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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 27, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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right here in california. good evening, everyone heather holmes mike mibach today, santa clara county opened up the county fairgrounds expo hall for monkey pox vaccines with a total of 380 appointments booked for today, as well as for tomorrow. the vaccine needs to be given for someone with a known contact like after their exposure. but also to people who are most likely to be exposed before they get exposed. the county says it's partnering with the lgbtq community groups to get the word out to make sure those at high risk to get those appointments as a 700. more doses are on the way, but it's not clear yet when exactly they will arrive. officials also released new details on the 39 confirmed monkeypox cases in the south bay. they say nearly half of those are among latino men. state senator scott wiener is calling monkeypox a public health crisis, saying it needs to be treated as such. and he says a state of emergency would allow health leaders to act more
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nimbly to the crisis, the state senator said in a statement today. in part right now, we don't have enough vaccines or testing and we need flexibility to expand access to both. we have no time to waste. this is happening now. it's serious and we need to do everything we can to contain it. several cisco health officials also say they're expecting more monkey pox vaccine doses this week, but as is the case in the south bay, they're not sure when they will get here. they say they were told that more than 4200 doses are on the way. the city says it will keep people updated on when the clinic zuckerberg san francisco general will reopen for walking vaccines. that clinic had to close yesterday after it ran out of shots. overall federal officials say that nearly 800,000 doses of the monkey pox vaccine will soon be available for distribution. the fda says the doses are already in the u. s after a manufacturing plant in denmark was inspected and certified.
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health officials say they will announce their allocation plans tomorrow. the monkey pox virus mainly spreads through skin on skin contact, but it can also transmit through touching linens used by someone with the infection. the vast majority of cases reported have been among gay and bisexual men. developing news out of san francisco police say a road rage incident eventually lead to an accident on market and front there in the financial district. video in from the scene does show a car as well as a truck with the truck flipped on its side. police say the road rage incident started at lombard in laguna around 4 15 this afternoon, one driver brandish a gun and then fired a shot before fleeing. police spotted the suspect vehicle and were able to stop it. after a short chase. two people inside were detained over yet on which of these vehicles were actually involved in that initial road rage incident, the police officers are voicing their displeasure in top leadership. the police officers association is criticizing the police chief for when officers say are worsening
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working conditions and a lack of transparency. ktvu crime reporter henry lee as reaction from both sides, citizens of this city are not safe under the leadership of shawne williams and something has to be done. police union attorney michael raines says chief shiny williams has unfairly disciplined officers and hired friends on this command staff. last december, the union issued a vote of no confidence against the top cop. they are sick and tired. of being maligned by a police chief who is incompetent, who is unethical who does not support them? the chief fired lieutenant hermann robinson, a 48 year veteran for allegedly improperly sharing information without their officers. but robinson, a former officer of the year, was recently reinstated with back pay. his attorney, julia fox, says the chief is all fizz, but no gin chief williams oftentimes vomits award salad of the quote unquote. 21st century policing pillars. the chief declined to
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comment, but instead referred to an annual report that touted the department's progress with reforms and technology. like in car cameras. the top cop has the backing of city manager mike malone. in a statement, malone said, in part, the city council and i continue to express our strong support for chief williams and the transformational reform initiatives being employed to create a department that serves the needs and desires of the whole community. outside the news conference, citizens and a council member made their displeasure. with a union clear that the police union has been putting out this propaganda against our police chief who has been really, really trying his best from the community standpoint, we see him doing the things that we have. we have asked the city to do michelle monroe. rosa said she supports the chief because he wants to fire the officer who fatally shot her brother sean. right now there's an alignment with the chief, you know, our overall goes to terminate, um jared town and to not be put back on the force. the city manager is also asking all unions, staff and the community to work together for the veteran of the laiho in
