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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  July 12, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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with the latest jesse julie, the employee in question is on paid administrative leave, while the vita and the sheriff's department investigates what was said, and the consequences that followed. santa clara county sheriff's investigators say 64 year old douglas lost, rem threatened violence against vt. a june 17th work at the agency's bus yard on south seventh in san jose. court documents show loft room. a bus driver was worried about a hearing over his lack of covid vaccination. the vita requires all employees to be inoculated. a coworker says lost room remarked. there was going to be some shooting today, adding if i get fired, you're going to see me on the news. he made the same remark to a second employee, while one thought the 23 year employee was just venting his frustration with covid policy. another felt uneasy, threatened and fear for her safety and the safety of
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other vita employees. a little more than a year ago. former vita employee sam cassidy killed nine coworkers before taking his own life at the light rail yard on north first street at younger records show, cassidy fumed his hatred for vita for months before investigators say his emotions lead to deadly actions . lost room was not immediately fired for creating the perception of an unsafe work environment but is on paid leave in this day and age, and this is time. any comments that are relating to any tendra violence , whether it be at a school of workplace of church. all of these things have to be taken into serious reflection upon being saying about the statement , vita general manager carolyn bennett says it is unacceptable for any vita employee to make violent threats against this agency. and such behavior will not be tolerated is following the required administrative procedure to deal with the june 17th incident and a decision on mr lost employment status will be made following a disciplinary
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hearing. on a go fund me page lost from denies making the violent threats and is raising funds for his legal defense, the number of his coworkers or other people in that organization would be would be somewhat apprehensive to his returning to the workplace. washroom says stress over the hearing contributed to his actions. he admits the equip about being on the news was wrong, but he says he never mentioned anything about a gun. he is charged with making criminal threats will be back here at the courthouse august 29th. he is free on bail , but he's wearing an ankle monitoring device, and the sheriff's office has seized all of his weapons. outside the hall of justice here in san jose. just a gary ktvu fox two news went back to you, jesse, like the gentleman in your story said you can never be too careful this day and age. right? thank you. governor newsom has signed a new law that holds gunmakers liable for gun violence. this
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law allows state local government and californians to sue gunmakers. it was co authored by san francisco assembly member phil ting. the legislation allows lawsuits against manufacturers and sellers of firearms for the harm that is caused by their products, governor newsom says with the new legislation, quote the gun industry can no longer hide from the devastating harm their products cause attorney general rob bonta issued a statement about the new gun law that says in part quote there is no reason that the gun industry should be the only industry exempt from responsibility for the harm that its products cause, especially when it's products are responsible for the deaths of thousands of americans each year in california, we refused to settle with thoughts and prayers as innocent lives are lost, we demand and will deliver urgent action now. police in santa clara released new details today about an incident early this morning in the emergency room at the santa clara kaiser hospital, police
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say just before five am a suicidal patient told staff he wanted to die committing suicide by cop. police were called. they secured the area put the emergency department on lockdown and called in crisis negotiators. did you notice any everything was calm and everything was routine. now that's very scary with what's everything with what everything's going on these days every day, there's a couple of mass shootings that sounds like that negotiator managed to calm the patient who surrendered peacefully. that person is now receiving mental health services . police later determined the gun the patient had was a realistic looking replica. the er was reopened by seven a.m. san francisco's new district attorney, brooke jenkins, toured the city's tenderloin neighborhood today, getting a firsthand view of open air, drug dealing and drug use. she's been on the job now for two full days , and jenkins says she's already reviewing cases and that her office will prosecute drug offenses. ktvu christian captain
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. joining us now live and you joined the d a. on her tour today of the tenderloin. and what is she promising christian? yeah the d a is already saying that her office is working to hold lawbreakers accountable. she says that her office is currently reviewing plea agreements that are currently in the works to make sure that they're still appropriate. tuesday morning, san francisco's new district attorney, brooke jenkins, walked through the city's tenderloin to see for herself drug deals and use in the streets. she says her pledge to take action to stop open air drug sales and use is already underway for office now reviewing plea deals that have been offered, but not yet accepted on drug cases to see if those deals should still be on the table. i am aware of the data that only three offenders were required to plead to drug sales charges in the year. 2021 i am committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco. the d, a. also saying her office will work on
