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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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there's a reason comcast business powers more businesses than any other provider. actually, there's a few. comcast business offers the fastest, reliable network... the protection of security edge... and the most reliable 5g network. want me to keep going? i can... whether your small business is starting or growing, you need comcast business. technology solutions that put you ahead. get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. ktvu box to search for new clues two decades after a homicide case goes cold tonight a family hoping a large reward in new technology will help bring their sister's killer to justice. for somebody just to take the life of my sister and me walking around this whole time, um,
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terrible. and so we just want justice for my sister. it has been 21 years since 25 year old paula brian was found dead after leaving a bar in san francisco. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. her killer has never been caught the police and loved ones hope and new reward changes that new attend. tonight. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live from san francisco with the message from investigators. amber. julia we're just outside the hall of justice on 8 50. bryant street is the home of homicide investigations. the victim's body was discovered just down the street from here and now, investigators and her family say they've never given up hope that this case will be solved. a sister was so funny. so down to earth. two siblings share memories of their older sister, paula brian, who's homicide is an unsolved cold case with san francisco police for 21 years i feel like it just happened yesterday. it just it never it's
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just something that is just always on my mind every day. avoid that can't be filled. ktvu nueva and kerry walker say brian was the best sister they could ask for. she was the most protective older sister and always made sure i had someone walking me home from school every day. police say the 25 year old was last seen around midnight on june 18th 2000 and one in front of a bar that's no longer there at the corner of sixth and mission streets. investigators say she was seen getting into a red sedan with a man with light colored hair around six ft. tall with the muscular build. they say he had an east coast accent and a tattoo on his right arm. there's a couple of people that they change and talk to you in regards to that that fit the description. but you never panned out, police say. less than two hours later, her body was discovered nearby on harriet street by a truck driver making a delivery. she would have been here somewhere. police investigators tell me it appears
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brian fought for her life. she suffered blunt force trauma. they would not say if she was sexually assaulted, but that robbery was not a motive. the victim was. had some significant injuries tour. and we know that she had been in the company of others some hours before she was discovered. police are now offering a new reward of $100,000 for information leading to the identification of resting conviction of the person responsible. investigators say with advances in dna technology , they will retest some items along with new evidence family shared this video. they enjoyed many trips with her to the beach favorite pastime now bittersweet memories. her sisters tell me brian was struggling with mental health issues and left behind two young daughters. we imagine our lives with her in it. and. to snap back into reality that she's not here. it's hard,
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ruined our family and just changed it, and we've never been the same. on the night. brian was found dead in the alleyway. investigators say there were people in the area, including homeless folks who live on the street and people who park their cars here when going to nearby clubs and bars. police up someone will information will come forward julie. let's hope that reward will prompt someone to come forward and help police make an arrest in this case, amber. thank you. the monterey county sheriff's office announced an arrest in the murder case from 1980 to any fam was just five years old when she begged her family to let her walk from their home in seaside to her elementary school just three blocks away. she never made it. her body was found two days later she had been kidnapped, sexually assaulted and strangled. updated dna testing led investigators to this man 70 year old robert leno , who had lived just around the corner from the fams. he was
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arrested in reno last week. and police in mountain view have also made an arrest in connection with a 30 year old cold case that involved the death of a 25 year old woman. police say dna found on the rope used to strangle laurie house has now been linked to 58 year old john kevin woodward. he's the president and ceo of ready tech. woodward was arrested on saturday at jfk airport in new york. after arriving from amsterdam. he was tried twice in the 19 nineties but never convicted due to insufficient evidence here from the victim's family about the arrest coming up tonight at 11 attend the sentencing date for elizabeth holmes has been moved. former theranos ceo will now be sentenced for three counts of fraud and one count of conspiracy on october 17th, or sentencing date was originally scheduled for september. 26th she faces up to 20 years in prison. holmes's former business partner, sonny bill wani, was convicted of 12 counts of fraud and conspiracy. just last week.