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vallejo, henry lee ktvu fox studios of action in east oakland today was aimed at providing resources to local residents of the event happened along international boulevard between 82nd and 90th avenue starting this morning. the community safety task force offered a whole range of resources ranging from meals to housing, job training, senior care and even free haircuts. the organizers, including district seven council member in canada for mayor trevor reid, said they hope to transform not only the eight blocks that they focused on today but all of east oakland. we believe with this collective support this ongoing support that we are launching today that we will see this corridor transformed. and as we see this quarter or transform, we will take what we are doing here and model it throughout the city that we will see not only east oakland rising and thriving , but our city rising and thriving more with showing up and meeting our community where
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they are. that's why community leaders who spoke said that they want to stop the violence by touching as many lives as they can with resources and services . political battle is pitting san jose's mayor against the santa clara county board of supervisors, the issue releasing nonviolent criminals from jail with the goal of reducing the jail population. all because of covid ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary explains the divide. wednesday san jose mayor sam liccardo lashing out over the practice of what he calls a revolving door at the county jails and we are looking for a return. exactly what california constitution calls for a mandate in article one of the primary seen public safety. and that release decisions be made by judges presented two high profile cases dating back to 2020. the alleged criminals were arrested and released multiple times as part of a santa clara county effort in jail populations due to the spread of covid, one of the men is accused of committing to homicides after
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being let out. the mayor says hundreds of people have been arrested and released or just cited without going to jail. the problem is when the objective of depopulating the jail. is taken with such singular focus. that it neglects the purpose of the jail, which is the community say the mayor points to some business owners who complain of being victimized by the same criminals over and over again broke in and took cast for a sister. second time in march. they burn our doesn't have any evidence that this practice is what causes people to be released. we're working with the court and the public defender and the d a. and any time there's a release, they all have to agree that this individual is low risk, santa clara county executive jess smith says the mayor's beef is with other county offices, not his and smith adds. this issue is being raised now in an election year. he's trying to make a vagrancy
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issue into a safety issue. that's just not true, but i think he's trying to play the law and order game for his friend matt mehan is running for mayor in the fall, and there is speculation that mayor ricardo is supporting him. ricardo for his part, is calling on city staff to establish a dialogue with county officials to talk about this issue of releasing nonviolent inmates. in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news investigators in the south bay are looking into what sparked a restaurant fire early this morning that fire started up at 4 15 at the holder's country inn restaurant in san jose on south de anza boulevard. firefighters arrived at heavy smoke pouring out of that restaurant. it appears that it might have started in the back. corner of the restaurant, possibly talking with the owners. that sounds like it might be the kitchen area. it sounds like the last person that was here last night was a manager left around nine o'clock. and that's all we know so far. the captain says the
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building most likely a total loss. no injuries were reported firefighters very busy today in denville with the fire that damaged a home. this one started around 7 45 this morning at a house on enterprise drive engines with the san ramon valley fire department rolled up on scene and found flames coming out of the roof. firefighters were able to keep those flames from spreading to neighboring homes. no injuries also reported here. the cause of that fire is not yet known. well for the fourth time in five months now, the federal reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate that makes it more expensive for people that take out a mortgage or loans on cars or businesses. ktvu tom baker explains how this ongoing fight against inflation will affect people all across the country. fueled by high consumer demand from any goods and services and is still sluggish supply chain both of which aggravate inflation. the federal reserve raised interest rates and other three quarters of the point to tamp inflation down. so far, the effects have
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been, uh, constrained mostly to the real estate market. we've seen a dramatic slowdown in home sales in home construction. perhaps even a little bit of softening and home prices, looking at just the last two rate hikes in may, a $500,000 home purchase with 20% down required a monthly payment of twenty two hundred $9. today that payment is 25 94 in may, a five year $35,000 car loan plus tax required a $694 a month payment. now it will be 730 in may, a credit card with an average $6200 balance with the old interest rate meant that the monthly interest cost alone was over $84 a month now the interest charge is 88 50. even before today's increase, the wharton school of business at the university of pennsylvania
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says due to inflation, the average american household is paying $3500 a year more now. then in 2000. but having said that, not including today's interest rate, increase the price of some things big and small, have actually come down. we are already seeing signs that the federal reserve's monetary policy making is starting to slow down the economy. so far, it's been in a gentle way that we would hope they area regular gasoline prices have dropped 15% since their mid june all time highs. today's new car prices are 20% higher than pre pandemic 2019 and used car prices 30% higher, though they have fallen from their peaks. there's still 12% higher than a year ago. most of the effect has yet to be felt , uh and there's still more interest rate increases, probably coming between now and the end of the year. two households think. have you