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rebuilding relationships with law enforcement agencies as part of a broader effort to combat drug sales and use working with the other agencies that are going to be necessary to solve this problem right to start working with sfpd with their narcotics unit with the tenderloin unit with the u. s attorney's office. randy shaw from the tenderloin housing clinic, led the district attorney on her tour and said for too long, the city has allowed the tenderloin to descend into squalor as long as it was contained. he says he hopes jenkins will take the steps needed to clean up the tl. we need a police district attorney who will prosecute drug dealers. these dealers know if they get arrested, they're going away. they're not coming back on the street. the next day, we need to be recognized. we need to be part of this we affected were down here every day 18 hours a day, seven days a week. del seymour says he's frustrated, he says he runs three businesses in the tenderloin. and so far, he says, he's reserved his judgment on whether the new district attorney will help the area will see politics gets involved with ah, situation until politics
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should never be part of treatment of the tenderloin, but it tends to always get there. some residents in the tenderloin say they hope the new district attorney will pursue medical interventions for drug users in the area rather than jail. people who are using still are using still come out, you know it's addiction is a disease they have to address the disease. as for how this new d a says she'll know if she's succeeding, she says success in this case cannot be measured with convictions or jail sentences. she said she will look to the community to tell her if they are seeing positive changes. we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox studios will wait to see if this shifting approach works in the tenderloin and across the city, christian. thank you. opioid makers, allergen and teva have agreed to pay millions of dollars to settle a federal lawsuit brought by the city of san francisco. under the settlement announced today, the drug makers will pay san francisco $34 million in
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cash and provide $20 million worth of narcan, according to city attorney david chiu. the drug industry fueled an overdose and addiction surge in san francisco that created a public nuisance. the san francisco case is one of only a handful against companies over the opioid epidemic that have gone to trial. new details. now investigators in contra costa county say a teenager suspected in an armed robbery at a grocery store parking lot is linked to another similar crime. 18 year old leon fountain of anti r pleaded not guilty to charges of armed robbery outside the trader joe's store in danville on july 1st. prosecutors say fountain also entered a not guilty plea to a robbery just one week prior in walnut creek, they say fountain and a minor used an illegal ar 15 style rifle and other guns to steal people's rolex watches. san francisco leaders today called on the federal government to provide more monkey pox vaccine, saying
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there needs to be more aggressive campaign against the disease views henry lee joining us now, with the latest on this effort, henry alex. san francisco officials say the u. s response to monkey pox so far has been abysmal. they say they're ready to administer the vaccine. they just need more of it. this is abysmal. the hissing is appropriate. san francisco supervisor rafael mandel man who was gay, stood outside city hall , saying the monkey pox vaccine supply is sorely lacking. he called on the feds to take action against the virus that is disproportionately affecting gay men and bisexual men and trans folks in san francisco and across the united states. are once again being failed by our public health institutions, says san francisco was on the forefront and tackling covid. now the city wants the battle monkeypox suggests as aggressively unlike covid-19, monkeypox does not seem to spread effectively through respiratory droplets. yet here we are, with cases rising vaccines sparse well. monkey pox
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is not as transmissible as covid . nor is potentially deadly. thank goodness monkeypox can be serious doctor grant colfax, the city's top public health official says it's not clear why the cdc and health and human services seem to be dragging their feet. we are literally begging our federal partners to provide more vaccine so we can get it into the arms of people who need it most the city has received about 2900 monkey pox vaccines from the state, most of them this week. the city wants 35,000 vaccines from the state and more from the feds. these small and inadequate allocations of vaccine make it nearly impossible to beat the curve of new infections. the virus primarily spreads through direct contact with infected sores, scabs, body fluids and sexual activity because this crisis affects the lgbtq, plus community, our community the community that last so many during the aids aids epidemic in the eighties and nineties.
