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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 28, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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grids of thousands of monkey pox vaccines for distribution nationwide. how local health leaders say this will help as monkeypox cases continue to rise in the bay area. pfizer announced today details on a plan to deliver more booster shots, the specific covid sub variants. the new boosters are meant to target the new economic numbers showing signs of recession, the white house says . otherwise the number that's causing some debate here between politicians and analysts coming up. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm andre senior. the federal government will distribute another 768,000 doses of the monkey pox vaccines explains. the department of health and human services to states and local jurisdictions and tells us why public health departments in the bay area maybe some of the first in line.
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another 768,000 doses of monkey pox vaccine will soon be available in the us. it comes after the fda completed an inspection of the plant in denmark, where that vaccine is made and authorized the release of new doses every american to pay attention on monkey pox. monkey pox. is not covid. but it is contagious. it is painful. in a teleconference this morning health and human services secretary javier becerra says. where are those vaccines are sent first will depend on two factors. the total number of people at risk in the community and the number of new cases, health experts say. based on those metrics, they area health department may get the vaccines first time. just go has one of the largest populations of people who have had confirmed cases of monkeypox as well as a large population at risk, um, giving that it has one of the most prominent lgbt q communities in the country. as of this week, san francisco has
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the highest number of monkeypox cases in the bay area right now , 222 confirmed cases up from 197 a week ago. santa clara county has 39 cases. it all comes as the biden administration is expected to declare monkeypox, a public health emergency. local health officials welcomed that move. what a state of emergency would do would be to help free up resources resources, not just from more vaccines, but more monkeypox testing and treatments , costs and building out all the people work you need to do every time you give ah, this current medicine for monkey pox because it's still an investigational drug who's speaking for that person. it's really the health facilities are eating up this cost because insurance doesn't pay for it. so this is why clearing it. national public health emergency is important health officials with the world health organization and here in the u. s say the risk of monkeypox spreading to the general public remains low for now, but they say the best way to prevent the spread of this
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virus is through more vaccines. erasmus ktvu box two news at noon, and investigations underway into the death of a passenger aboard a bart train part says the man was found unresponsive around 2 30 this morning on board last night's last train of the barriers, estacion. says there was drug paraphernalia in his possession , but no signs of foul play. police officers administered narcan. the man did not respond . the station opened late for service this morning as police waited for the corner to respond to the scene. meantime today, bart the board will decide whether or not to reinstate a mask mandate. the new mandate would be in effect until october , with the option for the board to extend the measure parts. previous mass requirement was put in place in april and expired last week. right now, the cbc strongly recommends everyone wear a mask in public indoor places in all, bury county, saying the chance of infection remains high. area. health officials are warning about a possible major increase of covid hospitalizations. now experts met on the peninsula
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this morning to stress the message that covid is still here and do not let her guard down as covid cases continue to climb from the b a five variant. health experts warn that hospitalization rates and deaths will increase dramatically by the winter, urging state and local health officials to reinstate some covid restrictions. our state leaders are local leaders. ah and others are eliminated or greatly restricting all the restrictions that we put on before. that were proven public health measures. decrease this particular disease. it's going to come back. according to state health , then of the covid test positivity rate here in california is 15% and that number could be much higher because the amount of people taking at home test and not reporting the results moving forward with plans to create more all mccrone specific booster thelatest americans coue lining
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thursday it plans to deliver booster shots targeting multiple macron sub variants in the fall . this week, the drugmaker announced it's launching a mid stage trial of a formula targeting the original covid strain, as well as the b a two version of ah macron. cdc data show that be a four and be a five currently make up about 95% of covid infections in the u. s president biden, who is recovering from a mild case of the virus, says these vaccines remain one of the best ways to prevent hospitalization or death . be a five means many of us are still going to get covid. even if we take the precautions. what's different now is our ability to protect ourselves from serious illness. the president was one of many americans who took fighters antiviral pill packs loaded to treat the virus, health experts say while symptoms can rebound after taking the pill. such cases are rare. so the average
