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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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10% yesterday to 26% today, and some evacuation warnings have now been reduced to advisories. fox news giovanni luigi has a look at the challenges ahead. right with the steep terrain into those hot temperatures. firefighters are struggling to control these flames, some of them more than 10. ft tall, but tonight firefighters are making grounds and doing so. towering flames here in central california are tearing through trees. fire has burned through more than 18,000 acres. this is california's largest wildfire this year, and fire officials warned. it won't be the last. this is the first fire we've had so far this season that was really so fast moving and destructive and we're just getting started, so i like to tell people you know, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. dozens of homes have been destroyed as the flames chewed and charred everything in their path. almost 3000. firefighters are working around the clock to
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put down the oak fire from the ground. you can't just put out a fire with air support. you have to have the boots on the ground of drought across the western u. s. has fueled these flames, but the fire is moving towards burn scars, slowing it down from spreading and exploding in size . everything being so dry i and high temperatures and low humidity. when emperors do land ahead of the fire. it's creating spot fires because of fuels are so receptive. and most of california is also bone dry. many places like this are a tinderbox just waiting to explode in an inferno. here in merced, shivani legion, ktvu, fox two news and firefighters have well, it's just the last week of july, but it's really august, september and october, known as the big three months for fires in california ktvu tom baker. joins us with the latest on the big picture of wildfire season. the oak fire is one of the few wildfires that got away
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from cal fire this year late rains bought us some time in may and june. and cal fires massive response to jump on any and all fires kept acres burned low. we have a lot of available resources. they're arriving every day fire scientists say this about wildfire and droughts are more severe, making fuels drier and more prone to fire. extreme weather events are more common lightning storms and strong winds also increasingly common wildfire seasons are 40 to 80 days longer today, on average than they were back in the 19 nineties. years we've also seen forest conditions also deteriorate. dr scott stevens is an internationally renowned director of the u. c. berkeley wildfire lab. forest conditions have also gotten worse because of no fire. no restoration to ending and cumulative impacts, no doubt jumping on all fires asap. short term wildfire risks are abated. i think calif fire to their credit is trying to do
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this as much as best they can, but not focusing on long term risks by aggressive forest thinning and conducting a lot more prescribed burns them now, stephen says, we're predisposed. the forests. burn. since arrived. california gone from 40. square acre. 25 trees per acre. we must get to where people not wildfires managed. the forests were just put off the inevitable and unfortunately , the inevitable generally is in the worst conditions right now, the us effectively suppresses 97 to 98% of wildfire ignitions but the remaining 2 to 3% burns because they build up massive amounts of dried up brush as well as dry trees dead and live waiting in the wings to explode into extreme mega fire. as requiring mega responses as we move into august, diablo and santa ana winds will begin blowing, typically peaking in october. in november. when you get a severe wind, it basically
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does enhances all fire possibilities. interesting to note, however, even those winds have not worsened. we have no conclusive evidence that actually, we think wins are being enhanced or changed at all by climate change, but winds will be blowing on some of the worst fuel conditions ever. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. san jose firefighters were busy today with a vegetation fire near the san jose municipal golf course that fire started at about 12 15 this afternoon near corey court and oakland road crews contain that fire to half an acre and put it out within an hour. no buildings were threatened, and no one was hurt. the cause of that fire is not yet known, and we now know the identity of the man found dead inside a burning home in antioch. firefighters say they found 61 year old frank cookies dad inside the garage of the home on serpentine drive. shortly after eight o'clock last night. that fire caused major damage to the home. firefighters had the fire under control in
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about 30 minutes. investigators are now looking into the cause of the fire and the possible cause of the man's death. oakland city leaders announced a reward today for help in tracking down the killer of a food delivery driver, the oakland police department along with the chinatown chamber of commerce, announced a 75 $100 reward for information leading to an arrest nine days ago, con patrick fung was shot. killed as he sat in his car getting ready for a shift. it is the latest crime that has shaken the little saigon neighborhood along international boulevard between second and 14th avenues. oakland's police chief says the department will be naming a liaison officer who will be dedicated to this neighborhood, and there's also discussion about opening up a police substation nearby. so we recognize that this community has not been invested in when it comes to police resources. they brought that to my attention. over the last several months, my command staff met with this community. so i understand in the incident that happened to mr fong just really exacerbated the
