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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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terrain, triple digit temperatures and dry conditions brought on by years of drought. reality is that we are still paying for that extended period of drought left a lot of available fuel throughout california, and now we're having these mega devastating fires. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and we'll get to that large fire in just a moment. but right now we want to bring you breaking news of another fire that's happening in the city of alameda, a fire in a building near ranger avenue and pan am way you can see the flames and some of that smoke now coming from the roof of this building, as firefighters just douse it with a ton of water. this is in the alameda point area in the city of alameda. they have already called for mutual aid from oakland fire. you can see that this is in fact, a large building, but it also appears as though the firefighters have made a lot of progress. we're working to find out more exactly what this building is used for if it was vacant if it was
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occupied, we do have a crew on the way and will continue to monitor this breaking story of mutual aid called for a large fire in the city of alameda. meantime firefighters up near yosemite or hoping for combat conditions, and that it those conditions can help them get the oak fire. better under control. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes. good afternoon. i'm alex savage. the oak fire started on friday afternoon, and it has quickly grown to nearly 17,000 acres or roughly 26 square miles. crews do have 10% containment on this fire. but cal fire says the speed and behavior of the fire is unprecedented. more than 4000. people are under evacuation orders right now. and although the area where the fire is burning is sparsely populated, at least 15 buildings have been either damaged or destroyed. ktvu tom baker has been following this fire situation. he joins us now live in the newsroom with some updates. tom well. so far, only a handful of homes have actually been lost.
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but tens of thousands of wildlife continue to lose their homes. the oak fires as much an air war as a ground war. this jumbo jet dropped retardant to help create a firebreak along with dozer crews on the ground to slow the fire's progress down whether or not that tactic will work is mostly dependent on canyon winds, blowing embers and unburned areas behind the break. 3000 mariposa evacuees from 2900 residences. have been replaced by 2500 firefighters, many of which are from the bay area fire departments as well as beyond then includes a fully wildfire qualified 14 member crew from san francisco, using five state owned wild fire trucks arrived late last evening and put on the plan for today. how long the duration unknown like all mutual aid crews, they arrive with tasks already assigned that
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could range from a stroke. culture defense to fire front following. to a numerous things if needed. after 15 days, the current crew will be swapped for a fresh one. for now. this fire is made worse by high temperatures. low humidity dry brush made dryer by three years of drought. it's made even more dangerous by hundreds of thousands of standing and fallen drought, disease and beetle killed trees. ready to burn all things being equal. if you had the same conditions on the ground today, and you added more wind, yeah, you would see more extreme fire behavior. local officials are scanning social media for fake charity victim relief or go fund me sites, and attorney general rob bonta is warning that price gouging during a state of emergency is a jail crime. a few opportunistic criminals, including some posing as media have been caught trying
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to get beyond police barricades to loot evacuated homes and businesses. i wanted to make it sure clear to individuals who might have that intent for our community that we will prosecute them. since monday. the 18th the number of acres actually burned for the entire year so far has increased by 51% and that's just in one week. that's a bad omen as we move into hotter, drier and, most importantly, windier weather, but since so many people in california hard hearing to defensible space requests, plus the world class firefighting we've seen throughout it's far better than we were at the very same time slashed this last year, so things are definitely dangerous , but they're better than they were reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news, tom. thank you. well, you briefly heard from him just moments ago in tom's report, and now jonathan pierce of cal. fire joins us now live. thank you so much. for being here, boy. this fire it
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really took off. yes it did. we've seen extreme fire behavior with this fire, and as of right now, it's currently at 16,791 acres with 10% containment. so what are the areas right now of most concern? any areas around neighborhoods that could be impacted by the fire or the highest concern, and i think we're seeing most of that activity along the eastern edge of this incident. are you anticipating more potential evacuations, more road closures and if so, just along that same area that you were describing there? so with the fire of this size and how dynamic it is, it's now impacting a larger geographic area. so some parts of the fire going to be more extreme than other parts of the fire and those decisions to open. or lift evacuation orders were issued. new ones really depends on where they are and at
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the discretion of the local sheriff's office, as well as the fire agencies involved in this incident. we know though, that this is rugged terrain, steep terrain, so it doesn't appear as though right in the initial vicinity of the fire, and the flames is heavy, heavily populated. do you anticipate, though, that shifting. correct most of the fire is in the wild land urban interface, so communities interspersed in the wild land. i know the fires, primarily moving east northeast , where there are fewer communities. there is also the ferguson fire scar, which would aid and fire suppression. okay, the governor declared a state of emergency over the weekend. how will that proclamation help cal fire. we currently have 2548 resources on this fire, and we are getting more resources every day we've had some special air