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person who gets covid now will have a very mild illness. and if they take packs, orbit or one of the other treatments, they have an excellent chance of recovering fully and doing fine . meanwhile as covid cases surge in parts of the country, some city health officials are weighing officials are deciding today whether or not to reinstate and indoor mask mandate, even when it wasn't for us, some people stood and where there's but the same for me. i'm still going to wear mine continues to recommend universal masking indoors when community levels are high in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news, the first day of school for students in the west, contra costa unified school district is just weeks away. here we invited superintendent chris hurst to the studio earlier today on the nine to discuss the upcoming school year. superintendent hurst said the focus is on closing the achievement gap as well as the financial future of the school district, also getting more parents involved in volunteering
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and decision making and filling as many as 150 vacancies district wide in classroom teaching and other positions. but we can still be innovative. so one of the exciting things that's happening is we're going through the strategic planning process, which allows us to re imagine the possibilities for our districts. things are really tight, allows us to draw together and allows us to think outside the box and to be innovative. superintendent hurst said he's proud of the work as team has been doing all summer on mental health and social, emotional learning and plans to address school climate and culture this school year as well. firefighters continue to work around the clock to get a handle on the oak fire burning in yosemite national park after the break just how much containment there is on that fire now flash flooding and widespread power outages impacting thousands of people across the midwest. despite that , there is optimism in the community that story next. and a
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barrier weather. no big changes to our forecast. we still have the fog hanging tough to the coastline. still some warm temperatures inland will have the update and maybe some changes by the weekend while the
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. oh ms. flores. you're the leader of many and pet wrangler, too. so becoming a student again might seem impossible. national university is here to support all of you. national university. supporting the whole you. national parker slowly gaining more control over the oak fire, and mariposa county. 3001st responders are working around the clock battling california's
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largest wildfire this year. cal fire just updated this progress to the agency reports. containment has reached 39% and just over 19,000 acres are burned. they also report that although some evacuation orders have been lifted, most remain in place. 74 buildings have been destroyed. many of them have been homes. fire has been burning now for nearly a week, and people who are directly affected are trying to come to grips with their new reality. my daughter's paintings and pictures every memory. all the photographs and the albums of for my children growing up. firefighters say they're gaining ground on the flames. but the strain of the job gets harder every year. you know, some days are harder than others. some days. you're exhausted, especially days where you're working throughout the night on the 24 hour shift, and you have no sleep. it's not for the faint hearted. quality is a big concern for people living close to the oak fire smoke from the fires traveling miles beyond the starting point that has officials issuing advisories
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help keep people safe. their advice if you can see or smell smoke in the air, stay indoors. the company that owns thousands of goats is working to help prevent major wildfires are heard of the creatures from the company. goats are us are doing it one bite at the time. mhm the cutest things on earth. we love them. they have great personalities. they're here to do a job. 350 goats can take down about an acre a day of average growth. we just try to get out there and do our best meet all the needs that are requested of us. we've been we live in this community and this east bay. the regional park assistant fire chief says the strategy is already paying off. despite the millions of dollars it costs. it has the potential to have large wildfires because it's going to produce flame lanes that are large in that we can control through firefighters using engines. with climate change and drought. clearing the land, sometimes near and between homes is among the many tactics used by the east bay regional parks district department of
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water resources is proposing an underground tunnel to take water from the sacramento river to the central valley and southern california. former governor jerry brown had once pushed for twin tunnels to deliver water from the sacramento river down to southern california. governor newsome scaled back the project to a 1 45 mile tunnel plan. officials say it will help capture water during major storms that would otherwise be lost. a price tag wasn't released, but we know previously the cost was said to be around $16 billion. meantime flash flooding and widespread power outages today in parts of eastern kentucky, west virginia and virginia as well. the high winds. the heavy rain came one day after a massive storm traveled east after bringing record breaking rain to missouri earlier this week. there's no relief in sight from a massive storm system that moved east after soaking the midwest high winds and heavy rain, prompting flash flooding in parts of eastern kentucky, virginia and west virginia thursday. the situation is dynamic and ongoing . in most places, we are not