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issues that we were already dealing with in this area. the chief said that a similar strategy of bringing significant resources into the chinatown area has had an effect on crime in that neighborhood, and he hopes to do the same in little saigon. san francisco couple is sending out a warning after a man pretending to be a delivery driver tried to enter their home crime reporter henry lee spoke with a couple about their close encounter. sir video shows a man walking up to a home in san francisco and picking up a package that was already delivered. he takes a look at the label and then rings the bell and he said, hey, um there's a package here for you. you know, you have to sign for it. open the door. it happened on qatar street near san jose avenue in the city's mission terrorist neighborhood about 6 45 thursday evening, angelica santa maria and her husband weren't home at the time, her husband told the man remotely just to leave the package after sensing something was off, and the guy had walked up and pick that up and looked at the name. i saw my name. maybe figured it
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was woman. hey let me just see if i show up with the door, right? ranger wouldn't take no for an answer still, you know, he had some gold to still pretty much insists open the door several times. he's like. oh, we're not gonna get your package , then are you if you're so he started getting a little weird. after a few tries. her husband told the guy that he was on camera and just go ahead and take the package and leave and that's when he got mad and spit on the camera through the package at the gate left the package and left. santa maria thinks they fended off a would be home invader didn't care about the package. he just he wanted to gain access somehow, maybe, you know, get some money, rob us or get something in the house seems pretty insistent. the man was not not in a uniform , although some who deliver packages don't wear them. he was carrying this distinctive small towel. santa maria and sfpd hope anyone who recognizes him will come forward. she tells me her surveillance cameras also caught the same man looking at her next door neighbor's home, possibly to look for a package there as well. henry lee ktvu, fox two
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news burglar in san rafael returned to the scene of the crime after he forgot his own keys inside a doughnut companies . corporate office. police say that he stole cash from johnny donuts office saturday night now so say he took keys to a bakery vehicle but did not actually steal the vehicle. san rafael pds says they do need help from the public to identify this man . representatives from johnny donuts did not immediately return request for comment. flight disruptions forced to high school music group from the peninsula to spend a few extra days in europe. how everyone from congress to the state department got involved to help bring them home, also ahead. drug overdoses a growing problem , not just in the bay area. national health leaders press for more action to be done. but first comedian dave chappelle is paying a visit to the bay area as part of his comedy tour, but some activists say he is not
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and hospitalized with life threatening injuries after being brutally beaten in san jose, the family of 27 year old luis mariscal of sunnyvale says he has undergone surgery to reduce brain swelling. they sent us pictures of mariscal. they say a group of people attacked him and another man on sunday night in downtown san jose near san pete pedro square. his family says the beating may have been a hate crime since the attackers screamed a gay slur just before the assault, thinking he was a gay man. san francisco police are now investigating a deadly shooting in the ingleside district officers were called to mansell street and john kelly drive just after 12 yesterday afternoon. this video comes to us from the citizen app. they found a victim with a gunshot wound who died at the scene. so far, no information is being released about the victim, and
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no arrests have been made. alright we continue to follow developing story of the wildfire burning in the sierra. this is time lapse video here of that fire. it started this afternoon just west of public pines in eldorado county. it is being called the cable fire firefighters estimating this one has burned 20 acres and are starting to actually release some firefighting aircraft from the scene as we send it over to roberta roberta, it's just you never know another fire another day here we were talking about that 10% chance. of thunderstorms last night and into the overnight hours and a lot of people are saying well, 10% is nothing right. well, anything over 5% is considerable risky. and the reason is we have so much dry vegetation. all it takes is just one lightning strike to cause a fire and with the fire comes to smoke, and we're still monitoring the situation from the oak fire with the plume that has been drifting into the north and then curling
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up to the west. we're just on the fringe and that smoke, making it with way into the bay area all the way through. the overnight hours into tomorrow, and this smoke is primarily in the upper atmosphere. so we're seeing some very little haze a hint of haze, but it's there. it's just pretty much above 10,000 ft. in elevation, and as we work our way through thursday, we still have that existing now. here you do have the fire and again if you watch that plummet continues to rise, quality advisory. it is still in effect all the way through tomorrow due to that shifting wind out of the southwest 10 to 20 mph. a tinge of haze in the atmosphere through our wednesday we do have clouds right now from that marine there and boy. that marine layer has been so advantageous for us because that's more of a westerly push, so it's trying to keep that smoke out of the bay area. but there you have it shrouding the city by the bay. we're currently at 61 degrees in san francisco, 59 half moon bay mid sixties at this hour in hayward, backing
