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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 8, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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my 100% beef burgers are seasoned as they grill. like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. backing out, the tesla ceo announced today he is terminating his $44 billion deal to buy twitter. this idea to buy
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twitter and under the auspices of free speech just seemed to me to be another public relations. skip from elon musk. tech expert weighing experts weighing in tonight, as much says he's pulling out because twitter failed to provide enough information on the number of spaniards. spam accounts on its platform. good evening to you. i'm andre senior with cristina rendon here. it's the latest in the saga since must announce he would buy the company back in april. ktvu elissa harrington joins us now with more melissa people. i talked to said that they weren't surprised by this move by musk. they say the economy is in a totally different place than it was when he first agreed to buy twitter, but the company is not walking away from this deal easily. the company announced it doesn't plan to sue. the deal is off. elon musk is squashing a $44 billion twitter acquisition documents filed with the securities and exchange commission detailed the termination of the deal. musk's lawyer accuses twitter of being in breach of the merger agreement by failing to provide critical information and by
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making false and misleading representations about the number of spam bots on the social media platform. part of the documents read while this analysis remains ongoing, all indications suggest that several of twitter's public disclosures regarding its mta use are either false or materially misleading. twitter has said less than 5% of its users are spam accounts actually wasn't surprised. i can't give a reason why, but from day one this always seemed like a publicity stunt to me. nolan hugged in a professor at cal state east bay said it's important to remember the economic context of when musk first agreed to buy the company three months ago when you made this bid, you know his stocks, particularly the tesla, right, like an all time high, and they've only been decline, not not necessarily because of his doing. but because the market since then, and so one has to wonder if ellen realized that the price he was paying was way higher than the market value, and he tried to find any excuse to get out of the deal. mask had said he wanted to buy twitter
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because the company was failing to live up to its potential as a platform for free speech. seen it. editor at large. ian share said it appeared musk regretted that decision. it started to feel like he didn't really want to buy the company. you know, he started criticizing the company quite a bit. i mean, that was part of his m o through this whole thing. trashing executives undermining a lot of their work, questioning how truthful a lot of their data was. twitter's board chairman said the company plans to take legal action. in a tweet, he wrote. the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with mr musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement . we are confident we will prevail. one person who is not tweeting about this is elon musk . he has 100 million followers but has been quiet on the platform today. reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox. two news very unusual for him. he's always on twitter commenting about something,
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alyssa. thank you. well shares of tesla were up in after hours trading following must announcement. but he wants out of the twitter deal, so it turned into a positive for investors for his car company. tesla shareholders had publicly expressed concern about musts ability to run tesla while owning twitter. along with his handful of other companies, including spacex and neuralink and twitter, is reportedly instructing its employees against tweeting about the announcement. the verge reports that twitter's general counsel sent out a memo saying staffers should quote refrain from tweeting slacking or sharing any commentary about the merger agreement. the note says the deal is an ongoing legal matter. knew it and various community events in oakland tonight designed to promote the end of gun violence. organizer say these gatherings won't solve the problem, but they say that they are part of an overall plan that takes time and patience to work . ktvu zambelli joins us live tonight to tell us more about their strategy, amber christina . tonight there were gatherings
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at parks and a march organizers say there is no one solution and that these are told to help stop the fight against gun violence. that support faith leaders and their supporters as they walked the streets of east auckland friday. this event started 10 years ago to promote the fight to stop gun violence. everybody thinks it's a one hit wonder these walks are just one of the pieces of the overall strategy of ceasefire. organizers hope persistence in messaging will yield results. they say the walk is a representation of the behind the scenes and outreach work being done. it's a partnership that includes nonprofits, the police department and community members talking directly to both the community and those who might be victims of and or perpetrators of gun violence. time another component of the citywide strategy to fight gun violence took place. at eight parks, including a royal viejo, an event called town nights. organizers say this