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resources assigned to this incident, particularly very large tankers, so they're able to drop a tremendous amount of fire retardant as we look ahead in the next few hours the next few days. what are you anticipating in the ongoing firefight right now? 10% containment. hopefully you're able to increase that. hopefully, that number will go up. i think we're gonna see some similar weather patterns as we have today, and in the days past there is a thunder there, whether cells moving over the eastern sierras, which potentially could bring moisture , which would help with nightly our age recovery, so that could aid in virus suppression efforts. okay well, we hope so. alright i really appreciate your time this afternoon. thanks again for coming on and good luck in the firefight. thank you. as monkeypox continues to spread, san francisco's department of public health has noticed cases increasing at an
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alarming rate among the city's latino population. ktvu christian captain tells us the department of health is working with community groups to warn latinos and help them take steps to protect themselves. san francisco is closely monitoring the spread of monkeypox. the latest data from friday show a total of 197 confirmed cases in the city. that data also showing a disturbing trend that although latinos make up just 15% of san francisco's population, 30% of the city's monkeypox cases are among latinos. the city's department of public health says it's closely monitoring the spread of the disease. we're building our efforts on our ah! ah successes learn from, you know, 30 seasons like like like covid, right and other other stds like syphilis. hiv latinos say they're worried that justice with covid monkeypox will continue having an outsized impact on their community. venezuelan i was born and raised there, but i'm going to the united states seven years ago.
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and yes, i have noticed that when they see sis, you know, and things hit us. it's always us that take the hardest hit, the department of public health says with limited supplies of vaccine it is working with community groups on outreach and helping to get latinos vaccinated. one of those groups is the latino task force. we know that health disparities, social disparities , economic disparities hit our communities first, right, so here we are again with monkeypox emerging in our community. the latino task force started during the pandemic as the latino population faced a disproportionate impact from covid, the group now using its outreach programs, such as food distribution, to inform the community community kind of relies on us every thursday to get tested or under vaccinated, so we're kind of hoping to be this same hub for them every thursday, hopefully for the same monkey pox vaccine and try to be discreet and low barrier. san francisco's department of health has set aside 30% of the vaccine that it has for distribution to
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those communities that are most impacted and is relying on community groups to help organize that distribution in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news tomorrow, there was supposed to be a monkey pox vaccine clinic at zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital, but the health department announced this afternoon it will be closed because of a lack of vaccine. as for when the clinic will reopen , the health department says they have not been updated on when they will receive more doses. the city says they have requested 35,000 doses from the federal government and have only received 7800 of them. for more on the monkeypox outbreak and the response here in the bay area. we're joined now by dr peter chin hong infectious disease specialist at ucsf, doctor, always great to see you and get your perspective here. a lot of frustration and a lot of anger, especially in the lgbt q community in san francisco, about the slow roll out of the vaccine and the poor response to this outbreak so far. why do you believe we're in this position
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where in san francisco cases are climbing, and the city is not even close to meeting the demand for vaccine doses? well i like so i think it's a complex confluence of factors. the first is that there's only one factory in the world that makes it and it's in denmark and they've put in the order, but we didn't have enough in stock piles. um the other aspect is that, um until recently, crystal says, one prioritized, so people were, you know, uh, in line for their second doses, so that was meant that only half the amount of folks could be, um, vaccinated. and i think, frankly, it took everyone by surprise. uh no one expected the signs and symptoms to be so subtle and that regular contact tracing one work at the end of the day. you require funding and this is not covid funding. so that's come out of another park of pocket of money you touched on this with the monkey pox vaccine is obviously it's a two dose series, but in
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san francisco because of the lack of doses there prioritizing those first doses for people to do you. you agree with this overall strategy. it's kind of like what we saw early on during the covid outbreak here and does just one dose of the monkey pox vaccine offer enough protection to kind of slow the spread in the community. yes definitely. um we have some laboratory data , um, saying that you can actually have two years up to two years of protection just from one dose alone. it's not like the covid vaccine where you need to count as the prime, um those, so it's a little bit different. the second dose in monkey pox is so have you gone for years, of course. we prefer to have everything in order, but the uk and new york everyone started prioritizing first doses , and that's what the city started doing as a friday. alright so this declaration here from the world health organization came down over the weekend, they have declared monkeypox, a global health emergency. that's the highest level of alert. that the agency