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all the way through castro valley. it is 78 throughout the tri valley, nearly 90 and brett would it was warmer today than yesterday. oh, seventies in santa rosa. currently 72 fremont . we've been monitoring this situation right here. we need the rain. they're getting way too much of it. missouri flash flood in effect right now we do have rainfall up to 11 inches that has already fallen in their drought stricken area, causing a lot of flooding because the ground is just so hard backpacked from the lack of any kind of precipitation. we bring it back closer to home where we've been seeing monsoonal moisture actually had a few raindrops driving home last night into the east bay. tonight overnight. we will have the cloud cover. there's a chance of a thunderstorm making its way into the east bay. but again, it's only a 10% chance overnight lows fifties and sixties. we'll talk about your daytime highs for tomorrow and even look ahead and that's still coming up later on in this newscast, roberta, we'll see you soon. thank you. the grazing goats are back,
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reducing fire danger on bart property. the goats can be seen grazing on grass and dry brush on hillsides in walnut creek and hayward. goats are protected from bart tracks by an electrified fans. now, bart says the goats are used in place of gas powered mowers and other power tools that can spark a fire. the goats also helped increase the safety of workers who once had to scale those large inclines to clear the hillsides. sonoma county raceway officials have responded to the removal of two confederate flags from campsites at the track this past weekend, the raceway band those flags as well as signs and banners that include the stars and bars in 2018, because they're seen by many as symbols of white supremacy. in a statement, raceway officials called the removal of such flags a top priority and said they remove them as soon as they were able to the raceway added their goal is to create positive memories and an inclusive environment. tonight is night, one of three nights of stand up in santa rosa for comedian dave chappelle tonight show at the luther burbank center for the arts is set to begin at seven o'clock. the popular comedian as
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recently received backlash over his comedy tied to the transgender community club in minneapolis, canceled his sold out show last week because of chappelle's comments. he's very clear in his dances and my believe it or not. my issue isn't so much with dave chappelle because there will always be the jordans peterson's . there will always be the dave chappelle's. my issue really is an or issue really is with luther burbank and what they claim to stand for, and paper and how their actions are in direct violation of that. an online petition was launched in opposition to chappelle's appearance. but in spite of all the efforts all santa rosa shows are sold out and will go on as scheduled. twitter escalates its legal dispute with elon musk over the field. the sale of the company and a date has now been set for when shareholders will get their say. also ahead. san francisco has yet to receive another shipment of monkey pox vaccine with no word on when the next one will come.
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so becoming a student again might seem impossible. national university is here to support all of you. national university. supporting the whole you. not have to impose a mask. mandate of cases continued to decline. public health director barbara ferrer says that given the improvements, the masking mandate set for friday could be paused, she told the county board of supervisors just today and that a decision on mass will be made thursday. already the city of beverly hills has voted that it would not enforce a mandate if the county were to implement one president. biden's doctor says he is well enough to resume physical exercise today,
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which is now the fifth day with covid-19. according to the dr president biden. symptoms have almost completely resolved and his vital signs remain normal. the president has been keeping a full schedule while isolating in the white house residents since testing positive for covid. last thursday. he can end his isolation. once he tests negative. the president says he hopes to be back working in person by the end of the week. dragon overdoses claimed the lives of more than 100,000 americans. last year on capitol hill today, senator spoke to leading health experts about some of the best ways to address the issue. box news, lauren blanchard explains how health leaders want to get to the root cause. more than two thirds of all overdose deaths are now due to fentanyl, the highly potent drug 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine is being increasingly laced into other substances sold online and being used by unsuspecting teens and adults. the senate help