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he is expected to be sentenced in november. now to the city of richmond, where police are looking for vandals who trashed several schools over the weekend windows were broken. school supplies were thrown all around the classrooms as well as the hallways. interview crime reporter henry lee spoke to police that one of the campuses today and has a closer look at the damage. this is what custodians at lincoln elementary school in richmond found on monday morning. it's almost every classroom. had been vandalized the hallway absolutely vandalized. the hallway looked like a disaster zone with debris everywhere. legos and broken chairs, pencils , clothes. oy gun. the main office also trashed. it seemed like no glass was left on shattered school supplies, paints. tables everything that happened sometime over the weekend after the custodians left the school near sixth and chancellor in the heart of richmond on friday afternoon. the schools closed for summer break, and that's probably just as well. the home of the lions,
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looking more like a lion's den. richmond police say it's likely a group of teenagers who broke into this classroom window. investigators will try to determine if any former students are responsible. ktvu cameras were rolling as a police technician, processed this window for fingerprints and took these baseball bats that may have been used in the burglary, richmond police lieutenant matt stone breaker says the motive appears not to be fed, but instead just vandalism right now. it doesn't appear that anything's missing, but they're still looking into that as well . all the electronic on campus smashed but not grabbed the laptops. the computers. were all destroyed in the schools and throwing around onto the ground stepped on throwing down stairways. richmond police are looking into whether the same group also vandalized nystrom elementary and a third campus over the weekend, as well as the fourth the previous weekend. how the assailants are getting around if they're walking or if they're biking, or they're driving to these different schools. it's going to take
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awhile for custodians of mess up . the police are asking anyone with information surveillance video card. richmond. henry lee ktvu fox tune evens the family of an inmate who died at santa rita jail filed a lawsuit today alleging he was denied adequate healthcare. maurice monk of oakland died of heart and blood pressure complications last november. the family blames jail staff for refusing to give him his prescribed medication. monk was the 57th person to die at santa rita. since 2014. that number has now risen to 59, a representative from the alameda county sheriff's office, did not immediately respond for comment . hundreds of people lined up right outside san francisco general hospital today, hoping to get a dose. of the monkey pox vaccine. demand for the vaccine is now growing as more cases of the virus emerged across the country. ktvu jana katsuyama here now in studio without people can get information on the disease and access to those vaccines. jenna well, according
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to the latest cdc data published today. california has the second highest number of confirmed cases in the nation behind new york today. san francisco general offered a walk in clinic with no appointment needed, and people told us that they waited as long as two hours just to get that monkey pox vaccine. the line to get monkey pox vaccine stretched outside zuckerberg san francisco general hospital monday have a little bit of inkling that it was going to be crowded, but i mean yeah. you got to do what you gotta do. i thought there would be a long line. i honestly thought i probably wouldn't get one today, but i try anyway, general staff say they will have a walk in clinic all week for people who have been exposed to monkeypox virus, which has a characteristic rash is transmitted through close contact or bedding. it looked terrible. i mean, it's like they were covered in red spots and blistered so i definitely don't want that. some people waiting in line say they are worried because they have been in
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proximity with people who had confirmed cases i have been to an event, whereas notified after the fact that there were reported cases so kind of anxious about that. on monday, the cdc posted a map showing 39 states plus the district of columbia and hawaii, as well as puerto rico reported monkeypox cases. the map shows california had some 148 cases. sf general says they've received 2308 monkey pox vaccine doses in the past week, but many people say that is not enough. with the fast spread. think we really need a lot more doses in san francisco general and the san francisco aids foundation are holding an online town hall meeting on monkey pox on tuesday evening, partnering with a long list of community groups and leaders. we need to get ahead of it as soon as possible. honey mahogany, one of the co sponsors, says tuesday's town hall meeting is important to get accurate information out to the public. and there should be more
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community meeting, she says, and efforts to secure more vaccine doses before the virus spreads. you need to get the feedback of where the holes in the chain of information who is not being served. how do we get better at providing service? there needs to be some sort of feedback loop and a community meeting is a great way to do that. the cdc says they expect an increase in monkey pox vaccine supplies in the coming weeks and months. tomorrow's town hall meeting on monkey pox is online and registration is free by going to the sf aids foundation website. jana katsuyama here in studio, jenna. thank you. health officials in sonoma county's here they've actually detected three cases of what appears to be monkeypox. those tests conducted so far indicate ortho pox virus, which includes monkeypox. public health officials were told to assume that ortho packs cases are in fact monkey parts until further testing is done. the samples are being sent to the cdc for confirmation in the south bay,
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santa clara county health officials are urging residents to wear masks even in some outdoor settings due to the rising covid rate. more than 1000 new daily infections are being reported. the hospitalization rate has also jumped significantly in the past month with 233 coronavirus patients. that's the highest number since the first wave of crown infections in january. health officials recommend wearing a mask, especially indoors and when outdoors and when an outdoor when they're in a large gathering, where people are in close contact with one another. the u. s. department of health and human services says it will by 3.2 million doses of nova back's covid vaccine shot will be the fourth brand of coronavirus vaccine here in the us once it is authorized for emergency use by the fda and recommended by the cdc. the vaccine is not authorized yet, but is expected to be soon. it's currently being administered in 40 countries. tonight firefighters out there on the
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front lines battling the washburn fire that's threatening those historic sequoias in yosemite national park after the break the concern and the gratitude from neighbors at a community meeting held tonight. to you. your team's everybody associated with this. thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you. already we're taking in. look at the weather. temperatures are cooling off significantly tomorrow. it's going to be noticeable. i'll see you back here with that also ahead. another hurdle for people who want to keep a major street in san francisco car free coming up tonight at 10 30, a measure that will now appear on the november there's a reason comcast business powers more businesses than any other provider. actually, there's a few. comcast business offers the fastest, reliable network... the protection of security edge...