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seeing receding water. in fact, in most places that is not crested yet. storms pounding a widespread area, causing mudslides and power outages are more than 30,000 customers in the dark on thursday morning, with local state of emergency declared in at least two counties and flood watches continuing throughout the region for into and some people tell that they're floating away. this is my trailer right here in the backyard has gone now the same storm system that brought historic flooding to parts of missouri on tuesday and wednesday. if you don't know the power of water until it hits you , the damage was widespread, more than 12 inches of rain falling in just a few hours, prompting dozens of water rescues by firefighters and other first responders. and as the water slowly recedes, officials and residents are starting to assess the damage with water weight, creating safety hazards and homes and businesses. dozens of partial roof collapses have been reported, with more expected in the coming days. despite the challenges folks in the area sal recovery. it's flooded many times and the floors raised up and gone back downe the
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generations of a forest. you know we will rebuild. forecasters say the storm system is expected to shift south, bringing heavy rain to tennessee and the carolinas through the weekend. chris foster. you know , here in the bay area, we have been usually sunny at this point of the day. mark tamayo we have clouds behind us on the estuary looks like it's kind of overcast, where you are as well. yeah that's right. we had the low clouds and fog. in addition , gaussian andre, we also have some higher clouds paying us a visit. so it's one of those deals where, at least in the backyard, we have some sunshine and all of a sudden those high clouds drifting in, so that would be the case throughout the afternoon hours. also an air quality advisory extended through today with us some of the upper level smoke from the oak fire drifting closer to the bay areas, mainly in the upper levels. and some of that hayes could still continue to show up. so this is from the air quality management district. they're keeping this advisory in place through today with some of that hes kind of showing up away up in the sky. now, at least for right now, though, you can see two things one the big batch of high clouds. moving in from the south and from the east, and
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then the fog hanging out near the coastline. also right around the bay as well. so still some overcast right around san francisco, he moved the maps right now closer to oakland and closer to a san leandro and right around hayward. so right around the base guys becoming partly sunny but still some overcast near portions of the coastline this afternoon. current number of san francisco chilly 58 degrees, santa rosa 71 warm spots in the seventies to right around 80 degrees, so we're not talking about any major heat here in the bay area, but as we check out the overall weather pattern, you see that big green arrow moving in from the south. over the next few days, we'll see some surges as the monsoonal moisture. that could bring in a few high clouds. and whenever this pattern sets up, we have to be concerned with thunderstorms keep an eye on monday, right now for early next week, at least, it's a very low chance, but there's still a lot of uncertainty, but we'll see if we can add some detail to that forecast in regards to thunderstorm chances. we do have this though big h up to our north. that's a major heat event. you can see places like
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portland's and even reading temperatures soaring this week, in fact, is becoming closer. portland's close to 100 degrees over the next few days and reading dealing with them with some extreme heat 113 degrees for today, still up above 100 degrees right on through the weekend, so that is the dangerous heat. thankfully we don't have that here in the bay area, somees and warm dislocations this afternoon will be in the upper eight it's kind of a quiet week. weather wise for us, into the weekend, maybe a mixture of a sun and clouds that thunderstorm icon on monday that symbolizes a lot of uncertainty will hope hopefully add some more detail that photo to that thunderstorm chance into early next week between now and then. we're looking pretty good over the next few days. all right, mark. thank you happening today. comedian dave chappelle is adding a second show tonight in
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santa rosa. he's been performing this week at the luther burbank center for the arts. all four schedule shows were quickly sold out. tonight's extra show starts at 10 30. we checked, and this performance has just a couple of tickets left. chappelle is drawing large crowds during his nationwide tour despite getting criticized for remarks about the transgender community last year. people gather to celebrate the fact one of the last roller skating rinks in the bay area will be closing this weekend, after all, a long line of people waiting to get into golden skate in san ramon last night. this was said to be the last wednesday night. adults only skate before the rink was set to close for good. to say that business had been on the decline even before the pandemic. then, of course, covid forced the rink to shut down for a full year plan to sell the land to a town home developer. but the manager now says the owner will keep the rink open for a few more months. this is actually like my second home to skate here every wednesday. umays have a good time. it's just something
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that i the manager says the wrinkles stay open until the owner can sell it to someone else who wants to run the rink or developer approaches him about the property. the parent company of sesame place is being sued by a family accusing the characters of ignoring their daughter because she is black details on this latest incident, which is separate from the moment that went viral last week.