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committee wants to know what's being done to stop it and save lives. fentanyl is killing over 200 americans a day. in 2021. we saw the largest annual increase in opioid deaths and 50 years they heard from the cdc, health and human services and the white house, the drug enforcement administration reports. a majority of the synthetic opioid is from mexico and china have never seen an illicit drug supply that is so potent, unpredictable or lethal. some say it's border policies that are allowing more fentanyl busts like this one over the weekend along the arizona border, found 320,000 fentanyl pills. it goes without saying with an open, porous southern border, the supply is abundant. there is also the criticism that there isn't enough treatment or help available for those with substance abuse disorders. we need to be taking this seriously and having real conversations about how we address the national threat. of fentanyl use and supply. not playing politics
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, not scapegoating, not fearmongering, not attacking refugees and immigrants with proposals that are based more on xenophobia, the experts said. fentanyl is also coming into the us through the mail and through ports, bipartisanly lawmakers say there needs to be better screening in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news zuckerberg san francisco general hospital has run out of the monkey pox vaccine and was forced to actually close its clinic today. there's no word yet on when the hospital will get its next shipment. so far, the health department has only received 7800 doses of the 35,000 it requested. mayor london breed is also asked federal health officials for more vaccines, according to health officials. there are 215 cases of the monkey pox virus in san francisco. that's an increase of 74 more cases from a week ago, the federal government has ordered millions more doses of the monkey pox vaccine, but many say it's still not enough. fox news charles watson reports now from atlanta on what health
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officials may do next. the u. s department of health and human services, considering if monkeypox should be declared a public health emergency. this is the virus continues to spread across the country, with the cdc confirming more than 3000 cases , the world health organization recently declaring the virus a global health emergency case numbers explode more than 16,000 across dozens of countries declaration will allow the united states and other partners to better collaborate. to share data and to get critical information out to high risk communities. right now the virus is predominantly affecting gay men. transmission is possible after coming in direct contact with an infected person or through sex. but recently, scientists in germany have discovered the virus on the surfaces of two hospital rooms. their study finding that all surfaces touched by patients hospitalized with the virus contaminated. there isn't a coordinated response right now it could spill over and cause a
6:24 pm
lot more disease and disability in the future. some in the us say more needs to be done as communities across the country, experienced vaccine and testing shortages. i think that it's not so critical that they declared an emergency. i think it's more critical that they act like it's an emergency. we need to dedicate as many resources as possible testing, contact, tracing treatment and vaccines to that community administration has ordered more than two million doses of the monkey pox vaccine, but those are not expected to arrive until sometime next year. and atlanta trolls watson. ktvu fox, two news lawyer in the state of texas, who was credited with helping to create the state's abortion ban is now attempting to restrict access to medication that prevents hiv. a hearing was held today in a u. s district court in texas over a lawsuit targeting the drug truvada, which is commonly known as prep. the lawsuit is trying to allow health providers to deny access to this drug under the affordable care act over
6:25 pm
religious freedom arguments. hundreds of thousands of people take the drug every day, many of them gay and bisexual men. the federal government is asking the judge to dismiss the case. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. the pope continues his tour of canada as he offers apologies for the pain inflicted on the indigenous community. also ahead has been a rough summer for many airline passengers and some senators now say they want to hold the airlines accountable and coming up later in sports, will hear from the new head coach of the san jose sharks, david quinn, about how he plans to get the team back to its
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1005. are on the scene of wildfire burning west of yosemite national park are they're making progress. the oak fire has now burned more than 18,000 acres, and officials say containment has increased to 26% mariposa county authorities have also downgraded some evacuation orders to advisories. $7500 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest in the shooting death of delivery driver con patrick fung in oakland. oakland police chief also announced today that the department will be naming a liaison officer who will be dedicated to the little saigon neighborhood. san francisco police are looking for a man impersonating a delivery driver who may be a potential home invader. here he is now he was caught on a doorbell camera picking up packages left on doorsteps and in one case,
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trying to convince a homeowner to open their front door. the man was not in a uniform. he was carrying a distinctive small towel. police are hoping that someone will recognize him and come forward. you are watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 tonight. dozens of saratoga high school students are home safe. they were stuck in europe for four days, and there was concern here that they may be stuck there until september. september ktvu is jesse gary tells us that causes a common complaint and hassle for many travelers this summer. if there were any doubt , covid still has the world in its clutches. consider the plight of dozens of student musicians from saratoga for examples numbering 118 students and parents set out from sfo. july 7th. their two week concert tour took them to four european countries, including vienna, germany and prague. we actually thought this was gonna be the best experience of his life. i