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checked gas prices lately? have you checked the interest rates? absolutely were in a recession. we're not currently in a recession and we possibly could be heading to one, but i think that's yet to be seen third straight month. consumer confidence has dropped. tom baker, ktvu fox, two news, facebook's parent company, meta posted its first ever revenue decline. the company earned $6.6 billion in the second quarter. that's down 36% from the same period last year. industry analysts say the decline in revenue is likely from a drop in ad sales and increased competition from rival tiktok. meta is also in the midst of a corporate transformation that will take years to complete metastatic was actually up 6.5% today despite the drop in revenue. alright 47 miles long 12 years of construction and more than $12 billion price tag . state leaders take another look at a controversial proposal to build tunnels through the sacramento river. delta also
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ahead, the white house a little bit worried here about a possible visit from house speaker nancy pelosi to taiwan. barry of weather, another mild to warm day out. there may be a little little bit of a bump in the numbers in your thursday forecast and, well, the update coming up after the break. but first the turning to both unusual and tried and true tactics to reduce the threat of tactics to reduce the threat of wildfires. east bay parks are i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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we the restraining order against clearing a homeless camp along joe redonda trail in santa rosa . the order is now in effect until at least friday. the judges original order said that sonoma county and the city of santa rosa were planning an eviction without providing shelter options as required by federal law. the county tells ktvu. it's hopeful the judge will see that they have complied with their legal obligations. they say they're working with about a dozen residents still at the camp to get them into
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shelters. 3001st responders are working around the clock battling california's largest wildfire so far this year, and they continue to gain control over the oak fire their mariposa county near yosemite national park. the fire, though, has burned more than 18,000 acres and is 32% contained. although some evacuation orders have been lifted, many of them remain in place. as of now, 74 buildings have been destroyed. many of them homes. work is really ramping up to prevent fires at more than a dozen parks in the east bay. brooks jarocz shows us with the peak of wildfire season now approaching, the east bay regional parks district is creating firebreaks and cutting back trees. mhm cutest things on earth. we love them. they have great personalities. they're here to do a job. one big bite and chew means one step closer to preventing a major wildfire. 350 goats can take down about an acre a day of average growth.
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sawyer zoom knows best. she owns thousands of them. and these days, our company goats are us is chronically busy. we just try to get out there and do our best meet all the needs that are requested of us. we've been we live in this community and this east bay with climate change in drought. it's just one strategy employed by the east bay regional parks district, where 65% of land is grazed, sometimes near and between homes in this field here at chez ballpark, 600 goats are grazing, aiming to reduce fire fuel. but when you have areas that are uncontained or managed by fuels reduction work. it has the potential to have large wildfires because it's going to produce flame lanes that are large in that we can control through firefighters using engines. the assistant fire chief says the work costs millions, but it has already paid off a recent vegetation fire near the oakland zoo spread to park property, but newly
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created firebreaks. help stop it from growing for us. it was a proven. example that combination of fuels management, along with a quick fire response is a proven method to keeping our neighbors safe from catastrophic wildfire. bowen along nearby trails, a new project, costing $10 million is underway, beginning with eliminating brush and cutting back limbs getting into areas where the goats can't and a 15 person hand crew is tasked with taking down trees, many dying due to drought left standing and dangerous, otherwise acting as kindling as the first signs of a spark, so for us, we're going in to reduce those trees, then them out, and that'll make it so that it's not so much of a fire hazard, helping the community beefier safe, a proactive approach to keep everyone even the herds happy. castro valley. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. and right now, cal fire
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actually on the scene of a 50 acre grassfire near syria's point in sonoma county. this is video from sky fox taking just a few minutes ago that fire started about an hour ago. no evacuations were ordered, but that fire is slowing traf. fireo appear to be getting a handle on those flames as we bringing mark tamayo 37 1 21 right there always pretty windy this time of night mark. that's the location mike, especially this time of day. those winds tend to accelerate and within the past hour we've had winds gusting around 25 26 miles an hour kind of show you the maps right now. the location the overall wind direction. that onshore breeze is always a factor, especially late afternoon and into the evening hours. there's one site , we could show you the closer to arnold drive right now. that's the current temperature 69 degrees, so heat is not the issue. moisture levels are up, but those winds have been moving around out of the west to the northwest. and right now that recent observation the north around 17 miles an hour, so still breezy right on through