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has. how do you think this is going to improve the public health response to the outbreak here on the ground level in the bay area? is this going to lead to more vaccine doses arriving here? in short order? you think no, not immediately. um, i think it will have more implications globally. first the u. s still has to declare it a public health emergency to devote specific funding to it and to make it easier for diagnostics testing and treatment, but for right now, uh, it's really because many countries are very, very under resourced. and it will allow tracking across borders so again. much of this is slow, unfortunately, and i wish it could be foster because it's a very, uh important time right now, if we don't want it to become part of our daily life and become endemic let me ask you here so far. obviously you know what we're seeing in san francisco. play out is that the population most affected by the monkeypox outbreak is men who
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have sex with men with multiple partners. what what is your expectation about the likelihood this virus will will soon spread beyond that group into the broader population? i think for now it's little likelihood. but if this continues and nobody knows exactly when, but could theoretically side those households where people have had infection, like the two kids on friday, but again very, very low likelihood at this moment, but again, things are changing. quickly and in the meantime, the most important steps that you think people should be taking to reduce the chance of becoming infected. well um, i think it's for temporarily. uh temporarily . people can take measures of limiting sexual partners may be using condoms, etcetera, but again, i think you have to meet people where they are, and above all, they are some civil linings . if people get exposed, you can
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still use one dose of the boxing to prevent the occurrence of disease if people get really, really sick, we have therapeutics primary, you know, available in the area, and, uh, above all. no one has died in the united states from this, so it's a little bit different, important to point that out and put it all in perspective. we appreciate your time and insight, as always, dr. peter chen hong from ucsf. good to see you. thank you. thanks so much, alex. coming up for us here on the floor. today members of the san francisco branch of the cpr calling for school board member and shoe to resign, the disconnect they say she has with the black community. and excusee over the weekend, while los that several shooters may have been involved. around the bay area this afternoon temperatures running a little bit cooler for inland communities will have a look at the current conditions
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rules committee is continuing its debate on a plan to give police more access to private surveillance cameras. the board of supervisors rules committee today held its third hearing on that plan, and it will continue with 1/4 hearing coming up in september. if approved, the new policy would allow police to view feeds from private cameras as events are occurring. the committee has been listening to public comment from both opponents and supporters of the idea. police chief bill scott says changes to the policy would strike a balance between public safety and privacy. changes that you mentioned. i think of safeguard the constitutional rights and privacy that we all i want to safeguard but also put guard rails in place. more responsible use of surveillance. do. technology to really address
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some of the criminal and crime issues in our city and protect bar scale public events. if the policy changes approved by the rules committee, it will go before the full board for a vote. members of the san francisco branch of the akp have now joined the call for school board member and shoot to resign . they voted unanimously to call for her immediate resignation after the akp's executive board last week met with her. she ignited a firestorm earlier this month by saying unstable family environments hinder the educational progress of black and brown students. the naacp issued this statement saying quote her comments indicate a profound disconnect between shoe and the black community and blame the effects of systemic racism on the targets of that racism. los angeles police are still looking for the people who opened fire at a park, killing two people and injuring five others. this happened yesterday near where a car show was being held in the san pedro area of l.
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a. police say there may have been more than one shooter and the gunfire started during an argument between two groups of people at that park. for about 500 people in the park. many of which had. cars so it was not necessarily a permitted car show. that was a draw of the park. there's no word yet on the motive in the shooting, and so far no arrests have been made. all right. we want to bring you back to that breaking news that's happening in the city of alameda and cruz continuing to fight this fire that you see in a building near west ranger avenue and pan am way as we take a look here at the broader area of where this building is on fire. you can see that there are a lot of a lot of buildings here, obviously, and we do know that there are some businesses surrounding this fire? not quite sure if the building where the fire broke out is occupied or not. nonetheless though, this is a big priority for alameda firefighters. it appears as
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though at this firefight earlier on in this firefight mutual aid from the city of oakland. again a fire in a building here in the city of alameda. this is in the alameda point area, and again, we'll continue to monitor the situation and again find out any more details about the type of business involved. and if there were any injuries or anything else that is important in regards to this firefight, so stay with us. all right around the bay area this afternoon. we do have temperatures actually running a little bit cooler for inland cities around the bay a very similar day compared to yesterday, even a little bit warmer in some spots, giving you a look here over sfo where we do have blue skies. they're also low clouds just kind of hanging in there by the hillside. we do have temperatures down over the inner east bay. a notable drop for you down by seven degrees conquered, as well as livermore . santa rosa, down by five.
