them. this this graveyard here is those four trees husband can now remember them through centers work. dan and i knew we had to have that painting, and they admire more than just sent nurse talent. they admire how she's using it to give back. donating all the profits from prince of this and from copies of her collection catalogs to the wildland firefighter foundation, which helps families of firefighters killed or hurt on the job, she says she's raised more than $1000 so far. we were just so profoundly grateful and had no idea of the hardships they endure while they're fighting fires like this, um so
5:46 pm
i wanted to give back in in some way. her way of saying thank you after fire crews helped save her community in south lake tahoe. is amy tree. while signing caught on camera how a mountain lion state in a southern california backyard. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community.
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only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. - [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673
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or live chat at today. prepare for some delays. starting at about 10 o'clock tonight, couch friends will shut down two of the four north bound lanes of the 101 in sausalito will remain closed until seven a.m. monday. caltrans is warning drivers heading north out of san francisco that traffic backups could be up to an hour. drivers are being told to find other ways to get to bergen county, including the richmond san rafael bridge. well. comedian dave chappelle is defending his jokes about transgender people. he released what's in a name? a new surprise. netflix show yesterday. it features this interaction with students at the
5:49 pm
duke ellington school of the arts, his alma mater in washington, d. c. he spoke with students there last november. his comments about the transgender community prompted the school to back off renaming a theater after him. students accused him of discrimination. chappelle says his comments were taken out of artistic context. a big cat caught on camera roaming a southern california neighborhood. this mountain lion here seen in the back yard of a home in simi valley out in ventura county. the home owner says the animal hung out in that yard for a full 24 hours, even captured and ate a raccoon. before eventually walking away. the homeowner added that the mountain lion did not appear to be agitated or distressed wildfire officials or wildlife officials rather say that the cat is not collard, meaning it's not being tracked, and it appears to be that it's a young mountain lion that may have just lost its way. from big cats, the kittens, dogs and puppies he sends the animal care center is asking the community to help clear the shelter on its facebook page. the center said it was already full with adoptable pets before the fourth
5:50 pm
of july. then they received more animals after the holiday when pets are often spooked by fireworks to help alleviate some of the stress the shelters offering free adoptions as well as waving, boarding and impound fees for dogs and cats. in hopes of reuniting owners with their pets. you can find adoptable pets on their website. they also have rabbits, birds and guinea pigs who need homes. and whether a bit of a warm up today across most of the bay area, lots of sunshine. it's never not never, but it seems like most times it's we're talking about. it's not a universal trend across the region, so big change. in fact, we have the warm temperatures inland. but i'm trying to say it's not the same weather story for everybody here because of the coast actually cooled off a bit. with some patchy fog there. 60 degrees san francisco 64. some seventies around the bank getting hot inland, not extremely hot upper eighties to lower nineties place like like walnut creek today, they warmed up a bit cool off a little bit for your saturday and then temperatures heating up in the sunday and into monday, easily back up into the low to mid
5:51 pm
nineties. quick national perspective. right now, you see that major heat out toward dallas right now. these are current temperatures. phoenix 111 degrees. some of this heat could could be a factor as we head towards sunday and into monday, drifting back into the interior of california. for us right now, though, we have the low clouds and fog looks like a typical july pattern out. there was some cloudy conditions, coast side, lots of sunshine and some warmth. hot temperatures inland current numbers. san francisco right now. 60 degrees . it is warm up in sonoma county for santa rosa. lots of eighties from walnut creek and conquered and in san jose 76 degrees. here's our live camera, looking out toward the bay bridge out towards san francisco and there was that fog hugging the coastline, so will work its way back into the bay overnight, so we'll add that to the forecast first thing tomorrow morning overnight temperatures most neighborhoods will be in the fifties. that's the plan tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours, partly sunny skies probably more sunshine inland and but still keeping it cool right near the
5:52 pm
immediate coastline with temperatures in the sixties low to mid sixties. so a little bit of a cool down for tomorrow. but then into sunday and monday, this area of high pressure wants to rebuild and this will send at temperatures up for those two days for sunday and into monday, so sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. tomorrow we cool off a little bit some areas of fog out there. increasing sunshine into the afternoon hours and to look ahead. there's that temperature spike into sunday continued warming into monday, so warm to hot, the hot spots could be around 96 97 degrees. if you want to cool off, we have that as well. cooler temperatures by tuesday and wednesday. alright changing weather. thank you perfect weather for the american century championship celebrity golf tournament in south lake tahoe. what were your star and finals mvp steph curry among the field showing off 13 curries found the fairway. yeah about it. this