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and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. so expected to vote on a
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bipartisan bill aimed at supporting production of semiconductor chips in the united states. the chips and science act passed the senate yesterday. the bill would provide $54 billion in aid for us semiconductor production would also give a tax credit for investment in chip manufacturing and help the united states compete with china passed in the house. the bill would head to president biden's desk. the president says he plans to sign it into law as early as next week. sesame place is facing a discrimination lawsuit from a family who says their child was intentionally snubbed by characters at the pennsylvania park. just looking at her face. that is. it makes me want to cry every time i see it. burns spoke at a news conference yesterday. he says he and his daughter are traumatized of what they say happened during their visit to sesame place. he drove his five year old daughter, kennedy from their home in baltimore to celebrate father's day last month, but his legal team says it wasn't the experience they had hoped for the family sharing video of the encounter that
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shows the character tell a monster. high fiving a kid next to kennedy and seems to ignore candy's hand. the burns had contracting with sesame place to allow kennedy to meet and greet all of the characters such as elmo and telly monster, and even abby qaddafi. she was ignored. the lawsuit against parent company seaworld follows this viral video that surfaced last week from the sesame pennsylvania park. attorneys for kennedy and her family say they want compensation from seaworld and for the park to release any other complaints it has received from other families says it's reviewing the lawsuit and is committed to delivering an inclusive and equitable entertaining experience for all of its guests. not right now on a story about the los angeles family, accusing their school district of using pizza to bribe their teenage son into getting a covid vaccine. the mother, mirabelle duarte, held a news conference yesterday with an anti vaccine group. she first made these allegations last december, saying that vaccine officials urged her 13 year old
12:24 pm
son to forge her signature in order to get the vaccine and used free pizza as an incentive. his son has asthma and a blood disorder and says the health problems became worse after her little boy was vaccinated. he's like, yeah, they offered me pizza. if i already know all the problems he has. why am i gonna let him a lot? you know, allowed him to get that shot. no definitely. no lawyer says she reached out to the school district and that administrators never responded. now the family is suing the school district says it can't comment on pending litigation. and education study shows younger children tend to bounce back academically faster than other age groups. after the pandemic, researchers examined assessment data in reading and math of more than eight million students between the 3rd and 8th grade elementary school children tested the best middle school students were stagnant or recovered more slowly from what's termed as pandemic learning loss. researchers say. the data is a sign of hope for
12:25 pm
elementary school students who researches initially thought would have had the toughest time recovering from distance learning. president biden met with chinese president xi jinping for more than two hours this morning. the claim china made during that meeting regarding a potential taiwan visit by house speaker nancy pelosi, plus the economy is slowing down now for a second straight quarter. i'm lauren blanchard in washington with
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evident the white house says the leader spoke for about two hours and 20 minutes one topic. they were expected to talk about china's claim on taiwan and a possible visit to taiwan by house speaker nancy pelosi. speaker pelosi hasn't confirmed that she's going but china has threatened that there will be quote firm and resolute measures if pelosi visits taiwan. some us lawmakers, st pelosi cannot back out now. our friends and our allies are watching this real closely because if they see the bad guys able to threaten the united states of america, that means no country is safe from tyranny. in taiwan, the military is conducting its annual naval exercises, authorities there say the purpose is to show taiwan's determination to defend itself in the face of increasing threats from china and the potential of a future invasion. the white house has not yet released details on today's call, but chinese leaders say
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president g emphasized china's claim over the island. the department of justice is reportedly investigating the actions of former president donald trump as a criminal probe on his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, according to the washington post here, the doj is looking into meetings the former president had in december of 2020 and january of 21 to see if he broke the law following the election. doj is also investigating what he told lawyers and advisers to do about so called fake electors. the grand jury investigation is separate from the select house committee investigating the attack at the u. s capitol. well this morning, president biden spoke at the white house about supporting an agreement to fight inflation and lower costs for american families. the new democratic budget deal is in congress. it's called the inflation reduction act of 2022 . president biden says there are many similarities to the build back. better initiative priority that collapsed late last year without adequate support. this bill will in fact reduce inflationary. pressure on the economy. it's a bill that cost
12:30 pm
will cut your cost of living and reduce inflation for lowers the deficit. it strengthens our economy for the long run as well . this is a bill that truly is about fighting inflation, bringing down the cost for families and putting our country on a sounder economic footing inflation reduction act will invest more than $400 billion over 10 years, closing tax loopholes for the richest americans and corporations while reducing the federal deficit. in addition to inflation, the bill also addresses climate change taxes and healthcare. this morning, the commerce department reported. the u. s economy shrank from april through june for a second straight quarter. some economists say that means the u. s is headed for recession. lauren blanchard in washington with the latest as prices go up, the economy is down, shrinking for a second straight quarter by 0.9% according to the bureau of economic analysis. the gross domestic product also contracted by 1.6% in the first quarter by
12:31 pm
many common definitions that signals a recession. the white house has repeatedly pushed back, saying the gdp number isn't the only factor to watch. we have a strong labor market. we have business that's investing. we have consumers that are also very much you know, in investing and purchasing most americans don't really care. about this debate. what they see is a slowing economy and rising prices. analysts and politicians are split on if the gdp number does signal a recession. it's a political recession, that's for sure. labor force growth is still pretty good. on the other hand, inflation is really high is that 10 times we've had two negative quarters or more since the second world war, and every time it was a recession to bring down inflation, the federal reserve again raised right beats by three quarters of a percentage point on wednesday, however, a recession has been the risk of their aggressive hikes. you tend to take first