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meanwhile, around the bay a few degrees warmer in flynn right now. half moon bay. you're up by four degrees san jose just down by to san jose 77 outside your door, upper sixties right now in oakland. we do have low eighties for some of our warmer spots areas like concord, walnut creek and livermore. brentwood you're one of the spots actually quite warm 90 degrees for you there into the north bay. very pleasant, low seventies and along the peninsula. we have temperatures in the upper sixties to upper seventies this afternoon, the onshore breeze through fairfield is 24 mph. we've seen just subtle changes. temperatures will be very similar tomorrow. as we kind of remain in this pattern. a couple of things we are watching, though, that possibility of some smoke drift coming our direction notice. we do have a little bit of a southend at times, southeast wind and that wind is what will bring us that possibility. right now, air quality around the region good you can see over areas towards yosemite, though it is very unhealthy in some spots for us. we do expect to remain good to moderate at the surface. if we do get some of that smoke drift.
4:23 pm
it's likely to be you know 5 6000 ft up, so we should be okay. but you may see the sky turned a little bit by tomorrow . we're also watching some monsoonal moisture that's wrapping around this high pressure over the four corners and working its way into the state of california. if i move in a little bit closer, you can see up over areas of the southern portion of the sierra. we've got some at this hour and then for us, we may see some of that mid level moisture come our way tonight into tomorrow. here's a look at the future cast there it is right there, so we're going to call for a very slight chance. maybe a thunderstorm or two tonight into tomorrow morning. better details on your bay area tuesday and the rest of the week coming up. a bill aimed at boosting computer chip production in the u. s could soon pass the senate and mother of era
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last time we saw the president on friday, he sounded a little horse. during a virtual meeting . the president was diagnosed with the b, a five variant of covid-19 on thursday. he's being treated with the antiviral pill packs loaded and his medical team says he is making progress. he had a good day, he worked a little rested a little finally listening to some of us on the advice to get some rest. today the president delivered remarks virtually to black law enforcement executives. he also has a virtual meeting scheduled with ceo s and labor leaders. the white house says the president will continue to carry out his duties in isolation at least through tomorrow. if president biden tests negative for covid, he could come out of isolation on wednesday. well congress is on the verge of passing a bill aimed at addressing computer chip shortages here in the us, as supporters say will help lower new chip manufacturers with tax breaks and grants. foxes madeline rivera, though, tells
4:27 pm
us that some republicans in congress are voicing their opposition, calling it corporate welfare. after weeks of uncertainty, the senate is getting ready to advance a multibillion dollar bill aimed at shoring up the country's semiconductor industry. advocates say the move will boost the country's national security and improve its competitiveness against china. bill is an important piece of it to be able to stay in the game and being most competitive nation in the world. global shortage of computer chips, which are used in several products from smart phones to cars, has upended supply chains , fueling a spike in prices. supporters believe that $280 billion package will ultimately help ease crushing inflation. vied real relief for our manufacturers. but critics argue inflation is exactly why congress shouldn't pass the massive spending bill right now , adding the legislation isn't tough enough on china. i just don't think this bill has enough guardrails, for instance, whether it's allowing companies
4:28 pm
that might benefit from these tax credits or grants to continue to do business in china. last week, the bill passed another procedural vote with bipartisan support. the senate voted to move it forward 64 to 34. however on monday to supporters senators lisa murkowski and joe manchin tested positive for covid already razor thin majority. even if the senate passes, the bill will have to pass the house before lawmakers leave for august recess on friday in washington. mala rivera fox news well, santa rosa now has a new police chief . i talked with longtime department veteran john creegan . the two issues he tells me. he plans to address immediately. data this week could confirm if we are technically in a recession, where consumer confidence stands right now.