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they're now about 136 confirmed . monkey cox monkeypox cases in california with about 40% of those in san francisco live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios, henry. thank you. san francisco's aids foundation will hold a virtual monkeypox town hall later tonight. this will include key information about the virus, its impact on the community, and, of course, questions will be welcomed. that online event gets underway at six o'clock tonight. in contra costa county that public health officials there have confirmed the first case of monkeypox. they did that earlier today and in santa clara county . we know that public health officials say the number of probable cases of monkeypox is now up to nine. last week that county reported to probable cases. county health officials say they're working with local medical providers to increase their awareness of the symptoms of monkeypox, how to prevent transmission and appropriate reporting to state and local health authorities. we have some breaking news right now to tell
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you about adam plaster county, the sheriff's office is on the scene of a fatal head on crash. it happened on four still road and portofino drive. the chp says a man died at the scene. he was the only occupant of his car . a woman and three children between the ages of 10 and 15 were in the second car involved . authorities say they all suffered moderate injuries and were taken to area hospitals. this really suggest that the state is denying people who should be getting rental assistance, and they need to fix that. a judge orders the state housing department to stop rejecting rent relief applications. new at 5 30 ktvu brooks jarocz looks at what this decision could mean for struggling renters plus president you know, you got everybody riled up. told everybody head on down. so we basically just following when he said the january 6th committee showcasing how they say former president trump used social media as a call out to far right extremist groups. a notable drop
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in temperatures felt across the bay area this afternoon. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you how long this trend is expected to last coming up. plus an out of this world event more than 30 years in the making. nasa releases powerful new images, giving us a clearer picture o
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burt, you have my lunch. introducing togo's new pastrami cheese ste loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's shooting that happened in san jose 83 year old bert mcelheny was taken into custody at his home in san jose and booked into the santa clara county jail this morning. he was wanted in connection with a deadly shooting on almond in road where a man was shot to death. the motive for that killing remains under investigation. the january 6th committee today highlighted
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the ways far right extremist groups answered what one leg lawmaker says was former president trump's siren call to come to washington foxes. lauren blanchard has today's dramatic testimony before the house select committee investigating the attack on the capital. the committee laid out meetings that happened in the weeks leading up to january 6th. they allege the former president continued to push his most extreme supporters , despite being told he had lost virtually everyone close to president trump all told him the 2020 election was not stolen. former administration officials recounting a heated fight in the oval office, testifying, former president trump ignored those who encouraged him to concede in 2020. instead siding with those who agreed with his claims of fraud. people are making all sorts of claims. and the real question is show you what? it's attorneys rudy giuliani and sidney powell pushed the president to continue what the committee calls the big lie. and she says, well, the judges are
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corrupt and i was like everyone , every single case that you've done in the country you guys lost. every one of them is corrupt. even the ones we appointed hours after the meeting president trump tweeted that it was quote statistically impossible for him to have lost adding big protest in dc on january 6th be there will be wild. they called that his siren called to extremists. donald trump's 1 42 am tweet electrified and galvanized his supporters. the committee heard directly from one of the protesters. so why did you decide to march to the capital? basically the president. you know, you got everybody riled up. told everybody head on down. so we basically just following when he said former president trump has denied all wrongdoing . the committee is expected to hold at least one more public hearing in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news yosemite fire and aviation management announced today. nearly 650 firefighters are now battling
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the washburn fire that wildfire has grown to more than 3200 acres and remains 22% contained tonight. this evening. teams are fighting to save some of the biggest trees in america. fox news giovanni luigi joins us now live with an update on the firefight. giovanni. how are things looking? julie what? i can tell you that these hot temperatures are making it difficult for firefighters to actually fight this fire, smoke flaring up right behind me. it's a much different scene compared to a few hours ago when the smoke started to die down a little bit started to pick up in the past few hours, but firefighters are trying to protect the sequoia grove. hundreds of the tallest trees standing here in america. some of them have been standing for hundreds of years. for the fourth day in a row. the washburn fire is getting bigger . it's true through more than 3000 acres of forest filling yosemite national park with