12:32 pm
gdp reports. i think with with a grain of salt, i do not think the u. s is currently in a recession. nine decreases only an early estimate. the final figure for the second quarter won't be released until late august in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news stocks rose sharply as wall street shrugged off that new data that showed economic activity contracted for the second straight quarter. this pattern is exactly the same as what's happening over on the s and p and nasdaq down at this hour at this point is a by well over one full percentage point s and p up by a good one and a quarter nasdaq there at a 1% gain as well, with prices rising a recent survey from personal capital as people how much they need to earn a year to consider themselves financially healthy. now as you might expect, there was a lot of variation between generations. gen z respondents, the youngest group in the survey , who were born within 10 years of the year, 2000 said they would need $171,000 a year, millennials said. they need 133,000 gen x, said 112,000,
12:33 pm
baby boomer said they need 78,000 financial planner with personal capital says it makes sense younger generations think they need more money to get into the housing market because it costs so much more to buy home now than when our parents did the same. four people were killed last night and had on crashing real vista and six more people were injured and happened just after eight p.m. on highway 12, which somerset road, police say a family of seven on vacation from mexico was riding inside of a large suv and three people were in the other car. police also found several alcoholic beverage containers at the crash scene. stretch of highway has been notorious for decades and this. it's particularly bad because we have a small compact vehicle with three people on board and larger suv with seven people. 12 was shut down in somerset drive in both directions for several hours, but it reopened just before one o'clock this morning. traffic on san francisco's market street is clear again after a dramatic crash linked to
12:34 pm
a road rage incident. viewer video from the crash sheets scene shows a man coming out of a truck that had flipped over onto its side. police officers appeared to detain someone you're a white audi the road rage incident started at lombard and laguna streets yesterday afternoon. we're told a driver pulled out a gun fired one shot, then took off. police later spotted that car and chased it for a short distance before it collided with the truck. a white car dress went through over there and then that, but the white card pulse should not be you turn, but they hit the white truck right there. and then i got really hard. really loud head. two people were detained. the police haven't said which of the vehicles was involved in that first road rage incident. san francisco police are investigating after a bay area woman reported the motorcyclist deliberately ran into her at a high rate of speed and seriously injured her arm. it happened at fourth and mission streets late saturday night on julie remy says she was walking back to her car at the mission street garage
12:35 pm
when she heard the motorcycle engine revving up. he hit me so hard. that i could not feel the right set of my body. he says. as a south asian and transgender woman, she is familiar with hate crimes. she believes the red showers she was wearing attracted the attention of the motorcyclists who hit her, even with many people around. this person. saami and something sparked in their mind. um you know when they came at me because they had some sort of asian hate built in them. she says. no words were exchanged in the motorcyclist didn't try to take her purse before speeding off. police are investigating it as an attempted robbery, but they see other charges could be filed once they find and arrest the motorcyclists. california attorney general's office says it will not take over a case involving the brother of san francisco mayor london breed san francisco's d. a brook jenkins has recused herself from the criminal case against napoleon brown. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, armed robbery and carjacking. jenkins
12:36 pm
asked the california attorney general's office to consider brown's request to reduce his prison sentence of more than 40 years. the d a was recently appointed by mayor breed and wanted to avoid any appearance of a conflict. she said she'll now be exploring options, including transferring this case to other agencies in the bay area. one of those lawmakers on capitol hill put gun manufacturers on blessed during the house committee on oversight and reform investigation. fox news david spun tells us just how much money gunmakers made selling our 15 weapons and the disturbing marketing strategy used to sell the guns. sales of ar 15 style weapons helped make gun manufacturers rich. that's the message from members of the house committee on oversight and reform during wednesday's investigation into the firearms , major gun manufacturers collected a total of more than a billion dollars from the sale of assault rifles over the last decade. besides generating massive profits. committee members also accused gun
12:37 pm
manufacturers of using irresponsible sales tactics that includes marketing to children preying on young men's insecurities and even appealing to a violent white supremacists . calls to ban assault weapons are triggering a partisan divide. republicans want to target criminals. democrats want to target lawful gun owners. critics are pointing to rampant violence in cities across the country with some of the toughest gun laws years of gun control laws in cities like new york and chicago have failed. this comes as survivors of the highland park you've aldi and parkland mass shootings begged members of the house to pass hr 18. oh, eight. the assault weapons ban. it's unacceptable for people to be afraid in churches for people to be afraid to go to malls when asked by the house oversight committee if his company will take responsibility for mass shootings, the head of daniel defense, the company
12:38 pm
behind the gun used in the you've aldi tragedy, said quote . these acts are committed by murderers. the murderers are responsible end quote. david spun fox news. in the public hearing is underway, discussing the condition of psychiatric emergency services. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. this issue is being heard by the san francisco board of supervisors, public safety and neighborhood services committee . it says nurses in the psychiatric units say it's understaffed and the conditions are dire. the units 19 beds are typically filled and some psychiatric patients often end up waiting hours to be seen. i'm concerned about, you know, psych emergency one because we need a facility. um for people who are who needed emergency psychiatric care who we see too far too frequently not getting that care on the streets. the hospital's unit is the only acute hospital unit in san francisco to provide 24 hour psychiatric emergency
12:39 pm
services. coming up at noon, seeing oracle park in a whole new way. we have an inside look at the amazing quick change at the park this week that allowed soccer fans to see a match along the waterfront. and a barrier whether we're heading towards the end of july. we're not talking about any major heat. but could things be changing in our five day forecast while the update coming up?