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released this week that will provide insight on whether the u . s is technically in a recession boxes. mike emanuel reports the white house is trying to tamp down recession concerns before those numbers come out. there is good news for drivers as gas prices plunged at least 16 cents since last week, the national average hovering at 4, 35 a gallon nickel or dime, i ain't gotta stopped at the light and cut my car despite pump price improvements. record inflation is still pushing americanswallets closer to empty , which has the white house on defense community recession. in my view, the administration trying to curb recession fears
4:32 pm
as they wait for a handful of key reports coming out this week , including consumer confidence numbers and expected fed rate hike of another three quarters of a percent. the new data expected to give us a glimpse into our economic standing, treasury secretary janet yellen says if the numbers indicate second quarter negative growth that doesn't signal a recession , i would say that we're seeing a slowdown. we're likely to see some slowing of job creation, but i do. i don't think that's that's a recession. many americans think the country's economy is going in the wrong direction. a new fox news poll says 68% of voters do not approve of the white house is handling of the economy. nine out of 10 of our fellow citizens think the country's on the wrong track. they think that because it is on tuesday, we will find out whether consumer confidence bounced back in june from its lowest level in a year. in washington. mike emanuel, fox
4:33 pm
news. gas prices keep dropping all across the country. even here in california, we found a gas station in oakland, where gas costs less than $5 a gallon . triple a says the average cost of gas in california is down 17 cents from last monday at $5.73 a gallon. demand for gas is down as the summer break travel season begins to slow down a bit. the most affordable gas here in the bay area is in marin and solano counties, on average , people filling up in napa county are paying the most for fuel. russia is going to further reduce natural gas flows through a major pipeline to europe. gazprom the russian state owned company, says it's going to reduce natural gas through the nord stream one pipeline to germany by another half to 20% of capacity. the movie is increasing fears russia may cut off gas as political leverage over the war in ukraine, as europe builds up storage for the
4:34 pm
winter, russia has already cut off or reduced natural gas to a dozen european union countries, all this summer's rise and flight cancelations and delays at airports all across the country. has airlines taking a closer look at how to prevent this in the future. the main vote is trying to fill the more than 8000 open pilot positions, american airlines has launched a new program that it hopes will add to their ranks and help motivate more interest in the airline industry. it's providing loans to help students cover the tuition to go to its flight school. you still see quite a lot of folks coming from the military, but we've got to really bolster up the path, the civilian path. and so that's where the cadet academy comes into play, even though i know that i'm in over $100,000 worth of debt. i just know that one day it will be 100% worth it. and you heard him correctly regularly costs more than $100,000 for tuition and board to become a commercial airline pilot. however the website
4:35 pm
glassdoor says american airlines pilots on average earned $203,000 a year. there are more calls in the south bay to close down a small airport after a plane crashed onto city streets friday night near the airport. residents near reid hillview airport held a rally over the weekend again demanding the airport be shut down. they say they don't feel safe living in the neighborhood, especially near the airport after that single engine plane crashed friday, while no one was hurt on the ground. the pilot expected to be okay, but some residents worry about the airport, especially since this is not the first time a plane has crashed here. it's kind of scary. you know what having that having the airport right next to my parents hours. it's nerve racking. it's scary. you know what i mean? what about if it were to fall inside the house or something like that? it's just it's something that you don't want to think about. this is not the first time there's been a demand to close the airport. the small east san jose airport has been
4:36 pm
the focus of anger from residents and activists after a report from the county found children in the neighborhood near the airport have higher levels of lead in their blood. the airport stopped using leaded fuels after that report came out. when they were afford this afternoon. a swearing in ceremony was held today for john creegan has santa roses new police chief. he's been with the department for 17 years in law enforcement for 23, so he knows the challenges that lie ahead and he tells me he's excited about making santa rosa better. i spoke with chief creegan earlier today about his priorities, which include reducing gun violence. and addressing the increase in sideshow activity. it is a big task, and so it really takes a lot of resources, so it takes a lot of officers to be able to safely go in there and stop this behavior. unfortunately we're seeing participants in the east side shows, throwing rocks and bottles and other objects that are officers, so i'm really proud of officers for the restraint they use and facing some of these dangerous
4:37 pm