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the evening hours for his current numbers out there, here in the bay area first, we'll show you the highest from this afternoon. san francisco 60 to san jose 78 a bunch of eighties well inland towards alejo conquered an anti aachen the smoke. of course, we continue to track the smoke from the oak fired. most of this, the forecast model expected to keep the concentrated smoke close to that fire zone, but still in the upper level, some that hes approach in the region so quality advisory has been extended right on through thursday, someone could still have those hazy conditions right now that the fog making a big push near the coastline already but a factor all day long and already pushing back into the bay. current numbers for the six o'clock our san jose 75 oakland , 66 some seventies up in the north bay, and here's a look at that fog blanket already moving into san francisco, so it's already kind of been ramping up and coverage this evening, and it will be around first thing tomorrow morning. some clouds, maybe some drizzle out there and then into the afternoon hours. kind of just like today, the
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clouds will clear back to near the shore line tomorrow could actually be a little bit warmer than today. there's your eventual temperature range. we'll talk more about your thursday forecast highs and some minor changes by the weekend. the full update in just a few minutes. mark. thank you. president biden out of isolation after testing negative now for covid-19 his message to the millions of other americans recovering from the virus, and you see hastings as a new name as administrators grapple with the past of the law school's namesake.
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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hasting college of the law in san francisco is a step closer to being changed. the name change requires the approval of the state legislature. the law school's board of directors today voted to recommend that state lawmakers eliminate hastings from the name the school's 19th century namesake, baroness clinton. hastings sponsored massacres of native american people in mendocino county. the decision comes after months of consultation with descendants of those victims. they wanted the law school to heaven indigenous name. however the board of directors voting today to recommend that state lawmakers call it college of the law. san francisco house speaker nancy pelosi has not said whether or not she's going to travel to taiwan, but preparations are underway if she indeed decides to go. the potential trip is catching the attention of chinese leaders and that is raising some concern in
6:25 pm
washington. boxes rich edson as the story. tensions are building overseas cameras captured taiwan's military holding its annual naval exercise tuesday. authorities there are on high alert due to increasing threats from china and the prospects of a future invasion. the purpose of the exercise is to show people are strong combat power and our determination to defend the sea and territory, complicating the situation possible visit to taiwan by house speaker nancy pelosi, who has yet to confirm whether she's going pelosi reportedly invited some of her colleagues to join her. the pentagon says it is in close contact with the speaker about her plans. i think we have to be vigilant, uh, you know throughout even as we're operating in the in the in that region, china strongly disapproves of the trip and threatens there will be quote firm and resolute measures should she visit american lawmakers say pelosi cannot back
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down now our friends and our allies are watching this real closely because if they see the bad guys able to threaten the united states of america, that means no country is safe from tyranny after russia's invasion of ukraine, fears of china doing the same to taiwan have the attention of national security officials and lawmakers, arguing it is time to boost the island's defenses. taiwan is really the prize for them. and so that's why the contest over taiwan is so important. the united states cannot permit them to take that island by forces. this will likely be a key point of discussion for president biden when he speaks with chinese president xi jinping on thursday in washington rich edson fox news' twitter is downsizing office space in the bay area and around the world market watches, reporting that twitter is shutting down its office on 10th street in san francisco. that's right behind the market street headquarters. the company also canceled its plans to open an office in oakland on broadway. a twitter spokesperson says the office closures won't affect employment and that the company
6:27 pm
is simply re sizing. certain locations based on use. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 tonight , a police officer saved the lives of so many homeowners during the oakland hills fires, but he didn't make it out alive himself how the neighborhood is paying tribute to that officer three decades later. also ahead. it's more than just a pipe dream. state leader. state leaders reconsider a plan to build a major underground water tunnel. through the sacramento delta. also, steph curry and his wife, ayesha, honored at today's aids game. we'll hear from steph coming up a little later in sports.