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smoke more than 500. firefighters are working to keep the flames from torching the sequoia trees. in the past decade, fire officials say close to 20% of them have been burned . national park service's so aggressively fighting this fire, so there's so many resources on this fire is to be able to protect these special places for future generations. so this is one of the areas but the fire burned through and you can see cruiser still working to put some of those burning embers out, and firefighters have also been using a technique to fight fire with fire. buy back burning fire crews were able to gain control over some parts of the fire, and firefighters set up sprinkler systems to protect these giant trees. one thing you do have is you do have we have a multiyear drought here in california. so obviously you've got you have drought, stress trees. you have droughts, just vegetation and those types of things, and so that's always going to be that's always going to cause for wider fire spread and also resistance to suppression. this week temperatures in california making this firefight more
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difficult. and tonight, hundreds of people remain evacuated and still no word on what possibly caused this fire. but we do know that it was not caused by weather conditions, so fire investigators are still trying to figure out who and how this fire started. truly. giovanni for people who have not been there. yosemite is just an incredible place to visit. can you just explain, clarify if such a massive park are some of the entrance is still open and others closed. yes so the southern insurance is still closed. as of this morning, it's on highway 41. the northern entrance is still open to tourists are still in the park. so if you are planning on going to the park, you're going to want to go through the northern insurance. but smoke could impact your visit. it's all through the area and through the entire park. julie can see it there in the distance. alright, giovanni luigi reporting for us tonight on the washburn fire, giovanni. thank you. pull around
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the bay area. we have seen a dramatic change in our weather pattern. a low clouds onshore breeze, temperatures falling off by 10 even 20 degrees this afternoon, there is a live look towards the san francisco and the low clouds and the onshore breeze helping us out with relative humidity as it is up this afternoon. here's a view of storm tracker to a little bit of patchy fog out there, although it's tough to see from this vantage point. with the radar beam is too high, so we will continue with the possibility of some drizzle out there this evening and into tomorrow morning and the low clouds along the coastline will be moving back across the bay as we get into the evening hours, and tomorrow morning, i do expect it to be widespread and filled in. here's a look at the onshore breeze right now through fairfield. 25 mph conquered, reporting 12 oakland 18 napa 23 . we're going to continue with this pattern for the next several days, so we don't like to see a whole lot of that wind
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out there this time of year, but that wind is strong enough that it is really making an impact on our temperatures inland down by 14 degrees right now in livermore down by 16 and conquered. down by nine in santa rosa. meanwhile sfo with some clouds overhead, a little bit warmer than where we were yesterday at this time 64 degrees right now in san francisco, low seventies over novato, inland cities a warm day for you here, but yesterday areas like brentwood. hit 100 degrees, so 90 degrees is a big improvement if you don't like the heat along the east bay shore 70 in oakland and in the south bay right now, 78 over san jose. here's a look at the future cast the low clouds along the coastline as we roll into the evening hours, it moves back across the bay into the north bay. that's nine o'clock there and then into the overnight hours. notice how it fills in. we've got some low cloud cover all the way into the south sacramento central valley area due to that onshore breeze that will be blowing through the evening hours in those little speckles of blue, indicating we've got some patchy drizzle to start the morning temperature
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wise to start the morning 58 degrees in san francisco low fifties in santa rosa 60 and conquered and low sixties over san jose into the afternoon. temperatures inland will be a little bit below average will go 80 degrees for santa rosa tomorrow, upper sixties san francisco seventies and oakland mid eighties for livermore and 82 expected over san jose. better look at some of these afternoon highs. upper seventies too low eighties along the peninsula for the afternoon in the north bay, 80 degrees and napa for the inner east bay upper eighties expected for antioch. i'll have a look at the extended forecast and a coastal advisory for parts of the bay area. that will kick in this evening. more on this coming up in just a bit. okay see you then. rosemary thank you. but your eyes are not deceiving you. nasa's new telescope is revealing where new stars and planets are being created.