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was a band geek when i grew up also went very archer grew up in a world much different than his son bryant. as the music group prepared the catch one of four airline flights home july 21st. one of the carriers. lufthansa canceled its flight from prague to germany, and the next available was even more shocking . first responses. we were getting backwards hostel was in maybe late august early september before we can get them all home. what did you what did you say? what did your wife say? my wife just you know, my wife just died with the group made up mostly of children facing an extended european stay. parents went ballistic and called congress by phone representative anna issue. we had a lot of worried parents, uh, contacting us, and that's when we rolled our sleeves up and got to work on this. i'm a mother. i understand that the worry about our children as you called everyone from the airlines chief
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executives to the state department to the u. s embassy in prague. working with a third party booking group and lufthansa charter was scheduled sunday, arrived monday at sfo in a statement, lufthansa airlines says we absolutely regret the inconvenience this cause as it is always our main priority after safety to provide our customers with a positive travel experience, it really seemed like the pressure from both sides. was giving us enough. no uh, traction that the that corporate lufthansa was paying started to pay attention. this story has a happy although harrowing end for the students, parents, some of whom say flying during covid produced such a sour note that they'll keep away from air travel until next year. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news and tonight, lufthansa says it will have to cancel nearly all of its flights
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tomorrow because of a strike. the airline says it expects to cancel more than 1000 flights tomorrow, affecting more than 130,000 passengers. flights between san francisco international and frankfurt and munich are among those affected . airlines ground employees are calling for pay increases and for more employees to be hired to help deal with the influx of passengers returning to the skies. the strike is the latest in a number of travel disruptions at european airports , senator alex padilla is joining calls for the transportation department to impose fines on airlines for delays and cancelations. senator podium as well as elizabeth warren are asking transportation secretary pete buttigieg to take meaningful action. they say fines will make airlines think twice about quote harming consumers to pad their own profits and quote transportation department tells reuters quote when airlines failed to meet their responsibilities, they will be held accountable, buttigieg's said over the weekend that cancelation rates are down to about 1.5% from 3 to
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4% earlier in the summer, one of the last remaining areas of cooperation between russia and the us is coming to an end. russian officials say they will withdraw from the international space station project after 2024 to focus on building their own orbital base. the decision comes comes as tensions between russia and the us continue over the invasion of ukraine. russia says it will fulfill obligations to project partners europe, japan, canada and the us before pulling out of the i s s but francis is continuing his visit to canada, the pope celebrated mass in front of a packed stadium in edmonton today. this comes after he apologized to indigenous groups for the church's role in abuses at indigenous schools decades ago. box news amy kellogg has more now on the pope's visit. tens of thousands gathered in alberta, canada tuesday as pope francis presided over his first major mass in the
6:34 pm
country. the service took place at commonwealth stadium in edmonton. organizers say the event was held on the feast of saint an an important day for indigenous catholics. during an event on monday, the pope apologized to indigenous groups for the abuses conducted by missionaries at church run residential schools over decades . concerns nothing can ever take away the violation of dignity, the experience of evil betrayal of trust or take away our own shame as believers. the schools aim to force cultural assimilation in canada during that time, more than 150,000 children from indigenous communities. were separated from their families. some survivors say they welcome the pope's apology waited 50 years for this apology. and finally today. i heard it. but others say it wasn't enough and called for financial compensation people were triggered immediately could see it in the audience. this wound that has been open again.
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we can't just leave it like that. later in the week, pope francis travels to quebec as part of his six day visit to canada. there he will meet with more indigenous groups and hold another mass. the trip comes as the pope recovers from knee problems. earlier this month, his holiness shut down rumors that he was planning on retiring francis. is the first pope to visit canada in nearly 20 years. in milan, amy kellogg fox news a new proposal to help students succeed in san francisco public schools, the idea that voters could possibly approve come november. also ahead tonight, patient advocates are expressing concern about amazon's deal to buy a major healthcare provider . why they say the deal should not go through.