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freedom for two americans detained in russia now the accused russia of holding former marine paul wieland and w. nba star britney griner on false charges. secretary of state anthony blinken will speak by phone with his counterpart at the kremlin for the first time in five months about several topics, but the return of the americans is a top priority. release of americans paul wheelan and brittney griner. who've been wrongfully detained. and must be allowed to come home. we put a substantial proposal on the table weeks ago. to facilitate the release. a state department is not saying what that proposal included, but there are international reports that the us agreed to exchange wheeling and grinder for convicted russian arms dealer nicknamed the merchant of death . he is serving a 25 year prison sentence for conspiring to kill americans acquire and extort or export rather anti aircraft missiles and provide material support to a terrorist organization here at home a soccer match between mexican league powerhouse club america and rating european champs
12:43 pm
league title holders real madrid drew a nearly sold out crowd. it was the first soccer match at oracle park in nine years had just a few days to go from baseball to soccer than less than 48 hours to go back. from soccer to baseball. ktvu james stores gives us an exclusive look at how oracle park got it done. and what this one game could mean for the future of events at the park. hydra. run. it just makes sense to see a home run splashing into the bay outside of oracle park. days after this sunday afternoon game. you get a sense something big is coming to dream come true dream for jorge costa to bring regular soccer games to the home of the san francisco giants. he's in charge of the field at oracle park soccer for me. it's in my blood. and in my soul francisco selected to host two powerhouse teams as part of a
12:44 pm
summer world soccer tore to figure out how that would make sense. acosta says. it starts with ordering a lot of grass and sod transitions from the side farm, which by the way is in stevenson, california. where the temperatures over 100 degrees and then you have to cut that side and you have to bring it into here. temperatures of about 50 degrees less, and it's refrigerated. a soccer field requires 32,000 square feet of bluegrass sought the baseball park only uses about 12,000 for giants games. the initial installation takes four days, then crew members only have two days before the giants next home game. what you might think would be the hardest part of the transition is actually removing the pictures. mama cruz tell us . it's really not that hard. all they do is cut around the rim. take a fork, lift, lift it away and put it in storage. until they needed to get thousands of soccer fans packed the baseball stadium, some thinking the idea didn't make sense. we're used to
12:45 pm
seeing the giants here and seeing two other teams that have nothing to do with baseball. it's going to be interesting. first i thought it was fake. you can still see the baseball diamond under the grass with the bay view and the iconic coke bottle slide in the distance the goalpost borrowed from uc berkeley. soccer fans brought with them a prohibited theme of rowdiness. the match ended in a 22 draw. after the game. i asked some of the guys from real madrid what they thought, including head coach carlo ancelotti. the event was very good. the pitch was well prepared. it's a little rare, but the event the game was beautiful. i didn't think it was different in the end. i think it was a very beautiful experience in an incredible stadium. the breakdown started immediately the pitcher's mound broken into pieces waiting to be reinstalled. only had about 36 hours to store. the benches, lived the grass above the clay and create a sense like nothing
12:46 pm
ever happened while the giants were away despite having places like paypal park and levi stadium in the south bay, costas said he made sure to find a way for a soccer game in a ballpark in san francisco. to make sense. i think the location of this ballpark it is spectacular. and we're in the city that people want to be in. and in order to compete. you hire people and you take advantage of the technology that's available in the experience that people have with international events, and that's how you compete. reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. across the bay, the san lorenzo library, starting up a new monthly series called every month. it's pride month. the new series is in response to a june incident in which members of the right wing group, the proud boys disrupted a drag queen story hour by yelling, homophobic and transphobic slurs during the event, the library says this new campaign is meant to affirm alameda county support for the
12:47 pm