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my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people
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this world photos captured by a new, powerful telescope, and they could help scientists answer some of the biggest questions in astronomy, how our solar system developed and if there is life on other planets. these photos come from the james webb space telescope. it's a $10 billion telescope. nasa sometimes calls a cosmic time machine because it has the potential to show us what the universe was like billions of years ago. the photos show us thousands of galaxies that cover a patch of the sky approximately the same size as a grain of sand . the telescopes, infrared technology lets us look through cosmic dust. to reveal previously hidden stars, for example, those in the cosmic cliffs that's the edge of a region in our own milky way galaxy and, according to nasa, this is where new stars and planets are created. it's clear that web represents the best of nasa. it maintains our ability
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to propel us forward. or science. more risk taking. or inspiration. and we don't want to ever stop exploring the heavens nor stop daring to take another step forward for humanity. in the words of the famous carl sagan. somewhere. something incredible is waiting to be known. and they really are incredible images. expect a lot more of them from web nasa scientists say that telescope has enough fuel to continue taking photos for another 20 years. ordered the state has stopped denying rental relief applications for those in need. brooks jarocz after the break what this decision could mean for thousands of area renters. the north bay has started a national movement. banning the growth of gas stations by saying
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enough is
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on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities. covid-19 relief program. a judge has ordered the state to stop denying applications for assistance. it follows a lawsuit by tenant advocates who argue the state unfairly kept money from low income renters. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz has spent months looking into the program and its shortcomings. so brooks what does the judge's order mean for tenant? well, julie, this may
5:31 pm
actually be an opportunity for tenants who have been denied or left, waiting to actually see some of that state rent relief money, ktvu reported just a few weeks ago, data shows tens of thousands still waiting for their applications to be reviewed and one in three applications have been denied. many tenants tell us they're not sure why they've been denied, and almost all have met the low income requirement. now that in itself brought about this lawsuit now a judge has ordered the department of housing and community development to immediately stop denying applications for rent relief. also any denials issued in the last 30 days are now on hold. this gives the court time to review the state's rent relief program. it's practices and its appeals process, then a final decision will be made on that lawsuit. the state is touted its program and shows it has paid out close to $4 billion to struggling renters, according to its dashboard. but ktvu has received dozens of emails from renters stuck with no movement on their applications for months
5:32 pm
right now, tenant advocates say they estimate 100,000 california households are still waiting for their applications to be approved or were recently denied with little clarification. tenants will be told that they were denied because, um. their application is incomplete, but they think it's complete and no one has explained to them. what is incomplete about it, or they're told that their documentation can't be verified , but they don't know what that means or how to explain what whatever it is that is being seen as an issue. i hope that with the judge's order, they'll recognize that their process is broken, and they're not providing tenants a fair chance. and they recognize that they need to do better. they need to tell tenants what the problem is with their application when they're going to issue a denial and give tenants a fair chance to appeal and to get the rental assistance that they're eligible for. the state responded to my request for comment by saying this we stand by the work we
5:33 pm
have done to keep more than 340,000 low income households over 700,000. californians stable e housed and will continue to do what we can to support californians in need of assistance. we are disappointed by the court's ruling and will continue to defend california's covid-19 rent relief program, and we should note this program ended in march. so these applications and rent money that we're talking about it actually only covers the first few months of this year or sometime last year. statewide eviction protections expired at the end of june, and tenant advocates say in cities and counties without any additional protections. there's been an uptick in evictions because simply rent is going unpaid. julie and brooks like you said. you're talking about tens of thousands of people kind of just hanging in limbo, waiting to find out answers to this, and there's really no idea to figure out how long this would take to be sorted out. that's right. there is no indication from the state of what their plan of action is from here. we're still
5:34 pm
hearing from people, so we're going to put some resources over on ktvu dot com so people can find answers to all their questions and hopefully get them some relief. brooks thank you. thank you. well, the price of gas is going down as oil prices decline, triple a says the national average is down 12 cents since last week to $4.67 a gallon here in california. unleaded cost $6.05 down from $6.23 a week ago and in the bay area, san jose is seeing an average of $6.03 in oakland. it's $6.08. in san francisco is looking at gas for $6.10 a gallon. a bay area coalition is saying no to new gas stations. they're hoping this leads to more people buying electric cars . ktvu tom vacar joining us now live from petaluma. that's one of a handful of local cities that have already made the move to ban new gas stations. and this idea really is catching on, tom very much catching on now,
5:35 pm
for example, petaluma that used to be called the egg capital of the world, but they've hatched a new legacy now, and that legacy has the energy industry scrambling a bit. the pain at the pump alone is increasing the sales of electric cars. but what about fewer gas stations? woody hastings is with con gas, the coalition opposing new gas stations is there need for more of them. um so i would just say no. we participated in playing a role in defeating three uh, proposed gas stations in tsunami county last year. petaluma outright ban any more destinations. others that have followed rohnert park, sebastopol and kotani. they have done the same in san anselmo has adopted a moratorium is working on a permanent ban. napa's calistoga has imposed a ban. and now, uh, you know, city of los
5:36 pm