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entertainment is designed to bring the community together will happen more often. um like people will understand that violence is just not gonna leave you two anywhere tells me he and his daughter have each had a close call two separate incidents of being caught in the crossfire of people shooting at each other. fortunately they were not hurt or something. you're really worried about that events are a partnership between auckland department of violence prevention and nonprofits. community engagement. is a critical part of slowing down violence. organisms say these events are only one component of a comprehensive strategy to stop gun violence. conversations that takes place before, during and after about people that have issues with each other, figuring out other ways to talk it through, supports these events. still, he says, there's just too much gun violence just makes me one of leave from here. just go look for somewhere else. chavez
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tells me he and his family plan to move to sacramento, oakland ceasefire organizers say they will hold their next march july 22nd christina tonight, amber. thank you. in the north bay police have arrested a man for illegally manufacturing so called ghost guns. santa rosa police say they've been investigating 32 year old freddie oseguera since june for allegedly manufacturing and trafficking in serialized handguns and assault rifles throughout the area. police served a search warrant at his home in windsor yesterday, where they found five firearms 19 partially manufactured handguns and eight partially manufactured rifles. there was also an unsupervised 10 year old at the home who had access to those firearms and loaded magazines. oseguera now faces a number of charges, including child endangerment of san francisco, where police are offering more money to help solve a cold case . $100,000 reward is now being offered. for tips leading to the killer of polyp brian. she was 25 years old when she was last
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seen in june of 2000 and one leaving in our closed the bar. at sixth admission. witnesses say she left in a red car with a man. pictured in this sketch. she was found dead hours later near harriet and brandon in the south of market neighborhood. if you have information you're asked to call police city of san francisco. has a new district attorney tonight. brooke jenkins took the oath of office this afternoon. ktvu christien kafton explains how the new d a promises to strike a balance between criminal justice reform and accountability for people accused of crimes. as i hold the office of district attorney for the city and county of san francisco for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations district office , jenkins becomes san francisco's newest district attorney. jenkins says she's heard the message that many san franciscans don't feel safe in their own city and announced she's taking action against open air drug markets. on day one starting today. drug crime laws will be enforced in this city.
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jenkins says her office will take hate crimes, property crimes and so called victimless crimes seriously making sure repeat offenders are prosecuted . at the same time, jenkins says she wants to pursue alternatives to jail for offenders who actually show they want to change. responsible reform does not have to come at the expense of public safety, and public safety does not have to come at the expense of reform. as your district attorney. i vow. i promise to balance both after this wearing in mayor london breed, said jenkins is the right woman for the job and that now the people of san francisco have to take a moment to see the impact the new district attorney makes on crime in san francisco . the problem wasn't created overnight. and so the expectation that all of a sudden one person is going to, you know, wave a magic wand and this is all going to be better is not the case. it is going to take time. jenkins is already facing the proverbial clock. voters will decide in november whether
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or not to keep her as the city's d a until november, 2023 when she will face another election. what i want voters to understand about me is that i represent balance i'm going to like i said. do my best to provide them with public safety and reform. at the same time, jenkins resigned from the da's office under outgoing district attorney chase a boudin and was one of the most vocal backers of the recall effort as she told me that she has been in communication with outgoing d a boudin talking with him on thursday and that he has said he is committed to working with her on a smooth transition. now interestingly, she could be facing outgoing d a boudin in an election for district attorney as soon as november in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news jason duty chase, a boudin released a statement in response to learning about his replacement. it reads in part quote. i have reached out to brooke jenkins to offer any assistance i can in providing to ensure a smooth transition. i am tremendously humbled by the strong, talented team my
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administration has built, which will continue to serve san franciscans. i am proud of the new programs my administration has launched to promote safety and justice in our city. despite unprecedented challenges, and the same francisco latin x democratic club says it strongly condemns jenkins's appointment. in a statement, the group said, in part we unequivocally opposed this dangerous appointment of an individual who was committed to a vision of returning to a world with mass incarceration of our black and brown communities were guilty till proven innocent is the motto of the current occupant in the district attorney's office. we can and deserve better than this. horrific attack on the former prime minister of japan coming up at 10 30, leaders of both abroad and at home are paying tribute to shinzo abe. and a barrier weather a bit of a warm up today across the across most neighborhoods will call things off as we start off the weekend, but then another warm up is around the corner. we'll have your update coming. a wildfire threatening california's historic sequoia trees at