lgbtq plus community. all events for every month is pride month are open to the public and will commemorate lgbtq, plus residents and their contributions to the county. i think this is important for our community just to celebrate diversity and inclusion. to celebrate. what makes us special. to celebrate. the l g b t q plus community. every month. the library's monthly series runs for one full year to berkeley, where supporters of people's park held a rally against a plan to create housing . they're not as little as you think you are. last night, musicians and speakers demonstrated at the park, which became a center of the counterculture movement in the sixties and continues now to be the site of protests and demonstrations. organizers say they plan to hold more public events to save the park. you see, berkley wants to convert part of the park into student or faculty housing. critics say that will displace the homeless people who live there. we know that this is the place. when you
12:48 pm
were hungry. when you needed clothes. when you start through that social safety net when we fell through the cracks. people's park was here to catch us. people's park is owned by uc berkeley. it's been designated as a historical and cultural landmark by the city of berkley . it's also named on the national list of historic places . still no sun here in downtown oakland meteorologist mark tamayo is here with a look at what the rest of the bear is looking like. hmm. either andre and gaussian. we're working on that for you. it's taken some time. some fog lingering stubborn patches over the bay this afternoon, so we're gonna hunt. it's gonna impact our temperatures somewhat, not warming up too much for today. earlier today, we actually had enough moisture to produce some measurable rainfall. in the form of some drizzle, he could see a few 107 inch san bruno mountain point. oh, four. bodega bay point. oh three and just barely
12:49 pm
measurable for the oakland berkeley hills but measurable 0.1 satellite still showing you lots of low clouds and fog hanging out coast side hanging tough here out toward ocean beach right around daly city over san francisco and extending across the base so out toward oakland, as as the gaza and andre are seeing right now, with that there's still some overcast out there. we should have partly cloudy skies develop over the bay, but still some overcast. the coastline, even for san francisco this afternoon current number of san francisco 58 santa rosa 71. brentwood 82 san jose checking in in the seventies 74 degrees, so we had that big, green era moving in from the south. that's a monsoonal moisture. so if you look up to the sky right now, you might see some some high clouds that drifting in and we'll continue to track kind of some more surges of the next few days. in fact, by monday, there is a slight chance of a thunderstorm kind of linked up with this pattern, so it's something we're watching out for closely. well we can't say for sure in the short term has big area of high
12:50 pm
pressure, thankfully, not over us, but it's up to our north. that's having a big impact on temperature has places like portland close to 100 degrees and even closer to home reading forecast high today of 113 degrees, still very hot tomorrow. that's extreme heat, 112 and then still up above 100 degrees all weekend long for us here in the bay area. not too much change out there. the fog from this morning and this afternoon will gradually clear back to near the coastline. temperatures there in the sixties around the base seventies and the warmest occasions inland. upper eighties to right around 90 degrees here is look ahead. your five day forecast. if you can't see maybe just minimal change in your friday and that will be the story to the weekend off and on some high clouds moving in from the south, and we'll keep an eye on that thunderstorm chances. a slight chance, but of course, that that little threat could lead to some big concerns in terms of lightning strikes. also fire danger. we'll be watching out for that into early next week, but today at least we're not talking about any major heat in the bay area. alright, mark.
12:51 pm
certainly some good news. thank you so much relocating a group of marine mammals to places in northern california, oregon could help save an endangered species, the federal government says, moving a few dozen sea otters from the monterey bay area to the san francisco bay area could help expand the endangered population. according to data from the u. s. fish and wildlife service. the best way to preserve sea otters is to spread them out across the west coast. first time ever met up the parent company of facebook reports a drop in revenue after the break what industry analysts say is likely driving that decline.
12:52 pm
you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no. hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming.
12:53 pm
but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along. well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you.