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fire burning in yosemite national park today, containment numbers slipped from 25% to 22% as that fire grew by 380 acres and tonight, officials say, the world famous mariposa grove of sequoias is still threatened. fire officials met with community members this evening to give new information on the firefight. ktvu s elissa harrington joins us now live. she's in the newsroom for us tonight. alyssa. what are people saying? well, julie evacuees and others who live in communities threatened by this fire were able to ask questions . and, of course, many want to know when they can go home. at this time. firefighters don't
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have that answer, but they say they are working day and night to put out this fire to defend homes and to protect yosemite's famed mariposa growth. to you. your team's everybody associated with this. thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you. community members from towns at the edge of the washburn fire, thank firefighters and ask questions about efforts to get them back into their homes forced the evacuation of several campsites and the town of wawona, where officials say about 150 people live and where hundreds of other tourists were staying. we were all in concert. trying to determine the best soon it's time to get you guys home. but for me when i don't have to worry about you getting hit by a falling tree or rock on your way home. that's when you go home. the washburn fire has been burning since thursday afternoon. flames are on the edge of the world famous mariposa grove, where roughly
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500 towering sequoias are at risk. these are national treasures, and it's a priority to protect them. the u. s forest service shared these videos showing what they are doing to protect trees like the famous grizzly giant, which is arguably one of the most famous trees on earth, and we've got a sprinkler systems set up around it, and we're trying to give it some, you know, preventive first aid really keep the area wet, cool flames and increased humidity. brown crews have been removing logs and other pieces of large debris that could act as fuel. already lots of dead trees in the area. here crews used chainsaws and rakes to remove dead branches from the path of the surviving tunnel tree, which was tunneled back in the 18 hundreds to let horse drawn carriages through. we really don't want to leave this one to chance, because this really is such an iconic tree. there's hundreds of fire personnel on the ground aircraft fighting the
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flames from above. we're here to serve the community. we're here to protect you. so thank you for being patient with us. we'll get out of here out of your hair as quickly as we can. thank you. at this time. there are no reports of any injuries or structures damaged. another community is planned for friday, reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa thank you and senator dianne feinstein tweeted about the fire, saying yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and its ancient giant sequoias are california icons. thank you to all of the firefighters working around the clock to save yosemite's mariposa grove and prevent further damage to the park. the electrical fire burning in the sierra foothills is nearly completely under control. calif iron now says that this wildfire is 93% contained. the fire has burned nearly 4500 acres in amador and calaveras county sent it started up on the fourth of july. no homes have been destroyed or damaged and all evacuation orders have been lifted in most
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roadways in the area, including all of highway 49 have reopened smoke from the washburn fire has made its way into parts of the bay area, prompting an air quality advisory. most of the polluted air is high up in elevation and mostly in the north and east bay. but people who do smell smoke are advised to take precautions, especially seniors, children and people who suffer from asthma. take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family. we recommend things like, you know, closing doors and windows, creating a clean air room in your home. changing your air filter things of that nature so that we really just wanted to make sure that we do whatever we can to make sure that the public is safe. the bay area air quality management district says an air quality advisory is not expected for tomorrow due to changing weather patterns. yeah julian. the patterns are changing in a good way. they're setting us up with an onshore flow more of an onshore flow. smoke gets blown out of here tomorrow and then we get much cooler temperatures and higher
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humidities as well. these were the highest from today. highs tomorrow are going to be cooler by get 5 to 10 degrees, so in terms of firefighting, it's going to be a really good weather pattern for that. again the high temperature 100 anti octa day it was 96 in livermore. it was 91 in morgan hill high's tomorrow. mostly in the upper eighties, mid eighties and the warmest spots fog out there now i don't know what she's doing truthfully. dragging fog out there now is going to push pretty far inland. the next couple of mornings, and that's going to help greatly with their quality fire, danger, dropping temperatures and then we warm a little into the weekend so tomorrow wake up. cloudy end up pretty mild next day like that, and then a little warmer for the weekend. i'll see you back here in a few minutes, bill. thank you. a large fire at a homeless encampment in oakland led to the closure of part of the mcarthur maze during the morning commute. as fire broke down right near 34th in wood streets underneath the 8 80 flyover around 10 20