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portion of mariposa grove, and it's threatening the park's 500 giant sequoia trees. mandatory evacuations have been ordered for the owona campground and the surrounding community to and how we 41 is closed at the south entrance to yosemite, and that's not the only wildfire keeping cal fire busy tonight. this afternoon of vegetation fire prompted an evacuation in morgan hill. tbs exoduses live in the newsroom, zack. it sounds like the beginning to gain control over the fire. thankfully yes, people are now being allowed back into their homes, and so far no damage has been reported . cruz launched an aggressive attack to limit the spread of that fire this afternoon, which last check was around 30% contained fairly nonstop schedule for cal fire since the july 4th weekend. cal fire crews over morgan hill friday afternoon battling a fast moving brush fire. the five acre arms be fire burning near sleepy valley road for some to temporarily leave their homes. it's just one of several fires that have been keeping cal fire busy this week across northern
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california. this is the time of year when, uh, fuel moistures are continuing to drop fires, they have so far managed to jump on quickly. additional hand crews were brought on aircraft were staffed up all part of cal fire's acknowledgement. of the new normal it is no longer a fire season, but i would strips had to say that it's been that way for quite a while. now persistent drought across the state making conditions ripe for wild fires to ignite year round in the sierra foothills, people forced out of their homes because of the electoral fire and praising firefighters for their hard work impressed as to the deal as the dickens with what they're doing. the electro fire started monday, forcing evacuations in parts of amador and calvary's counties. people are slowly returning to areas near the town of jackson, where flames have charred, nearly 5000 acres and it resources helping crews respond quickly and the state's new budget, ensuring that more firefighting resources will be available to cal fire year round. we're seeing around
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funding coming in funding for handfuls of seeing additional impressive cal fire says around 90% of wildfires in the state are started by people, mostly by human error. over the fourth of july weekend, firefighters battled 79 fires and contra costa county alone, including a four alarm fire and cordelia snelson hill from fireworks to lawn mowing cal fire asking the public to do their part to think before they act and i think they can follow our lead, uh and prepare, prepare, prepare. and cal fire is posted a long list of wildfire preparedness tips to their website. they include making sure that if you're mowing your yard, you do it early in the morning or at night when conditions are more rather less dry. andre axles reporting for us live from newsroom, zack. thank you. meantime, police in stockton say a love triangle ended in violence at a homeless camp. investigators say woman set a tent on fire while her boyfriend was inside that tent with another woman. he died of his injuries. the woman is in
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critical condition with severe burns. police say they have identified the suspect in this case but haven't been able to track her down yet. our suspect went back to the tent. and saw her boyfriend inside the tent with another woman. so she got some type of accelerant, poured it on a tent and let it on fire and then walked away. $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. police haven't released the victim's names, but say the man was 35 years old and the female victim was 40 years old. well very weather a bit of a warm up today with lots of sunshine. for most areas, of course, some fog, some stubborn fog out toward the immediate coastline. you heard about some of the wildfire stories are just a few minutes ago. just a quick update on some of the current conditions as you can see closer to the army's beefier right now closer in the south bay. current temperature dropping down into the sixties relative humidity. those moisture levels are going up, and thankfully, the winds have backed off as well. earlier those winds right around 18 to 20 miles an hour right now went
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to backed off to run five miles an hour. and then, of course, the fire as you can see, we're talking about in the sierra approaching approaching yosemite , at least just in that fire zone. the washburn fire right now we do have current conditions. temperatures have dropped off into the sixties. relative humidity. moisture levels are going up as well. thankfully, same story. here's some light winds. tomorrow we'll have temperatures approaching in the mid eighties for afternoon highs and probably some warming temperatures for the second half of the weekend. here's a look at the highest from today. here in the bay area. san francisco 64 lots of seventies around the bay and the warm spot inland. in the upper eighties to the lower nineties. so your weekend forecast tomorrow morning. some patchy morning fog. partly sunny skies tomorrow will be the coolest day of the weekend big bounce in those numbers by sunday in the hot spot will be approaching the mid nineties. right now there, the fog is doing its thing right near the immediate coastline or live cameras picking up on some of that overcast for tonight as well and we'll go ahead and drop in some of the current numbers
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temperatures most areas in the fifties to the sixties for tonight, so here we are tomorrow morning. the cloud cover out there than into the afternoon hours. still some patchy fog near the immediate coastline, partly sunny around the bay and then more sunshine inland. the forecast, which is pretty typical for this time of year call for the coast around the bay seventies. the warm spot will be in the eighties, but tomorrow definitely a little bit of drop off of the numbers for your saturday forecast another warm up on the way that i won't talk more about that with your full update. in a few minutes, mark. thank you. if you're driving north through marin county this weekend, prepare for some major delays. countering has just shut down two of the four northbound lanes of the 101 in sausalito for a drainage system and re pavement project you can see here. this affects the portion between the robin williams tunnel and rodeo avenue . the closure started just about 20 minutes ago, and it will remain throughout the entire weekend, with lanes reopening at seven a.m. monday. caltrans is warning drivers heading north out of the city that traffic