angeles is wanting to do similar hastings says he's received inquires from people in ohio, new york and washington state. yeah, i mean, we used to have twice as many as we have now, and there's not that many cars sitting here. i think we have plenty of gas stations, and i think we should be looking for alternative. ways of getting around town while stores with big parking lots like cinemas and big box stores will no doubt provide a certain amount of charging and likely at some point for a price. gas stations have the advantage of being a place people already know where to get fuel and trust them. i have a really old truck, so i'm depending on the gas stations, but i think that we will be transitioning more into electric vehicles. we have two vehicles. one is electric and won his car or gas and i prefer the electric vehicle. and there's more santa
5:37 pm
rosa city council planning committee will take up the issue on thursday and the city of windsor well, it's likely going to vote on it in mig mid august, but make no mistake. l a. if it doesn't it's a real game changer. tom baker ktvu fox two. twitter is suing elon musk to force him to complete his $44 billion acquisition of the company. twitter says musk after entering a binding merger agreement. now refuses to honor his obligations to twitter and its stockholders because the deal he signed no longer serves his personal interests. the lawsuit marks the beginning of what could be a long legal battle in the delaware court of chancery twitter seeks to hold must to his deal to pay $54.20 per share for the company. musk says twitter failed to provide enough information about the number of fake accounts on its service to southern california, where police have released surveillance photos of the man believed responsible for a
5:38 pm
deadly string of robberies and shootings at 7 11 stores. investigators say they are looking for this man in connection with five of the six crimes stores from ontario to santa ana were targeted. two people were killed and three others were hurt in the armed robberies. they believe it was not a coincidence that they happened on july 11th, which is 7 11 day, the day the national chain celebrates its anniversary. the buffalo supermarket where 10 people were shot and killed will reopen two months after that attack, the top supermarket announced a small gathering will take place thursday to honor the shoppers and employees who were killed during the shooting. the store will reopen one day later in may , 18 year old peyton gender and arrived at the store with what authorities describe as the express purpose of killing black people. he has pleaded not guilty to several charges, including hate crimes, murder and domestic terrorism. if convicted, he faces a life sentence without parole. the
5:39 pm
funeral for former japanese prime minister shinzo abe was held in tokyo today. mourners lined the streets as the motorcade carried his body through that city leaders from around the world including secretary of state antony blinken were in attendance to pay their respects. the former prime minister was shot and killed last friday during a campaign appearance. the alleged gunman is expected to have a mental health evaluation before standing trial. president biden is shifting his focus towards foreign policy. he's heading to the middle east for the first time since taking office, he'll meet with both israeli and palestinian leaders in israel before heading to saudi arabia, where he will push the country to improve human rights conditions. today, president biden met with the president of mexico to discuss some of the biggest issues impacting the two countries. fox news medal in rivera has more now on what the two leaders discussed. president biden looking to display a united front with mexico as he
5:40 pm
hosts president andres manuel lopez obrador. the visit comes a month after a bird or skip the summit of the americas in los angeles over the white house's refusal to invite authoritarian leaders from cuba, nicaragua and venezuela. it would just patients. we've been able to coincide and we've been able to work together as good friends and true allies. migration was a key topic in tuesday's discussions as the number of illegal crossing surge over door is pushing the us to allow more skilled mexican and central american workers. to relieve the u. s labor shortage and perhaps ease inflation and issue president biden says he's working on rations leading await and creating work opportunities through legal pathways. obrador also addressed sky high gas prices, saying mexico is committed to guaranteeing twice as much gasoline supply to meet demand while also allowing some americans to take advantage of their cheaper costs consist it
5:41 pm
was necessary for us to allow americans to live close to the border line. so that they could go and get their gas room in and the mexican side. at lower prices. texas senator john cornyn and ted cruz will be leading a delegation of republican senators to the southern border this week as they accused the administration of not doing enough. to curb illegal crossings in washington rivera fox news. treatment mitigation and containment. the new white house strategy with a covid sub variant, rapidly spreading the oakland zoo has a new resident. we are meeting mia and learning how she was rescued. also giving kids the tools they need to succeed. that is the mission behind ktvu s annual virtual school supply drive. starting today, ktvu is sponsored by partnering with the nonprofit supply bank .org. and we're asking viewers like you to donate funds to help buy school
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and finding strategy. this comes as the spread of the covid be a five sub variant accelerates. charles watson sheds light on this new approach. it's a new strategy for a new strain as the b a five microns of variant spreads quickly across the country. the white house is unveiling a new plan to contain it, focusing heavily on vaccines and treatments, saying those tools can prevent serious illness and death. even as b a five proves to be more
5:45 pm
contagious and difficult to detect than its predecessors. vaccines remain our single most important tool to protect people against serious illness, hospitalizations and death. the cdc says. be a five now makes up about 65% of new infections, and that number is growing quickly causing covid hospitalizations to double since april. no deaths have remained steady around 300 per day, officials now doubling down on masking recommendations , especially on planes, trains and busses, announcing the release of 400 million in n95 masks from the national stockpile. cdc recommendations have been and continue to be term, asking our public transport corridors so in our airports in our in our airways and on our trains, but after more than two years of pandemic , some folks say they're done with the mask and vaccines, while others, including some doctors, are criticizing the new approach. saying it could be used to re impose mandates they
5:46 pm
claimed didn't work the first time stop with all of the restrictions that have had an enormous backlash. the mandates don't work we're now averaging about 130,000 new covid cases in the us every day, the highest number since february. in atlanta, trots watson fox news. the tour de france stopped by smoke bombs after the break tonight, the group responsible for the demonstration. plus researchers may be nearing a medical miracle using animal organs to save human lives, and the answer could be pig hearts. really dramatic drop in temperatures felt this afternoon . and now that we have this pleasant pattern in place, it's going to stick around. better details on what you can expect details on what you can expect for the week ahead, thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by 50 bucks or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase.