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this morning, multiple vehicles , including rvs did burn and it took firefighters just about three hours to get this one under control. no injuries were reported. chp shut down the freeway connectors because of the thick black smoke and due to concerns also that heat from the fire could damage the roadway. we've had numerous fires here at this location, and we every time we have concerns about the structural integrity, we have cars. we have rvs we have a ton of combustible materials, hazardous materials. we've had several explosions since we've been here working on this incident. caltrans reopened the freeway nearly four hours later, after an inspection there will be further inspections to make sure there's no hidden damage out there. the homeless encampment was already in the process of being dismantled. the fight over abortion rights continues in washington coming up in two minutes. the bill, the house is expected to take up this week as the biden administration says some abortions are protected
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nationwide breaking new view. of the universe at 10 45. the first image from nasa's new $10 billion telescope and what scientists say we can actually learn from the opening snapshot.
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one of two abortion rights bills this week. the first bill to come up would protect a person's right to travel for abortion services. the other would give healthcare providers the right to provide abortion services and patients the right to obtain that. both measures are expected to be defeated in the senate, but voted on it would put lawmakers on record as congress heads right toward those midterm elections. the biden administration is now telling hospitals that they must provide abortion services. if the life of the mother is at risk. in a letter to healthcare providers, the department of health and human services says that federal law on emergency treatment guidelines. preempts state law,
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even in states, where the procedure has banned after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. joe biden administration says the guidance does not reflect any new policy but reminds doctors and providers of their existing obligations. president biden is touting the recent passage of the new bipartisan gun law. he described the new restrictions as real progress during a celebration at the white house today. the bipartisan package is already facing criticism from gun control advocates who say it does not go far enough. and while oliver, whose son died in the parkland school shooting in 2018 interrupted the president's remarks today and called for more action. today's many things has proved that despite the naysayers, we can make meaningful progress on dealing with gun violence years. families from highland park and you've already texas are planning to hold a protest on capitol hill on wednesday, calling on congress to take more
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action and ban assault weapons. senator lindsey graham of south carolina has been ordered to appear before a special grand jury. a judge ruled the senator must comply with the subpoena to testify, declaring him a necessary witness. to the investigation into former president donald trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election. senator graham allegedly made at least two phone calls to georgia's secretary of state in the weeks following the election. graham's attorneys have criticized the investigation, calling it politically motivated. the first policy action from san francisco's new district attorney, she supporting an effort to give police access to surveillance footage, but the plan is controversial. and we're really concerned about the impacts to first run, right? coming up after the break how police say the plan will help them keep san franciscans safer . a familiar face be coming back to coach those san jose earthquakes. joe fonzi will have that in sports. and also an unprovoked police canine attack
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on a woman walking her dog coming up. the victim describes the ordeal in the injuries is now having to deal with
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in-stock job-lot quantities and installation materials, or a powerful partner to help take your business to the next level, we've got you covered. discover floor and decor today! cisco says it turned in enough signatures today to put a measure on the november ballot on the closures of jfk drive in the great highway two cars, voters will decide whether to bring cars back to jfk drive on weekdays and saturdays and reopen the great highway seven days a week. it's currently closed on weekends. the road closures are meant to create more space for pedestrians and recreation. the group access for all says the closures have limited access to these areas. san francisco's new district attorney, brooke jenkins, made her first policy move today, giving her support for a plan that would give police more access to private surveillance camera footage, he wrote in a
10:30 pm
letter to the board of supervisors. not only will it serve a practical purpose of helping us to deter crime and hold those who commit crimes in our city accountable. but it will also send a message to those scheming to prey on our city that there will be consequences for their actions. but as ktvu christian captain, reports, some still have reservations about protecting civil liberties. san francisco's police department is now outlining plans to the board of supervisors for how and when it would try to gain live access to private surveillance cameras, the chief saying, being able to monitor crime in real time would allow police to respond more quickly. if we can tap into that information, we can be more efficient, more effective and more surgical in terms of the people who are involved in activity, making sure we address those people and not others who are not involved in it activities. the department says it's been working on developing a system to protect civil liberties, asking on a case by case basis for permission to access private cameras on an as needed basis. the department also says it's working on