10:20 pm
backups could be up to an hour. the urge people to use alternate bridges. the founding ceo of roots community health center in oakland, was honored today for her leadership. dr noah aboulafia was named a recipient of the james irvine foundation leadership award, which recognizes people for their innovation and contribution to a better california. doctor are valetta founded roots community health center in 2000 and eight which focused primarily on men reentering society from prison men with substance abuse and mental health issues and young fathers without traditional support system. we are now over 200 employees strong and all pushing towards the same mission of uplifting those impacted by systemic and equities and poverty. the james irvine foundation helps share the approaches of their award winners with policymakers and peers and provides each of their organizations with the grant of $250,000 and additional resources. still the company glimpse at how other countries
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from his party. president biden is taking executive action to help safeguard access to abortion boxes. lauren blanchard reports while his executive order will allow women to access abortion out of state. the president says congress still needs to act to codify roe v. wade. president biden signing a reproductive rights executive order friday, two weeks after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade court has made clear it will not protect the rights of women period. period the order establishes a task force to focus specifically on
10:24 pm
reproductive health care. they will also try to shore up some abortion medication protections and make clear health privacy protections. but it can only go so far. he believes the decision that this court has made is extreme, and it is beyond the pale. he's going to get continue to do the work that he can from here, but also, uh, you know, call on congress to act president turning his focus to women voters, i hope and strong belief that women will in fact, turn out in record numbers to reclaim the rights that have taken from them by the court. president biden says it's now on congress to make abortion access of federal right and to do that americans need to elect a congress that would codify row critics, including some of the president's own party say he is not doing enough. they want him to go forward and actually be more aggressive in using federal resources to support abortion services that can get him into trouble with the hyde amendment can get him in trouble with
10:25 pm
congress. the executive order may also t up future legal battles over the availability of abortion medications. some governors have said they will not allow it to be shipped across state lines. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news, the european parliament voted overwhelmingly to condemn the u. s. supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade 324 members voted in favor of this resolution. 155 voted against it and 38 abstained. the european parliament also demanded that abortion rights be enshrined in the eu's fundamental rights charter. malta is the only country in the eu with a total ban on abortion, while poland has a near total bad. a closed door hearing was held today by the january 6th committee. former president trump white house council passed the bologna arrived on capitol hill this morning for a private interview with the january 6th committee. zip alone has been a sought after witness over his role in trying to prevent then president donald trump from challenging the 2020 presidential election
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and joining the violent mob at the capitol. the former trump council was subpoenaed for his testimony. the committee's next public hearing is set for tuesday. we're going to carry it live right here on ptv plus will also stream it on our website. you can look for that coverage starting tuesday morning at 10 a.m. are silica tonight morning and influential world leader people here in the bay area are grieving after the shocking assassination of shinzo abe. he was a real pioneer and attempting new policies that would reshape japan. um in the 21st century after the break, i look back at abe's historic visit to silicon valley back in 2015. i had an optimistic view of the economy. why the president of the fed in san francisco says she does not believe we're headed for a re
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former. minister shinzo abe, japan's most popular politician , was assassinated while delivering a campaign speech. he was shot in the back in japan this morning, just eight ahead of parliamentarian elections. the 67 year old collapsed bleeding and was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead from major damage to his heart and two neck wounds. police arrested the suspected gunman at the scene and identified him as a former member of japan's navy. the attack stunned the nation that is some of the strictest gun control laws anywhere. the suspect apparently built his own weapon, a 15 inch device. one expert compared it to a muzzle loading gun. authorities confiscated similar weapons when they raided his nearby one room apartment leaders around the world condemning the attack, recalling a baby as a man devoted to peace, security and international cooperation. president biden says he was quote stunned, outraged and deeply send signs of support for a be appearing across the world
10:30 pm
to in san francisco, the u. s and japanese flag, both flying at half staff at the japan center mall in the heart of japantown. was the first japanese prime minister ever to visit silicon valley. during a visit in 2015. he spoke at stanford and met with some of the biggest leaders in tech. ktvu is mark sayer has the story. set up as well underway for this weekend's oh bone festival, where ancestors spirits return to the world of the living, and japanese people welcomed their arrival. we are deeply grieved with the death of mhm. prime minister abe coming just one day after the death of former prime minister shinzo abe , reverend gerald sakamoto of the san jose buddhist church bets win says oh bone also serves as a reminder of the value of human life. grief that we share is not because you know we're japanese. it's because someone's life has been taken. prime minister abe was the first sitting japanese prime minister to venture beyond san francisco