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ian in vallejo has announced a no confidence vote in the city's police chief, shawne williams, the police officers association says there is a community crisis because the chief does not care about officers working conditions. the chief declined to comment. he referred to an annual report that praised the department's progress with reforms and technology, including in car cameras. the federal reserve today raised interest rates by another three quarters of a point. it is the fourth rate hike increase rate hike rather, this year is part of the continuing push to try to curb inflation of these higher rates mean it's now more expensive to take out a loan or mortgage. federal officials say that nearly 800,000 doses of the monkey pox vaccine will soon be available for distribution. san
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francisco and santa clara county officials said today that they are expecting to learn very soon when they will receive those doses. now san francisco is expecting about 4200 shots in santa clara county about 700 doses. are you watching? ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30 state regulators are reviving a proposal for a miles long underground tunnel. to divert water from the sacramento river to the central valley and southern california governor jerry brown champion the idea, but plenty of environmental advocates have long been critical of those tunnels. mitri tells us what the project would mean for northern california's water supply. this precious resource is the focus of the state's longtime delta convenience project, an effort to update the current aging state water project in the sacramento san joaquin delta to prepare for some of the challenges that we're already starting to experience and anticipate worsening in the future, primarily climate change
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, sea level rise and earthquake risk. california department of water resources released a draft environment impact report today with its newest proposal for an underground tunnel to help carry water from the sacrament. total river in northern california to southern california. with two intake station south of clarksburg. the water would bypass the delta and funnel into the bethany reservoir. the prior proposed project went through the center of the delta and this project. it has two intakes and similar locations in the north delta. but the tunnel alignment follows the alignment of i five south more closely so that it's easier to access and the construction isn't going through the center of the delta. with the reports released, the public now has until october 27th two comment, but some are already voicing their concerns about harmful environmental impact. tunnel project that will not be completed for 18 years is not going to solve our drought, emergency crisis or save the delta estuary or even create
6:33 pm
water supply reliability for people in southern california. barbara berrigan perea is the executive director of restored the delta. it's a waste of money . it's a zombie project. it is an absolute zombie project. it will never deliver what they claim it will uh, and the only way it could deliver some of what they claim is by destroying northern california. and that was lisa mitri reporting for us, the state will receive public feedback before releasing a final environmental report. the project likely would not begin construction until 2028 at the earliest, and the full build out could take 12 or 13 years. california is receiving millions of dollars of being time from the usda to help local food banks across the state. u s agricultural agriculture secretary tom vilsack announced the funding this morning in yolo county. it will be used to purchase locally grown products that will be distributed to people in need through feeding
6:34 pm
programs, including food banks. this is indeed going to help. hundreds of thousands of families here in california and millions of families across the united states. it's also going to link hundreds, if not thousands of local producers. historically underserved producers small family size farming operations to a new market opportunity. the funding is authorized through president violence. american rescue plan which invested $400 million to make food more affordable and help stabilize agricultural supply chains. california supreme court jeff chief justice said today that she will not seek another 12 year term. chief justice tony gore cantil sakauye said she plans to retire when she concludes her current term in office on january 1st of next year. she was nominated back in 2011 by former governor arnold schwarzenegger and is the first person of color and second woman to serve as the state's chief justice. president biden returned to the oval office after testing negative today for
6:35 pm