5:53 pm
tube unbelievable. curry second shot. 13 was a great one that you saw there. he holds out for an eagle. this is curries 10th appearance at the tournament. he came in ninth place. last year, the founder of ceo of roots community health center in oakland was honored today for her leadership. dr noah aboulafia was named the recipient of the james irvine foundation leadership award, which recognizes people for their innovation and contribution to a better california. doctor and valetta has founded roots community health center in 2000 and 18. excuse me, 2000 and eight, which focused primarily on men reentering society from prison men with substance abuse and mental health issues and young fathers without a traditional support system. we are now over 200 employees strong and all pushing towards the same mission of uplifting those impacted by systemic and equities and poverty. the james foundation helps share the approaches of their award winners with policymakers and peers and
5:54 pm
provides each of their organizations with a grant of $250,000 and additional resources. are coming here. wait six. many diabetics have had trouble grappling with the increased cost of insulin. the new plan from the state to bring those prices back down. also ahead. we're taking a closer look at the implications behind elon musk, who is attempting to walk away from his agreement to walk away from his agreement to buy when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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5:56 pm
asserts or tourist hotspots. bicycles with a row seats attachment to carry paying customers called petty cabs, and they're making a comeback in southern california. but as foxes zero, barker explained to many are now electric, which is raising concerns about speed and pedestrian safety. after a new
5:57 pm
state law in the state of california electric petty bikes are now seeing all over san diego. some drivers say, therefore them and it's easier to actually drive people, but others say it's just not as safe boat on. not that you need it, but it's the law. the music. and the flashing lights is enough to entice anyone to take a ride and skip the walk. all right. lucas james is one of about 150 pedicab drivers around downtown san diego. all rights typically 10 to $15 a person he's been doing this since 2016 and just added a motor to his pedicab a few months ago after state law now treats pedicabs. as electric bikes, but personally he's not for it and even trying to keep business going without an electric pedicab. i worked a month where i didn't have a motor but my competitors. they were just doing laps around me. it's basically i have to have a motor to keep up with my competitors. he says. the positive sign is the physical part of the job is easier and
5:58 pm
you can do more trips, which means more money. but he thinks it's not as safe and now there's more competition disaster. if it was up to me, i would go back to peddling. it just seems like it's a better way to get from point a to point b downtown. when there's a lot of congestion, okay, this is 14 miles an hour cams are police regulated required to abide by the city code and can be stopped by an officer issues or whether or not they're operating safely. if there if they have the proper lighting, the proper permitting people are using the seatbelts appropriately. those are the kind of things the officers look for. people can report unsafe pedicab drivers to police, but jonathan freeman, who advocates for safe walkways, wants the city to take another approach have the pedicabs uniquely identified. identify that can be seen in day and night allow members of the public to report using the get it done at violations. have those reports not only go to the city but also to the owners. eddie camps have made a comeback to the downtown san diego area. and if you're anywhere downtown after the sun goes down, you're likely going
5:59 pm
to see a lot of them. now they do face violations. if police officers catch them going against the city code, they can range in anything from just a ticket to having their actual petty bike impounded or having their license and permit to drive. one of these provoked in the gaslamp quarter. is there a barker fox news? this is ktvu fox two news at six. more gun violence on east bay freeways, the most recent one caught on video local leaders now calling for more help from the state to make freeway driving safe again. i think our public is scared and they don't want this to be happening. it just needs to stop. it has been a violent few weeks on a stretch of freeway in san leandro. good evening to you. i'm andre senior cristina rendon. yesterday's shooting is just the latest in a number of freeway shootings, according to the chp. there have been 66 shots fired on bay area freeway since the start of the year. 32 of those shootings have been in alameda county. one
6:00 pm
shooting took place a little more than three weeks ago on eastbound 5 18 year. dutton avenue. another one happened yesterday along 5 18 year 164th avenue. ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains how the mayor of san leandro is now trying to take action. two shootings along the same stretch of 5 80 in san leandro in a matter of weeks. the latest happened thursday afternoon. i've learned a gang related dispute led to shots fired on the freeway, the victim drove himself to eat in medical center in castro valley. hi hi. hi last month, another shooting had a couple ducking for cover. dashcam video shows glass flying as garrett mason and his fiancee, tina dough were caught in the middle of a car to car shooting through a window. i believe that the incidents that are happening along 5 80 are either targeted or some kind of gang related. the trouble with that is innocent. people are getting hurt. andrew mayor pauline russo cutter says the violence needs to end. i think our public is sca


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