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and efforts to determine whether organs from animals can be used to save human lives. a surgical team at new york university has
5:49 pm
transplanted hearts from genetically modified pigs into two individuals who were clinically dead. each recipient a deceased man and woman had been declared brain dead. the researchers say the heart's function normally during three days of monitoring and testing, with no signs of rejection. when we took the clamp off and we restored blood flow to the heart , and one started beating. i've done this for 20. plus years. it was just unbelievable. i mean, it's just like you stand there in awe. the transplant experiments come after a living person was successfully given a pig heart back in january and lived for two months. a british university is taking a virtual approached its medical school training. doctors say the new technology could make learning more flexible. fox news marianne rafferty has more it's a world first medical students at cambridge university now training on holographic patients . the technology was developed
5:50 pm
in partnership with the los angeles based tech company. doctors say it could revolutionize the medical industry. we had vr simulation, which is kind of like this, but it does not actually use the real space. it's just a screen in front of your eyes, students interact with the lifelike patient and one another wearing a mixed reality headset. the learning module features people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma or pneumonia. venous there and let me know what you hear. instructors can introduce complications during the lesson than students must make real time decisions about the patient's care if he treats it in the appropriate way the patient will improve. if he doesn't treating the appropriate way to the patient deteriorate, developers say the technology can be delivered to medics anywhere in the world. they hope it will provide for more flexible cost effective training than traditional methods. at cambridge, dr. ruby woodward says the program supplements clinical teaching and will not
5:51 pm
replace face to face interactions. simulation based learning is very much like an adjunct clinical. based teaching , so i would never say that doctors need to get off the walls and stop seeing patients. the program's developers say more modules are in the works to train students and cardiology and neurology. marianne rafferty . fox news climate protest caused the tour de france to grind to a halt for a time today , demonstrators set off flares and use their bodies to block the route along stage 10 in the french alps, you can see the stage leader tried to thread his way through that protest. the legendary bicycle race was stopped for about 12 minutes until the demonstrators could be cleared. around the bay area this afternoon. we started out with the low clouds. the onshore breeze returned, and, as a result, a significant drop in temperatures today 5 10 15 degrees or so last check. conquered 18 degrees cooler this
5:52 pm
afternoon. compared to yesterday . there's a look into san francisco where we have the deep marine layer back with us, and this pattern is going to hang on for the next few days, perhaps all the way even through the weekend. 73 right now in santa rosa 66 reported for san francisco, low eighties and conquered seventies san carlos and san jose at 78. if you're going to the giants game later this afternoon into the evening hours, it's going to be cool and breezy. 63 degrees expected at game time. 6 45 west southwest breezed about 15 mph so it's going to be cool, perhaps bring the jacket and make it a thicker one. we also have an advisory once again for the possibility of coastal flooding for our bayside communities as well as san francisco and into the north bay, those low lying areas due to the king tides. we will have a high tide coming in right about 10 51 this evening. hopefully not a lot of folks out and about but if you are we're talking about low lying roadways , parks, parking lots. things like that storm tracker to here
5:53 pm
we have rich of high pressure high pressure over the four corners. you can see how that monsoonal moisture is dragged in from the south and just kind of spins around the high pressure. we've got that part to the east of us a trough that continues on the west. we're just kind of sandwiched right in between, and that will keep us very comfortable. for this time of year. at least our inland city is going to be a bit cool along the coast as a full reporting and onshore breeze. a gusting to 20 mph coming in from the northwest hayward right now, at 18 mph. we could see all those arrows there, indicating that cool pacific air moving through the bay area. deeper marine layer onshore breeze. temperatures will remain in the sixties for the afternoons along the coastline and patchy drizzle expected. here's a look at tomorrow morning, the shades of blue there, so we've gotten along the coast inside the bay and i pointed this out in the last half hour, the onshore breeze likely to push some of that cloud cover all the way into the sacramento san joaquin valley. so when we have that you know, it's going to be a fairly cool one, especially inland for