10:31 pm
to the tech centers of the south bay on april 30th 2015, he held a roundtable discussion and private meetings with the likes of mark zuckerberg of facebook, elon musk of tesla and jack dorsey of twitter. minister abe was courageous and energetic man , dr dan okimoto with the silicon valley japan platform helped to organize is abe's visit here. and says it was a game changer for japan. so the message that is sent to japan, which was covered by all the mass media was that, um silicon valley is the key to japan's future also held discussions with the gladstone institutes, which is an independent, nonprofit life sciences research organization, partnering with ucsf. and he met in palo alto with researchers and other dignitaries at stanford, which was also part of his tour here in 2015, doctor okimoto says he does not have any doubt that prime minister abe's interest in
10:32 pm
silicon valley has helped the tech relationships on both sides of the pacific. he was a real pioneer in, um, attempting new policies that would reshape japan, um in the 21st century while he was here are also announced what he called a bridge of innovation between silicon valley in japan. the idea was to become familiar with more of the silicon valley concepts such as innovation and risk taking. reporting in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news assassination ends an era of political dominance that outlasted his time in office. he was the longest serving prime minister in japanese history and a staunch ally of the us officials from the bush, obama and trump administration say he was key in pushing america's asian agenda, especially when it came to confronting the biggest regional threats. it's still not clear what impact this assassination will have on american foreign policy. but most experts agree that was a
10:33 pm
driving force behind the japanese american military alliance, and he will not be easy to replace stay with ktvu for further coverage of the prime minister's assassination. you can find the latest development right on our homepage. all mixed finish on wall street today after the indices made up major losses earlier in the week, the dow closed down 46 a half points. the nasdaq closed up nearly 14 points in the s and p 500 closed. down a little over three points, and today we got a surprisingly strong jobs report that showed that employers are continuing to higher amid high inflation and worries about recession. caroline child, the reports now from washington. new data out friday shows american businesses added a whopping 372,000 more jobs in june, higher than economists had predicted. private sector is now recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic. and added jobs on top of that also went up rising to 5.1% annual rate, still not keeping up with the pace of inflation. we're seeing
10:34 pm
some really positive science here with people going back to work and the wage growth, the largest gains were seen in wage growth has been historically lower wage workers. friday's report will likely lower talk of an imminent recession. but also makes it more likely that the federal reserve will hike interest rates to bring down inflation, which sits at a 40 year high. do we have a classical recession? the answer is no. is there going to be economic pain that comes out of this? the answer is yes. an associated press poll from june shows that inflation and gas prices topped the list of americans priorities for the government to address in the next year. with 93% of republicans and 43% of democrats disapproving of how president biden is handling the economy and the government's never had a really good grasp on how economics work. the next report that economists will be watching comes next week with the release of the consumer price index, a key indicator of inflation. in washington, carolina shively fox news. earlier on the four we spoke with george machete, a wealth advisor morgan stanley,
10:35 pm
he says. for now, the latest jobs report appears to be easing fears of a recession. stanley you know our economic indicators that we put together and run a model on we're looking at about 31.9% probability of a recession coming in the next 12 months, so it's likely you know, we won't have one or two be very light. because we're we have a lot of where a lot of strength going into this i mean, in the past, we've had really high inflation really had employment, no savings. it's just the reverse of that right now. employers added roughly 100,000 more jobs last month in wall street economists accept expected the unemployment rate was unchanged . at 3.6% the president of the federal reserve bank of san francisco, gave her thoughts on our economic future. in a linkedin news live event. mary daly talked about whether she thinks we're heading for recession. i do expect the unemployment rate to rise slightly, but nothing in the proportions like we've seen in what people would think of as a recession, so we're really not
10:36 pm
talking about unemployment rising, you know to high levels as much as just a little less pressure on the labor market that we see today. daily says. with the current unemployment rate at historic lows and increase of a couple of tents wouldn't tip the country into reception recession rather, it would simply mean a softening of the robust growth we are seeing today. coming up at 11 major earthquakes capable of triggering tsunamis. the new report that shows just how fast those big waves can cause destruction. in a barrier weather tracking another round of fog pushing into the bay right now, it's a little bit foy forecast will eventually turn up the heat in the five day and we'll have the update coming up. first though a nine month old baby girl nearly overdoses on fentanyl, the charges of parents are now facing and how some say it just shows how bad the crisis it just shows how bad the crisis is getting.