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guidelines to make sure video isn't stored or used it sometime later down the road unless it can be tied to a specific incident. we definitely understand that there is a balance between what we need to do in the city. with the use of surveillance, private surveillance cameras and the constitutional privacy that that we enjoy in this in this country. the electronic frontier foundation is one of the groups expressing concerns, saying the current proposal still does not go far enough to protect people from routine invasions of privacy. and we're really concerned about the impacts, um , to first run rights to the privacy rights of regular san francisco's just going about their regular day everyday lives . um and what this means for particularly marginalized communities. union square is one of the areas with a robust camera network. the department may ask to access the union square alliance, saying it wants to work with the department to make sure access is granted to its network of cameras to prevent mob style robberies, but with the understanding that officers would not abuse the
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privilege, this is for keeping san franciscans safe. this is for keeping visitors who visit our beautiful city safe and really being mindful. there's a balance here. we want to make sure that this is under certain circumstances heightened circumstances right now. police can access cameras after the fact this proposal would allow them to access those private cameras. in real time, the committee is set to revisit the issue of police cameras. next week, the board of supervisors could vote on the plan by the end of the month in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news we are hearing from a woman in the south beach tonight who says she was suddenly attacked by a police canine while walking her dog investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky has been covering the story. he spoke with the victim who says she doesn't want the same thing to happen to someone else again. i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. it was awful, melissa silva said. she's still in shock. after being attacked by a police dog in santa clara over the weekend. around two pm
10:33 pm
saturday. she was taking her dog for a walk here at the santa clara youth soccer park. doing anything except for trying to go for a walk. and i couldn't understand why the dog was attacking me and not letting go listening to his commander, melissa silva said she had just taken one step onto the soccer field when a police canine seemed to come out of nowhere. first it attacked her small dog named chapo. before it sunk its teeth into her arm and pulled her to the ground. what followed was a 45 seconds struggle that she said felt like an eternity. it's surreal. it's unreal. i can't believe that the dog would just he wasn't commanded to attack. he was he just attacked after police finally got the dog off of her silver was rushed in an ambulance to santa clara valley medical center, where doctors stitched up multiple puncture wounds. she took these photos that we blurred because of how gruesome they are. santa clara police wouldn't go on camera but sent us this statement says quote while
10:34 pm
conducting off leash training a person and their dog unexpectedly entered the facility through the closed and latched gate. the police canine immediately ran toward the person and their dog. the person picked up her dog and struck the police canine in the head, resulting in an unintentional bite to the person's upper arm. ktvu has been reporting on several controversial police dog bites in the bay area. our two month investigation earlier this year found there were no statewide standards on canine training or use. we found canines are responsible for serious injuries, and sometimes the victims like silver were never suspected of a crime. silver said she reached out to ktvu after seeing our previous coverage of similar cases. never in a million years. did i think it would happen to me. just randomly walking through the park, especially on a saturday afternoon in santa clara, evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news woman in the south bay is
10:35 pm
offering up a $10,000 reward for the safe return of her french bulldog. quinn asia, powell says the puppy was stolen on saturday as she was loading her suv. the target parking lot located on holger way in san jose powell says two masked men in a dark colored nissan pulled up. grabbed the dog and drove off. i jumped into their car, fighting him trying to get my dog back and they drive off with me in the car. are you in it or hanging in? it slash hanging out of it. he's actually fighting me to get me out of the car. target has reportedly provided video from security cameras to police the people for the ethical treatment of animals urges dog owners to keep their pets on a leash at all times and also to never leave them alone in a car. we're tied up outside. at least two people are dead following a series of robberies today at southern california 7 11 stores . police say at least three of the six robberies are linked to each other enforcement officials have released a surveillance photo of the suspect wanted in
10:36 pm
connection with the robberies. historic clerk was fatally shot at a store in bria that's in orange county, and in santa ana , a customer was shot to death in the parking lot. they were also robberies in la habra, ontario, upland and riverside, where another customer was shot. the victim suffered life threatening injuries. crimes occurred on july 11th or 7 11 day. the fact that it is 7 11 and there are seven elevens obviously being targeted today. um that's something that they could potentially be looking into. the company says it is working with local law enforcement. we don't get to win and get our sister back. we get to win and maybe get some justice or some closure loved ones of a woman killed decades ago in the south bay find out about an arrest in the case coming up that investigators tracked down the suspect. and there's lots of fog and low
10:37 pm
clouds pushing inland tonight is going to be cooler day tomorrow. we'll have that forecast coming up. at first after the break. the investigation underway after video appears to show a very young package thief. check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you. "poof" burt, you have my lunch. introducing togo's new pastrami cheese ste loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese.