the coronavirus foxes. jonathan serrie has more now for us from atlanta. i thought i heard him rumbling my staff saying, oh, he's back. president biden is beaten covid-19, the president's doctor, giving him a clear bill of health, saying wednesday that he's covid free and officially out of isolation. he does not have a fever and is discontinued his use of all anti covid drugs and his symptoms are almost completely resolved. symptoms were mild. my recovery was quick and i'm feeling great. the president's recovery comes amid a new surge in covid cases were still averaging about 130,000 every day in the us, with most health officials agreeing that a sense of vaccine fatigue is growing among the public, the cdc says less than 30% of eligible teenagers and fewer than 40% of 18 to 49 year olds have rolled up their sleeves for boosters, prompting a new plea from the president. every person age five and over should get a
6:36 pm
booster shot. if you're over 50 years old, you should get two booster shots i did. the president also says therapeutics played a big role in his recovery, especially with the new be a five sub variant, which is thought to be significantly more contagious than other strains, and most doctors agree he would not have improved so quickly without the use of the anti covid drug packs. love it. you've got a lot of tools on board. they're fighting this. and so that's why a 79 year old with a history of heart disease would be doing this well. according to the cdc. the b a five sub variant accounts for more than 80% of all new covid infections in the us in atlanta . john serrie fox news today in a russian courtroom. w nba star britney griner shared more about her detainment as the state department offers the kremlin a deal to get her out of the country. also ahead, workers at sorrow hotels in san francisco go on strike the reasons they
6:37 pm
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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is honoring a police officer who died rescuing trapped homeowners during the 1991 oakland hills firestorm today, the north hills community association unveiled a new bench to honor oakland police officer john drabinsky. officer drabinsky died in the fires. he tried to evacuate a
6:40 pm
family from their home. authorities found his body with a woman he was trying to pull to safety. it's a good penske is a hero. in the oakland police department and someone that will never be forgotten. today for the oakland police department. is an important moment it recognizes. tremendous risk that our officers take every day to keep our communities safe. officer group penske was among 25 people who died in the oakland hills fire on october 20th of 1991 in san francisco. more than 250 tenderloin. housing clinic workers went on strike over pay issues. this strike is a last resort. we were fought for the last eight months in contract negotiations in good faith. the city funded workers support 24 of san francisco, single room occupancy hotels they keep people housed who otherwise would be homeless. now, the workers say they plan to strike for 24 hours. they
6:41 pm
also say they have been struggling with years of turnover, burnout and short staffing because of low pay. it's been very challenging. our wages have been stagnant for years, while prices have been going up all over the bay area. so many of my co workers are working two jobs 80 hours a week. it's really difficult. they're having a hard time feeding families were having a hard time paying our own bills medical bills. report from the san francisco comptroller's office found that quote low wage levels have led to difficulty hiring and high turnover impacting client services and service providers to bility and quote the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing has not commented on this strike. very a weather track. another round of low clouds and fog getting ready to push back into the bay this evening, and you can plan on slightly warmer temperatures for parts of the bay area for tomorrow we'll have the update coming up. alright let's go to ktvu alex savage. now with a
6:42 pm
look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus heather. thank you. another group of bay area tech workers will not be returning to the office will tell you about the latest company to scale back because employees are opting for remote work. plus they're strong call to action. we'll talk live with south bay representative ro khanna about his call for president biden to take bold action to address what he calls a climate emergency. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus. alright alex . we'll see you in just a bit. but first here the date and the lineup has been said as event organizers plan the return. of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival.
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes.