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is after a slow start for the youngest americans, new cdc data shows 300,000 children under five have reached coronavirus shots received the shot in the last two weeks since they became approved the bad administration says that expected to lower pace since some parents are waiting to get their kids vaccinated at the pediatrician's office officials also say some parents may be hesitant to get shot for kids who are less likely than older age groups and develop serious illness. from the coronavirus. parents are encouraged to talk to their child's doctor about the benefits of the vaccines for the first time since february. covid-19 hospitalizations in l. a topped 1000 tonight. the health department reported 1021 covid positive patients in county hospitals. they were also 18 reported deaths. that's the county's highest number of deaths in one day since late march. health officials warned that an indoor mask mandate
10:40 pm
could be reinstated by the end of the month. um for me. it has never went away. we have been wearing a mascot wearing the whole time like you know, even during this period when it was not compulsory, like not mandated, so i mean, it doesn't really change anything. i don't know that i agree with a mandate, but i obviously i support wearing the mask. i do think it should be some personal choice there. i don't think it should just be mandated across the board. health officials say a mask mandate would go into effect should l. a county reached the high covid community level as defined by the cdc and in new york city, health officials there once again recommending residents and visitors to wear masks indoors. the recommendation comes as the city's positivity rate reaches 14% the highest level since january, the new york city department of health and mental hygiene says people should wear high quality masks in all public indoor places and outside when in a crowd. that recommendation is not a mandate. a florida couple is behind bars tonight after their nine month old
10:41 pm
daughter ingested fentanyl, as phil keating tells us lawmakers and officials say the cases highlighting the need to address the nation wide fentanyl crisis. according to the dea. it only takes a tiny amount of fentanyl to kill you. just two mg. it's often added to cocaine, adderall and xanax. that's what it admittedly happened to alexis burnett and her boyfriend, sage freeze, who told jacksonville, florida investigators that he had crushed and snorted xanax the night before, which had been mixed with fentanyl. somehow that got into the body of their nine month old baby girl who had to be rushed to a children's hospital after she stopped breathing and her lips turned blue urine test of both parents also revealed fentanyl in their systems. the baby survived really tragic circumstances that we have to be here. first lady casey dissenters held a roundtable thursday in gadsden county, near tallahassee with the states surgeon general and the department of children and families about the fentanyl
10:42 pm
crisis. nine people in that county overdosed and died from fentanyl over the fourth of july weekend. overdose now is the leading cause of death in the united states for 18 to 45 year olds. on this stuff is being manufactured in china, and it's pouring across the border. more than 100,000. americans overdosed and died over a recent 12 month period, according to a bipartisan congressional commission on synthetic opioid trafficking, its report says the drug is smuggled across the southern border where agents report an increase in seizures hidden in vehicles, packages and on persons. arkansas republican tom cotton and maryland democrat david trone added a letter stating the overdose crisis in the united states claims more lives each year than firearms, suicide homicide or motor vehicle crashes. this is one of our most pressing national security, law enforcement and public health challenges. phil keating fox news. appearance in the jacksonville case are now
10:43 pm
facing felony child neglect charges. their bond has been set at $100,000 each it is by far hands down one of the best technology tools i have ever utilized game changing technology right on a tablet. how this new tech is giving firefighters the upper hand this fire season. and we head outside. take a look at this. a stunning view from sutro tower in san francisco, looking all the way towards mount diablo in the east, peaceful side. on this friday night. meteorologist mark tamayo back after the break with our weekend forecast.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer
10:46 pm
for your despicable ride, your one little big lie. have a new tool to help put out wildfires. ktvu tom vacar shows us how they're learning to use technology to their advantage. and what i have here is all the current calls in the county on an ipad or other tablet, the bay area developed tablet command system is nothing less than a technological game changer for firefighters. created by firefighters. contra costa county firefighters. william pigeon computer science expert and andy bozo use their real world experiences to come up with tablet command software now used by 265 fire departments across north america and growing
10:47 pm
daily, wasn't prepared to build a mission critical application. so we raised some money with friends and family created a company and partner with a software development company to build the first version of the application. this is all about situational awareness of the entire fire incident available to all incident commanders and first responders before tablet command laptop computer systems did half as much. and we're at least twice the cost. to this day. many departments still have only paper notes, only paper maps and a radio with little access to the big picture to sonoma county fire fires sought work while they were on mutual aid incidents before any were in sonoma county. they fought hard to bring it to the bay area. i was blown away. you know, i was like, wow, we really need to bring this to sonoma county is by far hands down one of the best technology tools i have ever utilized. tablet command