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kage thief in vallejo. this is video here, showing what appears to be a child stealing a package from a porch at the meritage apartment complex on via vista avenue. he appears to run back to an adult. with that package. neighbors tell ktvu. they recognize the child as someone who also lives in the complex. vallejo police say they are investigating the incident.
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stocks slumped and wall street today with inflation still front and center on the minds of investors. the dow lost 164 points. nasdaq was down 262 and the s and p dropped 44. shares in twitter fell 11% today as wall street reacted to the news that elon musk is withdrawing from the deal to buy the social media platform. the stock price dropped below $33 today that is well below $54 a share. musk agreed to pay for the company must claims that twitter failed to provide enough information about the number of fake accounts on its service. but many observers say that's a smokescreen for his dear desire to abandon the deal. he has made it clear he doesn't want to pay the $44 billion for twitter. it's notable that he made that offer before the market started to crash, so no matter what twitter is worth less probably than what it was back then. and you know he's got. he's got buyer's remorse. it's very clear. the company is preparing
10:41 pm
to file suit in delaware must could be on the hook for $1 billion severance via judge could also order must pay the full $44 billion and complete the deal. new attend. electric carmaker rivian automotive is reportedly planning job cuts, according to a bloomberg report. the company headquartered in irvine, may eliminate 5% of its workforce. the company has more than 10,000 workers at a number of facilities across the country. rivian had not commented on the possible cuts. the company said just last week, though, that it was on track to meet its production goal of 25,000 vehicles for the year. san francisco based retailer gap has fired its chief executive officer for failing to rescue the struggling company. sonia single, is leaving after 2.5 years with gap as the retailer battle supply chain challenges and slumping sales. analysts say rising costs and deepening discounts are threatening to wipe out the quarters. operating profit for gap. bob martin, the company's current executive chairman of the board, will
10:42 pm
serve as interim president and ceo. gap shares fell more than 4% in extended trading on the news, all right, still to come. new video of two sea lions chasing people on a southern california beach plus nasa unveils its first photo from its most powerful space telescope yet i'm lauren blanchard in washington. i'll show you the picture and tell you more about the telescope that took it coming up. also ahead tonight we're going to see lower temperatures this week, chief meteorologist bill martin will have your five day forecast coming up.
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nasa today as a space engine agency unveiled the first full color image taken by the powerful $10 billion. james webb space telescope. the photo shows the clearest image of the distant universe today. fax news. lauren blanchard has a closer look. this infrared photo of galaxies and stars the result of decades of hard work. you're seeing just a small little portion of the universe. the telescope almost acting as a time machine showing us light from 13 billion years ago, nearly as long ago as the big bang going back almost to the beginning. that is the discovery that we are making with this $10
10:46 pm
billion james webb space telescope took off for its mission back in december. since then it's traveled one million miles. it is the largest telescope ever sent into space with a mirror diameter of 21 ft . compare that to the hubble telescope's mirror diameter, just shy of eight ft. stunning clarity. it will enhance what we know about the origins of our universe. our solar system. impossibly life itself. color image. the white house released monday is the clearest and highest resolution infrared glimpse into space we have ever seen in history. these images are going to remind the world that america can do big things. and remind the american people, especially our children. that there's nothing beyond our capacity. on tuesday, nasa will release four more photos the telescope has taken in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. this week, dozens of
10:47 pm
middle school students are taking part in a camp designed to help expose them to careers in science, technology, engineering and math. the signs in the city program is a partnership between the nonprofit, the social engineering project and the stanford linear accelerator center of the idea here is to give under represented students of color access to stem activities. and fuel of future in the field. part of the problem is what science? it's hard to really relate to it, so if you can learn it from a culture relevant perspective, you're more inclined to engage with stick with it and eventually want to go to college and majoring something like that , uh, and do a career with that later on in life, you're seeing real life businesses that actually look like them engineers that look like them out here doing things that are changing the world. organizers say when the children are older , the goal is to help them apply for internships and guide them