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a and around the world, according to market watch. twitter is closing its office on 10th street in san francisco, right behind the market street headquarters companies also canceling its plans to open an office in oakland on broadway. a twitter spokesperson says the office closures won't affect employment that the company is
12:55 pm
simply re sizing, certain locations based on use online retailer. etsy says it will be closing offices in san francisco because not enough workers are coming back to the office, he said in a statement. it's also shutting down offices in hudson, new york, it's the employees and those offices will be transitioning to fully remote work. the company says it will focus on a few office hubs, including its headquarters in brooklyn and offices in dublin, ireland and mexico city. san francisco supervisor specify urging workers to get back to the office in san francisco, saying in a tweet people need to return to the office. reason number one san francisco needs you our economy and the recovery of our city is dependent on it. well many of the parent company of facebook says its revenue dropped for the first time ever . the company's earnings report of $6.6 billion in the second quarter is down, believe it or not 36% from the same period last year. industry analysts say the revenue decline is likely from increased competition from viral tiktok and the drop in ad
12:56 pm
sales. the company is also in the midst of a corporate transformation that will take years to complete the strike. despite this drop in revenue menace stock was up. 6.5% francisco is hardly strictly bluegrass music festival announced its 2022 lineup performers include marcus mumford, allison russell, buddy miller and sam bush music festival is returning to golden gate park after being held online the last two years because of the pandemic, the annual free outdoor concert will take place september 30th through october 2nd. the festival began in 2001 and draws about half a million visitors to the park each year. we hope you're joining us tomorrow morning on mornings onto the nine because our next zip trip takes us to pacifica. and, as you know there for so many surfing is a key part of the city's culture. pacifica without surfing like, doesn't no, no, no , i wouldn't know it surfing. that is our culture like home. almost like anywhere you go. the ocean can be a home, you know? mornings onto is taking a visit to the coast, exploring how
12:57 pm
several generations and pacifica or working to preserve that city's beaches and coastlines will get a sample of some of the best places to eat and drink and pacifica and explore more facts and trivia that maybe even some locals don't know. please join us and watching the zip trip tomorrow for mornings onto the nine the next month mornings on two pays visits to dublin and martinez study suggests people who frequently nap can be at higher risk of stroke or high blood pressure. and listen. china study the data of more than 350,000 people. they divided volunteers into groups, depending on how often they napped, and they thought participants who were sometimes took naps had an increased risk of stroke by 12% and 7% higher chance of hypertension. a group of british scientists says it has come up with a formula for quote the perfect start to a person's day. researchers analyzed questionnaires collected from 2000 brits, according to a team of mathematicians. the perfect routine starts with waking up at 6:44 a.m, then exercise for 21 minutes, followed by a 10 minute
12:58 pm
shower than eating breakfast for 18 minutes, researchers advise increasing the time you exercise , eat breakfast and sleep for more happiness. they also say that time spent on hobbies things like filling a crossword puzzles or doodling or doing word all in my case can lead to a better feeling overall. are the oakland a's have the night off before starting a series on the road tomorrow against the chicago white sox. stephanie shakeri. we're at yesterday's game marking the third anniversary of their eat, learn play foundation by bringing about 1000 kids out to the game staff even got in some batting practice and pose for some pictures. as for the first pitch, got it over the plate with a few bounces. but steph you might want to stick to shooting three pointers. this is definitely special occasion and obviously coming off. the year that we had. it's nice to be back in open. visit a lot. i was next door for a little bit just to poke my head and just realizing how much we accomplished in that building, but to be back here for eat,
12:59 pm
learn, play and this. you know this this special occasion? it means a lot. on the field. the ace continue their hot streak after the all star break, defeating the houston astros 4 to 2 back to back home runs early in the game. put the ace ahead early. they added one run in the fifth and in the seventh inning before shutting down the astros hitters. despite having the american league's worst record the a's swept the astros , and they have won six of their eight games since the all star break. giants are ready to come back home after a rough road trip. it ended with the arizona diamondbacks, beating them 5 to 3 drives, took a lead in the fourth inning but just couldn't hold on as the diamondbacks chase giant starting pitcher logan web in the seventh after a bunch scored two runs the giant seventh straight loss and their first oh, and seven road trip since 1985 homeless work harder , so hopefully when they return , they will be doing a much better better turn things around, all right. they'll do it for us. and thank you so much for joining us for ktvu fox two
1:00 pm
news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download the ktvu news and weather as well. we will see you back here again at fourth. have a great rest of your day. everyone and take care. for your side-dish boredom and potatoes with one ingredient. >> and. >> and to die for. the queen of comfort food, melba wilson is dishing up the main course. that's next. let's dish. >> the kitchen has been the center of my world. it is did he lish -- delicious with food and fun. and i'm a mom trying to get dinner on the table.


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