situations. but what my job is the chief is to give them the resources they need to be able to put it into this behavior. and what i'm really going to start doing is pushing for some of our state elected officials that we give more resources toward local agencies, whether it be toward dedicated enforcement overtime toward the sideshow advanced and we certainly need some greater restrictions towards some of the things that happened with the legal penalties for participating in these dangerous side shows here in the communities across california you mentioned also making some efforts to try to reduce gun activity in the city of santa rosa. how do you plan to go about doing that? that's gonna be really a two part plan. it's going to be starting with some more directed enforcement out there in our community and targeting some of the areas that we've seen some gun violence working with some of the serial offenders that we have here in our community that have repeatedly been involved in acts of violence, and then also working with our santa rosa mi the root causes of this violence in our community, helping do some education, whether it be in
4:38 pm
our schools are with some or other young people about the dangers of being uh, involved with those carrying firearms and certainly some of the dangers of carrying firearms. it's really important for the young people in our community to understand the consequences not only the legal consequences but also some of the real consequences that it comes to being caught you in positions where you end up being a victim of gun violence. as we wrap up this conversation your your message to the residents of santa rosa. i want everyone in santa rosa. understand this is a role that i'm very excited to jump into. i live here in the city of santa rosa with my family, and so the decisions that i make as a chief affect me , my family, my neighbors, my community and it's something that i take really personally and i'm pledging to our community to be able to listen to their concerns. and even if some of those concerns have some opposing views to how we're doing things that the police department i want to hear what those concerns i want to be able to build some of the bridges towards some of the different communities that feel they've been disconnected here in santa rosa and be able to hear their concerns and understand that
4:39 pm
we're all on the same page. we all have the same mission. we want to safe and vibrant city for all of us to be able to live in and do better working and play in and it's important that i'm able to be able to lead our police department and make sure we meet those community expectations. alright and best of luck to the new chief in santa rosa. relief is on the way for some americans dealing with record temperatures over the weekend, which parts of the country are cooling off, while other regions are expected to hit triple digits. and look at your tuesday forecast, as well as the slight slight chance of thunderstorms. i
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
our losing students report centr says college enrollments have dropped by more than 1.3 million in two years. now the fall offs
4:42 pm
continue through the pandemic, and this spring public colleges and community colleges have seen the sharpest drop in enrollment . part of the reason could be cost the u. c system reports many students who delayed their enrollment during the pandemic are now starting to return to campus morning and night shifters. all relate to this. health experts say work is sabotaging your sleep. doctors say three things can ruin your sleep quality logging longer hours, working often late at night. drinking caffeine after four o'clock in the afternoon, even if it's just a little bit and sleeping in on weekends to catch up on missed sleep during the week, doctors say. if you do this regularly, you're never really catching up. you're just sleep deprived. the c d. c recommends at least seven hours of sleep a day for adults who are 60 and under well, it's now been four months since the u. s. senate unanimously passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent across the country, but it appears the houses not even close to taking a vote on
4:43 pm
the measure. house members have been arguing over the specific language of the daylight saving bill and making little progress . what's more, many members of congress say they have more pressing issues to deal with, such as gun safety and inflation. well millions of americans are under weather alerts today to the north up in oregon and washington because of heat, meantime, as foxes nicole valdez tells us the northeast, finally seeing some relief from the high temperatures, stifling heat, settling in across the pacific northwest monday, people headed to lakes in splash pads, trying to find any relief. just bring the case over here to the waterfront. we live in vancouver. we want them to have a little bit of water heatwave that's targeted. much of the u. s. could send temperatures tend to 20 degrees above average in parts of washington state and oregon. according to the national weather service. nearly six million people in the region are under excessive heat alert throughout the week. in the warm
4:44 pm
weather is finally loosening its grip on the northeast. the scorching temperatures broke several records on sunday, prompting local officials to declare heat emergencies should kind of get used to it. but every summer, it just feels like it's never been this happy before. what is the problem? meanwhile the extreme heat has increased the risk for power outages. over the weekend, tens of thousands were left without power in massachusetts, new york and pennsylvania, according to a may report from the north american electric reliability corporation. more than half of the u. s is at an elevated or high risk for large scale blackouts this summer states across the sunbelt reporting record energy usage, the reason our demand is hitting record levels is because of population . we have diversified industry, so we've got lots of industry there. it's of commercial and industrial demand for electricity here in the central us the heat index could reach as high as 112 degrees. through tuesday. in nashville. i'm