10:48 pm
into a career in tech, and our conversation with kevin nicholls is part of our ongoing voices for change effort, a reminder that you can catch our special program voices for change the last sunday of every month at 9 30 in the morning, right here on ktvu, fox two. alright temperatures today we're on the warm side just like yesterday too hot days in a row and then we're getting a big break tomorrow. so that 100 out there in antioch was one of the hot spots. we had plenty of heat as i said 95 napa. 94 in vallejo, the low clouds and fog. it was blue clouds and really dense fog along the coast earlier today, but what's happened is we've got a marine layer that's really deepened out. so that last light picture shows this fog up over the golden gate bridge. go back to it, so right, so that's on. that's not even really fog at this place, almost just little clouds, but with that in mind, it's able to get really, really far inland with that big, deep marine layer push. humidities
10:49 pm
increased temperatures drop in tomorrow is very noticeably cooler day. the weather system to the north is the reason for the cooling or the mechanism for stretching out the marine layer this low up here in the gulf of alaska, which is so often been president in the spring and in in in the early parts of the summer months, you can see that kind of southwesterly flow, indicating the low pressure, the lower pressure that's weakened the high and there you go. big onshore push. so what's it mean ? tomorrow's cooler by noticeable amount tended 10 to 12 to 15 degrees in some places , the greens that's right now the temperatures have dropped significantly from last night, this time when we did not have a quite a robust onshore flow, and so that's indication as well going to court tomorrow. this model forecast model shows. the cloud cover tomorrow morning in the bay area. see how far inland is that's fog and low clouds. so that's all the way up into vacaville, fairfield up towards davis. a live picture shows the fog high the forecast for
10:50 pm
tomorrow morning, then is going to be that fog pretty much in all nine bay area counties. with temperatures slowly warming up slowly warming up. so these forecast highs tomorrow. 80 and napa etienne and in and out towards fairfield, 89 in fairfield. pardon me, etienne filet helped these temperatures are cooler than they were today by significant amount. in temperatures. um the next couple of days, we'll stay here. so that's great news, right? because he had a couple of hot days are very warm days today and yesterday and now we're getting this significant cool down. which is exactly what you want to see what cal fire wants to see. in terms of just the ability to fight fires and for stall fires than um, washburn fire up in the seventies going to get a big dose of humidity from this and same with the electro fire, so this is very helpful to all things considered. i'll see you back here at 11. we'll see them, bill. thank you. we'll take a look at this. a wild and dangerous site caught in southern california. a pair of sea lions chasing beachgoers.
10:51 pm
the sea lions were sunbathing in la jolla cove in san diego on saturday when something prompted them to suddenly charge a large group of people. a video shared on tiktok shows more than a dozen people running up the beach to get away from the massive sea lions. then the sea lions turn and head back into the water where swimmers were trying to get out of their way. no one was hurt. signs are posted in the area, warning visitors to stay away from the wild animals notice for san francisco, pet owners san francisco animal care and control says it shelter is currently full of dogs. officials say they have taken in 23 dogs since yesterday afternoon. and if you're missing a dog, you are encouraged to look at their websites lost and found center. the shelter is also asking people to delay surrendering dogs until next week, and if you are looking to adopt a dog now is a great time as there are a number of dogs available for adoption there at the center. coming up in sports. the giants try to get back on the winning track as they go for
10:52 pm
their third straight win. as they take on the diamondbacks. we'll have highlights up next and then on the 11 o'clock news , see how sacramento state plans to take people out of this world tomorrow with a free show. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting ibal sovereignty vote yes on 27. and help californians that are hurting the most.
10:53 pm
welcome to the middle of everything! did you know that the corn dog was born right here in illinois? (gasps) woohoo! bye bye! oh, i'm scared of heights too, grandma. but then i got tall! ha ha ha.