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one must proposal to buy the company in september. twitter has scheduled a vote for september 13th. this comes as the company is taking musk to court over his intention to walk away from the deal. the trial is expected to take place in october. twitter executives say they want to hold musk accountable to his part of the deal rather than a monetary settlement. shareholders are expected to vote in favor of the deal, which would value the company at $44 billion. demonstrators gathered in san francisco this afternoon to protest amazon's plan to purchase san francisco based healthcare provider one medical ktvu is, christien kafton tells us privacy advocates and labor
6:39 pm
unions are worried the deal could impact patient care and patient privacy. thanks. you mean workers marched through the streets of san francisco's financial district, speaking out about amazon's $4 billion purchase of one medical, amber bauer from united food and commercial workers. western state council says there are twin concerns, patient care and patient privacy, bauer says even with guardrails in place, amazon could find a way of gaining access to patient data. which she says the company is really after protects health patient information. but of course, if they opt in for that there's ways to use that in marketing, and we know that amazon cares most about that consumer data. it's why they're in all of these sectors. labor is not alone and those concerns. the electronic frontier foundation also has privacy concerns, saying amazon's business model is predicated on gathering vast
6:40 pm
amounts of data on customers to use for marketing for them to move into the health care field means there's going to be pressure to further narrow and push aside some of the medical privacy rules that already exist . in a statement, amazon said it will essentially sign milo any patient information, saying as required by law, it will never share one medical customers. personal health information outside of one medical for advertising or marketing purposes. or other amazon products without clear permission from patients. for its part, one medical said it is committed to protecting patient privacy as well. the healthcare providers, saying customers hip hop protected health information will be handled separately from all other amazon business as required by law. the $4 billion acquisition still has to be approved by shareholders and regulators. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. couple of raindrops in the east bay overnight. we'll talk
6:41 pm
about the chances of that happening again tonight. beginning with heather holmes in a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus heather up tonight at seven, doing more for the families of homicide victims. we'll tell you about the bill. president biden is expected to sign that will give new life to cold cases and s scathing audit on california's efforts to fix tainted water systems. it shows the state is moving too slow to make sure hundreds of communities have safe drinking water. closer look at that report and much more coming up tonight on the seventh over on ktvu plus see you. then we'll see you then heather you but first the drawing for the fourth largest lottery jackpot in american history is just a little more than an hour away.
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have been placed. a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order for the camp along the joe redonda trail in santa rosa. it was scheduled to be cleared out today. the order , says sonoma county and the city of santa rosa. we're planning in eviction without providing shelter options, as required by federal law. county park rangers ended out notices on friday, telling homeless campers to leave by today or risk of fine or even arrest. the county plans to fight the order in court tomorrow, millions of dollars in new funding could be coming to help improve academic success in san francisco schools , members of the san francisco board of supervisors announced today. the student success fund charter amendment, they say it will be on the ballot in november. if approved, it will provide up to $60 million a year in grants to san francisco public schools. we can accomplish help accomplish together two things. we want to
6:45 pm
focus laser focus on the academic success of our students and on their social emotional wellness. the supervisors say the proposed grant money will provide stable funding to support supplemental programming tailored to each school. well, tonight's mega millions jackpot is now up to 830 million. this is the fourth largest lotto jackpot in u. s history. ticket sales ended 7 45 tonight, so that's about an hour from now. the drawing will take place at eight. ktvu is american. tana has more on one of the lucky stores in the bay area where many people are buying their tickets. good luck cafe serves up tapioca and sandwiches on any normal day. but today with 830 million on the line, the hope is they serve another winner. the winner here. this one is recently on march, and they have
6:46 pm
another one fantasy fi is on may to find number straight and this one previous before. yeah 2017 2018 2019 2021 just earlier this year, winning tickets have come from this little cafe michelle toy doesn't know why they're so lucky. but she says it's great for business. if it's a big enough prize, they even get a percentage ready for the big with the jackpot up to $830 million. the cash option, which winners usually choose is nearly 480. $8 million. but don't forget about 24% in federal taxes that takes out about 117 million. no one has won the mega millions jackpot since april. 15th and the odds of winning are one in about 303 million. but after hearing about creek side cafes, good luck, many think the odds might be better here living here since 99 and come here to