4:45 pm
nicole valdez fox weather. meanwhile here at home temperature is running even a little bit below average for some as our inland cities cooled off by several degrees this afternoon. here's a look at what is happening outside our doors at this hour. lovely shot there at sfo. blue skies, clouds just hugging right along that hillside and at the bottom of your screen, you can see the breeze is blowing out at sfo this afternoon storm tracker to hear a couple of things we're watching one the monsoonal moisture that is beginning to drift into areas of southern california and up over the sierra. crest because he some mid level moisture come our way as well. if you look really closely, you may see some lightning strikes. they're lighting up as well. so as we get into the evening hours, some of this is expected to push our direction in the future cast model is a great job of picking that up for you. here we are. in the afternoon. we just low clouds on the coastline. but notice what's coming from the south and from the east as we roll through tonight and into tomorrow morning, there is a very slight chance at a
4:46 pm
thunderstorm or two, so we will be watching that it's slim. it's about 10% right now, but it's there so definitely worth mentioning. meanwhile a little bit of drizzle once again to start the morning along the coastline and perhaps inside the bay. temperatures in and around the bay area right now. 71 degrees in nevada low sixties for you san francisco upper sixties in oakland, even warmer spots feeling quite nice 80 degrees in walnut creek. you get into brentwood. it's a bit toasty 90 your afternoon high at this time. meanwhile tomorrow morning temperatures ranging in the low fifties over areas of pacifica upper fifties in areas over conquered and in the north , people go 55 degrees and napa these temperatures very similar to this morning. we haven't seen a whole lot of change in the overnight lows and we really have and seen a big swinging temperatures for the afternoon as well. so here's a view of the afternoon highs right about average for tomorrow. 81 degrees in santa rosa 66 san francisco low seventies in oakland upper eighties expected for livermore and low eighties for san jose. a better look at some of the
4:47 pm
afternoon highs. 74 say, mateo upper seventies and napa mid eighties and conquered into the south bay, 87 expected over morgan hill will start out with the morning clouds the afternoon sunshine. perhaps a little bit of that smoke drifting our way from yosemite as we've been talking about this hour, it is high up and shouldn't have a huge impact on our air quality. in fact, right now, air quality is good across the bay area. here is a look at the extended forecast. temperatures. not going to change a whole lot. getting into your bay area wednesday. we will see a slightly warmer weather getting into thursday, friday and saturday sixties at the coast mid seventies around the bay low nineties expected inland and as we get into your weekend temperatures will remain status quo, perhaps a tad warmer on sunday back to you. okay rosemary. thank you. some sad news out of hollywood veteran actor paul sorvino has died. the iconic italian american actor died this morning of natural causes at the mayo clinic. in jacksonville, florida. although he appeared in many movies over the years, he will always be
4:48 pm
remembered for his role as the hulking old school mafioso paulie cicero in martin scorsese's goodfellas. sorvino was also an accomplished sculptor, painter and opera singer leaves behind his wife, political pundit dd banke, whom he married in 2014 and three children from a previous marriage, including his daughter , actress mira sorvino. yes such such a legend and so talented, absolutely wonderful career. jose sharks making history in the off season. we're going to sit down with new general manager my career as he reflects on breaking barriers in his new role. and coming up tonight at five o'clock. san jose police are searching for answers after the latest act of violence leaves a man fighting for his life. plus shame on you. you know, i. it's kind of like what gives people the right to do that. also advise the show of support for a bay area bakery after an out of control. after an out of control. customer attacks employees. when i make decisions
4:49 pm
as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
4:50 pm
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sharks are set to introduce their new head coach this week. that major decision expected three weeks after the sharks made a historic hire. mike greer became the nhl's first black general manager, and he's hoping he can open doors to more diversity in the league. greg lee sat down with career for this month's voices for change, and here's a piece of that interview. the nhl just held its 105th season. you are the first black general manager in the history of the leak. what does that mean to you? it means a lot . it's kind of a you know, it's definitely a special honor and something i take pride in and realize that there's some responsibility with that. and um you know the games growing more and more and getting more and more diverse, not only on the ice, but off the ice and coaching and front office positions and scouting. so um, you know, this is a step for all
4:52 pm
minorities, and hopefully i can do a good job and help open doors. rather, it's behind me to ask you about your family a little bit. you come from quite the family. your brother chris, the gm of the dolphins. your dad , longtime coach front office exactly for the nfl teams. what was their response to you? when you told them you were taking this position? they're really excited, you know? both of them. i owe them a lot. they both kind of helped guide me through this process. and even you know, from younger years they've always shared shared their thoughts and views and visions with me and you know when i told them my dad could have been more excited, they started, you know, immediately wanted to mentor mode trying to tell me what which what i need to do. i need to do this. you need to do that things to kind of help me get ready for the job. and then you know, chris was you know he was he was thrilled for me. he's my big brother. and you know, i always looked up for him. but you know, he's always looked out for me and one of the best for