5:54 pm
this time of year. there is a look at the afternoon. we're going to be mostly cloudy the entire day for the coast. everybody else will get some sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures starting out in the fifties for most will go to low eighties the afternoon high for san jose. another beautiful day coming your way we've got seventies around the bay eighties and a few low nineties for inland cities, all in all, just a gorgeous forecast temperatures will remain status quo thursday, friday, little bit cooler on the weekend back to you. thanks rosemary today released new video of its newest resident. this is mia a tiger, very playful tiger. she was rescued from a roadside zoo. she's seen here playing with the ball in an enclosure at the vet hospital as she goes through evaluations and quarantine period that all new animals have to go through. when they arrive . zookeepers say she will soon be introduced slowly to another rescue tiger at the zoo. named lola. fun there. amazon prime
5:55 pm
day has arrived after the break tonight. we've got a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get millions of packages shipped to your home also had more monkeypox cases in the bay area have more people concerned coming up at six. the ongoing conversation in the city about what needs to be done to contain the current outbreak.
5:56 pm
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get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. the deals will also be around tomorrow as well. fox news lydia who gives us a firsthand look at what's happening behind the scenes to get those orders out. it is amazon prime day and we are getting a behind the scenes look at this massive new jersey fulfillment center on one of amazon's busiest days of the year. here is just a small slice
5:58 pm
of some of those packages in progress. this facility alone will ship 800,000 packages across the country. that's 30% more than the typical volume. every year since prime day started in 2015 sales have grown , but this year raging inflation is set to test the consumer appetite. amazon strategy is to offer more discounts on everyday products rather and big ticket items, so what you're going to see is from devices to diapers. we have deals. in fact, diapers and wipes are 30% off today, so we're really encouraging people. to get out there and make sure that they're looking at all of those everyday items. toilet paper toothpaste. it's not just about these big ticket items. amazon is not only contending with 40 year high inflation but also other retailers that are trying to get in on a slice of the pie, target and bed bath and beyond offering major sales events right now. walmart
5:59 pm
offering discounts on thousands of products. so it's not really the question of where the consumer can spend money right now. but this is a test of whether the consumer can spend money right now. sorting from robbinsville, new jersey, at amazon's fulfillment center. lydia, who for fox business. this is ktvu fox two news at six. san francisco's new district attorney is promising big changes from the top. the newly appointed d, a tour the tenderloin earlier today getting a firsthand view of open air drug markets. no longer can children and families and our elderly residents have to walk through the situations that i walked through this morning. the new d a says she's already reviewing plea deals in previous cases, and that her office will more aggressively prosecute drug offenses. good evening, everyone . i'm alex savage, julie julie haener brooke jenkins has been on the job for two full
6:00 pm
days now and as ktvu christian captain explains, the new da is promising to make a difference in some of the city's chronic problems. tuesday morning, san francisco's new district attorney, brooke jenkins, walked through the city's tenderloin to see for herself drug deals and use in the streets. she says her pledge to take action to stop open air drug sales and use is already underway. her office now reviewing plea deals that have been offered but not yet accepted on drug cases to see if those deals should still be on the table. i am aware of the data that only three offenders were required to plead to drug sales charges in the year. 2021 i am committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco. the also saying her office will work on rebuilding relationships with law enforcement agencies as part of a broader effort to combat drug sales and use working with the other agencies that are going to be necessary to solve this problem right to start working


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