6:47 pm
get your this is my first time. yeah i saw it on tv. so i swing by before i go to work, so this is probably going to be a lucky big question is what would you do if you won first things first? pay off the house, pay the kids tuitions, you know, finished getting them through school and then travel. probably if i won. i probably don't hate over half or three quarters to the poor. they needed more than anything. hey it happens. happens anywhere, right? why not here? quintana ktvu, fox two news. i don't even know how to follow that story except to ask you. did you buy your tickets? yeah okay, mike. you did i know you did over there. yeah julie forgot. got okay. how about a million dollar forecast? that's all i can offer. you like that, looking out at oakland? right now we have the marine. they're trying to push back in it, boy, if you want to talk about stats the record high was 94 degrees on this date in oakland, but that was way back in 1963. the average temperature is 71
6:48 pm
degrees, and we were at 70 today , so that's a pretty perfect summer day here in the bay area average high in san francisco 66 . we were at 65. it was spot on in san jose, but slightly below the average height of 83 degrees in santa rosa. average high 88 in livermore, it was 87 degrees. we're currently at 78 degrees. those guys. they're a little bit of haze in the upper atmosphere , but you could still see mount diablo. visibility is that 10 miles seventies currently in the north bay and santa rosa and incantatory 66 in nevada, swinging all the way into nicasio. how about 87 degrees in brentwood and 68 degrees and mounted view? now the winds are all over the place. they happened out of the southwest gusting to 23 in oakland. that's why i have a little bit of that hes working its way up from the south 22. two now in fairfield, but the winds are now shifting to the north and hayward at 15 quality is decent across the
6:49 pm
entire bay area, but the air quality is compromised in throughout the sacramento valley , and, of course in the high sierra, the recipient of the plume of smoke from the oak fire the air quality advisers still in effect for at least one more day because of the southwest winds, but they will rotate to the west tomorrow and clean our atmosphere out a little bit better according to our smoke forecast. so here you have that plum. now watch it as it grows. if you can see clearly, here we do have a little bit of haze by tomorrow morning's commute. but for the most part with that shift in the wind, it's moving away from the bay area and moving downstream towards baker's failed here. is your storm tracker. i've been watching this monsoonal moisture for over a week now, and it's been inching its way closer and closer towards the bay area. i even had a few raindrops. that's not on my commute back home last night, and it looks like for the most part, we do have those thunder bumpers that keep erupting in throughout portions of mammoth lakes working its way into bear valley. also some thunderstorm activity right around needles and lake havasu
6:50 pm
city. the sierra forecast has called for a threat of thunderstorms tonight overnight smoke. and hes on wednesday, a warmer day near 90. on the south shore by thursday. here's our overnight lows tonight pretty much in the fifties except for antioch at 62 degrees 58 degrees around atherton and woodside. otherwise tomorrow's daytime highs sixties with the clouds partying during the day, m. pacifica 70 in oakland, nearly 80 in redwood city will top off at 90 and antiochus close to that in napa. here's your extended forecast. you know, it's a typical july weather pattern, and we've got to count our blessings here because no major whether changes all the way through the last day of july , which means no red flag warnings. no fire risk here in the bay area. enjoy your evening. roberta thank you. well, the cost of school supplies can be challenging for many families who are struggling to make ends meet. that's where our ktvu annual virtual school supply drive comes in. thanks to
6:51 pm
your donations we have now raised more than $14,000 in the 1st 10 days of this drive, but we still need your help as our goal is to raise $50,000 ktvu is partnering with the nonprofit supply bank dot org, asking viewers like you to donate funds to help buy school supplies for 2500 bay area students in need. a $20 donation is equal to $65 worth of school supplies and all of the money raised days right here in the bay area. just go to ktvu dot com. forward slash school if you'd like to help coming up after the break, 49ers officially open up training camp . we'll hear from head coach kyle shanahan on the very latest
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
what's happening tonight in sports 49ers fans. the wait is over training camp opened today in santa clara, with one issue clearly decided. you know what day it is to wait super excited to be back? super excited, right ? especially you guys shout out to the immediate t. trey lance, last year's rookie who the 49ers traded three first round draft picks to acquire is officially the team's starting quarterback
6:55 pm