4:53 pm
me. so he was. he was super happy as well. when you look to that rink and you see all the kids that are out there today. and for the young men and women of color that see you and think. i could be him someday or he looks like me. what do you want them to feel when they see you want them to see someone who's worked hard? carries himself the right way. i think that's something right. dad always stressed me. um, you know, it's just an important and it's how you play. it's how you carry yourself. everyone's going to be kind of judging you and watching yourself for me. it's just to see someone who's goes about their day works hard, but carries themselves the right way. and you know, it's maybe someone they can look up to us if they if they work hard, and they have a dream that there's no reason that they can achieve it and to see the extended version of greg sit down interview with my career, be sure to tune in for this month's episode of voices for change. you can catch it this sunday morning at 9 30. right here on k tv. massive effort in south
4:54 pm
africa to protect the continent's rhinoceros pull on population. how wildlife conservation group is working to save the species that is dangerously close to extinction.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
on those annoying robocalls during the past year, but a growing number of americans are learning that those robocalls are now being replaced by unwanted text messages. we just can't win because we're experts say there are ways though, to stop receiving these spam text, which are being sent to cellphones in record numbers. the message does offer a way to opt out do that. you can also forward unwanted text 27726. it's free and it helps your carrier take action. should nevr
4:57 pm
respond to any of those suspicious text messages. they suggest deleting the text and blocking the number or utilizing the carriers technology to report it as spam off so annoying. alright well. rhinos may be big and tough animals, but they are not immune to extinction. ongoing conservation project is hoping to save these endangered animals and even promote tourism. fox's marianne rafferty has more. the sun rising over south africa. okay amazing, says the stage for a massive conservation effort, aiming to give the continent's population of black and white rhinoceros. a new lease on life . come along the fence, you'll you'll see him and while it looks terrifying, watching people stare down and endangered species from the barrel of a gun. these rangers are on a mission to sedate and secure dozens of rhinos and relocate them to zeynab national park in neighboring mozambique, the east
4:58 pm
african country where rhinos have been locally extinctmore ty transportations like this going forward, will maybe save or certainly make a difference in the numbers of rhinos in the world, poaching and habitat loss . continue threatening these creatures with the south african government. alone reporting roughly 400 rhino deaths from poaching last year. the relocation initiative is headed by the peace parks foundation and comes as officials are trying to re diversify mozambique's wildlife build back vulnerable ecosystems and help reinvigorate tourism predators that we moved in, and elephants have moved into the peace parks foundation is aiming to move more than 40 rhinos to mozambique over the next two years with hopes these relocation efforts will encourage the rhino population of grow. in the next 10 to 20 years. marianne rafferty, fox
4:59 pm
news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now. now at five. san jose police are asking for your help after a group of people badly beat up a man. it is the latest in a number of high profile violent attacks in the area. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener mike mibach police say the violence happened square restaurant in entertainment district ine latee investigators said that like anyone who knows anything about this crime to come forward, there are security cameras on the corners of the buildings behind me, but they may not show the actual crime or what preceded it. we received a call of a person down near the intersection of saint john and terrain streets. san jose police say a group of people attacked two men sunday evening near an entrance to san pedro square in
5:00 pm
downtown san jose. one of the victims suffered minor injuries , but the beating inflicted life threatening injuries on the other friends. tell fox two he's a young man in his twenties who works as an area plumber and has no gang ties or involvement. we are looking into contacting family members and friends who may have been with that individual earlier in the day. to kind of lay a track and understand where they were and how this occurred. if this is a random incident we want to know about that. this crime follows several other high profile acts of violence in downtown san jose since at least the spring the law victoria's zakariyah police involved shooting in march started with a brawl inside the restaurant and spilled out onto the street when someone pulled a gun. okay on green disarmed the gunman only to be shot by responding officers more recently in may, a double shooting not far from the san jose state campus, claimed two lives. it is sketch it is getting worse. downtown san jose really is getting worse. police investigators say violent crime is actually trending down in san jose


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