10:48 pm
includes any areas, fire history , all roads statewide, including backroads and fire roads, the location of every piece of equipment. and thousands of cameras, including remote utility cameras, as well as local fire weather and is infinitely expandable. we can simply do everything from the seat front seat where i can remove it and do it exterior of the other vehicles from the field. firefighters can input information in real time. dramatically speeding up and improving responses. thing about this is it's on an ipad which which, for most departments, you know they can afford to purchase if there's any weakness to the system at all. it happens in remote areas, especially canyons, where there's little or no wifi. but with commercial internet satellite wifi already on the market, that problem will be cleared up as well. tom vacar ktvu fox two news arson related
10:49 pm
arrests are well on track to surpass last year's total, according to new numbers from cal fire with nearly half the year remaining law enforcement has made 94 oxen arrests that's already more than half of last year's total of 149. in 4100 and 20 arrests were made a sharp rise from the total of 72,019 and 61 in 2000 and 18 cal fire encouraging people to contact them if they see suspicious fire activity. and whether a bit of a warm up out there today across most neighborhoods, but still some fog, stubborn fog out towards the coast. it's already creeping back into the bay for tonight. so in general, your headline in the short term will be cooler temperatures in your saturday forecast across most neighborhoods. but then into a sunday, you'll see a bit of a temperature balancing especially inland. those readings on track to reach at least the low, if not the mid nineties. as we head into early next week, satellite right now they're picking up on all that cloud cover just offshore. it's already pushing back into the bay for tonight.
10:50 pm
we'll go ahead and check in on some of the current numbers out there for the 10 o'clock hours. san francisco 55 napa 59 still a few sixties to report out toward concord, walnut creek and san jose reporting 64 degrees at last check. here's our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge, and we do have some low cloud cover out here, and it's kind of ramping up in coverage will be talking about some overcast tomorrow morning near the coast and right around portions of the bay. probably clear skies well inland and temperatures will be in the fifties to the lower sixties to start out your weekend morning. so here's the expected cloud pattern out there to out towards san francisco, oakland hayward, maybe a few patches well inland and also up in portions of the north bay. probably can guess the forecast not a big change the clouds clear back to near the coastline. with that we have some overcast near the shore line with this partly cloudy skies around the bay and then more sunshine inland temperatures on track to reach instead of the lower nineties. we're thinking some mid to maybe some upper eighties. so in
10:51 pm
general tomorrow will be a little bit cooler than today. but this area of high pressure this wants to build in and back out to the west, and this will be the source of our next warming trend for sunday and into monday. this will be the source of the nineties. it looks like the hottest day in the stretch will be on monday. i was like tahoe a beautiful weekend in the sierra, as far as current numbers out there temperatures right around 59 to the profit low fifties to low sixties. and then into the weekend. more sunshine for your saturday a pleasant day on sunday and even warmer into monday's looks pretty nice in the sierra, although i have to keep an eye on some of the wildfire smoke that could be drifting overhead that could cause produce. some hates. towards the highest for tomorrow that you can see it's still fairly warm inland. lots of eighties right around the base seventies for oakland, hayward and the coast, mainly in the lower sixties, so keep it cool near the shore line sunday. that's the day you'll notice that to warming, especially away from the coastline. so sunday, we're gonna warm things back up. monday warm the heart. the hot spots could be run 96 97 degrees
10:52 pm
inland. and then if you're not a fan of the heat, the fog comes to the rescue will definitely cool things off a bit in the next week for tuesday and into wednesday. all right, mark. thank you. fresh off their nba championship, the golden state warriors opened their summer program at the right city outside of chase center, the first show called hella. funny comedy night started at six o'clock earlier, there was a lineup of comedians, including kabir singh, who competed on the tv show america's got talent. here are some other events at thrive, city blankets and blockbusters. a family friendly sonoma series. that one starts saturday. july 16th. july 31st is the start of health and wellness sundays featuring fitness classes and healthy eating workshops. there will also be sessions on some wednesdays. coming up after the break. giants fans speak out the outfielder that will be headed to the all star game for the first time in black and orange. then on the 11 o'clock news, an effort to make traveling with kids easier, the effort from the biden administration to help families fly
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27.