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prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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two beaver star tony dow. as died, his family confirmed that he did die this morning dow start as wally cleaver, the big brother to theodore beaver cleaver on the classic sitcom that ran from 1957 to 63. it was just 12 years old when he took that role down, recently announced that he had been diagnosed with both prostate and gallbladder cancer. he had reportedly been receiving hospice care this week. tony dow. was 77 years old. american basketball star britney griner returned to a russian courtroom today, she testified in her defense as the state department offers a russia swab with the russian arms dealer for grinders release alexis greg parker has more now on this offer. w n b a star britney griner taking the stand and her drug charges trial in moscow on wednesday, the 31 year old recall being pulled aside at a russian airport back in february after authorities found cartridges with cannabis oil in her luggage, greiner says
6:46 pm
during the initial hours of detainment and interpreter only translated some of what was said during questioning. she also claims no one explained her rights point. got on my phone and i contacted my spouse. my sports agent. and my club teams translator. two time olympic champion testified that she was ordered to sign documents but did not understand what was in them assume that they were about the search and the cartridges. you have to use my phone for google translate for him to be able to tell me a little bit. during wednesday's hearing, griner explained that she accidentally put cannabis oil in her bag while packing to return to play in a russian basketball league runners defense team has argued the star was prescribed medical cannabis in the u. s to help with the chronic injury. u s officials believe grinder has been wrongfully detained and they say they're continuing to
6:47 pm
closely monitor her case. the release of americans paul wheelan and brittney griner. who've been wrongfully detained. and must be allowed to come home. we put a substantial proposal on the table weeks ago to facilitate the release grinders. next court hearing is scheduled for august. 2nd in london. greg palkot fox news. the san lorenzo library is starting a new monthly series called every month is pride month, the new series in his in response to a june incident, where police say members of the right wing group proud boys disrupted a drag queens story our event by yelling, homophobic and transphobic slurs library says this new campaign is meant to affirm alameda county support for the lgbtq plus community. events for every month is pride month will be open to the public and will commemorate lgbt q plus residents and their contributions to the county. well whether late july we're not talking about any extreme heat here in the bay area a little
6:48 pm
bit of a bump in the numbers for tomorrow, but it looks like a quiet pattern that will take us into the weekend. we're still talking about some fog as well. so take a look at some of the highest from today. the bottom row, you can see the warm up across portions of the region. not everybody warming up, but you can see temperatures up in the north bay, santa rosa, approaching the upper eighties, slight warming for san francisco and also for san jose with kind of moving in. we have a layer of warm to hot air settling in that compresses the marine layers where the fog is that it's locally dense. it's pretty stubborn out there near portions of the coastline and already pushing back into the bay this evening. here's a satellite showing you the low clouds and fog near the coastline. also some high clouds out toward the sierra. some of this high cloud cover will be approaching the bay area over the next couple of days. but at least in the short term, we have some overcast for half moon bay out towards san francisco's ocean beach and there's that fog patch already pushing back into the bay current numbers for the six o'clock our san francisco 61 some seventies up in the north bay, england, not not incredibly hot conquered right now. 86 in
6:49 pm
san jose in the mid seventies. i would like to take a look at these fog up pictures for your live camera that fog bank already moving into a portions. san francisco and once again just like this morning. could be another round of some drizzle to attract first thing tomorrow morning. we're getting excited about maybe point oh, one near the coast, but that could be happening tomorrow morning with that low cloud cover, making a comeback. overnight temperatures will be in the fifties here. is that the forecast model pick it up on that cloud pattern and you can see the clouds clearing back to near the coastline. so i guess the good news this time of year we could be talking about major heat, but that's not a part of the barrier forecast. the hot spots will be in the upper eighties to right around 90 degrees. now, once again that moisture will be watching out that some monsoonal moisture moving in from the south will pick up a few high clouds will have to keep an eye on the radar. but the forecast models keeping those shower chances. the thunderstorm chances kind of kind of very, very low chance. but what is a high chance here? is that the heat up to our north
6:50 pm
and take a look? places like portland and reading. so we're talking about maybe 90 degrees here, portland's would be close to 100 degrees at least over the next three days, a place like red and shooting up to 113 degrees. that is dangerous heat for tomorrow, so i guess we can appreciate the highest for your thursday forecast. san francisco 64 san jose, lower eighties and the warm spots inland upper eighties to the lower nineties. that's where your thursday forecast as we kind of take it day by day into your friday not too much change, maybe a tiny bit of a bump in the number and then we cool off by the weekend by just a few degrees. these are all just a minor changes. a typical summertime pattern, actually pleasant pattern that will take us into the week. mark thank you. san francisco's hardly strictly bluegrass music festival announced its 2022 line up today, and performers include marcus mumford, allison russell , sam bush, the music festival is returning to golden gate park after being held online the last two years, all because of the pandemic. the annual free outdoor concert, though, will
6:51 pm
take place september 30th through october 2nd. the festival began in 2001 and draws about half a million visitors to the park each year. coming up day one of the niners training camp, our cameras were on site. we're going to have the very latest on the deebo samuel situation.