10:54 pm
hello again. everyone is what's happening tonight in sports. the giants back home, hoping they could continue with a little momentum after two straight wins in san diego, alex cobb on the mound against arizona had just one bad inning. one run had already scored, and the diamondbacks still had the bases loaded with two outs. dalton bar show lines went down the right field line is the ball caroms off the wall. two runners come home. it's three arizona. those are the only three runs cobb. allowed in six innings 4 to 1 when the giants came to the plate in the eighth, one more floors shot hits. the third base
10:55 pm
bag heads down the line that sends lamonte wade home from second. darren rough goes to third floors has a double rough later scored and it was 43 bases loaded now for brandon crawford with one out. crawford pulls one nowhere. ramirez pitched the first word. christian walker starts at 361 double play. the play was reviewed the out call held up at first base. diamondbacks get out of the ending and survival modest giants rally in the ninth for a 4 to 3 wins. wild game tonight in texas for mark qazi in the aids oakland already down 62 in the sixth, when just smith lines one to center off kirby snead, the boss scoots past remote laureano. it'll roll for while while laureano chases after it virus scores from second smith comes all the way around with what was ruled an inside the park home run. it was eight to texas. second that the aids couldn't have kept it there when they entered the 8th 10 to 4 games with a couple of runners on for oakland, chad pinder. it's a towering drive to left
10:56 pm
off kobe allard, stephen duggar . it has a bead on the ball, but not quite tall enough. that's a three run shot 10 to 7. the aids got six runs in the inning and the night they put the tying runs on base. pinder has another shot, but brett martin gets in swinging at a nasty breaking pitch. the ball actually fouled tipped, but catcher mary's viloria hangs on texas hangs on for a 10 to 8 point. two weeks and a day from now the 49ers will open their training camp. until that happens, the biggest topic of discussion between now and then will be whether or not jimmy garoppolo is still on the roster on that day. it's no secret that the 49ers have for some time in trying to find a team interested in trading for garoppolo. their leverage was weakened when garoppolo had surgery on his throwing shoulder shortly after the end of the season. according to garoppolo agent has recovery is going according to schedule, and garoppolo is expected to begin throwing this month. today comes a report that the seattle seahawks, maybe seriously considering making a deal for
10:57 pm
garoppolo. the seahawks were said to be interested in baker mayfield until he became a carolina panther last week after trading russell wilson, seattle's choice of starting quarterbacks currently on the roster are drew lock and geno smith, or that may give the 49ers a little more bargaining power, despite the fact that it's uncommon for a team to trade within its division with the potential of seeing that player twice. during the season. and chris. quiet. wondolowski came along. he was the unquestioned all time face of the santas earthquakes, according to reports tonight. landon donovan is among the finalists to take over as manager of the quakes. donovan holds that position right now, with the second tier san diego loyal in the usl donovan played for the quakes for the first four years of his mls career before then spending 11 seasons with the l. a galaxy. the quakes are currently managed on an interim basis by alex cavallo after mathias almeida was fired back in april. the u. s women's soccer team taking on mexico
10:58 pm
tonight in the concacaf world championship, was still a scoreless game in the 89th minute. lots of traffic in front of the mexican net. taylor corn , isaac centers to emily sonnet who tries to header that's turned back, but christie muses there for the follow nice effort by the mexican goalie. but she's out of position when news follows the u. s wins one nothing to win group a. the u. s has already qualified for next year's world cup but will now meet costa rica in the semifinals. no las vegas summer league action for the warriors tonight who are monitoring the progress of their young players , they hope will be the next core of the team stars while the warriors like gary payton, the second auto porter and others to free agency, they also signed a valuable veteran player and donte divincenzo. vincenzo has a pretty good pedigree, having won two ncaa championships with villanova. and then one in the nba with the milwaukee bucks. vincenzo is only 25 could be a significant role player for the warriors. he also got pitched by
10:59 pm
a couple of pretty high profile players. once i had the conversation with stefan draymond, everything kind of slowed down for me a little bit. we talked about the culture and the environment and what's best for dante and in a selfish way. that's what i was thinking of. you know, each place that i was in that was a winning environment winning culture. it wasn't it wasn't a meeting that was, you know it was a wee thing, and that's what they emphasized to me, and that's what i wanted to be a part of all right. time for a little check this out action on a monday evening, or you know those shadow puppet things that we all do from time to time. check this out. this guy is known as shadow ace. uh he doesn't just do the chomping alligator. uh he's got game shadow. ace lives in the philippines. everything look at that. you do that 12 hands. he was a finalist on asia's talents . i think he has a very talented , unusual he's got it unusual. yeah. all right. thank you. nice to 11. i have really high hopes.
11:00 pm
i mean, it sounds to me like it's pretty much definitely proves that he was that he did this new at 11 loved ones of a woman murdered decades ago in mountain view, react to a new arrest in the cold case. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. good evening, everyone and mike mibach julie julie haener mountain view. police say they have made an arrest in a nearly 30 year old cold case thanks to advances in dna technology, and the suspect was taken into custody in new york after arriving from the netherlands, where he had been running his own company. ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peter is live in mountain view, with reaction from the victim's family knew at 11 lamonica. john woodward was arrested back in 1992 and tried twice for the murder of laurie house. now police say they believe they have evidence to put him behind bars. she didn't get to meet my kids.


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