10:55 pm
tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. andre sirius, six tonight and earlier in the day we learned outfielder jaak peterson will soon be returning to dodger stadium. but this time it will be as a starter for the all star game, and he will, of course, be wearing a rival giants uniform. peterson was voted in by the feds to playthall star game, and he is the first san francisco giants outfielder to make the all star game since hunter pence back in 2014. peterson spent his first seven seasons with the l. a dodgers and started in the start started all star game back in 2015. peterson leads the giants with 17 home runs so far this season across the pond. the wimbledon men's final is now set semifinal action from the all england club. top seed novak djokovic facing off against hometown hero
10:56 pm
cameron nori nori, trying to become the first british man to make the wimbledon final in six years today. it just would not be the day djokovic comes from behind to beat nori in four sets . the final will be djokovic vs nick curios on sunday curios advancing after rafael the doll withdrew with a torn abdominal muscle perfect weather for the american century championship celebrity golf tournament in south lake tahoe. what were your star and finals mvps steph curry among the field. just showing off 13 steph curry's found a fair way. yeah about it. show off a good way. curry second shot on 13 was a great one. he holds out for an eagle. this is curries 10th appearance at the tournament. by the way, he came in ninth place last year, and the fun didn't stop there, either. while the tournament at the tournament, curry made a young fan put in a little bit of
10:57 pm
hard work to get his autograph. steph was playing around and there was a guy who happened to be a big warriors fan who had a steph curry jersey there with him, just in case he saw the nba superstar, so he goes up to stephanie asked for his autograph. now step had some fun with him rather than just signing the jersey he said. okay, give me 30. good push ups . and then i'll get you your autograph, so the guy actually goes down to the ground. you know, young fit looking kid and any bangs out 30 good pushups, and he gets up and steph signs the autograph autographs of jersey and then they had a really cool moment. so why 30? you might ask why 30 pushups while that is, of course, the number curry. where's new at 10. nasa will unveil new images from the james webb telescope next week. it's a high tech endeavor meant to replace the hubble foxes met, napolitano tells us how the telescope could unveil a clearer idea of our solar system and beyond. james webb begins a voyage back to the birth of the
10:58 pm
universe space through a new lens. nasa tuesday is set to unveil images from the james webb space telescope also known simply as j. it's 30 years in the making set to pick up where the hubble telescope left off replacement, but it will do far more than hubble could ever do just because it is designed to see in infrared light, and that just means that we can see the absolute far reaches of the universe way back to the first light that was ever produced from the big bang with the jwst aerospace engineer camille kalambay. oh, known to her hundreds of thousands of social media followers, as the galactic gal says the technology used by the web space telescope will offer an unfiltered look into a time not yet fully understood by scientists. nasa releasing some preliminary images of what's to come tuesday. images that some thought would never come to reality with decades of delays north of bremen and you know, and in collaboration with a ton of other companies and nasa centers, and, um it just, you know, had had a lot of the lays
10:59 pm
over the years. it really just it's the most complicated things that humanity has ever built. so it is totally reasonable to assume that they're going to be delayed. the james webb space telescope relies on imaging instruments designed to detect infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. we want to look at things that are 13 point. seven billion years old. right so that light has actually expanded and had light expands. it gets into the infrared spectrum, and we call it red shifting technology that may illuminate stars, galaxies and even exoplanets poised to hold life that has gone on scene in new york. matt napolitano, fox news the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. it is the presence in the community where the community gets the opportunity to participate, and i'm stopping the violence here in the city of march in oakland , calling for peace has a city continues to deal with more shootings, more robberies and
11:00 pm
other violent crime. tonight's march in east oakland, just one component to a broad plan to address violence. hello again. i'm andre senior cristina rendon that march, also accompanied by festive gatherings in a number of parks tonight, ktvu is amber lee joins us live after talking to organizers. amber, they say this plan. is to prevent violence, and it takes time. that's right. christina. organizers tell me it takes time and patience and that a lot of work is being done. in addition to marches and gatherings, faith leaders and their supporters as they walked the streets of east oakland friday. this event started 10 years ago to promote the fight to stop gun violence. everybody thinks it's a one hit wonder these walks are just one of the pieces. of the overall strategy of ceasefire. organizers hope persistence in messaging will yield results. they say the walk is a representation of the behind the scenes and outreach work being done. it's a partnership that includes nonprofits, the police de


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