. the 49ers trickled into the facility today and tomorrow will be on the field for the first time. their first preseason game is august 12th with the regular season beginning september 11th in chicago. i understand right now. the breast general manager john lynch in head coach kyle shanahan met with the media today. unlike last season, there will be no discussions about the identity of the starting quarterback. jimmy garoppolo is still on the roster and reported to camp but he'll be throwing on the side until the 49ers can find a trading partner for the first time today, management made it clear the baton has been passed. for this is trace team and that's nothing against jimmy. we made that decision a year ago, and we're going with that, and we're not going to mess around with that anymore. um and i don't think we really have messed around with that much. but once we made that decision we did, and jimmy understands that fully. he's a big guy, and it's nothing against him either. that's a business decision. and, um, that's what makes it not awkward. jimmy knows we're going
6:56 pm
with trade trade knows are going with trained. our team does so. that's and everyone likes both the guys. the other main off season drama surrounding the 49ers was the period before the draft when samuel has to be traded. 49ers did not trade samuel and he did report to camp today. on time. garoppolo salary is off the books. it stands to reason that a contract extension for samuel along with one for nick bosa is high on the priority list. no deadlines. and then there's not a hard deadline . but deadlines, you know, have a way of spurring these things into action. you know, i don't want to get everyone all excited that sometimes imminent because we're not there yet, but you know, really hopeful that in the near future will be able to announced something that's exciting for everyone involved. and so, um, that's good. dubose here today. um and we're excited about moving forward with them as part of this team, and the 49ers weren't the only bay area franchise making news today. as expected, the san jose sharks
6:57 pm
have hired former new york rangers coach david quinn to take over their head coaching position. new gm mike greer introduced quinn today and obvious testament to the wholesale change by the sharks at the top of the team's hierarchy. quinn coached the rangers for three seasons, and he's a former coach of the u. s olympic team. he's anticipating good things in san jose, the enthusiasm and the passion of our fan base. we certainly going to put together a team that you'll be proud of one that you want to watch. and, uh, i can't wait to get going because this is like i said, mike has done some good things here in the first few weeks were very optimistic about the team. we're going to have this coming season and i can't wait to get going. and check this out time on a tuesday night we've seen many looks from green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers through the years. rogers reported to camp today. here's his current. look, if you're asking, hm, is that remind you of well. how about nicholas cage ? wow o connor! wow nineties
6:58 pm
they're absolutely right. and drops the back. samuel grubs as over 4.5 million social media followers. this is one of his latest projects through animation and five days worth of shooting. as the sign says, in 97, degrees heat that's pretty cool, too. isn't that something? what's it an ad for again? and what is it for? just just for play an artist. can we just put these things together and gets lots of media followers who think that's pretty cool that he has all that takes time? something like that. so cal beach beach beautiful day. that's what i was wondering. 97 degrees on a beach. aaron rodgers thing going to go back to that? i mean, i thought you were gonna say it's something like a beer commercial or something. just his new look. i've seen him have many looks as well. i'm here. can't i'm here. all right, joe. thank you. thanks for joining us, everybody
6:59 pm
thanks for joining us, everybody . the news at it's an outrage. i know. the university-- they think they can do whatever they want. we just have to sit there and take it. you need to let it go, sheldon. you work tirelessly for someone, and this is what you get. oh, my god! they're just making you use your vacation days! but i don't want a vacation. okay, listen, i don't mean to diminish what you're going through, but i'm a little distracted right now. oh, this again? so, penny proposed, you didn't say yes, and now you think you may have lost her love forever. how does this compare to me being forced to relax for a few days? it doesn't! thank you! i'm gonna go talk to penny. i'm going to go inside, put on my coziest pajamas, curl up with a good book and wait for this nightmare to be over. (sighs) penny.
7:00 pm
sorry. hi. hey. look, i'm sorry i didn't text you back. i just needed some time to think. okay. here. come in. look, if you want to break up, just say it. leonard... no, no, no, no. i take it back. don't say it. just-just hate me, but stay with me. it worked for my parents. listen, i don't want to break up with you. oh. o-okay. good, good. (laughs) so, it's cool if i cry a little? yeah, i probably wouldn't. yeah. (clearing throat) look, you did the right thing last night. i was a mess. i was just frustrated because my career is going nowhere. look, i get it, and i want you to know that i support whatever you want to do. great, because i've been thinking, if i really want this acting thing to work, i need to focus all my energy on it. and to do that, i should quit waitressing at the cheesecake factory. wow! that-that's a big step.


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