6:52 pm
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good evening, everybody. the trey lance era is underway in santa clara as the 49ers held their first practice of training camp 90 players is camp opens to be trimmed down to the 53 by the end of august last now taking all the first team reps after being being named the starter yesterday, and with jimmy garoppolo officially on the trading block, lance's top three targets figure to be wide receiver brandon aiyuk. who trained with lance this offseason, all pro titan george kittle, of course, and last year's offensive m v p. deebo samuel, who was that camp but isn't practicing as he awaits a contract extension. um i just had a good talk with devo. i know there's we all know there's a lot going on with devo right now. his representation and tory with prague and john and hamp.
6:55 pm
they're talking nonstop right now, so we'll see what happens. hopefully, we can figure something out soon. um but we're in a good place for today. and earlier today, the 49ers released pass rush specialist d ford. when healthy ford was a force on the defense, but back injuries forced him to miss all but seven games over the past two seasons and by cutting for the 49ers save a little over a million dollars against the salary cap. the giants still have not won since the all star break as their losing streak hits a season high seven straight games. gabe kapler, searching for answers didn't find any today against the diamondbacks, though the giants did take the lead in the fourth, when tyros strata steal second. sergio alcantara can't handle the throw. luiz gonzalez breaks for home slides in headfirst easily to one san francisco now tied at two in the seventh with two on for jose herrera lays
6:56 pm
down the bunt. brandon belt, just air mails throw from close range that allows not one but two runs to come in to score four to d backs and that was it for logan web next batter, josh rojas takes sam long in in relief deep to right center for the solo home run, watch the ball, one hops and right into the swimming pool. the giants lose 5 to 3. they are swept by the diamondbacks to fall two games below 500. castro's look like a mismatch on paper houston with the second best record in the american league, the a's dead last in the al but that's why they play the games, folks as they say. i don't know. maybe stefan ayesha brought them some good mojo. who knows, but they did throughout the first pick. left something to be desired a little bit. we'll show you more of them in a moment. stephen vogt facing christian javier and vote wins that match up deep fly to right over the wall for votes
6:57 pm
. fifth home run of the year, and it's one nothing athletics next batter, stephen piscotty there goes back to back home runs for the a's get. a nice pitching performance out of coal . irvin to beat the astros 4 to 2 to make it a clean sweep of the division leaders. in fact, the ayes have owned houston this year to the tune of five wins in six games now back to the curries who marked the third anniversary of their eat, learned play foundation by bringing about 1000 kids out to the game. steph even gotten some batting practice. and, of course , yeah, he looked like he could play baseball if you wanted to pose for some pics and said it was good to be back on this side of the bed. this is definitely special occasion and obviously coming off. the year that we had a nice to be back in open. i miss it a lot. i was that was next door for a little bit just to poke my head in just realizing how much we accomplished in that building, but to be back here for eat, learn play and this you know
6:58 pm
this this special occasion? it means a lot. draymond green wants to be a warrior for life. but he also wants a max deal that would pay him 164.2. million over the next five seasons. now green technically has two years left on his deal, but he can opt out of that contract after next season. the warriors are already well over the luxury tax with andrew wiggins and jordan's pool also looking for big paydays and an illinois man has found a creative way to honor his late father. check this out. john hinkle junior. he needs a strike to boy perfect game. and he gets it. but here's the thing guys bowling ball he was using contained his father's ashes. brother was the first on the scene to hug him after the strike. as for that ball, he says, he's not going to use it anymore. in fact, that ball has been retired going on the mantle. very special. very special. really sweet. pretty
6:59 pm
cool. alright jason. thank you. thanks for watching everybody. thanks for watching everybody. we'll t-minus 60 seconds! oh, it all comes down to this! oh, i've got butterflies. don't get soft on me, hofstadter. i will slap those glasses right off your face. what's going on? hey. we're about to buy tickets for comic-con. oh. t minus 45 seconds! they sell out incredibly fast, but as long as one of us gets in, we can buy passes... good lord, this is not the time for flirting! keep it in your pants! it's a whole lot of weird before coffee. t-minus 30 seconds! oh, i have to go to the bathroom so bad. every year! i told you, wear a diaper! and i told you i get diaper rash! 15 seconds! oh, this is it! this is it! (inhales) (strangled): this is it. wolowitz: five, four, three, two, one.
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